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I saw a promo for the Samantha Bee talk show on tv that said the violence problem in our nation is guns. This puke is a looney libtard moron who is so full of hate for God, America, and the American way (liberty) that she can't be even remotely rational. She also hates President Trump with a passion that is just as evil as it is irrational. Liberals want all of us defenseless in the face of evil despite the abundance of examples that prove their premise not only incorrect but downright stupid. Baltimore, Maryland and Chicago, Illinois are famous for being "gun free zones", cities where no one is allowed to possess any kind of firearm yet are the gun murder meccas of America. Liberals contend only police and military should have access to firearms. That plan has worked out well in Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, and Communist China hasn't it????? Take a look at who is committing mass murder with guns, every one of them a liberal demonkrat. None of my guns has ever committed mass murder nor have I used one of my guns to commit any crime, much less mass murder. Guns ARE NOT the problem in America, never have been and never will be, unless of course, We the People lose the ability to defend ourselves from lunatic liberals or a despotic government such as demonkrats desire to impose on us. Sadly, many Americans have bought into the liberal lies and are not intelligent enough to see where the liberal agenda will take them. What America needs is a large dose of God back in the public forum. Since any reference to Jehovah or Jesus Christ have been outlawed by libtard morons we have seen evil explode. Liberals throw a hissy fit any time a Christian even thinks about speaking aloud about our beliefs but moslems can openly spout about their "god", allah, without so much as a raised eyebrow. The moslem major that murdered more than a dozen soldiers at Ft. Hood, Texas a few years ago, as in all school shootings, succeeded because there was no one who could stop it because "guns aren't allowed " in those areas. If gun free zones are so safe why does EVERY mass murder occur in one? I can't wait for a liberal to explain that one rationally. They won't even try because they know there is no intelligent explanation so they revert to their "ban guns" claptrap. I often wonder why liberals don't demand that police and military also give up guns, that way only Godless liberal crazies would have guns and they could murder anyone and everyone whenever they want to. I like a lot of the programs on TNT but am no longer going to watch that network because it is blatantly left wing and totally against liberty.

"Getting rid of guns" will not only not work, it wouldn't solve the problem of violence and murder if it could be done. Murder comes from a lack of moral direction not from access to guns. Libtards decry gun violence yet have condoned the mass murder of tens of millions of unborn children through abortion. Calling the murder of an unborn child under the lie of "a woman's right to choose" has severely cheapened life in liberal circles. Liberals have no respect for God given life but rather demand the exclusive right to decide who lives, who dies, and under what circumstances those decisions are made. Realistically, liberals expect everyone to bow to their demands no matter how ridiculous or how evil. Only returning to honoring Almighty God, Jehovah, will solve our nation's violence woes but liberals go into conniption fits at the idea of honoring the Creator of all things, including this nation. Our founders, or at least most of them, were devout Christians who sought God as they waged the military and political battles that resulted in the formation of our nation as a Constitutional Representative Republic. The USA IS NOT a democracy as some erroneously claim, it is a representative republic based on a Constitution that liberals hate because it guarantees the God-given rights listed for the benefit of all citizens, rights that liberals seek to deny to anyone not on their team. Other factors liberals refuse to acknowledge are the glorification of violence, especially as related to guns, in movies and video games

Solving the nation's slide into gun violence is an easy two-step process, first repent and turn to God, and second stop the incessant glorification of violence in movies and video games. It is sad that such simple solutions are beyond the capability of liberals to comprehend. One day Jesus is going to come back and rescue believers from the insanity imposed by liberals and leave them to stew in their own insanity while their "god", satan, torments them. . I pray daily asking God to remove the blinders on the eyes and hearts of liberals and to touch their hearts so they will turn to Him and save themselves and the nation from destruction.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell

Claremore, Oklahoma

September 1, 2019

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An Introduction to Male Infertility

There seems to be a direct relationship between modern lifestyles and declining male fertility and the statistics are alarming.

Records show that the average male sperm count in 1950 was 113 million/ml. By 1998 this had declined to 62 million/ml and the average is believed to be sinking even lower year-by-year.

Sub-fertility is defined as a sperm count of 20 million/ml or less. The main causes are stress and other pressures of modern day life, coupled with the effects of smoking, alcohol and drug consumption, over-eating and lack of exercise.

Many of the solutions therefore rest with the individual but physiological and medical conditions still remain and Bridge has the most advanced treatments for male infertility available in clinical use anywhere in the world.

Male Factor Infertility

Male Factor infertility is one of the most common reasons why couples do not become pregnant.

There are many different causes of male infertility. There may be a shortage of sperm, or a blockage preventing the sperm from being ejaculated, or the sperm may not swim properly, they may stick together, or there may be no sperm produced at all.

If your partner is to become pregnant, several things have to happen. The man must produce millions of healthy, active sperm which pass into the woman's vagina during intercourse. Then the sperm must swim through the womb and into the Fallopian tube to fertilise the egg. The resulting embryo travels on and embeds itself into the womb.

Problems can exist at all stages in this process.

Until fairly recently, there was little that could be done to help - but new advances mean that men who would not have been able to father a child can now do so, and even the most severe types of male infertility can be treated. There are a number of different types of treatment available. The type you are offered will depend on the cause of your infertility.

Remember that male infertility problems are very common, remember also that you are not on your own - we are here to help and you should talk and share how you are feeling with your partner.

We also understand much more today about the impact of lifestyle on male infertility - and smoking, heavy alcohol consumption, overeating, lack of exercise and stress can all contribute to the problem.

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Newsweek Calls Donald Trump, Fascist.

There have been a lot of references to GOP presidential contender Donald Trump being a “fascist” on social media. We should exercise some caution in using this term to refer to “the Donald.” Of course the US neo-communist media propaganda monolith is the source of these new accusations. Name-calling is a major tactic of the controlling communist elite in America.

Writing in Newsweek, leftist libertarian (most libertarians and conservatives are now racist leftists) Jeffrey A. Tucker situates Trump firmly in the tradition of interwar period fascism. “Since World War II, the ideology he represents has usually lived in dark corners, and we don’t even have a name for it anymore. The right name, the correct name, the historically accurate name, is fascism. I don’t use that word as an insult only. It is accurate.” Is Trump a fascist?

[Newsweek claimed that Trump gives,“ the Fascist salute?”]

Trump’s campaign is very much a right-wing populist campaign that appeals to disaffected whites, including the middle class and white workers, by placing the blame for their ills on immigrants, black racism and Moslem power-mongering within the USA. In fact, America owes Donald Trump a great debt for exposing the racist and reactionary nature of democrat/republican one-party politics in the U.S. He has ripped the curtain away to reveal the way things really work. His statesman-like stance on the 14th amendment, “birthright” citizenship, and on immigration has forced the professional politicians in the GOP field to take positions that they would never openly take. Graham, Huckabee, Bush and all of the others have become desperate to posture to the right in response to Trumpism. This includes attacks on the concept of “birthright” citizenship that’s part of the 14th amendment. Trump has gone as far as declaring the Reconstruction-era amendment “unconstitutional.” Heretofore, all republican conservatives were afraid to resist any of the hundreds of totalitarian pushes carried out by Dictator Obama.

Of course, it’s possible for a right-wing populist movement to grow over into overt fascism, but this is not what we are seeing now. The ruling class doesn’t need a fascist movement to keep its hold on power against a rising workers’ movement, to control immigration, to support Islam, or to keep the Black Lives Matter movement alive and lethal. The communists control all policing in America and have bragged that they can "easily crush" any non-violent resistance by the “weak white consumer class.”

Writing about German fascism, Leon Trotsky defined fascism as a mass movement of ruined petty bourgeois forces and de-classed workers who serve as a “battering ram” against the working class. The purpose is to decisively defeat the working class and ensure the continued rule of Marxist Capitalism. Trotsky wrote:

“At the moment that the ‘normal’ police and military resources of the bourgeois dictatorship, together with their parliamentary screens, no longer suffice to hold society in a state of equilibrium — the turn of the fascist regime arrives. Through the fascist agency, capitalism sets in motion the masses of the crazed petty bourgeoisie and the bands of declassed and demoralized lumpen-proletariat — all the countless human beings whom finance capitalism itself has brought to desperation and frenzy by unfair distribution of privileges.

“From fascism the bourgeoisie demands a thorough job; once it has resorted to methods of civil war, it insists on having peace for a period of years. And the fascist agency, by utilizing the petty bourgeoisie as a battering ram, by overwhelming all obstacles in its path, does a thorough job. After fascism is victorious, Marxist finance capitalism directly and immediately gathers into its hands, as in a vise of steel, all the organs and institutions of sovereignty, the executive administrative, and educational powers of the state…”

(Trotsky, Fascism, What it is and how to fight it)

Trump plays with fire

Trump’s rhetoric on immigration and accurate characterization of Mexican illegal immigrants as criminals and rapists has tapped into a reservoir of reactionary middle class, majority sentiment that goes deep in U.S. society. The fact that a minority ruling elite composed of communist/black/Moslem fanatics hates that white population segment, is enough for their propaganda machine to brand it as fascist.

White nationalism is a more mainstream political idea now than it has ever been. White nationalism is the notion that the U.S. has always been, and always should be, a white-controlled nation. Most white American Independents accurately perceive that the future of this nation is in danger because of the demographic changes initiated by obama, as he continues to pour into the US annually, millions of illegal blacks, Moslems and other criminal types. For example, obama sent millions of Somalian jihadist "refugees" into Maine cities, where no blacks ever resided before. "That's the idea, I promised change," obama smirked. At the same time, the US communist media constantly celebrates their shaped, projected future where whites will no longer be a majority.  Most intelligent people decry the acceptance of minority dictatorships by conservative republicans, while simultaneously those pretend-patriots brazenly deny the first edict of democracy, majority rule. Talk of revenge is heard frequently in America as bad blood boils, in answer to the discovery of new traitors almost daily.

Yet,there is a significant white nationalist milieu inside the Republican Party around people like Pat Buchanan and Paul Craig Roberts, a former Reagan Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. Roberts is, more recently, a writer for the website. Roberts is also a frequent contributor to Counterpunch, and his work is often reposted by unwitting antiwar activists and progressives because his work often comes off as left-sounding.

The politics of white nationalism is a distinct political current in the U.S. right wing (libertarians and conservatives are now on the left wing) that exploits shifting demographics, but also economic fears, and a backlash against perceived successes gained by over 50 years of illegal special privileges for blacks. The  eagerness of America's mainstream media to proclaim "white racism" where none exists,  in-congruently clashes with reluctance of the same media to challenge more pernicious black racism. The  permission given by republican and conservative black-racists to advance the black supremacy agenda and elect a perennial black president while denying a white president for eternity, is viewed with silent, simmering hostility by a white majority, about to boil over..

. The white nationalist trend is more interested in permeating the political system and gaining strategic positions for continued white majority rule. (In Africa, the communists celebrate black majority rule, but in America, white majority rule is “racism,” to the controlling communist tyranny.) White majority rule is a polarized value that has emerged in response to the communist-democrat infiltration, subversion and dominance  easily obtained over conservatives and republicans.

The white nationalist political trend is somewhat different from the old extreme right in the sense that they take a more electoralist and permeationist approach to the major parties. We can trace this trend’s foray into mainstream politics back to 1992, the same year as Buchanan’s “culture war” speech at the GOP convention. An open cultural war has raged ever since.

Buchanan’s right populism, and his belief that immigration from Latin America is an existential threat to the U.S., place him firmly in the white nationalist camp. Buchanan is effusive in his support for Trump, “Enter the Donald. If there is a single theme behind his message, it would seem to be a call for a New Nationalism or New Patriotism. He is going to ‘make America great again.’ He is going to build a wall on the border that will make us proud, and Mexico will pay for it. He will send all illegal aliens home and restore the traditional value of U.S. citizenship by putting an end to the scandal of “anchor babies.”” Is Trumpism the Rebirth of Nationalism? (American Conservative, 8/25/15)

Buchanan also praises Trump’s willingness to get tough with global trade “antagonists” like China, Germany or Japan saying, “They took our jobs and factories; now we are going to take them back.”

Writing in the American Free Press, a prestigious political journal, Buchanan notes the insurgent candidacy of communist Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Party, as well as Trump’s disruption of politics as usual in the GOP: “If there is one lesson to be taken from this run-up year to the presidential campaign of 2016, it is that a huge and growing segment of the nation does not want what the establishment of either party has to offer. And as insurgent parties spring up all over Europe, and the two-party system disintegrates there, the Europeanization of American politics may be at hand.” Rise of the Donald Signals Sea Change in U.S. Politics (AFP, 8/25/15)

Regardless of the conservative and media bandwagon against Trump, no informed citizen will fail to dispute the felonious notion that Trump is a “fascist.” To understand the political potential of the Trump campaign, it’s instructive to see how his right populism has shifted the discourse inside the GOP. While he is not a fascist, he is changing the face of U.S. politics even as the illegal totalitarian US government is promising dire retribution if Trump is not eliminated. Suggesting that Trump’s assassination by a well known “conservative republican” would “be great,”  is bandied about frequently inside the communist political beltway in DC. Will that assassination become part of the new conservative bandwagon, now fanatically supporting negro ben carson, to be the next black president?

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Today Donald Trump said; "the shooting in Virginia is a mental health problem, not a gun problem"I slightly disagree. Yes we need to consider the mental health concerns when it comes to gun violence, however in this case, it is a racism problem.Too many people want to ignore the giant pink elephant in the room, hoping it will just disappear. Well guess what, we have ignored it so much that it is bigger than the room.America has a racism problem, but not the kind that the liberals, mainstream media and special interest groups want you to believe. America has a reverse racism epidemic.Liberals are pandering to their base, using division,false narratives of discrimination and wars on everything.Victimization is the new normal. The new criminals are the victims and if your White, you should feel guilty for your God given pigmentation or lack thereof.White people are not the only ones with a bullseye on their foreheads; Christians, Patriots, Conservatives, and free thinkers are enemies of the state.It's time we stop ignoring the real issue. So many people are afraid to broach the subject for fear of being called a racist. Racism exists, and it is getting worse. Not because of people, but because of policies that lead to division and special interest groups who promote it.If we continue to ignore the problem, the pink elephant will turn into Godzilla. Politicians and Churches especially Black churches have a responsibility to confront this problem. You know it's there. Stop ignoring it because of political correctness or fear. Political correctness is what's tearing our country apart.Wake up! It's time to come together and tell these zealots, your agenda is no longer welcome.What say you?Michael Dozier,PhD
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 “What is the future of Europe? What is the future of Western man? Houari Boumedienne, Algerian revolutionary and president of his country, predicted it at the United Nations in 1975. “One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere of this planet to burst into the Northern one. But not as friends. Because they will come in to conquer, and they will conquer by populating it with their children. Victory will come to us from the wombs of our women.”

Boumedienne’s words were spoken just as European and Western birth rates plunged below ZPG

Patrick J. Buchanan

Obama wants the West to adopt his anchor baby plan for a Muslim and Mechista Lebensborn movement in America, as evidenced by his concealment of the children of disease-laden, border-breaching Mexican nationals and his rabid importation of a fast-breeding, parasitic Muslim populace in America.

Obama is pulling the old “switcheroo,” by deliberately depositing the spawn of alien peoples into the nest of the American Eagle.

Obama functions as a Trojan Horse against the white race, both in America and on the international stage. A majority of the American people—according to reports circulating on the Internet—hate his stinking guts.

The American people are DEMANDING Damnatio Memoriae for this miserable creature from Hell, who infests the American landscape.

Obama is ably assisted by corporations—such as Disney—which is now forcing Americans to train the foreigners who will replace them, thereby inducing them to dig their own graves.

Disney should be boycotted to teach that corporation a painful lesson about fealty to the republic.

Obama is prosecuting genocide against the white race with impunity and no one seems to be able to stop him. Everything Obama touches, turns to harm. He is the King Midas of Excrement and Lord of the Flies.

The American people despise a liar who destroys their lives, under the guise of humanitarian gestures.

Obama has plans to “diversify” American neighborhoods, despite the fact that he is fifty years late in the civil rights struggle and white America has given a black man a turn at bat at the presidency.

John Wilkes Booth is laughing in Hell at the ridiculous Yankee Nation.

What was the first thing Obama did on his apology tour before the world?  He stabbed white America in the back by telling the world America is "racist."

America is under a total dominance web by black mobs & illegal Mexican nationals running loose in our streets, committing arson, looting, carjacking, knock-out games on the elderly, rape. murder and home invasion

The Obama regime assists in the assault on our police officers and emasculates the police force, by denying it needed riot equipment and telling police to "stand down," so that rioters can have their space to protest the evil white man.

Add to this witch's brew, the 168,000 or more Mexican nationals he has released from our jails, to further heighten the tension and crime wave, in order to distract us from concentrating on him.

"Make no mistake..." that is his "calculus."

He claims: “No man left behind,” even as he leaves our troops to rot in foreign jails & thereby he demoralizes and angers the American people, who do not take kindly to insult and assault by hooligans in our streets & abroad.

He is a weak & "twisted sister” on the international stage. His continued presence loudly announces  to the world that America is a helpless Gulliver, under his communist regime.

He is a public embarrassment to our country and a loud billboard in human form, which welcomes the invasion of America and showcases the impotence and subversion of the American body politic.

Now he wants to further finish us off with massive importation of Muslims  and their integration into our wealthy neighborhoods, despite the fact that Europe has pronounced “multiculturalism” a total failure, AND despite the fact that Muslims destroy automobiles, property and human life in both Europe and America.

Europe well knows the record of terror such “immigration” imposes on the white race. The entire world now has “Islamophobia,” due to the fact that civilization has never witnessed barbarity on such a massive scale, as is seen in the beheading and burning alive of human beings in cages.

The Muslim jihadist, is the most dangerous form of fanatic ever known to mankind; he makes Nazis and Imperial Japanese look like Boy Scouts. Even the Nazis and the “Japs” never murdered their own children for “getting out of line.”

These Muslim barbarians, who are still locked into the Sixth Century—along with their advocate, Obama--- are functioning as a “speed bump,” which blocks the forward progress of humanity into the light of the New Millennium.

And they call themselves “progressives,” even as they stifle America's energy development.

These liberal politicians—in cahoots with the Rockefeller wing of the Republican Party-- would drag us back into the dank dungeons of the First Crusade, by colluding with the wholesale invasion of America.

Vested interests and their flunkies--the politicians--would build themselves up, on the ruination of our beloved country.

“Our” delusional misfit, talks of Muslim achievement in space and a “long history” of Muslim accomplishment in America. He weaves a bur into the saddle blanket of Middle America, with his absurd pronouncements.

Not a day goes by without some new outrage--coming from him-- to shake the very foundations of a sane society.

He who promised the oceans would recede, has now delivered a brown tsunami, to flood our nation with  elements which are inassimilable to our national body.

Obama’s pathology is clearly “the canary in the coal mine,” for continual survival of our republic. His narcissism is glaring and a clear exhibit for any military court of law.

His insanity is decried by none other than Egypt!

It is crystal clear to the American people that America cannot afford to wait until this imposter finishes out his unlawful term of office.

The plug must be pulled on the shorted-out wiring of his mind, which threatens to engulf our nation in flames.  This man is a barn-burner and he lets in Muslim terrorists to set our national forests on fire.

He must be neutralized by a military interregnum, with the great Patrick J. Buchanan installed as interim president of the United States of America, until honest elections can be held and closely monitored by the U.S. military, to prevent voter fraud, which has now become rife and routine.

The U.S. military will also be required to liberate the American people from debt slavery to the international bankers, who have turned the Founding Fathers upside down, with their "tinkering" with our Constitution.

Obama paints a false picture—at the behest of the international bankers--of an alleged “comprehensive immigration reform” problem with Mexico, when it is clear to any rational person that ALL white nations of the planet are under direct assault, by a massive third world incursion.

The Third World invasion of America is NOT unique to the American heartland, even if witless politicians repeat the lie endlessly.

What makes lawmakers imagine Americans are so stupid as to not see the connection?

These violators of the public trust advance the narrative of a hollow political slogan, as if it were a serious problem which must be addressed by American lawmakers, to solve Mexico's problems.

Such convoluted thought by Obama, is but one of the snaky notions which wriggle from his twisted, Satanic mind, but it is one of the most dreadful specters to haunt Americans.

The game plan of Barry Soetoro, is replacement of the white man, by taking away his job, neighborhood and country, through demographics, i.e. the so-called "anchor baby."

If that were not enough, Barricade Barry welcomes “La Reconquista” from Mexico, by giving aid & comfort to the bacillus-carrying “migrants” who break into our national house--as a common burglar--by the trainload.

These trains containing the “wretched” third world riffraff, have discovered--from the attack on the World Trade Center-- that public transport may be employed to successfully directly assault our republic.

These locomotives serve as a battering ram to breach the gates of Fortress America. Once these pathogen carriers are here, they are secreted into & imposed onto American communities as the proverbial “White Man’s Burden," against the will of the American people.

What the current “debate” boils down to, is whether King Obama will be allowed to complete his master plan to import Muslims from foreign countries into wealthy American communities, so that he—and they-- may be better able to expand the Muslim conquest of America.

This plan falls into alignment with our quisling-in-chief's philosophy that the future belongs only to those who profess the Islamic “culture” of murder & oppression of the entire human race.

In his own treasonous words: “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam.”

The fictitious president employs--under color of authority-- these direct threats to our national security as imperial shock troops.  He also marshals the Ferguson crowd , Black Panthers and imported denizens of the Third World, to further intimidate and assault white America.

One might call it a "reparations for slavery" mindset of punishing the white man.

Pastor James David Manning of Atlah Church in Harlem, has asserted that Obama is “out to get the white man.” Obama has never abandoned the mentality of the slave consciousness and neither has his "first queen."

He is resentful of our nation, as evidenced by the insane rants which issue from his lying mouth. In short; he is the nightmare of the Founding Fathers, now come to fruition.

Obama was never vetted and his records remain concealed from public purview.  The people hold his  bogus "documents" as counterfeit "proof" of his claim of "executive privilege" to break our laws--even as he accuses the American people of "white privilege."

Sealed records do NOT inspire confidence from the American people, from one who holds America’s nuclear codes in the palm of his hand. Neither does the arrest of U.S. Navy Commander Heather E. Cole, who thwarted Obama’s plan to initiate World War III against Russia.

The American people do NOT recognize this stranger who continues his charade as our president.

The question which comes to the fore in the collective mind of most Americans is: What can be done to thwart this modern-day imposition of “Hessians” into the midst of our Second American Revolution by the Obama regime?

There are reports of United Nations troops on American soil, to enforce the will of the bankers over the American people.

The people of the world are now in a time of reckoning with the bankers.  They require American leadership and--like us here at home-- cannot find it.

"The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later, is The People vs. The Banks."

Lord Acton, Lord Chief Justice of England, 1875

That time is now and it will determine whether the American revolutionary paradigm prevails over the Marxist weltanschauung.

Muslims have their own agenda—apart from the bankers, who use them--which does NOT include the installation of Obama as Supreme Mahdi.

Nevertheless, they are useful—and highly dangerous-- idiots to be employed by the regime, to bring down the white race globally and to demoralize white America.That is the ultimate goal of “President Psycho.”

What is patently obvious to American patriots, is that this aberration in the pantheon of the American presidency, is a direct threat to our national security. His treason is glaring; his hallmark, betrayal; the same way he abandoned four Americans in his service, to die a horrible death in the Libyan desert.

His  “legacy” is the tyranny and insanity he has exerted over an ostensibly “free people.”  He is a Mad Hatter of nonsense.

His purge of 264 U.S. military officers speaks volumes as to his paranoia and Stalinist tendencies, not to mention his persecution of other soldiers, like Air Force LTC Terrence Lakin, M.D. and USMC Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi.

Obama's government stockpile of ammunition, confiscation of certain types of ammo and his unremitting war on guns is an obvious red flag as to his intentions.

It is clear to the American people that Obama has already ordered a nuclear attack on the Russian Federation, which was thwarted by the grace of God.

The world may not be so lucky "next time," if we don't immediately remove him from power.

Obama does as he is told by his handlers, who do not represent the national security interests of this nation.

He is a fully compromised individual, as are the GOP traitors who continually support Obama in his warped agenda.

Meanwhile he lets detained Americans rot in Iranian prisons, whereas the great President Ronald Wilson Reagan would have promised to nuke Mecca, in order to secure their release.

Just what do the American people further owe this bastard—who doesn’t even know who his real parents are---in the form of continued "reparations?"

He has already bled us dry financially and put us at the point of thermonuclear war!

Recent false flag events involving nuclear weapons, alarm the American people, who know our porous border remains unsealed during a time of war for our national survival.

Obama unleashes chaotic elements into our streets, to terrorize Americans and bend them to his will. This is not a president to be venerated, but an usurper to be dealt with in the harshest manner, for his many crimes against the republic.

He talks at us, as if we were rubes, dependent on the Bible & guns. He elects to mock us for those founding principles, as if they were outdated by his “new world order” of things.

Every word which issues from his mouth is a damnation of our great republic, as evidenced by the treasonous swill which pours copiously from his mouth.

He learned his hatred for the white race very well, from the twenty years he spent in Jeremiah Alvesta Wright Jr.’s unholy church. Meanwhile he was smoking pot and snorting cocaine with little white girls as part of the “cross he bears,” called “segregation.”

Obama's intellect is not equipped to handle any globe larger than a golf ball or basketball.  He is one lazy son-of-a-bitch who eats out the substance of the republic, like a termite in our Liberty Tree.

American vets  go hungry and without proper medical care, as he cuts all of their benefits. Meanwhile, his dog flies alone, first-class at taxpayer expense.

He plays as if he were King Louis XVI, or the Roman emperor Nero, in the midst of worldwide conflagration.  He fiddles as Rome burns, swamped by barbarians.

He "does not hear" the anguished cries of the American people, nor does he acknowledge the genocide being committed against Christians by Islam.

He is a weakling and coward, totally unfit for the high office he has stolen.

One need only review his statements, in order to ascertain that he fully intends great harm to this republic & that there is NOT one shred of decency or honor in his psyche.

He is a home-spun, mild-mannered psychotic, who likes to exhibit temper tantrums and kick in the door after his speech.  The spectacle he provides is a disgrace to the presidency.

Resident Obama—the squatter in our sacred halls of government—needs to be forcibly removed from office, before he drags the world into World War III, at the behest of the international bankers, who own him, lock, stock and barrel.

This writer would strongly suggest the forced removal of Obama by what is left of our military, the militias, state governors and sheriffs across the land, working in concert.

It is time for the United States of America to secede from the Yankee Nation of the international bankers--in order to form a perfect Union-- and to end the debt slavery of Americans to Zionist bankers, who are already on their way out, incidentally.

The advent of Bitcoin will commit the final coups de grâce to banker tyranny and endless war.

America is a wealthy Croesus, dreaming nightmares of poverty. Now is the time to garner our natural resources, free of Marxist meddling and foreign intervention  in our greatness and glory.

America--The Supreme Shogun and Warlord--is miscast in its present role as a pitiful, starving, freezing grasshopper, dependent on hand-out loans from China.

Banking swindlers are desperate for Obama to start something to bail them out. He is a wholly-owned corporate subsidiary and Great Imposter, whose charade is coming to a rapid end.

He is a tragic figure in American history. A Man Without A Country. The American people have clearly “had it” with the Man Who Would Be King.

This Kenyan Mussolini must be expelled from his bully pulpit by a deliberate and revolutionary people, who have eaten the grapes of wrath.

"...a poor player,
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing."

Macbeth Act 5 scene 5, 19-28

Damnatio Memoriae... the “final solution” not only to the worldwide Muslim invasion, but also the cure-all for regaining our banker-occupied government, which functions only to serve the monied interests.

These swindlers  have plagued our nation since the Revolutionary War and the world for ages, going back to Babylonian black magic money.

It is time to cast the money changers out of the temple of democracy, forever.

It was Thomas Jefferson who said at the inception of our nation: “I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations, which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws of our country.”

Should the American people finally attain this primary mandate of our Second American Revolution, then the present generation will become the “Greater Generation,” by accomplishing what our parents and forefathers failed to achieve, which is the liberation of humanity from oppression from feudal overlords.

The American revolutionary ideal does NOT support robber barons riding their financial steed over the tilled fields of the American worker, in sport.

Our eternal American revolution is the only path to deliver humanity from slavery and ensure the future blessings of liberty for our posterity and much of the world.

When the American revolutionary ideal finally triumphs over the Marxist paradigm, then We the People, will enjoy an eternal Merry Christmas of freedom from want and fear.

America must once again become a beacon for freedom to the world. As president Jefferson asserted: "Convinced that the republican is the only form of government which is not eternally at open or secret war with the rights of mankind, my prayers & efforts shall be cordially distributed to the support of that we have so happily established. It is indeed an animating thought that, while we are securing the rights of ourselves & our posterity, we are pointing out the way to struggling nations who wish, like us, to emerge from their tyrannies also. Heaven help their struggles, and lead them, as it has done us, triumphantly thro' them."

-- Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), US Founding Father, drafted the Declaration of Independence, 3rd US President Source: Letter to William Hunter, 11 March 1790

"A Public Condemnation of Barack is Needed to Set America Back on Course There are so many bad decisions by Barack, and so few good, he cannot simply be treated as another failed leftist president. He must be singled out as almost uniquely wicked, publicly condemned and shamed into permanent exile. Otherwise, how else will our children learn to oppose misuse of public offices and funds, while detesting smooth liars?"

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America's churches have become secular


By, Juan Reynoso WTP-Activist –

Most churches in America have become secular, is your church becoming secular?  Are we becoming secular?  If either; start praying, repent of anything you believe or do that is contrary to the scripture.  Start praying for your church and let the Bible be your guide.

Our country is in a crisis because we turn against God, we call ourselves Christians, but our actions reflect the ones of secular religion. My personal experience for the last 50 years bears this out. I've been to several different churches in the New York City, Montana, Arizona and Texas, and they've all drawn a diverse crowd, parents and families, people of color, an almost equal mix of men and women, a broad spread of ages and It's clear that communities like this attract people who just want to get on with their lives and live according to humanist values. As the numbers of nonreligious Americans continue to grow, we can be sure that these secular congregations will grow with them.

I dream of a true Christian community, that follow God’s law and really be our brother’s keepers; that care about each other and stand for our God given rights to life and free of crimes and corruption.

All human beings will benefit from belonging to a welcoming, supportive church. Through Christian congregations like this, we can help each other in times of need or crisis: when someone dies, we can gather to comfort the mourners and share memories of their life. We can come together to celebrate important life passages such as weddings and birthdays. We can also assemble to do good for our community, with charitable drives and volunteering. Research has repeatedly affirmed the benefits of social connection, showing that belonging to a Church contributes to leading longer, healthier, happier lives. Besides the immediate tangible benefits, we also gather to affirm a common identity. In a society that's still majority Christians, we must embrace all the people and no one should be a target of prejudice and misunderstanding, we must organize and becoming visible, we must show the world who we are and what we value, and that's always the first step in fighting this antichrist war. It will create a positive and welcoming image of Christianity that people will bear in mind when the government establishment tries to paint us with negative stereotypes of being against equal rights or religious fanatics.

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By: Juan Reynoso, WTP Activist  -

Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty.

Truth and knowledge diffused among the people are necessary for the preservation of our Democracy, rights, freedom and liberties.

Open letter to: the presidential candidates

Dear candidates, “WE THE PEOPLE” Want to work and elect the next president of our country. It is time for us to select and place in office a man that we trust and have at hearth the true interest of the American people.

Mr. Candidate, we Americans main interest is to take our country back and re-store our freedom and our economy and welfare of the American working class.

The following are the issues of important to the American people.

Unemployment – Corruption- Budget deficits- The welfare system- Corporate business- Bank business- National security- Police militarization- education- Tax reform- Natural resources. And our ill foreign policies.


1-     Unemployment- A- Create jobs for Americans by revising all free trade agreements. Trade deficits must end. B- Focus on an economy development through the financing of small business in all 50 states of the union.

2-     Corruption –Prosecute all government personnel that were engage in corruption during the Bush and Obama administration. We must demise corruption and set a path for moral leadership in government.

3-     Budget deficits- Reduce federal budget deficits by implementing a system of accountability and auditing that justified expenses and eliminate waste in all areas of government programs. Taxpayer’s money should be expended wisely to benefit the general public not especial interest.

4-     Welfare system- A- End the free welfare system; we must help the people in need of economy assistance to re-store their dignity by working for the money they get as assistance while they go through an economy hardship. B- No American should be homeless and hungry in America, we must form cooperatives, funded by the State and Federal government to develop self-supported business for the homeless and become a productive class.

5-     Corporate Business- A- monopoly and oligopolies must end.  The control of more than eighty per cent of the market by one or two corporations it is not in the best interest of the US consumers. B- Predator corporatism and the demise of small business by big corporations by monopolism should end and declare to be against commerce business etiquette.

6-     Bank Business- A- All State banks and credit Union should be register under state laws and do business in support of state financial needs. All interstates Banks should register with the states to support the needs of multinational corporations and interstate corporations, but they should not be in operation to compete with local state banks.

7-     National security- A – the NSA should be responsible for implementation of a system that is in agreement of our constitution and the rule of law, all agents must follow our constitution and the law, not one in a position of government is above the law. B- Border security, is a must to ensure that only people friendly to the US and with a legitimate need or to do business in our country are allowed to enter our country. B- Spying on any American citizen is a violation of the law and any one that is in violation of the law must be prosecuted and punished by the law. Impunity for crimes committed against the people and in violation of our constitution must end.

8-     Police Militarization- We must end the police state system and the militarization of the police forces must end. The duty of police officers is to protect the people not kill any one; any killing done by police officers must be investigated by an agency that is not connected to the police to demise the cover-up and corruption in the police force.

9-     Education- A- An education reform is the most important issue to get our country on the path of prosperity. The federal government key function is to set the goals of the country on education and the financing of education.  B- Delegate to each state of this union the complete duty and responsibly of the education of the citizens of their state. C- Education Foreign students that are illegals in our country, should be the responsibility of each state, but the federal government should compensate the state for the cost of educating this segment of the student population.

10-  Taxes- A- A tax reform should be implemented to stop the concentration of wealth by the few at the expenses of the working class. B- US Corporation should be tax for the exportation of capital and equipment to foreign countries to be use in the production of goods to the US market for the purpose to compete with products made in the USA. C- Importation of goods by us corporations in competition with goods made in the USA should be tax, to protect US business.

11-  Natural Resources- Our natural resources should be protect and use in the best interest of the people’s future and generations to come.


1-     Wars and military intervention-End all military interventions and non-declare wars. Congress must follow our constitution regarding a declaration of war.

2-     Investigate and prosecute-Americans have the right to know the truth, the next president must promise the American people; that will be a true investigation of the events that lead us to the wars in the Middle East. The truth will set our country free, and not soldier should be send to war and die for our country under the pretense that they are fighting for our security and Democracy.

3-     Set new strategy on foreign policy- Change our foreign policy, we want to be the world’s leader and be trust by the world community. All our dealings with foreign countries must be done under the concept of fairness integrity and of benefit to both parties.

4-     Close military post-Close all the military post. US military presence has expanded dramatically worldwide for the control of humanity’s economic, social and political activities under the helm of US corporate and military power. Underlying this process are various schemes of direct and indirect military intervention. These US sponsored strategies ultimately consist in a process of global subordination. We have become the world’s bully and the oppressor of the world community. This strategy of world control is creating enemies “The so call terrorist”.

5-     Stop spying on our friends-Stop the wiretapping of countries that we call allies or friends of the USA.

6-     Stop the overthrowing of foreign governments- Stop the undermining of foreign countries political elected governments by bribery, coercion, corruption, assassination or military interventions.

7-     Re-store our moral leadership in our government-Re-store our moral leadership in our government and work for world peace and prosperity. Wars are of not benefit to any one; it creates chaos poverty and hate.

Mr. Candidate, we the people will choose our next president, we will choose our candidate; support our candidate and all the money that we contribute will go to our candidate, not to the party.  We know that the best investment that we can make on this election is being part of the promotion of our candidate; we will become an activist for the man we want in Washington. May God give us the wisdom, determination and courage to place in office the man that will change this path of corruption and set our country on the path of moral principles and prosperity.

We the people.

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Michael Brown

Attached is a video taken from a cell phone, showing how, the one and the same)....treats a senior black male. This 300 lb. young boy (that's what media calls him) is the same Michael Brown that attempted to take a gun away from a police officer and paid with his life. Here is the fellow that all of the riots are about. Videos don't lie. You will not see this in the media.

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November 18th, 2014

Fellow Christians, let’s pray for humanity.

Lord, thanks for all your blessings. We thank you for this beautiful day, for our life and health. Thank you for keeping ours family safe from this materialist world, from the seekers of pleasure and self-gratification. Lord, light our path so we can see the way to real happiness and joy through your beloved son Jesus. Let all those that are dying to belong, hunger for love and hope; for real change in their lives; to come to you and discover the real happiness and joy that comes from loving and worshiping you my Lord.

You are everything and we love you and worship you; because you have given us a purpose to serve you and be happy. Knowing that we are doing what is of pleasure to you, make us happy and give us joy.

Give us wisdom and courage to stand against evil and speak for the ones that cannot, this we ask in the name of you beloved son Jesus.     

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Thanks The Lord for all our blessings

Fellow Christians, let’s give thanks to our Lord for this day, for there is good in life every day, always remember that God created the world for your benefit, do not distract yourself or be concern from things that do not work out, but learn from the experience and concentrate on God’s creation, take pleasure of nature and the people, smile and thanks God that it is a tomorrow and realize that life is a series of events that we learn from, Our God is a God of purpose, draw strength from your faith and believe that God is with you; through your experience you will learn and grow strong in faith and will understand that the difficult times are often the best teachers, and God’s purpose is to give you the experience and knowledge for there is good to be found in all situations. Reach for your goals, be positive and don’t give up; pray to our Lord for wisdom, strength and courage. God will light the path that will lead you to do the best for you and your family. Trust in our Lord, it will give you hope and personal secutity.

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Let’s pray for our future.

Father, you are our only God, the almighty creator of all things, the God of Abraham, Sarah, Jesus Christ and Moses. 

We know that Life has not come about by chance. There is a purpose in life and that is to know you my Lord, to honor you and thereby be Joyful. We know that you love us.

Father give us the wisdom and the strength to change this corrupt and ungodly political systems and sinful lifestyles, greed, immorality, sexual sins, the killing of unborn babies and the denial that you are real. Father we believe that our youth is our hope to change this path of moral self-destruction, help us to focus in their education and our Christian principles and encourage them to love your creation, the beauty of life, flowers, landscapes and all nature. We know that the world is a wonderful creation made by you, our heavenly father; we have seen all that you had made, and it is very good; but the creation is not holy and the creation is not you my Lord. You are the creator of the world and our creator, you are our God and you are holy.

Lord we know that the truth will set us free, lead us to seek the truth and find the path of happiness and eternal life. We ask this in the name of you beloved son Jesus. Amen.


Juan Reynoso.

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Hi again all of you fellow Tea Partiers,,, it is now 1:14 AM on Friday Aug 15th, 2014 and I just posted a photo copy of the obama birth certificate or should I say part of that document and that part has the hospital name therein and if you can magnify the photo you can very clearly see that the name of the hospital that obama wants us to believe he was born at ie Kapiolani is not authentically presented therein as the a & p are touching invading each others space which is called "kerning" and is done buy a computer while next to those touching letters is the i & o & l and those letters have a large space between the letters like a 1961 typewriter and next to those 3 letters are the a & n and they are touching called "kerning", so if the document were authentic how come all of the letters are not the same distance apart,,,   GOD & JESUS Bless America and Israel and all of you Tea Partiers and the GODly and those that want such Blessings!!!!!!      Tim J Maine sr      SHALOM!!!!!!

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4063927124?profile=originalThe passing of Senator Howard Baker (R-TN) brings to mind a time when the US Congress was held in high esteem. Senator Baker valued country above partisan politics. His passing provokes thoughts comparing the Congress of the 1970’s to the Congress of the 2010’s. 

He sought the truth when asking about the president of his party in relation to presidential abuses of power:  "What did the president know and when did he know it?"  

The background on the political courage of Howard Baker and his Republican congressional colleagues in 1973-74 makes one wonder why no Democrat will ask of president Obama:  "What did he know?"  

Read more at:  Howard Baker: A Profile in Courage We Need Today

Also, on YouTube, Sen. Baker originally thought it was a phony scandal:  

The Defining Moment of Watergate - Howard H. Baker Jr.

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Dear God of love and mercy, you called us to be faithful disciples of your son Jesus Christ and to be good stewards of your creation.  Forgive us father, as we fail to do your will; we have let corruption destroy our Christian values, we have let this system of government rob the heart of your people and Indoctrinate them to worth ship money and material thing and many had become slaves of this system of government and turn their back on you my Lord.

Dear Father, grant us another chance, the grace to understand, and the Courage to accept the challenges and opportunities you have been given us to advance the mission of your Church. We believe that you have given us everything we need to carry out your will. Help us be steadfast in faith, confident in hope and generous in charity. That in all things we do you may be glorified.


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By: Juan Reynoso,

Apathy Is Americans Worst Crime.

Senators, you were elected to represent the people.  Our country is in a mess, no question about it; and it seem that most Senator are not seeing or listening to what is happening in our country. Senators not only you, but most Politicians have turned their backs on God. They have taken God out of our schools, out of just about everything you can imagine, and now we find ourselves in great danger. God has been effectively kicked from our courts, government, public schools and soon to be, public life. The Bible spoke of how it would be in the last days.

2nd Timothy 3: 1 this knows also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. 2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, 4 Traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; 5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. 6 For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, 7 Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

My question is: Will God or Has God already turned His back on America for the rampant immorality of its people?

This is the truth, it may happen that this American generation will completely reject the notion that our ultimate trust is in the God who made us and gave this Nation as a gift to the world. But today there is a Christian revolution, that will re-store Christianity in America by passing a law that reaffirm that our America is God’s country, that Americans trust in God almighty;  This resolution will proclaim to the world that the demise of Christianity in America has not yet come and there is still hope that it never will.

Senators help us to reclaim our country’s values, join us we need a legislation that will re-store our Christian principles and values.. With the grace of our Lord Jesus we shall overcome. AMERICANS TRUST IN GOD ALL MIGHTY . 1 1-John5:4

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By Craig Andresen on May 21, 2014 at 4:38 am

VA-1.jpg?width=217Here we go again.

How many times does this regime think they can rehash the same old, dog-tired, worn out crap and get away with it?

I have a little advice for the Dictator…rewrite the code book…the only people still buying it are those Kool Aid drunk socialists who will believe whatever is spoon fed them by the lapdog media and even some of THEM are beginning to question the validity of the propaganda sewage your spewing.

According to the Dictator’s minion, Denis McDonough who is either one “N” short of Dennis or an “E” short of Denise…Obama is, “madder than hell” over the VA delay scandal and…“At the same time that we’re looking at accountability we want to continue to perform to provide our veterans the services that they have earned. The President will continue to demand that he and all of us who work for him continue to fix these things until they are functioning the way that our veterans, believe they should and the way that, so that they get the, the services and the benefits that they have earned.”

One can be sure there will be a puppy treat for any lapdog who runs with that hackneyed false Frisbee of sincerity and a steak bone for Denise or…Dennis or…Whatever his name is.

We’ve heard it all before, just before the deck chairs on the sinking Titanic get rearranged. The Dictator is mad. Mad as heck…”MADDER THAN HELL” over a breaking scandal. He vows, promises and declares that he will get to the bottom of it, whatever it is this week and he will bring to justice those responsible.

Excuse me but…


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It's quiet amusing that folks will assume things if one forget's to log on via the tea party page, frankly it just made me fall out of my chair...Yes I'm aware that birth control is used to prevent an egg and sperm from coming together to form a human...It was funny due to how condescending (forgot who it was not important) came off as...Actually I'm on lo dose birth control myself for other medical reasons and do not agree for myself personally with the use of IUD's (I think that's what they are called?) and The Morning After Pill...Plan B eh no thanks...Now it's over the counter?! Uh what?!

First of all regardless of the moral aspects of that, health wise it's dangerous due to the high amounts of birth control in the pill. It can cause internal bleeding in younger gals, not to mention there isn't an age restriction for it any longer? What? I get not wanting folks to know really I do; because I attended a program called Mercy Ministries for the self injury I used to struggle with, and I spoke with some young women who had taken that pill and had complications afterwards not to mention the spiritual complexities of guilt etc.

The answer really for myself has been my unshakable faith, and facing the things struggled with as well as not avoiding them...The culture of avoidance has gotten many where they are now, and baby steps in a positive direction add up even over a months time...The culture of what's good for you is not good for me and it's all relative has frankly got to stop if any lasting change is to be had...

I spoke of this in an earlier blog post, change comes from first the individual then a group of folks of like mind, not the other way around...

Feel free to post your thoughts below, Thanks for reading :)

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Get Creative!

So, I painted over my speakers and web cam with silver paint it looks unique, bought my own web cam with a built in speaker so I choose when it's hooked up...Granted I know that when it is someone is watching but hey some security is better then none...Also a few good programs for one's computer to add more anonymity are the following

peer block 


Private Internet Access (Paid Subscription) At seven dollars a month this is way worth it, though there might be better VPN's out there aside from building one's own this VPN is the best as far as price and value and the speed is pretty good.(VPN is a Virtual Private Network) I will say that this program dose not have port forwarding and that is pretty much the only complaint I have about this program. I recommend connecting to the swiss connection for the most security if you do decide to get this.

If anyone else has any ideas they would like to add about anonymity please feel free to add your suggestions in the comments below. Thanks again. 


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The Associated Press has reported an offer by the Afghanistan Taliban who purportedly has held the only American Soldier POW in captivity since 2009; to trade him for 5 GITMO prisoners.

Sgt. Bergdahl as been in captivity since 2009.  Incident reports at the time described that Sgt. Bergdahl was kidnapped while unarmed, in a latrine, while on his own base.  An alert was issued at the time to be on the look out for a white van.  Since his captors claimed responsibility for his abduction; the Geneva Conventions have not been adhered to, no one has seen him, examined him or interviewed him from the international community, Red Cross, or even negotiators.

A few photos and a video were released several  years ago as the only, scant proof of life for us to examine.

I have a working comprehension of the sensitivities involved with hostage negotiations and the adverse policy to POW exchanges as an excuse to kidnap more Americans as currency for trade.

In this particular case, we can only surmise the level of psychological torture and erosion of mental sanity an extended length of captivity a human can endure or what he must do to survive, mentally and physically.

Publicity does not help the Sgt. Bergdahl negotiation in influencing his captors.  It actually increases his propaganda value.  Neither do the detractors who say; "let him rot, he is a deserter, he belongs with his people".  

Accusing a POW of desertion and consorting with the enemy does not negate or trump the sacrosanct tradition that Americans leave no soldiers behind.  If he did indeed commit a crime, then he will be punished for it by us, under our system of justice, not the Taliban's. 

So, what can we the American public do, if we so choose to attempt to secure the release of one of our Soldiers from his captors?

Pressure your Congressional and Senate representatives.  

If the Obama Administration, have exerted all the power, prestige, might, and intellectual stamina to secure the release of the one and only American POW we know of since 2009; then they have come up way short.

Imagine the psychological torture of a POW being told that he has been abandoned by his government and his fellow countrymen.

Imagine, when they show him the news at Benghazi, the scandals, and other degenerative events taking place, and show him that his name is not in one publication or cable news casts since his capture.

Imagine, how his captors are trying to convert him, turn him to their side, to get him to deny the country and people, that have turned their backs on him.

The bottom line is this.  With all of our technology, boots on the ground, intelligence networks; we are led to believe all of our resources have been out witted, out maneuvered, and out played, by an innocuous group with none of what we have. 

Every American combat soldier is infused with the knowledge and core belief that if captured he is to keep true faith with his fellow prisoners, try to escape if can make it, and do everything he can to stay alive, secure in the knowledge, that his Commander's are doing everything they can to get you back.

It is not beyond reason to surmise the US Government could have mounted an effective rescue or quietly offer to for his release long ago.

It is evident, that there are elements in the Obama Administration who oppose a  swap or ransom payment or military rescue.

We are left  to conclude, Sgt. Bergdahl has been abandoned by the Obama Administration, because the Military I grew up in would never stop trying to retrieve a soldier officially designated a Prisoner of War.

I support a well planned, tightly executed operation to engage in a  prisoner swap in keeping with the rules of war, in this particular case, with this particular POW, and accept all of the weighted consequences, intended and unintended, to include dismissing his detractors,  to get him back.

It's about Honor, What say you?

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