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4064737178?profile=originalBy Oscar Y. Harward

It is disturbing as 12 Republicans in the Senate would vote against President Donald Trump’s Executive Order to build a wall in protecting Americans safer.  All criminals must be stopped from entering into the USA through Mexico.  This is a foremost divisive issue vote against President Donald Trump’s and America’s


economy and safety policies.

There are approximately 1,347,000 active members of the Armed Forces in America.

There are approximately 11,000,000 illegal immigrants in America.

By the numbers, ‘illegal’ immigrants in the USA out number active members of our Armed Forces in the USA by some 8 to1.

Lamar Alexander (R-TN), Roy Blunt (R-MO), Susan Collins (R-ME), Mike Lee (R-UT), Jerry Moran (R-KS), Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), Rob Portman (R-OH), Mitt Romney (R-UT), Marco Rubio (R-FL), Patrick Toomey (R-PA), and Roger Wicker (R-MS) are 12 registered GOP US Senators who voted for Democrats’ Sen. Chuck Schumer, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, and the left-wing Democrat Party.

A vote for Schumer, Pelosi, and all other Capitol Hill Democrats is a vote against President Trump’s plan of building a wall on the southern border to ‘Make America Great Again’ and ‘Make America Safe Again’; and a vote against President Trump’s National Emergency Executive Order.   

Republican voters must remember these 12 Senators who choose to vote with the Democrat Party are determined to allow more criminal lawbreakers by attacking, robbing, raping, and other criminal acts against Americans.  These lawbreakers also bring illegal drugs onto America’s streets and into our schools and our communities.

All 12 Republican Senators joined in voting ‘NO’ with the Democrat Party’s message for President Trump is to stop building a wall to ‘Make America Great Again’ and to stop efforts to ‘Make America Safe Again’.

According to Real Clear Politics,Uncle Sam spends a staggering $775 per day for each child housed at a shelter near Florida's Homestead Air Reserve Base. There they have access to medical care, school and recreation. They stay, on average, 67 days at the Homestead shelter before being released to a sponsor. Do the math. That's almost $52,000 per child. American parents would appreciate the government spending that money on their kids. Imagine the government handing you a check for $52,000 for your teenager.”

Common sense for economic and safety reasons shows building the wall is an economic and safety decision.  Results show that President Trump and Americans should and must build a wall on the southern border to ‘Make America Great Again’ and ‘Make America Safe Again’.

Americans must join with President Donald Trump in his effort to stop crime from crossing into the USA bringing more crime.                           

All so-called ‘RINO’ Republicans and Democrat Party Senators who vote to promote or allow more criminality to enter the USA need to be defeated in their next elections.

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Rep. Omar Doesn't Know How Her Comments About Gaza War Is Offensive To Israel from Wayne Dupree Show on Vimeo.

How Democrats may be destroying America

By Oscar Y. Harward

Islamic Muslims are invited to come into America; more than the usual during the President Obama administration.  Since President  Trump’s inauguration, US District Judges may, by order, allowing more Islamic Muslims into the USA.  Many immigrants come in and study our Constitution, our US Code, and our entire government.

Islamic Muslims continue to grow in population.

 From a report from VOA, “Jetpac estimates that 128 Muslims ran in the 2018 election at all levels of government from very local (precinct captains) to national (U.S. senators).”

“Four of them won, notably Michigan Democrat Socialist Rashida Tlaiband Ilhan Omar of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party. They will become the first Muslim women in the U.S. Congress. In addition, Indiana Congressman André Carson was re-elected and former Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison won his bid for state attorney general.”

Muslims have now started becoming candidates for public office and after winning, they may lead in changing legislation to replace America, our Constitution, our American flag, and God’s Word from Judeo-Christian values ‘TO’ a nation under Islam, Sharia Law, an Islamic flag.

Voters are now voting for and Muslims are winning elections as Islamic Muslim candidates.

Democrat Party’s Speaker of the House, Nance Pelosi has now appointed newly elected Ilhan Omar (MN-D-5) to serve on the Foreign Affairs Committee. 

With Ilhan Omar’s (MN-D-5) openness and in her open opposition to most all of President Trump’s positions allowing her to learn all intelligence while serving on the US House Intelligence Committee may allow her to damage America on America’s national, international, and political policies around the world that may leave America in danger from protecting our own citizens.

Now, they’ve invited Ilhan Omar from Minnesota into their ranks and she is not only radical, but she’s also super hyped up on changing a few things. The House of Representative rules has already been changed to accommodate her.

Omar allegedly defended men in her state who chose to join the Islamic State terror group and against the US military.

As you  read and understand the Declaration of Independence, it is clear America was based on Judeo-Christian values; and nothing else.

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4064710014?profile=originalIn our free America, Democrat Party’s Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democrat Party Senator Chuck Schumer, and other Capitol Hill Democrats must support a steel wall to stop criminals from entering the USA.

How long and how many other Capitol Hill Democrat Party’s legislators going to allow Americans to be kidnapped, assaulted, raped, stabbed, or killed by criminal illegal immigrants?

Why do Speaker Pelosi, Senator Schumer, and other Capitol Hill Democrats support criminal illegal immigrants; even MS-13 gang members, over law-abiding Americans?

Why do Speaker Pelosi, Senator Schumer, and other Capitol Hill Democrats refuse to support the construction of a steel wall to stop criminal illegal immigrants from entering the USA?

Speaker Pelosi, Senator Schumer, and other Capitol Hill Democrats must be forced to protect Americans FIRST. – Oscar Y. Harward

"America’s heart broke the day after Christmas when a young police officer in California was savagely murdered in cold-blood by an illegal alien who just came across the border," Trump said. "The life of an American hero was stolen by someone who had no right to be in our country."


“Trump added: "In California, an Air Force Veteran was raped, murdered and beaten to death with a hammer by an illegal alien with a long criminal history. In Georgia, an illegal alien was recently charged with murder for killing, beheading, and dismembering his neighbor. In Maryland, MS-13 gang members who arrived in the United States as unaccompanied minors were arrested and charged last year after viciously stabbing and beating a 16-year-old girl.”

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President Trump Addresses the Nation

President Donald Trump is protecting America 

By Oscar Y. Harward

President Donald Trump wants a steel wall at the southern border to separate Mexico and America and stop the forced invasion of ‘criminal’ illegal immigrants from entering the USA.

President Trump is protecting Americans by stopping ‘criminal’ illegal immigrants, who assault, rape, and kill Americans. 

‘Criminal’ Illegal immigrants come into America as drug smugglers, and smuggling children.  Many bring HealthCare diseases that may be transmitted to Americans.

Many ‘criminal’ Illegal immigrants are violent caravans who breach the border and force themselves into our communities and their lifestyles at the taxpayers’ expense; housing, food, education, and HealthCare.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senator Chuck Schumer, and other Capitol Hill Democrats are refusing to support a wall to stop criminal’ Illegal immigrants at the border.

Capitol Hill Democrats support illegal immigrants who violate the laws by assaulting, raping, and killing Americans and others. These Democrats welcome illegal immigrants who bring HealthCare diseases that may be transmitted to other Americans.

Speaker Pelosi, Senator Schumer and other Capitol Hill Democrats welcome drug smugglers, and who smuggle children.

President Donald Trump is protecting America, our American flag, our Constitution, and our American citizens.  Thank you President Trump.

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occupy berkeley
PHOTO: Protestors yell outside Sproul Hall at the University of California at Berkeley as they participate in an Occupy Cal rally. (ABC News)

Was this really the best message to give at far left Berkeley?
Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told the graduates at Berkeley to “be disruptors.”
She said being a “disruptor” is a compliment.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) encouraged graduates of the University of California Berkeley to be disruptors, using their knowledge and technology to shake up the economic system.

“Being called a disruptor is a high compliment,” Pelosi said in prepared remarks Saturday. “You here at Berkeley are already disruptors in many ways.”

Pelosi’s speech came nearly 50 years after students led by Mario Savio occupied a Berkeley building and launched the “free speech movement,” which sought to lift university bans on political activities.

“Now, it’s all about you — what you can do with your freedom to speak out, with the tools of our time: Instagram and YouTube, Facebook and Twitter,” Pelosi said.

The California lawmaker urged graduates to tackle problems with income disparity, education quality and climate change. She told them their peers around the world will help, and there’s no need to wait for leaders to act.

POLL: Is the internet destroying the power of the Mainstream Media?

Read at:

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( – Although all four top leaders in the House and the Senate are viewed more negatively than positively by Americans, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was viewed the worst with a 49% “unfavorable”  rating, according to a new Gallup survey.


House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) came in second with a 45% “unfavorable” rank.

In the survey, Gallup asked this question: “We’d like to get your overall opinion of some people in the news. As I read each name, please say if you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of these people – or if you have never heard of them. How about …?”

The results showed the following:

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio):

31% Favorable, 45% Unfavorable, 23% Never heard of/no opinion

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.):

33% Favorable, 49% Unfavorable, 18% Never heard of/no opinion

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.):

27% Favorable, 41% Unfavorable, 32% Never heard of/no opinion

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.):

23% Favorable, 40% Unfavorable, 37% Never heard of/no opinion

For the survey, conducted Apr. 24-30, 2014, Gallup conducted telephone interviews of a random sample of 1,513 adults, age 18 and older, in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

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Is Nancy Pelosi delusional?




Is Nancy Pelosi delusional? From what we see in this video, YES.


Pelosi continues to whine that Republicans are obstructing the president’s agenda and keeping Democrats from “getting anything done.”


In a pre-State of the Union interview last night, Pelosi argued that Republicans are what’s wrong with Washington, and that President Obama doesn’t deserve the harsh criticism conservatives have pinned on him.


“We did not treat President Bush this way,” Pelosi told MSNBC. “We thought we had a responsibility to work with the president to get a job done for the American people, and we did,” she added.



Nacny Pelosi Says WRONG ACCUSATIONS AGAIN!! Nancy has no Clue how to Run a Government or our Nation!! She needs some Therapy NOW for her delusional Mind she has!! Nancy NEEDS and EDUCATION about what WE THE PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WANTS!!  

Nancy is a True DemocRAT ( democrat ) who BLAMES Everyone else for their Problems! I do NOT understand why She can say such things and thinks she can get away with it!! These Politicians have no Clue that they are Always Taped and Recorded of what they say in Public!!




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Why won't Nancy Pelosi go away? You would think that someone who's done that much damage to this country would hide her Botox riddled face in shame. But no, she's back trying to defend the monstrosity that she helped force on the American people in the form of the Patient Persecution and Unaffordable Care Act, commonly known as Obama-don't-care. CNS news reports that Pelosi was questioned about the rising cost of health insurance in a recent press conference (link provided below). Her answer, "Well, some of the people don't have health insurance, and they certainly will have their premiums go up. But for anyone that that is a challenge there are subsidies in the exchanges...but if you don't have health insurance and you don't qualify for a subsidy, and you're mandated to have health insurance, yes, you will have an increase." Amazing, so you're saying that buying something carries a higher price than not buying it? So insightful, this woman should really be teaching economics.

     But that's only the beginning. She goes on, "It's also what you get for the money. In other words people will be getting no lifetime or annual limits on their coverage, no discrimination because of a preexisting medical condition. It has a whole array of quality that is in the legislation." Yes, it's all about the quality. And somehow that quality won't diminish because of the shortage of doctors that's already being reported? Due to such a shortage California recently lowered the standards needed to give medical care. You can now get a prostate exam from an eye doctor, or open heart surgery from a dentist. What could possibly go wrong?

     Pelosi continued, "I don't remember saying that everybody in the country would have a lower premium," well I don't remember you saying anything that was even remotely true. She goes on, "because everybody in the country doesn't have health insurance. So how could it be lower? But the fact is, the value of what you get for the cost that you pay is a reduction in cost to you." So by paying more I'll somehow be paying less? Those pearls around her neck must represent her little pearls of wisdom. Although she conveniently ignores that people who do have insurance are seeing their premiums rise by as much as 400%. But by her crazy new math that's a reduction in cost, too.

     Pelosi went on, "But for everybody it's going to be, again, a liberation, a freedom." Ah, the glorious new age. Now we have the freedom to have the government decide what medical care we receive. The freedom to have the government decide if we should be treated at all. Soon we'll have the freedom to have the government decide when and what we eat, when we use the bathroom, when and for how long we sleep. Oh, and don't forget, the freedom to have the IRS delve more deeply into our personal lives. Isn't that wonderful? How did we manage to live before the government gave us all this freedom?

     I think I'm going to buy Nancy a dictionary for Christmas. This woman obviously has no idea what the word freedom means. Governments, by there very nature CAN NOT provide freedom, they can only restrict it. They can only trample over it. The recent parade of scandals and government abuses proves that. Freedom is only nurtured when government is restrained within it's constitutional limits.

     Furthermore, if Obamacare is such a liberation why did congress exempt themselves and their families from it? If it's truly so liberating, why isn't Pelosi the first in line to sign up at the government exchange? And why did the Senate, earlier this year, vote down a bill that would force on congress and the president the same health insurance that they forced on us? I guess some people just refuse to be liberated.

     Pelosi added that, "under Obamacare young people could pursue careers as writers or photographers." They can't write or photograph something without government mandated health insurance? Again, how did we manage to live before government gave us all this freedom? She went on, "But you just see, I mean, be optimistic about it. It's a very, very exciting enterprise."

     WOW, the same idiots that run the DMV, the same incompetents that run the post office, and the same crooks that run the IRS are going to provide my health care. How exciting. I think I'm going to be sick.

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You know, this President has allowed pettiness and arrogance to reach record levels. 

1.  He invented the "sequester" to provide himself cover during an election year.
2.  He said during the debates that the sequester would not happen.  How he could know that is beyond me, unless he meant he was going to make necessary cuts.
3. Upon re-election, he immediately began beating the drum that it's all the Republicans fault.  Of course, most of the media joined in that fantasy.
4.  When that wasn't working, he began talking about the sky falling if he didn't get his way.  His administration began doing all types of agregious things, like releasing illegal aliens because of "anticipated, future budget cuts.  Then they lied about who authorized the release.
5. Now, he's intentionally trying to make life difficult where it doesn't have to be.  Why?  Because he's acting out the role of the petulant child.  He didn't get his way, so he'll make everyone pay.  
What a horse's ass!
See the following article on more evidence to this effect:
We have a President who spends like a drunken sailor (I apologize to all of you current and former drunken sailors for comparing you to him).  He refuses to even consider the fact that the Federal government has grown so huge that it consumes far more than the tax base could ever support--even if we taxed the "rich" at 90%!  
That's a fact.  Yet Pelosi, Obama, and the other "progressives" still deny that Washington has a SPENDING PROBLEM!  They actually continue to lie to the American people and decry that we have a revenue problem.  Their solution is class warfare, envy, and a mantra of TAX THE RICH.  Unfortunately, between a complicit press propaganda machine, ignorant "low information voters", the envious, greedy, takers, and the intelligentsia elitists who, for all of their diplomas have no concept of how an economy works, he is winning.
Here's the truth:
This past year, Washington received more tax revenue than any other time in our history!
This past year, Washington SPENT 30% more than they took iin as revenue!
The "sequester" doesn't actually cut, i.e. reduce existing expenditures, at all.  What it does is reduce the future budget increases slightly.  Effectively, the government will spend more next year than they did this year.
And the President has the gall to tell you he'll have to shut down airports, close down critical military missions, stop restraining illegal aliens, etc.!  If you aren't disgusted and mad as hell, then it's too late to help you.  Drink some more Kool Aid, believe the lies of the President and the media, and go lay down.


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What's disturbing about this picture?

Posted on News With Views!-By Cliff Kincaid-On June 16, 2012:

“There has been a series of leaks of classified information from the White House in an effort to portray President Obama as a tough American foreign policy leader, but no official has resigned from the administration or the Obama campaign in disgrace or protest. This suggests the betrayal of state secrets is being condoned or ignored at the highest levels. Not surprisingly, Eric Holder’s Department of Justice is resisting the appointment of a special or outside counsel to probe the scandal.

If it is so easy to turn over national security information to the media, it may be just as easy to turn the state secrets directly over to the enemy. Either way, our adversaries benefit.

Starting with Obama and then moving through Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and on to campaign adviser David Axelrod, we have individuals who could not pass a basic FBI background check.

Obama says, “The notion that my White House would purposely release classified national security information is offensive. It’s wrong.” This is from the candidate who concealed the identity of his communist mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, in his book, Dreams from My Father. Such a cover-up should have disqualified Obama from the office of the presidency.

The connection to Davis has never been investigated by the major media, let alone Congress. For their part, Republicans are afraid of being called racist McCarthyites if they challenge Obama’s allegiance to the United States and raise questions about his communist connections and Islamic upbringing.

In a roundabout way to get at the truth, Republicans are pleading for the appointment of a special counsel to investigate the damage that has been done by the leaks. Holder thumbs his nose at them. Even if they get their special counsel, the damage is done and the results won’t be available until probably next year, after the elections.

Congress is part of the problem and got us into this mess to begin with.

Congress gave Panetta a pass when he became CIA director and then Secretary of Defense, despite his long record of associations with identified communist Hugh DeLacy, who had connections to the Chinese government. Not surprisingly, the Soros-funded Media Matters came to Panetta’s defense, accusing conservatives of a “smear” for raising the inconvenient facts about his record, including opposition to President Reagan’s anti-communist defense policies. Media Matters has White House connections and specializes in intimidating the media when they dare to question the White House line.

Fortunately, the facts, including some of a personal nature, were included in a column by the courageous Diana West, who commented that the evidence showed that Panetta had “a cordial, long-term relationship in the 1970s and 1980s” with Hugh DeLacy, a Communist Party USA member elected to one term in Congress while pretending to be a Democrat in 1944. Incriminating “Dear Hugh” and “Dear Leon” documents were obtained by researcher Trevor Loudon at the University of Washington.

West went on, “DeLacy later co-founded the communist-penetrated Progressive Party that nominated Henry Wallace for president in 1948. By the 1970s, DeLacy was still politically active, with connections to known Soviet agents including Victor Perlo of the infamous Perlo spy group, and Frank Coe and Solomon Adler of the equally infamous Silvermaster spy group. DeLacy is also associated with suspected Soviet agent John Stewart Service of the ‘Amerasia’ spy case.”

She noted that “DeLacy was of sufficient interest to Communist China to have scored a paid junket to the People’s Republic in 1974,” and there “met up with Service, Coe and Adler, who was then thought to be working for Chinese intelligence.”

“Our legislative branch is falling asleep on the job over stories that should be giving them—and us—night sweats,” West said, in a column titled, “Give Panetta the Pinko Slip.” But Republican senators—some of the same people now expressing outrage over leaks—put on their blinders. They didn’t want the public to notice them dozing off.

Another suspicious Obama associate, David Axelrod, is a former Chicago Tribune reporter who became Obama’s chief strategist and appears regularly on television as the face of the campaign. He once worked closely with David Simon Canter, a communist operative investigated by Congress as an agent of the Soviet Union. Axelrod was “within the extreme orbit of the old Chicago CPUSA [Communist Party] apparatus,” writes Professor Paul Kengor, author of a forthcoming book on Frank Marshall Davis and his Chicago and Hawaii networks.

Axelrod, who reportedly attended some counterterrorism meetings in the White House Situation Room, insists that the White House didn’t leak the national security information to the Times. With a straight face, he told ABC News that “the authors of all of this work”—The New York Times reporters—have made that assurance.

We see the damage being done, as Obama tries to look like an international tough guy in order to be re-elected. In addition to the leaks to The New York Times about U.S. policy toward Iran and al-Qaeda, producers of a film about the killing of Osama bin Laden, to be released before the November 6 presidential election, were given classified briefings at the Pentagon. Panetta denies anything improper was done, but Rep. Peter King (R-NY) has released emails from the CIA and Pentagon showing “unprecedented and potentially dangerous collaboration” between top Administration officials and the filmmakers. Judicial Watch obtained the documents.

King, however, runs the House Homeland Security Committee, with jurisdiction over the Islamic threat. What Congress needs, in order to get to the bottom of the scandal, are internal security committees or subcommittees in both houses. They were all abolished by congressional liberals in the 1970s.

It seems as though Republicans can’t come to grips with the nature of the problem that faces them and the country. A conservative attorney who has been probing into the backgrounds of Obama and his associates tells the story of attending a speech by Republican Rudolph Giuliani in 2011 and asking the former New York City mayor if he had ever considered the possibility that Obama was a mole. “What? A mole? God, I hope not,” was the response.

It is a serious charge to make, let alone mention in a printed piece such as this. Yet, the new book by retired U.S. intelligence analyst Christina Shelton, Alger Hiss: Why He Chose Treason, is a reminder of how and why questionable individuals get into positions of extraordinary power. Hiss was a founder of the United Nations because of his position as a high State Department official. He might have become Secretary of State, were it not for the revelations of communist defector Whittaker Chambers. A video on the website of Shelton’s book includes interesting information from the author about Hiss’s communist motivations.

It is significant that Anthony Lake, an adviser to and fundraiser for then-presidential candidate Obama in 2008, had previously withdrawn his nomination as Bill Clinton’s CIA director when outrage developed over his public doubts about Hiss’s guilt. That didn’t bother Obama, who took Lake’s advice and fundraising help and then gave him a job at the United Nations. A video shows Lake taking his oath of office as an “international civil servant of the United Nations.” The U.N. is notorious as a nest of spies.

Panetta’s background as a former member of Congress helped to make his confirmation process easy and fast. It worked. Now, Republican senators are reluctant to admit they made a mistake, as Panetta skillfully fends off charges that the Pentagon and the CIA released the secret information about the bin Laden raid to the pro-Obama filmmakers.

Conducting “bipartisan” investigations with the Democrats will not get the job done. Obama, whose foreign policy approval ratings are already better than Romney’s, is sitting pretty and laughing behind-the-scenes at the GOP. Our national security crumbles before our eyes, making the nation more vulnerable to what in the corporate world would be termed a “hostile takeover.” The catch is that it is a takeover from within.”


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The Military Pays the Price for Obama’s Agenda!’s-agenda/

“Food For Thought”

God Bless The U.S.A.!

Semper Fi!


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Attack “Oreo” Herman Cain
You’re used to it by now.   You’re not surprised when the mainstream media totally ignores the Fast and Furious scandal and the court setback for former Democratic vice presidential nominee John Edwards for stealing millions from his campaign war chest to cover up his affair; but meanwhile attacking conservative politicians for illegal breathing and excess beard growth and labeling all conservatives as racists and mean-spirited villains. Will the real racists stand up? Apparently not. But, as always, we shall know them by their fruits. Let us briefly set the stage . . . .
When hate-filled California Representative Maxine Waters said, “The TEA Party can go to hell” and then ten days later described Republican presidential candidate Herman Caine as “an Oreo . . . Black on the outside and White on the inside” the mainstream media (MSM) hardly noticed . . . these were certainly two stories they didn’t want to examine in any depth. They also didn’t see anything distasteful when leftist commentator Janeane Garofalo talked about Caine being a token Black that Republicans could parade about “to hide their racism” implying that Caine was “an Uncle Tom” -- an implication that is now all over the MSM as Caine surges near the top of the Republican presidential polls. And Caine, despite being a successful businessman, is being treated as if he’s stupid in virtually all progressive commentary, “I doubt Herman Caine can even spell ‘Iraq!’” was the commentary on one recent liberal NEWS show.
Garofalo, of course, knew brief fame as an “I call ‘em as I see ‘em, regardless of facts and fairness” talking head on the Majority Report program on Air America, a progressive^^ cable network, which sought to institutionalize ad hominem attacks on conservatives like Sarah Palin. Apparently, “news” without any grounding in actual facts and truth can’t survive long in the free market because while FOXNews and its fair and balanced coverage has soared to the top, #1 among the cable-news viewership, Air America has gone out of business.
Let us put all this to rest: first, let’s look at the positive side for those evil racist “conservative White Folk.” Are these the real racists, who won’t stand up and admit their racism? Well consider this:  in the 2008 presidential elections, Democrat Barack Obama received a larger number and a larger percentage of White votes than either Democrats Kerry and Gore received in 2004 and 2000 respectively: 47.6%. Meanwhile Republican John McCain garnered roughly 4.6% of the Black vote. Thus the individual White voter was about ten times more likely to vote for a candidate of another race in 2008. Put another way, Black voters were about twice as likely as White ones to vote for the presidential candidate of their race in 2008 whichever way you look at it, the racism among Black Americans is definitely a subject someone in the MSM ought to talk about.
Now let’s look at the negative side:  remember in spring of 2010 when Nancy Pelosi and all her House Democrats made a spectacle of marching into vote together on Obamacare with her wielding that massively oversized gavel?   All the MSM was there. All of them ran stories about conservatives spitting on some members of the Congressional Black Congress and calling them the “N-Word.” MSNBC implied in their coverage that multiple instances of the “N-Word” were hurled at the CBC Democrats. Some internet leftwing sites claimed that the N-Word had been yelled “28 times” that morning. Only one slight problem? It never happened. 
With dozens of cameras and reporters and individuals with camera-phones pinching in around the Pelosi-led group, not a single one caught any video or audio of any spitting or the N-word being used.  Conservatives and particularly the TEA Party** have been pretty adamant about “innocent until proven guilty” and other fundamentals of America’s Democratic- Republic being paid more than lip service and here clearly the accusation without any provocation was being treated as hard undeniable fact by the MSM. But since the victims of all the baseless attacks were conservatives, that’s OK . . . .
Andrew Breitbart, founder of was outraged at the horrific coverage and offered a $100,000 reward for just one instance on video of any of these much publicized events actually occurring. Of course, Breitbart’s still got his money in his wallet and no evidence was ever presented to him or ever revealed on the internet or anywhere else that those oft-described events happened at all.
So what is going on? The collapse of the once proud and the once honorable Democratic Party is now in progress. The Democratic Party has been taken over by its left-most hate group: the progressives^^.   Moderate and conservative Democrats almost don’t exist anymore. There are far more progressive Republicans than there are combined true moderate and true conservative Democrats in Washington.  Progressive Democrats have done that by using a policy of “divide and conquer.”   Their strategy for controlling both chambers of Congress and sometimes the White House since 1972 has been based on falsely claiming Republicans are racists, anti-woman, anti-minorities and stupid. When it comes to issues the only issue that seems to matter to progressive Democratic politicians is “how much can we get away with promising” rather than dealing with the actual issues (and debt; unfunded liabilities and spending are the major issues make no bones about it). To these ends they have made a policy of promising almost every imaginable handout to their naive constituents . . . to buy votes, commonsense be damned. 
Meanwhile those who rather than promise outrageous largesse seek to inform the populace of the fact we’re on the wrong track:  conservative women like Sarah Palin, Marsha Blackburn and Michele Bachmann; Conservative Blacks like Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas, and the several Black FOXNews contributors including Juan Williams and several smart, young Black female reporters; and Conservative Hispanics such as Marco Rubio are trashed mercilessly without evidence that the mud being slung has any basis in fact. Why? Because they’re all seen as huge threats to continuing the 20th Century Democratic near-hegemony in Congress into the 21st Century. The Democrats regard all women; Blacks and other minorities as “theirs.” Any members of these groups who don’t toe the line, especially conservative success stories, are regarded as threats so great that these people must be “slimed” and eventually destroyed.  One of the great ironies is that Cain looks to be doing fairly well according to polls just about everywhere but in New Hampshire . . . but he is especially strong in the supposedly prejudiced South. Now what’s to be made of that?
As opposed to the hatred Cain receives from progressives and the liberal media, an example of his high regard among conservatives is that not only is Cain ranked 2nd among G.O.P. hopefuls in Iowa, but he is also “disliked the least” with only 3% of Iowans placing him last in the field. In contrast, if Obama’s name was entered in that field he might get close to 100% of Iowans ranking him dead last. But as the MSM has told us, Cain is a stupid racist and evil man. So get used to it: IF and when Herman Cain continues to climb in the polls as his national name recognition spreads beyond the South, phrases like “Oreo,” “Uncle Tom” and “House N-word” will become commonplace and considered “factual” in and by the MSM . . . certainly these canNOT be considered racial slurs when a progressive utters them, can they? And our “great-uniter and first post-racial president”? Let’s pinpoint him for what he actually is: the great divider and antagonistic rabble-rouser and campaigner-in-chief who has no interest in governing this country as it deserves to be governed . . . remember he’s the man who said three Cambridge police officers (one Black, one White, and one Hispanic) “acted stupidly” after first admitting he actually didn’t have all the facts.  Say now, isn’t that the very definition of the word “prejudiced”?
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
^^Should the word “progressive” stymie you . . . Progressives believe that the country must ‘progress’  beyond the “outdated and ill-conceived U.S. Constitution” if we are to ever make ‘progress’ toward Utopia (Marxist heaven on earth). This is why the TEA Party is so repugnant to them. The first plank in the TEA Party Contract from America reads thusly:
                                “Identify constitutionality of every new law:  Require each bill to identify the specific provision of the Constitution that gives Congress the power to do what the bill does (82.03% of national respondents wanted this item included among the final 10 planks and it was the top vote-getter among the 28 candidate issues).
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America's final stand.

People, with Obama's rule and liberal assaults America will not be America by the end of this year. Just think, what American President in all American history has ever assaulted the American Character like this traitor has? He has called us racist, tea bagers, right wing radicals, un-American, terrorist, uneducated and most of all he has blamed the people for his liberal arrogance in this debt crisis, once again passing the blame to the very people trying to fix the problem.

You may not sit idle any longer, if he and his liberal agenda is not removed our future will have no life. We will live in a nation lost and forgotten for the freedom and the rights we once possessed. Our children will hate us for taken their future and their happiness away.

They will believe what is told of them by liberal overlords that freedom is a danger and if we wish for peace and security we must give such rights away.

Liberals have no truth and no morality, they call you monsters for wanting a true and equal representation, they call you radicals for wanting fiscal responsibility when the truth it is not that we the American people have a spending problem it is they, and they alone.

We as most all Americans have cut spending and understood the consequence of such unwarranted indulgence. We know that it is impossible to live where more money is going out then what is coming in. We made the hard adjustment and cut back, why is it they, the liberals in power have not, instead of meeting such unsustainable endeavors with responsible governance, decided more spending and more governmental expansion and less liberty to be a logic and rational solution?

The White House blames you for the downgrade when you for the last couple years have been ignored. They have not listened to the people since Obama has taken office and now they blame you for their treason? We said HELL NO!! No more spending!! We said no more expansion and we damn sure said no more governmental intrusions!! And now they are faced with their complete ineptitude and high treason of their liberal doing, once again blame you.

You must expect that liberals and more specific, governing liberals, will not take what is needed and do the right thing. No, they will continue and continue until the legacy of this United States becomes one of corruption and greed. History will know us as monstrous as Adolf Hitler and his third Reich.

The time has come to move on D.C. with numbers that represent the truth, we have no choice but to demand the immediate removal and prosecution of all liberal leaders for their crimes of high treason. Obama, Biden, Holder, Pelosi, Reid, Soros and all others backing the destruction of the greatest nation know to man, the USA.

These puppet masters know exactly what they are doing and will blame the American people for the collapse of civility. I am begging all of you who still loves this great nation to fall on D.C., I am begging all of you who still believes the USA to be the greatest nation on Earth to please fall on D.C. and make the world take notice. Show those corrupted deceivers that America will not fall without a fight, that America, should we cease to be will not go on their terms and we will illuminate the freedom and the passion of a people blessed by Gods wonderful mercy and we will be heard once more.

You do not have the benefit to believe someone else will do it for you anymore. You must stand for your nation and your people now!! You must rise and demand justice for the crimes against America and the crimes against our children and for the crimes against our right to exist free. You must rise now!! America is falling and she can not survive without you, will you allow the lives of our founders to be lost in vein? Will you allow the sacrifice of our past brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers who gave everything including their very lives to be free to mean anything less then those of the free and of the brave? Will you allow every single life giving in the belief it was for freedom to be erased and forgotten?


Our pledge to America:
"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all." One nation, Indivisible, Justice for all.. Do these words mean anything to any American anymore? Since liberals seized the nation we have lost our American Unity and have been intentionally divided with justice for only some. This is not America!! The American government must have the permission of the governed to have the right to govern. We have given these liberals no such permission and in fact have asked for its revocation. We have demanded a readdress of our grievances that has gone unanswered. We have demanded the adherence to the written document of the American spirit, the Constitution, and they have ignored as well as circumvented it. We ordered the government to rectify its illegality of the representative to denounce the falsified rhetoric and application of the represented.


Holder, the face of America's legal representation, has violated his position and American law by his racist misuse and intentional racial divide by applying racist factors to the implementation of his due process. He is no longer the valid legal face of the American people and is due for removal and for an accountable seizure before Justice demanded by the laws of this land. Holder has also participated in the behavior of high treason by advocating the sale of American weapons to enemies of the state and by allowing unauthorized passage and permissions of criminals and their sales of illegally controlled substances on American soil.

He has also shown favor to liberal states by attacking conservative states for alleged contradictions that impeded federal jurisdiction, yet had no mention nor legal concern towards liberal states with a clear and illegal obstruction to said very same contradictions, ie immigration laws and sanctuary cities. Holder is in violation and is guilty of high treason and high crimes against the American people and the position he currently holds.


Pelosi, A congressional traitor who deceived the American people in the passage of the Liberal take over of the privatized sector of American Health Care. She broke the law by intentional deception over more then 4-5 years. She issued intentionally charged rhetoric of both race and political lines in an intentional course to cause civil discourse and violent liberal assaults on peaceful protests. She has used public funds for non public meetings and events. She has advocated violence against oppositions of her political ideology. She has used charged rhetoric that led to violent protest in immigration debates which led to many charges of damaged property and civility. She had knowingly made false statements and allegations of racism and bigotry while in representation of a congressional official. She has misinformed known facts and made political charged accusations of intent against many individuals including the American populace. Pelosi is in violation of high crimes against the stability of the United States and the continued discourse of the American people. She must be removed from power and barred from ever seeking any political position for the remainder of her life.


Reid as the third prong to the Obama, Pelosi triad has been in violation in the very same nature to that of both Pelosi and Holder. His crimes are high crimes and no less in violation then Pelosi and Holder.


Soros is no politician, this man has violated many nations by subverting the sovereign laws of these nations. He has used his vast wealth to under mine national security and civil discourse, His crimes effect many lives and should be brought before an international tribunal to answer for such crimes. Currently his assaults have taken rise in London and the US with London so far experiencing the worse. He is a enemy to all free nations and should his actions be brought before a system of free unhindered justice it would reveal his enormous guilt.


George Soros is not just a "spooky guy", he is far, far worse as his hands bare the blood of millions. If one were to connect the dots of today's and many past fatal occurrences it would no doubt all end to one man.....George Soros.

George Soros is not guilty of any one sovereign law, he is guilty of many laws of an international scope. His crimes include economic destruction to mass chaotic slaughtering of many human beings. His punishment must be more severe then some corrupt politician. If I were to preside and be responsible for his sentencing, he would receive no punishment less then the death penalty. However I do not and I ask all free loving human beings to do their best to bring this evil man to the forefront of international awareness. He can be defeated, but only if he can no longer hide from the truth.


There is nothing more needed to say about this illegitimate leadership of the United States, other then his crimes of high treason and of high crimes against the American people. He has deceived the world of his intentions and have placed complete liberal control over the global market. He has repeatedly attacked the American people and he has repeatedly behaved in a liberal manner the not only contradicts the oath of our American president but also violates that oath.

He has refused his legal obligations to uphold the laws of the land as well as to protect the American people. He has given rise to illegal immigrants and a unhindered path of access to American benefits and value their criminal activities over the constitutional rights of actual American citizens. He has enacted several legislation's that violate his and the congresses limitations of power and has placed the United States in economic peril. He has shown an ignorant disregard to his responsibilities and refused the logical path for economic recovery.

He has created positions of power that only Congress themselves can grant, these seats of power are not bound to Congressional oversight and thus have no authority to answer to other then the executive branch. He has violated the 2nd and 1st amendments as well as sent an uneccasery shockwave of confusion jolting global financial systems and undermining the role and importance of the United States as a viable power.

This president is not suitable for a continuance as our Commander and Chief.

Obama is guilty of crimes of treason and of high crimes themselves, he has broken many laws and has implemented the now inevitable destruction of the United States. He is a traitor to his position and to the United States and must be brought before justice to answer for his high crimes.


__Other Political Traitors__
DNC Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Racism, Hate Speech, Fear Mongering, anti-American socialism)

Vice President Joe Biden (Racism, Hate Speech, Fear Mongering, anti-American, Fraud, Misrepresentation, Misinformation, Threats, Constitutional circumvention)

D.Presidential Candidate John Kerry (Racism, Constitutional Circumvention, fraud and Hate Speech)

__Traitors in Media__
All other liberal media both written and watched

__Traitor Organizations__
Congressional Black Caucus
Nearly all Liberal backed orgs.

America please take a stand and boycott and protest and bring global awareness to all of the above. They can not destroy if they can not hide. God bless America and all who supports true freedom and equality.

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 Now we find out WHY Nancy Pelosi didn't pass a 2011 budget!"    

2011 Americans Robbed of $105.464 Billion
 by Obamacare UNconstitutionality
           Two huge secrets and loads of corruption have now been revealed for all thinking American voters and taxpayers to cogitate upon: 
1.                  Why did Nancy Pelosi and the house Democrats NOT pass a budget for Fiscal Year 2011?
2.                 What exactly was Nancy Pelosi talking about in Mid-March, 2010?
            Speaking about Obamacare, Nancy Pelosi told us “We’re just going to have to pass this bill so people can find out what’s in it.” According to information recently revealed in a report by Congressional researchers to Minnesota Republican Representative Michelle Bachman, “what’s in it” . . .  is loads of UNconstitutional features designed to STEAL your money and mine.   The Heritage Foundation and Congressional Republicans combing through Obamacare to get the fundamental knowledge to pass an honest and accurate budget for 2011 (albeit six months late) stumbled upon a cesspool full of corruption expertly hidden within the law . . . how did this happen?
ITEM: The final copy of the 2,900+ page Obamacare was in the hands of the voting representatives less than two hours before the vote . . . totally contrary to the rule of law as well as common sense, fiscal responsibility, and statesmanship.  Not a single Republican voted for the bill; 31 Democrats joined them in opposing Obamacare . . . obviously, it was impossible for any of them to have read and fully understood what they were voting on, so the only sensible and honest vote under those conditions was a "NAY!"
ITEM: The final copy included material pounded out by Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and officials from the Obama Administration that no one except them and the progressive SEIU and several progressive foundations and their lawyers (who actually constructed the bill) had read before . . . again, . . . totally contrary to the rule of law as well as common sense, fiscal responsibility, and statesmanship.
ITEM: Even the passage of the monstrous Senate version of the bill almost three months earlier was accomplished under shady circumstances:   late on Christmas Eve of 2009 as if it were some great emergency law needed to stave off catastrophe rather than in ordinary fashion for a law that wouldn’t be implemented fully for eight and a half years . . . once more with emphasis . . . totally contrary to the rule of law as well as common sense, fiscal responsibility, and statesmanship.
ITEM: In section 402 Health and Human Services Director Kathleen Sibelius was given a $16 Billion slush fund to use as she sees fit within the health care field. UNconstitutional!  But Kathleen was part of another fraudulent action as well . . . .
ITEM: In section 1311A Sibelius was also given as many blank checks as she wishes, for as much as she wishes (“slushus fundus godzillus”) to enable the White House to make loans and grants to individual states having problems with implementation (California, for example would have problems). UNconstitutional to the max!
ITEM: The first eight years of Obamacare establishment costs have been pre-funded removing all control of the funding for establishment and implementation from the congresses that would follow and putting it all under the responsibility of Obama, Pelosi and Reid at that one sick moment in time Mid-March, 2010. UNconstitutional!  Never in the history of the republic has such a bill been passed tying the hands of future lawmakers and budgeters . . . .
ITEM: $105, 464,000,000 of pre-funding for Obamacare was included in the bill . . . effectively by-passing the right and ability of future Congresses to control the purse strings. Like voting once and giving us bad laws like Prohibition or allowing Slavery in certain states forever. UNconstitutional!
            So what’s going on here? Barack, Nancy, and Harry have stolen $105.464 Billion from the American taxpayers and usurped the constitutionally separated rights of the present and future congresses to control the purse strings of the country as the Constitution provides. While there have been greater usurpations of power by a president . . . Teddy Roosevelt just taking the land for the Panama Canal from Colombia comes to mind . . . the shared guilt of Reid, Obama and Pelosi has to be viewed as among the most totally arrogant acts by a single party in the country’s history. The Republican Party now has the full moral right and obligation to demand a) all the money back b) all the slush funds closed c) all 2,900+ pages of Obamacare be repealed d) and full co-operation in balancing the budget for fiscal 2011 which Nancy Pelosi didn’t deign to pass . . . WHY?   Because by not creating a budget, she hoped to hide the revelation of the $105.464 BIllion in UNconstitutionally stolen taxpayer money (and usurping of power from future Congresses) which would have stuck out like a sore and swollen thumb.  Sweet Nancy . . . and as for Barack, we now have clear grounds for impeachment as he was part of the executive branch commandeering the role of the House of Representatives.
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
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            It’s not been a good week for Obamacare, by any measure:  

A) Today the U.S. House of Representatives voted 245-189 to repeal the law (a far larger margin then originally passed it). The fact that only three Democrats voted to repeal the law shows the tremendous sway that Nancy Pelosi still holds B) Two Rasmussen Reports surveys meanwhile showed that 75% of American voters want changes to Obamacare; and
C) 56% of voters actually want it repealed, while
D) six more states (Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Ohio, Wisconsin and Wyoming) joined a suit claiming the law is unconstitutional. This brings to twenty-sex, the number of states involved in the lawsuit originally begun by Florida. The other nineteen states that are suing are Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Idaho, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah and Washington.            

            All six of the new states joining the law suits have Republican Attorney Generals, but the action in the House was, at least, somewhat bi-partisan as three Democrats joined the unanimous Republican voting ranks against Pelosi and the health care “reform” bill. With the new additions, over half the country’s states are now opposing the law.  "It sends a strong message that more than half of the states consider the health care law unconstitutional and are willing to fight it in court," Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi said in a statement.

The states claim the health care law is unconstitutional and violates people's rights by forcing them to buy health insurance by 2014 or face penalties. Government attorneys have said the states do not have standing to challenge the law and want the case dismissed.

Lawsuits have been filed elsewhere. A federal judge in Virginia ruled in December that the insurance-purchase mandate provision was unconstitutional, although two other federal judges have upheld the requirement.   It’s widely believed the U.S. Supreme Court will ultimately have to resolve the issue.

Meanwhile, at the White House, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs dismissed attaching any importance to the vote repealing the law, saying the Republican effort was “not a serious legislative” push. Democrats have a majority in the Senate and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said his party would block repeal in that chamber; and will not allow the bill to even reach the Senate floor if he has his way.

In the Florida case, the states also argue the federal government is violating the Constitution by forcing a mandate on the states without providing money to pay for it. They say the new law gives the state's the impossible choice of accepting the new costs or forfeiting federal Medicaid funding.  By 2024 at the latest, the new Obamacare requirements for the state side of Medicaid are potentially expected to bankrupt almost all the fifty states. As a side note: Unfunded liabilities of $112 TRillion in Social Security, Medicare, and the federal side of Medicaid amount to more than double the gross national product of the entire world. These three entitlement programs and the new Obamacare entitlement appear nationally and for the states to be ticking time bombs . . . .

Florida U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson is expected to rule later this month whether he will grant a summary judgment in favor of the states or the Obama administration without a trial. Former Florida Republican Attorney General Bill McCollum filed the lawsuit within seconds after President Barack Obama signed the 10-year, $938 billion health care bill into law in March. He chose a court in Pensacola, one of Florida's most conservative cities.  The nation's most influential small business lobby, the National Federation of Independent Business, also joined the suit saying that the law’s costs and paperwork would make small business ownership a losing proposition. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has made similar assessments about Obamacare. A recent analysis showed that where before there stood only the patient and his/her doctor . . . 1,968 bureaucrats have now entered the relationship courtesy of Obamacare.


Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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Pelosi, Reid, Progressives Practice


One More Christmas Rape upon Voters

            You may recall that just 43 days ago, America’s voters showed their extreme dissatisfaction with the powers that be (and "business as usual") in the country's seats of government.  Besides attacking incumbents in general on the national and state level . . . Democrats (as the party controlling the House, Senate and Oval Office) netted a loss of 63 seats in the House of Representatives; 6 Senate seats; 7 governors; and at the state house level some 692 individual state congressmen were lost. Depending upon how you crunch those numbers this was the biggest disaster suffered by one of the major political parties since 1938 (on the national scene) or 1928 (nationally plus state-by-state). 
            Despite this comeuppance aimed at big, out of control government and even bigger out of control spending . . . Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have set their gangs loose upon the American public with nothing less than voter rape and murder of the Constitution in mind . . . .
Item: The Pelosi-led house has still not passed a budget and has no plans to do so, in defiance to their Constitutionally-mandated role in Washington.
Item: With the biggest tax-hike in the history of the country scheduled for January, 1, 2011 (when the Bush Tax Cuts all expire), Nancy Pelosi -- who’s had four years to deal with this matter -- has still not passed an extension to those tax cuts.
Item: Without any openness, bi-partisanship or concern for the voters, the Harry Reid led Senate has produced a 1924-page Omnibus spending bill costing $1.1 TRillion in new spending and featuring 6036 earmarks at a cost of $87 Billion.
Item: Before passing an extension to the Bush tax cuts; the House has produced another huge bill aimed at effectively grabbing off 8% of all western lands and killing jobs in the logging; mining; fishing; and recreational industries to appease the radical environmentalists supporting the Democrats. At present roughly 49% of all far western lands now belong to the federal government; and another 10% of this land is under severe federal usage-restraints. Thus if this bill becomes law, 7/12 of all far western land will be removed from the tax rolls of the states and added to the bankruptcy that Obamacare’s new state mandated Medicaid costs will produce would move bankruptcy of ALL 50 of the United States back from 2024 to 2021.
Item: Also attached to the Green-takeover bonanza would be a huge amount of acreage along the southern border with Mexico turned into wildlife sanctuaries which would prohibit Border Patrol Agents from operating there and thus effectively opening the floodgates to illegal immigration even wider than they already are. This occurs one day after a Border Control Agent was killed by illegal aliens in the United States.
Item: Congress is refusing to look at a bill which would undo all the harm done to central California vegetable and fruit farming by the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) decision to suspend irrigation to protect the 3” Delta Smelt population. Occasionally, smelt die by swimming close to the piping intake and getting sucked in. Some parts of Fresno County suffered 40% unemployment thanks to this EPA edict.
Item: Once again Senate Majority leader Harry Reid is placing huge bills before the senators that no one has read; bills which the public knows nothing about; and once again Reid is planning to keep them voting through Christmas Eve on his pork-laden; big spending bills. Doesn’t it all make you proud to be an American?
Item:  Obama Attorney General Eric Holder, whose Justice Department last year gave Christmas-celebrants such heat, is now suing a school district for not allowing a Muslim teacher to take off (without pay) to travel to Mecca as part of a pilgrimage that all Muslims are encouraged to take some time in their lives (like maybe after retirement?).  Mr. Holder’s decisions 1) to NOT win a case already won by the (the New Black Panther defendants refused to show up in court) Bush administration concerning voter intimidation at a Philadelphia polling place; 2) and his decision to attack Arizona for passing a law to control illegal immigration; 3) and his decision to try 9/11 attack planner KSM in New York City; 4) and his decision to Mirandize the Underwear Bomber and get him to clam up and lawyer-up before intelligence operatives could deal with him . . . have got patriotic Americans wondering who’s the biggest threat: our Justice Department or the terrorists?
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
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Two questions appear to be answered even before a single vote is cast in the 2010 mid-term elections: Republicans are going to pick up a lot of seats in the House of Representatives and a lot of governorships as well. The G.O.P. winning 30-35 governorships is a crucial must in the eyes of the politically savvy if the personal popularity of Barack Obama is to be overcome in 2012 so the country can veer quickly away from Marxism. The governors will be in charge of drawing up district boundaries based upon the 2010 Census and for the G.O.P that means a huge opportunity to counter the Democratic Party machinery that so dominates in Big States with Big Cities like Illinois, New York, Ohio, and California.
Listening to House Republican Leader John Boehner, one comes to believe that the Republicans have faced up to the shortcomings which betrayed the voters in 1994 and again in 2004 . . . and that the G.O.P. will focus on creating jobs; express and enforce Constitutional-fidelity; aim to dramatically reduce the size and interference power of the federal government; defund Obamacare; aim to cut taxes, spending deficits, the National Debt; and the size and scope and power of the federal government. More than his words, it is the fact that Boehner has never, not even once, given us an “earmark.” That’s an utterly distinguished record of integrity.
Boehner talked about such “Congressional reform” themes last week while speaking at the American Enterprise Institute. Unlike the “reform” touted by Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Obama in naming all their corrupt bills, Mr. Boehner promised straightforward changes that would increase transparency and assist in reducing the growth of government -- including a promise that all legislation be constitutional—which may appear to be a token bow to the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) party but which would, according to the Wall Street Journal” provide the wonderful “practical effect of making the Constitution's limits on government part of our contemporary debates.” Glenn Beck must be purring like a kitten to hear that kind of talk.
Mr. Boehner's vow to publish the full text of all bills online at least three days prior to a vote, as well as allowing open rules on all spending bills are both simple, but sensational ideas clearly in line with the intents of the Founding Fathers. Besides joining the progressive Dems’ spending binge, the G.O.P. most disappointed conservative voters when former GOP leader Tom DeLay abused open rules constantly. Of course, Nancy Pelosi has seen DeLay’s evil practices and pushed all-in so that her legacy is the first Congress (in history? in long memory?) not to consider one single bill under an open amendment process . . . nothing is more corrupt than the agenda and the policies of Sweet Nancy from Nob Hill.
The country needs a statesman like William Proxmire again. Mr. Proxmire’s “Golden Fleece Award,” highlighting the most self-serving and corrupt use of the public trust and our taxes, kept his fellow politicians on their toes and somewhat honest. Thanks to Pelosi’s abuse of process, Arizona Republican Jeff Flake, a noted spending critic, has been absolutely prevented from putting embarrassing spending items before the media and public and up for a floor vote. Flake is also the sort of guy who would have exposed Obamacare to such intense ridicule that the bill would never have become law. Imagine him talking about the provision referring to Gold-Sellers in a healthcare “reform” bill . . . it would be hilarious. It’s unimaginable that the present funding of abortions under Obamacare would have occurred with Flake focusing every eye on the bill. If Republicans want to win back the respect of the voters for Congress . . . process reforms such as these are crucial. The G.O.P. canNOT succeed in their professed goals of restoring the Constitution, cutting spending, re-energizing the economy, and abolishing the entitlement state without first undoing the corrupt base of Congress’s evil tax-and-spend machinery.
A few crucial questions are still to be determined on November 2nd. Will the Republicans win the House (yes, they only need 39 seats, but will they win it , or win it with a 61-vote majority – a pickup of 100 seats overall – like Dick Morris is predicting?); will Republicans win the Senate (which Morris is also predicting)? Will the G.O.P. sit in 33 or more of the governors’ mansions? Will the apparent national “wave” of disgust with incumbents and progressives carry over to the individual states and see a lot of incumbents and progressives of both parties shooed out the door? But if the Republicans take the House, one has the feeling that a statesman of absolute integrity will be wielding the speakers’ gavel. Ex-health educator Rajjpuut, only hopes that Speaker Boehner is indeed in our future and that Mr. Boehner's either quits or cuts down markedly on his smoking . . . he looks like one we could bear to have around a long, long time.
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
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“If the folks in the Gulf were angry about the six-month drilling moratorium Obama sent them, this is a permanent moratorium on Gulf oil drilling operations . . . did you even notice? Put down that %&$(*$@%)#$% remote! Our country is being sent down the toilet and you’re watching television?” Rajjpuut

Would you Vote to Give America Away to the U.N.?

For all those of you who just can’t believe that America and the American dream are expendable in progressive-Democratic** eyes, open your eyes NOW. The United States House of Representatives under Democratic control (specifically led by Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer) and only needing a simple majority to pass any bill just voted to put great chunks of our oceans, our coasts and our oil under control of the United Nations. Would you vote to do that? Would you authorize your representative to do that. The Senate will soon take this matter up for vote. Would you authorize your state’s senators to vote for this?

Yesterday in this Rajjpuut’s Folly blog . . . .,_republican_leaders_submit_to_obama_lies.thtml

we showed you a monstrous truth that apparently the Republican leadership hasn’t got the brains, guts or testicles to put out before you. Today’s truth about the so-called “CLEAR ACT” HR 3534 . . . .

shows you just exactly what happens when Americans are too busy watching their sit-coms and Irreality TV shows and too busy to pay attention to what the progressives (“we need to ‘progress’ beyond the outdated and flawed United States Constitution in order to bring about a Utopia here on earth”) in government are doing to us. In a nutshell . . . while most Americans are twiddling their thumbs and dipping their potato chips into unhealthy triple-cheese concoctions the global-thinking progressives in the House have just voted to give away our land, oceans and adjacent land masses and even the Great Lakes to an international body which will make us pay $900 million per year 2040. Would you vote for that? Would you authorize your rep to vote for that; or your senator to make it a law this coming week?

HR 3534 is designed to put America back into the year 1905. But it is far worse than that . . . . It is first of all: UNCONSTITUTIONAL. HR 3534 mandates membership in something called “the Law of the Sea Treaty” without the required two-thirds vote to ratify it in the U.S. Senate as is required of all treaties the country enters into. It creates permanent obstacles to normal American energy operations. It will be a permanent roadblock to American and drive American companies out of the Gulf permanently, delay future drilling, increase dependency on foreign oil, and will implement climate change legislation and youth education programs; but most important, it mandates membership in the Law of the Sea Treaty without the required two-thirds vote to ratify it in the U.S. Senate. If the folks in the Gulf were angry about the six-month drilling moratorium Obama sent us, this is a permanent moratorium on Gulf oil drilling operations . . . did you even notice? Put down that %&$(*$@%)#$% remote! Our country is being sent down the toilet and you’re watching television?”

We won’t dwell on how evil all this is, after all, you deserve it if you’re not paying attention and especially if you voted for progressives in the last three elections (about 85% of the Democrats and 10% of the Republicans in the House and Senate) . . . but, now that your eyes are open, are you going to let them pass this bill in the senate without a whimper from you?

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


** If you’ve been paying attention, you know that the progressive control of this country is now pushing 100% for Marxist aims . . . two months ago, a liberal think-tank did a poll in which 55% of Americans said the label “socialist” was fitting for Obama . . . well 90% of Americans haven’t paid attention. Obama is a Marxist and Marxists think globally (Workers of the world, UNITE!) and in their thinking, not just rich Americans but all Americans must “suffer a little” to redistribute wealth globally for the benefit of all (From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs.) and if you haven’t the brains or guts to realize what’s happening, it’s called a “Fire Sale” on America.

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