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Seemingly masterminded with the aid of Wile E. Coyote, billionaire crony capitalist hedge fund manager Bill Ackman of Pershing Square Capital Management, L.P. has catastrophically failed to destroy Herbalife Ltd (NYSE: HLF). His five (5) year effort to destroy Herbalife with a Billion Dollar gamble to short sell Herbalife stock and destroy the company and its owners, investors and citizen distributors has ended in a personal debacle causing massive layoffs and redirected strategies for Pershing Square.

Ackman’s plan or scheme was simple: to blatantly destroy Herbalifes stock value, and cash in on the plunder of Herbalife’s dead body. Ackman attempted to profit on the backs of the American investing and working public that rightfully sees multi-level marketing opportunities as a traditional and legitimate beacon of hope that his silk stocking ilk cannot comprehend. He set out over five (5) years ago to purposely eradicate Herbalife, along with the financial investment, profit expectations, business opportunities, property values and hopes and dreams of millions of lower and middle-class innocent American citizens who owned and worked for Herbalife.  

Pershing Square and Ackman are losers, despite their scorched earth efforts to obliterate Herbalife that included financing a D-Grade self-promoting propaganda feature documentary defaming and demonizing Herbalife; public threats of prosecution of Herbalife through criminal process and potentially crippling administrative action arising from a Democrat U.S. Senator in Ackman’s pocket; and, SEC, FTC, and State Attorneys’ Generals investigations. Pershing Square and Ackman spent $50,000,000.00 to put in the fix and failed. Anticipating profits from his command center,

Manipulation of the stock market by billionaires for profit and sport through shorting a stock and then enlisting Congress, government regulators and the media to win the bet is cheating. Make no mistake, corporate death, ruin, and destruction are generally the intended outcome in Ackman’s game.

The process of shorting stocks is a game for only the wealthiest of the wealthy. The process of shorting stocks has been left essentially unregulated because the prevailing popular wisdom amongst regulators is that the use of short selling is a self-regulatory mechanism whereby stock fraud is rooted out by private investors who profit by pocketing the difference in value of the shorted stock upon its decline in price due to the exposure of the fraudulent company. Regulators love this idea, and permit investors engaged in shorting a stock free reign without oversight. This blind-eye neglect by regulators is just another manifestation of crony capitalism whereby the government disregards the public weal and helps the wealthy elite secure private profits.

There is no transparency in these lawless Crony Capitalist corporate raider war rooms, the market benefit theory only works as a concept. Greed is the driving wheel of the Short Sell Machine of forced ruin. Hence, many companies find themselves to be victims of false charges by predatory short sellers.  The investing public, the general public and the American economy are all victims of this shadowy practice through unnatural investment losses, job losses, reduced taxes paid and co-opting of governmental resources by a handful of bloated crony capitalists whose sole purpose is to feast on the corpses of the otherwise economically viable companies they kill off.  

Astoundingly, short sellers are not required to disclose their shorted positions. Investment firms, such as Pershing Square, while required to disclose their long positions in equities, stock options, or notes/convertibles are not required to disclose their cash or short positions. Short positions remain cloaked in darkness and secrecy. Query whether it is a good idea for regulators to aid the wealthy and powerful to operate in secret on matters that enrich them if the public interest is harmed.

Therefore, Congress must draw back the curtains and mandate short-seller disclosure requirements that are not less than those currently required of “normal” long-term investors who seek and hope for the investment rewards reaped of profits as opposed to those who labor for losses and financial ruination. These disclosure requirements would entail public filings in which investors who hold more than 5% of a stock must disclose their ownership stake, even if those investors are short sellers seeking to destroy. Additionally, disclosure of short sell activities of company insiders should be required regardless of ownership interest.

The seminal American jurist Mr. Justice Louis Brandeis famously said: “Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants”. Transparency brings light and permits oversight, which fosters fairness and preserves liberty.  Ackman and his grave-robbing kind despise the cold light of day that follows transparency. Therefore, Congress must act to pass legislation that introduces transparency into the short sell process.  It is time to let the sunshine in and render the Ackmans of the market powerless to pull the levers of power in secret and darkness.

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Elon Musk, Space Pirate

Space pirates like Elon Musk have commandeered NASA and turned the once proud public agency into a vehicle for private profiteering and pillaging of the public treasury.


NASA is an agency of the federal government that each year receives billions of dollars in funding. The process by which this agency has been commandeered is through the “no strings attached” policy, whereby NASA willingly gives astronomical amounts of public funds and benefits away without regard for accountability. All that is required to “qualify” for these funds is an earnest desire to hopefully do “something” that could possibly equal the agency’s mission.

The agency’s “mission” has not been clearly defined for over five decades; indeed, five decades have passed since the last defining “success” and confirmation of the agency’s stated purpose and reason to exist. Recipients of the agency’s billions of dollars in government grease need not bother to bid or even compete for the funds, nor provide any indicia of their ability to perform the tasks to further the agency’s mission for which the funds are provided because there are no audits of the expenditures.

All that is required to plunder millions, even billions of dollars of this agency’s funding is to look up at the heavens and set your sights on the cosmos with a passably earnest face and a reasonably articulable desire or plan to match what the agency has previously accomplished but now seems impotent to even attempt. Then, it’s welcome aboard matey, and set the mainsail to cash grabs of untold riches!

Look up! The Treasure Island of space exploration can be yours, if you have a vision and a dream to sell. Like Elon Musk, no need to be concerned with performance – he’s blown up countless rockets over the years, delaying NASA missions years into the future -- or even impossibility.

Look up Space Cadet, look up! Dreams come true and all you must do is attach yours to a NASA-based component or program (demonstrable failure is never a reason to be denied!) and you can take part in the Space Program that achieves at or below the level of 1963!

Case in point: SpaceX’s recent congressional “ask” to receive taxpayer funding for deep space missions even though the company hasn’t even been able to perfect simpler launches. There is a reason former NASA Chief Charles Borden said he is “not a big fan of commercial space companies building large, heavy lift rockets.” Why? Because he “believe[s] (NASA’s) responsibility to the nation is to take care of things that normal people cannot do … like large launch vehicles.” Yet, that hasn’t stopped Musk from lobbying heavily.

Effort without performance? Concepts in disregard of the plausible? Ideas divorced from the scientifically possible? NASA is buying and has billions to give away! Yes, the money is there for the taking. Convincing earnestness and platitudes aplenty are all that is needed. All you have to do is look up and reach for the stars…

And climb on board, like Elon Musk, Space Pirate.

NASA, where have you gone? The agency created to give life to the hope of the future and the mythical Kennedy-esque mandate of the undeniable greatness of America and unconquerable drive for achievement that makes America great and exceptional. To all that grew up with the Cold War inspired Space Race and the desire to fulfill the American birthright of being the best and the brightest as expressed through technological achievement that could never remain earth bound, NASA embodied all that was good, hopeful, and possible about technology and the quest for a better life and a better humanity. It was our calling, heeding the American siren-call to save the world and save humanity – certainly we could not leave it to the Soviets to save humanity! God, (and President Kennedy – then Presidents Johnson, Nixon, Carter, Ford, sort of….) chose us, the U.S.A, to save humanity by landing on the moon. And we succeeded! The sky was literally the limit.

Then, nothing happened. The good ship NASA foundered, adrift without a rudder, though laden with treasure. NASA has not only lost its way like a damsel in distress cast amongst scalawags and privateers, it has de-evolved. It is the government counterpart to the fanatic—it has redoubled its efforts after having lost sight of its aim. Congress has fueled NASA’s lunacy by crowning it with virtually unfettered discretion to do anything that might be said to be a third cousin of “space.” Congress has supplied no metrics by which to measure performance, which is the very definition of crony capitalism.

NASA has become a clearinghouse for political favors and cash grabs for favored insider profiteers, like Elon Musk, who have boarded and commandeered the Good Ship NASA with over $5 billion in subsidies or incentives, despite his demonstrated incapacity to reliably launch even a single test rocket on schedule or budget.

What was once the paragon of American pride, hope for the future and virtue is now a seedy dealer of unchecked crony capitalism payouts and backroom deals. Unlike any other agency in the governmental constellation, NASA doles out dollars and contracts without regard to applicable law, the Federal Acquisition Requirements (“FAR”).  by which executive agencies of the United States federal government acquire or provide goods and services by contract with appropriated funds.  The FAR establishes procurement protocols for the acquisition or provision of goods and services by contract with appropriated funds for all executive agencies. The mandate of the opening paragraph of FAR, Title 48, Chapter 1 of the Code of Federal Regulations (“CFR”) could not be clearer:

1.101 Purpose.

The Federal Acquisition Regulations System is established for the codification and publication of uniform policies and procedures for acquisition by all executive agencies.


However, NASA has obtained an exemption through the Space Act, Pub. L. No. 111–314, 124 Stat. 3328 (Dec. 18, 2010), that permits awards of contracts and provision of services free of charge to favored, but essentially unvetted, contractors lined up at the feeding trough. The only requirement for these “non-reimbursable deals” is that the handout hopeful convince NASA that their projects will “benefit the government” in a nebulous and to-date unprecise way. Neither the demonstrated ability to escape the bonds of gravity or measurable performance are part of the equation. These cosmic cadets of crony capitalism soar to the dizzying heights of the hop toad when it comes to performance whilst continuing to collect billions of tax dollars for only having that necessary sense of earnestness and “vision”.

The estimated nominal annual cost to the taxpayer for these Moonage Buccaneer Daydream Deals is more than $36 million –  excluding the $1.1 billion in funding for ongoing non-reimbursable deals for the Commercial Crew Integrated Capability (CCiCap) awarded to Elon Musk’s SpaceX and the other space pirates who plunder NASA for their own privateering purposes. Congress welcomes NASA’s operations and enrichment of these cosmic cadets of crony capitalism - predictably because all members who are permitted to chair or sit on relevant oversight, appropriations, or authorization committees generally represent districts or states where the flags of space pirates like Musk are flown. 

And yet, with regard to manned space travel, we are further from the stated ideal contained in NASA's vision statement: “We reach for new heights and reveal the unknown for the benefit of humankind,” than we were in 1968 – the year before the Apollo 11 moon landing. There is no effort to benefit humankind. Only the space pirates benefit and we the taxpaying people pay for their singular enrichment. Yo Ho! Yo Ho! A space pirate’s life for me, indeed….

In addition to being the treasure chest of space pirates like Elon Musk, et al, NASA has become a dinosaur; an agency that has lost its way. NASA would crash and burn if subjected to cost-benefit analytical scrutiny. NASA cannot likely replicate its crowning achievement accomplished nearly 50 years ago.  The Trump Administration would be well advised to avoid “looking up to the stars” and cease cowering before the Crony Capitalism Calico Jack when it comes to NASA and instead look down to the bottom line at a failed business model that costs the public billions in wasted giveaways while serving only the cosmic cadets of crony capitalism - Elon Musk, space pirate, foremost amongst them.

W Bruce DelValle is a litigator and founding member of the Washington, D.C. constitutional law, commercial and civil litigation firm Fein & DelValle PLLC. He is a native Texan who grew up on the Gulf Coast of Florida. DelValle graduated from Penn State University and worked as a nuclear engineer prior to attending Washington and Lee School of Law.

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By: Juan Reynoso, WTP - activist –   -        

Learn what Democracy at work is all about.

Fellow Americans, this is an opportunity for you to connect and commit, to make our country’s constitutional republic a Democracy with an economic justice.

Our country’s Capitalist economic system fail to be an economy that will benefit the American working class and middle class Americans. In 1981 Ronald Reagan, economic strategy to create jobs for Americans was the promotion of free trade, globalization, de-regularization of the financial system, the Banks and cutting taxes for corporate America from 70% to 28%; cutting taxes for corporate American was done so corporations have the money to grow and employ more people.

Today after 35 year of what we call “Reaganomics,” or “supply side economics,”; Our country has become a plutocracy, during the last 35 years’ de-regulations have given corporate American and the financial system the power to gain control of our national economic and build a huge concentration of wealth so they can select, promote and finance candidates to be place in office; control our electoral elections and our political system. Most Washington politicians today are the subservient to this shadow elite group who are in fact the true ill power that control our country.

In 2017 the people of this country seek a candidate that will turn things in their favor and they star to support Bernie Sanders; but the Democrats want Hillary Clinton in the White house so they expended close to a billion Dollars to seek her election, their strategy was that Hillary Clinton as representative of the Democratic party will win the elections, but they fail to control the elections because the people after all these years of being exploited was fed-up with this corrupt Washington establishment and voted for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump was elected to office because the people want an economic justice in our country and stop their exploitation and the huge concentration of wealth by the few that control our country. Most American want their dignity back, they do not want hand-outs from our government; they want jobs that pay decent wages; they want an economic justice in our country that will benefit the American people.

Donald Trump’s strategy to create jobs for the American working class is 1- Renegotiate all free trade agreements, this is great, we must push for fair trade to fix our trade deficit. 2- Rebuild our infrastructure by privatization and given corporation and opportunity to have these project, employ American workers and make money. 3- He want to cut taxes for corporate American so they can return to our country and manufacture goods here in America for the American consumers and Tax any corporations that want to use foreign labor to manufacture goods for the US market.

The facts are; that Capitalism and Neo-Liberalism do not work in our Democracy; we must change this economic system and promote and establish an economic system that place people before profits; this democratic enterprise is called cooperative enterprising; this system of business, is a Democratic system in which all the members of the cooperative have an equal voice and is run and control by the members for the benefit of the members and the community. This is what in fact is an economic with justice for all, the ideology of getting rich at the expenses of the working people is replace by an ideology that productivity and business grow is for the benefit of all the workers and the community.

We must change this capitalism system that their only objective is making money at any cost, they are so greedy,  that today they want to control the world and make the world working class an economic slave class, that is why that under the pretense of helping underdeveloped countries, they promoted the building of their infrastructure and through  the IMS and the World Bank they facilitate the financing of these projects and made these countries debtors with financial obligations difficult to meet and are force to pay back with their natural resources at prices so low that compound the poverty in these countries. Capitalism – Neo-Liberalism in the world has help only the rich at the expenses of the working people and our eco-system.    

We must become a role model for others; the worth of our live comes not in what we own or who we know, but by WHO WE ARE, we should Count our blessings and deal with our problems; think about our purpose in life, we must focus in doing what is right for us, our family, the community, our country and humanity. We may never know the lives we will touch, or the hope that we may bring, but we must never forget it, doing what is right is what is all about. Be inform, knowledge is the tool to make good choices and make a difference in our world. God has blessed and help us to be the best we can be, so we can help others to connect and commit to work for freedom, Democracy and social justice.

Do not trust the corrupt U.S. corporate news media they are the establishment propaganda machinery that by disinformation and misinformation deceived the American people., learn the truth in the Alternative news media.

Learn what You Are Not Supposed to Know About.


Who control the world economic?

Bernie Sanders Democratic-Socialism.

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The crony capitalists in the ethanol industry is working with a left-wing veterans organization with connections to Clintonista Wes Clark, to promote the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), the Daily Caller reports.  The progressive veterans group announced a nearly $110,000 ad buy for a week of pro-RFS ads in Des Moines, Iowa and Washington, D.C. This ad buy comes during a time of increasing consensus among federal officials that the RFS needs to be reformed because it is straining the country’s refining capacity and harming the environment.

The ad features Iraq war veteran Michael Connolly, who argues that the RFS means less oil money is going abroad to America’s enemies who use funds to buy weapons to attack U.S. troops. In the ad he says the best way to support the troops is to use ethanol — use less oil and America’s enemies get less oil.

Connolly is not the first former serviceman to laud the benefits of ethanol. The ethanol industry has been invoking high-ranking military officers and veterans as a to highlight the national security argument for forcing refiners to blend ethanol into the fuel supply.

“I think you’re basically seeing a convergence of former military around the RFS issue right now, because it is soon to be decided by the EPA, and that’s clearly an issue of getting us off oil, which is important to a lot of former military,” founder Jon Soltz told The Daily Caller News Foundation. Soltz was once quoted saying: “If they want to attack ethanol, that’s fine… but if you come after ethanol you’re supporting killing our troops.”

“A number of former military people have become very interested in renewable of all kinds, and have worked on the issue, as well as climate change,” Soltz added. “VoteVets, for instance, has been working on green energy for years now, before we ever got into the issue of the RFS or ethanol.”

General Wesley Clark, retired, is on the advisory board for VoteVets and is also a co-chair for Growth Energy, an advocacy group run by the ethanol industry. Clark was the supreme allied commander of NATO under President Clinton. He made a failed bid for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2004. His consultancy has also worked with Growth Energy in the past. Clark is also a senior advisor with Blackstone, which had investments in biofuel producers like Costaka.

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Meet An Obama "Winner"

If there was one billionaire more excited than George Soros at President Obama's re-election, it was Elon Musk.

The South African born Musk has been a triple recipient of Obama's "green" government investment schemes and the president's re-election appears to keep the taxpayer spigots open for the crony capitalist.


Musk is a three-time winner in the Obama taxpayer giveaways to his cronies and campaign contributors. 


Musk's Tesla Motors turned a $465 million loan guarantee from the Department of Energy into a $600 million personal windfall in profits when the company went public.  Musk used the loan to lobby Congress for more largess, spending $480,000 from 2007 to 2011 on lobbying Congress, the White House, EPA and DOE on climate and energy issues, the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing loan program, the Promoting Electric Vehicles Act, and the Recovery Act.


After giving thousands of dollars to the President and the political parties, Musk's company Space-X won $440 million in grants from NASA to design the next American spacecraft capable of launching humans into space.


Refusing to quit while he is ahead, Musk has entered the failing solar space.  SolarCity, another of Musk's companies living of the taxpayers, has filed for an IPO as Musk tries to replicate his get rich scheme.  But recent filings appear to put a bump in the road for SolarCity. 


The company, which awarded the company a $275 million loan guarantee, received a subpoena in July from the Office of the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Treasury to determine whether the company was part of a scam to inaccurately stated the fair-market value of their PV systems when applying for funds under the Treasury's Section 1603 cash-grant program.


In addition to fleecing the taxpayers to pad his wallet, it appears that Musk's Tesla Motors is also coming under scrutiny. Tesla's own SEC reports that the battery could be unsafe and catch on fire.


The green industry is a racket that hurts taxpayers and makes Obama's cronies rich.  Unless Congress acts, we will likely endure another four years of bailouts, handouts and giveaways to the president's supporters.


It's time for conservatives to demand separation of business and state and it should start with Elon Musk. 

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The following is taken from "The Fearful Master" written by noted author and patriot (on the order of Paul Revere) G. Edward Griffin:

"In 1928 and again in 1936 the Communist International formally presented a three-stage plan for achieving WORLD GOVERNMENT:

1.  Socialize the economies of all nations.

2.  Bring about regional unions of various groupings of these socialized nations.

3.  Amalgamate all of these regional groupings into a final worldwide union of socialist states."

"The following is taken directly from the official 1936 program of the Communist International:

     Dictatorship can be established only by a victory of socialism in different countries or groups of countries after which the proletariat republics would unite on federal lines with those already in existence, and this system of federal unions would expand length forming the World Union of Socialist Soviet Republics."

"The plan is both simple and brilliant.  But have the Communists succeeded in conquering one third of the world through stupidity?  Did they do it with brute force?  Was it luck?  The answers to these questions are obvious.  One thing for which the Communists must be given credit is that they are master strategists.  They know full well that they could never hope to conquer the world through military might alone.  But through trickery and deception, they have developed a formula whereby they can take over America, and thus the rest of the world, without firing a single shot.  Krushchev has said that when the Red flag flies over America, it will be Americans who put it there.  And in that simple boast lies the key to everything the Communists and their allies are trying to accomplish through the UNITED NATIONS."

"Abraham Lincoln predicted, 'If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher.  As a nation of FREE MEN, we must live through all time, or die by suicide."

"It is a sad commentary on contemporary America that when anyone tries to call attention to the fact that known Communists have succeeded in penetrating into key positions within our government, he is usually met with a barrage of wild accusations and condemnations from the anti-anti-Communists who now seem to dominate our opinion-molding channels of mass communications.  Anyone who tries to arouse his fellow citizens to the terrible danger of allowing Communists and fellow travelers in high places runs the risk of becoming the object of public scorn.  He will be labeled 'extremist,' 'radical right,' 'crackpot.'  He will be contemptuously dismissed with the observation, 'Oh, he sees a Communist under every bed.'  This phrase has almost become the national slogan of that great army of Americans who, being afraid to examine the evidence closely lest they discover a truth too unpleasant to bear, loudly repeat over and over again, as though saying it made it so, 'It can't happen here; it can't happen here.'  As a former head of the U.S. Communist party, William Z. Foster, put it:  American imperialism is now strong.  Its champions ridicule the idea of a revolution......they console themselves with the thought that 'it could never happen in this country,' and they scorn the at-present weak Communist party.  But they overlook the detail that the same attitude was taken toward the pre-revolution Bolsheviki."

"In 1950 the State Department issued a volume entitled 'Postwar Foreign Policy Preparation,' 1939-45.  It described in detail the policies and documents leading up to the creation of the United Nations and named the men who shaped these policies.  This and similar official records reveal that the following men were key government figures in UN planning within the U.S. State Department and Treasury Department: Alger Hiss, Harry Dexter White, Virginius Frank Coe, Dean Acheson, Noel Field, Laurence Duggan, Henry Julian Wadleigh, John Carter Vincent, David Weintraub, Nathan Gregory Silvermaster, Harold Glasser, Victor Perlo, Irving Kaplan, Solomon Adier, Abrahan George Silverman, William L. Ullman and William H. Taylor.  With the single exception of Dean Acheson, all of these men have since been identified in sworn testimony as secret Communist agents!"

You might be asking yourself at this point that this is all history and all in the past.  The point is that their replacements are alive and well and are continuing to push socialism which is the predecessor of communism.   And why do they want to do that?  My answer is that they are intent on creating a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT wherein they are in control of the rest of us...the sheep.  They are interested in establishing a feudal type government wherein we are all enslaved without freedoms.  Capitalism may have its faults and may once in a while lift your wallet but the Socialists and the Communists have a history of terminating lives and not just taking your money which they have succeeded in doing with all of their stupid and irresponsible social programs.


The Socialists are alive and well and are determined to do away with your freedoms and thus far they have been extremely successful. 



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Obama's LIES Get Out of Hand


   Last poll out:  48% of Americans give President Obama POOR marks on the economy and 16% gave him a fair rating; while in another only 17% say “we’re headed in the right direction,” yet mainstream-media (MSM) “journalists” waxed orgasmic praising his recent speech comparing himself to Teddy Roosevelt.  The MSM ignored its responsibilities and its homework again.  Of his 40+ claims in Osawatomie, KS, historical research backs up:  one.   There is strong connection between Mr. Obama and TR, America’s first Progressive president, who did some good, virtually all outside Constitutionally-required processes (Panama Canal land grab; national parks; naval expansion) during his imperial Obama-like presidency.  Roosevelt’s 1912 Bull-Moose third party (officially “Progressive Party”) opposed and lost to ultra-progressive big-spender Woodrow Wilson who brought us Federal Reserve Banking and the IRS.



   Obama’s speech ignored all capitalism’s benefits; proclaiming free market capitalism NEVER worked”: thus absolutely rewriting history and LYING to us, Mr. President.  You mentioned several decades illustrating the “failure of capitalism” and denying innovation and success by free markets and supply-side economics implying that the progressive-controlled decades NOT mentioned by you were great successes economically.  Really now??   Weren’t the late 19-teens, the 1930’s, and 1970’s:  economic disasters?  On the other hand, the decades you labeled “failures” were superbly prosperous, for example, dramatic reductions in government size, spending, taxes and debt by Harding/Coolidge quickly ended Wilson’s 1919-21 depression; America boomed.  Auto production rose 191%;   (state) highway construction mileage increased 1,030%; airplane travel expanded 7,100%; and despite sound money the average person’s salary in eight years rose 38% . . . without punishing the rich.


   You don’t trust these verifiable statistics?  Marxist bigwig Leon Trotsky was ecstatic about $18 per month average American apartments with telephones, private toilets/baths, gas ranges, elevators, electric lights, etc. NOT found in Europe.  EVIL capitalism’s a rising tide lifting all boats so the typical poor in America have computers, dishwashers, and color TVs.  America, the world’s first Constitutional Meritocracy, is a shining beacon for Planet Earth.



Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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How Has Big Government
Stuck It to Us Lately?
Are the following statements True or False? Be careful, some are “tricky.” All false statements are explained below.
#1 Barack Obama on the Today Show yesterday announced his suspicion that ATMs and airport shoeshine machines are a big part of the reason that his $787 Billion stimulus failed to prevent America’s unemployment (now at 9.1%) from exceeding his promised 8.0%.
#2 The LBJ “War on Poverty” was implemented in 1968 with 13% of Americans rated as “POOR people.” Social welfare payments increased to 500% of former levels (a 400% increase) so that by 1980 13% of Americans were still classified as poor .
#3 “Capitalism is leading humanity and the planet to extinction,” according to the prime minister of France.
#4 In Sweden where a cradle-to-grave nanny state supplies free health care; free education; welfare programs and unemployment programs covering 76% of their people at some time in their lives; not to mention big retirement packages . . . the enterprise minister and the government refused to bail out the Saab automobile company.
#5 Federal government employees are restricted in many ways even when they belong to unions. However, thanks to the U.S. Postal Service unions, the post office despite heading for bankruptcy is not being allowed to stop Saturday delivery a step that would immediately alleviate the problem because of their union’s clout in Washington, D.C. As a temporary band-aid, the post office is issuing a new series of 40 American Union Leaders stamps to raise needed money from philatelists (stamp collectors).
#6 541 clean air, water, and waste programs are found in 28 separate government agencies not including the monstrously redundant EPA.
#7 President Obama’s trademark legislation Obamacare actually created a few more federal agencies in just one law then Franklin Delano Roosevelt created in over a dozen years in office.
#8 In Texas, they have a part-time citizen legislature that works for about six months then goes back to real jobs for about 18 months. Our full-time federal law makers (Congress) have put some 62,000 new regulations on the books since GHW Bush left office in January, 1993. Any doubt why business is having such a nasty time creating new jobs?
#9 In 1956 President Eisenhower and Congress passed a 293- page bill authorizing a federal highway act which created our present interstate highway system. When the act was updated in 1991 it was only 28 pages long but the end result cost one third as much for 3% of the highway mileage.
#10 Ronald Reagan’s 1982 Grace Commission came up with 2,478 separate ways to “get the government off the backs of the American people designed to eliminate the deficits and national debt by 1990 in the face of $10.2 TRillion of inefficiency, stagnation, and smothering of the free market IF they were not acted upon. Virtually none of these was acted upon by the four progressive Democratic congresses and despite creating 21 million jobs, Reagan ran up huge deficits while in office.
#11 President Obama’s ‘Trickle-up Economic” ideas have been derided as “Trickle-up Poverty,” but compared to the utterly socialistic French, we are still led by a capitalism-inspired administration.
#12 It takes the average Estonian less than 12 minutes to fill out their income tax forms thanks to a national FLAT tax of 18%. Since the country escaped the clutches of the old USSR, they’ve been known as the “Baltic Tiger” for their incredible national productivity and “a sort of Silicon Valley on the Baltic Sea.” These things will happen when Soviet tanks stop patrolling your streets and communism is left in the dust. Mr. Obama is taken our country in the opposite direction and now wants to create a national police force answerable to him alone.
#13  One of the most succinct criticisms of Barack Obama is that “. . . he doesn’t understand that wealth must first be allowed to be created, before it can be shared.”
Answers: Only the even numbers are true. Here are the explanations for the odd numbered false statements:
#1 Actually shoe shine machines were not the guilty party according to Obama, but rather airport ticket kiosks. However, the real fallacy is Obama’s premise about “automation” in general: When bank ATMs rose by 150% over one ten year period, the number of bank tellers increased by 160%. Similarly, virtually all insurance companies and financial companies in the mid- and late-70’s added EDP (electronic data processing) a.k.a. computer departments on the promise of eliminating huge amounts of clerical staffing. When Rajjpuut worked for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas the company’s employment jumped from roughly 340 to 790 in four and a half years with 85% of the newly hired fitting into either the EDP or the clerical job description.
#3 Actually, this was many years ago. At the time the statement was made -- a combined statement from presiding leaders of six countries that could then be considered the armpits of the world: Cuba, Bolivia, Venezuela, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua -- all of which of kept or flirted with communism or abject near-communist socialism. Six countries that needed capitalism to boost their anemic economies were blaming capitalism for all the ills of the world.
#5 Only false because of the Union Leader Stamps unless they decided to create them today.
#7   Sorry, not just a “few” more but roughly 9.6 times as many new government agencies were created by Obamacare (one law) as FDR created in all his years in office . . . 384 new federal agencies from Obamacare. That’s why it took 2,770 pages . . . it’s not about providing health care, it’s about controlling every aspect of health care, hospitals and doctors and nurses.
#9 The original 1956 bill was the shorter one, 28 pages long. The 1991 bill was 293 pages long. And the final cost was close to the same (in constant dollars taking account of inflation) for only 3% of the mileage. In fairness:  putting four-lane highways through places like Glenwood Canyon in Colorado does take a lot more effort than flat roads over the Great Plains. However, the strictly environmental considerations; as well as those related to mass transit; auto-pollution; seat belt use; motorcycle helmet use; preservation of historic sites; erosion control; billboard regs; women’s issues; Native American issues; disadvantaged individuals’ issues; use of recycled rubber in road bed asphalt; requirements for specific iron and steel; etc. etc. probably accounted for 66% of the total cost.
           #10 TRUE
           #11   President Obama in February 2009 weeks after taking office made his infamous “Trickle-up” speech. A month later French President Sarkozy said, “I was not elected to raise taxes (but) to reconcile France with the workplace and factory.” So even the French have turned their backs on redistribution of wealth as an answer to economic problems.
          #12 TRUE
          #13 Even thought the criticism would suit Barack Obama and 95% of progressive politicians to a “T,” it was actually aimed at the “archaic socialism” of France. Hope you enjoyed the quiz and understand a bit more about the connection between “small minds and big government.”
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,

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“That’s right, in Texas they have part-time citizen lawmakers rather than a lot of professional politicians clogging up the scene all year round every single year.”
“. . . Texas dodged almost the full-brunt of the sub-prime lending crisis.” 
Texas Grows 38% of Nation’s New BLS Jobs;
            Like the silly unemployment numbers used by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) measuring new job growth across the nation by BLS nonsense is a lesson in frustration. Nevertheless, according to BLS statistics since the financial meltdown ended (officially we’ve been recovering since June 2009) one state (Texas) has dominated the new job generation picture. 38% of all new jobs in the nation were created in Texas. So it took entire rest of the country 49 states and Washington, D.C. taken altogether to create the 62% of our new jobs that Texas didn’t create. 
If instead of BLS statistics we use the far more accurate and straightforward non-farm payroll employment, Texas accounts for 45% of all new job creation.    Texas, North Dakota, Alaska and Washinton, D.C. are the only areas to show a net job growth since the beginning of the meltdown. The District of Columbia, of course, benefitted from the huge growth in government size created by the Obama administration’s stimulus and regulation and new agencies (one law alone, Obamacare, created 384 brand new federal government agencies) programs. 
Texas created roughly 72,000 more jobs, 266,000 in total) than the next two successful states (New York and Pennsylvania) put together and roughly 1,000 fewer jobs than the sum total of the other forty-seven states combined. This should come as no surprise since Texas is easily the most business friendly  free market state in the union. These kind of figures are one reason that Texas Governor Rick Perry (though so far he’s UNannounced, is considered an important and necessary candidate in the Republican presidential polling). 
Overall, eighteen states have lost jobs since the Obama-recovery began in June, 2009; California alone has lost 11,400 jobs. Thanks to Obama’s growth of government D.C. payrolls have increased 18,000 jobs since the meltdown began in mid 2007 compared to Texas’ 30,800 new jobs over the same period all the while the Lone Star State was eliminating government jobs and trial lawyer jobs (it’s harder for them to find work in Texas now due to new tort regulations that protect business and doctors from nuisance suits).
Besides the new tort laws, Texas has no state income tax. Its regulatory conditions are contained and flexible. It is fiscally responsible and government is small. Its right-to-work law doesn't impose unions on businesses or employees. It is always wide-open to global trade and competition. The words “government interference” are seldom heard in Texas where the state legislatute meets for roughly one-half year and then takes off the next eighteen months . . . that’s right, in Texas they have part-time citizen lawmakers rather than a lot of professional politicians clogging up the scene all year round, every single year.
Perhaps the single healthiest pro-jobs condition in Texas is the state rule in place since 1998, that limits mortgage borrowing to 80% of the appraised value of the home. Like a large minimum down payment, this reduces problems associated with over-leveraging and means Texas wasn't hurt nearly as badly by the housing crash as other states.   So Texas dodged almost the full-brunt of the sub-prime lending crisis. Think about these five facts (the next five paragraphs) . . .
In 1975 before the Carter administration created the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 (CRA ’77) the questionable loan rate in the country was 0.24% of all home mortgages offered at 3% down payment or less (Texas, now, you’ll remember is requiring 20% minimum). The nation was largely operating as a free market in the home mortgage industry.
By 1985 with ACORN operating mainly only in one medium-sized state, Arkansas, (ACORN in those days stood for Arkansas Community Organizations For Reform Now) forcing mortgage lenders there to make knowingly bad loans in accord with CRA ’77 . . . the suspect loan rate more than doubled to 0.51%. ACORN was, of course, the driving force also for putting Bill Clinton into the governor’s mansion in Little Rock for 12 of the next 14 years and into the Oval Office after that. Except for Arkansas, the nation was still operating as a free market with regard to home mortgages.
After three legislative expansions in Washington (one by G.H.W. Bush; two by Clinton), a huge regulatory expansion of CRA ’77 by Clinton in 1993, and ACORN being expanded across the whole nation: the suspect loan rate jumped to 14.1% in 1995. ACORN was very busy, including a Chicago-area ACORN attorney named Barack Obama who was shaking down banks to make ever more bad loans and even to get ACORN donations from them. ACORN now had it’s present meaning of Associations of Community Organizations for Reform Now and operated in all fifty states. The free market in home mortgages is wiped out.
About the same time as Bill Clinton was paying off his friends at ACORN for their support in 1998, by passing the steroid version of CRA ’77 expansion . . . Texas, with George W. Bush as governor, is wisely passing a 1998 law requiring a minimum of 20% down payment on all home mortgage loans. With ACORN’s push, Clinton’s law allows 0% down payments from people without jobs whose only “income” is food stamps. Even illegal aliens are now being put into $440,000 homes by ACORN with less effort than they needed a decade earlier to put better-qualified (but still UNqualified) loan seekers into $110,000 homes. By 2005, the suspect home rate is 34% across the nation. A large percentage of these new loan recipients are getting NO-Down payment loans.
The G.W. Bush administration first tries in January, 2005 to pass a law repealing CRA ’77 but Democrats block it. Finally thirty months later after nineteen speeches on the subject and other direct appeals to Congress, Bush and a bi-partisan group pass a weakened version of Bush’s 2005 bill into law in July, 2007. It helps immensely to save the housing market from utter collapse, but is way too little, way too late to stem the tide of nasty side effects and the financial meltdown begins within three months. The fifteen year long government-created housing bubble is ended.
Let’s sum this up: why has Texas prospered during this great downturn and mediocre “recovery?” Texas has, in a phrase, stuck to real core American values when the rest of the nation was throwing the U.S. Constitution out with the “wash water” and engaging in the wildest unjustified financial hokus-pokus imaginable. Let us learn our lesson from Texas’ wisdom. As the former “Lone Star State,” Texas is the only state with the legal-power to secede from the Union at will . . . we need about forty-nine other states to follow her lead and to uphold the 10th Amendment of the Bill of Rights . . . if the UNITED States is to prove worth saving.
Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,
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       "If you tell a lie that's big enough, and you tell it often enough, people will believe you are telling the truth, even when what you are saying is total crap.”

Richard Belzer


       “Ho, ho here’s the free market in trouble again and here we in Congress are going to have to bail them out of trouble  . . .  again.”

A comment from (Massachusetts) Representative Barney “The Big Liar” Frank who a) in 2003 and again in 2004, 2005 and 2006 before the financial meltdown affirmed the soundness of  federal government-sponsored mortgage enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; b) several times denied that progressive politicians like him were undermining the free market mortgage system; and who now is calling for the end of both Fannie and Freddie . . . and then “starting over from scratch” with whole new government mortgage entities controlling the free markets.


Real Capitalism

       (Today’s introductory blog is the first in a series aiming to put the record straight and pinpoint progressives’ lies and other tactics and strategies that have betrayed our country, its economy and our freedom.)



“What, You Don’t Remember Our Lies?

Good, we’ll just recycle them!”


       Before we get to capitalism and the lies told about it by progressives – we’ll use this introduction to start out discussing progressives and something called “The Big Lie.” Political adherents of progressivism (a notion that “we must ‘progress’ beyond the ill-conceived and outdated U.S. Constitution so we may make progress toward earthly Utopia”) who have controlled congress for roughly 95 of the last 110 years in this country (since Teddy Roosevelt succeeded assassinated William McKinley), base their attacks on the United States and its patriotic citizens primarily by using a whole series of what propagandists call “big lies” and upon the constant and consistent inattention of a large part of the voting and non-voting public. Where did the idea of “The Big Lie” come from?

       Adolf Hitler and his chancellor and propaganda minister Josef Goebbels credited their superior and effective use of propaganda from some studying of the British in World War I, but mostly (according to Goebbels’ diaries) from the powerful techniques they gleaned from the administration of progressive American President Woodrow Wilson and his chief Public Information facilitator, Edward Bernays (called by Time magazine one of the Top-100 Influential Americans of the 20th Century).  Hitler was the first to coin the term “The Big Lie” while in Landsberg am Lech prison in 1924 as he dictated Mein Kampf

       Hitler devoted two chapters in Mein Kampf to discussing propaganda. Within those two chapters, “The Big Lie” got most of Der Fuehrer’s attention. The Big Lie according to Hitler was a lie so "colossal" that no one would believe that someone "could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.” 

       Herr Schicklgruber** of the Charlie Chaplin moustache then gave an excellent example of the big lie by first stating the technique was used by Jews to unfairly blame Germany's loss in World War I on German Army officer Erich Ludendorff.   Of course, it was that sweetheart Hitler and his Nazis who created the highly effective Big Lie that the Army had been near victorious in the field in late 1918 and just on the verge of achieving victory when suddenly out of nowhere they had been stabbed in the back by the “November Criminals” (Berlin politicians and civilians back home including Marxists, and especially the Republicans who he said signed the infamous Treaty of Versailles, kicked the monarchy out, and set up the Weimar Republic;  and, of course among the November Criminals, were his favorite scapegoats: the Jews.  That “Stabbed in the Back by the November Criminals” Big Lie was part of at least 1,800 of his speeches over the first decade and a half of the Nazi rise to power (late 1919 to early 1934). Here is Hitler using the Big Lie to accuse others (the Jews) of using a Big Lie . . . .

                                       “. . . it remained for the Jews, with their unqualified capacity for falsehood, and their fighting comrades, the Marxists, to impute responsibility for the downfall precisely to the man who alone had shown a superhuman will and energy in his effort to prevent the catastrophe which he had foreseen and to save the nation from that hour of complete overthrow and shame. By placing responsibility for the loss of the world war on the shoulders of Ludendorff they took away the weapon of moral right from the only adversary dangerous enough to be likely to succeed in bringing the betrayers of the Fatherland to Justice.

                                      “All this was inspired by the principle--which is quite true within itself--that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying.

—Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf


       Goebbels expanded upon Hitler’s definition some seventeen years later in a magazine article “Churchill’s Lie Factory” again using the Big Lie to accuse others of using the Big Lie. 


                                                         “The essential English leadership secret does not depend on particular intelligence. Rather, it depends on a remarkably stupid thick-headedness. The English follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous.”


       Certainly the Big Lie in conjunction with name-calling is the prime progressive tactic used so overtly and commonly against conservatives as to rank almost as a strategic end. Can’t win an argument, no problem that a bit of name-calling and or ridicule can’t solve.   “What? You don’t agree with us, you are a RACIST!” “Don’t buy our philosophy? You must be really stupid!”   It all begins with changing history by asserting some BIG LIE as truth. Among the progressive-left’s favorite big lie is to attribute Nazism and Fascism to conservatives. Associated with this big lie is the labeling of conservatives as “the Right,” that is with those traditionally aligned with monarchies. The “Right” is also then expanded to include Nazis and Fascists and then they kick the monarchists out so only conservatives, Nazis and Fascists constitute the so-called “Right.” This particular Big Lie Complex has proven so successful that 90% of people now unquestioningly buy some of it or the entire intertwined lie . . . that is, even a majority of conservatives believe they constitute “the Right.” Check out your truth vs. B.S. detector by labeling the following twelve statements


TRUE or False. Correct answers follow. What’s the truth?

1.       The first of those right-wing monsters called “Rednecks” were gun-toting mine-workers’ union members attacking mines that had shutdown in defiance of the unions. They wore red-bandanas to avoid shooting each other accidentally.

2.     What we call Fascism began in Italy. The labor unions became so pervasive and strong that pretty soon, they had kicked the business owners out, taken over the companies, and created their own government.

3.     The word “Nazi” is a German acronym that means “National Socialist German Workers’ Party.”

4.     When Communism was banned in Germany the membership in the Nazi Party almost doubled with perhaps 2/3 of the new recruits coming from among the ex-communists.

5.     The bankruptcy of New York City and near bankruptcy of New York State (NYC was bailed out by the federal government in 1975) was part of a strategy plotted by progressive Neo-Marxists Richard Cloward, Frances Fox Piven and George Wiley that doubled (by adding eight million new recipients) the welfare rolls.

6.     Something called C-P Strategy was used by ACORN’s creator Wade Rathke in Arkansas in 1978 to help make Bill Clinton state governor at age 32 and president at age 46.

7.     The financial meltdown of 2007-2008 had its roots in a 1966 magazine article written by the creators of “C-P Strategy;” in a 1977 law (CRA ’77) forcing mortgage companies to knowingly make bad loans to unqualified recipients; and in Rathke’s 1977 creation of ACORN.

8.    The percentage of suspect home loans (granted at 3% down payment or less) in 1975 was 0.24% but thanks to CRA ’77 and five expansions to CRA ’77, it had risen to 34.1% by 2005.

9.     Bill Clinton was the first ACORN president and he paid ACORN back by expanding CRA ’77 four times during his presidency and by passing the Motor Voter Act.

10.Barack Obama was an ACORN lawyer in Chicago shaking down banks and other mortgage lenders to force them to comply with CRA ’77 and make terribly unwise loans.

11.   Bill Clinton’s steroid-version expansion of CRA law in 1998 made it easier to use CRA ’77 laws to get into a $400,000 home in 1999 than it had been to put a more qualified buyer into a $100,000 home a decade earlier.

12.  ACORN in the early 21st Century was able to routinely get home loans for buyers without jobs; without decent credit ratings; without even rental histories; with only food stamps to show as “income”; and even for illegal aliens . . . courtesy of CRA ’77.


As you’ve probably figured out, all twelve statements are TRUE. Here’s some useful explication: 


1.       “The Battle of Blair’s Mountain” in 1921 when the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) union sought to expand their hold on West Virginia Mines was the largest armed insurrection in the nation since the Civil War. Over one million rounds were fired and it required U.S. Army intervention to stop it.  Union workers . . . that’s progressive action by the rednecks, no conservativism involved.

2.       The syndicalist/union movement in Italy began in 1907 as a socialist/Marxist philosophy seeking to help the laborer. It was a splintered socialist movement until 1914 brought World War I. One group was anti-Marxist; the other was very nationalistic and even imperialistic. The groups merged in agreement against Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1914. After the war the old differences emerged until Benito Mussolini recombined the labor emphasis in 1919 and imposed a state-sponsored socialism upon the nation. Listen to his words as he provides his own interpretation:


                                                            "The official Italian Socialist Party has been reactionary and absolutely conservative. If its views had prevailed, our survival in the world of today would be impossible."


       Yep, you’re right Mussolini is claiming Socialism is conservative and even reactionary. Similarly, Hitler and the Nazis would proclaim they offered a “third path” saying, “We’re not communists and not capitalists, we offer a better (third) way.” In practice their words mean nothing, deeds mean everything. Controlled economies by the Nazis and the Italian Fascists definitely bear NO resemblance to capitalism or to free-markets anywhere.

3.     Since “National Socialist German Workers’ Party” is explicitly socialistic and for workers and those words clue us to socialism and unions rather than to individualism and capitalism, only a monstrous lie by the progressives repeated a million times a year would confuse people the way they are now.

4.     According to William Sheridan Allen’s masterpiece The Nazi Seizure of Power (1965), when Communist Party (KPD) scandals  (and several abortive and unsuccessful “uprisings”) were exploited in Germany by political opponents (including the Social Democrats, the more popular branch of Marxism in Germany at the time) the membership in the Nazi Party rose dramatically. Later Hitler would ban the KPD and the Social Democrats. Leaders of the SD and all members of the KPD were subject to arrest and being sent to concentration camps from then on.

5.     In 1966 Cloward and Piven Strategy (C-P Strategy) was created when the two Columbia University Marxists wrote an article in The Nation magazine entitled The Weight of the Poor: a Strategy to End Poverty which advocated exploitation of social-welfare laws to create chaos and push a radical leftist agenda (in this case, Cloward and Piven wanted a GNI (guaranteed national income). After creating the NWRO in 1967 they doubled the welfare rolls.

6.     Cloward, Piven and Wiley never did get their GNI but they bragged about their “success” publicly and also in print. The progressives now had an “overload strategy” to exploit the ever-expanding government that Democratic congresses were giving them. When they shifted to voter registration and housing the whole nation was endangered while Bill Clinton was empowered.

7.     Rathke was a lieutenant of George Wiley (Wiley along with Piven and Cloward created the National Welfare Rights Organization) who had been sent to Arkansas in 1970. After boasting of their success following the ’75 bankruptcy of NYC, the threesome told their advocates to move onto voter registration and public housing. When Jimmy Carter passed the Community Reinvestment Act in 1977, Rathke created the “Arkansas” Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) which expanded to the whole country within a decade and became the “Associations of” Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). 

8.    Just by working in Arkansas, Rathke doubled the nation’s suspect loan rate from 0.24% to 0.51%. He and ACORN also pulled a bunch of shenanigans to get Bill Clinton elected Arkansas governor. Cloward and Piven regarded Rathke’s work as so successful they expanded ACORN to the entire nation.

9.     Although he lost two years later in 1980 during the first Ronald Reagan wave, Bill Clinton was elected to the governor’s mansion every year from 1982 to 1990 and served till 1992. He paid ACORN back by expanding CRA ’77 four times (once by regulatory edict/thrice by legislation) during his presidency and by passing the Motor Voter Act with Cloward and Piven (husband and wife) standing directly behind him during the signing ceremony.

10.Obama was so effective for ACORN that not only did he get individual loans; but he also got promises of future loan quotas; and even got ACORN donations from the banks.

11.   The Republicans canNOT plead “not guilty” in all this. In 1992, George Bush, Sr., who successfully vetoed 45 of 46 bills he opposed, failed to veto a law with one section of it that expanded CRA ’77 to government mortgage companies Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. They also controlled the house and senate in 1995 and still allowed other compromise bills that expanded CRA ’77 twice that year. Progressive Republicans and other Republicans not paying attention helped the more numerous progressive Democrats to do us in. However, Clinton saw the suspect loan totals go from half a percent in 1985 to 14% in 1995 and was still pushing for laws that put the suspect home loan ratio above 34% with many of the loans after 1998 at 0% down payment.

12.  Thanks to ACORN’s street action a la Saul Alinsky (author or Reveille for Radicals (1946) and Rules^^ for Radicals (1971), welfare recipients and illegal aliens got into lots of huge mortgage loans they had no chance of ever paying off. A housing boom ensued, a boom built on blue sky and doomed to fail##.


       These are some of the most obvious of the Big Lies progressives use to confuse the issues and to so severely betray the Constitution and America’s citizens today. Dodging issues by using ad hominem attacks; and by impugning racism, stupidity and callous unconcern against all who want to limit government’s size, power and spending is their illogical but popularly constant refrain.  In their illogical arguments for and against specific legislation they resort to Keynesian economic models that never have worked but which are always referred to as Gospel among those desiring centralized control of every facet of existence. They would have all of us regard the word “conservative” as a curse word. Is that so bad?   Remember this, our Founding Fathers were not “conservatives,” but rather very radical proponents of individual liberty, property rights, economic freedom and limited government . . . Libertarians akin to today’s TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party. Only one system fulfilled their desiderata: the laissez-faire capitalism that had naturally evolved within the thirteen colonies . . . a brand of capitalism which Ayn Rand has called “The Unknown Ideal.” 


NEXT TIME: “The Morality of Capitalism”




Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,



** About ten years before Adolf’s birth his father changed his name from Schicklgruber to Hitler. “Heil Schicklgruber!” has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

^^ One of Alinsky’s favorite protégés was Hillary Clinton; Barack Obama taught “Rules for Radicals” while simultaneously teaching a Constitutional Law class in Chicago. “Street Theater” as taught by Alinsky was all about in-your-face-confrontation primarily to get newspaper coverage and gain public support.

##For those of you who truly like to understand rather than merely memorize . . . .

       Mr. Obama has at least a hundred times referred in his speeches to conservatives or free markets or George W. Bush “driving the economy into a ditch.” In truth Bush spoke over 30 times publicly and 18 times to Congress seeking to repeal CRA legislation, beginning in January, 2005. Not until 30 months later in July, 2007, was a very weakened version of Bush’s bill passed. Predictably, while it helped a lot, when it came to dodging the financial meltdown, the bi-partisan 2007 law proved way too little, way too late. So the truth is that:


       George W. Bush saw the progressives and Democrats deliberately pushing the car (the economy) toward a 500-foot cliff; jumped in; grabbed the wheel; and slammed on the brakes to gently guide it into the nearest friendly-looking ditch.

Read more…
“Thanks to the American media’s blackout of the Climategate scandal revelations in East Anglia, England, Americans have not been privy to the revolution in thinking going on in Europe over the last thirteen months. Two terms, in particular: “Watermelons” and “Mean Greenies” have come to dominate the Europeans’ new evaluation of the leaders in the environmental movement in general and of the Global Warming alarmists in particular.”


Time to Strain Your “Belief Muscles” Again?

You may have trouble believing this story IF you believe the following lies propagated by Progressive politicians for the last 20-50 years:

A. We’re running out of oil in the world. This blog will change that notion for you.

B. We’ve long ago run out of oil in the United States. This blog will set you straight.

C. Man-made global warming is endangering the planet. Most real scientists here in America and almost all real scientists in Europe are positive that statement is Untrue (see the top link below this paragraph). In fact our American media silence in the United States on those two facts (the truth about global warming itself; and America’s scientists’ convictions about global warming even before the Climategate conspiracy was unmasked) amounts to a huge betrayal of the American people and of our U.S. Constitution. The “Climategate” e-mail release thirteen months ago in Europe has only been covered here in the United States by the Wall Street Journal and FOX News among the media but the internet, both here and in Europe, is alive with it. While Americans have believed that Global Warming is dooming us, Europe over the last year has almost totally discredited these alarmists (in case you missed out on the Climategate revelations and upon the biggest scientific fraud within the global warming lie: the next two links will put you onto the truth).

D. Environmental leaders (known in Europe as “Watermelons” and “mean greenies”) have your health, prosperity and happiness in mind always.

E. Only Green-Tech can save our planet and our economies in the long run.

The lies associated with items D and E immediately above are a bit complicated, but will roll out of the information below. Before we get to the meat of the blog, let’s clear up the key source of almost all of the lies you’ve been fed about energy over the last 50 years; and the source of the great majority of the political lies spread about the world over the last 162 years. American “Progressivism” (which called itself by that name for about a quarter century and then called themselves liberals for over 80 years) is based upon English Fabian Socialism. The key group pushing these ideas for almost 130 years now is called the Fabian Society:

The key belief of American progressives is that we must “progress” beyond the outdated and ill-conceived U.S. Constitution so that we can “progress” toward their notion of an earthly Utopia where, they say, we’ll take from each according to his ability and give to each according to his needs (the 162 year old desire of Karl Marx writing in Das Kapital). If you have never before seen the Fabian Society unmasked; and “kindly” George Bernard Shaw stripped naked beyond Pigmalion and My Fair lady, you owe it to yourself, to America and to our future to visit the website just above. The Fabian Society also gave us the London School of Economics closely tied to the American progressive desire for a single global ruling elite. The London School of Economics also gave us George Soros.

At the risk of seeming racist, let Rajjpuut say this: George Soros can aptly be called “Barack Obama’s MASSA.” He is the puppet master pulling the strings of Obama, Pelosi, Reid and American progressivism.

The eighty year old Mr. Soros can accurately be compared to the ageless Emperor in the Star Wars movies. He grew up as a fourteen year old capo, a Jew working with Hitler’s Nazis, getting other Hungarian Jews to “report” for their transportation to the death camps. He’s only become more sinister since.

Known as “the man who broke the Bank of England” super rich Mr. Soros went from hundred-millionaire and became a multi-billionaire by profiting from wrecking four countries’ currencies over the last 24 years). Mr. Soros has said on more than one occasion, “The number one obstacle to world stability is the United States.” He aims to destroy our currency, impoverish the country, and with the help of the 48 progressive American non-profit foundations he’s created (start with the Tides Foundation; Center for American Progress; and his Open Society Institutes and spread your research from there . . . Mr. Soros is one helluva busybody at a time in his life when most people are content to go fishing) Georgie is seeking to push us all into one-world government led by elites like . . . well, George Soros), he may well succeed.

Progressives in general and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and George Soros, who have all broken bread together on many occasions, now want to break your back. That’s where the lies come from. Back to our main points of interest . . . .

Item #1 At this present moment, Green-Tech is a flim-flam.


Natural Law (mentioned in our Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, and Federalist Papers and applying to such things as the Law of Gravity as well as to human behavior) discoveries in the area of wind tech; solar tech; etc. are 300 million years behind fossil fuel. We’re NOT saying that some new Edison in five years won’t or can’t revolutionize the entire green-tech picture and eliminate the need for fossil fuels overnight. What we are saying is that green-tech right now right here is science-fiction from a viable nationwide standpoint. Is that a serious problem? If the underlying scientific principles required to make PRACTICAL energy on a grand national scale don’t yet exist . . . everything based upon saying that “YES, YES THEY DO TOO EXIST!!” is a scam and a national betrayal. How big a national betrayal? Consider this: In 1997, Spain had the healthiest economy in Europe and was creating the most jobs on that continent with unemployment about 4%. Today Spain is one of seven seriously near-bankrupt European countries with unemployment at 2o.8%. How did that happen?

Spain bought into green-tech in 1998 and began to heavily subsidize clean energy jobs. Results of a Spanish green-tech study done three years ago show that 2.2 jobs in the real economy were lost for every single green-tech job created. Like Obama with the stimulus (where jobs lasting one week were credited the same as permanent jobs), the Spanish exaggerated the job creations via green-tech. Only 10% of Spain’s green-tech jobs proved permanent and most paid between U.S. $10-$14. Mr. Obama has promised to give us “five million new green-tech jobs” which extrapolated toward the Spanish example would lose us eleven million real jobs; only 10% of those newly created green jobs would prove permanent meaning that only 500,000 permanent jobs would be created and we would have an American version of the Spanish green-tech experience on our hands . . . a 22/1 debacle in lost jobs compared to jobs created (11 million real jobs lost; only 500,000 modestly-paying green-tech jobs created).

So for those of you who thought Mr. Obama was exaggerating when he told the San Francisco Chronicle that his policies “would bankrupt the coal industry” and “under my policies of cap and trade the price of electricity would necessarily skyrocket” . . . he was a straight-shooter on coal and the cost of electricity, but he was hugely exaggerating about the “benefits” of green-tech jobs at this point in time because the technology does NOT exist.

Item #1.5 The oil critics are NOT asking the right questions . . .

. . . that’s why they keep giving you and me only the answers they want us to hear and never tell us the truth . . . .

The answers they want us to hear are wind, solar power and other “Magic Clean Green” energy sources that do NOT actually exist in any meaningful way on a national scale. The truth is that fossil fuels are and have been the preferred source of power because right here and right now only fossil fuels make sense. In a nutshell, the question comes down to practical, efficient and cheap energy. Fossil fuels are all three and they’re getting cheaper (except for artificial barriers thrown in our way by environmental regulations to make slow, inefficient and expensive green vehicles look somewhat more attractive) by the day. For example the Swedes have come up with a cheap way to make extraction much more efficient for getting out 60% of the unreachable oil. For example the Canadians have “trained” a tiny microbe to allow them to take previously worthless coal tar and turn it into clean-burning methane gas. If the only answer the media and the politicians and the greenies want you to hear is so-called “green-energy” (solar power requires huge pollution and energy use in the manufacturing stages) then the truth will not get to you and the actual dollar savings you’d be expecting can just be taxed away.

Item #2 Would you believe our conventional oil supplies will quadruple or quintuple in your lifetime if we want them to?

It’s true.

As the price of oil rises and the technology for extracting it improves dramatically, we are every day returning to old “dried out wells” and eventually harvesting two to three times the original yield of those wells. Besides that, exploration methods seeking new wells are now about 400% more accurate, so less money is wasted drilling “dry-holes.” Here in the United States and southern Canada we have also discovered the Bakken Formation, which is the largest oil reserve ever found, bigger in area than the entire Middle East . . . of course we’re not allowed to drill there thanks to ridiculous prohibitions and only the reservation Indians are taking advantage of it so far. It’s also true that the same people who are limiting our drilling have seen to it that this country has not built a new oil refinery since 1974! By the way, the oil is there if we choose to go after it. We may reasonably NOT want to go after it, however, read on . . . .

Item #3 Would you believe that if we want it, Colorado, Utah and Wyoming could supply the energy needs of this country for five to six hundred years?

Also true. Keragen or Marlstone (usually MISnamed: “oil shale”) deposits in western Colorado as well as Utah and Wyoming hold that much stored energy. These deposits require a “mining” approach rather than a conventional oilman’s drilling etc. The Indians told the Whites about the “rock that burns” 155 years ago, now if we want it, we’ve got boundless energy sources using that keragen. We may, however, reasonably decide we don’t want it. Read on . . . .

Item #4 Would you believe that Items #2 and #3 above quite possibly are going to prove unattractive within a dozen years?

Without the government’s interference and without resorting to fraudulent energy sources such as ethanol (which costs much, much more in pollution start to finish; and significantly more in money –if subsidies are added in - than oil), it appears that the recent discovery of the Natural Law underlying MAN’S creation of oil in the near future will bear huge fruit. Unlike ethanol and other plant-based synfuels subsidized by the government, the cost of foodstuffs like corn will not skyrocket if and when these new technologies are perfected. You’ve heard of things like Castrol’s synthetic oil . . . this is something different, using algae to replace the 300 million year process of creating oil, coal, natural gas, etc. When this becomes reality, then a point will be reached where the price of oil says that keragen and oil in the ground will become far less desirable than letting nature take its course under the watchful eyes of man above ground.

Item #5 Would you believe that new technology called “cellular oil” could make all drilling and oil shale exploration moot questions?

That’s the name of the new technology.

Item #6 Would you believe that someone has a vested interest in our not hearing the terms “watermelon” or “mean greenie” here in America?

Thanks to the American media’s blackout of the Climategate scandal revelations in East Anglia, England, Americans have not been privy to the revolution in thinking going on in Europe over the last thirteen months. Two terms, in particular: “Watermelons” and “Mean Greenies” have come to dominate the Europeans’ new evaluation of the leaders in the environmental movement in general and of the Global Warming alarmists in particular. The term “mean greenie” has been around in England for some time. It describe folks who burn SUVs, deliberately foul fishing nets, destroy ski resorts, drive six inch spikes into trees in hopes of killing lumberjacks using chainsaws, and others who commit crimes against humans in the name of ecology. Lately “mean greenie” has seen a sudden upshot in popular usage in the media all over Europe. But the term “Watermelon” is something special that’s only become common since the Climategate e-mail revelations.

A “watermelon” is a so-called environmentalist who’s “green on the outside and pink to bright red on the inside.” That is, the leaders of much of the environmental movement are now seen in Europe as using the environment for pushing their real but hidden agenda, a heavily socialist or even Marxist agenda. What???? You see it’s like this, all of the Cap and Trade ideas needed (the progressives say) to stop Global Warming in its tracks can only efficiently be executed by a near totalitarian state . . . an all-powerful national government run as part of an even more powerful global government. And what is the basis of all this fraud?

The progressives are pretending that Natural Law no longer works. They want a crisis so they manufacture one with manufactured “science.” They want oil eliminated from the world scene so they pretend that Natural Law has advanced to the level that green-tech is viable, even though it’s not. Right now, the only Natural Law in force capable of providing energy for the whole planet at a practical price and effort is fossil fuel energy. Because of advances in Natural Law (laws we discover and use; NOT laws we make up!) tomorrow, man-made fossil fuel energy appears ready to supplant 300 million year old fossil fuels, and that is semi-green tech created by capitalism and individualism . . . not by a political elite defrauding the people** of the world.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


** These are the same people who had DDT banned because of false science (a la Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring) at a time when DDT had dropped malaria deaths (not to mention suffering from a lifetime of episodic three-day fever fits) down to 44,000 annually. The American and United Nations DDT ban has killed more than 70 million souls just to malaria, never mind all the other scourges that DDT avoids, since 1974. Today 2,100,000 people die from malaria every year and tropical nations are finally seeing the light and going back to DDT. If you read the Fabian Society material given above and the words of George Bernard Shaw you see this for what it is: deliberate population control a la eugenics . . . or if you’re a sucker for progressivism, you could call it just plain incompetence . . . and the more you check progressivism the more incompetence you find . . . consider our $113 TRillion in unfunded liabilities via Social Security, Medicare and the federal side of Medicaid; or the unfunded liabilities created by the state side of Medicaid by the Obamacare Law which will bankrupt all 50 states by 2024 . . . or the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 requiring home lenders to deliberately make known bad loans which was expanded five times (four times just by ACORN President Bill Clinton: once by regulatory edict and three times via legislation) and took us from one “bad” loan in every 404 loans in 1975, to 2005 when 34% of all home loans were bad: thus giving us our sub-prime lending crisis and financial meltdown.

Whether you consider it incompetence or a deliberate attempt to undo capitalism and create chaos so that progressivism can step in offering their neat, sweet big government solutions . . . progressivism is the lethal cancer dominating the American scene and needs to be eradicated posthaste. Thankfully, the voters in November, 2010, saw that clearly.

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“The progressive/Marxist big government mindset is that life is a zero-sum game, so they can’t really understand the creative-cooperative nature of capitalism even if they themselves are involved in some creative-cooperative activity. They treat the world as if everybody’s playing checkers** . . . if somebody wins, somebody else must lose and therefore the best result in their view is a draw; and they will always seek to drag the “wealthy” down to the level of the poor with wealth-redistribution schemes that just impoverish everyone. In America, thanks in part to largely unfettered capitalism, the rising tide of general prosperity has lifted all boats for over two hundred years and continues to lift all boats so that the typical American living under the “poverty line” in 2004 was better off than 88% of the world’s population.” Rajjpuut

Crocodile Tears of the Left

Flood America with Corruption

as the “BIG LIE” Dominates

Part IV: Victim #4, The Rich and the Poor

Loyal readers are advised to skip ahead as we give a brief review. In this blog series, we’ve been exposing the self-described “victimhood” of progressives at the hands of their evil, racist, etc. conservative oppressors and showing you where the real victimhood is:,_then_dismemberment_part_i.thtml

In part I of the series (the link immediately above) the victim was “TRUTH” and among six key areas we hit Rajjpuut documented and exposed this truth:

Using the same Cloward-Piven** strategy that DELIBERATELY created the bankruptcy of New York City earlier between 1967 and 1975 by deliberately overloading the welfare rolls . . . beginning especially after 1992, ACORN, OBAMA, First ACORN PRESIDENT Bill Clinton, and oodles of progressives (98% of them Democrats) DELIBERATELY were pushing the car toward a 500-foot cliff. George W. Bush jumped in and grabbed the steering wheel and hit the brakes. Bush was able to create a controlled-skid and guide the car to rest in a friendly-looking ditch!

The chain of evidence producing that statement is something that every American ought to be aware of, just as every American ought to be aware of the identities of Saul Alinsky, Richard Cloward and Frances Piven and be able to articulate what Cloward-Piven strategy is . . . the fact that most Americans are totally ignorant of these things means someone hasn’t been doing their job.,_then_dismemberment___part_ii.thtml

In Part II of the series we examines the “Fourth Estate” and how their willful actions and inactions and choreographed responses (the scandal known as the “JournOList” which many Americans have not heard of because it’s too embarrassing for the liberal media to reveal that over 400 of its people have been colluding on how stories ought to be presented – to the benefit of the progressive political movement in this country) have sabotaged the nation and freedom and the Constitution. In Rajjpuut’s J-school classes reporting was all about revealing TRUTH in an ‘inverted-pyramid’ of Who? What? Where? Why? and How? That immediately put the most important facts at the top of the story and gradually petered out as less important details were shown. Today the inverted-pyramid has disappeared and unsupported opinion has replaced TRUTH in much of what passes for “NEWS.” Then we looked at how the false victimhood of the progressives (we must “progress” beyond the outdated and flawed U.S. Constitution) has created another real victim: “Responsibility” in the guise of the rising numbers of single-mother-families (a problem obviously created by everybody else’s sexism, according to feminists). As the irresponsible notion of deliberately choosing a single-parent family drags down all of society (see this link).,_then_dismemberment___part_iii.thtml

Victim #4: The Rich and the Poor

This will be the shortest blog in our ten-part blog-series because despite all the lies progressives might tell you, economics is a very simple area. It’s only when you tell gross lies about economics aimed at furthering the likelihood of socialism or totalitarianism or both that economics gets difficult. If your “economic world system” is a lie (the “school” of Keynesian economics) then you must forever be adding sub-schools that purport to justify and “solve” the big lie in the system. Today there are at least a hundred sub-schools of John Maynard Keynes (all of them telling lies in favor of big government at every turn). In the “Wealth of Nations” Adam Smith revealed the marvelous truth we today call “Classical Economics” that “individual men through creativity, through industry, through communications can create and magnify wealth cooperatively.”

Here is the point where the fearful progressive departs from common sense. In his world there is always an oppressor (the conservative-captitalist) and always a victim (the whole world of progressives themselves) being exploited by the oppressor. Life, in short, is a zero sum game between two people. If the capitalist wins, the laborer must lose. If the capitalist wins the consumer must lose. If the capitalist wins society as a whole must lose. How does the capitalist win? By creating “PROFIT.” Profit is the ultimate “dirty word” to progressives which means they who claim to follow a historically necessary path based upon the lessons of history, don’t understand the simplest lessons of human history because . . . (drum roll, maestro) profit is good, indeed profit is the ultimate good that makes civilization, some degree of comfort, and large amounts of free will possible to mankind.

Another word for profit is “SURPLUS.” When people live hand to mouth existences . . . in that cold gray world . . . there is indeed a greater likelihood of exploitation, exploitation of the criminal over the victim. I barely have enough and you barely have enough, if I hurt you and steal what you’ve got then I have twice as much and you have nothing. However, when we both have a little profit, a bit of surplus, instead of a win-lose proposition, life becomes win-win. I’m a farmer and I trade a little bit of my extra corn (beyond what I need to survive and to feed my animals) to you in exchange for the chair you made, your profit; to your neighbor the smith for the hoe and shovel he made, his surplus or profit beyond survival needs; and to your other neighbor for the wool he’s got, his family’s profit. I have so much corn that I’d almost give it away for the chair, the garden tools and the wool.

Each of the others I trade with feels the same about the furniture, tools, and wool they produce. Each of us feels like we’ve gained by the trades we made and lost virtually nothing. This is the essence of win-win interaction, the essence of capitalism. When money is created, capitalism often becomes broadly expansive, the resulting interactions become sort of complicated, but the essence is the same, men willingly give of their labor and their surplus to interact with other men in cooperative win-win trade. There is no oppressor and no victim. The simplest and best example of unfettered capitalism is found in this brief essay:

But there often is an oppressor after all; the heavy hand of government is played when power enters the marketplace by force. Whether for taxation or other confiscation, it is government which befuddles the simple win-win formula, simply stated the one lesson for understanding economics is:

But when government enters the marketplace, with taxes, subsidies, willful destruction, payment for zero production or lessened production, etc., etc., ad nauseum they have to justify the “displacement” of normal market forces and normal free-market good this way:

Here’s the total picture free online, Rajjpuut recommends you make this website a “favorite”:

So what’s really going on when government enters the picture? In a word “theft,” stealing by the powerful (the government) of what the productive have earned. Sometimes it is literally out-and-out direct theft for and by those in power. More commonly at other times they steal from some, pay take “their cut” as well and redistribute the wealth to others so as to win the favor of those others receiving benefits and “earn” their votes and support. Today in America 47% pay no taxes but are rather in complete or partial measure supported by those who do produce and do pay the taxes . . . this is what government has done to us.

The progressive/Marxist big government mindset is that life is a zero-sum game, so they can’t really understand the creative-cooperative nature of capitalism even if they themselves are involved in some creative-cooperative activity. They treat the world as if everybody’s playing checkers . . . if somebody wins, somebody else must lose and therefore the best result in their view is a draw; and they will always seek to drag the “wealthy” down to the level of the poor with wealth-redistribution schemes that just impoverish everyone. In America, thanks in part to largely unfettered capitalism, the rising tide of general prosperity has lifted all boats for over two hundred years and continues to lift all boats so that the typical American living under the “poverty line” in 2004 was better off than 88% of the world’s population. A rising tide of prosperity is the hallmark of capitalism; stagnation and lack of economic growth is the hallmark of government interference.

While government does play a legitimate and necessary role in defending the people and their borders and maintaining order and protecting their god-given liberties . . . government run amuck under progressivism fulfills a totally corrupted role: screwing the rich, screwing the poor and making itself ever bigger, every day . . . .

Next Time: First Crocodile Tears, then Dismemberment Part V

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,

** The truth is, it is ONLY when progressivism moves in to create Big Government, GIBs (government interference boondoggles) and GSB (government spending boondoggles) that surpluses disappear and profit becomes an ugly world and then life gets beastly and miserable and very close to zero-sum.
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Has Fidel Thrown Open the Path

for Raul to Discard Communism,

Embark upon Economic Reforms?

Following the publishing of a recent Atlantic magazine article, Spanish-language blogsites went absolutely crazy today. Rajjpuut’s translation and interpretation of a couple of them follows:

Ex-Cuban president Fidel Castro stunned readers of American magazine Atlantic and the whole Hispanic world as well when he admitted in an interview (which he’d apparently plotted for all along), “The Cuban economic model no longer works and never did work.” Speculation on numerous Spanish-language blogsites zeroed in largely on just one probability . . . . that Fidel was leaving the road open for his replacement, his brother Raul, to embark upon economic reform of Cuba and lead it away from communism. Among the most interesting features of the interview was the description of an apparently resurrected Fidel putting his recent brush with death aside and showing a return to some of his past vigor.

Among those most shocked by recent events were exiled Cubans, particularly Cuban entrepreneurs in Miami, greater Florida or elsewhere across the United States. Reading about the Jeff Goldberg interview with Fidel in Havana excited Florida Cubans tremendously, “This is NOT a regrettable attack of senility, Fidel Castro is really calling his regime “un fracaso” (a failure) and . . . he seems to really be talking about deep changes . . . not just superficial ones . . .” said Miami University Communications professor F. Rafael Lima. But Cuban-Americans unlike most of us, while shocked have more understanding of the situation. Most of them have been hoping since 1997 that Raul Castro’s trip to China and his exposure to China’s nascent capitalism would bear some sort of fruit. Of course, state-sponsored capitalism in China is not necessarily a harbinger of capitalism or greater freedom in Cuba, but right about now, most changes, hell, any change is considered a good thing for Cuba and potentially for Cuban-Americans.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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Financial Times Limited Reports that GE's CEO

Jeffrey Immelt “Hits out at China and Obama”

The old song says, “This Could Be the Start of Something Big,” well, could it be? Could this be the beginning of the end of corporate sponsorship of naked progressivism and virtual communist candidates who want to gut corporations or want them taken over by ever-expanding and ever- expensive big government? Could “the Naked W-hore, Big Business" be returning to its senses? Could Atlas be shrugging right before our very eyes? YAWN, probably NOT!

On July 1, 2010, the London, England-based Financial Times Limited on its blogsite ( ran the story linked immediately above beneath the headline “Immelt hits out at China and Obama” a story coordinated between two writers Guy Dinmore (in Rome, Italy) and Geoff Dyer (in Bejing, China). According to the regretably mostly UNinformed duo of reporters, “Jeffrey Immelt, General Electric’s chief executive, has launched a rare broadside against the Chinese government, which he accused of being increasingly hostile to foreign multinationals.” Gosh, do you think RED China might be tilting the playing field instead of playing nice, Mr. Immelt? Grow Up, little boy!

The article depicted Immelt expanding upon China’s cut-throat methods (and goals?) and then going on to attack the Obama administration for its anti-business sentiment and legislation. Once again, do you think a child raised by a communist mother and communist grandfather whose Kenyan birth-father wrote the essay linked immediately below (which shows us a typical communist discussion of 100% taxes on the rich, takeover of international business firms in Kenya, and the dire need to transfer wealth from Kenya’s White and Asian citizens to its Black ones) might disapprove of capitalism, Mr. Immelt? Again, Grow Up, little boy!

The story, unfortunately is NOT what it seems to be, here are the facts about Mr. Jeffrey Immelt, GE CEO . . . .

1. GE and Mr. Immelt are in bed with Barack Obama. GE and he personally have not only abetted the campaign funding of candidate Obama but gone out of their way to tie their company into Obama’s pie in the sky “green initiatives” and into the dishonorable lie of global warming (despite the well-known corruption of science in the name of $34 million worth of grants, etc.) and Immelt and GE have been . . .

doing so from the start. When it comes to Washington bucks, no large corporation gets more attention than GE from the Obama’s administration. Here at home GE and Immelt continuously pour praise on the Obama administration and its goals.

2. GE (traces its origin to Thomas Alva Edison, so one would hope the company would be laissez faire capitalistic to its very core) is the w-hore of w-hores in the business world. GE has monstrous holdings in the media and entertainment industry. When it comes to putting its media money where its media mouth is, it takes just three sentences to let the reader know where GE’s sympathies lie . . . . a) GE’s Spanish-language speaking Telemundo went out of its way to ensure Obama’s election and deliver him 69% of the Latino vote in 2008. b) emboldened by Telemundo Group’s propaganda potential, the owner of Telemundo and various media interests in Latin America and Puerto Rico, and Obama and the Democrats surprised Americans and actually sought to bring into law Puerto Rican statehood this April (even though Puerto Ricans themselves have consistently voted against the idea over the last 60 years) for the purpose of giving Obama a much needed two extra senators and five extra representatives in Congress c) GE owns NBC and NBC Universal and MSNBC the cable news channel which has been infamously kissing Obama’s butt-crack for the last three years even more than the rest of the NBC "journalists" do.

3. GE appears to have the inside track for receiving boons to corporations if and when Obama passes his promised legislation “creating five million new green-tech jobs” (Rajjpuut's readers remember that in the Spanish green-experiment taking that country from 3% unemployment in 1997, to 21% unemployement today . . . 22 permenant real jobs in the real economy were lost for every permanent green job because 2.2 real jobs were lost for every single $677,000 subsidized green job created and only one in ten of these green jobs eventually proved permanent).

4. GE is even tied into CCX (the originally Obama-directed Chicago Climate eXchange) which will prosper wildly when Obama's and the progressive** Dems ill-advised cap and trade bill becomes law.

So then, the semi-confused reader asks, ". . . these two reporters for Financial Times Limited got the story wrong?"

No and yes, they reported what Immelt said, exactly what he said. The problem is that if you report on a corporate lamb in corporate wolf’s clothing like Immelt and GE (when they can afford to dress so in foreign lands), it just helps to know the big picture and get that big picture across or the full truth will be lost in the shuffle. Mr. Immelt was trying to impress big European bankers as well as her corporate CEOs, top execs and other bigwigs “at a private gathering in Rome” that he was a realist and a capitalist and well on top of the global situation (where China is using semi-capitalism on top of unveiled ruthless communist techniques tied into spying, piracy and unfair trade practices to eat the rest of the world’s lunch, profitwise). Mr. Immelt presumably didn’t even bother to ponder that via the internet his “unkind” remarks would get back to American audiences.

Accordingly, GE has issued a no-denial denial^^ saying that Mr. Immelt’s words “were misinterpreted, taken out of context and reported inaccurately.” Horse sh_t! GE-sundheit! (Rajjpuut hates sneezing while blogging).

GE, you see, still needs to sell products to China. GE, you see, still needs to be allowed close enough to Barack Obama to run their corporate tongue over Barack’s backsi__ so the great man will continue to favor them . . . you get the idea . . . . hence the non-denial denial by the GE board of directors. Always a bad idea to let a little truth slip, Mr. Immelt.

Yes, China is a ruthless mafia-like entity that may someday soon dominate the entire world’s economy and yes, Barack Obama as you’ve stated, Mr. Immelt, “does not like business and most business (other than GE) does not like him.” Jeff, baby, you even went so far as to praise German Chancellor Angela Merkel for her defense of German industry and commitment to spending cuts and tax cuts (while Obama encouraged all of Europe and the G-20 to continue with the stimulus-stimulus-and-more stimulus spending ideas he’s so in love with) . . . but that doesn’t make you a good guy, Mr. Immelt, quite the contrary. It makes you an unimaginable phony and very, very dangerous to freedom lovers and American patriots.

You and the GE board of directors have taken a mighty and once great American corporation and sold out the principles of capitalism and integrity and corrupted her just as ex-British Petroleum CEO Tony Hayward and BP’s board did. BP, by becoming Obama’s biggest oil-company campaign contributor, got in bed with the devil too. Not surprisingly, BP, much like GE owns 7.59% of Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. a London-based company that owns Mr. Obama’s Chicago Climate eXchange . . . not surprisingly both GE and BP will presumably make more money if cap and trade legislation passes, (for doing nothing but collecting your share of the carbon-trade commissions) than they now do by drilling for oil. And not surprisingly, you two who have sold out the magnificent principles of integrity and capitalism will gain your largesse by raping the American taxpayer, and . . . all the while America waits in vain for its John Galt.

Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,


^^ Mr. Immelt can thus avoid losing face in front of his European contacts

** Unfortunately, while 95% of Americans think they know what a progressive is, only about 10% do know. A progressive is an ultra-leftist who wants to "progress" beyond the limitations of the "outdated" U.S. Constitution just as Barack Obama does. However, Barack Obama is telling the truth when he says, "I am not a socialist, I'm not," because technically a "socialist" who's interested in 100% taxes and 100% take over of the means of production is a communist, which he is, which is how he was raised. Of course, his first autobiography (ghostwrit by Bill Ayers the Weather Underground '60's bombplanter) "Dreams from my Father" has not been vetted by the media . . . most Americans have never heard of this book, nor has his whole background nor that of those closest to him ever been vetted. Barack is a saint and stories that put him in lesser light or stories contrary to his agenda (like the Climate Gate one linked above) canNOT be aired or printed by the mainstream media.

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Recently President Obama waxed positively orgasmic over the “creation” of 443,000 “new jobs” in the economy. De-emphasized in his glowing report was the fact that 411,000 of these “new” jobs were temporary census positions and not real jobs at all. By the way the Census department has 560,000 odd employees and roughly a full 150,000 of them are permanent employees. Since the cost of running the census this year was $14+ Billion or roughly $10 Billion more than it cost to count everybody in 2000; and since those permanent employees must logically speaking not have much to do for 9.5 years of every ten within the census cycle . . . a whole lot of waste seems to be wrapped up in this particular government department, no?

Waste in government is pervasive and all of it kills jobs. In a similar way, common sense would rule against 90+% of all government spending programs and 88% of all new laws. Without term limits for congress, the evil done by career politicians and particularly progressive Republican and Democratic career politicos feeding at the public trough has become almost fatal to the country as a whole. Perhaps they should wait two days for every ten pages of a proposed new law and cuss and discuss it thoroughly . . . . so the 3,000 page Obamacare bill finally passed would require a minimum of, say, 21 months to get the bill right . . . or better yet, pass a realistic and helpful 150 page law over a period of one month. In any case, government spending annihilates jobs and destroys the private sector. Back to the Census . . . .

In fairness, this is nothing new, President Clinton made a huge deal about a bunch of very similar “new” jobs in 2000 precisely ten years earlier and presumably President George H. W. Bush did so also in 1990 and President Jimmy Carter likewise in 1980, etc., etc. This is, of course, a big lie and the jobs in question are, of course, false entities by any reasonable understanding . . . virtually as soon as they’re “created” they disappear from the economy. Let’s delve more deeply into this matter . . . .

Because of population growth, the American economy right now requires averaging 250,000 “new” jobs to be created every single month just so our official UNemployment rate can stay the same (coming out of college or high school every June etc. we add three million new job-seekers every year . . . as we’ve seen, it doesn’t seem to matter to the politicians whether or not the jobs in question can reasonably be considered REAL jobs or not. To the more reasonable among us, a.k.a. “taxpayers,” however, it makes a huge difference. REAL jobs are permanent and they help slightly offset all the government tax-spending jobs out there which are now being created hand over fist. For now, let that definition of a “REAL job” suffice. Let’s look at government jobs and their characteristics, what are the differences between government jobs and real jobs?

Government jobs tend to be . . .

1. Artificial concepts not precisely “necessary” in the big picture. Are, for example, government census workers and government people examining bee population shifts, and government people researching “human dating behavior” strictly needed? What great loss to society would occur if they didn’t exist? How much taxpayer money would be saved if these jobs were eliminated (or if census workers asked one-third the questions)?

2. Government jobs are UNproductive. No goods or services are added to the country as a result of their existence.

3. Government jobs tend to pay more, thus putting the potentially best and most productive people into Unproductive positions.

4. Government jobs tend to have the greatest benefits adding to the overall cost and since their retirement benefits are among the greatest, that payment goes on sucking away at the country’s lifeblood long after these workers retire.

5. Government jobs tend to have the most substantial perquisites (perks). It isn’t just the President whose actual job cost cannot be calculated, but virtually all the upper echelon government employees whose perks bleed the rest of us dry.

6. Government jobs are destroyers of REAL jobs in the REAL economy. Spain was the poster-child for the European Union about a decade back with a booming economy and only 3% unemployment. Then they adopted a “green-jobs” policy. Today Spain’s unemployment is just over 20%. President Obama threatened us with the creation of five million green jobs. Since the $675,000 subsidization cost of each Spanish green job cost 2.2 jobs in the real Spanish economy, we could expect losing eleven million real jobs?

7. Jobs that create a whole artificial group (the “political class”) within our society which seeks to perpetuate itself and enlarge itself and its budgets at all costs. The “imperatives” of this new “special interest group” seem to be contrary to the interests and needs of mainstream Americans.

8. Jobs whose creation is aligned with bigger, more onerous government, more red tape and more likelihood of finding a “boot on our neck.”

9. Jobs which tend to be temporary such as the census workers’ situation. In the recent Spanish studies of their economic collapse. It was revealed that only one in ten of the green jobs they created actually lasted much beyond the original funding period. In terms of Mr. Obama’s proposal to create five million new green-tech jobs, that means that he’d only be creating 500,000 permanent jobs (at a cost of eleven million real permanent jobs, remember).

10. Jobs for which the real cost is never shown, or even ever known. How much does it cost to have a President of the United States? Obvious things like salary, upkeep of the White House and paying for the White House staff, security, Air Force One, Camp David, travel and entertaining foreign dignitaries and an extensive communications grid in place pale before the perks of the office. Look at the inaugurations, the presidential balls, bringing in of entertainers like Paul McCartney, etc, how much does it cost to have a president of the United States. Rajjpuut estimates this one employee costs us DIRECTLY at least $1 Billion. The indirect cost of Mr. Obama, personally is, of course, potentially in the hundreds of TRillions of dollars and that’s just the money cost . . . . How much does it cost to have an Environmental Protection Agency that puts 40% of some central California workers out of a job by insisting that a two-inch fish was endangered by irrigation pumps to water the vegetable basket of the nation?

11. Sometimes a job whose existence is onerous and an abomination to much of the rest of the country: IRS agents come to mind.

12. Political, often, by their very nature rather than neutral. Jobs aligned with OSHA and the EPA, for example tend to be created by liberals. Defense contracts tend to be created by actions from conservatives.

13. A situation where not only Unproductive but often actually slipshod work is done. Look at our present Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Laws were put in place in 1990 and 1994 to protect our safety. The Bush and Obama administration “signed off” on many of these safety requirements for British Petroleum (such as the need for ten fire booms on site – there were ZERO fire booms present when the explosion occurred). Indeed, the governmental regulation agency MMS was prepared to give BP its highest safety award five or six days after the explosion occurred – that notion is now on hold, and no award has been granted. One of the biggest series of pathetic and scary jokes is the notion of “Close enough for government work.”

14. Often a job where ethical considerations are routinely NOT even considered. During the Bush administration, a governmental oversight group found out that oil companies were routinely wining, dining, having sex with, and providing drugs for the governmental employees charged with oversight for the oil industry. NICE.

15. Despite the “merit system,” of exams, etc. created for civil servants a job given to political friends more often than not. Of all the stimulus funds thus far over 68% has been spent in areas that voted disproportionately for Obama over Mc Cain in 2008. Even though many more actual counties either voted for Mc Cain or slightly-favored Obama , only 31% of the total stimulus funds went there.

16. Despite the so-called merit system, a job given to certain preferred portions of society over the rest of society. Affirmative action in government hiring has been an abysmal failure. The Sotomayor fire-fighter case highlighted some of the obvious discrepancies.

17. Often a job that works at cross-purposes to the rest of society. Rajjpuut recently found himself with a suspended driver’s license courtesy of a ridiculous clerical error when a paid speeding ticket dropped through the cracks in the system. When asked how to get the matter straightened out . . . ‘you’ll have to wait 30 days that’s the requirement, can’t get around it,” no way to correct their mistake . . . . So many of burdensome errors and deliberate red tape and obstruction and waste of time in society is attributable to government officiousness. OSHA and the IRS and EPA cost of tens of billions of dollars every year. Teachers across the nation (hired by the school districts but loyal only to their union) are now teaching that the Founding Fathers were tyrants and racists and otherwise no goodniks while praising labor unions and socialism in their classes. In Los Angeles the lie that the two Arizona immigration laws are racist has been ordered taught in civics classes. One L.A. history making a "field trip" to Arizona to protest the Arizona immigration law before travelling posed before a mural in their school with Castro, Che Guevarra, Uncle Ho and Lenin. Three other L.A. social studies teachers are overtly and directly emphasizing to Hispanic students (at least 40% of them illegals) the need for a Revolution within the United States to give back lands lost by Mexico in 1946's Mexican-American War . . . . which government are these govt. employees working for?

18. Many government jobs are “make-work” creations designed to expand the empire of some muckety-muck bureaucrat. Promotions routinely come (all out of proportion to actual “production”) to those in government who command the most money . . . which usually means those who command the most subordinates. Expand the “scope” of your office (usually unnecessarily and unwisely) and get promoted to a higher position where you, of course, want to expand again. Activity is easily confused for results in government . . . .

19. Without exception, governmental regulatory jobs are absolutely dominated by the industries they supposedly oversee – remember our example of the (literally) in bed together relationship between the big oil companies and MMS. For another example, at the managerial and supervisory levels, the FDA is virtually, the best job in the world for ex-bigwig pharmaceutical workers to consider. The ethics, or lack thereof, of this incestuous relationship literally kills many Americans every year. What is the number three cause of deaths and number five cause of hospital visits in the country? Huge numbers of "iatrogenic" deaths and injuries from legally prescribed medicines result every year from FDA incompetence. The ADA and its oversight of the food industry is presumably even less compent than the FDA now, over a century since Sinclair Lewis wrote his blockbuster novel, "The Jungle" exposing corruption and uncleanliness in the American food industry.

20. Require “emergency” spending virtually every year. To “justify their budgets, government agencies routinely find themselves spending money willy-nilly so that next year’s budget can be as large or larger.

21. Is often a necessary job, which when done rightly puts the job occupant out of work. This happens when a war is won, for example. But most of the time on the rare occasion when a government job has solved the problem it was created to end, the job is somehow made a permanent drain upon society. In fact, it’s often a job whose self-perpetuation is an actual danger to the country. Most people do not know that originally, the U.S. congress met every other year for 140 days only. Texas in its wisdom has a similar part-time legislature even today. The cost to the nation of a permanent legislature is incalculable, bad laws clearly outnumber good ones by about a 12/1 ratio. Then there’s the pork and other corruptions that occur because of the need to get re-elected of the incumbent rascals that have already hurt us . . . etc., etc., ad nauseum.

22. A government job is quite often a position whose day-to-day operating standards and procedures defy all logic. Families or small businesses who operated using the same guidelines that government routinely follows would be quickly ruined. Big businesses could survive a bit longer but who can operate successfully a) without a budget such as our present Congress is now doing even though a budget is required by law b) continually spending much more than you have c) creating set-asides such as Social Security, Medicare and the federal side of Medicaid and then never actually setting the money required by law aside so that now besides our almost $14 TRillion national debt we also have almost $110 TRillion in UNfunded obligations d) Not honoring simple common-sense, for example the new "Pay-Go" law was a good idea. It said no new spending could occur without either the generation of a new tax or the cutting in costs from elsewhere in the federal budget to pay for the proposed new project. How often has Pay-Go been followed since it was created in February? NEVER! The rascals simply call everything an "emergency" and then forget about Pay-Go.

23. When it comes to progressive job creation, there seems to an "ivory tower" approach consistently in evidence. Let's talk about the Gulf oil spill again. Rabid environmentalism stopped much of the inland drilling and pumping and all the near shore drilling and pumping. The facts are that BP screwed up monumentally; governmental regulators -- whose responsibility it was to keep BP operating safely -- screwed up monumentally; and environmentalists who pushed for exactly the deep offshore drilling we now are faced with when we didn't really have the completely safe technology to do it are also deeply at fault. Another example: in 1972, worldwide deaths from malaria amounted to fewer than 50,000. However, since the U.N. and the United States outlawed DDT, fifty million people have died around the world due to pseudo-science claims that DDT was harmful to non-insect life never proved. The president's aim to create five million green-tech@@ jobs is likewise based upon the pseudo-science of global warming^^ and is presuming that "saying it's so makes it so." If President Grant had said that we were going to create 800,000 new electric jobs in 1870 . . . his saying it's possible is NOT equivalent in reality to it being possible. 800,000 American jobs in electricity didn't come to be until about 1922 over half a century later. How many real jobs would have been lost over those fifty years if Grant and his successors had followed such an ignorant path? What would have been the economic and overall history of the country? Promising the unachievable has grown into a virtually criminal political art.

Here, in a very brief essay, is much that people need to know about how economics actually works in modern life . . . .

Liberals and Progressives do not know nor appreciate that little essay, they believe that the creative problem-solving part of human nature is actually benefitted by big government. The sad pattern is that liberals and progressives do not have even the slightest understanding of economics and therefore proselytize a utopian picture totally out of contact with the demands and conditions of the REAL world. Survival and "thrival" in the Real world is based upon surplus goods, a.k.a. profits. Liberals and progressives have a real yen for criticizing profits and business at every turn. Not realizing that prosperity means surplus, and "obscene profits," Liberals condemn the very lifeblood of modern society. REAL jobs are created by four possible motivations:

a. survival problems

b. profit/surplus problems

c. combinations of a and b

d. innovation and entreprenuerial expression

Taking things back to "basics" two million years ago . . . virtually everything that was done by humanoids other than children's play and sex during pregnancy was a necessary "job" for the individual and group's survival. In particular, the need for nomad hunter-gatherers to find adequate shelter; protect themselves from large carnivorous animals; and most importantly to secure adequate food and water was often an hour-to-hour imperative. Their eonomic system was absolutely 100% communistic.

Shortly after the coming of CroMagnon man roughly 35,000 years ago, earlier patterns of nomadic hunting became culturally locked in and tied to technological innovations (like taming of the dog; making of spear-chuckers, bows and arrows, spears and hand tools, domestic tools, tents, clothing, sewing tools, water bladders, leather bags, and later even baskets) and for the first time ever . . . occasional surpluses were possible. The necessity of constant travel made it impossible to carry much in the way of surplus clothing, tools, weapons, etc. -- even heavy tents were a huge problem . . . but food and water surpluses were absolutely necessary for Cro-Magnon's. Virtually every culture gathered vine-dried fruits equivalent to raisins and learned to dry meat. A well-known example, during the late Cro-Magnon years, the American Indians' pemmican was one of the greatest such innovations: a fat-dense**, calorie-rich, nutritious, easily carried food surplus. Virtually every family had their own "spiced-up" pemmican recipes passed down from mother to daughter. Because each family was largely responsible for its own survival and creation of surpluses a cross between communism and light "capitalism" say 98% communistic. (We exaggerate some in calling any part of this system "capitalistic" because until the adaptation of money in many cultures roughly 7,000 years ago, very little "specialization of labor " beyond gender and age specialization which had been going on for almost two million years actually existed.) Again, we're talking 98% communistic or socialistic society.

When natural "Edens," such as in coastal situations in the Mediterranean and California and Egypt, existed greater surpluses were possible and less travelling was necessary. Soon rudimentary agriculture became possible and domestication of the horse, goat, sheep, cattle and semi-domestication of the cat (feral cats loved "amber waves of grain" and the mice, rats and other rodents that fed upon the crops) provided the possibility of "permanent villages" existing. And what exactly made this all possible? SURPLUS a.k.a. PROFIT. Specialized labor like carpentry, pottery, basket-weaving, farming, fishing, metalworking and even soldiering first appeared during this era in these Edens. No longer was it necessary for the full range of hunter-gatherer skills to be practiced by virtually every single member of the tribe. At first a strictly barter economy existed but soon money was created. After the initial idea of surplus (storing up some of the excess food against "rainy days" which operated over two million years to ensure mankind's survival and advancement) money was the greatest single innovation for mankind's survival and advancement of all. Money was, in effect, nothing less than "stored surplus work." While this might sound to most of us today like pretty much a 100% capitalistic society . . . reality was considerably different since forcible tax collection (of grain and goods and coin) by tyrannical rulers was pretty much the order of the day. Later as "nobility by direct bloodline from God" became a normal part of the ruling class's rationale for existence, various sorts of feudal-type arrangements became the norm in virtually every "civilized country" or duchy in the world with a trifling few short-lived Republics thrown in among all the ordinary despotic states and semi-benevolent monarchies.

The economic system known as capitalism was found almost purely among guild-craftsman and folks like independent black smiths and cottage industries like weaving particularly in England and until about 1750 that's the way it was. The "most capitalistic" country in the world with its merchants, craftsman, cottage industries and independent farmers was perhaps 40% capitalistic. The feudal system with all the British lords and ladies was still deeply tied into the overall economic picture. Then came James Watt and the Industrial Revolution. Although the Luddites (cottage weavers put out of work by the water and steam power looms and other textile innovations) rebelled, the benefits to all British society of cheap cloth was among the most shocking and positive things that had ever happened in all of history.

Without the expansion of nobility into the American colonies, rugged individualism prevailed and this nation quickly became the most capitalistic society the Earth has ever seen, perhaps 99.7% so in 1787. The last burst of capitalism released upon America occurred during the Reagan years 1981-1989 when 21 million jobs were created. However, because Republican Reagan was faced with Democratic control of the House and Senate and needed to compromise with Dems to pass his own pet projects . . . the National Debt skyrocketed.

The single-most Capitalistic period in American history was the Warren G. Harding and Calvin Coolidge era sandwiched between progressive presidents Woodrow Wilson and Herbert Hoover. The "Unknown Depression" of 1921-22 was met steadfastly by Harding and Coolidge (after Harding's Death) by cutting taxes 50% and spending 49%. The Roaring Twenties that ensued was the single most transformational decade in history as the Unknown Depression ended in late 1922. Little known by most people is that Democratic progressive Franklin Delano Roosevelt ran constantly and was elected for promising he would return to the Harding-Coolidge tax-reduction and spending- reduction paradigm as he succeeded progressive Republican Hoover. He obviously lied and did the opposite and America suffered under a dozen-year Great Depression extended by his socialistic efforts while the rest of the world had a fairly short "little 'd' depression." Ultimately, the facts of economic life are this: as in so many other ways, when it comes to jobs and the economy: "that government is best which governs least."

Ya'all live long, strong and ornery,


** should you ever find yourself in an extended survival situation, it isn't only getting enough calories and traditional nutrients that matters, you could actually get 3,500 calories a day and die malnourished if you can't supply the body's need for fat from the ultra-lean rabbits, fish and birds you're most likely to catch.

@@the Spanish green-tech economic debacle is clearly pertinent

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Last Rajjpuut Remembers . . . .

Loyal readers will remember that repeatedly Rajjpuut not only excoriated the Congressional Budget Office for their gutless refusal to stand up to the “pie-in-the-sky” assumptions included in the Obamacare budgeting but also assured followers that if made into law, Obamacare would bankrupt the country among other hideous consequences. The process of passing the law particularly the last minute cave-in by Bart Stupak and eleven other so-called “pro-life” Democrats to pass the bill; and the particulars of the bill which NO ONE STILL HAS READ IN ITS ENTIRETY even now; and the irresponsibility of cost estimates; and the moving of 16% of our economy into the government sphere were each of them more than enough to demand a thumbs-down vote. Taken together, they promised a hideous new law sure to wreck the country. Right now 58% of Americans agree the law must be repealed and only 31% think it shouldn’t be repealed. All of that, however, might have just become moot points.

The “Anointed One” himself, Barack H. Obama, Jr. appears ready to exercise the veto pen upon his own foul “reform” of the health care system. You read that correctly. In the train of recent revelations by the CBO that the bill was not going to cut deficits but rather increase them mightily , Obama appears poised to axe parts of his legislation. Rajjpuut has a better idea: sh__can the whole mess and start over with five goals:
A. Real tort reform to make malpractice insurance costs less and excess testing costs much less and health care costs dramatically much less
B. Cutting costs with minimal effect on the present system by eliminating waste and abuse and fraud
C. Insurance sales across state lines allowed
D. Emphasis on prevention and regular physials
E. Less than 200 pages employed in the whole bill.
As Rajjpuut has mentioned often, politicians tend to be slimy individuals when it comes to semantics and use of semantic tricks. While it sounds “bad” to be against “reform” any time; the word-reform, especially from Barack Obama’s tongue, is not the thing-reform. The word “reform,” you’ll note has been attached by Obama and his administration and the Democrats in both chambers of Congress to mean “changing to greater government control” rather than its previous dictionary meaning of “improving something.” Rajjpuut suggests a 100% reform of the Democratic Party and Barack Obama and especially of his administration.
This not-that-surprising turn of events comes after the so-called “surprise-announcement” that congressional budget referees now predict healthcare reform could top $1 trillion as conservatives have said for over a year now. Let Rajjpuut be clear here: Obamacare will eventually come in at $4 TRillion, not in total -- but $4 Trillion per year, the way it is currently written. Government-Freebies, or more accurately “Perceived-Government Freebies” always are in much higher demand than predicted. If, like Rajjpuut you’ve ever seen four or five male bears in the wild (who normally can’t stand each other within 100 yards) five feet apart during berry season as they gorge on nature’s bounty . . . you’ll understand where the 4X factor prediction comes from. And, of course, the law doesn’t really begin to come into play until 2014 . . . so meanwhile it’s killing the economy for four years with nasty taxes.
Those naïve hayseeds among you might consider all this to be an “explosive” revelation. Nothing could be further from the truth. The laws of economics did NOT go to sleep for a hundred years just because a politician totally ignorant of them moved into the oval office. Oh, a few more details, besides its own internal lack of integrity and fiscal inconsistency: the law still threatens to cut physicians’ income and to raise Medicare costs and to bankrupt each and every one of the states because of new Medicaid requirements. Ain’t that sweet?
House Minority Leader John Boehner, said this new CBO analysis ". . . coming just weeks after the Obama administration itself released an analysis confirming that the new law actually increases Americans’ healthcare costs, this provides ample cause for alarm. The American people wanted one thing above all from healthcare reform: lower costs, which Washington Democrats promised, but they did not deliver. These revelations widen the serious credibility gap President Obama is facing."

Jennifer Hing, spokeswoman for Republicans on the House Appropriations Committee, told Fox News: "If Congress were to approve all of this new discretionary funding authorized in the healthcare bill, almost all of the administration's highly touted savings would be made null and void."

CBO estimators also said they simply had not had enough time to run the numbers. Costs could go even higher, because the legislation authorizes several programs without setting specific funding levels. Rajjpuut would say, that is virtually always true. Too little study and too much spend-spend-spend and way too little actual understanding make Congress dangerous to the country’s political health and fiscal soundness. NO BILL should ever become law until sufficient time to truly understand all its ramifications has been taken . . . .

In the wake of the obvious example of highly-socialistic Greece’s present demise with fellow European socialistic countries England, Italy, Ireland, Portugal and Spain (more or less in that order) waiting in the wings for their own fiscal comeuppance . . . Rajjpuut suggests it’s high time this country and its leadership got its feet on the ground. Europe is in chaos trying to avoid the utter financial failure of tiny self- indulgent Greece, the European Union (EU) this week pledged $1 trillion to inject green money into the veins of Europe's socialistic vampires. Not to go unmentioned: about $76 Billion coming from the IMF (International Monetary Fund) comes from American taxpayers . . . we’re actually supporting other countries’ failed experiments in socialism, doesn't that make you happy? Ronald Reagan must be spinning in his grave and the Founding Fathers? Their ghosts are right now discussing reincarnation to ignite a new American Revolution***.

Last Rajjpuut remembers, the Berlin Wall came down . . . a symbol of the differences between capitalism and communism (socialism taken to its logical extreme). Remember . . . they had to pen their people in and even that didn’t work thousands died trying to leave their corrupt stinking corpse of a system. Look at our borders, we’re having huge problems keeping people out. Last Rajjpuut remembers, the Union of Soviet SOCIALIST republics (what a laugh, republics!) collapsed freely and voluntarily as her leaders admitted their system didn’t work. Last Rajjpuut remembers, the Warsaw Pact countries joyfully abandoned their own wonderful socialisms. Last Rajjpuut remembers, communist China is now prospering as they’ve adopted a huge level of capitalism upon its own rotten corpse of Marxism. Last Rajjpuut remembers, people still die striving to leave Cuba and make for our shores on inflated truck inner tubes. Last Rajjpuut remembers Adolf Hitler only gets credit for 13 million deaths while Stalin and his commies killed 25 million and Mao, IN PEACETIME, caused the death of almost 57 million Chinese. How difficult is it to reach the conclusion that SOCIALISM SUCKS!

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


*** For God’s sake, fellow citizens, IF you have NOT read and understood the following brief words, you are, like Obama, an utterly ignorant fool when it comes to economics, correct that situation immediately:

and for good measure, more brevities:

and the Full Monty:

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