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The recognition of and opposition to the Globalist agenda worldwide has some noteworthy champions.  For those Alex Jones subscribers, all of what he says is clearly documented through the past 60+ years of history by the globalists.  Nigel Farage is one of those rare people who continue to fight, get knocked down, bounce back up, fight again and again--for over 20 years he's been at this.  Your subscribers may want to subscribe to Farage's Youtube channel, as I have, just to listen to his latest expose of his bully opponents.  It is a dose of adrenaline and peace at the same time to know a man like this exists who is fighting against one of the major Globalist components:  the European Union.  We truly ARE NOT ALONE and we're getting stronger every day we spread the word to our friends and neighbors across the street and across the planet.The arrogance of these "elites" knows no bounds; the anger and love of our supporters is one of a thousand ripples of resistence and outrage.
Please pass to our mailing list if you think it will inspire us in the U.S.  God knows, we need a man like this:      (pull scroll bar to the 17:00 minute to hear Farage speak)

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Labor Day, Schmabor Day



No cushion in a cage for me!

I have several friends who grew up in European countries, married American men and now enjoy the blessings of the greatest country on earth. My friend from Denmark loves America, and her feelings toward this country, its history, beauty, and opportunities are tender. But her mindset is still one of a socialist democrat.  When I was fighting against the Obamacare legislation by making a dozen phone calls during my 20 minute lunch breaks, using time that was my own to devote to the labor of activism, my Danish friend was perplexed that I would basically skip the time off our employer "owed to me." She was also at a loss to understand why I wouldn't want a socialized medical system, and a huge nanny state to care for my physical needs, cradle to grave. That's what she knew in Denmark. It just the way it is in Europe. 

One day I summoned my diplomatic self to explain to her why I was so vehemently opposed to Obamacare and big government. I told her, "Americans are different than Europeans. We value freedom over all other things. We don't want the government making our choices for us. We don't want government dictating what we can and cannot do with our money, our property, or our bodies. Americans value liberty more than comfort."  She countered with, "Well, wouldn't you like to have a 3 week vacation twice every year, and as much sick time as you need?" I told her no. I said, "Americans prefer to work for ourselves. We want lower taxes and smaller government so we can work hard, access the opportunities to become wealthy through our own entrepreneurial efforts if we wish, and take as much time off as we choose." She was a little stunned to hear this, her face flushed but she listened. I continued, "You see, Americans want to choose whether they take off one day or 2 months. It depends on how much money we make, and how much we want to work. We will make the choice. Some of us can work hard and retire at 50, some will work until we die, because we choose to do so. It is about the freedom to do with our lives and work as we will. The government has no business telling us how to live our lives."

After my soapbox lecture my friend quickly changed the subject. She never again asserted that the European model was more desirable, at least not to me.  

I am of Celtic extraction. My Danish friend and I may very well have parallel genealogies. We may even share a common Viking ancestor a thousand or so years back. But the blood that runs in the veins of Americans vs Europeans is very different. The American work ethic is just that, a WORK ethic. Europeans are raised with an ENTITLEMENT ethic. The government will take care of their needs. The government will also limit their freedom and potential. I would not trade the risks and uncertainty and liberties of my life for the cushion in a cage to which European socialists look forward.

My employer, the local school district, has taken today off. But I have not. I am busy writing, helping two friends who are running campaigns, and preparing for work tomorrow. I will take my 15 year old on a hike later today. I don't look forward to time off. I like my life to be filled with time on.

My European friends are lovely people. They love all that America has to offer. But to truly understand America and why her citizens so value liberty over comfort, they may require a blood transfusion.

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           Obamacare . . . created 384 brand new government agencies – roughly 9.6 times as many as big spending Franklin Delano Roosevelt created during twelve years-plus in the Oval Office.”
Warns of Impending European Crisis
The George Soros-inspired International Monetary Fund (IMF) cut its forecast for U.S. economic growth Friday while warning Washington and debt-ridden European countries they are “playing with fire” unless they immediately begin to reduce their budget deficits. World economic recovery, the IMF says, is severely threatened if Europe’s regional debt woes would spill over into global financial markets.
It trimmed its forecast for 2011 worldwide growth, from 4.4 per cent to a still optimistic 4.3 per cent, due to weakness in the US and fallout from Japan’s “tsunami disaster” at present the U.S. is growing at a rate close to 2.1%. Since Japan is America’s chief auto and electronics competitor, Rajjpuut would guess that except for the ongoing Obama “near-depression,” Japan’s troubles should objectively be an opportunity for undisputed and powerful American growth which should have been sufficient to counter Japan’s huge problems following the three-headed earthquake-tsunami-nuclear disaster . . . but led by the input of multi-billionaire currency-manipulator George Soros, the IMF updated its World Economic Outlook , noting deepening market fears of a slowdown in the United States, the world’s largest economy where a persistent struggle with high unemployment seems to rival a twenty-year collapse in Japan’s economy even before the three-pronged spear was driven into the country’s gut. Soros could be right, led by Barack Obama, America seems intent on killing business and all hope of economic recovery on its shores.
Meanwhile the “Fund” remained very upbeat about the Australian and Southeast Asian area’s potential for growth but emphasized that setbacks in Europe could have serious consequences for the entire world. In Asia, the IMF was very upbeat and held its 2011 growth forecasts for China and India (the worlds #1 and #2 major “developing economies”) at 9.6% and 8.2% respectively.
After Greece warned it might default unless bailed out again, IMF chief economist Olivier Blanchard was pessimistic about the long-term outlook for “peripheral” European countries. Greece’s credit rating was recently downgraded by Standard and Poors to make its debt the worst in the world even below Ecuador.   “They have very high debt, very large deficits and very low growth, and so there’s absolutely no question it’s going to take a very long time for them to return to health,” according to Mr. Blanchard.   Blanchard also dismissed all thought of a “double-dip” U.S. recession. Back on our own shores, however, it appears that despite the golf game with House Speaker John Boehner, Barack Obama is NOT opposed to a significant American meltdown that would fulfill “his handler and chief campaign financier” Soros’s desired collapse of the American dollar presumably doubling his net worth.
            Mr. Obama has shown no indication he wants to reduce America’s national debt; trim its ongoing budget and budget deficits; deal intelligently with our own three-pronged entitlement fiasco (Medicare, Social Security and the federal side of Medicaid); nor has any inclination to repeal his great spending and government-interference boondoggle: Obamacare. Obamacare, while just one 2,770 page law, created 384 brand new government agencies – roughly 9.6 times as many as big spending Franklin Delano Roosevelt created in his twelve years-plus in the Oval Office.
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
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Obama-watchers here in the United States tell anyone who’ll listen that to understand our future, one has but to look at the shenanigans in Greece. Recently world stock markets include the ones here in the good ol’ U.S.A. tanked in response to the European Union/International Monetary Fund $150 Billion bailout of Greece. The three major fears concerning financial analysts are that either 1. the loan will NOT prove enough to cover Greece’s needs either for borrowing or the upward spiraling of debt or 2. the German parliament will not approve the bailout (voting is Friday May 6, in Germany) or 3. a combination of both scenarios. Just two and a half years ago Greece had a debt to gross domestic product ratio of roughly 55%, comparable to what the U.S. faced when President Obama took office (50%), but today Greece’s D/GDP ratio is at 102% and not only is the country facing financial ruin but there is literally “blood in the streets” as the all-powerful Greek labor unions are rioting in opposition to the belt-tightening being negotiated by the Greek government in order to receive the EU loans.

While Rajjpuut is NOT a fan of big and politically powerful labor unions, in the union’s favor it must be stated that the government of Greece has been guilty of outright lying and manipulating debt with “funny” statistics for about a decade now and the news that came out when the truth finally was released was more than shocking, it was abysmal. Oh, and for you Obama-watchers here, the D/GDP ratio in the United States has now risen to 76%.

To put things in perspective, and thus realize just how badly off the economies of Greece (also Spain, Italy, Ireland and Portugal) and the United States are, consider that the next worst of the European countries (England) had a ratio of only 11% w hen the following memorable speech linked immediately below was made to the EU by Daniel Hannan criticizing the actions of Prime Minister Gordon Brown a year ago. England’s ratio now is roughly 14% . . . .

Many believe that Greece’s “contagion” will spread quickly to the other “PIGIES” (the next five weakest countries in Europe mentioned earlier, Greece is the "G") with one-time European financial bulwark Spain possibly the next to go. Spain about seven years ago had the strongest fiscal situation of any European power. Then they decided upon a critical experiment (one that Obama wants to work over here) and aimed to become the world’s #1 power in green technology. Spain’s 3% unemployment has spiraled all out of control and is now at 20%, second only to Greece’s problems. In the Spanish experience every green-tech job created cost $677,000 in government subsidies and killed 2.2 jobs in the real market place because of government spending and taxation. Most Spanish green jobs lasted from six weeks to nine months and only 1/10 of them proved permanent. In the United States that would translate to Obama’s promised “five million new green jobs” costing the loss of eleven more real economy jobs to subsidize them; and then with only 500,000 of those jobs proving permanent and a 22/1 ratio of lost real jobs to permanent green tech jobs. Additionally the typical green job pays $10-$14 per hour which is a huge letdown to most Americans’ way of thinking about new technologies.

The violence created in the streets by the Greek labor unions cost three bank employees their lives two days ago. The unions say they’ll refuse to make any financial concessions. Their intransigence might worsen the Greek debt situation or repel the other EU countries completely. As for Germany’s hesitation, the Germans suffered one of the two greatest inflations in European history (during the Weimar Republic after WWI, which eventually spawned Adolph Hitler and the Nazis) and the country is loathe to get involved with the fiscally irresponsible Greek government at risk of inflation to their own country. However, German Prime Minister Merkel has made it plain in her speeches that the “survival of the European Union is at stake.” Once again the European experience may prove to be a harbinger of things to come for the USA, because Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has inflated our money by 1500% so that now there is 1600% more money in circulation in the country and today’s 2010 dollar is now potentially worth only about 6.3 cents compared to the 2008 buck. Of course in this country we're talking about fifty individual states in financial disarry not twenty-four separate countries.

Worse news for Greece, the violence and fiscal unrest don’t look like they’ll be ending anytime soon. If that ugly scenario keeps repeating the EU may not loan the money and Germany's refusal also could be in the cards. And the possibility of a worldwide depression is always on investors’ minds. Additionally, with the latest round of worries that the Greek debt contagion will spread to Spain and elsewhere in Europe. The looming specter of massive debt default and deflation is heavy in the air for investors worldwide and fear dominates the markets. All this and unending days of national strike are NOT painting an encouraging scene.

Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery.


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