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Green Fraud Perpetrated by

Deliberate Media “Worship”


Names changed to protect the innocent from overzealous secret service.


     “Julia” in Longmont, Colorado took advantage of being laid-off from her green job of fifteen months to visit relatives near Bremerton, Washington recently.  Today she described a neighborhood get-together and a heated energy discussion that took place during her last day of visiting.   Washingtonians are funding losses of a totally green (wind- and hydroelectric-power) power company often banned from creating free hydro-electric power because release of the required water force might bother spawning salmon.  In other words, “too much energy” is available and ultimately forbidden.  Adding insult to injury, the price of gas in the state has risen 60 cents in six weeks also. 

     President Obama’s repeated press statements about “his” “all-of-the-above energy policy” caused “Bill,” lifelong friend of “Julia’s” brother “Sam” to say, “If that S.O.B. dropped dead in five minutes, I wouldn’t shed one tear.”  What made Bill’s expletive memorable for Julia?  Bill is a life-long Democrat; like her, an environmentalist; lost his oil platform job near Alabama; and Bill is an Afro-American who voted for Obama in 2008.  “Bill’s’ father added, “someone ought to assassinate that M_____-F_____”  all things considered, not a surprising conclusion from a senior citizen suffering from Alzheimers Disease.

     Is Obama evil?  Perhaps, certainly he’s a liar and charlatan:  the name of “his” all-of-the-above energy policy was stolen from the Republicans and implies that he’s really trying to solve the nation’s energy issues.  But Obama’s solution is consistently “my way, off the highway” green technology that actually doesn’t yet exist.   He’s preventing drilling in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico and his statement that more oil is being drilled now then ever before is dubious because while there is far more drilling on private land courtesy of GW Bush and Indian Tribes in the Dakotas, on the one hand, drilling on federal lands on the other hand has decreased dramatically under Obama.  His Energy Secretary Chu has repeatedly said we must raise gasoline prices to European levels (roughly twice what Americans pay) “to ease demand.”  

     Chu’s idiocy goes consistently unchallenged by the liberal press, of course.  Even more UNprofessionally, these so-called “honorable journalists” have had five years to vett Barack Obama and consistently gone out of their way to protect him instead:  to the utter detriment of the American economy and Constitution.   Exhibit A:  the mainstream media still refuses to cover Obama’s 2008 interview (on the San Francisco Chronicle website, but the story never ran, and elsewhere on the web) in which he literally bragged about creating cap and trade  and other policies to “bankrupt the coal industry” and “necessarily requiring electricity prices to skyrocket.”    Think about that, without a viable alternative Obama wants to bankrupt the providers of 47% of America’s electricity, what a frigging genius! 

     Here is the simple obvious reality: science is discovered and developed, not mandated by government force (taxes and Solyndra-like subsidies).  So far, the only green-technology that works is hydroelectric power.   Beyond hydroelectricity, as far as the viability of solar-, wind-, wave-, geothermal-, etc. power . . . get this:  right now wood-burning heat and energy’s 2.5% contribution to the nation’s energy bank outdoes all those other highly-ballyhooed sources put together.  In short, except for replaceable wood-burning and hydroelectricity . . . the fact is that viable green technology might never exist.  Mr. President, you’re destroying this country on pie-in-the-sky-bye-and-bye dreams and killing the future and the American dream.


Ya'all live long, strong and ornery,


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Obama's LIES Get Out of Hand


   Last poll out:  48% of Americans give President Obama POOR marks on the economy and 16% gave him a fair rating; while in another only 17% say “we’re headed in the right direction,” yet mainstream-media (MSM) “journalists” waxed orgasmic praising his recent speech comparing himself to Teddy Roosevelt.  The MSM ignored its responsibilities and its homework again.  Of his 40+ claims in Osawatomie, KS, historical research backs up:  one.   There is strong connection between Mr. Obama and TR, America’s first Progressive president, who did some good, virtually all outside Constitutionally-required processes (Panama Canal land grab; national parks; naval expansion) during his imperial Obama-like presidency.  Roosevelt’s 1912 Bull-Moose third party (officially “Progressive Party”) opposed and lost to ultra-progressive big-spender Woodrow Wilson who brought us Federal Reserve Banking and the IRS.



   Obama’s speech ignored all capitalism’s benefits; proclaiming free market capitalism NEVER worked”: thus absolutely rewriting history and LYING to us, Mr. President.  You mentioned several decades illustrating the “failure of capitalism” and denying innovation and success by free markets and supply-side economics implying that the progressive-controlled decades NOT mentioned by you were great successes economically.  Really now??   Weren’t the late 19-teens, the 1930’s, and 1970’s:  economic disasters?  On the other hand, the decades you labeled “failures” were superbly prosperous, for example, dramatic reductions in government size, spending, taxes and debt by Harding/Coolidge quickly ended Wilson’s 1919-21 depression; America boomed.  Auto production rose 191%;   (state) highway construction mileage increased 1,030%; airplane travel expanded 7,100%; and despite sound money the average person’s salary in eight years rose 38% . . . without punishing the rich.


   You don’t trust these verifiable statistics?  Marxist bigwig Leon Trotsky was ecstatic about $18 per month average American apartments with telephones, private toilets/baths, gas ranges, elevators, electric lights, etc. NOT found in Europe.  EVIL capitalism’s a rising tide lifting all boats so the typical poor in America have computers, dishwashers, and color TVs.  America, the world’s first Constitutional Meritocracy, is a shining beacon for Planet Earth.



Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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Attack “Oreo” Herman Cain
You’re used to it by now.   You’re not surprised when the mainstream media totally ignores the Fast and Furious scandal and the court setback for former Democratic vice presidential nominee John Edwards for stealing millions from his campaign war chest to cover up his affair; but meanwhile attacking conservative politicians for illegal breathing and excess beard growth and labeling all conservatives as racists and mean-spirited villains. Will the real racists stand up? Apparently not. But, as always, we shall know them by their fruits. Let us briefly set the stage . . . .
When hate-filled California Representative Maxine Waters said, “The TEA Party can go to hell” and then ten days later described Republican presidential candidate Herman Caine as “an Oreo . . . Black on the outside and White on the inside” the mainstream media (MSM) hardly noticed . . . these were certainly two stories they didn’t want to examine in any depth. They also didn’t see anything distasteful when leftist commentator Janeane Garofalo talked about Caine being a token Black that Republicans could parade about “to hide their racism” implying that Caine was “an Uncle Tom” -- an implication that is now all over the MSM as Caine surges near the top of the Republican presidential polls. And Caine, despite being a successful businessman, is being treated as if he’s stupid in virtually all progressive commentary, “I doubt Herman Caine can even spell ‘Iraq!’” was the commentary on one recent liberal NEWS show.
Garofalo, of course, knew brief fame as an “I call ‘em as I see ‘em, regardless of facts and fairness” talking head on the Majority Report program on Air America, a progressive^^ cable network, which sought to institutionalize ad hominem attacks on conservatives like Sarah Palin. Apparently, “news” without any grounding in actual facts and truth can’t survive long in the free market because while FOXNews and its fair and balanced coverage has soared to the top, #1 among the cable-news viewership, Air America has gone out of business.
Let us put all this to rest: first, let’s look at the positive side for those evil racist “conservative White Folk.” Are these the real racists, who won’t stand up and admit their racism? Well consider this:  in the 2008 presidential elections, Democrat Barack Obama received a larger number and a larger percentage of White votes than either Democrats Kerry and Gore received in 2004 and 2000 respectively: 47.6%. Meanwhile Republican John McCain garnered roughly 4.6% of the Black vote. Thus the individual White voter was about ten times more likely to vote for a candidate of another race in 2008. Put another way, Black voters were about twice as likely as White ones to vote for the presidential candidate of their race in 2008 whichever way you look at it, the racism among Black Americans is definitely a subject someone in the MSM ought to talk about.
Now let’s look at the negative side:  remember in spring of 2010 when Nancy Pelosi and all her House Democrats made a spectacle of marching into vote together on Obamacare with her wielding that massively oversized gavel?   All the MSM was there. All of them ran stories about conservatives spitting on some members of the Congressional Black Congress and calling them the “N-Word.” MSNBC implied in their coverage that multiple instances of the “N-Word” were hurled at the CBC Democrats. Some internet leftwing sites claimed that the N-Word had been yelled “28 times” that morning. Only one slight problem? It never happened. 
With dozens of cameras and reporters and individuals with camera-phones pinching in around the Pelosi-led group, not a single one caught any video or audio of any spitting or the N-word being used.  Conservatives and particularly the TEA Party** have been pretty adamant about “innocent until proven guilty” and other fundamentals of America’s Democratic- Republic being paid more than lip service and here clearly the accusation without any provocation was being treated as hard undeniable fact by the MSM. But since the victims of all the baseless attacks were conservatives, that’s OK . . . .
Andrew Breitbart, founder of was outraged at the horrific coverage and offered a $100,000 reward for just one instance on video of any of these much publicized events actually occurring. Of course, Breitbart’s still got his money in his wallet and no evidence was ever presented to him or ever revealed on the internet or anywhere else that those oft-described events happened at all.
So what is going on? The collapse of the once proud and the once honorable Democratic Party is now in progress. The Democratic Party has been taken over by its left-most hate group: the progressives^^.   Moderate and conservative Democrats almost don’t exist anymore. There are far more progressive Republicans than there are combined true moderate and true conservative Democrats in Washington.  Progressive Democrats have done that by using a policy of “divide and conquer.”   Their strategy for controlling both chambers of Congress and sometimes the White House since 1972 has been based on falsely claiming Republicans are racists, anti-woman, anti-minorities and stupid. When it comes to issues the only issue that seems to matter to progressive Democratic politicians is “how much can we get away with promising” rather than dealing with the actual issues (and debt; unfunded liabilities and spending are the major issues make no bones about it). To these ends they have made a policy of promising almost every imaginable handout to their naive constituents . . . to buy votes, commonsense be damned. 
Meanwhile those who rather than promise outrageous largesse seek to inform the populace of the fact we’re on the wrong track:  conservative women like Sarah Palin, Marsha Blackburn and Michele Bachmann; Conservative Blacks like Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas, and the several Black FOXNews contributors including Juan Williams and several smart, young Black female reporters; and Conservative Hispanics such as Marco Rubio are trashed mercilessly without evidence that the mud being slung has any basis in fact. Why? Because they’re all seen as huge threats to continuing the 20th Century Democratic near-hegemony in Congress into the 21st Century. The Democrats regard all women; Blacks and other minorities as “theirs.” Any members of these groups who don’t toe the line, especially conservative success stories, are regarded as threats so great that these people must be “slimed” and eventually destroyed.  One of the great ironies is that Cain looks to be doing fairly well according to polls just about everywhere but in New Hampshire . . . but he is especially strong in the supposedly prejudiced South. Now what’s to be made of that?
As opposed to the hatred Cain receives from progressives and the liberal media, an example of his high regard among conservatives is that not only is Cain ranked 2nd among G.O.P. hopefuls in Iowa, but he is also “disliked the least” with only 3% of Iowans placing him last in the field. In contrast, if Obama’s name was entered in that field he might get close to 100% of Iowans ranking him dead last. But as the MSM has told us, Cain is a stupid racist and evil man. So get used to it: IF and when Herman Cain continues to climb in the polls as his national name recognition spreads beyond the South, phrases like “Oreo,” “Uncle Tom” and “House N-word” will become commonplace and considered “factual” in and by the MSM . . . certainly these canNOT be considered racial slurs when a progressive utters them, can they? And our “great-uniter and first post-racial president”? Let’s pinpoint him for what he actually is: the great divider and antagonistic rabble-rouser and campaigner-in-chief who has no interest in governing this country as it deserves to be governed . . . remember he’s the man who said three Cambridge police officers (one Black, one White, and one Hispanic) “acted stupidly” after first admitting he actually didn’t have all the facts.  Say now, isn’t that the very definition of the word “prejudiced”?
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
^^Should the word “progressive” stymie you . . . Progressives believe that the country must ‘progress’  beyond the “outdated and ill-conceived U.S. Constitution” if we are to ever make ‘progress’ toward Utopia (Marxist heaven on earth). This is why the TEA Party is so repugnant to them. The first plank in the TEA Party Contract from America reads thusly:
                                “Identify constitutionality of every new law:  Require each bill to identify the specific provision of the Constitution that gives Congress the power to do what the bill does (82.03% of national respondents wanted this item included among the final 10 planks and it was the top vote-getter among the 28 candidate issues).
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In Tank for Obama, MSNBC Silent
On OFF; Solyndra; $10.88 Million
Cost for Each Obama Stimulus GREEN Job
And “Light-Squared Gate” Scandals
            Once again the Media’s refusal to do actual journalism is the big story this week . . . but quite surprisingly, the focus of that big story is that the Mainstream Media (the “MSM” who did much better on George W. Bush, believe it or not even inventing a few scandals where they didn’t exist) is actually starting to cover Obama’s screw-ups somewhat fairly, even though the MSNBC cable channel continues to protect the “Anointed One.”  
After Obama Scandal #76 uncovered by Rajjpuut in 34 months, the Mainstream Media (MSM) has offered up exactly six of these stories as worthy fodder for their viewers’ and reader’s brains (but only two of them received fair and thorough coverage) – with a total of exactly ½ of one Obama scandal showing up at MSNBC, home of Chris (“I get a thrill up my leg every time I hear him speak.”) Matthews’ infamy. For those of you keeping score, Rajjpuut has generously given the MSM partial credit points for even sort of covering Obama’s corruption . . . for example:
MSNBC Cable coverage of Obama’s
Corruption during his first 34 months:
FAR less than ½ of Obama administration’s complicity in the Deep Horizon oil spill
For a total score of ½ point of 76 available points by Rajjpuut’s generous scoring method. The rest of the Mainstream Media (MSM) does much, much better . . . .

Total MSM Obama Scandals
Covered in Barack’s 34 months:
Solyndra Crony Capitalism (some call it Solargate)
$10.88 million paid for each Obama green job created
FAR less than ½ of Black Panthers’ voter intimidation story
FAR less than ½ of Obama administration’s complicity in the Deep Horizon oil spill
Far less than ½ of Operation Fast and Furious (OFF) selling 34,000 weapons to Mexican drug cartels and refusing to “track” them resulting in the deaths of at least two American border patrol agent and presumably thousands of Mexican citizens as every one of these weapons crossed the border.
Less than ½ of story showing Obama administration seeking to get a four-star Air Force general to change his sworn testimony before Congress to favor a faulty intelligence system produced by an Obama fund-raiser’s company which would have regularly scrambled GPS readings and made coordinated close-in bombing to protect our troops IMPOSSIBLE and DANGEROUS. Some call this corruption the Light-Squared Scandal or “Light-Squared Gate” named after the company involved.
                   0% of the story on the $105 billion outright theft of Obamacare   funds written into that law; 0% of Obama and Chicago Climate Exchange’s (CCX’s) proposed rape of America to the tune of $10 TRillion annually in association with their Cap and Trade Bill which never got passed (since Rajjpuut and the conservative press began covering the story, CCX has been dissolved and the 60 or so guilty parties including many Obama cronies all disappeared quickly from the crime site with only Al Gore still active through his London holding company) in a vast and insidious corruption; and 0% coverage of 67 other such Obama administration scandals well-documented by Rajjpuut and others.   Overall a rather amazing dereliction of journalistic duty. $$
For a total MSM score of just 4 points of 76 available points by Rajjpuut’s generous scoring method. This is still 8X better than MSNBC. The big story, however, is much, much more positive. The MSM is suddenly disenchanted with Obama and has begun to cover his corruption with something like real journalistic fervor scoring 2.5 of a possible three Obama scandals (the one covered in the blog you’re reading; and Solyndra; and the Light-Squared Gate Scandal) in just the last two weeks . . . amazing!  Let’s talk about the latest Obama administration scandal . . . “his $11 Million stimulus payment for each green job created since 2009.”
Three years ago when Rajjpuut heard Candidate Obama first promise to create “five million new green-energy sector jobs” all your favorite-blogger could say was “Uh-oh!” because he’d just recently re-read Henry Hazlitt’s classic Economics in One Lesson** and revealed the Broken Window Fallacy**  again to loyal readers.
Later he became familiar with a Spanish economics professor’s study of precisely such a program undertaken in Spain: the Universidad del Rey Juan Carlos study by economist Gabriel Calzada which verified all Rajjpuut’s fears about creating another full-scale government spending/government interference boondoggle. Calzada’s survey was particularly important since in 1998 Spain had Europe’s most powerful economy with a mere 4% unemployment rate; but today roughly 13 years later, Spain is suffering many of the economic malaises found in countries like Portugal, Greece, Italy, and Ireland and has the second highest unemployment rate in Europe at 22%.   But in April 2009 when Rajjpuut’s Folly revealed the facts of the study . . . it seems that Rajjpuut actually gave his readers bum dope and underestimated the damage done to the Spanish economy by the subsidies and energy cost hikes.
            In that first blog the Spanish cost per new green job created was listed at $774,000 each one. However, a more careful reading of the study in its original language by Rajjpuut shows that $774,000 per job was only the cost to Spanish energy consumers but did NOT include the cost of Spanish subsidies to green companies by their central government.   The recent revelation of the Solyndra bankruptcy scandal (which cost 1,100 jobs) alone would be a good reason to revisit the Spanish figures. However, even more apropos is the subject of today’s Obama scandal revelation:  that a recent study of the Obama $38.6 Billion stimulus payments to green tech companies resulted in an average cost to taxpayers of $10.88 million for each one of the roughly 3,500 total green-energy jobs created here in the United States.
Since the Spanish study showed also that:
1.       Each Spanish green job cost the loss of 2.2 real free-market jobs.
2.     Only 10% of all the green jobs created proved to be permanent.
3.     The average pay for a subsidized Spanish green job was $12 per hour.
4.     The average green job lasted less than eight months and many lasted six weeks or less.
And since extrapolation of the Spanish study onto President Obama’s promised creation of five million new green-tech jobs would see this country:
1.       Drive 11 million real jobs from the real economy.
2.      Only result in 500,000 permanent green-tech jobs being created.
3.     Pay roughly $13.80 per hour for green jobs in America.
4.     And see the government counting three-week jobs of equal value to permanent jobs created (and permanent jobs lost by green energy subsidization with taxpayer money).
Clearly all American s have a right to demand far better from their government. The most corrupt administration in history (one leftist site lists 401 Bush scandals^^ listed in eight years and 277 Obama scandals in 34 months so far averaging to almost 100 per year on the lefty site with 277 divided by 2.83 years) – Obama’s Marxist/Socialists continue to not only get it wrong but to also rack up a list of ultra-ultra-serious scandals that Rajjpuut believes will shock future generations of American historians unless we as a nation join Obama in full-scale Marxism (when history can, of course, be conveniently changed).
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
In fairness to both presidents Bush II and Obama, these two connected sites have listed scandals where Rajjpuut sees none; seem to look upon the world through Marxist jaundiced eyes; and to always give the sitting president the blame for ongoing long-running government scandals that just show how boondoggly a huge government can be and have no necessary relationship to the present occupant of the Oval Office. The two leftist  scandal list sites are included just to show Rajjpuut’s readers that even “ultra-lefty” websites are not enthralled by Obama even in comparison with their kicking-boy George W. Bush (Bush averaged 50 scandals yearly in this site’s eyes compared to almost a hundred per year by Obama so far. It’s worth mentioning that the Obamascandal website list only includes seven of the 76 scandals that Rajjpuut found in the Obama administration and does not show: Solyndra; Light-Squaredgate; the $10.88 million per green job abomination; Operation Fast and Furious; etc.; etc.; ad nauseum.
$$ One scandal Rajjpuut has covered without labeling it “a scandal” is that the U.S. Senate has not passed a budget of their own in almost 900 days. The Senate is, as you know controlled by Obama’s Democrats. The Republican-controlled House of Representatives has passed 22 major bills since they assumed the power there in January including two serious budgets. The Senate did vote on three major bills since January 1st (the Bush tax-cut compromise with the Republicans was passed after the 2010 election in the lame-duck session and does not count for this new Senate . . . so they’ve passed the debt-ceiling compromise and a compromise “spending-cut enabling budget” with the Republican House. 
Their third vote, however, was the shocking 0-97 dismissal of Obama’s personal budget plan. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) put off voting on Obama’s bill for parts of three months and only at White House insistence took the matter to a vote in May where the incredible 0-97 refutation of Obama’s policies occurred in the Democrats’ own Senate. Meanwhile some 19 serious bills aimed at fixing the economy and creating jobs from the House Republicans sit on Reid’s desk and will never see a vote. The MSM knowing that most Americans are ignorant has blamed all this on a “do-nothing Congress.” This is a travesty. The Republican House (most voters incorrectly call the House of Representatives “Congress” when Congress is actually a term for the combined House and Senate) is getting lambasted when the trouble lies with the do-nothing-by-design Harry Reid Senate. Don’t expect the MSM to explain all this and run that story anytime soon!

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“Creating” a Green-Tech Winner
Obama Backs a Monstrous Loser
            President Obama now touts a whole new STIMULUS for the ailing American economy (the American Jobs Act, AJA). Some are calling his AJA, “Son of Stimulus,” and pointing to a nasty scandal within the first $787 Billion Obama stimulus – a scandal which is being nicknamed “Solargate.”   While adding the suffix “gate” is no guarantee of real coverage and fairness by the nation’s mainstream media, it does show a deepening of interest by we mainstream Americans who so deeply distrust our politicians and the media that protects them. What, then are the facts about Solyndra, Inc.?
            1. Solyndra was a solar-cell manufacturer which from its origins has NOT been able to compete successfully against both American and foreign rivals (most notably the Chinese solar-power industry).
2.  Solyndra filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on September 6, 2011.
3.   Solyndra has served as Obama’s poster-child for green-tech job creation.
4. Solyndra laid off virtually all its 1,100 person workforce on August 31st.
5. Solyndra first applied for the loan in 2006, under President George W. Bush.   After three years of applying, the loan application was tentatively approved in March 2009 by the Obama administration.
6. Solyndra received its much-ballyhooed $535 million federal subsidy as part of Obama’s green-jobs initiative. He promised to create five million new green-tech jobs during the presidential campaign.
7. Solyndra first came to the wider nation’s attention during a September, 2009, Joe Biden speech at their company headquarters in Fremont, CA. Their facilities and main plant have been visited by the President and Vice-President six times for photo- and speech-ops.
8. The owners and CEO and top investors in Solyndra are all enthusiastic supporters who contributed and also raised a lot of money for the Obama-Biden campaign.
9. California Representative Henry Waxman said he talked with Solyndra’s CEO and other top officials a month ago and said he was told that everything was going well and that they expected to “double revenues” in 2012.
10. After multiplying the number of loan-approval employees in one government office almost sixteen-fold from 15 to 250, the Obama administration over-ruled the already established bureaucracy’s recommendations to investigate the green-scheme known as Solyndra, Inc. fully rather than just giving them the $535 million. In a sentence:   despite at least two cautionary e-mails from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) the Obama Administration pushed for an immediate loan for Solyndra. How did this company then fail?
11.  In February, 2011, seven months before the company went bankrupt, the Energy Department restructured a “loan” to the company despite the OMB’s clearly expressed doubts about the company’s future viability and the company’s very dubious fiscal prospects.
12.  Somewhere close to 76% of these loans and or grants under Obama Stimulus One were granted to businesses run by Obama contributors** located in heavily Obama supporting districts.  For example Obama carried the Solyndra-surrounding district with 71% of the vote.
Today, Wednesday September 14th, a congressional investigative committee questioned officials from two of the agencies that backed the $535 million loan package to Solyndra Inc. The Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee's Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations sought to know why the Energy Department approved the Solyndra loans in 2009 and then restructured the loan this February despite clear evidence that the company was struggling financially and in danger of going under.
Solyndra was hailed by President Obama in 2010 as a great example, an innovative company that would use stimulus money to create jobs and lead the economic recovery. When it laid off most of its 1,100 workers August 31st  and announced it would cease operations an immediate howl went up from green-energy doubters and conservatives. When next the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on September 6th, the howls became a crescendo of anger and scorn.
Two days later, agents with the FBI and Energy Department's inspector general served a search warrant at Solyndra's Fremont, Calif., headquarters. The Solyndra bankruptcy and the criminal investigation have raised questions about the administration's decision to pour billions of dollars into clean-energy programs. Cheer up, Solyndra, you can always serve as a very bad example!
Representative Cliff Stearns, R-Fla., the subcommittee's chairman, pressed Energy Department loans director Jonathan Silver on Wednesday to explain how the agency could approve more than half a billion dollars in loans despite questions about the company's financial health.
He also cited internal emails that he said show White House officials appeared to be pressuring Energy Department and the Office of Management and Budget to speed up approval of the Solyndra loans.
"You should have protected the taxpayers and made some forceful actions here," Stearns said.
Under questioning Silver noted that Solyndra had first applied for the loan in 2006, under President George W. Bush. He said the loan was tentatively approved in March 2009 by the Obama people. The hearing, which lasted more than four hours, focused significant attention on emails showing the White House encouraging the Energy Department and budget officials to speed up and to approve the Solyndra loans. Why? It’s called “Crony Capitalism” and Rajjpuut says this haste was done to make an impactful photo-op for Joe Biden and to push the green-jobs initiative regardless of consequence and fiscal-prudence.  
Virtually all of the Obama Stimulus that so recklessly shuttled $787 Billion worth of taxpayer money to favored left-wing industries and Obama supporters is finally becoming more and more transparent every day and the revelations are disgusting all thinking Americans. The lesson here is that government involvement in industry is 100% the same as government involvement in tax loopholes . . . it all amounts to the feds deciding who wins and who loses; who is the “teacher’s pet;” and it all works to destroy free enterprise, jobs, the dollar; and America’s self-respect.
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,

**     It's almost impossible for Rajjpuut not to comment upon the mainstream media's (MSM) incompetence and willful cover-up of Barack Obama's scandals.  Now after Rajjpuut has personally written blogs exposing 74 such MAJOR scandals . . . the MSM is finally on board for exactly 1 1/2 of the most recent of them.  There has been some slight coverage of OFF (Operation Fast and Furious) a scandal so nasty (we, the United States are arming Mexican drug cartels, for crying out loud) that it reeks to high heaven and now Solyndra.


      A few weeks ago a very leftist academic who calls himself a "political scientist" made news by saying that he could already predict the winner of the 2012 presidential race with virtually absolute certainty:  Barack Obama.  Many pundits on conservative radio and FOXNews attacked Lichtman's methodology and showed that clearly rather than being an extremely objective technique for predicting presidential elections, Lichtman's work was a statistical scam.  Some items on Lichtman's list were clearly subjective and chosen after the historical "facts" were all in.  Case in point:  Solyndra.  Rajjpuut has covered 74 Major scandals in the Obama 2.6 years;  Lichtman listed "an absence of major scandals" as the strongest point favoring Barack Obama's re-election in 2012.  Of the 74 Major scandals under Barack Obama, Solyndra might NOT even rank among the top 50.  But Solyndra was the very first company chosen to receive a loan guarantee as part of the 2009 stimulus package.


     That being the very first Stimulus money handed out and the fact that OMB memos and White House memos have been found showing that the White House Obama and Biden were very interested in "rushing this through" on their very first one and all the photo ops, etc. makes Solyndra so symbolic that even the MSM has found it difficult to ignore this particular Obama scandal.  

     Solyndra was, Vice President Biden said, "exactly what the Recovery Act was all about." Energy Secretary Steven Chu, a Nobel Prize winner, said Solyndra would help "spark a new revolution that will put Americans to work."  Obama said on one of his visits, "It is here that companies like Solyndra are leading the way toward a brighter, more prosperous future," he said. Hailing the green jobs loan guarantee program, he went on, "We can see the positive impacts right here at Solyndra."   But most importantly . . . . 


      The White House went so far as to prepare a propaganda video about the company, a slick public relations quality product designed to convince the MSM that green jobs were obviously the wave of tomorrow (not next year, tomorrow), Obama was super competent and involved himself with super competent folks like those at Solyndra.  Reality and propaganda seldom jive.  The Washington Examiner's David Freddoso reported, an audit of the company performed by PriceWaterhouseCoopers two months before Obama's visit showed Solyndra had accumulated losses of $558 million in its five years of existence.   

      Solyndra's audit showed the company "has suffered recurring losses from operations, negative cash flows since inception and has a net stockholders' deficit that, among other factors, raises substantial doubt about its ability to continue as a going concern."   That didn't impress the MSM.  The most damning factor in the eyes of the MSM (the Washington Examiner is considered a slightly conservative mouthpiece unlike the NY Times and Washington Post) was this:  original Solyndra investor, Oklahoma billionaire George Kaiser, a major contributor to Obama's 2008 election campaign, and others provided an additional $75 million in financing to Solyndra. They did so on condition, approved by the Energy Department, that THEY receive priority over previous creditors, including the government.   And there was the fact that not only the Republicans on the oversight committee were on Solyndra's case, but Henry, the weasel, Waxman a California Democrat protecting the interests of California investors was involved in seeking truth about Solyndra. 

      On Aug. 31, while Obama played golf at Matha's Vineyard, Solyndra filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy papers.  On the day Obama made his "pass this bill now" AJA speech, the FBI was raiding Solyndra's offices.  Even without "provable malfeasance" the decision to loan money to Solyndra was so clearly incompetent that even IF everyone in the administration acted with good faith . . . Solyndra is still a huge scandal.  Very shrewd venture capitalists lose money on most of their investments and win huge on a few, and keep on winning. But when THEY lose, it's their money, not ours. 

      The green jobs scandal is still with us, since the Energy Department handed out more loan guarantees in the past few weeks.  According to a contributor at the Rasmussen Reports website, these loans all look tainted:  "$150 million to 1366 Technologies of Lexington, Mass. (73 percent for Obama in 2008), 80 percent of $344 million to Solar City of San Mateo, Calif. (72 percent for Obama in 2008)."  The article asked the question, "Will one of them be the next Solyndra?"  Rajjpuut would suggest that the extent of political largesse and corruption by this administration; and its corruption is far closer to his figure:  74 major scandals and a whole lot of incompetence and philosophical (Marxism) sabotage.

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“The Washington Post Company raked in $573,217 in taxpayer subsidies and CBS Corporation secured $722,388 worth of Americans’ money.”
“It is fine with me if they continue covering the ObamaCare debate,” said Rep. Marsha Blackburn, Republican of Tennessee, in an e-mail to The Daily Caller. “When NBC used to cover energy issues, they identified themselves as a subsidiary of General Electric. CBS and Washington Post will just have to disclose that they are subsidiaries of the Obama Administration.”

Obama Bribes CBS and Washington Post with
$1, 295,000 from Obamacare Slush Fund
            Sometimes it’s hard to figure things out. This “thing” discussed in this blog, however, although it’s a deep and moderately complicated issue, is now becoming quite clear. You do remember** when the much-ballyhooed New York Times and all its sycophants such as MSNBC, the Washington Post and CBS -- awhile back used the assassination attempt on U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords as an opportunity immediately to assert that hate-mongering by right-wing media outlets like talk radio, FoxNews and the “new online media” (more on this later) had driven a crazed right-winger to the attempt and to the resulting six deaths and wounding of thirteen; and then they all quickly dropped that line when it was proved that the would-be assassin was a crazed left-winger who asserted in his private blogs that he’d contributed to Ms. Giffords campaigns and who criticized the left for not moving fast enough (for being too slow in starting “the revolution,” perhaps?). No apologies or retractions were ever aired or printed by the Times, Post, MSNBC, CBS, etc. ad nauseum. Presumably the story they printed is 100% correct and needed no retractions?
Naturally they still continued to decry the nation’s conservatives as racists and haters responsible for all the evil in the world (that is, they continue around-the-clock demagoguery such as is now evident in the ongoing debt; deficit; debt-ceiling and budget stories^^) and in our country and then they called for less sharp “political rhetoric” (by which they meant anything a conservative might say) meanwhile over the past three years having ignored at least 80% of the real stories, with real evidence that have been revealed, they continue to glorify Barack Obama; Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid; big government; big taxes; big spending; huge UNfunded entitlement programs amounting to over $100 TRillion; huge deficits; a monstrously huge national debt; the unabated printing of money by the Federal Reserve Bankers and the inflation it’s causing; not to mention the campaign promises of one Obama to “bankrupt the coal industry” and that his “energy policy of cap and trade would necessarily cause electrical and other energy prices to skyrocket.” Those sound like real news to any intelligent and patriotic American, but not to the mainstream, lamestream media. That’s the background for this interesting story . . . and those caught red-handed in corruption . . . .
As mentioned above, some things are difficult to figure out. Rajjpuut, who was his J-school’s academic excellence award winner in journalism and who had some thirty feature excellent feature stories printed in the local daily while interning, loves journalism, real journalism that is . . . the kind that serves as a watchdog over government corruption and helps keep the voters informed . . . but Rajjpuut is no fan of the crony journalism that passes for news-gathering everywhere you look.  This time, however, it seems that the guilty parties on both sides of the corruption have been caught once again with their hands in the cookie jar.
 Now it turns out that the reason the leftwing media types have been cheering on the smaller government corruptions so prevalent in the Barack Obama administration and ignoring all the larger ones is that they’re not really neutral news-gatherers at all . . . no, no, no:  they’ve had a horse in the race all along . . . here’s another group of related stories they won’t choose to run:
ITEM: The Obamacare bill that passed, the one no one had time to read was NOT the bill promised but one substituted at the last minute just before the voting which illegally funded the program’s start-up $108 Billion beyond merely providing the ways and means . . . that is, it illegally took away the rights of future congresses to decide upon its funding year after year.
ITEM: That same Obamacare has provisions for several unmonitored slush funds most of them under the auspices of Health and Human Services Secretary Sibelius.
ITEM: Reporter Matthew Boyle of the Daily Caller online news website revealed less than two weeks ago that several of these socialized-medicine slush funds were used to dole out several Billion dollars to favored recipients. From one of these slush funds called EERP (Early Retiree Re-insurance Program) almost $2 Billion worth of contributions to specific political allies including several unions; select corporations; and some government pension funds many associated with labor unions all were made within the last year. The Daily Caller is one of the “new media” that the mainstream media has been so unceasingly critical of. Their story unlike the typical mainstream media story on politics had no editorial opinion,  just facts easily verified by anyone actually seeking truth.
 ITEM: Two of Barack Obama’s biggest media cheerleaders: the Washington Post and CBS Television received hundreds of thousands of dollars each from EERP thus bankrolling the health care of these Obama-supporting cash-challenged companies’ retirement fund with government money a.k.a. your taxes and mine. “The Washington Post Company raked in $573,217 in taxpayer subsidies and CBS Corporation secured $722,388 worth of Americans’ money,” according to research presented by the Daily Caller. “It is fine with me if they continue covering the ObamaCare debate,” said Rep. Marsha Blackburn, Republican of Tennessee, in an e-mail to the Daily Caller.  “When NBC used to cover energy issues, they identified themselves as a subsidiary of General Electric. (So now) CBS and Washington Post will just have to disclose that they are subsidiaries of the Obama Administration.” 
ITEM: You will not be surprised to know that neither the Washington Post nor CBS nor the rest of the mainstream left-leaning media have reported on these corrupt practices.
ITEM:   A follow-up story on another “new media” blogsite:  Hot Air revealed that both The Washington Post and CBS have totally ignored problems with the slush fund secretly bankrolling health care for their early retirees.  Hot Air reported that a search for ERRP on the Post website last week revealed ZERO, zilch, nada concerning the corrupt practices.   Indeed,  searching the Post website for the full name of the slush fund revealed only one article from a right-wing source.   In keeping with that trend, a search on the CBS website, for ERRP also produced no entries — while a search for the full name of the slush fund returned only one entry, a link to the Obama administration’s health care reform website.
ITEM: The contrast in style and substance between the new media that the left has been so strongly critical of could not be greater. Real news, real watch-dogging of our government and its corruptions has been the domain of the right-wing media for quite some time. Even when both were criticizing President George W. Bush . . . while the left indulged in mere name-calling . . . evidence and supporting factual connections on subjects like Bush’s failure to protect the border; and the increased pace of shipping jobs overseas during the Bush administration came largely from the news gatherers among the right-wing media.
ITEM: Mr. Boyle’s original column in the Daily Caller was no exception. Research uncovered from Congressional testimony and other public documents was only part of his story he also sought and collected opposing points of view just like they teach you in J-school. And let us repeat:  there was zero editorial comment to be found in Boyle’s story . . . just the facts, Ma'am, just the facts.
ITEM: This latest abuse of public funds highlights the danger of ever-over-growing, ever-more-powerful centralized government and especially it sounds a warning about the abuses to come as the additional controls over the healthcare marketplace begin to unfold.
ITEM: Isn’t it ironic that real journalism severely-criticized by the cheerleaders of the left, uncovered a real story about real corruption between Mr. Obama’s so-called Healthcare Reform programs and between the same left-wing media that unthinkingly and uncritically supports every foolish idea Barack Obama presents them. “Bought and Paid For” is how one old friend of Rajjpuut’s father’s used to put it . . . “Bought and Paid For!”

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
** You do remember when these “usual subjects” ran stories for a month after the morning in late March, 2009, when Obamacare was passed (with Nancy Pelosi and her crowd marching up the Capitol steps bearing the over-sized gavel) claiming the “racist” TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party guilty of spitting on Black Democratic congressmen and calling them “nig_ers” “23 times. Of course when Andrew Breitbart offered $100,000 reward for conclusive evidence that this happened (he required just one instance of using the “N-word” to validate the charges and collect the $100,000) . . . strangely among all the dozens of reporters and cameras and videotape cassettes in evidence, no one has ever collected the money; indeed, no one has ever attempted to collect Breitbart’s money . . . but, of course, no apologies to the supposedly “racist, hate-mongering, stupid and astroturf” TEA Party was ever made. And, naturally, the amount of evidence showing this supposed racism, hate-mongering, stupidity and that they not a grassroots uprising but are a “Republican Party front organization has also not been forthcoming.
^^ The demagoguery is always the same: there is no debt crisis; there is enough money, especially if we take all that the rich (who create jobs via small business) have. Our children and grandchildren will only be hurt if the Republicans interfere with all the UNfunded entitlement programs the left insists are actually very well-funded. Those evil, insensitive conservatives want to throw grandma and all the poor out in the streets; and their highest desire is to see all welfare recipients eating catfood.
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Who Belongs on Anti-American Wanted Posters?



          If you were to logically examine the greatest dangers facing America right now and then to put a face to each of them, it’s likely you’d be stunned at what many of those faces look like . . . as you’ll see from our countdown of the . . . .



Nine Ultra-Dangerous

Anti-Americans at Large Today



#9 Osama Bin Laden has become largely toothless, the danger lies from the newer, younger faces now in charge of the various Al Qaeda branches around the globe . . . faces largely only known to the CIA. However, one face that many Americans are aware of is Anwar Al Awlaki a man with dual citizenship in Yemen and the United States. Despite President Obama’s efforts to remove the concept of Islamic Terrorism from our radar scopes, Awlaki, who was raised right here in the United States, is the highest profile semi-successful terrorist most of us know about. Besides being the “brains” behind the high profile failures of the “Underwear Bomber” and “Times Square Bomber” and “UPS Bomber,” Awlaki was the inspiration for the Ft. Hood massacre carried out by Islamic Army Major Hasan who cried out “Allah Akbar!” as he started the shooting rampage that claimed the lives of 13 people and wounded 29 others, mostly soldiers at the U.S. Army base near Killeen, Texas. Like Bin Laden, Awlaki during his young manhood got involved with prostitutes and became so self-loathing that he needed a big scape-goat for his sins: Western Decadence and the United States. Luckily so far, except for the Army’s total incompetence in dealing with the danger of Major Hasan . . . Awlaki and his followers have thankfully proven themselves quite incompetent. Grade as an Anti-American so far? D+

#8 Faceless foreign Islamist terrorists eager to kill Americans on foreign shores have done a chillingly effective job against Americans outside this country. Whether its suicide bombers; planters of improvised explosive devices (IEDs); Taliban fighters in Afghanistan or those who slaughtered over 100 and wounded at least 250 (mostly Americans and British) at the Indian hotels favored by Westerners and other areas in Mumbai, India in coordinated attack waves; or the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole . . . these guys mean business and have had success against us. In light of the large number of terrorist attacks they pull off, however, Americans have been surprisingly infrequent targets. Their greatest latent threat? Taking over Nuclear-armed Pakistan. Anti-American Grade: C+

#7 The greatest and obviously fastest growing threat so far comes from faceless home-grown Islamic terrorists as the recent FBI sting operation that foiled a would-be Christmas Day attack in Portland Oregon. Because of the failure of Islamic leaders in this country to face down terrorism and the idea of Jihad . . . thousands of young Muslims are being indoctrinated and radicalized right here in this country. Barack Obama and Eric Holder who could easily have sought their help in a high profile way, have pretended that there is no Islamic terror war aimed against us . . . it’s unlikely their political correctness can save us from such attacks. The recent broad-daylight attack on a Detroit police precinct wounding four officers is a shocker. Was this an Islamic Terror attack? We’ve not been told anything; the shooter has been identified, but not yet “characterized.” We do know that the Detroit area holds the highest Muslim population density in the country. In any case, unless something changes such attacks will be carried out by Jihadists sooner or later. Grade: F- Threat A+

#6 Chinese President Hu Jintao and his country pose huge  military, economic and cyber threats to the United States and have abetted the insane regime in North Korea as well. He is now calling for the Chinese Yuan to replace the American Dollar as the world’s reserve currency. If this happens the American economy will be able to hide behind Obama’s and Fed Chief Ben Bernanke’s façade no more: we will be exposed as utterly bankrupt and economic chaos the like of which the United States has never known will collapse the entire economy. Barack Obama seems content to let China continue to lead us down the primrose path in that direction. Grade D- but threat A++.

#5 Frances Fox Piven has been the most successful and little-appreciated American traitor in history. She clearly was the power behind the throne of the Clinton presidency.


Earlier, the efforts of Piven, her husband Richard Cloward, Black militant George Wiley  and the National Welfare Rights Organization (NWRO) created by the threesome to show the strength of the infamous “Cloward-Piven Strategy” took eight years to bankrupt New York City (it required a federal bailout in 1975). NWRO used Saul Alinsky’s (author of Reveille for Radicals in 1946; and Rules for Radicals in 1971) street crusade tactics to double the nation’s welfare rolls from 8 to 16 million between 1967 and 1975; and just missed bankrupting the entire state of New York.

While working with NWRO, Wiley Lieutenant Wade Rathke was considered imaginative. He put that trait to bad use in creating his original ACORN (Arkansas Community Organization for Reform Now) in conjunction with the support of Bill Clinton were answers to Cloward’s and Piven’s calls for their army of supporters to move on to “voter registration and housing as our next emphasis areas” for radicalism. After Jimmy Carter’s 1977 Community Reinvestment Act (CRA ’77) first required home lenders to knowingly make bad loans to high risk people, ACORN was created and immediately the landscape of American mortgages began changing. After success in Arkansas and in supporting and getting Bill Clinton elected governor for 12 of the next 14 years, ACORN became national and changed its name slightly dropping “Arkansas” and replacing it with “Association.” 

            ACORN helped put Bill Clinton into the White House in November, 1992, and he immediately set to work to definitively answer the Cloward-Piven call for radical attacks on voter registration by enacting the Motor Voter Act in early 1993. Piven and Cloward are standing just behind Slick Willy in the official photo of the signing ceremony. Motor Voter was called “a twelve-lane highway to voter fraud.” Clinton also enacted serious and deep reform of the regulations behind CRA ’77 in 93; and then twice had bills expanding CRA ’77 become law in 1995; and finally passed a steroid version expanding CRA ’77 in 1998. Clinton clearly had repaid his debts.  In 1975, before CRA ’77, one in every 404 home loans was issued at 3% down or less and virtually all loans were granted with 20% down payments. By 2005,  More than one in every 3 home loans (34%) was done at 3% down payment or less; many with zero down payment.

            Thanks to the Clinton steroid expansion in 1998, ACORN was able to use its street demonstration tactics to get loans as easily for $440,000 homes in 2005 as they had for $110,000 homes in 1995. Now people with no job; no savings or estate; no ID; no rental history; only food stamps to show as “income”; terrible credit ratings; and, yes, even illegal aliens could be put into ultra-expensive homes. Piven was the founder of our financial meltdown as the sub-prime lending crisis infected the very soul of the nation’s economy . . . .

            Today Piven is aghast that the unemployed are not angry enough and not taking to the streets. She has called for violence akin to what’s going on in Greece to finally bring the Marxist Revolution here to fruition. Things haven’t changed much for Piven.  Cloward and Piven’s infamous article “The Weight of the Poor” first exposing us to Cloward-Piven Strategy for revolution brought on by chaos first ran in the Nation magazine.  

“Now, with the dropping New Year's ball, Piven is at it again, ringing in 2011 with renewed calls for revolution. In a chilling and almost unbelievable editorial again in The Nation (”Mobilizing the Jobless,” January 10/17, 2011 edition),” she is again calling on the poor to be storm troopers for her revolution.   For the angry unemployed “to rise up in a violent show of solidarity and force.  As before, those calls are dripping with language of class struggle. Language she and her late husband Richard Cloward made popular in the 60s.” Grade A+  Current Threat C


#4 George Soros:  So-called “philanthropist” Soros has had a checkered past. As a 14-year old in his native Hungary, George Soros was (as a capo for the Nazis) delivering the orders from the Third Reich officials for his fellow Hungarian Jews to assemble for their freight car trips to the death camps. Today the 80-year old Soros is known as “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England.” Multi-billionaire Soros is claimed to be the world’s 4th to 8th rich man. He’s made an awful lot of his money by taking advantage of (and some say by “engineering” or  “manipulating”) currency collapses. Full-fledged economic meltdowns in England, Russia, Thailand and Malaysia and in a couple of Balkan States which Soros exploited made him a billionaire. He is currently backing the Chinese Yuan and appears to be seeking harm for the Euro and Dollar. If he succeeds and makes a greater fortune by destroying the dollar, however, it will be Congress and the Presidents seem 1964 who have load the gun, Soros will just have incidentally pulled the trigger. His real danger is as a so-called activist and philanthropist. Soros right now funds the Tides Foundation and 48 other anti-American progressive foundations all aimed at bringing about an eventual collapse of the American economy and Marxist takeover of the United States. The incredible chart at the bottom of this blog link says it all; George is funding every single bit of it:

            A good friend of the Clinton’s and close to Barack Obama, Soros could become the world’s first trillionaire if he can pull of the collapse of the Euro and the Dollar and getting the Yuan to replace the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. His danger to the United States, however, lies in his being the banker for the progressives’ revolution. Grade C- potential danger A

#3: Obama’s Regulatory Czar” Cass Sunstein is called “The Most Dangerous Man in America” by fiscal-conservative and constitutional-conservative political pundit Glenn Beck. In the face of the House Republican majority, Obama will rely on Sunstein to take over the country for progressivism much like Bill Clinton did using regulatory fiat to expand the powers of CRA ’77 in 1993. Sunstein and progressive think tanks are the ones who get together behind closed doors to write up the massive Obamacare; Financial Takeover; and Cap and Trade Bills turning America into a socialist state. He’s currently working to undo Talk Radio and Fox News; and drastically limit Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech in this country. Grade B-   Potential Threat A++

#2 While Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have done great harm to our country, at the end of the day, they were both just leaders of the yes-people for our President. Barack Obamas charisma is not ever to be underestimated. Intelligent conservatives realize that the president’s multiple failures in every avenue of Oval Office accomplishment mean absolutely nothing.   After flirting with a 40% approval rating against 56% disapproval in September, 2010 . . . 51% of the nation now believes Obama’s job performance is effective. The son of a liaison between a radical communist American mother and a Marxist Kenyan, Barack Obama has zero accomplishments to his credit over almost half-century of living. He is living proof that Abraham Lincoln was wrong, not only can you fool some of the people all of the time, you can definitely fool most of the people most of the time. His lackey, Sunstein, is a dangerous man, but only Obama can get their entire administration another four years to carry on with their mischief.

            Community Organizer Obama and ACORN lawyer Obama were highly effective at not only getting banks to give bad home loans to ultra-risky clients, but was also famous for shaking them down for ACORN donations.   A master propagandist, Obama has the American people believing that conservatives and the free market caused the crash which progressive laws like CRA ’77; progressive programs like Medicare and Medicaid; and progressive interference shackling the free market created. 

Obama, Al Gore, Franklin Raines, Joel Rogers; Richard Sander and some forty-five other noted liberals created the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) which would have made the group hundreds of billions if not TRillions of dollars with the passage of cap and trade laws. Last month the group disbanded after CCX’s nine-year old potential failed to come to fruit.   Had they succeeded, the $10 TRillion per year carbon-trading industry (producing nothing but selling supposedly clean air) would have turned the $15 TRillion U.S. economy into a $25 TRillion economy with the same goods and services and nothing better to offer. This would have amounted to a 67% virtually immediate inflation in the country. This would have also fulfilled two of Obama’s campaign promises (to “bankrupt the coal industry” and to cause the price of electricity to skyrocket”) as revealed in a San Francisco Chronicle interview.


                Mr. Obama has also promised to create five million new green-tech jobs. Based upon a Spanish economist’s study of Spain’s efforts along similar lines (which took Spain from the most prosperous economy in 1997 and 4% unemployment; to being endangered by bankruptcy and today’s 20.8% unemployment rate) with the government subsidizing “green programs” . . . those five million green jobs would cost the real economy eleven million real jobs. Furthermore (just as in America, the Spanish politicians treated and counted jobs lasting two weeks or three months as if they were permanent jobs so that count is NEVER to be trusted) only 10% of the green jobs in Spain proved permanent . . . bottom line: half a million permanent green jobs would cost eleven million real jobs (a disastrous 22/1 job-killing ratio). Also of interest, the green jobs averaged about $12.44 per hour. It’s obvious that the media and the voters don’t pay attention to Obama’s words since they’re so enthralled by his pretty face? We could go on and on, but we’ll live out Obamacare and all his other disasters such as stopping oil-drilling in the Gulf . . . . Grade B+   Threat A++

#1 The top spot on our Anti-American wanted posters is a tie between the mainstream media (MSM) also known as the “lamestream media”; and the unaware and ignorant American Voter. Even more than Frances Fox Piven, these are the willful powers behind the presidential “throne” and also every seat in the House and Senate. All of the content of the eight earlier bad boys should be common knowledge in America but our MSM has contrived in Obama Adulation that none of it is known by more than about 8-9% of the populace. The voters, for their part, have shown a marked preference for sitcoms and “reality” TV over understanding how they’re being governed and informed. The rise of FoxNews and the demise of the liberal-leaning NY Times; Washington Post; etc. shows that enough people (who want the truth and will accept nothing less) are no longer funding the MSM’s lying; slanted and willfully incorrect news coverage to eventually bankrupt them all. The voters after partially coming to their senses in November have dropped back into the lap of apathetic ignorant bliss. Obama seems like such a nice fellow . . . it’s hard for them to be mad at his treason for very long . . . . Grade A+  Threat A+++


Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,





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“Do-Over King” Barack Obama Profits

from Media-Induced Mental Fog among Voters


            Of all the endearing movies featuring and flaunting quirky leading man Bill Murray, two are especially memorable. In the one produced first, he eschewed straight comedy for serious dramatics and,  thanks to some excellent script writing, Murray and Catherine Hicks, James Keach and Theresa Russell easily outdid the sensational 1946 quartet of Tyrone Power, Gene Tierney, John Payne and Anne Baxter from the beloved silver screen classic version of The Razor’s Edge. Along the way, the theme from author W. Somerset Maugham’s novel becomes even more phenomenally stark and yet somehow eternally light-hearted and much, much clearer (even though the character “Maugham” himself was written completely out of Murray’s 1984 version). As strong as Murray is in The Razor’s Edge,however, the unforgettable dramatic/comedy vehicle for which Murray will be eternally toasted is 1993’s Groundhog Day . . . .

            This more than bizarre (surreal?) fantasy in which a misanthropic, self-important weatherman Phil Connors relives the same day, February 2nd (the single day of the year he most despises; in the place he most despises Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania; during the event he most despises: Groundhog Day Festivities), over and over and over again without hope for reprieve . . . has been embraced by the Buddhist fate and has even entered American slang lexicon as a shorthand term for any miserable, seemingly inescapable recurring fact of life.


"A thousand people freezing their butts off, waiting to worship a rat," Weatherman Connors gripes.


            The American Buddhist movement finds the movie a strong allegory for life in general and for their religion more specifically. In real life as it’s lived by we, the non-believers in Buddhist Nirvana, however, Groundhog Day has come to the Oval Office courtesy of the ceaseless Obama-adulation by the mainsteam media (MSM).  Let us adopt Sara Palin’s more accurate “lame-stream media” here for they have made the President appear not, as a cat with nine lives, but rather as a jaguar with 9,000. So far as it is within their power they have created a politician who really can’t fall short on anything. If the president bashes business and the financial industry ceaselessly for two consecutive years he has but to name a Chicago crony who happens to carry some business experience as an advisor and he suddenly becomes magnanimous in his “outreach to the business world.” No matter how great or repetitive his mistakes, let the Great Barack make even the slightest symbolic gesture of reasonableness while posturing for the media and . . . suddenly all his long-standing substantial errors and sins are forgiven, for the Anointed One has given the appearance of statesmanship. 

To say this was “all smoke and mirrors” would be demeaning magicians everywhere. This is rather, all freely-given PR puffery designed to glorify Obama. Consider these nine key areas as impartially as possible:




Foreign Policy


Fairness, Openness, Bi-Partisanship

The Gulf Oil Spill

GIBs and GSBs (Obamacare in particular)

Relationship with Business

Keeping Promises


            The unbiased observer must give the President nine F’s for nine substantial failures. In fact, however, the man’s “Messiah” status is ever-reinforced ever more desperately with each pathetic showing he makes. Consider more closely:


JOBS: 17.6% of America’s people are unemployed in real measurement. 9.5% are still looking for jobs and thus still on the labor rolls, the rest have given up; many are substantially UNDERemployed. Obama promised once his $787 BIllion stimulus package was passed in February, 2009, that unemployment would not exceed 8%. In the upcoming State of the Union address he will pretend that the country was on the brink of a Great Depression and only the quick thinking of he and his Democrats was able to save us . . . at no small expense . . . and the MSM will sell that unenlightened viewpoint as Gospel. By the way, if the official “unemployment” statistic is ridiculous, then the Obama “jobs saved” stat is absolute horse pucky.


SPENDING: Obama’s sycophant-girl, Nancy Pelosi, has echoed the party line that deficit reduction and reduction of the National Debt has long been a top concern among Democrats and “Deficit Reduction has been our mantra.” Pelosi and the House Democrats last year refused to pass a budget because it would have been the country’s first $5 TRillion budget and required $1.6 TRillion in deficits.  Then there’s the little matter of the $14.1 TRillion National Debt which has increased $5 TRillion under Democratic house leadership which is 56% in four years.  Besides the bailouts and Obama stimulus, Obamacare will increase deficits by $300 Billion yearly while claiming it reduces deficits. The MSM abets Pelosi, Reid and Obama at every turn for their humane and far-thinking new approach.

FOREIGN POLICY: Despite Obama’s “Apology Tour”; repeatedly breaking promises to allies while embracing those who have no love for the United States and orally wish us ill; kowtowing to Eastern potentates and premiers; and doing everything possible to make the nation appear and be weak, weak, weak . . . the MSM has refused to analyze, investigate or seemingly even care about the utterly negative Obama legacy in foreign policy. Did they report in depth on his shabby treatment of Israel? On the weakness toward Iran and Russia implicit in not building the promised missile defense for our eastern European allies?   No, naturally no. But they couldn’t wait to fall all over themselves in slobbering joy proclaiming the START treaty with Russia was not a shameful sell-out but somehow a wonderful coup.

LEADERSHIP: More than anything else, the election of the nation’s first Black president was supposed to usher in a new era of enlightenment in racial matters and tolerance at all levels. Polls on the subject say that relations between the races have gotten worse under our first “post-racial” president. And, up till his recent posturing as a “centrist president” now that the Republicans dominate the House, President Obama led the way by constant race-baiting; and stupid stances like getting involved in the Cambridge arrest in early 2009 that led to his infamous “Beer Summit.” Mr. Obama has also threatened freedom of speech and freedom of the press by his constant attacks upon FoxNews and the TEA Party. Instead of leadership, Obama has constantly whined and called all those who dislike his policies as racists, haters, extremists and stupid. People fifty times as patriotic as the President then were subject to one hundred times the abuse by the MSM and by the most progressive elements of the Democratic Leadership.


FAIRNESS, OPENNESS and BI-PARTISANSHIP: Mr. Obama promised to change the culture of Washington and to give us “hope and change we could believe in. He talked about having TV cameras involved so that people could see every aspect of the health care deliberations and like his favorite YES MAN, Harry Reid in the Senate and YES GIRL, Nancy Pelosi in the House, Obama promised to run the most open, honest and accountable administration in history. Instead he’s overseen the most corrupt, closed, dishonest and unaccountable administration since Woodrow Wilson. Just the matter of those 42 non-vetted Obama Czars speaks volumes . . . of course, it would have been impossible to get all those admitted communists and radicals into the White House any other way. The MSM did nothing to hold Obama’s feet to the fire . . . he was given a free pass on all of this. The Van Jones affair was classic MSM. While FoxNews and others were revealing video clips of Jones talking openly about revolution and his communism and his 9/11 Truther activities for two and a half months, the MSM ran a 30 second clip the day after Van Jones “resigned.”


THE GULF OIL SPILL: It took the Obama administration six weeks to really get involved and their involvement in the first two weeks thereafter was making speeches about how they’d been on the ground dealing with the issue since the first few hours it was known about. Then, like all leftists, Obama made a horrible situation worse . . . first his EPA would not allow the building of sand berms and other defenses against the spill (because they might harm the environment); and then he cost the nation loads of oil and the Gulf loads of jobs with his six month moratorium on drilling which is now nearing nine months and which is projected to last 2.5 years. The MSM hardly covered these important matters but found a patsy in the BP President and made Mr. Obama into a hero, as usual.  Will they love him as much when gasoline is $4.50 per gallon?


GIBs and GSBs (OBAMACARE in particular): Like the oil spill made worse by government involvement, GIBs and GSBs (Government interference and government spending boondoggles) are the utter limits of arrogance with the federal government showing they know best and in the process taking over more of American life and making it worse. In the case of Obamacare the lies involved are incredible, and of course the MSM will not deal with them or expose them to the public. Mr. Obama personally pledged that zero federal dollars would be used to fund abortions under Obamacare but we found out in the first week that the program went into operation that abortions were routinely covered by Obamacare. They added money to other programs in two other bills (Medicare and Medicaid) so they could show the Congressional Budget Office false numbers that would make Obamacare look like it would lower the deficit when in truth the big picture is that 30 million people are added to the program at a far greater expense than the private sector would have caused and the program is another entitlement GSB, GIB that will dramatically ramp up the National Debt and the yearly deficits. In addition we have stimulus funds that only stimulated the pocketbooks for Obama supporters and created no new jobs; the laughable “Cars for Clunkers” which claimed that destroying perfectly good cars would jumpstart the economy (all it did was create a massive shortage of used cars and drive the price of the typical used car upward by $1,800); the AIG and auto bailouts; the takeover not only of health care but of the financial industry, the student loan industry, and now the beginning of the coal industry. And the MSM has been applauding every step of the way.


BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS: Mr. Obama spent the first two years of his administration feathering the cap of the unions and taking every possible opportunity to bash business, business people, finance, financial people, capitalists and conservatives all the while imposing all manner of extra bureaucracy and expense upon the free markets . . . MSM cheering every step of the way. Now as he makes cozy to enhance his 2012 presidential bid, little is made of his hypocrisy.


KEEPING PROMISES: From Guantanamo Bay to Afghanistan and all the promises mentioned above . . . President Obama has made a splendid career of promising out of one side of his mouth and alibi-ing out of the other. It’s likely that Barack Obama will at the end of the day (as a one-term president) actually only keep two promises, both made in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle on the 2008 campaign trail:

a.      To bankrupt the coal industry

b.     To make the price of electricity skyrocket

Actually, that’s only one promise since 52% of our electricity comes from coal . . .

     Of course, the MSM gives Mr. Obama free rein to do as he pleases and enthusiastically supported him in 2008 and will support him in 2012. Call them “mulligans,” “do-overs” or Groundhog Day . . . the tremendous leeway that Obama has received from the MSM amounts to about 25 times the tolerance given to his predecessor and about 30 times what they’ve allotted to the TEA Party . . . .


Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


Read more…
Government- and Voter-Caused
Wussification of USA Abetted
by Mainsteam Lamestream Media
            It really sucks to be an American taxpayer these days . . . .
            In the Esquire interview of Clint Eastwood linked above, the no-nonsense Hollywood star talks about the “Wussy Generation” of Americans (Eastwood prefers P’s to W’s, of course).   Like Eastwood tens of millions of Americans have been realizing for about six years now that something is dreadfully wrong with our country.   In fact a “dreadfully, dreadfully, dreadfully” dour future awaits us if we don’t change the nation‘s direction immediately.


Perhaps a recent release of FBI classified documents from the 1930’s point us toward the insidious force encouraging our decay: one of those reports details the ties of the newly-born American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in 1931 to the Communist Party in Stalin’s Soviet Union; another shows that up until 1989, the CPUSA (Communist Party USA) got its marching orders directly from the Soviet Union.   Follow-up documents on the ACLU clearly show that throughout its early history, the ACLU was a communist-front organization.


If one but looks at the headlines generated by the progressive politicians (mostly Democrats, but both major parties are well-represented) and compares them to the stance of this organization day after day . . . a strong correlation will be obvious. Don’t believe me, check it out for yourself for 30 days and tell me if you don’t get 95% or higher congruence of messages between what our Progressive Party (nominally known as the Democrats) is saying and what this group is saying:


If you haven’t got the intelligence and perseverance to do this simple check, by the way, consider yourself a big part of the problem, an enabler, and not one of those seeking to get our country back because 6-8% of the populace calling themselves progressives, liberals and socialists have aligned themselves tightly to the same agenda as the CPUSA . . . .


But all our pains didn’t originate from beyond our borders. In the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s certainly the lead given by self-ascribed “Neo-Marxist” community organizer Saul Alinsky and his followers Richard Cloward and Frances Piven and the strong “positive” response by thoughtless and often violent young Americans in joining their cause, did us no good. Alinsky (author of Reveille for Radicals in 1946 and Rules for Radicals in 1971); Cloward and Piven; and Alinsky students Hillary Clinton nee Rodham and Barack Obama, however, points at DELIBERATE home-grown American leadership as a major cause in bringing on our own demise. Today, of course, the SDS radicals of the past now own the Obama White House.

While a man like Glenn Beck is drawing an incredible amount of American awakening upon us . . . the truth is that most Americans have shown themselves too complacent and lazy and glued to computer games and sitcoms and their living room couches. These are the members of the Wussy Generation that Eastwood was referring to:



However, while it’s true that in a Republic founded upon democratic principles such as we have, ultimately the people get the government they deserve . . . the greater truth is that because the progressive (Neo-Marxist/Socialist) wing of the Democratic Party has been calling the shots in this country since the days of Lyndon Baines Johnson’s ratcheting up the Welfare State and ratcheting up Viet Nam conflict and giving us the second major debasement of the currency (FDR confiscating all the nation’s gold and then re-pegging the value of the dollar from $21.76 per ounce of gold to $35 an ounce – an overnight theft by the government of 61% of Americans’ savings in 1934 – was the first one) . . . it’s fair and accurate to say that our government has mostly stupidly, but occasionally deliberately “done us in.”

America’s “karma” sucks. You reap what you sow and uninformed and lazy Americans have given us rotten and corrupt politicians pretty much straight through since Calvin Coolidge with the notable exceptions of Ronald Reagan, Harry Truman and JFK.  Kennedy and Reagan were, of course, our great tax-cutting champions (91% tax on the wealthy when JFK took office!); and Truman is the one who defied his own party’s home base in the south to remove all obstacles on the road to full integration. With the exception of those three and to a far, far lesser extent the two President Bushes and Dwight Eisenhower (he was in office when the government was stealing 91% from some of its citizens but otherwise served well), our executive branch and the two houses of congress have clearly “done us in.”  Our federal government has been behind most of the destructive forces at play today . . . .

$14 TRillion national debt: government caused . . .

$112 TRillion UNfunded national liabilities (Social Security; Medicare; the federal side of Medicaid): government caused . . .

The probable bankruptcy of all 50 our states and Puerto Rico not later than 2023 (the state side of Medicaid now mandated by Obamacare created by our federal government will “do the states in”): government caused . . .

Our monstrous and crazy tax system and our perverse hatred of success . . . politician and government caused . . .

The debasement of our Constitution, Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights: all government caused by folks who swore an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States . . .

The loss of our national pride and heritage and belief in the wonderful doctrine of American Exceptionalism that made us a magnet to the world’s freedom-loving peoples – largely lost because of government causation . . .

The destruction of the American Dollar, the present world’s reserve currency, government caused . . .

The loss of tens of millions of manufacturing jobs by the world’s #2 highest corporate income tax; and incessant government interference in business, government caused.

Progressive taxation creating a country in which 47% of the people pay zero taxes and the successful are taxed to support them, government caused . . .

We could go on and on and on and on about problems that are government caused . . .

The end result is that the Marxist/Socialist elements in the present government are now on the verge of replacing the greatest system of government and the greatest way of life ever known with the absolute worst (the word “Democide” describes a Ruling State killing off its own people; in the 20th Century Marxist dictatorships in Red China, the USSR; Viet Nam; Cambodia; East Germany; the Warsaw Pact nations; Cuba; etc. killed off a minimum of 124 million of their own people). When it comes to killing liberty, death is an extreme measure by heavy-handed governments and the worst have historically been communist regimes . . . and yet we admire Mao and Che along with Mother Teresa . . . .

Whether it’s wealth redistribution or killing off citizens . . . for some perverse reason we have made a hero of these people in our American culture and the mainstream media (MSM) has not reported upon this adoration of mass-murderers. And more importantly the American mainstream-lamestream media have been the handmaiden of government corruption . . . for example . . .


Here are the major stories that simple-pimple honest journalism would have uncovered, but which the leftist-leaning liberal media overlooked and thus abated our decay . . . how many of these stories were you aware of?


ITEM: While unabashedly bandying about (with absolutely no evidence) the lie that the TEA Party consists of racist hatemongers for roughly two years now, the MSM has for two and a half years let a story that tells a slightly different story go totally unreported. According to taped interactions and FBI informant Brandon Darby, an undercover member of the leftwing Austin Affinity Group who a couple years earlier had called himself a “revolutionary” and who up till then routinely called for the overthrow of the United States government, AAG and several other progressive groups united under the title “RNC Welcoming Committee” aimed to shutdown the 2008 Republican National Convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul using among other things Molotov Cocktails consisting of bottles filled with gasoline with attached wicks made from tampons. "They mixed gasoline with oil so it would stick to clothing and skin and burn longer," according to Darby. Sounds a bit like napalm, now doesn’t it? Darby, today, is on the lam because his wanted poster is featured in just about every leftist “action” group headquarters one can find. Naturally, if a radical of the right had “betrayed” the attack upon the Democratic National Committee he would have been named a hero and had movies and TV shows about him. Why the difference? Because even the crudest violence from the left is assumed to be “well-intentioned" by those in the know among the MSM.

Item:  Notice how they’ve tried to brand Saturday’s Arizona assassin as a TEA Party “nutcase” when he’s been stalking Representative Giffords for longer than the TEA Party existed and a list of his favorite books include the Communist Manifesto and the young man is also a 9/11 Truther (you know, one of those fanatics like Obama’s ex Green Jobs Czar Van Jones who believes George W. Bush and the American government organized the attacks on 9/11/2001) . . . or did you NOT know about Van Jones? The MSM gave a paragraph here and there saying Van Jones resigned, but not mentioning the fact that he’d been under scrutiny for two months as a 9/11 Truther and a self-acknowledged communist. MSM was reluctant to say much about the Van Jones situation.  As for the "violent rhetoric" of Sarah Palin:  'tis amazing how President Obama's "If they bring a knife to the fight, we'll bring a gun" comment escaped the MSM's attention and the posters calling for the death of GWB and burning him in effigy, those weren't violent either . . . Mr. Obama who so pointedly asked all Americans to avoid jumping to any conclusions after a Muslim connected to Al Qaeda killed 13 fellow American soldiers . . . seems quite content to allow his fellow progressives to blame conservatives for the Arizona tragedy.  You do remember that the report on the Ft. Hood shootings didn't even mention the name of the shooter; nor of his religion; nor once use the words "terrorism"; "Islam" or the phrase "Islamic terrorist" when clearly those words were necessary to describe the simple truth.  Political correctness like that is shocking, but even more so because the MSM honored Obama's wishes like they were sacred text . . . .


ITEM: Obama, both Clinton’s, Al Gore, Franklin Raines, Joel Rogers, Maurice Strong, George Soros, many in Goldman-Sachs management, Richard Sandor and roughly 50 other key progressive Democratic politicians stood to make a fortune off of their CCX (the Chicago Climate Exchange) investments if Cap and Trade were passed into law. Only after 18 months of direct Fox News and conservative internet revelations was CCX made defunct by these people. Now many of them are relying on their investments in European carbon-exchanging as a second-chance to pull in the cap and trade wealth. Naturally this is all totally UNcovered in the lamestream MSM.


ITEM: however, in Europe the global warming lie is front and center

so much so that environmentalists are now largely distrusted in Europe. Eco-terrorists burning SUVs and trying to sabotage lumberjacks have been known as “mean-greenies” in England as well as America for some time.  Now the term is branching out to cover hate-spewing environmentalists who appear interested in destroying the industrial revolution’s seeds altogether with ever-expanding government regulation. More shocking is the term “watermelon.” A watermelon is someone supposedly “green on the outside, but pink to deep RED on the inside,” that is a Marxist or ultra-socialist proponent who wants cap and trade because the only way such a burdensome “TAX” on the modern way of life could come about is via creation of the virtual totalitarian state necessary to impose cap and trade on the citizens of the world. None of this is common knowledge on this side of the Atlantic because the MSM doesn’t want to cover it, just as they failed to cover the Climate Gate Scandal now fourteen months old . . .


Item: President Barack Obama has on roughly 1500 occasions (averaging more than twice daily) blamed the Bush administration that preceded him for the present debacle. He has even made a point of telling a little fable about a car driven into the ditch by conservative policies, we’ve all heard it. The truth, however, which takes just a bit of actual journalistic gumption to discover, is quite different and we’ve got the evidence for it which also has not been covered by the MSM:


George W. Bush saw Obama, Bill Clinton, ACORN and progressive politicians DELIBERATELY pushing the car (America’s economy) toward a 500-foot cliff. Jumped in and grabbing the steering wheel and hitting the brakes eased it into the nearest friendly-looking ditch.


            Can that be true? It’s 100% true and Rajjpuut has written several blogs revealing in great detail all the easily discoverable information that the MSM has deliberately chosen not to cover showing that Barack Obama worked first as a Marxist leaning community organizer and then as an ACORN attorney brow-beating and shaking down lenders so they would make knowingly bad home mortgage loans to people (based upon the progressive CRA '77 law and its five expansions)  without a lame race horse’s chance of ever paying off their homes. And, of course that’s the mildest of it all . . . even that mild stuff has never been printed in the MSM.  


The problem is also largely inside the voters as well. The fact that Barack Obama has promised to “bankrupt the coal industry” and that his energy policies “will necessarily make the price of electricity skyrocket”*** has been well known and the citizens still supported this maniac? But again, this is the smallest of small potatoes . . . the government really did us in and Americans should know it. For the full truth go here:



                Only “We the People,” the citizens can save the country, most of the ruling politicians have already made contingency plans based upon complete financial upheaval. This is NOT the time to be apathetic, ignorant and blasé.


Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,



Also well-known is the Obama promise to create five million Green-tech jobs. The well-known Spanish study of the ills brought upon that country (from 4% unemployment in 1997 to 20.8% today) if extrapolated to Obama’s five million subsidized green jobs would be:

a.      11 million jobs in the real (unsubsidized) economy lost since in Spain every subsidized green-tech job cost 2.2 real jobs

b.     Only 10% of the green jobs created proved permanent in Spain which means only 500,000 of the green jobs created by Obama would be permanent or 22 real jobs would be lost for every subsidized green job created.

c.     As in Spain, jobs of three weeks duration would be counted just as much as a permanent job created.

d.    The average green tech job will pay $10-$14 per hour about 2/3 the pay for the average real job lost.

e.     Spain has gone from the second strongest economy in Europe behind only Germany to one of the four or five worst economies in Europe very close to Ireland, Greece, Italy, and Portugal.


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“Jan Brewer of Arizona has shown the ‘cajones’ the president lacks in dealing with the border problems.” Sarah Palin
Obama Endangers the Country By Obstructing
Border Control and the War on Terror
About two weeks ago, a poll conducted by a liberal think tank showed that 55% of the voters agreed that “socialist” was an accurate description of Barak Obama. Unfortunately this “semi-awakening” of American couch potatoes torn from their sit-coms and reality shows by the various crises engulfing the nation . . . this rude semi-awakening is coming way too little, way too late. Let’s look at some obvious truth, shall we?
There are 17 precise federal powers enumerated in the United States Constitution. Many of them are specifically targeted for the Supreme Court which ajudicates the law or the Congress which make the laws and decides how the country’s money is spent. Let’s specifically talk about the office that Barack Obama holds . . . .
The president as the head of the executive branch is NOT empowered to . . . . conduct and orchestrate bankruptcies; NOT empowered to deny creditors in bankruptcies their money; NOT empowered to use creditors’ money to make labor unions owners of auto companies; NOT empowered to (with congress) bailout auto companies, banks and the like; NOT empowered to (with congress) force people to buy health insurance;
NOT empowered to (with congress) take over the student loan industry; NOT empowered to (with congress) take over the health insurance industry; NOT empowered to (with congress) take over the banks and financial industry; NOT empowered to force companies to buy “carbon credits”; NOT empowered to stop farmers from irrigating fields to save a 2” long fish;
NOT empowered to appoint 38 “Czars” without the senate being able to vett them; NOT empowered to destroy the capitalist system that has made us the most blessed nation on earth; NOT empowered to destroy working automobiles while paying people to buy other new automobiles with slightly better gas mileage; NOT empowered to sidestep congress’s powers and create amnesty for illegal aliens by presidential directive;
NOT empowered to pick a CEO for GM who would force the company to created the VOLT, a car no one wants at a price few can afford; NOT empowered to sidestep congress’s powers and force cap and trade upon businesses by EPA directive; NOT empowered to fill the White House and the halls of government with avowed communists and radicals who have all called for revolution and in some cases violent overthrow of our government; etc., etc. ad nauseum.
The president of the United States, in other words is NOT empowered to act like a dictator, now is he? He’s not supposed to control every aspect of our lives, our finances, our health, etc. and he's certainly NOT empowered to set up over 500 new government agencies to make sure we toe the line . . . but Barack Obama has already done that and most fat and happy Americans don't seem to notice . . . .
Hopefully, the aware reader has by now picked up on the fact that Barack Obama is doing everything BUT what a president’s supposed to do. In particular, while he’s got his fingers in everybody else’s pies, Obama’s deliberately convoluted the war on terror and become an actual obstacle to protecting the nation’s borders. Instead of long ago facing a firing squad the Ft. Hood Shooter (never once named in the government’s 86-page report about the event which also didn’t use the words Islam, Muslim, terrorism, terrorist, or Jihad) is still getting checks from the U.S. Army. The War on Terror no longer exists and we’ve supposedly talked intelligently about “man-caused disasters” while never admitting that the people causing these disasters all have one thing in common: a radical Islamist ideology; and many of them are recruited and trained by Al Queda.
While licking his fingers now from everybody else’s pie, the President of the United States is deliberately making himself and his administration a major obstacle to gaining controlling over the borders of the United States from illegal aliens; human traffickers; drug and arms traffickers and common criminals. He’s more interested in suing Arizona for seeking to control its state borders than in closing down so-called “sanctuary-cities” which have long thumbed their noses at immigration laws and border control.
While smacking his lips and belching after eating from everybody else’s pie, Barack Obama has deliberately closed down individual and market freedoms at every possible turn. His signature “Obamacare” does nothing to improve health or control health care prices but it did create 390 brand new agencies (that is, in one law it created almost ten times as many government agencies as Franklin Roosevelt created in his four terms in office (accuracy demands we clarify that Roosevelt died after serving a mere twelve years and one month in office). What’s going on here? It’s called “fundamental transformation” and nothing else matters but fundamental transformation . . . moving the country toward an ultra-socialist “utopia” with Barack Obama gaining dictatorial powers in the process. Mr. Obama’s surrounded himself with a cadre of like-minded radicals** and the mainstream media (MSM) has aided and abetted him every step of the way and virtually every day since he started running for president in January, 2006.
So what happens with each new terrorist attempt or success? Somehow ordinary Americans lose a bit of freedom and the media is somehow made less free . . . nothing, heaven forbid, that would slow down any self-respecting radical Jihadist . . . just loss of freedom for Americans. And in the Obama lexicon, that is all "Radical, Man, radical!"
So what happens if a large portion of the 25 million illegal aliens inhabiting this country get amnesty and the right to vote? Can you see 85% of them voting for Obama? Can you see him dominating the elections for years to come? This is the brave new world springing up all around us while Americans ate potato chips and searched for the remote . . . .
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
** Heaven forbid that Rajjpuut shock readers (who took 42 months to equate Obama with socialism) who’ll end up taking 84 months to consider Obama a full-fledged communist . . . of course, to mis-quote that wise philosopher, Forrest Gump, “Communist is as communist does” not to mention a history that proves the point to any intelligent person’s satisfaction which the MSM has conveniently refused to vett for almost four years now. That evil Rajjpuut must be a racist because he’s calling Barack Obama “a communist.”
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How Much Do You Agree with

the Man Speaking These Words . . . ?

“Theoretically, there is nothing that can stop the government from taxing 100% of income so long as the people get benefits from the government commensurate with their taxed income . . . I do not see why the government cannot tax those who have more and syphon some of those revenues . . .”

The author of those words is the subject of the book “Dreams from my Father,” Barak (no ‘c’) Hussein Obama, Sr., the Kenyan father of our American president. Some of Barak, Sr.’s dreams are revealed in this

essay from 1965 when his son was almost four years old. The essay, entitled “Problems Facing Our Socialism,” discusses “scientific socialism” – inter alia – communism; price controls on hotels; forced communal ownership of land; confiscation of private property; government ownership of businesses; wealth transfer from Asian and European Kenyan hands to Black Kenyans; confiscation of foreign businesses, land and property; 100% taxes upon income; and government planning to design the full “politico-socio-cultural context” desirable for Kenya.

Our liberal main stream media (MSM) never held our president’s feet to the fire as a candidate, they gave him a free pass and a get out of jail free card and they are doing the same thing now. Most Americans have heard nothing about the month-old “JournOList” scandal in which the e-mails of 400+ liberal journalists, academicians and media folk show that in one form or other they’ve been conspiring over an e-mail list server, some of them for over thirteen years to control the news in this country. The four biggest revelations thus far:

A. They felt betrayed by a non-JournOList reporter from ABC who broke the Reverend Jeremiah Wright “Not God bless America, God Damn America!” story. To protect Barack Obama they discussed ignoring the story, down-playing the story and their final solution: seeking out quotable sources to denounce key Republicans and conservatives as “racists” to deflect a lot of the story’s sting.

B. Their e-mails revealed they strongly preferred Candidate Obama to Hillary Clinton and overlooked stories of illegal bussing and other Obama shenanigans that allowed him to win 13 of the 14 caucus states and gain the nomination. They willfully ignored the Van Jones scandal and other Obama faux pas and considered all or virtually all conservatives as criminals, murderers, racists and stupid.

C. One woman told the boys at one point to buck it up; that she hadn’t felt any too good “as a woman and a feminist” standing idly by while Bill Clinton’s philandering with Monica, Jennifer, etc. was going on . . . the lads needed to bite the bullet for the team.

D. Another woman described in great detail her fond dream of Rush Limbaugh dying of a heart attack at her feet while she stands and cheers and does nothing to help . . . “his eyes bugging out, turning blue . . .” etc., etc.

The JournOList list server is now defunct but the JournOList story is virtually unknown because the MSM has done little to bring its long existence to the public’s attention. Even liberals not associated with JournOList seem to have accepted its existence with a “wink and a nod.” As soon as JournOList ceased to exist, some of the same 400+ created a new entity on the list server called CabalList and many of their first discussions considered how to keep their new conspiracy out of the public’s eye as well as a lot of bitc_ing and moaning about their private e-mails being exposed. With 400+ people on JournOList did they really have an expectation of privacy, hah?

Right now 55% of Americans have wised up somewhat and in a recent poll agree with the statement that “socialist” is the correct descriptor for Barack Obama. If the MSM had circulated his father’s essay linked at the top of this blog; if the MSM had vetted his first book “Dreams of My Father” surely the American people would NOT have chosen the worst of the three viable candidates, would they?

Would Barack Obama have been elected president IF his “socialism” were known? Would he have won the Democratic nomination if his socialism and/or his voter-fraud in the caucuses against Hillary Clinton had been known. What if the 100% truth about Barack Obama and his communism were known? How many Americans understand the radical and communist nature of not only the Obama czars but of virtually 100% of his administration and his associates? Democracy rides upon the backs of an aware citizenry. How much harm has the liberal MSM done to America?

Rajjpuut has known for roughly 25 months that Barack Obama is a communist, it was there all along easy to find. On Taxday of 2008 (4/15/2008), a fairly liberal blogsite broadcast two pieces of information over the internet . . . .

A) the link above with

B) an internal link to the Barak, Sr. essay linked at the top of this blog

As desperate a news hound as Rajjpuut is, it took over two months before he stumbled upon the politico links. By then he already knew that Barack’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, and his grandfather were both communists; had raised the child Barack, Jr. as a communist; and that Barak, Sr. and Ann had met in a Russian language class at the University of Hawaii and Barak, Sr. was a leftist. How many Americans would have supported Obama against Hillary or against Mc Cain if all that was public knowledge?

The MSM has betrayed us and, it’s NOT like they’ve admitted their problems and decided to live a clean life . . . they are still controlling what American sees and reads. How much does the average American voter know about these stories deliberately ignored by the MSM?

Just how interested do you think the mainstream media and the 400+ folks tied into JournOList would be in, and how much enthusiasm would they have for dealing with the following truth . . .

A. Informing the public about Cloward-Piven Strategy.

B. Informing the public about Saul Alinsky’s book “Rules for Radicals.”

C. About Barack Obama teaching a course on “Rules for Radicals” while simultaneously teaching “Constitutional Law.”

D. About Obama describing the Constitution as a “flawed document outlining ‘negative rights.’”

E. About George Wiley + Cloward +Piven and their bragging after their NWRO bankrupted New York City and just missed bankrupting New York state.

F. About Cloward and Piven advising their followers the next areas to hit (now that welfare crisis manipulation had worked so well for them) were “housing and voter registration.”

G. About Wiley’s creation of ACORN after the ’76 elections.

H. About Jimmy Carter and the left-most Democrats creating the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA ’77) in 1977 the first time that mortgage-guarantee forced lenders to knowingly make bad mortgage loans.

I. About Democratic majorities following their left-wing leaders in 1992 to expand CRA ’77 to include Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac and President George H.W. Bush not vetoing it.

J. About the Motor Voter ACT being created in 1993 and Cloward and Piven standing behind Clinton in the official “signing” picture. The MVA was called a “license for voter fraud”

K. About Clinton and progressive Democrats and progressive Republicans expanding CRA ’77 twice in 1995.

L. About lawyer Barack Obama working for ACORN from ’95-’97 shaking down lenders to force them to make atrociously bad housing loans

M. About Clinton, progressives from both sides of the aisle and virtually all the other Democrats passing another CRA ’77 expansion in 1998 that put the whole mortgage-guarantee process on steroids.

N. About ACORN having 32 convicted members involved in voter-registration fraud for 2008 amid thousands of unexamined charges against them.

O. About ACORN pushing ill-advised housing loans for 23 years now. About how armed with the poisonous expansion of CRA ’77 in 1998, ACORN forced lenders to make loans to 1) people without I.D. 2. People without jobs 3) people without rental histories 4) people with abysmal credit ratings 4) illegal aliens and 5) vagrants

P. About the fiscal collapse in late 2007 and 2008 being brought about primarily (94-95%??) by the sub-prime lending crisis, that is by people who shouldn’t have received home loans defaulting on their mortgages

Q. About the need to think when President Obama talks about “the people who caused this whole mess” and indicates he means conservatives . . . to figure it out as laid out from A-P above and deciding if the finger of suspicion doesn’t actually point at Barack Obama and all his radical connections.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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