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How to Destroy America in 13 Lessons


            If you were an enemy of the U.S.A wanting to deliberately undermine the nation’s economy, and weaken this country, how would you most effectively carry out your hostile mission while avoiding detection?  How would you carry out your nefarious plans?  Your first goal would be to raise the nation’s joblessness.  You’d have to create statistics that actually hid the devastating size of the true numbers behind gobblygook B.S. statistics so people saw 9% unemployment when the true figure was almost double that. Most importantly, you dramatically increased the size and scope of government to strangle the free enterprise system with taxation, burdensome regulations, unnecessary environmental restrictions and wild uncertainty about the future.  Now the ball’s rolling, what next?   Follow this 13-step roadmap: 

1)  Attack corporate profits and rich individuals every chance you get casting them as enemies of “the 99%.”  Forget mentioning that living standards for everyone rise when corporations make profits and entrepreneurs are successful.  Give us the highest corporate taxes in the world, driving companies anywhere but America and making us uncompetitive with economies like China’s.

2)  Refuse to call spades, “spades.”  So when the nation’s UNfunded liabilities and national debt reach $116 TRillion and $15 TRillion respectively, hide the looming economic Armageddon behind talk about “putting the burden on the elderly, the poor, the middle class” (the very people who would be MOST helped by reforming Social Security, Medicare, and the federal side of Medicaid) and covering up the fact that you are bankrupting the nation and putting the burden on our children and grandchildren.

3)  Promise to “make electricity prices skyrocket” and drive energy costs like gasoline and heating oil dramatically higher with an “energy” program that emphasizes conservation over production.  Deliberately seek to drive the coal industry (47% of our present energy) bankrupt.  To think the people you’re driving to the unemployment lines happy extend their benefits, they’ll never know you cost them their jobs.

4)  Because no one can be against a clean environment, safe working conditions, and protecting consumers . . . let’s employ a hyper-active program of safety and regulation and ecology carried to ridiculous extremes.  Demand changes in every damn thing possible thus escalating the cost of doing business and cutting production.  People are so dumb they'll never connect the dots, will they?

5)  Double-down on the environment.  Stop irrigation in the nation’s vegetable basket and drive unemployment sky high in Central California.  Close down jobs to protect strange mice, tiny fish and spotted owls knowing that long before men were around Mother Nature had already made 99.99999% of all species extinct without any help from man; and since the 15th Century, Mother Nature eliminated 99.996% of all species that died out again without man’s help.  Let’s get that last ¼ of 1% of pollution and kill another 100,000 jobs by all means. 

6)  Drive jobs out of right-to-work states and out of the United States altogether by coddling the unions and their stranglehold upon the workplace.  Emphasize workers rights and never mention what it does to the taxpayer.

7)  Get the young attacking capitalism by raising the minimum wage ceaselessly.  Once the minimum wage is high enough who’s going to hire them?   Of course that and outrageous union demands; and outrageous payment and benefits for government workers at all levels will make us totally uncompetitive in the world markets driving unemployment higher and corporate profits far lower.   The young won’t like “zero dollar non-jobs” and they’ll attack Wall Street and corporations never realizing you “done them in,” you caring rascal you.

8) Ignore the U.S. Constitution and vastly expand the scope and power to foul things up of the Washington bureaucracy.  Require industries to meet certain standards like 35 mpg for the automotive fleets and then destroy perfectly good used cars giving “cash for clunkers.”  Never mention that now that used car shoppers are paying an average of $2,100 more and that the ecological impact of the program was devastating.  Never mention that so-called hybrid cars are five times harder on the environment than regular ICE (internal combustion engine) cars are . . . and that for environmental reasons all these hybrid jobs are now in Canada. 

9)  Dramatically increase SNAP (food stamps) and other welfare programs and extend jobless benefit durations to 380% of their former weekly limits (26 to 99 weeks) and make it “nonsensical” to take lower level work rather than getting paid to stay at home.   Who wouldn’t reject a job at $10 per hour if staying home nets you $9 per?

10)  Raise the inheritance or “death” tax so that family farms and businesses must be sold to pay taxes; and give no support for new investment (keep taxes high all around) because the voters will believe whatever nonsense you’ll tell them about slower growth, reduced industrial capacity, and lowered need for new workers . . . the more they complain they more likely you’ll be able to sell them on the next wave of government interference and spending boondoggles you’ve got up your sleeve.

11)  When the downturns come, as they must, blame them on the “Free Market” that you’ve been so effectively garroting for the last 46 years (since LBJ with kudos to Carter, Obama and G.W. Bush) and apply even more restrictions upon business.

12)  Never let on that all the government’s major decisions for almost half a century have caused the debt and UNfunded liabilities crisis that is on the verge of making the dollar of today worth six cents in 1964 buying power.

13)  Never let on that promising voters everything in accord you’re your “nanny-state” mission is the underlying cause of the recent collapse and that you, you progressive politician, you are behind it all:

            a)  That the near-depression of 1973-74 and the bankruptcy and bail out of New York City in 1975 were the result of Cloward-Piven strategies that doubled the nation’s welfare rolls from eight to sixteen million recipients courtesy of C-P’s National Welfare Rights Organization and their Saul Alinsky street theater tactics.

            b)  That the architects of that collapse were the architects of ACORN which took advantage of Jimmy Carter’s Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 (CRA '77) and four expansions by Bill Clinton (three legislative and one regulatory edict expansions of CRA '77) to FORCE banks and mortgage companies for three decades to knowingly make stupid loans to unqualified home buyers without jobs; without credit; whose only “income” was food stamps; and even to illegal aliens.

            c)  Never admit that the cheerleaders while all this was going on (and while one of our major parties was selling out to the progressive-left) was CPUSA, the Communist party.

            d)  Never admit that the biggest funder of our current president; of “Occupy Wall Street”; and of several major progressive foundations (e.g. Code Pink; Tides Foundation etc. which are also funding the President and Occupy Wall Street) is octogenarian George Soros, the money-manipulator and currency dealer known as “the man who broke the bank of England” (and five other currencies) and that George Soros the world’s 6th largest man looks to become the world’s far and away richest man when, not if, the dollar collapses.

e)  Never admit that the elephant in the room while all this was going on in Washington and elsewhere is the mainstream media (MSM) . . . which has chosen to abandon fair and balanced and relevant journalism to support the politicians and the extreme political left to make all this madness possible.

f)  Never admit that you count on the voters to be “useful idiots” and to entertain themselves with sit-coms and reality TV rather than defending their own freedoms and our once-great nation.  Ultimately, they’re at fault even beyond the MSM.


Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,





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“We operate under the assumption that the President will be a net negative for us.”
An aide to a Democratic senator on the Power Play program while discussing their man’s election 2012 prospects.
Obama Hypocrisy Steps Up Front and Center
               Go figure! After spending a month claiming that after he’d personally stopped a full-blown depression only to suffer plain old bad luck and snakebite which stymied virtually all the nation’s economic engines, President Obama is now highly optimistic about the ability of Hurricane Irene to create a huge bunch of new jobs** along its East Coast path of destruction. This message, delivered as the President and his family deserted Martha’s Vineyard, once again reminds even the semi-literate in economics that President Barack Obama just doesn’t get it even 1/10 as well as any college freshman in any old-fashioned classical economics class might have. Obama and the Keynesian economists who have dominated the college and world scene for the last 70 years actually believe that destruction is almost always a blessing in disguise . . . somehow they just can’t see the hypocrisy in their own words. What you curse as personal loss canNOT be considered great good fortune when it happens to the masses around you . . . .
            How, Mr. President, can it be that “bad luck” turned your wonderful “Recovery Summer” into garbage and yet the oncoming Irene shows such great promise in your eyes? Among all the economic fallacies the progressive politicians don’t seem to have a clue about the three major ones are “The Broken Window Fallacy” and its larger context: “The Blessings of Destruction” (sometimes called “The Blessings of Tax Thievery”) and the nature of capitalism and creativity compared to socialism and destruction. Yes, Mr. President it is “an ill wind that blows no one good” and some individuals and some businesses REALLY DO prosper when destruction occurs. However, we have to look back only as far as Hurricane Katrina’s still lasting malaise upon the South Central Gulf region and Biloxi, MS and New Orleans, LA in particular to see just how asinine your thinking process is. You, Barack Obama, actually see Hurricane Irene as a God sent economic stimulus package.
            How thick are the heads of these Keynesian economics devotees and our muddle-headed president anyway? Keynes himself re-canted from Keynesian Economics during the last year of his life saying very specifically as the last month of his life approached, “I find myself more and more relying for a solution of our problems on the invisible hand which I tried to eject from economic thinking twenty years ago." That “invisible hand” was the combined effect of all the free choices exercised by free individuals in a free marketplace that Scotsman Adam Smith taught the world about in his monumental 1775 work The Wealth of Nations. It was, of course, Smith’s teachings which so influenced our founding fathers who not only established a government based upon laissez-faire religion, laissez-faire speech and laissez-faire economics but also based upon laissez-faire government (Amendment X of the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution) to create a capitalistic federal system that has succeeded far beyond any government in the history of the world and served as a shining beacon to freedom lovers everywhere. 
            Keynesian (socialist) economic policies are based upon taxing, spending and UNsound money policies creating inflation which can become the cruelest UNseen tax of all. Keynes, at the end of his life was a born-again believer in Classical Adam Smith economics, but only one man in a thousand knows that . . . Keynesian economics is such a thinly-veiled and utter failure that every year a brand new Keynesian theory wins the Nobel Prize for Economics and none of these theories has ever worked either on the micro- or the macro-level. It is just this kind of thinking that had a Democratic Senator’s aide on Power Play telling us, “We operate under the assumption that the President will be a net negative for us.”
In a Nancy Pelosi-esque way, the President has been saying, “We have a plan, but we won’t reveal it until September” which the Rajjpuut book of Obamaese translates as “We have absolutely no plan except to recycle our previously failed initiatives and then blame the Republicans when they won’t go along.”
            Let Rajjpuut in one paragraph destroy forever the nonsense expressed by President Obama implying that there are blessings in destruction. If you wanted to replace an ancient barely useful building and build a more modern and efficient structure on the site . . . it would indeed be the absolute greatest luck if a Hurricane Ezekiel came along and completely erased the old edifice from the landscape like it never existed . . . luck so great that we might label it a once in a billion situation. For the other 999,999,999 times when such a situation might occur you’ll just have to pay for the people with the cranes and wrecking ball to smash the old building to smithereens before you could expect to start work on the new structure. The same is true of a bomb being dropped upon the plant: imagine that the bombing happened just in the middle of a fire-drill when your old building was 100% vacant, thus forgetting for the sake of convenience all the loss of life and permanent and temporary injuries that would occur if the bombing occurred at some “unlucky time,” certainly that would speed up and reduce the price off beginning the new installation. Other than such true Godsends, destruction in the other 999,999,999 instances is always a net negative, kind of like Mr. Obama himself. The same is true obviously of wild-eyed nonsense like Cash-for-Clunkers ($4C). $4C was a net big negative for the economy of the whole country even while providing a temporary spike for the automobile industry. By destroying thousands of useful and even valuable used cars $4C has made the price of the typical used car rise $1,900 and hurt the lower middle and lower classes dramatically. So much for the notion of blessings found in destruction. So much for the myth of Barack Obama’s intellectual acuity. Ooops, saying that just made me a “racist,” “extremist” and “terrorist” now, didn’t it?           
                  And what is the economic foundation for understanding that destruction brings no blessings? All economic good beyond mere survival is based upon surplus (a.k.a. “profit”) and the main effect of destruction (beyond death, dismemberment, severe injury and full-blown inconvenience) is always destruction of surplus. Even if no one gets hurt and insurance covers everything 100% we’re talking about destruction of the insurance companies’ surplus and in some cases destruction of the insurance companies themselves and all the jobs that they provided. And then again there’s always all those irreplaceable items like photos and keepsakes that are destroyed or lost as well . . . so talk about your “fundamental transformations,” Obama the grand critic of capitalism is criticizing all economic good.
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
** Ex-Obama green jobs czar and Marxist, Van Jones obviously sees things far more clearly than the president.  Jones says Hurricane Irene should be called "Hurricane David Duke" referring to an infamous Ku Klux Klan former politician from Louisiana.  Jones is putting forth the proposition that everything was just getting great in Obamaland and now this "racist" hurricane is going to upset the apple cart.
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In a sparkling example of utter naivete, Barak Obama unilaterally pledged America not to counter-attack with nuclear warfare against non-nuclear nations that use biological or chemical weapons of mass destruction or initiate a crippling cyber attack against the United States . . . Neville Chamberlain must be proud. No nation in history has shown consistently more benevolence for our fellow world citizens; no nation in history has revealed itself more restrained and responsibly self-controlled in the use of weapons of mass destruction . . . so why, Rajjpuut asks, would any sane statesman take any potentially reasonable response to attacks against Americans or America off the table?
Even if this was just another example of an Obama lie, why would he give encouragement to potential enemies, why? Last time Rajjpuut examined the matter philosophically, even greater than all other war crimes is the crime of losing. It seems likely that people like Winston Churchill and members of the American leadership and intelligentsia and top military personnel would have all been rounded up and received summary judgment against some wall somewhere, if the Nazis and Japanese Empire won World War II. Given that sad truth, why on earth ever tie your own hands?

Which brings us to another Obamanation . . . it’s just never a good idea to tell one’s enemies one’s intentions . . . in this separate case giving a draw-down date for beginning to pull out of Iraq is a horrible miscalculation of the will and intelligence of the terrorists in that country. Just a couple months ago, Joe Biden claimed that victory in Iraq will prove to be one of the greatest successes of this administration. Granted the Veep sometimes speaks semi-idiotically off-the-cuff. Presumably he meant closing out the war in Iraq successfully and getting the trooops home quickly would be some sort of worthy accomplishment. Presumably Joe B. knows that everyone with a memory remembers that he and particularly Obama were the sternest opponents to the war in Iraq and to the “surge” which seemingly won the war. They were clearly wrong.

Now, however, Obama appears prepared to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in Iraq. In a phrase, just coined by Rajjpuut, Obama has decided to “de-surge”way, way too quickly and he’s thus given aid and comfort to Iraq’s enemies internal and external. Already Americans are transporting “materiel” to Afghanistan and yet . . . the War in Iraq is definitely NOT won. Al Queda in Iraq, Sunni death squads and Iranian supported Shiite militias are reaappearing on the scene now that it appears America was not after all “in it to win it.” What’s going on? Clearly more of “Obama naivete.” His predecessor G.W. Bush made a stupid speech titled "Mission Accomplished!" about six and a half years ago. The terrorists in Iraq may be crazy fundamentalist maniacs . . . but they are NOT stupid and they are not lacking in courage and resilience and determination . . . it appears we are underestimating them for the second and most fatal time . . . Nice work, Joe; nice work, Barak!

When Rajjpuut was in college in our semantics class the very first rule you learned was “The word is not the thing.” Mr. Obama from the git-go has gone out of his way to prove he’s never taken a semantics or economics or business or history or strategic thinking class in his life or at least he's never really learned anything valuable from any such class . . . . Of these four areas his biggest failing is in the realm of semantics. Obama has been acting since day one after the election as if all he has to do is say something and presto that something is achieved. No leadership, no hard work, no logistical balances, no fiscal considerations, no reality check, no real consideration of the pluses and minuses involved, no advice from those who actually understand the area in question, no need to consult with real experts outside of his Marxist coterie . . . just another simple silver-tongued speech and all live happily ever after (quite reminiscent of Jimmy Carter, eh?) in a socialist utopia called Barakville.

When, NOT if, the U.S. loses in Iraq and it becomes obvious, say about a year from now that he’s given Iraq over to terrorists and/or Iran or both . . . Mr. Obama will at that moment have proven himself to be the utter worst president in the nation’s history to a good 70% of the voters. And you can count on both the cause and effect by next May at the latest. Makes one proud to be an American . . . .

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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