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By Rebecca M

Islamic law continues to threaten America with their attempts at free speech and blaspheme laws. Sharia Law requires submission of all infidel lands and is their goal for the world. The Islamic culture presses an influx of demands perpetrated against women as a force of patriarchy. And the world powers continue to bow to the Islam culture, although primitive, with the assassination of their own countries due to the suicide of political correctness.

The Miss American Beauty Pageant was yesterday, June 7, 2013, in Indonesia which is the largest populated Muslim country in the world. Whoever thought this was a prime location to bring women needs their heads examined. A world beauty pageant held in a country where women are regarded as 1/2 human and abused like animals to men who shudder at the sight of a woman without a veil. What a callous and preposterous decision. Thus, catering to the Muslim culture and shying away from offending them, the contestants for the beauty pageant were forbidden from wearing bikinis and told to wear a wrap-around sarong styled one-piece style garment, all to appease the Muslim elitists as the world blindly submits to Islam.

Accordingly, the enforcement of Muslim women to shroud themselves in hijab is to prevent the gaze of the male species and prevent him from uncontrollable lust. Evidently, Muslim men are like savage wolves that have no self-control. It is the woman's fault, always, in Islamic culture if a man is a lust-crazed rapist even if the woman did nothing to provoke it - other than she glanced upward from staring at the ground or her veil accidently slipped off of her head! The man is rarely held accountable. That is why when a female is raped - the female is punished and the rapist goes free. Four male witnesses have to attest to the rape and other than the gang-rapists, which are common, none of them will attest to anything.

In some Muslim countries 65% of the women in prison awaiting sentencing, or execution in Arab countries, are there because they were raped. A raped female is labeled as a fornicator and worthy of death; in many cases an "honor killing" is done by close family members including Fathers, Uncles, Cousins, Brothers, Mothers and even Sisters.

In the early 1970's, the Belgium parliament banned the burqa. The repercussions of violence by Muslim men was purposely done as they crawled out of the woodwork, sexually harassing and raping the women as a form of punishment for daring to go unveiled in public. The French parliament went so far as to completely ban all hijab and burqa coverings in the public school systems, in 2004, and has continued to enforce this policy. Too bad they didn't ban the burqa permanently across the land! However, this bylaw is only in the French school systems and once the young women exit the doors, they must be covered. Therefore, the shadow of the veiled culture of Islam that is penetrating Western civilization can be seen in every country and increases each year.

This intimidation procedure by the Muslim male population is intentional to press the governments to protect the women and even to enforce a form of 'non-discrimination law,' that only throws the ball in the Sharia ball court to be used against that nation - thus forcing the women to veil, rather than convict the perpetrators.

The continued abuse of women eventually puts them at such high risk many women choose to veil rather than be abused and raped, Muslim or non-Muslim alike. There are areas in Europe that are so threatening and highly populated by Muslims and patrolled by Sharia morality advocates - that woman who are not veiled are considered easy prey and regarded as "easy whores." In France many non-Muslim women are choosing the veil over the harassment of possible rape. The Qur’an teachings permanently stain the Muslim male’s mind-set with a 'booty' license to rape and abduct women, especially young girls under age 16. The fear the Europeans harbor, in their originally non-Islamic cultures, may eventually cause a war to break out in these countries as they fight for their homelands and freedoms; and, if they do not stop the oppression of Islam's attempts to conquer their lands, soon the entire world will be shrouded in Islamic hijab darkness.

Many scorn the imposing threat of "the religion of peace," but they are living in a cocoon and are not aware of the travesties occurring in Europe due to Muslim immigration. Europe is warning America to stop the invasion of Muslims into our country. All of Europe, as well as America, need to take a stand against this infringement of humanity and women's rights because it is the possible future of your wives, daughters, nieces and granddaughters. If something isn't done soon, all of Europe will be forced to veil in subservience, or will be so threatened that if they do not veil - there will be no safety anywhere for an unveiled woman in the near future.

And the threat to American civilization will be following soon, thereafter . . . . .


Although the burqa is a looming oppression, the Western world is embracing the culture of Islamic style without even realizing it. The Islamic globalization of the world is happening. Yes, the fashion trend is leaning to the culture of Islamic-Egyptian style ......

Have you noticed this? Are you supporting it? Are you even aware of it? The globalization to impute Sharia Law is manifesting before our eyes. The question is.... will we continue to tolerate it and support it.


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With all of the support given to Chris Dorner after his murder spree I find myself looking for a person I can call a hero for “standing up for himself”.  I found him in Tulsa, Oklahoma of all                         places.  The Tulsa story didn’t get the same publicity Dorner garnered but the story is essentially the same.  Dorner is in the process of being canonized by leftists across this nation for murdering people who had nothing to do with his firing from the Los Angeles Police Department over questions of conduct.  I don’t know for sure why he was fired, and no one probably ever will know as the truth won’t be allowed to see the light of day.  The Los Angeles Police Department will cover their tracks and whitewash the affair, as will supporters of the actions taken by Dorner.  No one cares what the truth is, only that their side wins.  It doesn’t help that the LAPD took to tossing a hail of bullets at anyone driving a pickup truck in California without bothering to find out who was in the vehicle, but that is another issue. 

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"SIGH-PIE-B" R Us? Euro in Big Trouble
Take a closer look at the economies of eight European countries since the Greek bailout by the European Union (EU) and International Monetary Fund** (IMF). Specifically examining, Spain, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Portugal, Ireland, England and Belgium -- the lot of which can be abbreviated “SIGH-PIE-B” – gives one a sad, sad view. Belgium and Hungary are the latest to disappoint and still have hopes. England also could make it and avoid bankruptcy and fiscal collapse, if they get out of the European Union (and their currency is still separate). But let NOT Americans get too complacent.
The Debt/GDP ratio (Gross Domestic Product) which we Americans are burdened under is worse than seven of these eight troubled nations (all but Greece). Additionally, our Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has inflated our circulating currency to a level fifteen times where it stood in September 2008. Since our president is also willfully adopting policies far worse than any of these countries now have in place and is confounding and obstructing our economy’s chances at recovery by leaps and bounds when will we here in the United States suffer their fate?
If we didn’t have an extremely resilient capitalist economy as our foundation and a relatively low level of unionized labor, we’d already be feeling much of the pain Greece has suffered, but Barack Obama’s moving quickly to cure us of those impediments to financial Armageddon . . . .
Right now one of the great anomalies, and the only thing keeping the Obamunistic American economy afloat is the fact that 98% of people who look at investing in the dollar see a mysteriously rising currency . . . more fools they. Because conventionally people only compare the Dollar to the Euro and vice-versa . . . investors worldwide are not seeing the obvious and clear collapse of the once mighty dollar right befor our eyes but only an artificial bull-market in the buck which is all that’s keeping us afloat. And where, pray tell, should they be looking? They'll undoubtedly soon look at gold, look at platinum, look at palladium, look at silver, look at copper and pretty soon start looking at the prices of ALL commodities such as food, gas, electricity, electronic goods, etc.
When the true nature of the inflating dollar and the weakness of the American economy starts to become obvious, say about September . . . the Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Indian and Brazillian investors holding rapidly devaluing greenbacks will sooner or later come to their senses and start buying up hard currency, oil and precious metals with dollars and the Obama daydream will vanish into thin air as funds loaned to us by other countries will become very expensive (say at 10-12% interest). Not satisfied with this state of affairs, however, Obama is seeking to inflict the coup de gras upon our troubled economy with “America’s Power Act,” a slimy euphemism for cap and trade or cap and tax legislation.
The quickest collapse in Europe happened to Spain, which was the poster boy for European economic-soundness around ten or eleven years ago with a booming economy and a miniscule 3% unemployment rate. Spain then, however, adopted a green-jobs^^ economic policy and now has 21% unemployment and is rapidly moving toward Greece’s level of unsoundness. Just two days ago, Barack Obama praised the green economy of Spain and said he intends to “break our dependence upon oil once and for all" (not foreign oil – but all oil). Yep, SIGH-PIE-B R us!
Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,
** $70 Billion from American Taxpayers went into the Greek bailout fiasco
^^subsidizing each green job cost $677,000 in dollars on average and cost 2.2 real jobs from the wider economy; most were temporary; only 10% proved permanent; pay typically ran from $10-$14 per hour . . . . The sad end result : 22 real permanent jobs were lost for every permanent government-created green job and green-tech is actually marginally better in Spain than it is here in America. Green jobs killed Spain. The current Spanish slang term for curse words is not “4-letter words” as Americans say it, but “palabras verdes” . . . green words.
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Last Rajjpuut Remembers . . . .

Loyal readers will remember that repeatedly Rajjpuut not only excoriated the Congressional Budget Office for their gutless refusal to stand up to the “pie-in-the-sky” assumptions included in the Obamacare budgeting but also assured followers that if made into law, Obamacare would bankrupt the country among other hideous consequences. The process of passing the law particularly the last minute cave-in by Bart Stupak and eleven other so-called “pro-life” Democrats to pass the bill; and the particulars of the bill which NO ONE STILL HAS READ IN ITS ENTIRETY even now; and the irresponsibility of cost estimates; and the moving of 16% of our economy into the government sphere were each of them more than enough to demand a thumbs-down vote. Taken together, they promised a hideous new law sure to wreck the country. Right now 58% of Americans agree the law must be repealed and only 31% think it shouldn’t be repealed. All of that, however, might have just become moot points.

The “Anointed One” himself, Barack H. Obama, Jr. appears ready to exercise the veto pen upon his own foul “reform” of the health care system. You read that correctly. In the train of recent revelations by the CBO that the bill was not going to cut deficits but rather increase them mightily , Obama appears poised to axe parts of his legislation. Rajjpuut has a better idea: sh__can the whole mess and start over with five goals:
A. Real tort reform to make malpractice insurance costs less and excess testing costs much less and health care costs dramatically much less
B. Cutting costs with minimal effect on the present system by eliminating waste and abuse and fraud
C. Insurance sales across state lines allowed
D. Emphasis on prevention and regular physials
E. Less than 200 pages employed in the whole bill.
As Rajjpuut has mentioned often, politicians tend to be slimy individuals when it comes to semantics and use of semantic tricks. While it sounds “bad” to be against “reform” any time; the word-reform, especially from Barack Obama’s tongue, is not the thing-reform. The word “reform,” you’ll note has been attached by Obama and his administration and the Democrats in both chambers of Congress to mean “changing to greater government control” rather than its previous dictionary meaning of “improving something.” Rajjpuut suggests a 100% reform of the Democratic Party and Barack Obama and especially of his administration.
This not-that-surprising turn of events comes after the so-called “surprise-announcement” that congressional budget referees now predict healthcare reform could top $1 trillion as conservatives have said for over a year now. Let Rajjpuut be clear here: Obamacare will eventually come in at $4 TRillion, not in total -- but $4 Trillion per year, the way it is currently written. Government-Freebies, or more accurately “Perceived-Government Freebies” always are in much higher demand than predicted. If, like Rajjpuut you’ve ever seen four or five male bears in the wild (who normally can’t stand each other within 100 yards) five feet apart during berry season as they gorge on nature’s bounty . . . you’ll understand where the 4X factor prediction comes from. And, of course, the law doesn’t really begin to come into play until 2014 . . . so meanwhile it’s killing the economy for four years with nasty taxes.
Those naïve hayseeds among you might consider all this to be an “explosive” revelation. Nothing could be further from the truth. The laws of economics did NOT go to sleep for a hundred years just because a politician totally ignorant of them moved into the oval office. Oh, a few more details, besides its own internal lack of integrity and fiscal inconsistency: the law still threatens to cut physicians’ income and to raise Medicare costs and to bankrupt each and every one of the states because of new Medicaid requirements. Ain’t that sweet?
House Minority Leader John Boehner, said this new CBO analysis ". . . coming just weeks after the Obama administration itself released an analysis confirming that the new law actually increases Americans’ healthcare costs, this provides ample cause for alarm. The American people wanted one thing above all from healthcare reform: lower costs, which Washington Democrats promised, but they did not deliver. These revelations widen the serious credibility gap President Obama is facing."

Jennifer Hing, spokeswoman for Republicans on the House Appropriations Committee, told Fox News: "If Congress were to approve all of this new discretionary funding authorized in the healthcare bill, almost all of the administration's highly touted savings would be made null and void."

CBO estimators also said they simply had not had enough time to run the numbers. Costs could go even higher, because the legislation authorizes several programs without setting specific funding levels. Rajjpuut would say, that is virtually always true. Too little study and too much spend-spend-spend and way too little actual understanding make Congress dangerous to the country’s political health and fiscal soundness. NO BILL should ever become law until sufficient time to truly understand all its ramifications has been taken . . . .

In the wake of the obvious example of highly-socialistic Greece’s present demise with fellow European socialistic countries England, Italy, Ireland, Portugal and Spain (more or less in that order) waiting in the wings for their own fiscal comeuppance . . . Rajjpuut suggests it’s high time this country and its leadership got its feet on the ground. Europe is in chaos trying to avoid the utter financial failure of tiny self- indulgent Greece, the European Union (EU) this week pledged $1 trillion to inject green money into the veins of Europe's socialistic vampires. Not to go unmentioned: about $76 Billion coming from the IMF (International Monetary Fund) comes from American taxpayers . . . we’re actually supporting other countries’ failed experiments in socialism, doesn't that make you happy? Ronald Reagan must be spinning in his grave and the Founding Fathers? Their ghosts are right now discussing reincarnation to ignite a new American Revolution***.

Last Rajjpuut remembers, the Berlin Wall came down . . . a symbol of the differences between capitalism and communism (socialism taken to its logical extreme). Remember . . . they had to pen their people in and even that didn’t work thousands died trying to leave their corrupt stinking corpse of a system. Look at our borders, we’re having huge problems keeping people out. Last Rajjpuut remembers, the Union of Soviet SOCIALIST republics (what a laugh, republics!) collapsed freely and voluntarily as her leaders admitted their system didn’t work. Last Rajjpuut remembers, the Warsaw Pact countries joyfully abandoned their own wonderful socialisms. Last Rajjpuut remembers, communist China is now prospering as they’ve adopted a huge level of capitalism upon its own rotten corpse of Marxism. Last Rajjpuut remembers, people still die striving to leave Cuba and make for our shores on inflated truck inner tubes. Last Rajjpuut remembers Adolf Hitler only gets credit for 13 million deaths while Stalin and his commies killed 25 million and Mao, IN PEACETIME, caused the death of almost 57 million Chinese. How difficult is it to reach the conclusion that SOCIALISM SUCKS!

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


*** For God’s sake, fellow citizens, IF you have NOT read and understood the following brief words, you are, like Obama, an utterly ignorant fool when it comes to economics, correct that situation immediately:


and for good measure, more brevities:



and the Full Monty:


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Obama-watchers here in the United States tell anyone who’ll listen that to understand our future, one has but to look at the shenanigans in Greece. Recently world stock markets include the ones here in the good ol’ U.S.A. tanked in response to the European Union/International Monetary Fund $150 Billion bailout of Greece. The three major fears concerning financial analysts are that either 1. the loan will NOT prove enough to cover Greece’s needs either for borrowing or the upward spiraling of debt or 2. the German parliament will not approve the bailout (voting is Friday May 6, in Germany) or 3. a combination of both scenarios. Just two and a half years ago Greece had a debt to gross domestic product ratio of roughly 55%, comparable to what the U.S. faced when President Obama took office (50%), but today Greece’s D/GDP ratio is at 102% and not only is the country facing financial ruin but there is literally “blood in the streets” as the all-powerful Greek labor unions are rioting in opposition to the belt-tightening being negotiated by the Greek government in order to receive the EU loans.

While Rajjpuut is NOT a fan of big and politically powerful labor unions, in the union’s favor it must be stated that the government of Greece has been guilty of outright lying and manipulating debt with “funny” statistics for about a decade now and the news that came out when the truth finally was released was more than shocking, it was abysmal. Oh, and for you Obama-watchers here, the D/GDP ratio in the United States has now risen to 76%.

To put things in perspective, and thus realize just how badly off the economies of Greece (also Spain, Italy, Ireland and Portugal) and the United States are, consider that the next worst of the European countries (England) had a ratio of only 11% w hen the following memorable speech linked immediately below was made to the EU by Daniel Hannan criticizing the actions of Prime Minister Gordon Brown a year ago. England’s ratio now is roughly 14% . . . .


Many believe that Greece’s “contagion” will spread quickly to the other “PIGIES” (the next five weakest countries in Europe mentioned earlier, Greece is the "G") with one-time European financial bulwark Spain possibly the next to go. Spain about seven years ago had the strongest fiscal situation of any European power. Then they decided upon a critical experiment (one that Obama wants to work over here) and aimed to become the world’s #1 power in green technology. Spain’s 3% unemployment has spiraled all out of control and is now at 20%, second only to Greece’s problems. In the Spanish experience every green-tech job created cost $677,000 in government subsidies and killed 2.2 jobs in the real market place because of government spending and taxation. Most Spanish green jobs lasted from six weeks to nine months and only 1/10 of them proved permanent. In the United States that would translate to Obama’s promised “five million new green jobs” costing the loss of eleven more real economy jobs to subsidize them; and then with only 500,000 of those jobs proving permanent and a 22/1 ratio of lost real jobs to permanent green tech jobs. Additionally the typical green job pays $10-$14 per hour which is a huge letdown to most Americans’ way of thinking about new technologies.

The violence created in the streets by the Greek labor unions cost three bank employees their lives two days ago. The unions say they’ll refuse to make any financial concessions. Their intransigence might worsen the Greek debt situation or repel the other EU countries completely. As for Germany’s hesitation, the Germans suffered one of the two greatest inflations in European history (during the Weimar Republic after WWI, which eventually spawned Adolph Hitler and the Nazis) and the country is loathe to get involved with the fiscally irresponsible Greek government at risk of inflation to their own country. However, German Prime Minister Merkel has made it plain in her speeches that the “survival of the European Union is at stake.” Once again the European experience may prove to be a harbinger of things to come for the USA, because Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has inflated our money by 1500% so that now there is 1600% more money in circulation in the country and today’s 2010 dollar is now potentially worth only about 6.3 cents compared to the 2008 buck. Of course in this country we're talking about fifty individual states in financial disarry not twenty-four separate countries.

Worse news for Greece, the violence and fiscal unrest don’t look like they’ll be ending anytime soon. If that ugly scenario keeps repeating the EU may not loan the money and Germany's refusal also could be in the cards. And the possibility of a worldwide depression is always on investors’ minds. Additionally, with the latest round of worries that the Greek debt contagion will spread to Spain and elsewhere in Europe. The looming specter of massive debt default and deflation is heavy in the air for investors worldwide and fear dominates the markets. All this and unending days of national strike are NOT painting an encouraging scene.

Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery.


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