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Catching pigs

Democrats capture laziness by giving more

Catching pigs

Author unknown

There was a chemistry professor in a large college that had some exchange students in the class.

One day while the class was in the lab, the professor noticed one young man, an exchange student, who kept rubbing his back and stretching as if his back hurt. The professor asked the young man what was the matter.

The student told him he had a bullet lodged in his back. He had been shot while fighting communists in his native country who were trying to overthrow his country's government and install a new communist regime.

In the midst of his story, he looked at the professor and asked a strange question. He asked: Do you know how to catch wild pigs?

The professor thought it was a joke and asked for the punch line.

The young man said that it was no joke. You catch wild pigs by finding a suitable place in the woods and putting corn on the ground.

The pigs find it and begin to come every day to eat the free corn.

When they are used to coming every day, you put a fence down one side of the place where they are used to coming.

When they get used to the fence, they begin to eat the corn again and you put up another side of the fence.

They get used to that and start to eat again. You continue until you have all four sides of the fence up with a gate in the last side.

The pigs, which are used to the free corn, start to come through the gate to eat that free corn again.

You then slam the gate on them and catch the whole herd. Suddenly the wild pigs have lost their freedom.

They run around and around inside the fence, but they are caught. Soon they go back to eating the free corn.

They are so used to it that they have forgotten how to forage in the woods for themselves, so they accept their captivity.

The young man then told the professor that is exactly what he sees happening in America.

The government keeps pushing us toward Communism/Socialism and keeps spreading the free corn out in the form of programs such as supplemental income, tax credit for unearned income, tax exemptions, tobacco subsidies, dairy subsidies, payments not to plant crops (CRP), welfare, medicine, drugs, etc.

While we continually lose our freedoms, just a little at a time.

One should always remember “real truths”:1

1. There is no such thing as a free lunch and you can never hire someone to provide a service for you cheaper than you can do it yourself.

2. “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have” - Thomas Jefferson    

3. Give a Man a Fish; you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish he can feed himself for a lifetime. 

4. May God help you when the gate slams shut!

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America's Pride

By: Juan Reynoso, activist  -     STAND FOR AMERICA

"Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty."

Open Letter to: us the people of Texas and the USA.

Fellow Americans, it was a time when we was the number one producers of goods in the world, we manufacture everything and export our goods all over the world and we have a system of tariff  to protect our manufacturing and Americans jobs.

Today, do to the free trade agenda that change our capitalist system into this predator corporatism that we all know today; the destroyer of our jobs and the maker of the American second class of economic slaves dependents of our government social services. Some Americans look to their future and are facing the big challenges of today.  A sluggish recovery, the rising taxes, the falling incomes the huge exploding deficits and an ever-expanding federal government; most question. How do we get out of this mess? There is only one path forward that will restore America’s economic vitality, create our own jobs and opportunity, and help to put Americans back to work, one job at a time. In the pass our economic system allowed us to build the single greatest engine of growth and shared prosperity that the world has ever known. Free enterprise enables many not only to “dream big” but to fulfill their dreams; today many Americans refused to be a government dependent and they are creating a job for themselves and provide a service to the community that is the real free enterprise that we must support.

Today I was at the Washtub car wash- 17780 Blanco Rd. in San Antonio and while I was at the car wash I had the pleasure to meet Mr. Berkinkampthe; this gentleman is a true American entrepreneur, this guy have it ruff, no jobs and a family to support but nothing can stop this guy from earning a honest living, he has started a shoeshine business at the carwash and he is working and refused to let the system win, he is a believer of the American that we use to know, we must support the ideals that create jobs, free enterprise one job at a time that create opportunity for grow and foster innovation that with time will transform into the greatest economy in America.

Fellow Americans we must support the small business, the guys that refused to give up their dignity and become a dependent of this corrupt system of government. If you need to wash your car go to the washtub car wash at 17780 Blanco Rd. and have your shoes shine. May God bless you for supporting America’s pride, the man that face a corrupt government but still obey the laws, no clothes but still have his dignity, No jobs money or material things but he create a job to support his family, a man that show respect and love to all that come in contact with by greeting them with a smile. That is the man that we should support; that is our America’s pride.

We must stop the predator corporatism; they control our government by political contribution, the political bribery system. Join us now. and help us to create “Dignified Jobs and Decent Wages for Americans.”

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The Serenity prayer… staple of alcoholics, addicts and troubled people everywhere. Edited for our group use, HE won’t mind… As a recovering alcoholic now in my twelfth year of sobriety, I have found special meaning in this prayer. As Edwin G Hose Pro Se, it has saved my soul and served as my guided path to arrive at where I am today. You surely have seen “Footprints”, in which God carries us in times of troubled insecurity. HE has carried me for 99% of my life. With His help and these words of meaning, I have am now better prepared to carry myself. I choose to walk among like minded people. While The Tea Party focuses on the major problems which plague our country today (illegal immigration is but one), I have enjoyed being granted permission and given grateful assistance in telling my true story from this AMERICAN platform. For most, mine is a matter to be dismissed and disregarded. For me it has been a matter of absolute necessity to tell. I am much more likely to maintain my sanity having done so. For those of you who have noticed my presence, I have come here to officially report the gang rape of my character, integrity and soul by Buca Inc(NASDAQ) and one ( or two, Mr. Owsiany) unscrupulous lawyer ( Lois Glanby ). In my Pro Se action(s) I had attempted to report the crime, but not being a lawyer I have failed to provide myself the sought after trial that had been stolen from me. This apparent failure however is not actually a failure. A specific purpose has been achieved. THE ILLEGALLY OBTAINED AND DECEPTIVELY FILED “AGREEMENT” IN HOSE V BUCA INC CASE 2:07-CV-00242 HAS BEEN SHREDDED AND DISPOSED OF. The “non disparagement” clause in this “generic” document has been the primary motivation, TRUTH IS NOT DISPARAGEMENT. I have posted 30+ documents from bygone years that tend to confirm my allegations. It was my intent to have a jury hear this. From a lie made by a general manager in an unemployment case, to the intentional devaluation and disappearance of stock issued by the corporation because of being caught in it, I have been in a living nightmare ever since. It is said that God has a sense of humor… I have seen it and laughed along with Him. LOL, of all the attorneys in Pittsburgh to choose from, I had to find THE WORST ( ask anyone in the Western District of Pa ). One who was perfectly willing to spit in the face of her clients, exhibit blatant misconduct and file a fraudulent document in court, sacrifice her “career”, and place herself in bankruptcy. This all done to protect the Buca name. I now repay in kind by spitting in the face of Buca Inc. former board members and the named attorney. I am sure Planet Hollywood International Inc PHWDQ.PK was very proud to have agreed to this MERGER. I wonder if they too have been duped, or were entirely complicit? Perhaps Robert Earl, the FBI or SEC will one day answer that for me. Until that day comes… I am free.    

          I am krill in the sea of life, first link in the food chain here wishing all of  you DESERVING AMERICANS a very MERRY *CHRIST*MAS       ,  and a HEALTHY, HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS 2014. May God bless America.       

                                  Edwin G Hose: Electronic Pro Se (Moosetraxx) 2008-2013


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The Tea Party is my haven of like minded thinkers. I have come here to tell my story to those of you who I know do care about illegal immigration and its effect on less fortunate Americans. Many of whom were born into poverty and are seeing foreigners invading their country and taking jobs that should be available to our citizens first... last... and always. Our children have had an enormous debt thrust upon them and still must have their daily bread. I am an angry 55 year old American peon that intends for the horror story of his last ten years of life become known to the citizens firsthand, to be judged by you. It begins here and now. I am applying for the position of poster child in this fight. The attached resume' is impressive. My experience will likely turn your stomach and serve as food for thought, if you mange to keep it down.. I have embarked on a grass roots campaign in an effort to have some sort of positive and thought inspiring impact on the problem of illegal immigration. I make a humble request that you visit my link to this campaign, view consider and share. NEMO PRASENS NISI INTELLIGAT or simply put; one who is present understands. I wish to extend to all members of The Tea Party along with happenstance viewers a safe and MERRY CHRISTMAS. " GOD: Grant me the SERENITY to ACCEPT the things I CANNOT CHANGE. The COURAGE to CHANGE THE THINGS I CAN, and the WISDOM TO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE" AMEN. God Bless the USA. Those who do not like these words or my actions can proceed straight to Hell. Thank You from someone who appreciates his roots in the land of the free and home of the brave.

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"Hope & Change"…and Saving the Planet 4063792327?profile=original

Barack Obama's original 2008 presidential campaign of “Hope and Change,” masterminded by campaign manager David Plouffe and chief strategist David Axelrod, was a triumph messaging, which quickly gathered immense attraction across our nation and abroad.

Part of Obama’s change crusade included slamming Wall Street at every turn, especially during his first term, labeling them as “fat-cat bankers,” who don’t follow the rules. In fact, President Obama proclaimed in a December 13, 2009 60-Minutes interview, "I did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of fat cat bankers on Wall Street…" 

While the majority of Americans were mesmerized by his messaging, along with the left-wing media's "thrill up their leg" –– glorifying him to sainthood even –– by late 2009, Matt Taibbi, liberal writer for Rolling Stone Magazine, laid out a compelling case on how Obama sold out to Wall Street: "Obama's Big Sellout." "Barack Obama ran for president as a man of the people, standing up to Wall Street as the global economy melted down in that fateful fall of 2008." The Obama inspiration came from the "sense that a genuine outsider was finally breaking into an exclusive club, and they were voting for 'change,'” were some of the words Taibbi penned regarding then-Senator Barack Obama’s rise to power.

Needless to say, Taibbi seemed shocked, documenting that it all began after Obama was elected in 2008: "What's taken place in the year since Obama won the presidency has turned out to be one of the most dramatic political about-faces in our history." Later Taibbi asks the question, "How did we get here?" He then answers, "It started just moments after the election –– and nobody noticed." 


Quite the contrary, because Obama arrived on the scene with his fair share of Wall Street buddies, which in fact helped ensure his presidential victory in 2008 –– with many again in 2012 –– poring millions of dollars into his campaign coffers, making their mark as TOP campaign donors, with even Wall Street executives bundling huge sums of money for Obama. There were many of the too-big-to-fail banks (you know the ones that we, the taxpayer, bailed out) that made this special donor list: Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, and Morgan Stanley. Further down the line you'll find Bank of America, Lehman BrothersMerrill Lynch –– the latter two indirectly, and so on. Meanwhile, many of the executives running these enormous failures, were not only handed big bonuses, but Obama  rewarded them and his big bundlers with "jobs, commissions, stimulus money, government contracts, and more"  –– with Wall Street given key positions inside the White House and also tapping into the "green" funds.

Wall Street was not the only big backer of Obama’s 2008 and 2012 presidential bids. Besides having the usual (and expected) environmentalists and left-wing organizations in his back pocket, there were Big Venture CapitalistsBig Left-wing Money, Big Energy, and Big Oil, all bundling for, and donating to his campaign  –– with each snagging their fare share of money from President Obama's “save the planet slush fund.”

Save the Planet Slush Fund

"America, this is our moment…the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal," candidate Obama declared in a June 8, 2008 speech.

Furthermore, not only did the "candidate of hope and change" pledge to do the miraculous, Senator Obama, during the 2008 Democratic National Convention, vowed to save the planet: 

Now is the time to end this addiction, and to understand that drilling is a stopgap measure, not a long-term solution. Not even close. As president, I will tap our natural gas reserves, invest in clean coal technology, and find ways to safely harness nuclear power. I'll help our auto companies retool, so that the fuel-efficient cars of the future are built right here in America. I'll make it easier for the American people to afford these new cars. And I'll invest $150 billion over the next decade in affordable, renewable sources of energy - wind power and solar power and the next generation of bio-fuels; an investment that will lead to new industries and five million new jobs that pay well and can't ever be outsourced.

Shortly after President Obama began his reign as our 44th president, in February 2009, he signed into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). This was a massive economic stimulus bill –– among the biggest in history and the number one lobbied piece of legislation since 2005 –– that was sold to the American people as a means save our economy from the brink of disaster and create American jobs.

By the beginning of 2012, revelations revealed the real intent behind Obama's trillion-dollar spending spree ("walking around money"): it was “a key tool for advancing the Obama administration’s clean-energy goals and fulfilling a number of campaign commitments.” In fact, the 2009-Stimulus package was jammed-packed full of clean-energy provisions, of which about 10 percent of the monies were earmarked for renewable energy.

It's important to point out that the $100 billion in stimulus funds is not the only money being used to fuel the Obama administration's efforts to save the planet; it's closer to $150 billion and counting, because they continue to dole out more –– and all at at time when we are drowning in debt. A March 2012 report by the Brookings Institute places the Obama administrations' "total government spending (both stimulus and non-stimulus) on green initiatives at $150 billion through 2014." And what did we, the taxpayer, get out of the deal? Billions wasted, increased debt, outsourcing clean-energy money and green jobs to other countries, as well as massive amounts of corporate welfare, cronyism, and corruption.

The most controversial has been the Department of Energy's Loan Guarantee Program, which comprises of Section 1703Section 1705, and Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing (ATVM). While both Section 1703 and the ATVM programs were established during the Bush administration, Section 1705 was created by the 2009-Recovery Act that included $16 billion in lending power. Thus far the DOE has guaranteed $34.7 billion of taxpayer money, and even though the 1705 has expired, there are reports that “the department still has about $50 billion left that could be lent, with a large chunk earmarked for nuclear projects.”

This is the same Energy Department program which the Green Corruption Files has exposed over and over how at least 90 percent of the loan winners have meaningful politically connections to the president and other high-ranking Democrats –– in many cases to both, with Majority Leader Harry Reid tied to five (a bombshell report we released last month). It also brought you the big alternative energy losers such as Solyndra, Beacon Power, Abound Solar, Fisker Automotive, and Vehicle Production Group, flushing millions of tax dollars down the eco-toilet. With SoloPower, Nevada Geothermal and others in the shadows, and quite a few DOE clean-energy projects at risk –– AREVA and its $2 billion, Georgia Power Company and its $8.33 billion –– there are billions more still hanging on the edge.

Also, many of these same companies that were funded with DOE loans, also won free taxpayer cash from one of the biggest stimulus scams: the 1603 Treasury Program, which has to date given out $19,349,675,402. This is another part of the scandal that we've been tracking that also includes numerous favored clean-energy projects. The real shock came at the end of 2102 when we learned from the Energy and Commerce Committee's “in-depth report on its ongoing investigation into the implementation of President Obama’s green energy stimulus spending,” which exposed the fact that “foreign corporations have received approximately one-quarter of $16 billion spent on 'Section 1603' renewable energy stimulus program.”

Last fall, and since, we've debunked the president's 5 million green jobs campaign promise. Worse, the Obama administration has shipped green jobs overseas, and from the beginning, the Department of Energy has exaggerated and/or manipulated the number of green jobs created, calculating saved, indirect, direct, and "touching lives" in the mix –– along with the Obama administration’s labor department counting oil lobbyists, sanitation engineers, school bus drivers, bicycle repair shop clerks, and so on, as as green jobs.

In May 8, 2013, a report by the Institute for Energy Research (IER) gave us insight into the DOE's dismal reality on green jobs: "the Department of Energy has spent nearly $26 billion since 2009 on its Section 1703 and 1705 loan programs. However, these two programs only yielded 2,308 permanent jobs — meaning the cost to taxpayers was $11.25 million per job," recorded the Daily Caller.

As you will discover throughout our work, the DOE loan program is not the only vehicle used to transport taxpayer funds toward alternative energy. There are numerous ways, which includes the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Biorefinery Assistance Program that along with the DOE, used billions of taxpayer money to fund risky biofuel projects that were "not so shovel-ready" –– yet as usual, the majority had significant political connections. There are smaller grant programs like the ARPA-E and the SunShot Initiative. Throw in the Clean Energy R&D, where "$2.5 billion went for applied research, development, demonstration and deployment activities at the Energy Department’s Office of EERE," of which a huge chunk was designated for biomass energy projects and geothermal projects.

There were additional stimulus funds that were appropriated to the Energy Department, which includes $11 billion for Grid Modernization; the $5 billion Home Weatherization Program; the $6 billion Nuclear Waste Clean Up as well as $3.4 billion for carbon capture and sequestration demonstration projects; $2 billion for research into batteries for electric cars; $500 million for Green Jobs Training; and funds that went to various state energy programs.

Did you know that there is a "Green War" being waged? Yep, the Department of Defense has launched more green energy initiatives than any other federal agency and many are duplicative and wasteful," as reported by the Washington Free Beacon.

Another means where huge corporations and Obama's green buddies get taxpayer money is through the taxpayer-supported Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im), who "has a Congressional mandate to support renewable energy and has been directed that 10% of its authorizations should be dedicated to renewable energy and environmentally beneficial transactions."

Clean Energy; Dirty Money 

What happened during President Obama’s first term –– and is continuing into his second –– is the focus of Clean Energy; Dirty MoneyHow the Obama administration hijacked our environment and doled out tens of billions of our tax dollars to payback his political cronies –– "green" bundlers, top donors, financiers, and allies –– catapulting crony capitalism to a staggering level, while fueling corporate welfare and corruption.

Hope and change were still alive in 2012, but this time in the president’s “forward” message, fear was added as its running mate. The president described 2012 as a "make-or-break moment for America's middle class," before incorporating the theme of moving "forward." 

"We've got to move forward, to the future that we imagined in 2008. We've got to move forward to that future where everyone gets a fair shot, and everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same rules," President Obama hyped. 

Again, during his re-election bid, President Obama had promised that climate change would be a priority in his second term –– a term he began with more scare tactics, proclaiming that the failure to tackle climate change, “would betray our children and future generations.”

But it wasn't until June of 2013 that the president unleashed his new climate agenda; however, prior to and since that time, his administration has continually fired up new climate legislation, regulations and mandates, which benefits special interest groups while adversely affecting American families. And, like the Affordable Care Act taking over our entire health care industry, will in essence, under the guise of "saving the planet," dominate our most valuable resource –– energy. The National Review took notice of "Obama's radical climate agenda," which by the way circumvents Congress, alarming that "the president announced that, on behalf of 'all of humankind,' he is in effect directing the EPA to take over the American economy.", too, sees the dire reality here: "Obama’s plan ambitiously seeks to control nearly every aspect of how Americans produce and consume energy."

Last but not least, the president's Climate Action Plan calls for releasing more taxpayer money –– thus once again funding the Green Bank of Obama. “This time, though, the [DOE loan] program would devote as much as $8 billion to helping industries like coal and oil make cleaner energy,” wrote the New York Times. The Institute for Energy Research (IER) took aim at this part of the plan: "This proposal is nothing but window dressing to make it appear that the administration isn’t completely anti-coal. The new proposal would throw good money after bad."

As I was preparing this post, Energy Secretary Moniz via the Energy Department "released [that] $8 billion solicitation for advanced fossil energy projects."  They expect to receive the initial applications by the end of February 2014.

This month, the Energy Department, through the Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credit program (48C Program), which is also part of the president's Climate Action Planannounced "$150 million in clean-energy tax credits to build U.S. capabilities in clean energy manufacturing. The credits will go towards investments in domestic manufacturing equipment by 12 businesses."

Last August, it was reported that "Senior officials from the Department of Energy have signaled the Obama administration is ready to restart" the ATVM program (explained earlier). This is part   the Energy Department's loan power, of which if we go back in time, around June 2009, we find that the DOE starting funding electric cars. Needless to say, this program drew over 100 applicants, but only the "FAVORED FIVE" were granted ATVM loans, totaling $8.4 billion –– igniting red flags, spurring on lawsuits, bursting with electric issues, and thus far two have slipped into the abyss: Fisker Automotive ($529 million) and Vehicle Production Group ($50 million). Yet the Energy Department deems the ATVM loan program a success, however, others, in analyzing the facts, see that Obama's electric vehicle loan program as a "failure."

Follow the Money 

Since late 2009, we've been following the "green" money and connecting the dots –– money that not only led to plenty of fraud, waste, and mismanagement, but also abuse, cronyism, corruption, and failure. Today's post will provide you with a breakdown of where we started, how far we've come, and what's left to expose. The Green Corruption Files has unleashed a treasure trove of evidence that stems from over three years of extensive research; House Oversight reports, hearings and internal emails; Inspector General reports, whistle-blower Intel; as well as Peter Schweizer's bombshell bestseller, Throw Them All Out and various publications covering the topic –– proving that cronyism and corruption are the driving forces behind the Obama administration's clean-energy (climate change) agenda.

Green Corruption began in 2010 at Blogcritics Magazine 

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Marita Noon 21 Columns on the Green-Energy Crony-Corruption Scandal, which began in June 2012

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  5. The First Solar Swindle (originally published: 7/21/2012)
  6. How Democrats Say “Crony Corruption” in Spanish: Abengoa (originally published: 8/4/2012)
  7. Third Largest Power Company in the World is the Third Largest Recipient of Risky Loans (originally published: 8/17/2012)
  8. Obama Never Admits Green Energy Failures (originally published: 9/30/2012)
  9. Romney to Obama: “You Pick the Losers” (originally published: 10/7/2012)
  10. Obama’s Green Energy Jobs Promise: 355 Jobs and Counting (originally published: 10/14/2012)
  11. Emails Catch White House Lie on Green-Energy Loans (originally published: 11/1/2012)
  12. Busting Open Energy’s Den of Deception (originally published: 11/4/2012)
  13. Exclusive: DOE Corruption—Appointed and Elected Officials Should Face Prison Time (originally published: 11/25/2012)
  14. Inside Deals Mar John Kerry for State (originally published: 1/21/2013)
  15. Wall Street Walks on The White House (originally published: 2/24/2013)  
  16. Obama Creates More Wealth for Green Crony Soros (originally published: 3/31/13)
  17. On Earth Day, Let’s Waste More Money (originally published 4/22/13)
  18. Fisker: a free ride to make flashy cars in Finland (originally published 4/28/13)
  19. A six-pack of scandals (originally published 5/19/13)
  20. The dirty politics of “clean” energy (originally published 7/28/2013)
  21. The Macker—deal maker, not a car maker (or even a job creator) (originally published 9/29/13)
  22. Harry Reid's Personal Green Goldmine (originally published 12/9/13)


About Us

Christine Lakatos

I'm the mother of two terrific daughters; an ACE Certified Fitness Trainer with over 30-years experience in the health and fitness industry; diet book author; and retired bodybuilder with many titles under my belt, including an American Gladiators contestant back in 1990.

The Green Corruption Files began as a result of my research that was prompted in 2009, and ultimately marked me as a contributor to the political book, Killing Wealth, Freeing Wealth How to Save America’s Economy and Your Own –– Authors; Lee Troxler and Floyd Brown, and released May 2010. Two months later, I coined the phrase in my three-part series entitled, "Obama’s Political Payback: Green Corruption," which was first published at Blogcritics Magazine. 

Since 2011, I proceeded with my political research, specifically in this area, for Dr. Jerome Corsi, World Net Daily senior staff reporter and as well as Peter Schweizer, the president of the Government Accountability Institute (GAI), whose work has been featured on 60-Minutes, and just about everywhere that counts –– both are New York Times bestselling authors of numerous books.

Just last month, Dr. Corsi, in his article, "U.N. milks 'warming' claim to spend half-trillion-plus: Despite evidence of bad science, failure of 'green' energy,'" cited my work...

Researcher Christine Lakatos has created a website,, dedicated to exposing Obama administration corruption in funding $150 billion in green initiatives from 2009 through 2014. The funding included both stimulus funds and non-stimulus funds, promoting ultimately failed green energy projects that were tied to prominent Democratic Party politicians and contributors.

My short stint with Schweizer began after the release of his bombshell book, Throw Them All Out, which devoted an entire chapter to this green energy scam: Chapter 5, "Spreading the Billionaires."

By the end of 2011, it became clear that green corruption was a massive scandal on many fronts: "the largest, most expensive and deceptive case of crony capitalism in American History." However, it wasn't until April 2012 that I launched my blog in order to unleash the entire scoop, which was  prompted by the March 2012 House Oversight report titled, The Department of Energy’s Disastrous Management of Loan Guarantee Programs –– "a devastating indictment of the Obama administration’s 'green' energy cronyism." This not only validated my 2010 theory of corruption on the clean-energy front, it was the beginning of the realization of a  much broader scandal. So, with my subsequent research, I then went into high gear and released my first file entitledGreen Corruption: Department of Energy “Junk Loans” and Cronyism.

Just this month, the Reason Foundation released a study by Victor Nava and Julian Morris, "detailing the role political connections and lobbying played in securing [the DOE 1705 ] loans." Their Policy Brief, entitled "Stimulating Green Electric Dreams – Lobbying, Cronyism and Section 1705 Loan Guarantees," demonstrated that "the Department of Energy’s stimulus loans went to 'junk' grade investments and firms that spent the most lobbying."

While Reason's analysis focused on the lobbying efforts behind these loans (my 2012 examination was solely on the cronyism), "the report also highlights taxpayer-backed loans given to companies with ties to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, former Vice President Al Gore, former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, and a company founded by former Maine Gov. Angus King, who is now a U.S. Senator," which included using our July 2012 work as a source –– only in two places, but it's still a big deal for us.  

“Ideally, the government would get out of the business of funding speculative energy projects like Solyndra,” said Victor Nava, co-author of the report and policy analyst at Reason Foundation.

Still, when the Solyndra bankruptcy story broke in September 2011 –– FBI raids, bundlers, DOE Advisors, "Fifth Amendment," and all –– most of the media ran with it, which carried on for a while. In fact, green energy cronyism was a hot topic during the 2012 election, even for the GOP, presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and many others, including conservative leaning commentators like Sean Hannity, who championed exposing this scandal.

Since the 2012 election has come and gone, most have dropped the ball on this important issue that impacts every American taxpayer and our energy uses. Not to mention that the president's clean-energy agenda has been used to fuel cronyism, corruption, and corporate welfare, while demonstrating how our government is run by Wall Street, special interests, Big Money, and in this particular case, Big Energy and Big Venture Capitalists –– all with friends in high places –– rather than what's good for our country.

The lack of attention to this green energy scam could be due to the fact that more gripping and deadly scandals have since emerged –– and even though they have swarmed the Obama White House for some time, most of them didn't heat up until 2013. Those include the Benghazi cover-up; the IRS profiling; the Department of Justice "secret surveillance" of reporters; and as of late, the lies behind ObamaCare.

Nevertheless, as fate would have it, in June 2012, Marita Noon, energy expert and columnist at, took the plunge. We immediately began our collaboration, which enabled my work to explode. What started as a regular American citizen expressing concern over how "green stimulus money was being used and abused," has turned into a mission: To expose one chunk of this Green Corruption scandal at a time.

In just a year's time, The Green Corruption Files went from a few hundred hits a month to 400 a day, to 4000 a month. Nineteen months later, we hit over 100,000 page views, and now we are well over 103,000. Today will be my 49th post, meanwhile, Marita has tackled 22 columns on this scandal, which is a direct result of my research, yet with a special touch and an occasional twist –– plus a much more diverse and expansive platform. 

Marita Noon is the executive director for Energy Makes America Great Inc. and the companion educational organization, the Citizens’ Alliance for Responsible Energy (CARE). Together they work to educate the public and influence policy makers regarding energy, its role in freedom, and the American way of life. Combining energy, news, politics, and the environment through public events, speaking engagements, and media, the organizations’ combined efforts have made Marita “America’s voice for energy.” Marita is also a columnist for and a regular contributor to The Heartland InstituteThe Energy TribuneConservative Action Alerts, and Additionally her writing can be found in numerous newspapers and websites.

Here's how Marita explains it...

Our partnership with researcher Christine Lakatos has been one of our most popular initiatives. Together we’ve done the most thorough expose on the Obama Administration’s green-energy crony-corruption scandal. Marita has written eighteen specific columns based on Lakatos’ research as presented on her blog entitle The Green Corruption Files — which is funded as a project of CARE. Our cooperative efforts have drawn the attention of Rush Limbaugh. His 2012 December Limbaugh Letter cited our list of failed green-energy companies and linked to The Green Corruption Files.

Besides Marita's extremely valuable and far-reaching exposure, The Green Corruption Files has been featured or cited at The Daily Caller, Fox Nation, GOP USA, Hawaii Free Press,, Institute for Energy Research, Real Clear Energy, California Political News and Views, Blogcritics Magazine as well as While we've gained traction across the Internet –– even places and publications you'd least expect –– Green Corruption has also been featured at organizations like the Patriot Action Network, Tea, and American c2c. (NOTE: most of these can be found on the side panel here on my blog site.)

Our collaboration has prompted quite a few high-profiled interviews which include The Daily Caller (March 31, 2012), The American Free Press (May 25, 2013), The Rodger Hedgecock Show (May 28, 2013, Marita live in the studio, but on Rodgers several times), and African American Conservatives (June 11, 2013).

Check out Marita's June 2013 Newsletter to learn more, and her list of audio recordings on the Green Corruption scandal as well as her expertise on energy issues in general. You can also find us both tweeting at @energyrabbit and @calfit32, as well as sharing on Facebook.

Two women –– a citizen & an energy columnist –– join forces on one mission: to expose one chunk of the Green Corruption Scandal at a time.

Our deepest appreciation goes out to the support of buddies like Bamboo Bob, our families' encouragement (even the liberal ones), and others that have helped this cause either by listening to my ranting, or visiting, reading, sharing, publishing, and financing our work.

Moreover, due to the financial support of Marita Noon's organization C.A.R.E. and a few direct donors, we were able to embark on this important work; however, we are still seeking donors, because there is much more to unleash, including updating the long list of clean-energy failures. At the end of 2012, I calculated that as many as 50 Obama-backed green energy companies were bankrupt or troubled, but I have since tracked more.

We also have yet to unleash the Department of Energy's Dirt Dozen; additional junk loans and cronyism; the SolarCity scam; revisiting the auto loans; lack of DOE accountability and transparency, and more. Furthermore, with the Green Bank of Obama ready to dole out more taxpayer money, we're ready to track and report on which companies or projects are chosen as winners.

Final thoughts....

Alarmingly, our environment has been hijacked by uber-rich individuals, crooked politicians, and an assortment of left wing extremists who are fueled by greed and power attached to a radical agenda to bring about “global governance,” “redistribute the wealth,” and put the progressive movement –– big government, social justice and the death of capitalism –– on the fast track. Under the guise of “saving the planet,” these players, who are all interconnected in a variety of ways, are transforming our climate into something more sinister –– a scam of epic proportions.

Wake up America; we've been robbed!

What's most frustrating –– downright outrageous ––  is that the "green corruption" suspects (and this entire money laundering scam) have escaped any repercussions, so we can anticipate that  clean-energy dirt will continue to surface. And, we must endure in our efforts to expose the eco-radicals, hypocrites, corrupt politicians, special interest groups, lobbyists, as well as the ultra-wealthy that enjoy special political access and influence, and all those behind (and whom financially benefit from) the Obama administration's massive, deceptive and expensive green energy agenda.

SPECIAL NOTE: This was first published on December 15, 2013 as Green Corruption in Review: Clean energy, dirty moneyAnd without funding (or commitments) by the end of December, sadly, this will be final post.

Thanks, -c


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(First submitted to Congress and President Obama in Early 2009)

American Consumer Credit Data Security and Outsourced Employment Repatriation Act of 2014

Recent events in India and Pakistan as well as North Africa and the Middle East have, collectively, shown that hostility toward Western civilians, Western Institutions, and Western Nations is on the increase, as demonstrated by a seemingly endless parade of terrorist activities.

In many nations, terrorists have carried out attacks against Western interests through, not only bombings, kidnappings, and other acts of violence, but by internet-based attacks, which often exploit personal information from servers in the United States. One reason for such exploitation is to be found in the increasing access that English-speaking nations have to U.S. banking, finance and collection institutions, which have, increasingly “outsourced” everything from routine account creation and maintenance activities to collection of debts of every kind and character. As such, the same United States corporate entities have served to create opportunities for internet-based terrorism, which now includes running sophisticated embezzlement and other “scam” operations against unsuspecting Americans. The scams, not-unlike dealing drugs or prostitutes, are, in-turn, used to finance any number of nefarious schemes.

While some “outsourcing” of work to markets where labor costs are less may make some business sense, even if this practices reduces American jobs, there seems to be a limit where, exceeding said limit would put profits ahead of National Security, even if one has no regard for privacy or other consumer rights for Americans.

In sum, I submit that the curtailment of these opportunities for Internet-based terrorism is in the highest National Security Interests. In many ways, this objective is completely in line with those very few otherwise Constitutionally-legal ideas expressed within the U.S.A. Patriot Act. It is perhaps most ironic that, while the Patriot Act was passed in the alleged name of National Security, with all its banking limitations on ordinary citizens, that U.S. Banks and other large corporations, engaged in debt collections and other financial services operations have been permitted to EXPORT PRIVATE U.S. CITIZEN BANKING, CREDIT, AND PERSONAL DATA TO COUNTRIES KNOWN TO BE HARBOURING AL QAEDA OPERATIONS.

Accordingly, the solution seems simple enough:

Make it illegal for any U.S. Banking, collection agency, or other financial services company; together with any U.S.-based telecommunications or Internet service company, to use ANY Non-USA person or other entity, whether or not said person or business entity is employed by or under contract to any USA person or other entity.

Enforcement should be easy enough. The FED and the Treasury Department have largely taken control of many of the US banks and should give them 60 days to cease and desist from all foreign operations involving servicing United States citizens, whether for credit, collections, any other financial service or product, telecommunications account(s) or Internet Service Provider (ISP) accounts, together with any other forms of remote technical support.

Suggested penalties for failure to comply might include, but should not be limited to, (1) revocation of the violator’s bank or other institutional charter and (2) imprisonment and fines against any such violator institutions President, CEO, Board Chairman, and all Board members.

There is little doubt that many in the business community will be against this idea, since they will claim it will affect their bottom line. However, the National Security implications of this issue are real enough. Further and finally, businesses that voluntarily take steps to comply with these new measure, if enacted, will be perceived as being both patriotic and as good corporate citizens, since they will almost certainly re-employ some of the many, many thousands of Americans who have been displaced by these “outsourcing” practices over the recent years in the banking, collection, financial services, telecommunications, and ISP service industries, together with firms offering all forms of remote technical support.

One good policy measure to encourage voluntary compliance might be to offer a one-time tax incentive to US businesses who comply with this measure in less than the 60 days I have suggested. I would make them show and certify that ALL foreign operations had been terminated (verified by the US Commercial Services branch of the Embassies of the countries involved) and that they had created, one-for-one a like job in the United States, replacing, one-for-one, the job formerly outsourced in some foreign country. I would offer a one-time corporate tax credit of $14,560.00 (One person, at $7.00 per hour, for one normal year of employment) per person, per job, returned in this manner to the United States from some foreign jurisdiction, if and only if, the foreign jurisdiction operation is closed altogether (certified as mentioned above) and a corresponding new job in the United States is created to replace the former“outsourced” job (to be verified by the U.S. Department of Labor and co-coordinated with the State Department on the foreign side, for one-to-one correspondence verifications).

To review, the job areas targeted for“re-patriation”:

1. All servicing of U.S. citizen (personal and/or corporate) banking and other financial services accounts for U.S. citizens;

2.   ALL servicing of U.S. citizen(personal and/or corporate)  collection activities carried out by any company or individual, whether or not organized, chartered or situated within the United States;

3.        ALL servicing of U.S. citizen (personal and/or corporate) telecommunications accounts;

4. ALL servicing of U.S. citizen (personal and/or corporate) Internet Service Provider (ISP) accounts and/or other forms of remote technical support.

It is my firm belief that these actions will increase the National Security Interests of the United States by denying opportunities for financing terror operations via various forms of internet and other identity fraud.

Further and finally, these measures will re-create U.S. jobs at a maximum cost to the American taxpayers of $14,560.00 per job. Under this plan, the entire 2.5 million new jobs targeted by the incoming Obama Administration could, theoretically, cost the taxpayers $36.4 Billion dollars, assuming there are 2.5 million outsourced service industry jobs that are covered by this proposal.


While the basis for this proposed legislation was the idea that increasing U.S. national data security could become the basis for repatriation of millions of American jobs lost to this type of activity over the past decade, it is worth noting that similar, parallel legislation should be considered for enactment which similarly bars outsourcing of employment in other areas not covered by this proposed legislation.

I speak, specifically, here about the United States automotive industry and any other industry that has come to the U.S. taxpayers for some kind of “bail-out”. Right now, it is just the banks and financial institutions. However, if the Detroit automakers are to receive money or other help of any kind from the American taxpayers, they should berequired to eliminate jobs created in Mexico or Canada, which have displaced U.S. employees, on a similar basis to that proposed for the banks and other outsourced services proposed and covered, by the above proposed legislation.

Such a requirement would not have the effect of altogether negating N.A.F.T.A., but is a permissible activity since the United States does not offer national health insurance like the Canadians do, or pay no regard to environmental protection measures required by international treaties, like the Mexicans do. We only propose tax incentives to create a more “level playing field” for American workers and American Industries.

I would propose that any such legislation use the same target number ($14,560.00 per job) as an appropriate tax credit to repatriate U.S. automotive and other manufacturing jobs back into the United States as part of a general job re-creation program. While it is not necessarily so that any new jobs would be created immediately, it is equally true that any jobs re-patriated under this type of measure are bound to have existed, once-upon-a-time, in the United States. This just brings them home.

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The Future of Eastern Kentucky

We at The Future of Eastern Kentucky have started a petition to send to Frankfort and DC demanding them to bring jobs to Eastern, KY so each and every family has a fair chance to achieve a better living. We are poverty stricken from the impact of job loss here; we want a better life for families in this area. We ask each and every one of you to sign our petition and have your voice heard! The recent loss of jobs in the coal industry struck a devastating impact on each and every person in Appalachia. I have listened to many people say they are not affected by coal so why should they worry. What people don’t realize is every dollar that passes through this region has been in either a miner of someone who is related to the industries hand before ours. With the above being said we just want to clarify that our petition only deals with the coal industry as to bringing jobs in to replace the ones lost due to downfall of coal in Eastern Kentucky. We aren’t Anti anything, we are Pro People, Pro Jobs, and Pro Community. Our goal is to get both the Democrat and Republican Parties working together to bring back jobs to our great community we live in. We have KY Congress members, KY House of Representatives, and US Senate KY Representatives that are members of this group willing to listen to our ideas and concerns as well as share theirs. Please join our site and sign the petition if you haven't.


 Thank you


Ray Ratliff


John Hatfield



Facebook Group


Fan Page






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By Oscar Y. Harward


To win, Capitol Hill Republicans in the House must ‘stay firm’, take Harry Reid’s CR, ‘re-attach’ defunding ObamaCare, and return it to the Senate.


In the end, the Republican Party ‘will win’ if they ‘stand firm’ and require ‘defunding of ObamaCare’ while funding other balances of the bloated budget.  Americans want ObamaCare to go away; either ‘repeal or defund’ this economy killing ‘atrocity’. No more debating!


If the Republicans weaken or bow, President Obama, Harry Reid, and Capitol Hill Democrats win.


Just as the American electorate held Nancy Pelosi and Capitol Hill Democrats responsible for ‘cramming’ ObamaCare down the throats of Americans in 2009/2010, the American electorate will hold President Obama, Harry Reid, and Capitol Hill Democrat responsible in 2014 for not negotiating, repealing, or defunding.


If Republicans fail to continue the fight to defund or repeal, Americans will hold Capitol Hill Republicans responsible, and many Republicans will be coming home after the November 2014 General Election. 


Republicans must stay strong.  It is President Obama, Sen. Harry Reid and other Democrats who, by refusing to negotiate what Americans desire, are forcing the government ‘shut-down’.

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Air Travel Carbon Credits and more

The EU has signed on and only needs the US, China and India to agree to disclose data and embrace the pay to pollute carbon scheme. What a load of BS that airlines would pay for their carbon footprint that exceeds some limit set by a committee and to pass on the cost to the customers, which essentially makes it a world wide tax.

In addition to that tax our own EPA has delayed the increase in alternative fuel requirement for the US gasoline producers, which also require them to buy carbon credits traded as a commodity. Trading carbon credits are a money making scheme for those who have pushed the carbon credit and trading Ponzi scheme on the world. It would be an amazing story if it were fiction, but it is true. The western world has agreed to pay fines for carbon pollution and the men who designed and pushed the system will make billions. What a scam and a huge waste of money in the form of penitence and a world tax.

This is but one of the pledges that Obama has made to fight pollution in the US and world wide. It also re-distributes western wealth.


Add these taxes onto the nation and company carbon credit trading Ponzi schemes and you have a complete web of money making wealth re-distribution load of BS. People like AL Gore and George Soros own the trading companies and billions will be made brokering all of these various carbon credits. 10 Trillion dollars a year could be made if the US joins the world in this program. Always follow the money! No one could make something like this up and they have sold the world on it via the Kyoto and other global warming treaties. These also require alternative energy which is not commercial so it does drive up costs and diverts more tax dollars to various groups, e.g., ethanol, wind mill and solar panels producers.

 The US should denounce these schemes use all of natural resources and let the market place develop alternative energy as it becomes economically viable. WE have hundreds of years of resources and these world wide taxes and exchanges are nothing but money, power and control for the ones who control them.


If the US will drop these and use our resources jobs will return with lower energy costs. Perhaps some of these people want to see less jobs and a weaker US?


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By Oscar Y. Harward


SC Sen. Lindsey ‘Flimsy’ Graham says he believes that the Republicans may be “in a demographic death spiral”.  Sen. Graham, the only ones that may apply are Moderate to Liberal Republicans In Name Only (RINO) like you, Sen. Lindsey ‘Flimsy’ Graham (R-SC) who are attempting to redirect our Conservative South Carolina and other states to a more-Liberal Democrat Party. 


You, Liberal Democrats, and RINO members of your ‘Gang of Eight’ want to add an additional $6.38 Trillion of National Debt to (y)our children, and their children, just to subsidize and grant ‘Amnesty’ to 11 Million ‘illegal immigrants’.


Sen. Graham was the Majority Senate Manager in President Bill Clinton’s Impeachment trial in 1999 for his removal from office; however, Sen. Graham was ‘ineffective’ in swaying some of his fellow Republicans and most Democrats; ending as a failure of removal on a 50 to 50 vote.  SCOTUS did later find President Obama guilty to ‘lying’ under oath; denying him to ever act as an attorney in the US Supreme Court.


‘Flimsy’ Graham verbalizes that he is ‘pro-life’; however, ‘Flimsy’ Graham makes it clear how he votes contradictory to his own words, as he votes in support of President Obama’s two most left-wing, anti-Christian, Pro-abortion SCOTUS nominees ever, and others.  Wasn’t it ‘Flimsy’ Graham who said in support of President Obama’s nominees, “Elections have consequences,”


South Carolinians have a lot of good ‘old-fashion’ ‘common-sense’; an ‘element’ lacking in ‘Flimsy’ Graham.  Giving credit where credit is earned, ‘Flimsy’ Graham is usually reliable in supporting our US Military, but isn’t he on that payroll, also?


There is serious concern asking ‘Flimsy’ Graham and others as to why should the USA send and/or provide our men and women of our US Military, any military equipment, financial resources, or anything else for either member side in the ‘civil war’ in Syria; whereas, both sides in this war ‘openly’ hate the USA and everything America is supposed to represent?  Americans and/or our other resources should not be sent anywhere in the world, just to die. 


It is apparent that being a US Senator must be a very easy job.  With an assembly of taxpayers’ paid staff, ‘Flimsy’ Graham spends a considerable amount of time ‘chasing’ TV Media cameras.


South Carolina has many potential 2014 GOP Senatorial nominees who will be more respectful to their citizens, their political values and their principles.

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By Oscar Y. Harward


SC Sen. Lindsey ‘Flimsy’ Graham says he believes that the Republicans may be “in a demographic death spiral”.  Sen. Graham, the only ones that may apply are Moderate to Liberal Republicans In Name Only (RINO) like you, Sen. Lindsey ‘Flimsy’ Graham (R-SC) who are attempting to redirect our Conservative South Carolina and other states to a more-Liberal Democrat Party. 


You, Liberal Democrats, and RINO members of your ‘Gang of Eight’ want to add an additional $6.38 Trillion of National Debt to (y)our children, and their children, just to subsidize and grant ‘Amnesty’ to 11 Million ‘illegal immigrants’.


Sen. Graham was the Majority Senate Manager in President Bill Clinton’s Impeachment trial in 1999 for his removal from office; however, Sen. Graham was ‘ineffective’ in swaying some of his fellow Republicans and most Democrats; ending as a failure of removal on a 50 to 50 vote.  SCOTUS did later find President Obama guilty to ‘lying’ under oath; denying him to ever act as an attorney in the US Supreme Court.


‘Flimsy’ Graham verbalizes that he is ‘pro-life’; however, ‘Flimsy’ Graham makes it clear how he votes contradictory to his own words, as he votes in support of President Obama’s two most left-wing, anti-Christian, Pro-abortion SCOTUS nominees ever, and others.  Wasn’t it ‘Flimsy’ Graham who said in support of President Obama’s nominees, “Elections have consequences,”


South Carolinians have a lot of good ‘old-fashion’ ‘common-sense’; an ‘element’ lacking in ‘Flimsy’ Graham.  Giving credit where credit is earned, ‘Flimsy’ Graham is usually reliable in supporting our US Military, but isn’t he on that payroll, also?


There is serious concern asking ‘Flimsy’ Graham and others as to why should the USA send and/or provide our men and women of our US Military, any military equipment, financial resources, or anything else for either member side in the ‘civil war’ in Syria; whereas, both sides in this war ‘openly’ hate the USA and everything America is supposed to represent?  Americans and/or our other resources should not be sent anywhere in the world, just to die. 


It is apparent that being a US Senator must be a very easy job.  With an assembly of taxpayers’ paid staff, ‘Flimsy’ Graham spends a considerable amount of time ‘chasing’ TV Media cameras.


South Carolina has many potential 2014 GOP Senatorial nominees who will be more respectful to their citizens, their political values and their principles.

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Who would you hire?

From My Blog

I asked a simple question to a few people involved with hiring processes, interviews, or helping other find jobs.

Who would you rather hire between #1&2 and #3&4.  Why?

1. A man who worked in a similar field that you are hiring for.  This person worked in the field for 7+ years and was let go about 18 months ago.  He has only applied and looked for jobs that are at or near similar pay and prestige.  While looking for a job he was lived off of food stamps and unemployment. 

2. A man who worked in a similar field that you are hiring for.  This person worked in the field for 7+ years and was let go about 18 months ago.  He has applied and interviewed with many businesses and while he has yet to land the job he wants he found a job working as a stock-man at the local hardware store.  This man has been receiving food stamps to help with the salary that was lost but isn't living just on them. 

3. A man who is 18 months out of college that is strictly applying for the job that he got his degree in an has not even applied to any other positions.  He might also be living on welfare and food stamps or solely on parents. 

4. A man who is 18 months out of college that has found a job working as a burger flipper at McDonald's and has quickly made his was way to trainer.  He is back living with his parents who still give him a little help but also require him to help around the house pay rent and actively looking for a better job. 


What are you 2 hires? And if you are a 1 or 3 what are your reasons for not going to any and every place that has a “hiring” sign?

Example #1: Vice-president of a university cafeteria and catering company.

(This response was before the 2012 election to put a comment in perspective)

I would choose #2 and #4.

#2 because he is not lazy and even though he wants the BIG job, he willing to do what he can to support his family and himself until he can land that job. He apparently is motivated to work even though he hasn't found the type of job he was let go from. Even though he might be receiving some Government assistance, he isn't totally living off the government. I want a hungry manager, not a lazy one.

#4 Same reason as above, wants to work, isn't totally living off his parents and will do what it takes to make some money that he "earned" and is still looking for that job that is went to college for.

This scenario mimics our current presidential runoff, one wanting to give more to people not wanting to work, while the other is trying to make it better for those who truly want to work and create more jobs rather than printing more money for “those who want it”.

Example #2: Director of career services at a top university according to the Princeton Review.

2 & 4. I always appreciate the person who, despite challenges, keeps moving forward and continues to be active by working wherever they can. Sure, it may be out of their field of choice but it allows them to keep forward momentum plus helps to bring in some money.

It helps a person from having large gaps on their resume as well.

I love this quote by Dale Carnegie???

Inaction breeds doubt and fear

Action breeds confidence and courage

If you want to conquer fear, do not sit at home and think about it.

Go out and get busy

-Dale Carnegie

Example #3: Director of alumni communications at a top university according to the Princeton Review.

#2 and #4 are the ones I would prefer to hire

In both of these situations, the info indicates that #1 and #3 are unwilling to humble themselves, even in order to help themselves. Food stamps and unemployment are meant to be short term options. I know there are jobs available if you are willing to swallow some pride. I have much more respect and business confidence in someone who will exhaust all options before putting someone else out.

Example #4: Process manager at a Fortune 500 company responsible for interviewing and hiring many co-ops.

I would pick 2 and 4 because each shows signs of being self-sufficient. It's easier to get a job when you already have one. It shows being a self-starter.

Example #5: HR specialist in a top school district in Texas.  First to see and evaluate an applicant’s résumé.

2 for sure, and 4 for sure.

Pay and prestige are good in a job, but more importantly is responsibility to yourself, to your family, and to your society.  Waiting around for the "perfect" job shows that you have an attitude of entitlement.  I think that you have to earn what you get, and you sometimes have to do whatever it takes to survive until the time comes that you have earned the next phase in life and employment.   Taking the life (job) that is present at the moment while working toward the perfect one shows an attitude of commitment, maturity and responsibility.

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The Sequester Pimple

I don't take credit for this, but........

it is worth sharing

 = = = =

From a Tea Party Blog

Comment by Don MacDermid 21 hours ago

Unbelievably dangerous person,  proving we have robots in offices of high honor - in both parties.



Putting citizens to work and breaking the oil monopolies adds$1.5 trillion to the economy, enough to end Obama’s progressive “defecate” spending &&&  The $85 billion sasquatch goes away!

Through all of the current deception, chaos, and hatemongering, not one legislator or the president has considered anything real!

Click here

Or Here

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In a few short lines Don showed where productive leaders could add $1.5 TRILLION to our economy; not counting the Taxes our bloviated president harps on.

But, let's be FAIR!

Like Don.... let's NOT pick on the President.

....... not one legislator or the president has considered anything real!

WHAT will you do about this?

Contact your politician

Click Here

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Sequester vs Duplication

I got this from a buddy.

I think it is worth sharing.

Obama,instead of screaming sky is falling, get off your axx and kill duplication!

Be a hero not a zero!

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 Subj: Duplication

Good example of what happens when you have a Narcissist (person that worries only about himself) in charge of anything.

His approach is not what needs to be done but what should I do that will make me appear in the best position and a position I can use to my advantage.

...his thought is screw the American People it is all about me!!!! 

From today's WSJ.  Interesting and should have been addressed before now.  May never be addressed........................... Bold is my emphasis.


Sen. Tom Coburn (R., Okla.), in a letter to the White House Office of Management and Budget, Feb. 26:

The administration is warning sequestration may force the laying off or furloughing of air traffic controllers, border patrol officers, food inspectors, Transportation Security Administration screeners, or civilians supporting our men and women in combat in Afghanistan. I would suggest the better approach is to consolidate duplicative positions with overlapping responsibilities and nearly identical jobs.

In just the past two years, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has identified more than 1,362 duplicative programs accounting for at least $364.5 billion in federal spending every single year. . . .

During a time of budget cuts, it is irresponsible to pay two or more people to do the same job, while laying off other employees in essential positions performing critical duties.

= = = = =

...and he screams Sky is Falling over $85 B he pushed for and got.


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Bull Feces

Will somebody please explain this Sequester "stuff to me? I have several questions.

First, think about this..........

With actual spending going UP, why is the sky falling?

  • Both SIDES!
  • Even though both sides have admitted that the massive, self-imposed cuts will be devastating to the country's economy, neither of them have taken true and meaningful action when it comes to actually doing anything about the impending cuts.

Why, with $15 Billion MORE spending, will the economy die?

Why, with $15 Billion MORE spending,  will hundreds of thousands of jobs be lost?

Why, with $15 Billion MORE spending, will National Security disintegrate?

Why, with $15 Billion MORE spending, will National Parks go down the tubes?

Why, with $15 Billion MORE spending, won't politicians tell the truth?

I smell something!

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The Sequester Scam

The Sequester SCAM

Meatcleaver fearmongering.

YOUR government is SCAMMING YOU!

Your Government is scaring the crap out of you… with LIES!

Here are some facts:

  • FY2012 ACTUAL Spending = $3.279 Trillion
  • FY2013 Budgeted Spending = $3.796 Trillion
  • The Sequester Funds = $85 Billion …. Or $18 Billion more than spending
    • So…. We should see $18 Billion of actual spending versus 2012… RIGHT?
    • Scroll down…. There’s more




SO… with ACTUAL SPENDING at $15 BILLION MORE, President Obama has described doomsday scenarios with hundreds of thousands of jobs lost

Read more:


  • WHAAAAAT???? With $15Billion MORE spending, the sequestration will cost hundreds of thousands of jobs….. HE SAID IT!

Will you ever give up drinking the swill from this fraud?

Call or email your Politician and raise hell!... including those that jumping on obama’s bandwagon as well as the sluggos who are laying back doing nothing on behalf of truth!

Click Here to Email Politicians

I just did!

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The Reality of Long Term Unemployment

4063657898?profile=originalIn his “Mission Accomplished” moment, Barack Hussein Obama ended his jobs council on Thursday, January 31, 2013.

Despite the fact that more than 12 million people in the U.S. are still out of work. 

Obama’s allies will point out that when the jobs council began two years ago, unemployment was above 9 percent and has since improved to 7.8 percent.  What they conveniently overlook is that the unemployment number has shifted downwards in large part due to people who have exceeded their unemployment benefits are no longer being counted.

So, if you are a middle aged worker who has experienced long term unemployment, you have forever lost what for most people were the peak earning years of life.  A time when under normal circumstances, the opportunity to save for retirement was most feasible financially.

Instead you were drawing unemployment benefits worth less than half what you used to make.  As the result, instead of saving for retirement, you reduced your expenditures (read: standard of living) by half.

Not to mention the loss of medical, vacation, 401k and other employer provided benefits.

Then to add insult to injury, the self-imagined, self-appointed “progressive” intellectual elite ruling class decide that the expiration of the unemployment benefits that sustained your Spartan existence means that for the purposes of their statistics, you are no longer out of work.

Even if you have honestly sought work for years and have been unsuccessful thanks to an economy crippled by their “progressive” economic policies, have used up all your personal savings and are a month or two away from living on the street.

The reality of long term unemployment is not being accurately portrayed by the Obama administration, their4063657978?profile=original “progressive” political allies, or their devoted supporters within the institutionalized “progressive” left.

The economy is not growing.  Jobs are not being created.  If you are unemployed, prospects for future employment look bleak.

Their big government “stimulus” spending was devoted primarily to helping their “progressive” allies in blue states that needed the money to balance their own indebted balance sheets.

Every dollar spent on “stimulus” was obtained through a tax on the private sector.  Instead of the private sector having the money they earned to invest in growing business and creating jobs, it was sent to Washington DC, where the cost of an ever growing, bloated bureaucracy was first removed, then redistributed to those deemed fit by the same self-imagined, self-appointed “progressive” intellectual elite ruling class that has shown through their handling of the nation’s unemployment statistics that they are far more concerned with retaining their own grip on power than truly helping the little guy.

If you have a job, thank God and pray to keep it.

Watch Episode 1 for free

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It is time to impeach the Democrat President


The Democrat President has destroyed the economy and eliminated jobs for the Poor, The Black and the Hispanic worker.

At the same time, he is proposing to bring in 11 million more Illegal Immigrant workers to drive down Wages. Since the election of this President, the average wage in the United States has decreased and is on target to continue to decrease with added illegal immigrants.

He will also let you pay for the medical care, schooling, welfare, and other government benefits for the illegal immigrant who has broken into the United States. In many countries they would be sent to prison for that crime.

The Democrat President will reward the illegal with your job and let you pay for his needs. It is time to Impeach the Democrat President.

Write your senator and representative today and tell them you have had enough. You want him impeached now.


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No Change, No Hope

While the “progressive” Party Pravda is dutifully focused on distracting Americans with stories about the tragic resignation of former CIA Director David Petraeus,  the White House goes merrily along with its anti-growth, anti-business, anti-energy, radical fringe leftist “progressive” agenda.  The Barack Obama 4063630902?profile=originaladministration is now making plans for the next phase in fundamentally transforming America into a second rate European style slow growth high unemployment socialist state.

Nothing has changed from the last two years of Obama’s reign of terror.  In Harry Reid, Obama retains a “progressive” Democratic Senate majority leader who shares his radical fringe leftist ideology.  In the House of Representatives, Obama faces a Republican majority led by Speaker of the House John Boehner.  For the past two years, the House has refused to budge on tax hikes, one of a number of lusted for items on the “progressive” Holy Grail wish list.

Since Obama ran a class warfare, racial and gender dividing, hit man Chicago style smear re-election campaign, nothing but more of the same can be reasonably expected in his second term.

Evidence, in first meeting on Tuesday, he meets with Mary Kay Henry-SEIU, Lee Saunders-AFSCME, Dennis Van Roekel-NEA, Rich Trumka-AFL-CIO, Neera Tanden-Center for American Progress, John Podesta-Center for American Progress, Bob Greenstein-Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Laura Burton Capps-Common Purpose Project, Max Richtman-National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, Justin Ruben-MoveOn, and Deepak Bhargava-Center for Community Change.

These are Obama’s ideological soul mates.  Their priorities are to further their radical fringe leftist “progressive” agenda.

On Wednesday, Obama meets with Mark Bertolini, president, chairman and CEO of Aetna, Ursula Burns, chairman and CEO at Xerox, Kenneth I. Chenault, chairman and CEO for American Express, David Cote, chairman and CEO at Honeywell, Mike Duke, president and CEO of Walmart, Jeff Immelt, chairman and CEO for General Electric, Andrew Liveris, president, chairman and CEO of Dow Chemical, Robert McDonald, president and CEO at Procter & Gamble, Alan Mulally, president and CEO for Ford Motors, Indra Nooyi, chairman and CEO at PepsiCo, Ginni Rometty, president, chairman and CEO of IBM, andJohn Watson, chairman and CEO for Chevron.

These are the huge multinational corporations that have supported Obama while he has repeatedly accused Republicans of being in the pocket of huge multinational corporations.

They are also the companies that are big enough to survive the economic destruction brought about by Obama’s economic policies.

4063630915?profile=originalCan you say “too big to fail”?

Before he bothers to meet with Congressional leaders to discuss how to reach a “compromise” that will result in the United States avoiding the fiscal cliff, Obama has arranged his schedule so as to meet with his ideological Marxist brethren as well as his financial backers and yes men.

Together, they will calculate how to insist on their “my way or the highway” demands while appearing reasonable to low information voters who obtain their “news” from “progressive” Party Pravda sound-bites and headlines.

There will be little to no real negotiations with House Republicans.  They will be told what they have consistently been told by this administration.  “We won.  We are going to do it our way.”

When America goes over the fiscal cliff, Obama and his mob of ideological lunatics will sing a full throated chorus of “It’s all Republican’s fault” and get away with it because the “progressive” Party Pravda will march in lockstep with their Marxist overlords and tell the public what Obama wants them to believe.

Unless something changes, nothing will change.  Without changing this equation, there will be no hope in America.

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