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  • Educating/Connecting with new mothers/even grandmothers that need resources or place to turn to when facing the charge of preparing/caring for a special needs blessing child and maybe also sandwiched with the responsibility of primary care giver to a parent.
  • Health Literacy %%%%%%There is plenty I can work with here.

  I will do it in the way of a newsletter and website.  I want to be a success so my date to launch is set for 1/1/2014.

Here is the web page address to the employee directory of Health and Human Services.  This includes the CDC, NIH, SAMSA, FDA, Institutes of Health and all the rest.  It took me a long time to find this.  I cannot reconstruct the path.  I am quite sure it was an accident that I stumbled across it.  

Directory of Health and Human Services 


         Here is a trick. When you are trying to track down an employee put only 3 or 4 letters of the first name and last name.  You may have to play around with it a little but I promise you can find the email address and more. 

Power that is brokered by the agencies through rules and regulations is staggering.  Change is never fast because of all the firewalls, roadblocks and hiding that go on.  Part of my mission is to break this process down.  Call it an informational enzymatic digestive action working on cyberspace at trans-dimensional warp speed and Scottie in heaven is working on the engines to help us in the endeavor.   So pass it on and let’s take back what so many, including my father, brothers and more have fought to preserve in the form of freedom; even those that are warped with no sense of duty, respect, courtesy or moral aptitude have a right to it.

Use it when lobbying for healthcare change.  I promise the regulations they enact under the power given to them by the government is tremendous.  You have no idea how thankful I am to my parents right now and over the last four and a half years.

This will be long but I have already looked these up.  I am not going to do anything until after the election with respect to some personal issues I want to work on due to the fact that I am lazy and don’t want to do the same thing twice.

Head of Health Human: email – Kathleen.Sebelius@hhs.gov   Sibelius, Kathleen Agency OS Organization HHS/OS/IOS Job title Secretary HHS Room 120F Duty station Washington District of Columbia – Mail stop 200 Independence Ave. SW.

Asst sec HHS Howard K. Koh, M.D., M.P.H. Phone: (202) 690-7694 email Howard.Koh@hhs.gov

E.J. Holland, Jr. Assistant Sec.for Administration (ASA) Ned.Holland@hhs.gov Agency OS Organization HHS/ASA Job title ASA Rm 309F Duty station Washington District of Columbia Mail stop 200 Independence Ave SW Phone(202) 690-7431

Surgeon General -  email  Regina.Benjamin@hhs.gov  Benjamin, Regina M. Agency OS OrganizationHHS/OS/OASH/OSG Job title Surgeon General  United States Room 701-H station Washington District of Columbia Mail 200 Independence Ave SW Ph(202)401-8073

EMAIL – Jim.Esquea@hhs.gov  Esquea, Jim Agency OS Organization HHS/OS/ASL Rm 416-G station Washington District of Columbia Mail  200 Independence Ave. SW Ph(202) 690-7627

Acting Ast Sec public affairs  email  Dori.Salcido@hhs.gov  Salcido,Dori Agency OSOrganization  HHS/OS/ASPA Job Acting Assistant Secretary Public Affairs Rm 647-D Duty Washington District Columbia Mail 200 Independence Avenue SW Phone (202 690-7850

Ass. Sec. planning &evaluation email Sherry.Glied@hhs.gov  Glied,Sherry AgencyOS Organization HHS/OS/ASPE Rm 415-F station Washington District of Columbia Mail 200 Independence Ave. SW Phone (202) 690-7858

Lurie, Nicole email – Nicole.Lurie@hhs.gov AgencyOS Organization HHS/ASPR/IO Job Ass Sec Preparedness Response Rm. 6-638G station Washington District of Columbia Mail 200 Independence Ave. S.W Phone (202) 205-2882

Kelley, Alexia AgencyOS Organization OS/CFBNP Job Director Center Faith-Based Neighborhood Partner Rm747D station Washington District Columbia Mail 200 Independence Ave. S.W. Phone (202) 205-5597 Alexia.Kelley@hhs.gov

Tobias, Constance in charge of Departmental Appeals Board (DAB) of Agency OS Organization HHS/OS/IOS/DAB Job Chair Departmental Appeals Board Rm 6001 Duty Washington District Columbia Mail 800 N Capitol St. NW Phone (202)565-0200 email Constance.Tobias@hhs.gov

HHS Employee Details Head of Intergovernmental External Affairs (IEA) ad of Dioguardi, Paul AgencyOS Organization HHS/OS/IEA Job Director IEA Room 610E Duty station Washington District Columbia Mail 200 Independence Ave. SW Phone (202)690-6060 email Paul.Dioguardi@hhs.gov

HHS Employee Details National Coordinator Health Information Technology Mostashari, Farzad AgencyOS Organization HHS/OS/ONC Rm.729HstationWashington District Columbia Mail 200 Independence Ave. SW Ph202) 401-5197 email Farzad.Mostashari@hhs.gov

Head Adm. Children & Families Title is Acting Ass Sec head  hhs is sec…so all under may be assistant secretary

Murray, Ellen  Assistant Secretary Financial Resources (ASFR) ellen.murray@hhs.gov Phone: (202) 690-6396

Chief Administrative Law Judge for the Office of Medicare Hearings & Appeals (OMHA) Griswold, Nancy J. Nancy.Griswold@hhs.gov AgencyOS Organization HHS/OS/OMHA HQ Job Chief Administrative Law Judge Rm 1800-17 Duty Arlington Virginia Mail 1700 N Moore St Suite 1000  Phone (703) 235-0711

Inspector General, Office of Inspector General (OIG) Levinson, Daniel R. AgencyOIG Organization HHS/OIG/IO Job Inspector General Phone 202-619-3148

Rodriguez, Leon AgencyOS Organization HHS/OCR Job Director Office of Civil Rights Rm 5FL- 15 Duty Washington DC Mail 200 Independence Ave SW Phone(202) 619-0403 Leon.Rodriguez@hhs.gov

William.Schultz@hhs.gov Schultz, William B AgencyOS Organization HHS/OS/OGC Job Principal Deputy General Counsel Rm 7-713F Duty Washington DC Mail 200 Independence Avenue SW Phone(202)690-7741

Daulaire, Nils AgencyOS Organization HHS/OS/OGA Job Director Office of Global Health Affairs Rm 639H Duty Washington District Columbia Mail 200 Independence Ave SW Ph(202)690-6174 Fax(202)690-7127 Nils.Daulaire@hhs.gov

Head Samhsa Pam.Hyde@SAMHSA.hhs.gov Hyde, Pam AgencySAMHSA Orz HHS/SAMHSA/IOA Job Adm Rm 8-1065 Duty Rockville Maryland Mail 1 Choke Cherry Rd Phone(240)276-2000


>>>>>>> >>>       I promise some more but thi is hard to top.

List of all my blogs, information about me. 

http://www.napw.com/profile/?page=edit_pressrelease   National Woman of the year press release to hit soon












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CPA Sting Operation Nets IRS Fraud

Dear Senator Cruz:


Long before the American public became aware of the current IRS scandal, I witnessed firsthand the corruption taking place each and every day between the walls of the Whistleblower Office under the direction of Stephen Whitlock. 


Last November I demanded his resignation on behalf of all honest American taxpayers.  Subsequently I have accumulated evidence that I’ve turned over to the Department of Justice that shows Director Whitlock willfully violated federal laws that warrant his removal from office.


Honest Services Fraud 

Internal Revenue Service violated Federal law by failing to provide the public they serve with the intangible right of honest service. The law makes it a crime for government officials to deny the public of honest service.  Violating the HSF statute is a federal felony punishable by five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.


IRS Violated RRA Section 1203

IRS Director Whitlock violated section 1203 of the Internal Revenue Service Restructuring and Reform Act (RRA) when he failed to respond to Senator Jon Kyl’s Congressional Inquiry. In addition he willfully misused section 6103 in response to the CI made by Congressman Schweikert. Director Whitlock failed to answer the following question: “Did ABC Tax Co engage in tax fraud?” Instead of answering the question Director Whitlock said “disclosure laws that protect the tax information of all taxpayers prevent us from providing information to a third party on the outcome”.  This is a false statement.  Former Acting Commissioner Steven T. Miller issued a memo on June 20th, 2012, that stated “with appropriate controls, interaction with a whistleblower during an examination can assist in timely and correct resolution of issues”.  Director Whitlock provided false information to Congressman Schweikert. 


IRS Hid Behind Abused Power

I contacted the IRS on August 17th, 2012, to obtain a debriefing as promised by dismissed Acting Director Stephen T. Miller.  To-date I had blown the whistle on $934 million in earned income credit fraud committed by ABC Tax Co clients.   Listed below are questions I asked IRS employee Dale Cundiff before he hung up the phone on me.

Sorensen: “I submitted Part I of my claim against ABC Tax Co for $5,323,100 on February 6th 2012.  According to Deputy Commissioner Miller the initial evaluation of my case would have been completed approximately May 6th, 2012.  The Commissioner indicated that I would receive a debriefing and may be asked to provide my expertise as an informant.  Could you brief me on the results of the Whistleblower initial evaluation?”


IRS: Your claim is still open and I cannot comment on its status. That’s all that I’m legally required to say.


Sorensen: “The Whistleblower Office has a fiduciary duty to provide Randall Sorensen with the intangible right of honest service. Would you agree with that statement?”

IRS: I don’t understand


Sorensen: “I submitted Part II of my claim against ABC Tax Co for $12,015,000 on Feb 6th 2012.  Could you brief me on the results of the initial evaluation/”


IRS: No sir


Sorensen: “I submitted Part III of my claim against ABC Tax Co for $74,400,000 on Mar 6th 2012.  According to Deputy Commissioner Steven T. Miller the initial evaluation of my case would have been completed approximately June 6th 2012. Commissioner Miller indicated that I would be receiving a debriefing.  Could you brief me on the results of the initial evaluation?’


IRS: No sir claim is still open


Sorensen: “Deputy Commissioner Steven T. Miller stated in a July 25th, 2012 letter to Senator Grassley “collection function also has steps to obtain information from informants to assist in the collection efforts. On February 6th, 2012, I offered to test 5.4 million ABC Tax Co earned income tax filers for tax year 2011 in 5 minutes.  Can you tell me why the Whistleblower Office didn’t ask me for my assistance?”


IRS: Ahh   Ahh. I’m not sure of that one, it’s one or the other.


Based on the dysfunction I witnessed in the Whistleblower Office from February, 2012 through August, 2012, I knew the Whistleblower Office lacked the necessary competency and work ethic to conduct a billion dollar investigation. Therefore, I set up a sting operation. Below is a timeline of the trap I set to catch corrupt IRS officials:  


Sting Operation Timeline

 08/17/12 Sorensen called IRS to receive a debriefing on $1 billion claim

08/17/12 IRS Refused to provide answers after being on file 180 days

09/06/12 Sorensen filed client’s amended tax returns to obtain 2010 refund of $1,550 and 2011 refund of $6,788. The ex-husband was guilty of tax fraud for falsely filing head-of-household and daughter as a dependent

09/13/13 Sorensen submitted form 211 to WO to claim reward on ex-husband tax fraud of $6,515

11/22/12 IRS agreed and issued ex-wife 2010 refund of $1,550

11/07/12 Whistleblower Office set up claim #2012-001101 and sent letter stating it could take several years to resolve tax matters as well as several years to collect

11/19/12 IRS agreed and issued ex-wife 2011 refund of $6,778

11/21/12 IRS Friday before Christmas WO closed claim #2012-001101 one month after informing Sorensen it would be years and years

01/08/13 IRS prepared letter to Sorensen stating that information provided “did not result in any proceed”

04/02/13 Sorensen obtained transcript showing IRS never attempted to collect taxes from husband

04/02/13 Confirms IRS committed honest services fraud when they lied about phantom investigation and lied about phantom results

04/02/13 IRS embezzled funds from US taxpayers by cashing paychecks for work never performed


IRS Defrauded Sorensen $2,000

The Whistleblower Office sent a letter dated November 7th, 2012 indicating that it could take several years until final resolution of all tax matters.  In addition, the WO said that before we can pay a reward we must collect any taxes, penalties or fines and this could also take several years.  The Whistleblower Office prepared me to wait as long as six years or 2,000 days.  Instead the WO miraculously wrapped up its investigation in 44 days.  According to IRS employee S. Newton, badge number 100091224, my claim was closed December 21st, 2012 which was the Friday before Christmas.  If the IRS was willing to defraud Randall Sorensen of $2,000 then one could surmise that the IRS would NEVER consider a whistleblower claim against ABC Tax Co for $300,000,000. 


Internal Revenue Service employee Director Whitlock committed a federal felony. His office took credit for conducting phantom investigations, issuing false results of investigations that never took place and for denying Randall Sorensen with the government mandated right of honest service. Further, the IRS defrauded every American by failing to investigate blatant earned income credit tax fraud totaling $1 billion dollars.  I’m requesting that Congress hire a Big Four accounting firm to perform an independent investigation regarding malfeasance, misconduct and honest services fraud committed by the Internal Revenue Service.  Thank you for your anticipated cooperation and I will look forward to hearing from you.


Randall Sorensen CPA CFF


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I am submitting a blog that I wrote on an occurrence I suffered while working for a large regional bank.After 3 years of anger, hurt, blame...and seeing how our county is not so sharply divided after the call out from our President "tax the rich", I knew riots would erupt. This president and His administration and his cronies have set back and laughed as they have been apart of division. Remember the birth certificate...it divided the nation, they laughed....remember the debt ceiling crisis...his Friday speech? Everyone did call into their presentative..but, they knew there was already a divided state. Remember the Joplin tornado? Where were Obama and His wife??? Driving beer with his new found relatives. on our money. And now, oh so typical...the Jobs Bill....But see, my belief is that we are still...for a while...ONE NATION UNDER GOD....and He will get the last laugh. For me and my household. I will no longer participate in the hate...but, only unity of one America that is free. As a great leader Martin Luther King said...'FREE AT LAST...FREE AT LAST....GOD ALMIGHTY FREE AT LAST". I just pray and plead with Martin today, please have those words meant for me too Mr. King...I'm white but about to lose my freedom to this socialist dictator. And then the words of our great President Kennedy..."Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country". Mr. President, I tried to do that with www.spark-local.com and with the Spark-Local Stimulus where we as a community should take care of each other.For all those companies who want to be registered on a national directory as "MADE IN AMERICA" I'm here for you and I am not going to waste your money...I will promote the transparency heart out of you...I will make you shine and show that capitalism works at the lowest level of our economy...I promote you and will not allow your ad to sit and gather dust. You are MADE IN AMERCIA and I am proud of you...I believe as a business owner that you have to hire people and treat people with respect and dignity. I came up with my own internal motto: HEALTHY WORKERS + HEALTHY MANAGERS = HEALTHY PROFITS. I hope to never treat people the way I was treated...never...My Blog for the archives…it is time to move on and help a great cause…The Tea PartyTJs Integrity Unlimited ListMONDAY, DECEMBER 27, 2010We Operate With IntegrityWe Operate With IntegrityThese words, ‘We Operate With Integrity’ has stayed with me since the first incident on February 13, 2009 when in the office of my manager and in one of our so called “one on ones”, I was delivered a set of performance sentences from another department that were clearly not mine. And the one simple fact was, I was not that engaged with the department that my manager said they were from.So, the reader may say, “So what?” why make a big deal about it? Managers lie all the time, there is nothing you can do. But, I kept telling myself, “yea, but, the companies motto is “We Operate with Integrity”. I could not let it go. But, now, at the close of 2010, with a restraining ordered over my head from the company, without insurance, without a job and the future looking bleak after an interview with a temporary service yesterday requiring that I obtain 3 references from this institution, I ask myself “Why Terry, why would you ever have thought this bank would operate with Integrity? Why did you just keep telling yourself that in the end, truth would come out….why is such an idiot?”It has been hell for me since that day and also for my family and friends. By not letting go of just trying to get the simple question answered, “Where did these sentences come from?”, I obsessed night and day with only the end result of losing about everything that that I held near and dear. Family has stayed with me, certain others in my fellowship, and also those close friends who have only showed me unconditional love has stood with me through this whole ordeal. I have met some incredible people of whom I refer to as the heroes of work place bullying. Because it is an epidemic that is sweeping the workplace. As my EEOC investigator told me when I found out the truth about where the sentences came from, he said, “So what – they can do what they want?” Wow…did that ever hit like a ton of bricks.I filled an internal grievance and here is what happened’ me, alone had to sit with; manager, manager, HR Rep; higher level manager, HR Rep; me alone with the department manager of where the accusations came from – she is the only one who told the truth; proceeded to the highest level management and HR rep; after I signed off on the grievance, my management, both females, found another female to engage and the next thing I knew – I had a written warning with one of the statements was that I “threatened them”. This was enough for the EEOC to file a charge against the bank for reverse discrimination. Then, again, alone, because I did not have the funds for a lawyer, my meetings proceeded with me, alone, with; HR rep, internal lawyer, EEOC moderator, then, surprisingly enough on the day of reentry – SURPRISE, the bank had brought in outside counsel. So, being and knowing that I did not have council, it was me + HR Rep + internal lawyer + outside council and the ever so caring EEOC moderator. By that time, you would have thought I would have got the clue that this bank has no idea what it means to Operate with Integrity. It was apparent that they wanted to sweep everything under the rug. But, although they were just sentences, it was a matter of “fraud”. All I could think about was, what else are they sweeping under the rug?Well, the lawyers said that my management was afraid I was going to “harm them”, so, I would not be allowed back in. They were not going to try to find me another position; they wanted me and my crusade for justice out of their sight. So, after having no council I signed a bogus agreement and left, but, before leaving, I said the following words directed to the HR rep…..”You know, this type of harassment by these female managers was demonstrated by two other male employees before me, and you knew about it. One of the males was so beaten down that you did not know what he would do with himself, the other was so angry from the treatment, you did not know what he would do…I continued and said; “There will be one, it is not me because I am out of there, but one that will be pushed in the corner and he/she will have no where to turn and he will either harm themselves, their families, their management or go as far as harming their team.” She just looked at me…no care for what I said. Just – “Get Out!”This should have been the final chapter and all would have been well. But, after the time lapse for the severance ran out, I still had no job and the bank denied my unemployment causing hardship for 9 weeks until it was restated. I went into foreclosure, on the brink of bankruptcy, had two deaths, one being a close friend and then a sister that I will never forget…and after some desperate attempts, a mistake by me for some type of justice from this bank. Two days after my sister’s death, I received two restarting orders from the bank. The two were to appear in a Kansas court and then a Missouri court. Oh how we operate with integrity.I have struggled in closing out this chapter. I tried to start a blog on the concept that Jesus says to turn the other cheek and titled it “HEALTHY WORKERS + HEALTHY MANGERS = HEALTHY PROFITS” and then, I wanted to start a blog that demonstrated his anger when he overthrew the money changers tables in the temple and it was called’ “BUSTING THE BULLIES BALLS”, where, I wanted to flat out name the company so that customers who might trade with them would take a second thought as to if they wanted to do business with them or not.In both cases, I had to ask myself….”Terry, are you operating with integrity?” And sadly, no….I was not. I wanted revenge and still have that little seed in me. But, I am a man of faith who struggles with waiting on God. For God says; “vengeance is mine….I will repay.”2011 shows some hope and light in my life. I am trying to obtain a masters certification in entrepreneurship and open up my own business. I am hoping to help out with the healthy workplace bill by passing it in all states for the protection of employees in AT WILL STATES. And other ventures to keep me occupied, happy and productive. I doubt if I regain the confidence of friends that feel to the wayside but I tell you what, I will stay loyal to those who stayed loyal to me, because, I think I found the core of those who truly “Operate with Integrity”, and sometimes, we miss it. This blog is dedicated to the ones who stay loyal through the hell that others who are being bullied to the state of exhaustion. This blog is to say thank you for staying in their with all the obsessions, tears and fears. Thank you for you truly is the ones I call friends….you truly show what Operating with Integrity is all about. It is sad that companies around this nation cannot learn by your example. But regardless…..thank you for by your example, I will go forward with my business and with all prayers behind me….always strive - to Operate with IntegrityPosted by Terry Alan Jones at 8:48 AMEmail This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Google Buzz4 comments:Terry Alan Jones said...As I start 2011, I must forgive and release all the past and those who have caused me pain and anguish and to ask forgiveness of doing the same. The one thing I will always miss from the whole event, is the laughter I shared with my management at one time in one place where joy filled the air.I do not want to perpetrate division, strife or contention, but, as we all know the pressures in the work place are forever increasing and most have forgotten the old days of going to work, be respected and to respect others and to always strive to be honest and true.With this said, it is time for the American Worker to speak up concerning the conditions of the workplace and to stand up for safety. I am hoping that we will never hear the words from an EEOC Investigator stating that employers in At Will States "can do whatever they want". And for companies who proclaim safety and integrity stay true to their word.This blog has one purpose and that purpose is to gather a list from workers and managers to come up with what I call TJs Integrity Unlimited List. It is a simple list of the voice of the American Workers asking for safety, honor and respect in the work place.Let's take our voice to the streets - for it is time to stand up and declare both employees and managers - We Operate with Integrity - We care for one another and support one another in all our affairs at work.Bring back honor in the work place. Bring back respect for the individual. Believe it - we can all care for one another in the days and years ahead.December 31, 2010 7:03 AMAnonymous said...1. A supervisor or manager has the right or freedom to falsify an employees performance report in writing or verbally. This is considered fraud in the court of law and other parties knowing of its existence are considered to be “scinters and it is illegal.2. A supervisor or manager has the right or freedom to harass an employee due to a personal dislike or trust. The employee was hired for the job and should be treated respectfully as such.3. Supervisors/Managers should themselves be evaluated for incompetence’s and overload stress levels that are being expressed through to employees. HR should take some responsibility of seeing both sides.January 4, 2011 4:53 AMAnonymous said...HR is strictly for the company, making sure employees know company 'policy.' They can be friendly so long as employee comes to work, does work, and goes home. Which, ideally, is how work is supposed to go.HR does not like complaints. Bullies know this, they push and push 'the buttons' if they wish to. The only option is to 'take it.' LAUGH IT ALL OFF...AND NEVER DO MORE than is specifically asked. (that's how to get along in today's work culture) GOOD is NOT RESPECTED.As long as you don't fall for it by stating any political, social viewpoints. Never give an opinion to any other statements of others and NEVER sit in the lunchroom where 'the gossipers' sit and hope to twist your words; conversing with them, you will 'make it' in work.WORK STINKS. GOVERNMENT CONTROLS made it this way. GOD is being PUSHED OUT in favor of subjective morality. (PROTECT certain types only)Nothing to do but wait it outJanuary 4, 2011 11:25 AMTerry Alan Jones said...I had a thought - what if the AT-WILL (common law) was abolished and replaced with theHEALTHYWORKPLACEBILL.ORGIn its generic form it gives equal rights to both employer and employee providing hopefully at some point:Healthy Workers + Healthy Managers = Healthy ProfitsJanuary 20, 2011 4:55 AM
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