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Food Stamp Recruiters, Bingo, and Parties…. 2.2 Billion in erroneous payments…,Oh Snap!!!  This has to stop.

How about making more jobs??!!

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Food stamps are the most inefficient, vastly expanding social welfare program in the country, according to a new study.

Forty-seven million people participate in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), commonly known as food stamps, and costs have increased over 358 percent since 2000.

The increase in recent years cannot be attributed to the economic recession, according to Michael Tanner, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute, but lax eligibility requirements and an aggressive campaign by governments to boost their rolls.

“This program has expanded rapidly over the last decade in a way that is not justified by the recession that we went through,” Tanner said.

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Everyone is concentrating on the White House scandals, and with good cause.   One of these scandals involves the murder of four Americans in Benghazi,  then along comes the AP scandal, the IRS scandal, Jim Rosin, and Fast and Furious to name just a few. But there is one that has been hidden from Americans for 13 years which involves the most precious gift on earth: our infants. Our Government, Martek, FDA and USDA have used our babies as guinea pigs.


The story is long and like all Government meddling rather difficult to follow as it has been hidden behind closed doors.  Being a grandmother of eight and caring for my youngest grandchild since birth sets the scene for the rest of the story.


Since birth my grandson was diagnosed with acute reflux disease, meaning most of his food intake comes out again thru the nose and mouth. He is terrified when this happening because his oxygen is shut off and he feels like he’s choking to death.


Finally after 11 months of pain, diarrhea, vomiting, low grade fever and respiratory problems, my son and daughter-in-law took him to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, a clinic known world-wide for their expertise with infant reflux and dysphasia.


In two weeks he received every test available for infant and or adults. Mayo determined that there wasn’t any internal problem and diagnosed him with dysphasia. When my daughter-in-law called me to give me this report I stayed up all night reliving the past 11 months trying to find a common denominator that might be causing his health problems.


I started investigating his formula, baby food, and some medication that he as taking.  I was horrified at what I learned in an 8 hour span. Below is the information I gathered.  I will mention names of a few products, but I strongly suggest parents and grandparents take action. This isn’t a conspiracy theory and anyone interested can get the same information by going online and checking out information on DHA and ARA, synthetic oils added to our baby foods and organic foods.


The bottom line is this: these synthetic oils DHA and ARA were banned by the Government in 2010.


We do know that the chemical used to harvest the fungus and algae is a very toxic chemical a bi-product of petroleum, and extremely dangerous. USDA did not approve of these two synthetic oils and yet they appear in most of our infant’s foods and formulas.


Simply Thick, a thickener used for infants with reflux and dysphasia has DHA and ARA additives. Many of the baby food manufacturers like Gerber and others use these synthetic oils in their products. Some of the drugs and vitamins prescribed for pregnant women have AHA and ARA (Omega 3 and Omega 6) in their formula and studies reveal this can be very toxic to the fetus.


There has been about a 56% increase in GERD and similar increase in dysphasia cases. In fact childhood diseases appear to be on the rise. 


By adding DHA and ARA, the baby food companies manufacturing infant formulas also added a 15 to 30% mark-up over standard formulas. 


 A panel of independent scientists selected by the Institute of Medicine concluded:


1. Safety tests for these oils were inadequate and too few safety tests were performed.


2. Lab rats were used for many of these tests with negative results


3. The tests were not performed with nonhuman primates.


4. No carcinogenicity or chronic toxicity studies were performed even in the lab rats.


5. None of he long term safety tests lasted longer than 90 days – not an adequate amount of time to conclusively prove anything.


We know there have been adverse reactions to infants from the chemically processed ingredients. Consumers of organic foods actually believe that only safe and natural ingredients are used in infant’s foods – companies should not be allowed to market their foods as organic if they have added these synthetic oils.


Why are there infant formulas on store shelves that are both certified organic and contain these synthetic oils sold by the Martek Corporation?  Why did the FDA ignore the law to ban the synthetic oils DHA and ARA in 2010?  Why has our Government once again hidden a scandal like this from Americans?  Our Infants Are At Risk!


May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

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‘Watermelon’ Opposition to CO2 Emission
Threatens World’s H2O, Food Supplies
With Fewer ‘Drops per Crop’
          Could global warming alarmists be deliberately or inadvertently about to unleash history’s greatest man-killing famine upon us? Could the resulting deaths of hundreds of millions, even billions outdo even the evil of Mao, Stalin, Hitler and Carson combined? Could limiting carbon-dioxide  emissions much beloved by plant-life create a worldwide scarcity of water harming not only plants, but domestic and wild animals and, of course man himself?   Are very real potential catastrophes being overlooked while the “cure” for a pseudo-scientific one (global warming) threatens our survival? Read on . . . and discover the world of “mean greenies,” “watermelons” and incidentally . . . the world of actual CO2 science and what it tells us . . . .
            Over 2,400 years ago, the most important advice ever aimed at doctors was spoken and recorded. It was, of course, the famous Hippocratic Oath. The most famous plea within that ancient call for ethical medical behavior, were these four simple words: “First Do NO Harm!” Your blogger, Rajjpuut, believes that it is now high time that politicians and purported do-gooders take that same oath as well. The harm done to human beings by these two groups of “well-meaning” idiots is uncanny and immeasurably monstrous.   The destruction of our present American economy is one cautionary tale; 97 million deaths created by the words of a pseudo-scientist is another. The proposed destructive practice of limiting carbon emissions in the name of preventing global warming is, however, potentially about to bring the world’s worst human disaster down upon us all in short order.
Those four simple words “First Do NO Harm!” are perhaps the single most intelligent sentence in human history. An awful lot of harm has been done by progressive** individuals, groups and political parties over the last forty-five years and the ill-effects are still doing huge damage to us today. Those of you who’ve read Rajjpuut’s blogs recently are familiar with:
wherein we discover not only why Texas is now the only American state significantly producing jobs which also significantly avoided the financial meltdown . . . but we find out that an orchestrated progressive** law and its five expansions (four by Bill Clinton) created the sub-prime lending crisis and ensuing financial meltdown by interfering with the free market in a shocking and debilitating manner with something called CRA ’77.
            Loyal readers are also aware how in the 60’s a pseudo-scientist named Rachel Carson wrote a best-seller (Silent Spring) claiming incredible ill-effects upon the environment from the insect-killer DDT used to fight mosquito-borne illnesses; how the United States and United Nations took her untested, unproven words to heart after 1972 (when malaria deaths worldwide were roughly 43,000) and banned the safest, most effective and tested insecticide in history. Since that time at least 76 million needless malaria deaths and 97 million overall deaths from mosquito-borne tropical diseases have marked Carson’s ignominious legacy.
            Hard to believe, but appears that another righteous progressive cause is today threatening us with even more mayhem than Ms. Carson and CRA ’77 combined. Since Carson is every year adding to her legacy as the world’s greatest mass murderer (20th Century Totalitarian Democides by Mao only killed 60-80 million; by Stalin only 54 million; and by Hitler a mere 25 million <including 13 million victims in concentration camps>) . . . . “What in hell?” you might well ask, “could be these idiots be bringing our way NOW?? In a phrase: worldwide famine.
            As you know, Rajjpuut, has debunked the pseudo-science behind “man-caused global warming” and recently astronomers are now pointing to the effects of sunspot activity . . . or more accurately severely decreased sunspot activity to suggest we may now be running into a period of global cooling (such as the 650 year Little Ice Age^^ which preceded our own times when sun spot activity was relatively subdued??; but NOT necessarily as long). The nature of the debunking of global warming is shocking:
When the ultra-liberal London Times spends eleven days researching the Climate-Gate Scandal story and then finally runs it without caveat or proviso; when Europeans have all but discarded all notions of ‘carbon-trading’ and the whole theory of global warming . . . . a hoax has been promulgated upon mankind. 
In Europe today’s climate (pun intended) has turned dramatically against environmentalists on all fronts. Some call them “mean greenies.” Some call them “watermelons” (“green on the outside, red or very pink in the middle) because once the Climate Gate Scandal broke in European newpapers everybody fled the bandwagon except communist- and socialist-sympathizers who apparently all shared a desire for creating totalitarian societies such as those necessary to implement all-pervasive carbon-trading schemes. This, of course backing up Rajjpuut’s long-time thesis that the real global warming agenda was all about power and control and making the rich (like George Soros and Barack Obama and Al Gore) richer and putting us all under their thumbs.
And it is these perennial malcontents, these nattering nabobs of nihilistic global warming alarm currently operating in virtually all the Third World Countries; still dominating the United Nations (remember, the U.N. and Al Gore got the Nobel Peace Prize for their global warming “studies”); and still dominating the entire progressive wing of the Democratic Party and still very popular among progressive Republicans like Susan Collins and Olympia Snow both of Maine, Massachusetts’ Scott Brown and most notably among powerful Republican presidential candidates John McCain and Mitt Romney . . . it is these folks, by design or by wilful ignorance who may be pushing us toward the brink.
If they have their way carbon dioxide -- a substance that plants adore and which they use to create the oxygen that animals, plants themselves and humans need – emissions would become very rare indeed. Already the Obama administration via the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is shutting down coal mines and coal powered electriciy plants here in the United States.  Now we all agree that dangerous emissions like the old sulphur dioxide from power plants which created the notorious acid rain in the 70’s need to be eliminated as far as possible. But right now it has definitely NOT been proved that CO2 is dangerous . . . quite the contrary.   
Not only is reasonably priced power at stake but WATER as well. You see the simple science is that CO2 in the air is good for plants and generates oxygen. And CO2 dissolved in the soil is a wonderful stimulant for plant growth including for tropical rain forests.   Most importantly from the oxygen production angle, CO2 is necessary for diatoms: river, lake and ocean algae to survive and produce the largest amounts of oxygen of all. And CO2 in the upper atmosphere is vital for producing rain . . . that’s right, and now ain’t that a shocker. The Watermelons could mess up the water-cycle; diminish worldwide rain; dramatically hurt plant life further limiting the water cycle and oxygen production as well . . . getting the picture here, are we? Ignorance is NOT$$ bliss. First Do NO Harm!
Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,
** Progressivism is the doctrine that we must “progress” beyond the ‘ill-conceived and outdated U.S. Constitution’ if we are to ever make “progress” toward an earthly Utopia. You’ll recognize the direct influence of Communist theorist Karl Marx in those words, no doubt. American Progressivism is an offshoot of Britain’s Fabian Socialist movement. They named themselves after the Roman general Fabius who eventually defeated Hannibal of Carthage (remember him crossing the Alps with war elephants?) after a nearly twelve-year war of attrition. Here’s the Fabian Socialists’ infamous stained glass window from the London School of Economics: note the wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing society emblem of the Fabians; and the stack of socialist reading material:
Rajjpuut thinks of progressive this way:  at least half an hour every week they make some public pronouncement that amounts to “praying for” their fellow man. The other 167 ½ hours of the week they’re busy “preying upon” their fellow man.
^^ The starting date and length of the Little Ice Age is much debated. Rajjpuut takes his figures from the excellent History Channel DVD Little Ice Age, Big Chill.
$$ Rajjpuut is being very kind and generous here by insinuating that the Watermelons and George Soroses of the world are NOT deliberately aiming to create chaos they can profit from. The history of the progressive movement and its incorporation of strategies like Cloward-Piven Overloading tells us that the opposite is true (see link below) . . . .
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As Republicans try to reign in the budget to make it more solvent the news claims they are killing seniors and forcing the poor to starve. However, the only people talking about cutting Food Stamps are the democrats.


I am not an advocate of cutting Food Stamps, but it should obviously have more control and not be a drain on the people paying into it. There is a lot of generosity in America from Churches, compaines, and the pockets of individuals. The government is able to send donations to other countries, so I do not think there is any shortage of generosity in this country.


It is amazing how the left and the media can continue to get a way with reporting Republicans do not care about seniors or the poor while at the same time Democrats are responsible for exactly what they claim the Republicans are doing.


I know the Tea Party is helping to get the message out, but it seems like as all this news continues to mount up it is bottle necking and not reaching the mainstream. We can get the news, but with 2012 just around the corner we need a person that isn't afraid to get this message out and hammer it back at the left.


Democrats who reluctantly slashed a food-stamp program to fund a state-aid bill may have to do so again to pay for a top priority of first lady Michelle Obama.

The House will soon consider an $8 billion child-nutrition bill that’s at the center of the first lady’s “Let’s Move” initiative. Before leaving for the summer recess, the Senate passed a smaller version of the legislation that is paid for by trimming the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, commonly known as the food-stamp program.

The proposed cuts would come on top of a 13.6 percent food-stamp reduction in the $26 billion Medicaid and education state-funding bill that President Obama signed this week.

Food stamps have made multiple appearances on the fiscal chopping block because Democrats have few other places to turn to offset the cost of legislation.

Party leaders raided the budget to find off-setting tax increases and spending cuts to pay for their top legislative priorities, including the roughly $900 billion healthcare law. Congressional pay-as-you-go rules require lawmakers to offset all non-emergency spending.


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