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Big Business and Immigration Reform/Amnesty


I am writing to as many tea party leaders, activists and conservative leaders as I can find.  We need to find out why big business is fighting for amnesty and immigration reform.

As conservatives, we are working toward deregulation and free enterprise, and the businesses that will benefit the most from our efforts are opposing us.  It is illogical.  We need to engage big business directly to find out what is going on and to let them know what we are doing and can do to help them and to let them know what we need from them.

  1. What makes foreigners, and illegal aliens more attractive than Americans as employees? 
    1. It is government control of our education that has reduced the competence of American citizens and college grads.
    2. Once “illegals” are legalized, they will be subject to the same requirements that make Americans expensive, minimum wage, able to sue for discrimination, etc.
    3. The illegal alien community is only about 12 million people.
    4. Agriculture workers comprise less than 10% of the workforce and that is the hew and cry:


  1. Why does big business support big government when it cripples free enterprise, which the US Chamber of Commerce says it supports?
    1. How much and what types of corporate welfare do they receive?
    2. Is the elimination of competition by government overregulation more valuable to big business that free enterprise?


  1. Why aren’t deregulation and elimination of the EPA their highest priorities.  They should be full on-board with the tea parties.
  2. Is big government, the Republican Party, promising big business something in exchange for their assistance in defeating the Tea Parties and conservatism?


We need to engage the US Chamber of Commerce, our local Chambers of Commerce and Big Business.  Message me if you would like an Excel spreadsheet of the CEO’s of the Fortune 500 as of June of 2013.  While some of these people may have changed position most of them will still be accurate.

I recommend a two-pronged approach:


  1. Tea Party and Conservative leaders need to reach out to these businesses to engage them and work with them to find solutions to the problems.
  2. Phone calls, letters and emails directly to big businesses opposing amnesty and immigration reform from as many citizens as possible.  We need to flood their phone lines with opposition to this legislation.

If we can find out what businesses met with John Boehner in Tuesday’s close door meeting, we need to contact them asap.


Following are more links on big business and amnesty/immigration reform:


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Forget walk softly and carry a stick. Our President leads from behind, confuses everyone and is detached from almost everything but the weekly Whitehouse parties and vacation activities.  We know Obama wants to transform America into a non super power, i.e., reduce our nuclear weapons to a level far below Russia and at or below China's level, supports the use of a world currency vs the US dollar and then retracted that statement by the former US treasury Secretary, Doesn't much like our Constitution, Ignores Federal court orders, his AG refuses to enforce some laws, the AG issued instruction nationwide to his ASST AG's to not present all evidence in regards to some drug cases and to seek less jail time than called for in federal sentencing guidelines, ( This is illegal), instructs agencies to go around the law and Congress, granted asylum and essentially ignores our immigration laws or the intent of those laws selectively.


No wonder Putin and others have no fear and certainly no respect for America and our current President. 38 Christian Churches have been burned down in Egypt and many Christians were murdered before the military stepped in to stop the Muslim Brotherhood.  Where was and is our President on these issues? If he speaks up will anyone listen? Sadly,  I think not, which is not good for the world or America.

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CPA Sting Operation Nets IRS Fraud

Dear Senator Cruz:


Long before the American public became aware of the current IRS scandal, I witnessed firsthand the corruption taking place each and every day between the walls of the Whistleblower Office under the direction of Stephen Whitlock. 


Last November I demanded his resignation on behalf of all honest American taxpayers.  Subsequently I have accumulated evidence that I’ve turned over to the Department of Justice that shows Director Whitlock willfully violated federal laws that warrant his removal from office.


Honest Services Fraud 

Internal Revenue Service violated Federal law by failing to provide the public they serve with the intangible right of honest service. The law makes it a crime for government officials to deny the public of honest service.  Violating the HSF statute is a federal felony punishable by five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.


IRS Violated RRA Section 1203

IRS Director Whitlock violated section 1203 of the Internal Revenue Service Restructuring and Reform Act (RRA) when he failed to respond to Senator Jon Kyl’s Congressional Inquiry. In addition he willfully misused section 6103 in response to the CI made by Congressman Schweikert. Director Whitlock failed to answer the following question: “Did ABC Tax Co engage in tax fraud?” Instead of answering the question Director Whitlock said “disclosure laws that protect the tax information of all taxpayers prevent us from providing information to a third party on the outcome”.  This is a false statement.  Former Acting Commissioner Steven T. Miller issued a memo on June 20th, 2012, that stated “with appropriate controls, interaction with a whistleblower during an examination can assist in timely and correct resolution of issues”.  Director Whitlock provided false information to Congressman Schweikert. 


IRS Hid Behind Abused Power

I contacted the IRS on August 17th, 2012, to obtain a debriefing as promised by dismissed Acting Director Stephen T. Miller.  To-date I had blown the whistle on $934 million in earned income credit fraud committed by ABC Tax Co clients.   Listed below are questions I asked IRS employee Dale Cundiff before he hung up the phone on me.

Sorensen: “I submitted Part I of my claim against ABC Tax Co for $5,323,100 on February 6th 2012.  According to Deputy Commissioner Miller the initial evaluation of my case would have been completed approximately May 6th, 2012.  The Commissioner indicated that I would receive a debriefing and may be asked to provide my expertise as an informant.  Could you brief me on the results of the Whistleblower initial evaluation?”


IRS: Your claim is still open and I cannot comment on its status. That’s all that I’m legally required to say.


Sorensen: “The Whistleblower Office has a fiduciary duty to provide Randall Sorensen with the intangible right of honest service. Would you agree with that statement?”

IRS: I don’t understand


Sorensen: “I submitted Part II of my claim against ABC Tax Co for $12,015,000 on Feb 6th 2012.  Could you brief me on the results of the initial evaluation/”


IRS: No sir


Sorensen: “I submitted Part III of my claim against ABC Tax Co for $74,400,000 on Mar 6th 2012.  According to Deputy Commissioner Steven T. Miller the initial evaluation of my case would have been completed approximately June 6th 2012. Commissioner Miller indicated that I would be receiving a debriefing.  Could you brief me on the results of the initial evaluation?’


IRS: No sir claim is still open


Sorensen: “Deputy Commissioner Steven T. Miller stated in a July 25th, 2012 letter to Senator Grassley “collection function also has steps to obtain information from informants to assist in the collection efforts. On February 6th, 2012, I offered to test 5.4 million ABC Tax Co earned income tax filers for tax year 2011 in 5 minutes.  Can you tell me why the Whistleblower Office didn’t ask me for my assistance?”


IRS: Ahh   Ahh. I’m not sure of that one, it’s one or the other.


Based on the dysfunction I witnessed in the Whistleblower Office from February, 2012 through August, 2012, I knew the Whistleblower Office lacked the necessary competency and work ethic to conduct a billion dollar investigation. Therefore, I set up a sting operation. Below is a timeline of the trap I set to catch corrupt IRS officials:  


Sting Operation Timeline

 08/17/12 Sorensen called IRS to receive a debriefing on $1 billion claim

08/17/12 IRS Refused to provide answers after being on file 180 days

09/06/12 Sorensen filed client’s amended tax returns to obtain 2010 refund of $1,550 and 2011 refund of $6,788. The ex-husband was guilty of tax fraud for falsely filing head-of-household and daughter as a dependent

09/13/13 Sorensen submitted form 211 to WO to claim reward on ex-husband tax fraud of $6,515

11/22/12 IRS agreed and issued ex-wife 2010 refund of $1,550

11/07/12 Whistleblower Office set up claim #2012-001101 and sent letter stating it could take several years to resolve tax matters as well as several years to collect

11/19/12 IRS agreed and issued ex-wife 2011 refund of $6,778

11/21/12 IRS Friday before Christmas WO closed claim #2012-001101 one month after informing Sorensen it would be years and years

01/08/13 IRS prepared letter to Sorensen stating that information provided “did not result in any proceed”

04/02/13 Sorensen obtained transcript showing IRS never attempted to collect taxes from husband

04/02/13 Confirms IRS committed honest services fraud when they lied about phantom investigation and lied about phantom results

04/02/13 IRS embezzled funds from US taxpayers by cashing paychecks for work never performed


IRS Defrauded Sorensen $2,000

The Whistleblower Office sent a letter dated November 7th, 2012 indicating that it could take several years until final resolution of all tax matters.  In addition, the WO said that before we can pay a reward we must collect any taxes, penalties or fines and this could also take several years.  The Whistleblower Office prepared me to wait as long as six years or 2,000 days.  Instead the WO miraculously wrapped up its investigation in 44 days.  According to IRS employee S. Newton, badge number 100091224, my claim was closed December 21st, 2012 which was the Friday before Christmas.  If the IRS was willing to defraud Randall Sorensen of $2,000 then one could surmise that the IRS would NEVER consider a whistleblower claim against ABC Tax Co for $300,000,000. 


Internal Revenue Service employee Director Whitlock committed a federal felony. His office took credit for conducting phantom investigations, issuing false results of investigations that never took place and for denying Randall Sorensen with the government mandated right of honest service. Further, the IRS defrauded every American by failing to investigate blatant earned income credit tax fraud totaling $1 billion dollars.  I’m requesting that Congress hire a Big Four accounting firm to perform an independent investigation regarding malfeasance, misconduct and honest services fraud committed by the Internal Revenue Service.  Thank you for your anticipated cooperation and I will look forward to hearing from you.


Randall Sorensen CPA CFF


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Who is the American Anarchist

Who is the American Anarchist


Let’s take a look at the left side of the aisle with some hard facts. 

Janet “Big Sister” Napolitano testified before the people that make the laws for our nation that she has the right to choose which laws to enforce and which to ignore. She has unilaterally declared that the first and fourth amendments are null and void within one hundred miles of any border of the United States.  And she brags about it.  She has purchased enough ammunition to wage a war for twenty years and supply her agents with one thousand times the ammunition allocated to soldiers in a combat zone.  She has purchased armored vehicles to be used on American soil.  She has declared to congress that she will not answer any question she doesn’t want to answer about the operation of her department nor give any reason for her actions even to the senate oversight committee to which she is supposed to be answerable.

Barack H. Obama, Harry Reid , Nancy Pelosi, et al have stated that the government determining which, if any, arms the people may bear is not an ‘infringement’ of our second amendment rights.  West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin has gone against his own position, stated repeatedly during his campaign, and actually sponsored a bill that would drastically reduce the power and effectiveness of the second amendment.  B. Obama demands that each person that owns or purchases or even borrows a gun of any nature submit to a background check to which he refuses to submit himself.

The Left has stated that they know a gun control law would not reduce crime, but they want the law abiding citizens disarmed anyway.  Of course the criminals will still ignore such a law leaving the law abiding citizens at their mercy.  One criminal called the police to complain that he was afraid the owner of the house he had broken into was armed with a gun!  It made the news folks. 

Harry Reid has stated publicly that an organization that has the stated purpose of defending and protecting the constitution of our country, The Tea Party, are a bunch of anarchists.

The only really amazing thing about all of these truths is the number of voters that still support these power hungry, constitutions destroying people.

It is my belief that we are headed for a bloody and life destroying civil war.  Well, If it must come I know which side I will avail myself of my second amendment right to support.  I once took an oath to uphold that constitution and I will until the day I die of am killed doing just that.

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Gun Control By Dictate: Abolishing the 2nd Amendment

                        Yesterday I wrote about government dictating how illegal aliens are going to be legalized by the “Gang of 8” scheme.  It matters not to Congress or the regime what We the People or the Constitution say.  They will decide how it is going to be and We the People will just have to accept it because it is “fair”.  Today I write about gun control and how government intends to impose their will on We the People, disregarding the Constitution and the rights of said People.  How does fairness and public safety figure into the latest dictates on firearms?

Gun control is being handled exactly the same way they have handled the illegal alien problem.  A nut goes out and shoots some people, so they pass laws to stop it from happening again.  Except that it happened again because they haven’t enforced the “new” laws they passed the last time this came up.  Gun control has been such a raging success everywhere it has been tried hasn’t it?  Gang violence with firearms is rampant in the major gun free zones in our nation.  Sen. Ted Cruz recently gave out 2010 figures that show 15,700 attempts by criminals to legally access firearms, in one year: 2010.  They were caught by the background check system in effect right now.  The Obama regime has prosecuted 44.  Clintonesque isn’t it???

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The Sequester Lie


                         The big deal they are making over this sequester nonsense is giving me a headache.  I have made this point on several social network site discussions so I thought I would put it all together on one place.  Obama, his cabinet minions, and all of the members of Congress come out and say; Social Security checks will stop, meat plants will shut down, the FBI won’t be able to track terrorists, the Border Patrol won’t be able to secure the borders, airports will shut down, pony rides in national parks will end, the sun won’t come up on March 2, and on and on and on adnauseum.  And the RINO’s in Congress aren’t doing any better.

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Olympic Arms Stands Up For The Constitution


Gun manufacturing company, Olympic Arms, Inc. has turned down a solicitation to advertise in the FOP Journal, the publication of the National Fraternal Order of Police.  The FOP very                         strongly supports the most extreme of gun control measures, highlighted by their jumping for joy over the Diane Feinstein proposal.  Olympic Arms issued a statement  with “grievances” listed as their reasons for refusing to advertise with the FOP.  They went even farther, saying they will not sell to, advertise with, or generally do business with any other entity supporting gun control, including the federal government. Other firearm manufacturers have also refused to sell to government entities.

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Hi everyone, I'm new to joining the Tea Party Command Center! My father pointed me in the right direction to join. About 4 months ago I returned from Afghanistan after completing a 12 month combat tour. While I was there I did manage to write a book. It isn't about my combat tour in Afghanistan or anything. I wanted to do something different. I published the book on amazon for readers to download to thier e-books, computers and cell phones. I took what has been going on in the country in that last 4 years and wrote a fictional story that the liberals were not happy with. The book is availible for download on amazon. It is properly titled AN AMERICAN INSURGENCY written by me Michael Podemski. I still serve on active duty in the Army. I love my country and am sad to see it in the condition that it is in currently. My friends who have read the book told me that the senerio the book was written around scared them silly. Let me know what you think of the book and its content! Thanks's great to be home and a new member of the Tea Party! 

here is a link for my book;

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SCOTUS Chief Justice Humpty Dumpty Roberts

(Sorry, I was unable to get this article to all 300 blogs and Social sites that I wanted to before the end of the 4th of July Weekend due to health and other issues)

This 4th of July and 4th of July weekend, our generation celebrates
the inspired bold acts and sacrifices of our Founding Fathers. Their
Declaration of Independence from the tyrannical aristocracy of England
gave rise to our great nation. This same generation of Americans went on
to draft our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

These documents
were based the Principles of Natural Law developed during the
Enlightenment and structured in such a way to attempt to make it
difficult from WE THE PEOPLE from being subjected to unrestrained
tyranny ever again. WE THE PEOPLE became Citizens instead of subjects.
Elected officials would be known as Public Servants, and WE THE PEOPLE
were to be the country’s sovereigns. Those inspired bold acts and
sacrifices along with the brilliantly crafted Constitution and Bill of
Rights bestowed upon WE THE PEOPLE, the freedoms and prosperity we have
enjoyed for 236 years.

At the same time, our Founding Fathers
vigorously warned us of the precarious nature of Liberty. Perhaps that
warning is best remembered in Benjamin Franklin’s words as he was
leaving the Constitutional Convention. In response to being asked “What
type of Government have you given us?” Franklin responded:

A Republic, if you can keep it!

THE PEOPLE should be ever mindful of the precious blood and lives of
the Founding Generation that our Freedoms and Country were the fruit of
lest we forget or betray that generation’s great personal sacrifices.

seems fitting, that this Fourth of July, 2012, someone of our
generation should apologize to the future generations of Americans for
our generation failing to heed the Founding generations warnings to be
vigilant in the defense of our liberty. WE THE PEOPLE have not performed
the inspired bold acts nor suffered the hardships nor made the
sacrifices necessary to preserve the prosperity and liberties our
Founding Fathers bestowed upon our own and previous generations of
Americans through their sacrifices in blood and lives.

Some of
this writer’s generation of Americans was willing to trade Liberty for
security. Other Citizens were too busy to be bothered. Still others
wanted just to “go along to get along” so they could just live their own
lives and avoid suffering reprisals for making anyone unhappy with
them. Some were not willing to accept the potential risk and
retaliation for daring to challenge the systemic corruption of our time.
And some of this writer’s generation, including this writer himself,
let others (clandestinely and/or accidently) ineffectively lead and/or
mislead the opposition to Obamacare into the complacency with
suggestions of almost certain victory.
And some, like this writer
himself, simply did not exert the necessary educational and persuasive
effort to prevail.

Before we go further, it is often said that
history is written by the winners. This apology is written from the
perspective of those that lost the fight to prevent socialized medicine
from being inflicted on America.
Through this writing, this writer
hopes to reanimate this generation to act like freemen and demand
freedom, to embrace the rigors of liberty, to cast off the duplicitous
tyranny that has befallen us and re-inhabit the Vision the Founding
Fathers had for this County.


so many of this writer’s generation of writer’s openly professing how
much they love their children and how much they do and would sacrifice
for them, WE THE PEOPLE would be remiss to not take the blame and
apologize to future generations of Americans for inflicting Obamacare
upon them. The wide ranging detrimental effects Obamacare will inflict
on our country and future generations of Americans will be devastating
and irreversible and may well result in the complete and/or effective
demise of the USA as our generation now knows it.

before this writer says anything more, I apologize and accept total
personal responsibility for not working hard enough to educate my fellow
citizens as to why Obamacare will endanger our country, how it will
inflict great harm on future generations of Americans, and why,
therefore, it must not be made law.

However, before we begin with
the reasons and consequences requiring an apology to future generations
of Americans, let’s take a step back. Let us examine possible events
that might negate and/or mitigate the disastrous effects of Obamacare
between the writing of this article and its being read by future


the future consequences of Obamacare cannot be known with absolute
certainty, this writer would be remiss if he did not first address
events that could negate and/or mitigate this writer’s posited
consequences of Obamacare.

To continue reading for free, please click here:

Those were my thoughts.

In Closing:

Thank you, my fellow citizens, for taking your valuable time to read and reflect upon what is written here.

Please join with me in mutually pledging to each other and our fellow
citizens our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor to our mutual
endeavors of restoring liberty and economic opportunity to WE THE PEOPLE
as our Founding Fathers envisioned and intended. [Last Paragraph,
Declaration of Independence ]

This article is written with the same intentions as Thomas Paine I seek no leadership role. I seek only to help the American People find their own way using their own “Common Sense”


Keep Fighting the Good Fight!

In Liberty,

Don Mashak
The Cynical Patriot
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End the Fed(eral Reserve Bank System) #ETF
National Minneapolis

Lawless America #LawlessAmerica

Justice in Minnesota #JIM

Bring Home the Politicians #BHTP

Get out of our House #GOOOH

Critical Thinking Notice - This author advises you as no politician would dare. Exercise Critical Thinking (
in determining the truthfulness of anything you read or hear. Do not
passively accept nor believe anything anyone tells you, including this
author... unless and until you verify it yourself with sources you trust
and could actively defend your perspective to anyone who might debate
you to the contrary of your perspective.






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“. . . a lot of other Europeans in the wake of the Climategate scandal have started calling environmentalists there, not just “greenies,” but now “watermelons” (green on the outside, deep RED on the inside) in recognition of the fact that the chief interest in Cap and Trade has been mainly kept alive by ultra-socialist groups and communists because it practically requires nationalization of all of a nation’s enterprises; requires the all-powerful central government to control all decisions about what to produce, where to produce it, when to produce, where to market it, and how, etc., etc. ad nauseum.” Rajjpuut

‘Progressive-Elitist’ John Kerry

Fumes Over Unsophisticated Voters

According to several internet stories, one-time Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry is NOT a happy camper. According to Yahoo, Kerry would like to “elect a new people.” Complaining that Americans have “abandoned science and truth,” Kerry insists on preaching to anyone that will listen that Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck have led us into a new era of “know-nothingness.” Kerry, you see, is bitter over the fact that Cap and Trade legislation in the senate (a bill he sponsored) never even came to a vote there over the last 17 months, much less passed into law. Kerry feels that “. . . truth and science and facts don’t weigh in. It’s all short-order, lowest common denominator, cheap-seat politics.”

Kerry, the Senate’s richest man has apparently never read this ten and a half month old story:

Why not? Well, because the American MSM (mainstream media), that gives unrelentingly false and favorable coverage to folks like Kerry of the progressive-elite, failed to publicize the fact that even the ultra-liberal London Times (after examining the evidence released in so-called “Climategate” revelations) agrees that global warming is a hoax. That would mean that some particularly sane Americans like Rajjpuut who have long been “global-warming deniers” have actually abandoned gullibility and inanely following the crowd as far as the Europeans are concerned. By the way, here’s a list of 31,000+ other Americans (all scientists, with 9,000+ of them PhD’s who’ve also long denied global warming:

And then there’s the fact that the 2,500 year model global warming theory was based upon had dropped 500 years out of their data collection. Which 500 years? The Medieval Warm Period when temperatures got so warm that ice virtually disappeared from the Northern Hemisphere and Greenland was truly green and Leif Erikson discovered Greenland, established Viking settlements there and even discovered “Vinland,” a.k.a. Canada’s Newfoundland and even established a short-lived settlement there also. So the reason recent times looked so warm is because the global warming “scientists” (we’ll use the word ‘loosely’) while they’d dropped the Medieval Warm Period from their calculations had put extra emphasis upon the 500 year long “Little Ice Age” that killed off the Vikings in Greenland . . . with all that happening and after creating false “hockey stick graphics,” of course the figures lied and said global warming was factual. Poor Senator Kerry never read this article about all that either:

Not only that but Kerry, who recently got a lot of global-heat from trying to avoid Massachusetts’ taxes on his yacht, likes to complain to other tuxedo-wearing participants at $1,000-a-plate dinners somehow couldn’t connect the outrageous taxes on his yacht to the laws passed by liberal fools like himself, preferring rather to gritch about Limbaugh, Beck, the TEA Party and the stupidity of the great unwashed masses who won’t simply take his every sainted utterance as pure GOSPEL . . . the nerve of them!

Kerry, of course, discounted entirely that Cap and Trade would immediately jack up all prices in the United states by 77% (our present economy is $13 trillion thanks to the recession; adding the $10 Trillion per year cost of cap and traded according to some of its most famous proponents . . . we’d then have a $23 TRillion economy based purely upon the addition of “blue sky”; resulting in 77% inflation) . . . leaving that aside for now . . . Barack Obama, in a rare moment of actual truth-telling, told the San Francisco Chronicle his Cap and Trade policy A) “would bankrupt the coal industry” and B) would also “necessarily make the price of electricity sky-rocket.” I guess the fact that 53% of the country still voted for Obama after that revelation spoiled Senator Kerry . . . he apparently assumed silly voters not only were very, very silly, but also absolutely could NOT learn even when the obvious was staring them in the face.

Of course a frequent tux-wearer on the other side of the Atlantic Lord Lawson, former Chancellor of the Exchequer actually called Cap and Trade “a royal highway to corruption” while a lot of other Europeans in the wake of the Climategate scandal have started calling environmentalists there, not just “greenies,” but now “watermelons” (green on the outside, deep RED on the inside) in recognition of the fact that the chief interest in Cap and Trade has been mainly kept alive by ultra-socialist groups and communists because it practically requires nationalization of all of a nation’s enterprises; requires the all-powerful central government to control all decisions about what to produce, where to produce it, when to produce, where to market it, and how, etc., etc. ad nauseum.

Bjorn Lomborg, the famed “Skeptical Great Dane Environmentalist,” though he believes in global warming is an eminently practical and honest man. Lomborg has said that even if we imposed Cap and Trade, with all of its ability to straightjacket the already paralyzed world economy, it would result in barely a 1-degree difference in Global Warming by the end of this century. In response to the exaggerated alarmism of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth,” Lomberg created a documentary called “Cool It” which urges hisfellow environmentalists to cool the rhetoric about global warming as an existential threat to the planet.

As for Senator Kerry, the truth is that progressive elites like him owe the country a huge apology. All the worst ideas still plaguing America (and a lot of others as well) right now are rooted in progressivism, all of them. Think of the worst unfunded liabilities initiated for “all the best motives” and you’ve described progressivism to a “T.” Here are some of those ideas and the president’ in power when they began:

1. Truly Big Government: Teddy Roosevelt

2. Government Control over large land tracts: Teddy Roosevelt

3. The Federal Reserve Bank: Woodrow Wilson

4. The Income Tax: Woodrow Wilson

5. Fighting in Europe’s Wars: Woodrow Wilson

6. Government propaganda: Woodrow Wilson

7. Internment Camps: Woodrow Wilson

8. Controlling (and shutting down) the press: Woodrow Wilson

9. Big interfering Government: Herbert Hoover

10.Ultra-high protective tariffs: Herbert Hoover

11. Huge Tax and Spend Government: FDR

12.Confiscation of Gold: FDR

13. Devaluing the Dollar: FDR

14. Ultra-big Government: FDR

15. Social Security: FDR

16. Expansive Welfare: LBJ

17. Medicare: LBJ

18. Medicaid: LBJ

19. Government Bailouts of Cities: Gerald Ford

20. Government control of Mortgage Industry Jimmy Carter

21.Government bailouts of companies: Jimmy Carter

22. Expansions by fiat thrice by legislation to Carter’s CRA: Bill Clinton

23. Motor Voter Act: Bill Clinton

24. TARP bailouts: G.W. Bush

25. Federal Government involved in bankruptcies: Barack Obama

26. Nationalized Healthcare insurance: Barack Obama

27.Government control of auto companies: Barack Obama

28. Government control of Banks: Barack Obama

29. Government control of student loans: Barack Obama

30. Financial control “reform”: Barack Obama

31. Bailouts of Banks and Wall Street: Barack Obama

32. State Socialism: Barack Obama

Remembering the “Watermelon-Connection” wherein ultra-socialists “green on the outside and Deep RED on the inside” want to use Cap and Trade as a stepping-stone to government takeover of virtually everything because it practically requires nationalization of all of a nation’s enterprises; requires the all-powerful central government to control all decisions about what to produce, where to produce it, when to produce, where to market it, and how . . . . isn’t it fitting that Barack Obama and progressive-elitist and would-be president Kerry are so interested in this seriously flawed “science?” And so looking over that unending list of failure every time serious government taxing, spending, control or interference is contemplated, Senator Kerry still just can’t understand why the masses of sheep are no longer following him to the slaughter house, "It's absurd. We've lost our minds," he keeps repeating.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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National Park Service shills for Big Pharma

Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News

It has been discovered on September 26 2010 at both the Northwest New Mexico Visitor Center, and El Malpais information center that now theNational Park Service (NPS) aka the Department of the Interior has beenshilling for the H1N1 Vaccine scare by the World Health Foundation andalso by Big Pharma.

Luckily I bring my camera bag almost everywhere I go so when nobody was in the restroom I took a quick shot to send to the Internet to leteverybody know what the NPS is doing in response to the H1N1 Vaccinescare, they want you to get your H1N1 Vaccine shot.


Also according to a cropped image copied from another shot taken of the propaganda vaccine poster it says that the National Park Service nowhas a Office of Public Health. Now since when does the NPS and allgovernment agencies need to have their own Health Department to makesure that everybody gets the inoculation to receive toxic chemicals,live viruses, cancer viruses, and even future health problems at thevictims expense, that means that they have to pay for the damage totheir own bodies they receive from the vaccination shot they were toldthey have to have for public safety.


Also this is a closeup again from the other shot not being shown on here because of the JPEG Compression makes it hard to read the photo.


The image states "Get the H1N1 vaccine when it becomes available" by the National Park Service Office of Public Health also by theDepartment of the interior.

When you see conservation government organizations which the whole goal was to protect the Nations most valuable monuments and mostbeautiful lands of nature, being owned by the UN aka United Nations orbeing used as a tool of mass indoctrination, mass murder, and eugenics,then it is no longer recognized as a conservation organization butanother hammer given to Big Pharma to squash those that resist havingmore health problems which generates billions of dollars to thepharmaceutical industry.

People need to do plenty of research and ask opinions of many different doctors on whether the vaccine shot will actually help or hurtbecause what people don't know about the vaccines may hurt them.Vaccinations have been reported to having chemicals, cancer viruses, andother live viruses.

What the National Park Service has done is indoctrination and propaganda for Big Pharma because they are not asking people to doresearch and make a choice on whether vaccines are good or not, theposter says to just get it no matter happens to your body you must getit for the guise of protecting the Health of others.

Hitler told various lies just like Obama, and Bush about how serving under a youth corps, serving fascism, and abolishing the Constitutionis a good thing for the security and safety of the German people.Safety, having good health, saving the environment, and even Securityare being used to indoctrinate the whole Nation into fear and slavery.

Also now why would New Mexico National Parks be the only area to have vaccine propaganda and H1N1 fear mongering?

Well take a look at who is friends with the globalist created marketing puppet.

The New Mexico Governor that's in charge of New Mexicos state affairs is best friends and even endorces Obama according to theGuardian. These people don't care about your health they just wantto pose for the camera and then work with their globalist masters fortheir next orders and then they will both be rewarded with being ableto lead us all into a Eugenic New World Order where the science ofTyranny is law, where populations have to be reduced from the billionsto five-hundred million, and where all of human activity is monitoredby super computers where no activity is private.

The globalists want Obama to lead us into scientific tyranny with a little fascism on then side. For those who won't be sacrificed for theagenda of World Governance, will become slaves that will comply to everywish and order provided by the worlds top elite.

The National Park Service needs to remember that they are not suppose to indoctrinate people to vaccine, and that they are suppose to beprotecting National Landmarks as their job is intended by the taxpayers. Now they only shill for the agenda creators and that instead ofgetting rid of chronic illnesses and diseases, we will have even morehealth problems that will put us under dozens of more prescriptionmedications till the day we die.

I hope American Patriots and truthers will stand up against the NPS Propaganda and that it is not just a waste of tax payers dollars butalso makes the National Park Service another indoctrination center forthe World Health Organization, Big Pharma, and the New World Order.

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100% of "Obama-Reform" 100% NOT Actual Reform

Back when you were a child and young adult, didn’t the noun, “reform” when talking about government and laws mean “improvement,” “removing corruption,” or perhaps a “change in policy aimed at improving or removing corruption?” When exactly did it come to mean, “moving closer to socialism and total control by the federal government?’

The country is stagnating beneath hideous new laws that give us greater socialism under the “reform” banner of Obamacare; takeover of the student loan program; etc. while President Obama is putting comprehensive immigration “reform” forth as the next great crisis that can only be solved by giving him more power. The amnesty he wants is expected to give him 85% of the estimated 12-20 million new voters created by this “reform.” And tonight in Washington, the House of Representatives will vote on “Financial Regulatory Reform.”

Anyone with a conscience and integrity must vote “NO,” but expect roughly 95% of the Democrats in the house to support one more travesty. By taking control of the American financial industry without actually reforming the sector that actually DOES NEED REFORMING (Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and the four mortgage guarantee laws passed between 1977 and 1998), Obama will make the world safe for Communism but certainly NOT for the American Republic.

The bill represents a huge lost opportunity, according to Tennessee Representative Marsha Blackburn. A lot went wrong between 1977’s Community Reinvestment Act; and the ’92 law that expanded it to include Fannie and Freddie; the two further expansions in ’95 and ’98 and the incredible abuse by ACORN of the incredibly irresponsible notion of forcing lenders to make bad loans to people without I.D., without jobs, with abysmal credit ratings, to people without even rental references or rental addresses, and even to illegal aliens. That is the single greatest and most important cause of the recent financial collapse and no one seems to want to talk about it. Those laws are still on the books. That REFORM would be valuable and help the nation survive, that reform will not occur under this disgusting law. Blackburn opposes all laws aimed at crippling the economy to the benefit of a bigger Washington.

We could have had a bi-partisan bill protecting the nation’s economy. Instead we’re given a monstrous truckload of ill-conceived new regulations, one more new bailout fund, and a whole set of new bureaucracies in this bill; none of which are likely to address the root causes of the financial crisis or prevent the next one. For example, as mentioned above, the bill doesn't address Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. The bi-partisanship will occur among those who oppose the bill virtually all Republicans and a good twenty conscientious Democrats.

The new law also makes it much harder for community banks to compete according to Marsha Blackburn. These community banks, which have far fewer resources than the big New York firms, will have to comply with the same regulatory and reporting requirements. They won't, however, have the benefit of a permanent bailout fund to use as a hedge against risky and potentially profitable moves. This is the second greatest problem with this stupid law . . . . locking-in the concept of “too big to fail” which encourages risky behavior that can payoff big but (because we’re “too big to fail”) has NO DOWNSIDE. Once more Barack Obama has had a chance to be a real leader and really help the country and opted instead for ideological nonsense that takes the country in the absolute wrong direction.

According to Minnesota's Michele Bachmann, similar to Obamacare "reform" passed three months ago, this final bill negotiated between the House and the Senate is 2,000 pages of bureaucracy in which the people who wrote it again don't even know what's in it. In fact, Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT), the man most responsible for crafting this piece of legislation, said a la Nancy Pelosi, “No one will know until this is actually in place how it works." Of course Dodd and his Dem cronies rejected a series of Republican amendments that would have dealt with Freddie and Fanne; the ridiculous notion of too big to fail; and bailouts of all sorts.

The new bill, should it become law absolutely guarantees more and more dangerous financial Armageddons for the country. The mainstream media accuses the TEA Party of claiming that Barack Obama is the “Anti-Christ” . . . Wow! Rajjpuut hates to see the Anti-Christ’s name get taken in vain like that.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,

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Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News

It seems like more and more eating healthy foods is causing nothing butmore problems while there's all these eat healthy, eat right movements,it seems as though with every food we eat becoming genetically altered(GMO), that with Vitamins being altered to be filled with contaminantsand coming from China, and Big Pharma becoming more and more greedy formore money plus tax payers dollars under the future Obamacare Socialistprogram, that more of the things we eat, drink, and the air we breatheis becoming more toxic and tainted with chemicals.

Right now I am sick with a very persistent virus that's hard to fight or remove (Iam serious I got sick just 2 days ago), and so I am so angry that I gotthis virus after taking all of these healthy vitamins and then caught asummer cold I decided to type up this article and do some research onwhether others suspected the Big Pharma has tampered with our Vitaminssupplements, and Herbal Supplements.

I took the Goji Berry drink, Vitamin Water, Acai Berry (Although that did make me lose weightwhich was what I wanted), and ate healthy foods at Golden Corral suchas salad and other things. After all that in the middle of very hottemperatures I received a cold which got worse each day. First it wasconstant runny nose and tiredness, and then went straight to headachesand violent coughs.

I even took 3 different cough medicines and nasal decongestants and all three seem to have hardly any positiveeffect on me while I read that one of those medicines have me at riskof Liver damage.

Also last year my mom took multi-vitamins and right after she started taking the most recent kind her lips swelled uplike she was taking some heavy drugs but it wasn't drugs, it wasvitamin supplements. Also when I took the Glymetrolmy health problems started getting worse and I got scammed by it. Nowthanks to Glymetrol my health has worsened and I am now taking pillsfor acid reflux which I never had to take before until after I startedtaking Glymetrol.

This tells you that herbal supplements and vitamin supplements helping the human body, it is becoming the sameresult as pharmaceutical drugs which has permanent side effects, thatinstead of helping and rejuvenating the human body it is now causingmore health problems, and leading us to being even more sick thenbefore plus not to mention bodily suffering.

Also when I did some research theres been reports that Vitamin supplements and herbal supplements have contaminants in them. Also all of this weird stuff with peoplesvitamins started happening right after the FDA started announcing of going to war with the vitamin companies back in 2007.

So why haven't the vitamin companies been shut down after all of thosethreats, maybe there was a better way to go against those using bothalternative medicine and people using natural supplements, and that isby manipulating and contaminating vitamin, herbal, and alternativemedicine supplements.

People of course thinks this has nothing to do with Big Pharma tampering with vitamins that either people aretaking too many supplements or dieting isn't easy and can have thoseeffects but from what I have seen vitamins are getting more and morelike drugs each year and this year the vitamins are really giving meand others I know bad effects.

From all I am finding out right now I am now certain Big Pharma is getting tired of fighting theVitamin and Herbal supplement companies but instead could be investingand/or tampering with the natural supplements to eliminate more chancesto get away from Biug Pharma's toxic medicines.

Also it seems like vitamins these days don't do anything to help with the problems asthey are probably being made in a shady factory of China. My grandmagot her toe broken even though she took vitamins, my mom got her lipsswelled from taking multivitamins from walmart, and I got very sickafter taking not too many but a good amount of vitamin drinks and foods.

Also I have been wondering about cell phone towers and their interferencewith Rife machine and other health frequencies. When I tried goodfrequencies it took forever to start getting some results and then itflat out failed so it makes me wonder if cell phone towers across thecountry are really being put up not just to cause cancer but to alsoblock healing frequencies to further get us dependent on Big PharmaDrugs and vaccinations. As long as they have us all dependent they cankeep us all underf control and make lots of money.

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The short term Tea Party goals are important. We must remove irresponsible politicians from Washington DC and try to regain some measure of control over our government. This is only a stopgap measure, however, since the legal loopholes that allowed this gargantuan government to evolve are still in place.

We can argue about what we consider Constitutional until we are blue in the face, but as long as the Supreme Court rules in favor of big government with vague interpretations, the Republic will always be at risk.

The first time I saw a map with 38 states taking action to legally oppose Obamacare, it suddenly dawned on me: 38! Just the number of states needed to ratify an Amendment to the Constitution! We have the momentum and now support from the several states.


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