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                                                                       Daniel John Sobieski


If the Associated Press report is accurate, President Trump is going to pull the United States out of the Paris Climate Accords, an economic albatross based on junk science the rest of the world wants to hang around the neck of the United States. It could happen as soon as the day after tomorrow. As the AP reported:

President Donald Trump is expected to pull the United States from a landmark global climate agreement, a White House official said Wednesday, though there could be "caveats in the language" announcing a withdrawal, leaving open the possibility that his decision isn't final….

Trump tweeted on Wednesday morning: "I will be announcing my decision on the Paris Accord over the next few days. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!"

Well, the only way to make America great again is to renounce the Paris Climate Accords as the scripture of a false climate change religion. The Accords would doom Trump’s plans to resurrect American energy production and liberate fossil fuels from the chains of regulation. It would make no sense to agree to the Accords after ending the war on coal and relieving industry, particularly the energy industry, from oppressive and job-killing regulations.

Yes, the earth has been warming. It has been warming ever since the Little Ice Age. That is a good thing, Crops love CO2 and longer growing seasons – good news for a hungry world. The fact is that global temperatures have essentially flat lined in the past two decades.

Recently published data from independent meteorologists Dr Ryan Maue of WeatherBELL Analytics and Dr Roy Spencer show that global temperatures have fallen back to about the levels of 20 years ago despite our alleged gushing of CO2….

The explanation of the temperature pause since 1998 – which contradicts the computer models used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) – has been the subject of widespread discussion in academic journals, including the American Geophysical Union journal, Geophysical Research Letters, as well as Climate Dynamics, and the Scientific Report of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. All agree that temperature rises have stalled, but there is no consensus on the cause.

Dr Roy Spencer publishes every month the average global temperature derived from satellite observations. Since 1979, satellites have been sending back to earth data on the temperature of the lower atmosphere, and this data is published by the University of Alabama, Huntsville (UAH) and on Dr Spencer’s website.

The satellite data indicates that average temperatures in April 2017 were 0.27 degrees above the 30-year average from 1981–2010. In the previous month, the data showed that the temperature was just 0.19 degrees above the 30-year average. The IPCC had forecast temperature variations five to 10 times as large.

 William Happer, Cyrus Fogg Brocket Professor of Physics, Emeritus, at Princeton University, writes in the Washington Times that CO2, which every human being exhales, is a blessing and not a curse:

Climate has been changing since the Earth was formed — some 4.5 billion years ago — according to geological evidence. Climate changes on every time scale — decades, centuries, millennia and even longer periods.


The climate of Greenland really was warm enough for farming around the year 1100, and the Little Ice Age really did drive Norse settlers out of Greenland by the year 1500. Like these changes, the very minor warming we have had over the past few centuries is mostly from non-human causes.

Each human exhales about two pounds of CO2 a day from simply being alive. Living creatures, humans, animals and plants are largely made of carbon. Carbon dioxide is essential to the growth of plants. By the standards of geological history, plants have been coping with a CO2 famine for several tens of millions of years. Satellites already show dramatic greening of the Earth as CO2 levels begin recovery toward their historical norms. These were measured in thousands of parts per million (ppm), not today’s puny 400 ppm.

Ironically, the American energy industry through innovate technology has done more to reduce emissions of so-called “greenhouse gases” than any parchment agreement could ever have. It is fracking that has produced a boom in the production of natural gas, a fossil fuel, that has produced a significant reduction in the U.S. of those so-called “greenhouse gases”. As the Washington Times reported:

White House senior advisor Brian Deese cheered the falling carbon dioxide levels at a Monday press conference without mentioning the outsize role played by natural gas, as the cleaner-burning fuel increasingly overtakes coal in electricity generation.

“For those of you who are not breathlessly following the most recent data that has come out, I would note recent data that we’ve seen suggests or finds that for the first half of 2016, energy sector emissions in the United States are actually down 6 percent from last year, and 15 percent from 2005,” said Mr. Deese. “And they’re at their lowest level in nearly 20 years.”

He said nothing about the U.S. natural gas boom, an omission that critics say has become par for the course as the Obama administration highlights renewable energy and emissions restrictions without acknowledging the role of fracking in natural gas extraction.

“To add dishonesty to injury, his administration is bragging about the reduced CO2 emissions of [the] U.S. industry without crediting the fracking for natural gas, a fossil fuel, that largely caused it,” said Alex Epstein, author of the book “The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels.”

There us no moral case to mage for the recipe for global povery that the Paris Accords represent. As Sen. Ted Cruz notes at CNN Opinion, the Paris Accords is akin to trying to repeal the Industrial Revolution. It would be a lot of economic pain for little or no temperature gain:

Following a successful international tour and the G-7 Summit in Italy, President Trump has an opportunity to relieve our nation of the unfair and economically devastating requirements of the Paris Agreement, the United Nations climate treaty he pledged to rip up during the campaign….

According to a recent National Economic Research Associates Economic Consulting study, the Paris Agreement could obliterate $3 trillion of GDP, 6.5 million industrial sector jobs and $7,000 in per capita household income from the American economy by 2040. Meeting the 2025 emissions reduction target alone could subtract $250 billion from our GDP and eliminate 2.7 million jobs. The cement, iron and steel, and petroleum refining industries could see their production cut by 21% 19%, and 11% respectively….

In return for crippling our economy, the Paris Agreement would do next to nothing to impact global temperatures. Under the EPA's own models, if all carbon emissions in America were basically eliminated, global temperatures would only decrease by less than two-tenths of a degree Celsius.
While the agreement would have a negligible impact on temperatures, America would be putting itself at a competitive disadvantage. That's because while the Obama administration irresponsibly committed America to immediate, real cuts in emissions, our global economic competitors would have no such handicap. In fact, Russia is permitted to increase its emissions
approximately 50% and China and India have no meaningful cap on emissions until 2030.
President Trump has made a crusade against unfair trade deals. This climate deal is an economic disaster which has more to do with the global elites gain control over the world’s economy. They want to control and regulate the means of production and dictate every minute aspect of our daily lives – just as President Obama sought to do. Hey, isn’t that the classic definition of Marxism?.

Global warming hype is nothing more an attempt by climate change scammers to impose what has become a religion. MIT Professor Richard Lindzen is quoted in the Daily Caller questioning  the tenets of this new religion:

Throughout history, governments have twisted science to suit a political agenda. Global warming is no different, according to Dr. Richard Lindzen of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

“Global climate alarmism has been costly to society, and it has the potential to be vastly more costly. It has also been damaging to science, as scientists adjust both data and even theory to accommodate politically correct positions,” writes Lindzen in the fall 2013 issue of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons….

Lindzen compares global warming to past politicized scientific movements: the eugenics movement in the early 20th Century and Lysenkoism in the Soviet Union under Stalin. However, the MIT professor argues that global warming goes even beyond what these past movements in terms of twisting science.

“Global Warming has become a religion,” writes Lindzen. “A surprisingly large number of people seem to have concluded that all that gives meaning to their lives is the belief that they are saving the planet by paying attention to their carbon footprint.”

The goal is to use climate change as a means to increase government power over every aspect of our lives, what we make, how we make it, what energy we use, what cars we drive, even what food we eat. The scientific record, as Investor’s Business Daily notes, shows that climate change is a scam:

…a paper published recently in the journal Global Environmental Change found that carbon dioxide emissions are essentially self-regulating and that after countries reach a higher GDP level, CO2 emissions either stabilize or even decline, without the need for carbon taxes or carbon capture technology.

Here in the U.S., the fracking revolution has released from our vast shale formations vast natural-gas deposits that have done more to reduce carbon emissions than any IPCC report.

A study published late last year by the Energy Information Administration reported that the "carbon intensity" of the electricity produced in the U.S. actually fell by 13% from 2007 to 2012.

British climate-change skeptic Lord Christopher Monckton recently pointed out at Marc Morano's Climate Depot that the "Great Pause" in global temperatures — now at 18 years and counting — has occurred even as carbon dioxide concentrations have risen.

This 18-year period constitutes roughly half the satellite observation period that began in 1979.

Physicist Gordon Fulks of the Cascade Policy Institute notes that the warming pause since 1997 has occurred while atmospheric CO2 concentrations have increased 25%.

"CO2 is responsible for global warming that is not occurring, for accelerated sea-level rise that is not occurring ... and for increasing extreme weather that is not occurring," he states.

Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant but the source of all plant and animal life. Even if emissions were a threat, and they are not, it's prosperity and the technology that comes with it, such as fracking, that reduce overall emissions in the atmosphere.

And now the high priests of the global warming religion are demanding what other false religions have demanded – human sacrifices upon their altar.


          Daniel John Sobieski is a free lance writer whose pieces have appeared in Investor’s Business Daily, Human Events, Reason Magazine and the Chicago Sun-Times among other publications.              

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Barry Donadio said "We are hiring again!" 

He is the President of the private security and investigation firm "Public Security LLC". The company is licensed in Maryland, Washington D.C. and New York. It is also a registered business in Virginia and is currently seeking registration in Pennsylvania. The company is a U.S. Government Contractor and is registered to do business with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). 

You may recall that Public Security LLC hired 65 Marylanders in November 2016. 

Public Security LLC was formed in New York in August of 2012 and has been growing ever since. They have proven themselves to be trusted and able to complete security protective missions to include a deployment to the recent Baltimore riots. 

Mr. Donadio explained that his company needs people that are worthy of trust and confidence. "Trust is our most important trait" said Mr. Donadio. 

The paragraphs below are taken from the Public Security LLC website.


Duties: Physical security, outer perimeter executive protection, marked vehicle patrols, bike patrols, foot patrols, entry control, counter insurgency, anti-terrorism, confront and stop active shooter threats. 


*Former or current Police Officer.

*Active U.S. Military

*U.S. Military Veteran

*Former of current Park Ranger, Bailiff, Public Safety, Corrections

*Former or Current Special Patrolman or Special Police

*Former or Current Code Enforcement, Harbor Master, University Police

*Licensed Security Professional


All Security Officer Applicants are required in the very least to have submitted their license to be a Security Officer in the state that they will operate in. 


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Global warming; biggest scam in history

Global warming; biggest scam in history

By Jim Mullen

American children are under an all-out blitz by the corrupt, government-run educational system.  It’s a continuation of an effort to indoctrinate young people at every age to a nonexistent calamity. Aside from the usual liberal ideologies with which they pollute impressionable, immature minds, the granddaddy of government-made crises; the fraudulent scheme of climate change, continues unabated.

From preschool to grad school, they teach children gloom and doom for the world if we don’t stop everything we’re doing in modern society and revert to Spartan-like amenities. Terrorizing young people is chief among the loony left’s modes of operation. As Saul Alinsky instructs; there are no rules, do anything to win! All forms of dictatorships cement their foundation of tyranny by indoctrinating the young.

To date, Obamacare was the grand-prize winner for the greatest con job in American history. Climate change, however, is the largest scam in the history of man. Its diabolical simplicity is genius, and the dedication to the plan by the evil left, is deserving of admiration. This cunning extortion would make the great con artists of the world envious of such brilliance.

It began with the perceived crisis of global cooling. In the 1970s, university grants by government were common to “prove” the theory of global. Of course, when money flows in to prove something, and dries up when they don’t, researchers and scientists can prove amazing things. And with the help of infamously inaccurate computer models and carefully preened and pruned data from around the world, mixed with free money, that became the accepted theory of many in government and science.

Later, we all know the crisis became global warming. It wasn’t just global warming, but MAN-MADE global warming. With eager help from bureaucrats and academic scientists, dollar signs dancing in their heads, they once again began feeding carefully preened and pruned data into computers. Being paid with mostly government grants that depended upon proving the government’s preconceived points, they concluded the earth is heating up at an alarming rate. The computer models announced to the world, ‘we were in a crisis mode.’ What a surprise!

Notice the use of the word crisis. It’s said that crisis is the rallying cry of the tyrant. Remember Obama’s Marxist sidekick, Rahm Emanuel’s declaration, “Never let a good crisis go to waste?”

Other groups of researchers pointed out that there was little change in temperature for over a decade, and in fact, numerous scientists noticed a decrease. That caught the attention of the great con-artists, and they summoned all those enormous brains for a Mensa meeting. Predictably, like the conniving, thieving, scammers they are, their little cabal came up with an ingenious plan.

“Let’s call it climate change,” they squealed! We can’t go wrong with that. The earth has heated and cooled for billions of years, and hundreds of reasons. If the temperature goes up or down, we win. What would they win, you might ask? Well, we must understand that this whole con-job is about power and money. It’s about redistribution of the world’s wealth.

It’s simple. Americans have much of the money and Obama and the rest of the Marxists in the world want it. They’re willing to do anything to extract it from the rightful owners. Remember Alinsky’s rules.

Imposing crippling carbon taxes on Americans is the payoff to the leftwing revolutionaries. Redistributionists like Obama and the rest of his comrades betray our country, and are willing to collapse America’s economy and deprive more people of work. Implementing their plan would set us back decades while the rest of the world lives high on our money.

Carbon taxes use complicated formulae completely undecipherable by mere mortal men. Nearly everything upon which we live and otherwise depend involves using carbon. It begins, but does not end with utilities, and as Obama admitted, will send electric prices skyrocketing. Likewise, manufacturing and business will necessarily raise prices. Job losses will continue, and more people will join those trapped and confined on the federal government’s welfare plantation, where they are more easily controlled.

It’s a known fact - even if the theory of global warming is factual, and even if it is man-made, and even if we bite the bullet and sacrifice our country for the cause, it wouldn’t make a scintilla of difference in global temperature. China, India and developing countries around the world are building thousands of coal and gas-fired power facilities and will dwarf any carbon emissions we might reduce. Their participation is voluntary!  

Charging large carbon taxes to Americans for energy use, takes our money, and then the thieves divvy it up between the Al Gores’ and dictators around the world. Climate scammers tell any lie, grease any palm, and use any and all branches and bureaucracies of government in this country and around the world to further their cause.

We can compare this government fiasco to the Affordable Healthcare Act.

Obamacare was never intended to give Americans better healthcare; it was designed by Obama and the New Democrat Socialist Party to redistribute the wealth and income of the American people. Not to mention, the secondary bonus was a massive power-grab by the federal government and its designated bureaucratic enforcers. The Democrats knew full well, it would cost lives and cause needless suffering and financial hardship on most of American society.

Remember the deliberate, shameful lies Obama put forth while he intently looked us in the eyes and repeated, for months, about Obamacare? It was one of the first, and climate change is the last step of the fundamental transformation in Obama’s vision of America. Obamacare and climate change exemplify rogue government gone stark-raving mad.

Con artists are so desperate to sell the swindle that the Justice Department is considering ripping up the Constitution and charging climate-change deniers, with racketeering and corruption under the RICO Law. This type of intimidation amplifies the calls to end debate. Obama defiantly cries, “Settled science!” He also assured us we could keep our health-care plan, and hundreds of other bald-faced lies. His latest whopper is that climate change is the principal threat to America. Obama’s treasonous policies are the biggest threats to this country.

Threats will silence voices if Americans do not stand up to the Gestapo terror tactics of the Marxist forces high-stepping across our country. The war Obama is waging against Americans via the EPA over the last seven years, pales in comparison to the all-out government blitzkrieg against America in the great climate-change shakedown. Like all shakedowns, there is only a whiff of truth to support the scam. Don’t let that hint of perfume override the horrendous stench of corruption, greed, special interest power, and government run amuck.

It’s us against the despots, and they are a powerful coalition of the worlds’ most powerful and notorious liars; including Barack Obama.

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Global Warming vs The Great Pumpkin

‘By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on

You Have GOT to be kiddpum-1.jpg?width=187ing me.

According to the ENERGY.GOV website…”At landfills, MSW (municipal solid waste) decomposes and eventually turns into methane—a harmful greenhouse gas that plays a part in climate change, with more than 20 times the warming effect of carbon dioxide (CO2).”

What the Obama regime’s Department of Energy is talking about here are two things…pumpkins and farts. The MSW to which they refer are this year’s left over Jack-o-lanterns which, when thrown away, decompose and turn into methane…more commonly known as…FARTS and PUMPKIN FARTS, according to Obama’s Department of Crap That Doesn’t Matter…lead to GLOBAL WARMING!!!

Some Jack-o-Jerk in that department wrote the following: “With the passing of Halloween, millions of pounds of pumpkins have turned from seasonal decorations to trash destined for landfills, adding to more than 254 million tons of municipal solid waste produced in the United States every year. This Halloween, think of turning this seasonal waste into energy as a very important ‘trick’ that can have a positive environmental and energy impact.”

Seriously…they ARE kidding…right?

No, no they are not.

Back to their inane, obtuse cyber-blather…


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The University of Queensland in Australia is taking legal action to block the release of data used by one of its scientists to come up with the oft-quoted statistic that 97 percent of climate scientists agree that mankind is causing global warming.

Since coming out with this figure last year, climate scientist John Cook of the University of Queensland’s Global Change Institute has been under fire for the methodology he used.

“Our analysis indicates that the number of papers rejecting the consensus on [anthropogenic global warming] is a vanishingly small proportion of the published research,’’ Cook and his fellow authors wrote in their study which was published in the journal Environmental Research Letters last year.

The university has told climate skeptic blogger Brandon Schollenberger that the data on the study he possesses was illegally obtained and they would take legal action against him if he published it.

POLL: Is Global Warming junk science with a political agenda or is it real?

“UQ has therefore published all data relating to the paper that is of any scientific value to the wider community,” said Queensland’s acting pro-vice-­chancellor Alastair McEwan.

“UQ withheld only data that could identify research participants who took part in the ­research on condition of anonymity,” McEwan added. “Such conditions are not uncommon in academic ­research, and any breach of confidentiality could deter people from participating in valuable research in the future.”

McEwan said that all the data Cook used to come up with his “97 percent” consensus was published on his blog The school says it wants to protect the privacy of those surveyed in Cook’s research.

“That’s right. The University of Queensland sent me a threatening letter which threatens me further if I show anyone that letter,” Schollenberger wrote on his blog Thursday. “Confusing, no? It gets stranger. Along with its threats, the University of Queensland included demands.”

“According to it, I’m not just prevented from disclosing any of the ‘intellectual property’ (IP) I’ve gained access to,” Schollenberger added. “I’m prevented from even doing anything which involves using the data. That means I can’t discuss the data. I can’t perform analyses on it. I can’t share anything about it with you.”

“Apparently I badgered Cook too much. I tried too hard to get him to do his duty and try to protect his subjects’ privacy. The University of Queensland needs me to stop. If I don’t, they’ll sue me,” he said.

Cook’s paper has been touted by environmentalists and the Obama administration as evidence that virtually all scientists agree that global warming is a man-made threat.

“Ninety-seven percent of scientists, including, by the way, some who originally disputed the data, have now put that to rest,” President Obama said last year announcing his climate plan. “They’ve acknowledged the planet is warming and human activity is contributing to it.”

But Cook’s 97 percent consensus claim was rebutted in subsequent analyses of his study. A paper by five leading climatologists published in the journal Science and Education last year found that Cook’s study misrepresented the views of most consensus scientists.


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U.S. President Obama sits inside the Oval Office as he prepares for the State of the Union Address, while at the White House in WashingtonA group of 15 scientists and meteorologists have put forward a scathing rebuttal to the Obama administration’s recent climate report which said the U.S. is already being harmed by global warming.

Scientists skeptical that mankind is causing the Earth’s climate to change say that such claims are based on false theories and flawed models. The White House report is a “masterpiece of marketing” that is trying to scare people into action, scientists said.

“As independent scientists, we know that apparent evidence of ‘Climate Change,’ however scary, is not proof of anything,” wrote the 15 scientists and meteorologists,including Dr. Don Easterbrook of Western Washington University and Dr. George Wolff, who formerly chaired the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee.

“Science derives its objectivity from robust logic and honest evidence repeatedly tested by all knowledgeable scientists, not just those paid to support the administration’s version of ‘Global Warming,’ ‘Climate Change,’ ‘Climate Disruption,’ or whatever their marketing specialists call it today,” they continued.

The White House’s “National Climate Assessment” (NCA), released last week, claimed that the U.S. was already being affected by global warming though warmer temperatures and increasing extreme weather events.

But the 15 skeptical scientists said the White House is trying to lay the blame for global warming at the feet of the fossil fuels industry when there is little evidence to back up that claim. The Earth’s climate is very cyclical and has gone through many changes in the past, the scientists said, without humans emitting carbon dioxide.

“This NCA is so grossly flawed it should play no role in U.S. Energy Policy Analyses and CO2 regulatory processes,” the skeptics wrote. “As this rebuttal makes clear, the NCA provides no scientific basis whatsoever for regulating CO2 emissions.”

“We are asked to believe that humans are drastically changing the earth’s climate by burning fossil fuels,” they added. “The problem with their theory is very simple: It is NOT true.”

The NCA says the U.S. average temperature has risen between 1.3 degrees Fahrenheit to 1.9 degrees Fahrenheit since 1895, which is causing more extreme weather, like hurricanes and droughts, and harming fragile ecosystems around the country.

The NCA also warns that the U.S. average temperature could rise 4 degrees Fahrenheit in the coming decades if nothing is done to limit carbon dioxide emissions. The report suggests a slew of regulatory solutions from cap-and-trade to green energy subsidies to mitigate global warming.

“’Global Warming’ has not been global and has not set regional records where warming has occurred,” the skeptical scientists rebutted. “For example, over the last fifty years, while the Arctic has warmed, the tropical oceans had a flat trend and the Antarctic cooled slightly.”

Read more at TLR: Skeptical Scientists Debunk White House Global Warming Report | The Libertarian Republic 
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new study published in the journal Science has astounded biologists: global warming is not harming biodiversity, but instead is increasing the range and diversity of species in various ecosystems.

Environmentalists have long warned that global warming could lead to mass extinctions as fragile ecosystems around the world are made unlivable as temperatures increase. But a team of biologists from the United States, United Kingdom and Japan found that global warming has not led to a decrease in biodiversity. Instead, biodiversity has increased in many areas on land and in the ocean.

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“Although the rate of species extinction has increased markedly as a result of human activity across the biosphere, conservation has focused on endangered species rather than on shifts in assemblages,” reads the editor’s abstract of the report.

The study says “species turnover” was “above expected but do not find evidence of systematic biodiversity loss.” The editor’s abstract adds that the result “could be caused by homogenization of species assemblages by invasive species, shifting distributions induced by climate change, and asynchronous change across the planet.”

Researchers reviewed 100 long-term species monitoring studies from around the world and found increasing biodiversity in 59 out of 100 studies and decreasing biodiversity in 41 studies. The rate of change in biodiversity was modest in all of the studies, biologists said.


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The was an article published that explained even 60% + of republicans wanted alternative energy and knew that the global warming was happening, etc.,.  I disagreed and this is my response and thoughts below:


I wonder how the questions were structured and where the survey was taken. There are several reports out that state the global temps are down for the last 10 years and a Russian report that states they expect global temps to be lower for 250 years at least.


I think the carbon trading scheme is more like a Ponzi scheme and will enrich the owners of the exchanges, which include Al Gore, Soros and others. I do agree that we should use our 200 to 300 hundred years supply of coal, natural gas, oil to be energy independent ASAP. The US is now the largest producer of oil, passing Russia and we could produce much more that current levels, as our increases have been from private lands and not federal lands. Obama essentially shut down our shale oil production sites, as he reduced them by 2/3tds. We should allow the market place to develop alternative sources without federal tax subsidies, which was NINE billion USD for ethanol alone in 2013. The EPA went around Congress declaring CO2 a pollutant so that they could regulate almost every aspect of our life. The new MACT, Utility Standards which included social costs for the first time and was based on 20 year old data have made new coal fired plants nearly impossible. Obama explained it as saying you can open a new coal fired plant but it will bankrupt you. The EPA is also working to fulfill Obama's promise that under his policies energy prices will necessarily sky rocket. High energy prices hit the poorest the hardest and also cost jobs.    Germany electric rates have gone from $.06 a kilowatt to over .20 a kilowatt as they went more green and into the carbon credit scheme. This has prompted the industry in Germany to warn that he rates are affecting businesses and future growth. Spain went broke going green and it makes no sense until it does make sense, which means we should let industry develop it as needed and allow research at universities with very limited Federal grants.


of course, there are economical green energy like hydro and other low emissions like natural gas and nuclear that we should use now. W should not shut down coal plants and allow incremental improvements vs. all or nothing EPA approach under Obama. 


I requested EPA information under  FOIA relating to the new Utility Standards, but the new standards are out there that include the new social costs. This new formula is like the old accountant joke, when asked what is the answer they shut the door and ask," What do you want it to be"?  This is how many of Obama's czars and agencies answer questions or make regulations. It is ideology not solid science , it is a religion of global climate change, not settled science as Ozone AL likes to often state. People that dissent should not be silenced or punished, as Al Gore has stated. All evidence should be reviewed and so should where the money flows. Investigate Al's and Soros ownership of exchanges, it is estimated as a trillion dollar business! The CO2, which until last year was a useful gas that plants must use to produce O2.


CO2 levels and temps were much higher millions of years ago and there was no man made pollution.


Sea levels have been 300 feet lower recently, geologically speaking during the last ice age where ice was 6 miles deep over much of the present day US land mass. 


Sea Ice is 60% larger this year, as temps drop globally.


Man does contribute .05% to 1 % of the total emissions and much of the pollution control efforts make tiny impacts, but can cost billions while re-distributing the wealth of the west. Obama favors this re-distribution.


Often, only the foreign press will report about this almost religious issue in the west , global climate cooling/warming/change. Those Crazy Russians also reported that they may can explain why so much natural gas is available and seems to continue to grow. They think it is given off by the Earth's mantel , which would mean an essentially endless supply until the Earth's mantel cools off when the planet dies in several billon years.


Maybe some, ( GORE,SOROS and OTHERS) do not want a cheap, clean source of energy? Before just attacking my position, investigate the issue yourself.

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I agree, as sequestration was Obama's idea and now he will not speak with the republicans unless one of them might be Iranian, Asian or Muslim? He just points at the GOP and the media backs his one way blame for the issue.


Obama should listen for once to our citizens and labor unions, who do not want Obama care. The President should change his ways and stop travel, vacations, and leading from behind and actually lead to resolve  this issue, compromise and get the budget issue behind us.  All he does is show favoritism, slam the GOP, Tea Party and anyone else that might disagree with his vision for America, non super power, weaker financially, Ponzi scheme based global climate carbon credit trading , reduced nuclear and military . UN controlled , altered Constitution and diminished rights, etc..



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I agree, as sequestration was Obama's idea and now he will not speak with the republicans unless one of them might be Iranian, Asian or Muslim? He just points at the GOP and the media backs his one way blame for the issue.


Obama should listen for once to our citizens and labor unions, who do not want Obama care. The President should change his ways and stop travel, vacations, and leading from behind and actually lead to resolve  this issue, compromise and get the budget issue behind us.  All he does is show favoritism, slam the GOP, Tea Party and anyone else that might disagree with his vision for America, non super power, weaker financially, Ponzi scheme based global climate carbon credit trading , reduced nuclear and military . UN controlled , altered Constitution and diminished rights, etc..



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I agree, as sequestration was Obama's idea and now he will not speak with the republicans unless one of them might be Iranian, Asian or Muslim? He just points at the GOP and the media backs his one way blame for the issue.


Obama should listen for once to our citizens and labor unions, who do not want Obama care. The President should change his ways and stop travel, vacations, and leading from behind and actually lead to resolve  this issue, compromise and get the budget issue behind us.  All he does is show favoritism, slam the GOP, Tea Party and anyone else that might disagree with his vision for America, non super power, weaker financially, Ponzi scheme based global climate carbon credit trading , reduced nuclear and military . UN controlled , altered Constitution and diminished rights, etc..



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Maybe it was to let Putin lead the world and slip America from the super power position? VIA,

Was it to allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapons, while wringing his hands?

Continue to print an extra 80 billion USD a month, until the dollar is no longer the number one currency?

The House passed a bill to continue to fund America, except for Obama care. The President goes around every day saying the GOP wants to shut down America. Obama could tell Reid to accept the bill and not shut down the government, but he will not. He has used the bully pulpit every day to fool Americans, because he thinks we are fools.

Continue to push Obama Care, the largest tax in the history of the world, 21 taxes, which was rammed down America's throat. Most selling points were lies and it will decimate the greatest health care system in the world.

Use every crisis and murder to get registration and ultimately ban most, if not all guns.

Sign the UN Small Arms Treaty to seek to neutralize the Second Amendment.

Use the EPA rules to execute Obama's war on coal and energy prices. Bypass Congress and declare the CO2 we breathe out as a pollutant. They have added social costs and a lower than possible CO2 limit from coal to kill any future plants. Germany's green program has driven up kilowatt costs from .06 to over .20 cents today, which is badly hurting industry in that country. Spain is broke from their  green program and Obama wants that for America too. While our energy costs are lower today, Obama's objective will be to make them skyrocket. This will break America and further kill off US jobs.

EPA rules make Coal fired plants come up to the latest standards if they upgrade, which means no upgrades and eventual shut down of the plants. Coal costs .03 to .04 per kilowatt and provides 45% of our power.


The EPA may delay the alternative fuel related tax that will sharply drive up gasoline prices until after the next election. We could be energy independent and stop buying middle east oil and the indirect funding of radical Islam and terrorists. This is never discussed in the press.

Global temps are down for the past decade and the Russians say it will continue for 250 years. This year Artic ice is up 60%.

Perhaps it was Obama's plan to cut our military and cede back superpower and world influence to the Russians?


Other than his book, The Dreams of my Father, we have few clues why he wants to see America shrink in the world. I guess it is to punish America and the west for the sins of our Fathers, as Obama and his Father perceived them.

The wealth re- distribution Ponzi scheme of carbon credit trading from the US and the West is one way to cut America down to size.


I doubt Obama will ever tell us what he intended.  





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As a Senior Citizen, and having been raised at a time when patriotism was an important part of daily life. Remember when we started our school day with the Pledge of Allegiance,  I am continually surprised at how vitriolic the reaction from the left wing zombies when hearing or repeating that pledge!

But, I suppose that these days there are a LOT of things that surprise me. And not I might add, a good surprise.  So I thought that I would enumerate what I think are the top ten reasons we are where we are.  So, here are my......


                                        "Were We Asleep At The Wheel - Top Ten":

  1. Ignoring the emergence of "new world order" as a term describing political thought.  (see Woodrow Wilson, "global justice" for a start)
  2. Increasing expectations as to the roll of "government".
  3. Increasing "public ownership" of private enterprise = socialism.
  4. Not understanding that socialism is the precursor of Communism (from Latin communis - common, universal) as a revolutionary socialist movement to create a classless, moneyless, and stateless social order would would be packaged to appeal to the masses who didn't realize that it would not produce what it promised.
  5. Not realizing that the fall away from God would foster envy and avarice to prevail in the social order.
  6. Ignoring our increasing obsession with institutionalized snooping (to interest oneself in what is not one's concern) via television and mass media.
  7. Not venerating education and integrity above everything else.
  8. Thinking the "solution" to our problems was going to be easy.
  9. Not teaching our CHILDREN about the importance of patriotism.
  10. Ignoring our responsibility to VOTE!




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UN DAILY NEWS from the

14 May, 2012 =========================================================================


A group of United Nations independent experts today called on the European Union (EU) to take the lead in promoting the adoption of a global financial transaction tax that would offset the costs of the current economic crisis and protect basic human rights.

“Where the world financial crisis has brought about the loss of millions of jobs, socialized private debt burdens and now risks causing significant human rights regressions through wide-ranging austerity packages, a financial transaction tax (FTT) is a pragmatic tool for providing the means for governments to protect and fulfil the human rights of their people,” said the Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, Magdalena Sepúlveda.

According to a news release from the UN office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights (OHCHR), estimates suggest that at its lowest rate the FTT would yield about $48 billion across the Group of Twenty major economies, with higher rates offering up to $250 billion per year to offset the costs of the enduring economic, financial, fuel, climate and food crises.

The call from UN experts comes a day ahead of the Group of Eight Summit of industrialized countries, which will take place in Camp David in the United States.

“EU countries must take bold leadership now to pave the way towards what should eventually be a global FTT,” the UN experts urged, welcoming recent EU proposals to implement the financial transaction tax across the Eurozone.

Countries such as the Republic of Korea have implemented similar taxes in non-discriminatory ways to raise resources to achieve the right to development. The FTT, experts argue, would also help stabilize financial markets by discouraging speculation, and therefore mitigate the type of volatility which led to the 2008 financial and food crises.

“Food prices have twice spiked dangerously over the past five years, and could easily do so again,” stressed the Special Rapporteur on the right to food, Olivier De Schutter. “The FTT will likely reduce hot capital flows that fuel speculation, drive price instability and wreak havoc on the right to food worldwide.”

“A global FTT is not a silver bullet, but it would help relieve sovereign debt load stemming from the financial crisis, shift the burden from ordinary citizens to the private sector which caused the crisis, and significantly enlarge government fiscal space for spending on desperately needed economic and social rights programmes.” said the Special Rapporteur on foreign debt and human rights, Cephas Lumina.

The FTT would provide governments with an opportunity to act on their commitments to sustainable development and to take a step to advance development and include marginalized populations, said the Special Rapporteur on human rights and international solidarity, Virginia Dandan.

“When the financial sector fails to pay its share, the rest of society must pick up the bill,” Ms. Sepúlveda emphasized. “It is high-time that governments re-examine the basic redistributive role of taxation to ensure that wealthier individuals and the financial sector contribute their fair share of the tax burden.”

What about "Dear Leader"? Think he isnt for this?

Remember when Joe Biden wanted the same thing?

“For years, American manufacturers have faced one of the highest tax rates in the world. We want to reduce that by over 20%. We want to drop the rate, particularly, for high-tech manufacturers like you, Mr. President, even further than the 20%.

We want to create a global minimum tax, because American taxpayers shouldn’t be providing a larger subsidy for investing abroad than investing at home."

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If Your Emblem is LITERALLY
A Wolf-in-Sheep’s Clothing,
What Kind of Monster are You?
Part I Background
                Actually, we’re going to explain why those people who espouse progressivism can be so dangerous in only three paragraphs . . . but before we do we need to lay a little groundwork. First notice the three sites linked above. If you’re a normal non-superhero type person . . . they may be the three greatest gifts you’ll ever receive other than life and love.  The book The Myth of Stress has the potential to do more good for more good people such as the Conservative movement in the United States and the nascent TEA (“taxed enough already” or “taken enough abuse”) Party folks. It also has the ability to turn many dangerous progressive malcontents into far more reasonable people not by merely relieving stress but by virtually eliminating it from their lives – it’s that good. For people already hounded by serious physical complaints with a psychological component or origin; or serious but not commit-worthy psychological problems the next two links are godsend . . . for example helping relieve and virtually eliminate PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) in some cases going back to the Viet Nam War in a matter of 3-4 sessions. My gifts to you . . . .
            More background:  the link immediately above disrobes the Fabian Society in England (whose organizational emblem, a wolf-in-sheep’s clothing, is displayed in the background within an infamous stained-glass window in which George Bernard Shaw and other Fabian Socialists are shown heating the world over a blacksmith’s fire and pounding it into to their desired shape) which was the movement that gave birth to so-called “progressivism” here in the United States.   The progressives and the Fabians believed in the ideas of Karl Marx but NOT in the violence inherent in REVOLUTION. They believed that they could sneak their agenda onto the scene and take over the world that way. The term “Fabian” comes from the Roman general Fabius who defeated Carthaginian leader Hannibal (him of the war elephants crossing the Alps) by refusing direct confrontations and winning a thirteen-year war of attrition. 
             Progressivism arose here in the 1890s and was a very strong movement for many years. Then he word “progressive” fell out of favor thanks to the debacles of Woodrow Wilson and his administration (the altered historical record in which some people put the Democratic progressives Franklin Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson into #2 and #3 position among U.S. Presidents and then alter history dramatically to hide the fact that Herbert Hoover was a Republican Progressive is totally inaccurate); the term “liberal” was used over the next eighty-five years but now “progressive” is back in favor among them since “liberal taxation” and “liberal spending” and “liberal government” now hold such negative connotations among voters. The link below tells you how in order to make Wilson and FDR into undeserved heroes: the biggest economic lies possible were used:
            FDR, of course, and his VP candidate attacked Herbert Hoover as a “socialist” and promised to imitate the actions of Harding and Coolidge (49% decrease in spending and taxes; 30% pay-down of the national debt) that made Wilson’s Depression into the “Depression you never heard or” or the “Invisible Depression” even though it started out much worse than the 1929 crash and downslide.  Of course FDR not only continued every single one of Hoover’s initiatives but created another 39 brand new federal agencies and did precisely the opposite of Harding-Coolidge by dramatically increasing spending, taxes and the national debt and dramatically expanding government. But besides “adjusting” history as necessary to make their opponents look bad and themselves look good, what do progressives believe? Progressives believe that we must ‘progress’ beyond the ‘out-dated and ill-conceived’ U.S. Constitution if we’re to achieve the Marxist/Socialist earthly Utopia. In recent times progressives like Van Jones, George Soros, Maurice Strong, Joel Rogers, Bill Ayers and others are flying from the woodwork to let their followers know that NOW is the time for the final stage of the “revolution” -- the takeover. Background material over!
Part II Why Progressives are So Dangerous
            One of the greatest additions to the human evolutionary arsenal over the years is man’s neo-cortex high in the front of our brains. It is the neo-cortex that gives man FREE WILL, art and culture, fiction, what-if thinking, science, free markets, capitalism, the U.S. Constitution, the TEA Party, etc. and unfortunately the ability to lie and to get stressed out. It’s a blessing in large part but a curse in many cases. The neo-cortex allows man something that animals can’t embrace: CONTRA-FACTUALITY the ability to postulate “lies” or creative speech or invention and as we’ve said, FREE WILL.  But along with the good comes a large chunk of bad.   If you’ve ever seen the amazingly funny movie The Invention of Lying, you know what we mean by contra-factuality. Contra-factuality is the ability to think, do and eventually deeply believe ideas that are contrary to present truth. Constant inner bombardment with contra-factuality makes stressful lives for people – they live whole lives based upon the words “should” and “shouldn’t;” “have to” and “mustn’t” in situations where they cannot seemingly separate these untrue – intangible statements from reality. The liberal or progressive corruption of the United States Constitution, for example, is changing all their desires into “needs” and then putting forth the proposition that these newly created needs for health care, government handouts, etc. are “rights” akin to the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness mentioned in the Constitution. And the rest of us, meaning ‘the taxpayers,’ are henceforth naturally responsible for meeting these nebulous rights of theirs. 
            To them there are no obstructions to a constant, consistent and bountiful eternal federal free lunch. There are no evils to deficit spending, the national debt, or inflation in their world. Since far more than most of us, progressives are geared to living inside a world that has little close touch with reality; they are far more dangerous to themselves and to the rest of us. For example, in 1970 Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadette Dorne can postulate and be entirely convinced that they know far better than the rest of society how things ought to be (“should”) be run and then convince themselves so thoroughly of the rightness of their case that making and planting bombs is “necessary.” Barack Obama can believe so deeply in the Marxist anti-colonialism that his mother raised him on and his Father exposed him to during their magic month together (Dreams from my Father by Barack, Jr.) that he would do anything including totally undermining this country to make his vision of a better world true. George Soros (“The Man who Broke the Bank of England” and decimated the currencies of six other nations and who’s now trying to do the same to the United States via his puppet BHO) believes that only he has a full and accurate grip upon what’s best for the entire world . . . and he’ll stop at nothing to achieve it.
            Totalitarianism, sick human cruelty and all despotism comes from abused and corrupted contra-factuality.   Ayers and Dorne, Castro and Che Guevara, Pol Pot, Hitler, Stalin, Mao . . . these are great monsters because they believe they and they alone know what’s best and should control or even end the lives of others. Today another wave of contra-factuality is threatening us on many fronts:  Contra-factual science. Man-Caused-Global Warming based upon carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses such as water vapor is just part of a conspiracy theory which the progressives are using to help impose greater government control over everybody else.  This is a repeat of the environmental extremism that erupted upon us following the publication of Rachel Carson’s pseudo-pscience book Silent Spring and the banning of DDT by the U.S. and the U.N. which followed.  With over 2 million deaths per year just from malaria (the total yearly malaria death count was a mere 42 thousand in 1972; now malaria kills roughly 2.15 million worldwide every year), Ms. Carson (and her book) have become a greater mass murderer than even Mao (a mere 60 million) with presumably well over 100 million deaths to her credit. Because the progressive mentality allows them to see some human life as an obstacle or unnecessary to “the greater good” . . . or to propound falsehoods that ignore truth so severely as to threaten other human lives these depressing progressive human beings are a threat to us all. The greater threat, however, is not them but the people who follow them for whatever reason. The progressive leaders themselves are remarkably incompetent human beings but when someone like a Hitler can get huge masses of people supporting him, well, the rest is sad, sad horrific history   . . . .
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
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Wikileaks Info Shows Obama Used CIA as “Watermelons”



    With Hundreds of Millions of His 'Profits' at Stake

President Seeks Extortive Data

Against Countries Doubting Global Warming



Hillary Clinton is not the only high level American politician embarrassed by Wikileaks revelations.  According to documents released by Wikileaks, President Barack Obama employed covert CIA operatives to try to dig up scandalous data on countries opposed to the Copenhagen Climate Treaty which he’d so actively seek to sell to the world in December, 2009. Of course, one month prior to the Copenhagen meetings, the infamous release of tens of thousands of e-mails from the Climate Research Unit (CRU) of East Anglia (England) University which came to be known as “Climategate,” destroyed all of Obama’s dreams of triumphing on the world stage by leading virtually the entire planet into signing a Copenhagen Treaty with far sharper teeth than the nothing paper that the 2009 meeting produced. Shocked by Climategate, Europeans were not enthusiastic about getting involved with more green nonsense (Spain had gone from the #1 European economy in 1997 with 4% unemployment to one of the worst economies in the world with 21% unemployment after their experiment with subsidizing green job creation). Obama, except for a rousing speech against capitalism but praising him by Venezuelan communist leader Hugo Chavez came home from Copenhagen empty-handed.


Just as the Wikileaks data shows Hillary Clinton seeking diplomats to dig up dirt and embarrassing info on foreign leaders and diplomats; Wikileaks now shows that Barack Obama ordered the CIA to find similar information about whole countries and their supposed despoiling of the environment or coolness about global warming at Copenhagen. According to what Senator James Inhofe, an Oklahoma Republican, told the Daily Caller website: Obama was “desperate to enforce its orthodoxy on global warming.”


Obama, Al Gore, George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Franklin Raines, Richard Sandor, Valerie Jarret, Joel Rogers, John Ayers, the Shores Bank of Chicago, several Goldman Sachs bigwigs, and about fifty other well-known progressives stood to make vast fortunes if the United States passed Cap and Trade legislation in concert with world leaders united by a strong accord from Copenhagen. Climategate blew their plans out of the water and then the failure to achieve any consensus on strong global response at Copenhagen shot their scheme to hell. The folks in question all were part of a Chicago area initiative called CCX (the Chicago Climate eXchange) which expected to own the lion’s share of American carbon trading under cap and trade which Sandor estimated at a $10 TRillion yearly industry. In good times the U.S. economy amounts to $15 TRillion. Thus CCX would literally sell the country “blue sky” with its fictitious-based global warming driving carbon trading and drive all prices roughly 67% higher and enjoy commissions on a good part of 40% of the economy for scamming the people with a system that would eventually bankrupt the nation. Thanks to Climategate and Copenhagen the CCX enterprise “dissolved just within the last three weeks. A lot of progressive money was lost in the last thirteen months.


Not surprisingly, the same liberal so-called mainstream media (MSM) in America which refused to run the Climategate story linked above thirteen months ago to date has failed to show the Wikileaks revelation of Obama’s scandal (the link at the top of the blog is to the ultra-liberal London Times’ website which reported the Climategate story accurately but did NOT show this information:  


about the biggest fraud in Climategate the deliberate omission of the Medieval Warm Period from CRU calculations). The Wikileaks revelation on Obama ran in England’s The Guardian newspaper which reported that State Department administration officials, acting at the request of the CIA, sent a secret cable asking U.S. diplomats to gather intelligence on other countries’ preparations for the then-pending Copenhagen climate conference. The request also asked diplomats to be on the lookout for indications that countries were not fostering environmental cooperation and for evidence of countries circumventing U.N.-sponsored environmental treaties. In effect, Obama and the diplomats and the CIA were acting as “watermelons.”


A ‘watermelon’ (since the Climategate revelations) is what Europeans call an extreme environmentalist leader. Just as an “Oreo” in the United States is a Black that other Blacks say “is black on the outside but white on the inside” . . . a watermelon is somebody “green on the outside but pink to deep red on the inside.” That is, pretending to be concerned about the environment in order to push an ultra-socialist or Marxist agenda because cap and trade legislation would require an almost totalitarian state to administer. Climategate which was heavily covered in Europe but ignored in America undermined Obama’s Copenhagen hopes and apparently made him desperate. Given all the important data that’s resulted from Wikileaks, Rajjpuut is shocked to find himself saying that Julian Assange has proven himself to be a hero for freedom lovers everywhere . . . this Obama scandal and the similar blackmail-seeking actions of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton both revealed by Assange’s Wikileaks, show us an administration that will stop at nothing to advance its progressive/socialist agenda. To them clearly, their foul ends justify whatever super-foul means the opt to employ. Barack Obama is a watermelon. To push his collectivist agenda, he pretends to be environmentally-conscious, but he’s really only interested in the power that accrues to a government that has the power and scope to carry out such a grave assault on freedom as cap and trade would prove to be.


When the cap and trade bill stalled in the U.S. Senate after squeaking through the House of Representatives in the late spring of 2009, and then failed to advance out of the Senate for several months, Obama tried to circumvent the lawmakers and have the Environmental Protection Agency create law by regulatory edict. Shortly afterward the EPA published a regulatory change saying that henceforth Carbon Dioxide would be regarded by their agency as a toxic emission and levels would be controlled by the EPA. Fortunately, the EPA was violating its own charter. Florida and Virginia immediately sued and the short-lived regulation was rescinded because the EPA is not allowed to take anyone else’s studies (such as those of the East Anglia University CRU involved in Climategate) but must do its own research and congress must be allowed to monitor that research. CCX and Obama’s dreams of making a fortune scamming the American people while unveiling a virtual totalitarian state upon us all went up in smoke at the same moment.


According to Daily Caller website, in a leaked Feb. 17, 2010 cable, Michael Froman, Obama’s deputy national security adviser for international affairs, held a meeting with the European Union’s climate commissioner-designate, Conne Hedegaard, seeking to work around “unhelpful countries such as Venezuela or Bolivia” and get the Copenhagen treaty into force. Froman in the cable said the U.S. and E.U. “need to neutralize, co-opt or marginalize, co-opt or marginalize these and others such as Nicaragua, Cuba and Ecuador.” He also advocated using divide-and- conquer tactics to confront several of the more strident opponents to cap and trade and global warming orthodoxy and other Copenhagen treaty opponents, saying the U.S. and E.U. needed “to better handle third country obstructionism and avoid future train wrecks on climate …”


The Obama administration later cutoff aid to Ecuador and Bolivia last April that would have helped them reach the Copenhagen treaty’s carbon emission targets, citing their opposition to the agreement.


“I think this goes to show that to the left-wing of the Democratic Party, national security means anything you want it to,” former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton said. “I think it is certainly a misallocation of priorities to be using intelligence capabilities on something like climate change.” Rajjpuut would say it shows the progressive Democratic leaders are morally bankrupt.


Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,



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“. . . a lot of other Europeans in the wake of the Climategate scandal have started calling environmentalists there, not just “greenies,” but now “watermelons” (green on the outside, deep RED on the inside) in recognition of the fact that the chief interest in Cap and Trade has been mainly kept alive by ultra-socialist groups and communists because it practically requires nationalization of all of a nation’s enterprises; requires the all-powerful central government to control all decisions about what to produce, where to produce it, when to produce, where to market it, and how, etc., etc. ad nauseum.” Rajjpuut

‘Progressive-Elitist’ John Kerry

Fumes Over Unsophisticated Voters

According to several internet stories, one-time Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry is NOT a happy camper. According to Yahoo, Kerry would like to “elect a new people.” Complaining that Americans have “abandoned science and truth,” Kerry insists on preaching to anyone that will listen that Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck have led us into a new era of “know-nothingness.” Kerry, you see, is bitter over the fact that Cap and Trade legislation in the senate (a bill he sponsored) never even came to a vote there over the last 17 months, much less passed into law. Kerry feels that “. . . truth and science and facts don’t weigh in. It’s all short-order, lowest common denominator, cheap-seat politics.”

Kerry, the Senate’s richest man has apparently never read this ten and a half month old story:

Why not? Well, because the American MSM (mainstream media), that gives unrelentingly false and favorable coverage to folks like Kerry of the progressive-elite, failed to publicize the fact that even the ultra-liberal London Times (after examining the evidence released in so-called “Climategate” revelations) agrees that global warming is a hoax. That would mean that some particularly sane Americans like Rajjpuut who have long been “global-warming deniers” have actually abandoned gullibility and inanely following the crowd as far as the Europeans are concerned. By the way, here’s a list of 31,000+ other Americans (all scientists, with 9,000+ of them PhD’s who’ve also long denied global warming:

And then there’s the fact that the 2,500 year model global warming theory was based upon had dropped 500 years out of their data collection. Which 500 years? The Medieval Warm Period when temperatures got so warm that ice virtually disappeared from the Northern Hemisphere and Greenland was truly green and Leif Erikson discovered Greenland, established Viking settlements there and even discovered “Vinland,” a.k.a. Canada’s Newfoundland and even established a short-lived settlement there also. So the reason recent times looked so warm is because the global warming “scientists” (we’ll use the word ‘loosely’) while they’d dropped the Medieval Warm Period from their calculations had put extra emphasis upon the 500 year long “Little Ice Age” that killed off the Vikings in Greenland . . . with all that happening and after creating false “hockey stick graphics,” of course the figures lied and said global warming was factual. Poor Senator Kerry never read this article about all that either:

Not only that but Kerry, who recently got a lot of global-heat from trying to avoid Massachusetts’ taxes on his yacht, likes to complain to other tuxedo-wearing participants at $1,000-a-plate dinners somehow couldn’t connect the outrageous taxes on his yacht to the laws passed by liberal fools like himself, preferring rather to gritch about Limbaugh, Beck, the TEA Party and the stupidity of the great unwashed masses who won’t simply take his every sainted utterance as pure GOSPEL . . . the nerve of them!

Kerry, of course, discounted entirely that Cap and Trade would immediately jack up all prices in the United states by 77% (our present economy is $13 trillion thanks to the recession; adding the $10 Trillion per year cost of cap and traded according to some of its most famous proponents . . . we’d then have a $23 TRillion economy based purely upon the addition of “blue sky”; resulting in 77% inflation) . . . leaving that aside for now . . . Barack Obama, in a rare moment of actual truth-telling, told the San Francisco Chronicle his Cap and Trade policy A) “would bankrupt the coal industry” and B) would also “necessarily make the price of electricity sky-rocket.” I guess the fact that 53% of the country still voted for Obama after that revelation spoiled Senator Kerry . . . he apparently assumed silly voters not only were very, very silly, but also absolutely could NOT learn even when the obvious was staring them in the face.

Of course a frequent tux-wearer on the other side of the Atlantic Lord Lawson, former Chancellor of the Exchequer actually called Cap and Trade “a royal highway to corruption” while a lot of other Europeans in the wake of the Climategate scandal have started calling environmentalists there, not just “greenies,” but now “watermelons” (green on the outside, deep RED on the inside) in recognition of the fact that the chief interest in Cap and Trade has been mainly kept alive by ultra-socialist groups and communists because it practically requires nationalization of all of a nation’s enterprises; requires the all-powerful central government to control all decisions about what to produce, where to produce it, when to produce, where to market it, and how, etc., etc. ad nauseum.

Bjorn Lomborg, the famed “Skeptical Great Dane Environmentalist,” though he believes in global warming is an eminently practical and honest man. Lomborg has said that even if we imposed Cap and Trade, with all of its ability to straightjacket the already paralyzed world economy, it would result in barely a 1-degree difference in Global Warming by the end of this century. In response to the exaggerated alarmism of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth,” Lomberg created a documentary called “Cool It” which urges hisfellow environmentalists to cool the rhetoric about global warming as an existential threat to the planet.

As for Senator Kerry, the truth is that progressive elites like him owe the country a huge apology. All the worst ideas still plaguing America (and a lot of others as well) right now are rooted in progressivism, all of them. Think of the worst unfunded liabilities initiated for “all the best motives” and you’ve described progressivism to a “T.” Here are some of those ideas and the president’ in power when they began:

1. Truly Big Government: Teddy Roosevelt

2. Government Control over large land tracts: Teddy Roosevelt

3. The Federal Reserve Bank: Woodrow Wilson

4. The Income Tax: Woodrow Wilson

5. Fighting in Europe’s Wars: Woodrow Wilson

6. Government propaganda: Woodrow Wilson

7. Internment Camps: Woodrow Wilson

8. Controlling (and shutting down) the press: Woodrow Wilson

9. Big interfering Government: Herbert Hoover

10.Ultra-high protective tariffs: Herbert Hoover

11. Huge Tax and Spend Government: FDR

12.Confiscation of Gold: FDR

13. Devaluing the Dollar: FDR

14. Ultra-big Government: FDR

15. Social Security: FDR

16. Expansive Welfare: LBJ

17. Medicare: LBJ

18. Medicaid: LBJ

19. Government Bailouts of Cities: Gerald Ford

20. Government control of Mortgage Industry Jimmy Carter

21.Government bailouts of companies: Jimmy Carter

22. Expansions by fiat thrice by legislation to Carter’s CRA: Bill Clinton

23. Motor Voter Act: Bill Clinton

24. TARP bailouts: G.W. Bush

25. Federal Government involved in bankruptcies: Barack Obama

26. Nationalized Healthcare insurance: Barack Obama

27.Government control of auto companies: Barack Obama

28. Government control of Banks: Barack Obama

29. Government control of student loans: Barack Obama

30. Financial control “reform”: Barack Obama

31. Bailouts of Banks and Wall Street: Barack Obama

32. State Socialism: Barack Obama

Remembering the “Watermelon-Connection” wherein ultra-socialists “green on the outside and Deep RED on the inside” want to use Cap and Trade as a stepping-stone to government takeover of virtually everything because it practically requires nationalization of all of a nation’s enterprises; requires the all-powerful central government to control all decisions about what to produce, where to produce it, when to produce, where to market it, and how . . . . isn’t it fitting that Barack Obama and progressive-elitist and would-be president Kerry are so interested in this seriously flawed “science?” And so looking over that unending list of failure every time serious government taxing, spending, control or interference is contemplated, Senator Kerry still just can’t understand why the masses of sheep are no longer following him to the slaughter house, "It's absurd. We've lost our minds," he keeps repeating.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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Climate Alarmists: CO2 Will Cool
Stratosphere, Cause Dangerous Smog

The Climate Gate scandal may have convinced all of Europe that Man-Caused Global Warming was poppycock,

(although if they'd paid attention, long before, almost 31, 500 American scientists including over 9,400 PhDs among them, announced to the world that global warming was junque science and man-caused global warming was the ultimate in junque science)

but all along the American mainstream liberal media has refused to research the story of East Anglia University’s Climate Research Unit’s (CRU) Climate Gate, their willful politicization of science to benefit itself with over $34 million in grant money all the while selling out and attempting to discredit real scientific work and real scientists.

Now on top of that, alarmists trying to win back the Europeans and the Oceanic region (Australia was one of the earliest “rebel” groups) to the notion of global warming, have more junque science popping upon their blog scene. If you were to type “global warming upper atmosphere cooling” into your yahoo browser you’d find 1, 870,022 hits. For example take this website run by the infamous weather underground (You know them, don't you? They're the late 60’s bomb-planting radicals including Obama's good friend and ghostwriter Bill Ayers now a "noted educator."):

The weather underground and a large percentage of the blogsites are now saying, "Oooops, we mean to say 'global climate change,' we meant to say the real problem with carbon dioxide is that regardless of what happens here on the surface of the earth, it makes the uppermost levels of the atmosphere COLDER and then that coldness will cause smog around the globe, and that smog will be dangerous to all life on earth, uh, we think. The new crusade for junque science alarmism then is that air pollution we call smog will soon come from carbon dioxide cooling the upper atmosphere and allowing ozone to drop through two layers and back to the earth: balderdash! Should that happen we’d have a tremendous early warning system to warn us it was starting: we’d see the jet streams around the globe increasing in speed by roughly 60%.

Supposedly, the beneficial repair of the ozone layer (you do remember the growing “ozone hole” around the south pole” in 1985?) has now dramatically increased the probability of carbon-dioxide caused smog according to a recent study by Guang Zeng and her colleagues from New Zealand's National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research says that that the repair of the hole in the Antarctic ozone layer (in concert with climate change – she can’t drop that junk science, can she?) may do great harm as well as good.

The good, of course, is increased protection from harmful cosmic rays and is not debatable. The great “harm” she describes is definitely problematical and definitely attached to global warming (which, so far as real sciences can say is a myth), which should be enough said, however, let’s understand this new devil aiming to plague us, and let’s understand him well . . . .

Detailed in the May edition of Geophysical Research Letters, the study supposedly revealed variations in atmospheric circulation due to climate change will inevitably cause a 43% increase in gas leaked between the stratosphere and the troposphere, a layer of Earth's air nearer the earth’s surface and our air supply. As more and more ozone is replenished in the earth’s stratosphere supposedly it will also have more opportunities to seep into the air we breathe . Ground level ozone and pure smog are without a doubt dangerous air pollutants, no doubt, but you’ll notice that it’s again all based upon global warming’s junque science and it fundamentally requires ozone to switch directions mysteriously and then mysteriously cross two atmospheric levels going in the wrong direction . . . . hmmm . . . . let’s just go ahead and call that mysterious “switch-directions decision” by the ozone (caused by increases in levels of carbon dioxide, of course) the “Al Gore factor,” yeah!

So it comes down to a leap of faith, global warming alarmists WILL themselves to believe that ozone which they say tends to rise from the earth’s surface and be found near the border between the two atmospheric layers seeks to mysteriously “reproduce itself” in greater numbers by creating the leak from the upper atmosphere and from the ozone layer itself . . . . excuse me, but it sure sounds like conjecture, not science, and wasn’t it conjecture that first said in 1972, we were polluting and pushing ourselves to an ice age . . . and then in about 1988 began to babble incoherently about unescapable global warming. And last Rajjpuut checked, global warming was still little more than a myth pushed for money, power and other political ends.

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