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“. . . a lot of other Europeans in the wake of the Climategate scandal have started calling environmentalists there, not just “greenies,” but now “watermelons” (green on the outside, deep RED on the inside) in recognition of the fact that the chief interest in Cap and Trade has been mainly kept alive by ultra-socialist groups and communists because it practically requires nationalization of all of a nation’s enterprises; requires the all-powerful central government to control all decisions about what to produce, where to produce it, when to produce, where to market it, and how, etc., etc. ad nauseum.” Rajjpuut

‘Progressive-Elitist’ John Kerry

Fumes Over Unsophisticated Voters

According to several internet stories, one-time Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry is NOT a happy camper. According to Yahoo, Kerry would like to “elect a new people.” Complaining that Americans have “abandoned science and truth,” Kerry insists on preaching to anyone that will listen that Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck have led us into a new era of “know-nothingness.” Kerry, you see, is bitter over the fact that Cap and Trade legislation in the senate (a bill he sponsored) never even came to a vote there over the last 17 months, much less passed into law. Kerry feels that “. . . truth and science and facts don’t weigh in. It’s all short-order, lowest common denominator, cheap-seat politics.”

Kerry, the Senate’s richest man has apparently never read this ten and a half month old story:


Why not? Well, because the American MSM (mainstream media), that gives unrelentingly false and favorable coverage to folks like Kerry of the progressive-elite, failed to publicize the fact that even the ultra-liberal London Times (after examining the evidence released in so-called “Climategate” revelations) agrees that global warming is a hoax. That would mean that some particularly sane Americans like Rajjpuut who have long been “global-warming deniers” have actually abandoned gullibility and inanely following the crowd as far as the Europeans are concerned. By the way, here’s a list of 31,000+ other Americans (all scientists, with 9,000+ of them PhD’s who’ve also long denied global warming:


And then there’s the fact that the 2,500 year model global warming theory was based upon had dropped 500 years out of their data collection. Which 500 years? The Medieval Warm Period when temperatures got so warm that ice virtually disappeared from the Northern Hemisphere and Greenland was truly green and Leif Erikson discovered Greenland, established Viking settlements there and even discovered “Vinland,” a.k.a. Canada’s Newfoundland and even established a short-lived settlement there also. So the reason recent times looked so warm is because the global warming “scientists” (we’ll use the word ‘loosely’) while they’d dropped the Medieval Warm Period from their calculations had put extra emphasis upon the 500 year long “Little Ice Age” that killed off the Vikings in Greenland . . . with all that happening and after creating false “hockey stick graphics,” of course the figures lied and said global warming was factual. Poor Senator Kerry never read this article about all that either:


Not only that but Kerry, who recently got a lot of global-heat from trying to avoid Massachusetts’ taxes on his yacht, likes to complain to other tuxedo-wearing participants at $1,000-a-plate dinners somehow couldn’t connect the outrageous taxes on his yacht to the laws passed by liberal fools like himself, preferring rather to gritch about Limbaugh, Beck, the TEA Party and the stupidity of the great unwashed masses who won’t simply take his every sainted utterance as pure GOSPEL . . . the nerve of them!

Kerry, of course, discounted entirely that Cap and Trade would immediately jack up all prices in the United states by 77% (our present economy is $13 trillion thanks to the recession; adding the $10 Trillion per year cost of cap and traded according to some of its most famous proponents . . . we’d then have a $23 TRillion economy based purely upon the addition of “blue sky”; resulting in 77% inflation) . . . leaving that aside for now . . . Barack Obama, in a rare moment of actual truth-telling, told the San Francisco Chronicle his Cap and Trade policy A) “would bankrupt the coal industry” and B) would also “necessarily make the price of electricity sky-rocket.” I guess the fact that 53% of the country still voted for Obama after that revelation spoiled Senator Kerry . . . he apparently assumed silly voters not only were very, very silly, but also absolutely could NOT learn even when the obvious was staring them in the face.

Of course a frequent tux-wearer on the other side of the Atlantic Lord Lawson, former Chancellor of the Exchequer actually called Cap and Trade “a royal highway to corruption” while a lot of other Europeans in the wake of the Climategate scandal have started calling environmentalists there, not just “greenies,” but now “watermelons” (green on the outside, deep RED on the inside) in recognition of the fact that the chief interest in Cap and Trade has been mainly kept alive by ultra-socialist groups and communists because it practically requires nationalization of all of a nation’s enterprises; requires the all-powerful central government to control all decisions about what to produce, where to produce it, when to produce, where to market it, and how, etc., etc. ad nauseum.

Bjorn Lomborg, the famed “Skeptical Great Dane Environmentalist,” though he believes in global warming is an eminently practical and honest man. Lomborg has said that even if we imposed Cap and Trade, with all of its ability to straightjacket the already paralyzed world economy, it would result in barely a 1-degree difference in Global Warming by the end of this century. In response to the exaggerated alarmism of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth,” Lomberg created a documentary called “Cool It” which urges hisfellow environmentalists to cool the rhetoric about global warming as an existential threat to the planet.

As for Senator Kerry, the truth is that progressive elites like him owe the country a huge apology. All the worst ideas still plaguing America (and a lot of others as well) right now are rooted in progressivism, all of them. Think of the worst unfunded liabilities initiated for “all the best motives” and you’ve described progressivism to a “T.” Here are some of those ideas and the president’ in power when they began:

1. Truly Big Government: Teddy Roosevelt

2. Government Control over large land tracts: Teddy Roosevelt

3. The Federal Reserve Bank: Woodrow Wilson

4. The Income Tax: Woodrow Wilson

5. Fighting in Europe’s Wars: Woodrow Wilson

6. Government propaganda: Woodrow Wilson

7. Internment Camps: Woodrow Wilson

8. Controlling (and shutting down) the press: Woodrow Wilson

9. Big interfering Government: Herbert Hoover

10.Ultra-high protective tariffs: Herbert Hoover

11. Huge Tax and Spend Government: FDR

12.Confiscation of Gold: FDR

13. Devaluing the Dollar: FDR

14. Ultra-big Government: FDR

15. Social Security: FDR

16. Expansive Welfare: LBJ

17. Medicare: LBJ

18. Medicaid: LBJ

19. Government Bailouts of Cities: Gerald Ford

20. Government control of Mortgage Industry Jimmy Carter

21.Government bailouts of companies: Jimmy Carter

22. Expansions by fiat thrice by legislation to Carter’s CRA: Bill Clinton

23. Motor Voter Act: Bill Clinton

24. TARP bailouts: G.W. Bush

25. Federal Government involved in bankruptcies: Barack Obama

26. Nationalized Healthcare insurance: Barack Obama

27.Government control of auto companies: Barack Obama

28. Government control of Banks: Barack Obama

29. Government control of student loans: Barack Obama

30. Financial control “reform”: Barack Obama

31. Bailouts of Banks and Wall Street: Barack Obama

32. State Socialism: Barack Obama

Remembering the “Watermelon-Connection” wherein ultra-socialists “green on the outside and Deep RED on the inside” want to use Cap and Trade as a stepping-stone to government takeover of virtually everything because it practically requires nationalization of all of a nation’s enterprises; requires the all-powerful central government to control all decisions about what to produce, where to produce it, when to produce, where to market it, and how . . . . isn’t it fitting that Barack Obama and progressive-elitist and would-be president Kerry are so interested in this seriously flawed “science?” And so looking over that unending list of failure every time serious government taxing, spending, control or interference is contemplated, Senator Kerry still just can’t understand why the masses of sheep are no longer following him to the slaughter house, "It's absurd. We've lost our minds," he keeps repeating.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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Rajjpuut Technique for Weight Loss

Gets Another Adjustment

Rajjpuut is currently going over three studies on the effects of fructose, the ubiquitous sweetner, in the diet of countless Americans. All of the details are still NOT understood, those crazy scientists use so much scientific jargon, shame on them, that occasionally getting to the meat of their research is akin to taking a bio-chemistry class . . . but one thing is clear, if you care about your health, avoid fructose like the plague . . . literally, like the plague.

The American obesity epidemic (65.2% of us are clinically obese and roughly 30% of us are “morbidly obese”) owes much to . . .

A. More than anything else, a sedentary lifestyle embraced by legions of couch potatoes

B. excessive milling and refinement of grainfoods to give us products like white rice and white wheat flour and white bread and numerous other junk food derivatives all totally devoid of nutrition and health-giving yield and full of empty calories

C. the abandonment of natural sweets like fresh fruit, raw honey, real maple syrup, sugar cane and beet sugar eventually replaced by highly refined white and brown sugar.

All this is well-known. However, the story of artificial sweeteners is an ugly tale indeed. If it should come to a decision between refined sugar or artificial sweeteners, for the most part, Rajjpuut recommends small quantities of sugar.
Aspartame, Sacharin, S__nda, Sucra__se, Sw__T ‘n Low, NutraSw__t, and other godawful concoctions recommended by the FDA at one time or another are pathetic excuses for food: they go by a thousand names and they are uniformly health disasters. Many are carcinogens, many have numerous nasty side effects, and create weird allergic interactions, all provide an excuse for consumption of great quantities of utterly nasty diet food, and none have the nutrition that real sweeteners provide, yes, even the much- maligned white sugar. Rajjpuut recommends stevia** to replace sugar and all sugar substitutes NOW. If you give a damn about your health forget about “DIET Foods” they work unmitigated horrors upon us and eventually they all make you fat or fatter. In case no one has told you before , Rajjpuut will: DIETS DO NOT WORK.

There is only one realistic plan for losing weight and it GASP! Involves good nutrition and exercise. And anybody who says anything else is blowing smoke up thy anus.

A quick word on fructose, it sounds good this word “fructose,” like perhaps it carries the natural sweetness of fruit and of course, all those natural benefits as well: WRONG , fructose seems to be natural only in this: it has a natural affinity for expanding the millions of fat cells in the human body. Avoid it. Rajjpuut after reading the research on fructose did an inventory of what he consumes and found out that the particularly-healthy grapefruit juice he imbibes contains fructose; the wonderful yogurt he eats has an even higher percentage; and the lemonade he’s commonly offered by his chess-playing friends has fructose as the #1 ingredient. Since the Ol’ Health Educator leads (by comparison to most of his less conscientious readers) a pristine and virtually Edenlike existence including nutrition beyond reproach, Hak-Koff, he cringes to think what his loyal readers, in less than blissful ignorance, have been ingesting fructose-wise.

OK, here’s the newly adjusted Rajjpuut Technique for wise, effective, nutritious meals and lasting weight loss:

1. Find a way to add exercise to your life: a good start is 30-40 minutes of walking 5-7 days a week. After 5-7 weeks consider adding greater intensity and greater duration to this aerobic ex. Some sort of muscle-building is essential (even simple pushups, situps and pullups and chinups will do the trick). As exercise becomes more intense look to do very easy stretching before and after. Two-three times a week add a brief “sprint component” to your exercise), for example: if you’re walking relatively slowly for 30 minutes a day, “sprint” by walking relatively faster or walking a bit faster but uphill for 10-20 seconds 4-5 times during your walk. Use your head on this, we’re NOT talking about pulling muscles and suffering heart attacks so LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. If over 35 or if you have any doubts, talk to a good physician. By the way, obviously if you enjoy your aerobic activity, clearly you’re more likely to keep with it; one good idea is adding variety: tennis, dancing, hiking, swimming, biking, nordic skiing, raquetball, basketball, etc. all have aerobic benefits as does downhill (alpine) skiing if you do it for at least four hours.

2. Eat a good breakfast every day. Eggs are great food, despite the FDA’s idiocy. Protein like oatmeal and other whole grains as well as the eggs and items like turkey-bacon; and lots of fruit are all good ideas. Breakfast should be your largest meal . . . re-arrange your waking and going to sleep time as necessary . . . it’s that important. One of Rajjpuut’s first-meal favorites: cold 7-ingredient cheeseless pizza; some people like to warm it up, that’s OK, too.

3. Eat 4-6 meals daily decreasing steadily in size throughout the day. Six is best, but who can do that? Five is next best.

4. Eat lots of veggies and fruit after breakfast. Light use of legumes (peas, green beans, beans, peanuts, etc.) at the second and third meal only is recommended.

5. Red meat and other flesh such as fish, fowl, and pork are great . . . just try to decrease the amount of these protein rich foods at every meal as the day wears on.

6. Eat off smaller chinaware. It's an oft-documented fact that people who eat off plates 50% smaller eat 35-40% less food.

7. Avoid all heavily refined and junk foods; almost all fried foods and things like gravies, cream- and cheese-sauces; and avoid artificial sweeteners of all kinds.

8. Salsa is great on baked potatoes (another great food that gets bad press) and lemon slices and or lemon juice make excellent salad dressings.

9. Drink a tall glass of water with lemon juice and stevia roughly one-half hour before at least two and preferably three of your meals.

10. Try to put 11-14 hours between your last meal of the night and breakfast. It’s virtually impossible to “fast” for 12 hours and NOT lose unnecessary weight over the long haul, 13-14 hours is better yet. Finishing a meal at 7:30 p.m. and beginning breakfast at 6:30 is about the least you can expect to do.

11. Chew all your food about three times as much as you’ve been used to doing, it helps the gastro-intestinal tract, but also makes you feel full quicker.

12. Visualize yourself much more healthy looking, feeling and acting; much more slender and happy.

13. Step on the scale every 1-2 weeks ( a body fat scale is a cheap and wise investment and much more helpful than a regular pounds-only scale). Judge your success mainly in how much better you feel; you look; and your body measurements including drop in overall body fat percentage.

14. Good luck!

Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,

**Stevia has been semi-successfully attacked by conflicted interests in many studies but neutral studies show that stevia has actually a basic anti-diabetes effect. Other than for pregnant women (the jury is still out on them), stevia appears to be a great and healthy sugar substitute and it's natural.
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Obama Seeks to End-Run the Constitution,
Gain Alien Votes

Ex-Constitutional Law prof Barack Obama is going to try another end run around the U.S. Constitution. Of course, while teaching that course in Chicago, Obama was simultaneously teaching Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”. . . so who can be surprised. Obama is now campaigning for universal amnesty for all illegal aliens in America and may well end by using an executive order as his “magical hammer and sickle-type wand.” The idea is that by granting American citizenship to parts of or all the illegal aliens, the Democrats would potentially gain about 85% of the thirteen to twenty million new voters created over night.

If done early enough the 2010, election could be salvaged and his own 2012 re-election would also be assured. Howsomever, the only thing that matters is the latter. Once set into motion, Obama’s little ploy could practically assure progressive control of the house, senate and presidency for the foreseeable future . . . . such murky dirty tricks (of the sort communists have made infamous throughout history) are becoming commonplace for Mr. Obama.

Item: Overt bribes of at least half a dozen senators to swing voting for Obamacare (Cornhusker Kickback, Louisiana Purchase, etc.) angered much of the nation. The desired end: a fillibuster-proof senate for the Dems.

Item: naming one Republican senator part of his cabinet and seeking to convince another to also make the same move so that Democratic governors could replace** them with Democratic senators, again in the name of a fillibuster-proof majority in the senate.

Item: Even though it's still very early in the trial of ex-Illinois governor Rod Blogojevich, phone conversations with White House staffers Emanuel and Axelrod (from the FBI recordings) show that Obama himself was involved with scheming to secure Valerie Jarret the ex-Obama senate seat. We already know about the efforts to get Sestak and Romanoff to drop out of primary races to benefit Obama's favored candidates, Chicago-style politics is certainly attractive, eh?

Item: The Obamacare bill was treated as if it were an emergency war measure with its vote scheduled for 1:00 a.m. in the morning. Financial reform recently passed at 3:30 a.m the day before yesterday. Any ridiculous ploy to get the opposition voters to fail to show up.

Item: Obama fooled Michigan Representative Bart Stupak and ten of the eleven other “pro-life Democrats” into delivering the needed votes to make Obamacare a “GO” in the house by giving Stupak a worthless piece of paper on which Obama (the most pro-abortion president in history) pledged that Obamacare would NOT fund any abortions. The paper is less than worthless but Stupak happily accepted it and the measure passed by five or six votes.

Item: Hoping to get two extra Democratic Senators and five extra Democratic Representatives and a million new Democratic voters the Democrats about six or seven weeks ago tried to make Puerto Rico our 51st state (perhaps Mr. Obama hoped to create jobs for flagmakers?) which the Puerto Rican people are themselves against.

Item: When his cap and trade got mired down dead in the Senate, Mr. Obama had the Environmental Protection Agency state by edict that “Carbon Dioxide is a dangerous gas” (in keeping with the myth of global warming). Only trouble? The EPA was violating its own rules by doing this. The agency is required to base any such conclusions and regulations based upon them ONLY ON ITS OWN RESEARCH. So by adopting the shoddy “climate-gate” results they and Mr. Obama proved themselves morally bankrupt again. Several states sued and the edict was dropped.

Item: slow response on the Gulf spill has activated the progressive left and has them calling for Obama’s Cap and Trade bill to be passed and oil drilling to be halted everywhere, but especially at sea. Unmentioned, the reason we’re drilling at these depts now is that the environmentalists have stopped new drilling on land and at much shallower, and safer, depths. Little known fact, the actual start of problems for British Petroleum in the Gulf was NOT the late April explosion, but rather February 3, when a series of leaks began appearing at the macondo wellsite where BP’s Deepwater Horizon rig was operating. Then the whole rig nearly blew up. Salazar and Obama knew about all this no later than Valentine’s Day but did not tell the American people and treated it all as “no big deal” and continued to treat it that way till at least late-middle May. The president would like to get the country feeling in such crisis mode that he can either get the necessary votes to pass Cap and Trade or call it a condition of emergency and declare an executive order with Cap and Trade in effect as part of “necessary emergency response.”

Item: Of course Obama has no right or power to use an executive order to do this or to grant amnesty and citizenship to illegal aliens (the “Nirvana, he’s seeking to allow him to control the country, more or less as a dictator), but certainly he has not so far allowed such considerations to get in the way of “fundamentally transforming America” into an echo of Communist Cuba. No president has ever had these powers, but by the time the courts get it all unwound, a lot of damage could be done, it could already (he hopes) be too late for America.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,

** or, if necessary, with progressive-Republicans but that deal fell through
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