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Who Belongs on Anti-American Wanted Posters?



          If you were to logically examine the greatest dangers facing America right now and then to put a face to each of them, it’s likely you’d be stunned at what many of those faces look like . . . as you’ll see from our countdown of the . . . .



Nine Ultra-Dangerous

Anti-Americans at Large Today



#9 Osama Bin Laden has become largely toothless, the danger lies from the newer, younger faces now in charge of the various Al Qaeda branches around the globe . . . faces largely only known to the CIA. However, one face that many Americans are aware of is Anwar Al Awlaki a man with dual citizenship in Yemen and the United States. Despite President Obama’s efforts to remove the concept of Islamic Terrorism from our radar scopes, Awlaki, who was raised right here in the United States, is the highest profile semi-successful terrorist most of us know about. Besides being the “brains” behind the high profile failures of the “Underwear Bomber” and “Times Square Bomber” and “UPS Bomber,” Awlaki was the inspiration for the Ft. Hood massacre carried out by Islamic Army Major Hasan who cried out “Allah Akbar!” as he started the shooting rampage that claimed the lives of 13 people and wounded 29 others, mostly soldiers at the U.S. Army base near Killeen, Texas. Like Bin Laden, Awlaki during his young manhood got involved with prostitutes and became so self-loathing that he needed a big scape-goat for his sins: Western Decadence and the United States. Luckily so far, except for the Army’s total incompetence in dealing with the danger of Major Hasan . . . Awlaki and his followers have thankfully proven themselves quite incompetent. Grade as an Anti-American so far? D+

#8 Faceless foreign Islamist terrorists eager to kill Americans on foreign shores have done a chillingly effective job against Americans outside this country. Whether its suicide bombers; planters of improvised explosive devices (IEDs); Taliban fighters in Afghanistan or those who slaughtered over 100 and wounded at least 250 (mostly Americans and British) at the Indian hotels favored by Westerners and other areas in Mumbai, India in coordinated attack waves; or the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole . . . these guys mean business and have had success against us. In light of the large number of terrorist attacks they pull off, however, Americans have been surprisingly infrequent targets. Their greatest latent threat? Taking over Nuclear-armed Pakistan. Anti-American Grade: C+

#7 The greatest and obviously fastest growing threat so far comes from faceless home-grown Islamic terrorists as the recent FBI sting operation that foiled a would-be Christmas Day attack in Portland Oregon. Because of the failure of Islamic leaders in this country to face down terrorism and the idea of Jihad . . . thousands of young Muslims are being indoctrinated and radicalized right here in this country. Barack Obama and Eric Holder who could easily have sought their help in a high profile way, have pretended that there is no Islamic terror war aimed against us . . . it’s unlikely their political correctness can save us from such attacks. The recent broad-daylight attack on a Detroit police precinct wounding four officers is a shocker. Was this an Islamic Terror attack? We’ve not been told anything; the shooter has been identified, but not yet “characterized.” We do know that the Detroit area holds the highest Muslim population density in the country. In any case, unless something changes such attacks will be carried out by Jihadists sooner or later. Grade: F- Threat A+

#6 Chinese President Hu Jintao and his country pose huge  military, economic and cyber threats to the United States and have abetted the insane regime in North Korea as well. He is now calling for the Chinese Yuan to replace the American Dollar as the world’s reserve currency. If this happens the American economy will be able to hide behind Obama’s and Fed Chief Ben Bernanke’s façade no more: we will be exposed as utterly bankrupt and economic chaos the like of which the United States has never known will collapse the entire economy. Barack Obama seems content to let China continue to lead us down the primrose path in that direction. Grade D- but threat A++.

#5 Frances Fox Piven has been the most successful and little-appreciated American traitor in history. She clearly was the power behind the throne of the Clinton presidency.


Earlier, the efforts of Piven, her husband Richard Cloward, Black militant George Wiley  and the National Welfare Rights Organization (NWRO) created by the threesome to show the strength of the infamous “Cloward-Piven Strategy” took eight years to bankrupt New York City (it required a federal bailout in 1975). NWRO used Saul Alinsky’s (author of Reveille for Radicals in 1946; and Rules for Radicals in 1971) street crusade tactics to double the nation’s welfare rolls from 8 to 16 million between 1967 and 1975; and just missed bankrupting the entire state of New York.

While working with NWRO, Wiley Lieutenant Wade Rathke was considered imaginative. He put that trait to bad use in creating his original ACORN (Arkansas Community Organization for Reform Now) in conjunction with the support of Bill Clinton were answers to Cloward’s and Piven’s calls for their army of supporters to move on to “voter registration and housing as our next emphasis areas” for radicalism. After Jimmy Carter’s 1977 Community Reinvestment Act (CRA ’77) first required home lenders to knowingly make bad loans to high risk people, ACORN was created and immediately the landscape of American mortgages began changing. After success in Arkansas and in supporting and getting Bill Clinton elected governor for 12 of the next 14 years, ACORN became national and changed its name slightly dropping “Arkansas” and replacing it with “Association.” 

            ACORN helped put Bill Clinton into the White House in November, 1992, and he immediately set to work to definitively answer the Cloward-Piven call for radical attacks on voter registration by enacting the Motor Voter Act in early 1993. Piven and Cloward are standing just behind Slick Willy in the official photo of the signing ceremony. Motor Voter was called “a twelve-lane highway to voter fraud.” Clinton also enacted serious and deep reform of the regulations behind CRA ’77 in 93; and then twice had bills expanding CRA ’77 become law in 1995; and finally passed a steroid version expanding CRA ’77 in 1998. Clinton clearly had repaid his debts.  In 1975, before CRA ’77, one in every 404 home loans was issued at 3% down or less and virtually all loans were granted with 20% down payments. By 2005,  More than one in every 3 home loans (34%) was done at 3% down payment or less; many with zero down payment.

            Thanks to the Clinton steroid expansion in 1998, ACORN was able to use its street demonstration tactics to get loans as easily for $440,000 homes in 2005 as they had for $110,000 homes in 1995. Now people with no job; no savings or estate; no ID; no rental history; only food stamps to show as “income”; terrible credit ratings; and, yes, even illegal aliens could be put into ultra-expensive homes. Piven was the founder of our financial meltdown as the sub-prime lending crisis infected the very soul of the nation’s economy . . . .

            Today Piven is aghast that the unemployed are not angry enough and not taking to the streets. She has called for violence akin to what’s going on in Greece to finally bring the Marxist Revolution here to fruition. Things haven’t changed much for Piven.  Cloward and Piven’s infamous article “The Weight of the Poor” first exposing us to Cloward-Piven Strategy for revolution brought on by chaos first ran in the Nation magazine.  

“Now, with the dropping New Year's ball, Piven is at it again, ringing in 2011 with renewed calls for revolution. In a chilling and almost unbelievable editorial again in The Nation (”Mobilizing the Jobless,” January 10/17, 2011 edition),” she is again calling on the poor to be storm troopers for her revolution.   For the angry unemployed “to rise up in a violent show of solidarity and force.  As before, those calls are dripping with language of class struggle. Language she and her late husband Richard Cloward made popular in the 60s.” Grade A+  Current Threat C


#4 George Soros:  So-called “philanthropist” Soros has had a checkered past. As a 14-year old in his native Hungary, George Soros was (as a capo for the Nazis) delivering the orders from the Third Reich officials for his fellow Hungarian Jews to assemble for their freight car trips to the death camps. Today the 80-year old Soros is known as “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England.” Multi-billionaire Soros is claimed to be the world’s 4th to 8th rich man. He’s made an awful lot of his money by taking advantage of (and some say by “engineering” or  “manipulating”) currency collapses. Full-fledged economic meltdowns in England, Russia, Thailand and Malaysia and in a couple of Balkan States which Soros exploited made him a billionaire. He is currently backing the Chinese Yuan and appears to be seeking harm for the Euro and Dollar. If he succeeds and makes a greater fortune by destroying the dollar, however, it will be Congress and the Presidents seem 1964 who have load the gun, Soros will just have incidentally pulled the trigger. His real danger is as a so-called activist and philanthropist. Soros right now funds the Tides Foundation and 48 other anti-American progressive foundations all aimed at bringing about an eventual collapse of the American economy and Marxist takeover of the United States. The incredible chart at the bottom of this blog link says it all; George is funding every single bit of it:

            A good friend of the Clinton’s and close to Barack Obama, Soros could become the world’s first trillionaire if he can pull of the collapse of the Euro and the Dollar and getting the Yuan to replace the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. His danger to the United States, however, lies in his being the banker for the progressives’ revolution. Grade C- potential danger A

#3: Obama’s Regulatory Czar” Cass Sunstein is called “The Most Dangerous Man in America” by fiscal-conservative and constitutional-conservative political pundit Glenn Beck. In the face of the House Republican majority, Obama will rely on Sunstein to take over the country for progressivism much like Bill Clinton did using regulatory fiat to expand the powers of CRA ’77 in 1993. Sunstein and progressive think tanks are the ones who get together behind closed doors to write up the massive Obamacare; Financial Takeover; and Cap and Trade Bills turning America into a socialist state. He’s currently working to undo Talk Radio and Fox News; and drastically limit Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech in this country. Grade B-   Potential Threat A++

#2 While Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have done great harm to our country, at the end of the day, they were both just leaders of the yes-people for our President. Barack Obamas charisma is not ever to be underestimated. Intelligent conservatives realize that the president’s multiple failures in every avenue of Oval Office accomplishment mean absolutely nothing.   After flirting with a 40% approval rating against 56% disapproval in September, 2010 . . . 51% of the nation now believes Obama’s job performance is effective. The son of a liaison between a radical communist American mother and a Marxist Kenyan, Barack Obama has zero accomplishments to his credit over almost half-century of living. He is living proof that Abraham Lincoln was wrong, not only can you fool some of the people all of the time, you can definitely fool most of the people most of the time. His lackey, Sunstein, is a dangerous man, but only Obama can get their entire administration another four years to carry on with their mischief.

            Community Organizer Obama and ACORN lawyer Obama were highly effective at not only getting banks to give bad home loans to ultra-risky clients, but was also famous for shaking them down for ACORN donations.   A master propagandist, Obama has the American people believing that conservatives and the free market caused the crash which progressive laws like CRA ’77; progressive programs like Medicare and Medicaid; and progressive interference shackling the free market created. 

Obama, Al Gore, Franklin Raines, Joel Rogers; Richard Sander and some forty-five other noted liberals created the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) which would have made the group hundreds of billions if not TRillions of dollars with the passage of cap and trade laws. Last month the group disbanded after CCX’s nine-year old potential failed to come to fruit.   Had they succeeded, the $10 TRillion per year carbon-trading industry (producing nothing but selling supposedly clean air) would have turned the $15 TRillion U.S. economy into a $25 TRillion economy with the same goods and services and nothing better to offer. This would have amounted to a 67% virtually immediate inflation in the country. This would have also fulfilled two of Obama’s campaign promises (to “bankrupt the coal industry” and to cause the price of electricity to skyrocket”) as revealed in a San Francisco Chronicle interview.


                Mr. Obama has also promised to create five million new green-tech jobs. Based upon a Spanish economist’s study of Spain’s efforts along similar lines (which took Spain from the most prosperous economy in 1997 and 4% unemployment; to being endangered by bankruptcy and today’s 20.8% unemployment rate) with the government subsidizing “green programs” . . . those five million green jobs would cost the real economy eleven million real jobs. Furthermore (just as in America, the Spanish politicians treated and counted jobs lasting two weeks or three months as if they were permanent jobs so that count is NEVER to be trusted) only 10% of the green jobs in Spain proved permanent . . . bottom line: half a million permanent green jobs would cost eleven million real jobs (a disastrous 22/1 job-killing ratio). Also of interest, the green jobs averaged about $12.44 per hour. It’s obvious that the media and the voters don’t pay attention to Obama’s words since they’re so enthralled by his pretty face? We could go on and on, but we’ll live out Obamacare and all his other disasters such as stopping oil-drilling in the Gulf . . . . Grade B+   Threat A++

#1 The top spot on our Anti-American wanted posters is a tie between the mainstream media (MSM) also known as the “lamestream media”; and the unaware and ignorant American Voter. Even more than Frances Fox Piven, these are the willful powers behind the presidential “throne” and also every seat in the House and Senate. All of the content of the eight earlier bad boys should be common knowledge in America but our MSM has contrived in Obama Adulation that none of it is known by more than about 8-9% of the populace. The voters, for their part, have shown a marked preference for sitcoms and “reality” TV over understanding how they’re being governed and informed. The rise of FoxNews and the demise of the liberal-leaning NY Times; Washington Post; etc. shows that enough people (who want the truth and will accept nothing less) are no longer funding the MSM’s lying; slanted and willfully incorrect news coverage to eventually bankrupt them all. The voters after partially coming to their senses in November have dropped back into the lap of apathetic ignorant bliss. Obama seems like such a nice fellow . . . it’s hard for them to be mad at his treason for very long . . . . Grade A+  Threat A+++


Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,





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“What you THINK you know but you don’t really know about the realities of history makes you a sucker for whatever B.S. the Progressives want to throw your way in order to control you, your vote and your emotions. You are literally ‘Homer Simpson’ in their eyes and they control you just about as easy as Homer would be controlled . . . .” Rajjpuut
Current Political Correctness is
Today’s Progressive Determinant

of Historical Truth
In one of the more prophetic novels of all time, a fellow named Winston Smith works for his government’s Ministry of Truth performing historical alterations to quickly and cleverly brainwash his fellow citizens into aligning their ever-shifting knowledge of the nation’s history with current reality and government desiderata. Winston Smith is the protagonist charged with adjusting history so that seamless historical revisionism seems both natural and obvious to the citizenry as one Big Lie after another becomes reality.
Unfortunately, George Orwell named his novel 1984 instead of 2010 or even 2084 so today its lessons are considered passe rather than avant garde. Nevertheless today Progressivism (the notion that “we must ‘progress’ beyond the outdated and severely-flawed U.S. Constitution”) owns as its chief tools propaganda (particularly the Big lie) and historical revisionism. The fact that 98% of Americans don’t see it for what it really is, is because ‘NOT knowing history, they are doomed to repeat it.” Let’s give a few examples of historical revisionism** to start the ball of understanding rolling . . . you don't mind playing Sherlock Holmes for a bit, do you?
Have you heard any of the following terms used to demonize anyone recently? “Redneck?” “Nazi?” “Fascist?” “Eugenics” or ever heard disparagement about Warren G. Harding? Herbert Hoover was a conservative, right? Or been told that Franklin Delano Roosevelt was one of our greatest presidents? Recently a lady in high places lumped Chairman Mao and Mother Teresa together. Certainly we’ve seen Mao and Che T-shirts worn all across the nation . . . what’s going on, how are all these issues related? We’re talking about historical revisionism, friends . . . .
What is a redneck in some minds today is quite different from what a redneck originally was. The original “rednecks” were gun-toting union men trying to seize control of mining operations from the owners and bosses. They wore red bandannas around their necks as a tactical edge so that they wouldn’t have to hesitate before pulling the trigger knowing instantly that they were NOT aiming for one of their own if they gunned down someone without a red bandanna. The Battle of Blair Mountain was, next to the Civil War, the largest insurrection in the history of the country. It’s not taught in our schools today or if it is taught the history somehow comes down real hard on the owners and management and overlooks the miners’ transgressions . . . kind of how our Civil War was often called “The War of Northern Aggression” in many southern schools right up to 1964. Revisionism, regardless of who's doing it (ultra-conservative or ultra-leftist) is just plain EVIL. Because the Progessives have controlled the telling of American history since Woodrow Wilson wrote his version of it a hundred years ago, what you THINK you know but you don’t really know about the realities of history makes you a sucker for whatever B.S. the Progressives want to throw your way in order to control you and your vote and your emotions. You are literally ‘Homer Simpson’ in their eyes and they control you just about as easy as Homer would be controlled . . . .
The Nazis, of course were the National Socialists Workers’ Party and in case the words “Socialists” and “Workers” didn’t clue you they were definitely NOT right wing or conservative in any way. Nazi literature declared quite proudly “We are neither capitalists nor communists, but something better.” So the evils of Nazism were left-wing results sprung from a left-wing beginning. Only after Hitler was Chancellor (nine years after he wrote Mein Kampf) did the corporations start to come his way. But from the start their goals as listed in campaign literature was virtually identical with both that of today's CPUSA (Communist Party USA) and of Barack Obama. The antipathy of the Nazis for the Communists in Germany was infighting among leftists, but testimony was that once the Reds found out about the power of the Nazis they were life-time committed converts.
Fascism? The left would have you believe that the corporations took over the government and that certainly sounds like right-wing fanatics on steroids, doesn’t it? The truth? Fascism was, however, begun in Italy when the labor unions got so strong that the workers took over the corporations often killing or injuring management and owners in the process. Then they elected their favorite Fascist, Benito Mussolini, to lead the country. In Spain, the losers were the Church, royalty and the businessmen . . . that is, the Conservatives were the defeated army^^ in the Spanish Civil War. Franco and his victorious Spanish Fascists were supported by both Nazi Germany and by Italy with arms, technology and money. Italy, Germany and Spain were three countries with strictly left-wing radical socialist agendas that all became dictatorships. All of these governments were disasters for their national history; two of them were disasters for the world.
Eugenics? This was the original progressive brainstorm. If we just kept the deficient from breeding, the world would be a better place and the Utopia that the workers of the world deserve would come all the sooner. Margaret Sanger is today considered a hero for her “birth-control” movement but one of her main emphasis was on preventing Blacks and Puerto Ricans from reproducing themselves. Famous British socialists like George Bernard Shaw, Bertrand Russell, George Edward Moore and John Maynard Keynes were all eugenicism aficionados. Our first two progressive Presidents Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt were also big fans of eugenics and Wilson was also so openly anti-Black that its incredible today that the man is considered one of our greatest presidents courtesy of being the creator of the science of propaganda and of some remarkable historical revisionism done in his behalf by progressives over the last 90 years.
Warren G. Harding was a victim of a line of lies that would make even Central Florida Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson blush. Harding died in office. His vice-president Calvin Coolidge replaced him and they were probably the most solid chief executives economy-wise the nation has ever known. The disastrous policies of progressive President Woodrow Wilson left the country in a depression which Harding inherited in March, 1921, when he was inaugurated. Harding ignored the advice of his commerce secretary Herbert Hoover to interfere on a grand scale and did three major things: 1) he cut both taxes and 2) government spending by nearly 50% and 3) he paid down the national debt by 30%. Before his death, in 1923, the country was already turned around. However, rather than being a hero for stopping the “Invisible Depression,” Harding is considered one of our worst presidents. So pervasive is the progressive lie about Harding that even the author of the best-selling book Blink proves himself a hypocrite, refusing to follow his own good advice and instead mentions Harding in a highly disparaging way.
Besides not getting credit, the lies about Harding’s involvement in the Tea Pot Dome scandal were spread by progressive historians who lumped the one guilty member of Harding’s cabinet with all of Harding’s administration. Calvin Coolidge took over and continued the policies of Harding and gave the United States the most productive decade in our history (the Roaring Twenties). When Silent Cal said, “I do not choose to run,” Herbert Hoover a progressive Republican interfered with everything good that was going on in particular raising tariffs sky high as well as increasing taxes, increasing spending and deficits. The stock market crash led into a recession and everything Hoover did made it worse. Where Harding would have cut taxes, cut spending and paid down the debt, Hoover did the opposite.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his vice-president Nance ran promising to cut taxes, pay down the debt and rollback the spending which really resonated with the voters since they’d already seen that it worked wonders. He and Nance called Hoover “a socialist” and criticized all his government interference. However, when FDR was elected he continued virtually all of Hoover’s initiatives and then created 40 separate new government agencies (the “New Deal” named after his progressive uncle Teddy’s “Square Deal”) the most massive U.S. government build-up to that point in history. Of course between Hoover and FDR they made an ordinary market panic into not just Hoover’s depression but a twelve and a half year Great Depression. By the way, just one new law this year, Obamacare, created 388 brand new government agencies or offices: roughly ten times the perverted output of FDR’s entire 12+ years in office.
How can Che and Mao be worthy of T-shirt status? The 122 million victims of communism in the 20th Century have apparently all been swept under the rug? How can socialism be seen as good? That’s historical revisionism for you! And what’s the Big Lie that the Progressives have sold America most recently? See if any of this sounds familiar . . . “It’s Bush’s fault. The huge hole the economy slipped into was created by Wall Street, the conservatives, the greedy corporations and their insistence on no-regulation of the free market.” Do you believe those lies? Do you believe that ‘They’ drove the car into the ditch and now when we’ve almost got it back on the road again, ‘they’ want us to give them the keys back again . . . ? Or do you believe the truth, which is . . . .
Using the same Cloward-Piven** strategy (that DELIBERATELY created the bankruptcy of New York City earlier between 1967 and 1975 by a planned overloading of the welfare rolls) . . . beginning especially after 1992, ACORN, OBAMA, First ACORN PRESIDENT Bill Clinton, and oodles of progressives (94% of them Democrats) DELIBERATELY were pushing the car toward a 500-foot cliff. George W. Bush jumped in and grabbed the steering wheel and hit the brakes. Bush was able to create a controlled-skid and guide the car to rest in a friendly-looking ditch!
If you don’t KNOW that truth, you have been brainwashed by the progressives. Here’s the antidote for you to reclaim your brain.,_throw_out_progressive_traitors.thtml
That’s the easy way (the link above) or you might want to do some research . . . .
1. Find out who Saul Alinsky was.
2. Find out who his most successful students Richard Cloward and Frances Piven are.
3. Find out who George Wiley was.
4. Find out what “Cloward-Piven Strategy” is.
5. Find out who created the National Welfare Rights Organization, when it was created, how it used Alinsky tactics and how it bankrupted New York City in 1975 and NYC had to be bailed out by the federal government.
6. What was the goal of Wiley, Piven and Cloward (stated in the famous article that’s come to be known as the Cloward-Piven Strategy)?
7. After 1975, Cloward and Piven said that the next areas for Alinsky tactics and C-P strategy were voter registration and housing. What Wiley lieutenant running NWRO in Arkansas since 1970 created ACORN? What did the “A” in ACORN originally stand for? Who did ACORN help win and keep a governorship for 12 of the next 14 years?
8. What is CRA’ 77? Was it needed?
9. Who expanded CRA ’77 three times and provided regulatory teeth to CRA ’77 when he was president?
10.Who got the Motor Voter Act passed?
Well that’s the first of about 40 questions that the Progressives have hidden from you that result in the TRUE statement that:
Using the same Cloward-Piven** strategy (that DELIBERATELY created the bankruptcy of New York City earlier between 1967 and 1975 by a planned overloading of the welfare rolls) . . . beginning especially after 1992, ACORN, OBAMA, First ACORN PRESIDENT Bill Clinton, and oodles of progressives (94% of them Democrats) DELIBERATELY were pushing the car toward a 500-foot cliff. George W. Bush jumped in and grabbed the steering wheel and hit the brakes. Bush was able to create a controlled-skid and guide the car to rest in a friendly-looking ditch!
Of course, if you went to:,_throw_out_progressive_traitors.thtml
you’d actually know and appreciate why it’s true and you’d really understand what historical revisionism is all about! And now you know why it’s so important for Progressives to control our children’s textbooks and for, from their perspective, teachers to be members of unions . . . .
Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,
** historical revisionism is also called “negationism” and is outlawed in some countries, but not here

^^ In the movie The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, this fact was one of two zingers that Miss Jean Brodie received from her protege (who stole her teacher's lover and later informed her that the ultra-controlling Brodie had sent an ignorant young man to his death in Spain fighting for the WRONG side!)

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Isn’t it about time the Republicans and other conservatives grew some testicles? Instead of cowering before the Big Lie that conservativism drove the car (the economy) into the ditch (deep recession), isn’t it about time the Republicans stepped up to the plate and unveiled the “Big Truth,” the monstrous truth? Rajjpuut
Obama Tut-Tuts GOP 'Pledge'
as Echo of Failed Policies
Calling the Republican’s new Pledge to America plan "an echo of a disastrous decade we can't afford to relive," President Barack Obama dismissed the idea as an invitation to redo failed policies. Our Marxist president proselytized on his weekly radio and Internet address Saturday attacking House Republicans over the "Pledge to America" unveiled this Thursday. The Pledge’s promise to restore the Constitution’s 10th Amendment, cut down on government regulation, repeal Obamacare and end his stimulus program was criticized heavily by the president who, of course, wants more government, more spending now “to handle this ongoing crisis.” Unmentioned was the huge part played by the President and other progressives in creating the financial meltdown that began officially in 2007, but which had built up over 30 years of progressive politicians interfering in the mortgage markets.
Seemingly oblivious to the truth, the President said, "The Republicans who want to take over Congress offered their own ideas the other day. Many were the very same policies that led to the economic crisis in the first place, which isn't surprising, since many of their leaders were among the architects of that failed policy," Obama said, continuing, "It (the Pledge) is grounded in same worn-out philosophy: cut taxes for millionaires and billionaires; cut the rules for Wall Street and the special interests; and cut the middle class loose to fend for itself. That's not a prescription for a better future." While NOT using his infamous car-in-the-ditch analogy, the President once again resorted to the Big Lie (a propaganda tool) insisting that all of the nation’s woes were created by conservatives and republicans and the free market.
Isn’t it about time the Republicans and other conservatives grew some testicles? Instead of cowering before the Big Lie that conservativism drove the car (the economy) into the ditch (deep recession), isn’t it about time the Republicans stepped up to the plate and unveiled the Big Truth?
That truth, in a nutshell can be stated this way correcting Obama’s favorite bedtime story:
Using the same Cloward-Piven** strategy (that DELIBERATELY created the bankruptcy of New York City earlier between 1967 and 1975 by a planned overloading of the welfare rolls) . . . beginning especially after 1992, ACORN, OBAMA, First ACORN PRESIDENT Bill Clinton, and oodles of progressives (94% of them Democrats) DELIBERATELY were pushing the car toward a 500-foot cliff. George W. Bush jumped in and grabbed the steering wheel and hit the brakes. Bush was able to create a controlled-skid and guide the car to rest in a friendly-looking ditch!
Let’s explain the Big Truth:
The left has claimed that our present financial crisis was created by 1) the Bush Administration 2) conservatives 3) lack of government regulations on the economy 4) the free market, etc. Unmentioned in their Big Lie is that before Progressives deliberately (see the link above) decided to correct our “broken housing situation” the United States was the envy of the world with 62-65% private home ownership. The system wasn’t broken. Progressives forced major changes in mortgage laws five times between 1977 and 1998. Once the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 (CRA ’77) was passed, they also created ACORN in Arkansas immediately to willfully abuse the same laws they’d just created. In 1975, only 0.24% of all home loans in the country were made with 3% down payment or less. Low down payment mortgages were reserved for exceptionally well-qualified veterans only. By 1995, 14% of all home loans were completed with less than 3% down payment. By 2005 34% of all home loans were ill-advised loans to people who couldn’t ever hope to pay off their mortgages, in other words a 133 times worse bad home loan percentage occurred in 2005 than in 1975 back when the progressive wing of the Democratic Party decided to fix what wasn’t broken.
That shifty wing of the Democratic Party, ACORN, was shaking down lenders and forcing loans for people without ID; people without jobs; people without even rental histories; people with horrendous credit ratings; people whose only income was food stamps; any person on welfare; even illegal aliens. And who was the best ACORN lawyer at shaking down these lenders who really didn’t want to make loans to people who never had a prayer of repaying their mortgages? Barack Obama!
Somewhere after Bill Clinton’s third expansion of CRA ’77 (two in ’95) put the whole system on steroids in 1998, (Barack Obama was gone by now) ACORN discovered it was almost as easy under the ’98 law to get an impoverished person into a $400,000 home as it had been earlier to put him into a $120,000 one. By 2005, 34% of all home loans were completed with less than 3% down payment. That’s called a “sub-prime lending crisis.”
Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner gave George W. Bush a thumbs up about two weeks ago saying that Bush’s efforts to pass a law in July, 2007 kept the country from going really deep into recession and kept home prices from plummeting ever lower. Unmentioned is that Bush sought to pass a tougher law in January, 2005, 30 months earlier but that progressive votes derailed that effort. The 2007 law that Geithner praised was way too little, way too late . . . but it was a life-saver, nevertheless. So the truth about that ditch is . . . .
Using the same Cloward-Piven** strategy (that DELIBERATELY created the bankruptcy of New York City earlier between 1967 and 1975 by a planned overloading of the welfare rolls) . . . beginning especially after 1992, ACORN, OBAMA, First ACORN PRESIDENT Bill Clinton, and oodles of progressives (94% of them Democrats) DELIBERATELY were pushing the car toward a 500-foot cliff. George W. Bush jumped in and grabbed the steering wheel and hit the brakes. Bush was able to create a controlled-skid and guide the car to rest in a friendly-looking ditch!
One last thing to clear up, who were Cloward and Piven and how did they get this all started? Richard Cloward and Frances Piven and Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are disciples of Saul Alinsky, self-described “neo-Marxist Chicago community organizer who wrote Reveille for Radicals in 1946 and Rules for Radicals in 1971. Cloward and Piven, two Columbia University (NYC) professors wrote an article in 1966 published in The Nation magazine called The Weight of the Poor: a Strategy to End Poverty which has come to be known as Cloward-Piven strategy. Cloward and Piven put forward a plan to overload the welfare system and thus force (they thought) the country via the left-wing of the Democratic Party to establish a GNI (guaranteed national income) thus ending poverty in a single stroke.
With community organizer George Wiley in 1967, Cloward and Piven created the National Welfare Rights Organization (NWRO) which by 1975 had used shake-downs and brow-beating a la Saul Alinsky to put eight million extra people on the state and city welfare rolls. In 1975, New York City went bankrupt and had to be bailed out by the federal government; and New York State came within a whisker of the same fate. While not acknowledging they’d failed to force the creation of GNI, the threesome bragged publicly about the “great thing” they’d accomplished and suggested that the next two areas for street-action needed to be housing and voter registration.
In 1976, Jimmy Carter was elected president and one of his first deeds was passing the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA ’77). In 1977, a Wiley lieutenant named Wade Rathke already in Arkansas and working with a rising politician Bill Clinton (30 years old elected the lieutenant-governor of the state in 1976) . . . Rathke created ACORN to take advantage of the new law. In those days the “A” in ACORN stood for Arkansas. They weren’t very effective at first but they did help Clinton win the governorship in 12 of the next 14 years. Later among Clinton’s first two acts as president was a regulatory overhaul of mortgage-guarantee legislation to give it more teeth especially its connection to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; and passing the Motor Voter Act (a twelve-lane highway to voter fraud) with Cloward and Piven standing right behind him in the official signing portrait (all over the internet).
As mentioned already, Clinton (the First ACORN president) besides his regulatory revamping of CRA ’77 went on to expand the law three more times and Barack Obama was in the trenches a la Saul Alinsky (Obama taught courses in Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” in Chicago for several years) . . . so once again we remind you to notice the word “deliberate” within the Big Truth:
Using the same Cloward-Piven** strategy (that DELIBERATELY created the bankruptcy of New York City earlier between 1967 and 1975 by a planned overloading of the welfare rolls) . . . beginning especially after 1992, ACORN, OBAMA, First ACORN PRESIDENT Bill Clinton, and oodles of progressives (94% of them Democrats) DELIBERATELY were pushing the car toward a 500-foot cliff. George W. Bush jumped in and grabbed the steering wheel and hit the brakes. Bush was able to create a controlled-skid and guide the car to rest in a friendly-looking ditch!
By the way, going back to our headline claiming the Republican leaders have been neutered and need to grow a new set of testicles: the Republican response to Obama was absolutely pathetic. They used their own radio address to defend the plan and here was the closest they got to showing strength: "The new agenda embodies Americans' rejection of the notion that we can simply tax, borrow and spend our way to prosperity," said one of the Pledge’s authors, California Rep. Kevin McCarthy. "It offers a new way forward that hasn't been tried in Washington _ an approach focused on cutting spending _ which is sadly a new idea for a Congress accustomed to always accelerating it." Like Rajjpuut said, "Republicans, grow a pair!"
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
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History of a Meltdown and the
Upcoming American Coup d'Gras
Fact 1: Today, August 17, 2010, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner gave George W. Bush credit for saving the day with his actions watering down the weakened mortgage-guarantee model. Without Bush’s actions, Geithner said, housing prices would have dropped much further and the recession would have been much deeper. What was he talking about? Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and the fact that today 90% of all home loans feature federal government involvement . . . and the fact that George Bush tried in January, 2005, and partially succeeded in July, 2007 in undercutting the mortgage-guarantee disaster when a few brave Democrats voted with him. In other words, the whole financial meltdown could have been much, much worse. But how did this problem arise? And more importantly why did it get so very bad?
Fact 2: Back in 1975 only one in every 404 home loans was made with less than 3% down payment. The largest portion of home loans were made with 15%-20% down. At this time America had the highest home ownership in the world, in a given year since 1946, 62-65% of all Americans owned their own homes. The system was definitely NOT broken.
Fact 3: Under Jimmy Carter, CRA ’77 a mortgage-guarantee law that required lenders to make knowingly bad loans was created. Thankfully the law was poorly crafted and easy to get around.
Fact 4: ACORN was also created in Arkansas in 1977 by a lieutenant of George Wiley (Wiley had along with Richard Cloward and Frances Piven of Cloward-Piven Strategy infamy taken eight years to deliberately bankrupt NYC in 1975 and just missed bankrupting NY state . . . their planned for creation of a “National Guaranteed Income” fell through and NYC was bailed out by the federal government. The threesome publicly bragged about their great “accomplishments” and instructed their followers that housing and voter registration should be the next area for “contrived crisis” attack on capitalism and the American way of life) named Wade Rathke. ACORN would continue on in the proud community organizer tradition of Saul Alinsky and Wiley. Cloward, Piven, Alinsky, Wiley and Rathke were all communists. While Cloward and Piven called themselves “socialists,” the rest called themselves either Marxists or Neo-Marxists. Most interesting of all: Rathke not only was key in Bill Clinton's presidential success, he was also the founder of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) the group of thugs whose head Andy Stern has (according to White House logs) spent more time and visited more often than any other guest of the Obamas.
Fact 5: By 1985, 1 in 196 home loans was made with less than 3% down. The system was still solid.
Fact 6: In 1992, President George H. W. Bush failed to veto an expansion os the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 which he detested; this allowed mortgage-guarantee legislation to force Fanny’s and Freddie’s involvement with bad loans. The applicable part of the law was a rider of a much bigger law -- one more reason to keep laws simple and straightforward. Overnight America was in trouble.
Fact 7: In 1993, Bill Clinton signed the Motor Voter Act (called by conservatives “a license for voter fraud”) with Richard Cloward and Frances Piven standing behind him during the signing ceremony the picture in question can be found in several places, including:
Fact 8: In 1995, Barack Obama was working as an ACORN lawyer shaking down home lenders to make extremely bad loans required by these extremely bad CRA laws. Lenders ran through all sorts of gyrations including “local standards” that would prevent such horrendous loans being approved, anything to avoid giving out such high-risk loans. Demonstrations and sit-ins etc. to “shame” the banks were just some of the nice tactics ACORN used. Harassment of bank officials was commonplace.
Fact 9: In 1995, President Bill Clinton cheerfully signed two more expansions of CRA ’77. Some Progressive Republicans joined Progressive Democrats to make this happen.
Fact 10: By 1995, 1 in 7 home loans was made with less than 3% down an expansion of 27 times the amount of “iffy” loans.
Fact 11: In 1998, Bill Clinton signed the steroid version of the CRA ’77 expansions forcing banks, etc. to make very bad loans as a matter of course. Some Progressive Republicans joined Progressive Democrats to make this happen.
Fact 12: ACORN now went into overdrive. People without ID; people without a rental history; people without jobs; people who listed their only income as food stamps; people with abysmal credit ratings; people on welfare; even illegal aliens found home (often very expensive homes) loans guaranteed to them.
Fact 13: The housing market took off. Speculation surrounding everything about the industry ran rampant.
Fact 14: A whole new “derivatives” industry was created on Wall Street, to take advantage of Alan Greenspan’s lax understanding of economics. Greenspan proclaimed in 2002 that the Derivatives were the savior of Wall Street and crashes would now be a thing of the past. Sub-prime mortgages were soon being packaged together as a financial instrument and sold as a derivative.
Fact 15: In November, 2003, a contrarian investment advisor named James Stack through his website began warning of a horrific bubble and a sub-prime lending crisis. For 52 weeks a year for the next five years he regularly ran a chart of the “Housing Industry Bubble” and warned of the coming financial disaster.
Fact 16: By 2005, 1 in 3 home loans was made with less than 3% down. At this point 68.5% of Americans now owned their own homes . . . at what cost? At the cost of threatening our very way of life. But ACORN in the southwest now went hogwild in pursuing loans for illegal aliens.
Fact 17: Bush and the Republicans tried to handle the crisis they now saw coming clearly ahead by attacking the ’98 Clinton expansion in January, 2005, along with other CRA ’77 provisions. The Democrats stopped them cold.
Fact 18: Finally in July, 2007, enough patriotic Democrats could see the problem and a watered down version of the Republican attempt from 18 months earlier was passed. It was far too little, far too late, but it did help a bit and that’s what Timothy Geithner was praising today. However, the vast machinery of the five CRA ’77 versions is still in place awaiting the next version of ACORN to put it into action.
Fact 19: ACORN has been in the voter registration business for 33 years now. Recently the Obama Department of Justice (DOJ) dropped a voter intimidation suit against four New Black Panthers that had been verbally abusive to White voters at a Philadelphis polling place and threated a Black poll watcher with “beating him to death”. All caught on video. The case had been all but won by the Bush DOJ and handed over to them. After 17 months the case was dropped with only the one Black Panther (the fellow with a nightstick) “punished” by not being able to return to that polling site until November 2012. Obama’s appointee Deputy Attorney General Julie Fernandez presumably responsible for that decision also made two other decisions you should know about. She told a roomful of DOJ employees the DOJ had “no interest in prosecuting cases in which Black perpetrators intimidated Whites at polling places. And she told another roomful of DOJ employees that the department would not be investigating Motor Voter Act infractions at all “because it might lower turnout.” The next step in the grand design begins with voter fraud in the 2010 mid-term elections, count on it.
Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,
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