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This is why the founders, framers, and ratifiers of the U.S. Constitution called for natural born citizens only to be qualified under the presidential clause of the U.S. Constitution. 

George P. Bush Is ‘Re-Imagining’ Reality With A ‘Kinder, Gentler’ Alamo*

By John Griffing


George P. Bush  Texas Land Commissioner

"Texas and its most sacred and iconic historical sites — like the Alamo — are under constant attack by patronizing pseudo-intellectuals who only seem to care about history when it involves blind and uncritical acceptance of “alternative facts” about our state’s past.

"Historians now “know” that the Lone Star State (along with the entire American Southwest) is built on land “stolen” from Mexico, that Jim Bowie was a staggering drunk and that Davy Crockett “may” have surrendered to the Mexican Army instead of being killed in action swinging “Old Betsy.”

"For some, these “alternative facts” make the Alamo a symbol of racism and imperialism that should be “re-imagined,” at least according to the Texas Land Office.

"That’s what the “Reimagining the Alamo” project directed and supervised by political neophyte and Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush is all about.

"The site will no longer be known as the place where Texas fought for its freedom. As the Reimagine the Alamo “master plan” explains, the rationale for the Texas revolution is morally equivalent to historic Mexican oppression, and time should also be shared with Franciscan friars and Native Americans.

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 Jiri Valenta  and Leni Friedman Valenta

January 15, 2017


Far from protecting American security, Morell has repeatedly undermined it.

“No doubt Putin is playing Trump!” Yes, former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell is indeed at it again. During the presidential campaign he repeatedly attacked Donald Trump as an “unwitting agent of the Russian Federation.” In the same vein, anonymous CIA officials have supposedly provided evidence of our new president’s nefarious dealings with the Kremlin and its agents.

Didn’t Trump’s own lawyer, Michael Cohen, meet in Prague with a Kremlin agent in August 2016? And isn’t this final proof of the ongoing secret liaisons between the tycoon and the tyrant? ‘​Fraid not. But it is déjà vu. Fifteen years ago, Morell vetted and took to the White House, a preliminary report that 9/11 hijacker, Mohamed Atta, met with an Iraqi intelligence officer, Ahmad Samir, Al-Ani at the Iraqi embassy in Prague on April 9, 2001. Both reports have turned out to be bogus.

On August 6, 2001, Morell served as the CIA debriefer for President Bush’s most critical ever Presidential Daily Briefing (PDB); the one that read, “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in the U.S.” It was essential that he impress upon Bush the importance of the memo. But he didn’t. Morell recollected in his memoir that NSC staffer Steve Biegun, who accompanied Morell to the Crawford Ranch where Bush was vacationing, apparently relayed to others that he, Morell, had indicated to the president, “there was no need to worry about an Al Qaida attack on the homeland...” Morrell himself directly observed that in retrospect, “I did not treat it as a ‘hair on fire’ or action-forcing piece and the president did not read it that way either.”

Surely Bush was not given the assessment that Morell’s colleague, counter-terrorism expert, Cofer Black, gave to Condoleezza Rice weeks earlier: “An attack is impending” and “this country needs to go on a war footing now.” On 9/11, close to 3,000 people perished in attacks on both New York and Washington.

The 2003 Iraq War provided an opportunity for Morell to advance his career. Leading a group of CIA analysts, he was assigned to help prepare Secretary of State Colin Powell's February 5 U.N. Security Council speech.

Justifying the forthcoming invasion of Iraq, a passage in the speech affirmed that Iraq possessed "biological weapons and the capability to rapidly produce more, many more.” False! We still don’t know who was directly responsible for leaving this passage in Powell’s speech. However, Morell was in charge of the CIA analysts who were vetting it. In 2015, Morell apologized to Powell.

The most egregious part of Morell's toadying, however, was the terrorist attack that took place on the U.S. consulate and CIA annex in Benghazi on another September 11—this in 2012.

Morell, then CIA Deputy Director, quickly learned it was a well-planned terrorist attack. However he also discovered the President and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, with the 2012 November election in mind, were pushing a different interpretation—a “spontaneous demonstration over an anti-Muslim video. Given his status as a high-ranking official, it would be surprising if he did not receive, or was unaware of, an email from Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes: “The goal: To underscore that these protests are rooted in an Internet video, and not a broader failure of [our] policy.”

Then Morell was asked to review an important document—the talking points that U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice was to disseminate to the media explaining the attack. Morell complied. He altered the talking points. The doctored, scrubbed and bogus video story was presented by Rice to the U.S. public on TV stations, helping to save Obama's presidency. Yet, even after the elections, Morell, accompanied by Susan Rice, continued to defend his altered product with three GOP heavyweights, John McCain (R-AZ), Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) and Senator Lindsey Graham (R-NC).

Graham later reported Morell “did not accept responsibility for changing the talking points. He told me the FBI had done this. I called the FBI—They went ballistic. . . . Within 24 hours, this statement was changed where he [Morell] admitted the CIA had done it.”


Morell’s new excuses were his concern about compromising the FBI investigation and being “unprofessional” by exposing the State Department (understand Hillary). He also said he removed the word “Islamic” to describe the “extremists,” because he didn’t want to upset the Islamic world. Handsomely rewarded for his loyalty by Obama, he was asked to serve on the NSA Review Panel, the president’s advisory review board. He also became a television commentator and received a book deal, not to mention a cushy job at Beacon Global Strategies. Nor is this all. In August 2016, Morell proposed “killing Russians and Iranians” in Syria--a recommendation that might well have led to war with Russia. In a separate op-ed August 5 in the New York Times, he had declared that he believed Hillary “will deliver on the most important duty of a president: keeping our nation safe.” Hillary cheered his words in an August 7, 2017 tweet. Likely, he would have been a victorious Clinton’s CIA Director.

Now President-elect Trump is once again under attack by a loyal supporter of the former Clinton team. But as Morell’s record amply confirms, it is he who has, again and again, constituted the actual threat to our national security.


Jiri Valenta is President of the Institute of Post-Communist Studies and Terrorism. He is the recipient of numerous fellowship, including from Brookings, CFR, Woodrow Wilson Rockefeller, Peace Institute, and Fulbright. He is also the author of Soviet Intervention in Czechoslovakia, 1968, Anatomy of a Decision and other books.


Leni Friedman Valenta is the CEO of the Institute of POst-Communist Studies and Terrorism. She is co-writer and editor-in-chief of its Web site, jvlv.net. She has contributed to scholarly publications such as the National Interest, the Aspen Review, the Miami Herald, Kyiv Post, Georgian Messenger (Tbilisi) and the Tico Times, San Jose, Costa Rica.


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Trump And Code Pink: Perfect Together

Trump and Code Pink: Perfect Together

Politics makes strange bedfellows, as the saying goes, but maybe it’s not so strange that the anti-war loony left group Code Pink praised Donald Trump’s embrace of their “Bush Lied, People Died” mantra in the South Carolina debate. Trump’s comments that President George W. Bush deliberately sent Americans to their deaths based on a lie and knew 9/11 was coming and did nothing fits Code Pink’s alternate universe. Trump’s character assassination of the last Republican President should disqualify him from being the next one.

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2016/02/trump_and_code_pink_perfect_together.html#ixzz40oYnefb4
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The Force Awakens opened this Friday to packed theaters across America. I haven’t seen it for a number of reasons, among which is an unwillingness to tent out for days just to buy tickets. The film will nonetheless make oodles of money, I’m sure, as Star Wars has replaced the Bible as Western civilization’s primary cultural commonality, both relevant and accessible to people across the societal spectrum.

This seventh chapter of the epic space opera may be the first to steer clear of political themes. According to film critic Matt Singer, “The Force Awakens is — arguably to its detriment — completely uninterested in politics.” This newfound political disinterest may have something to do with the fact that Star Wars is no longer the property of its creator, George Lucas, who infused the prequels and, to a lesser extent, the original trilogy, with political overtones.

Star Wars has never been what it appears to be—good clean fun with spaceships and laser beams. Don’t feel bad; that’s what I thought it was too when I was a little kid playing with action figures.

Space ships and laser beams are the packaging not the story. To get to the real story it’s necessary to turn the clock back to April 1973, a time of great disillusionment, when the last American combat troops were withdrawing from Vietnam and the Watergate hearings were only a month away. With these generation-shaping events as a backdrop, twenty-eight year old George Lucas began typing the story of a courageous farm boy from the galaxy’s rural backwaters who took on a rotting empire replete with militarism and darkness—and won.

He told his audience that it all took place “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away” but its actual setting was both contemporary and terrestrial. Star Wars was an allegory for the world as seen through the eyes of a baby boomer who had come of age on a college campus in the 1960s, who had felt the draft board breathing down his neck, and who had imbibed the spirit of San Francisco, where he was living at the time. The militaristic empire he imagined was his own country and the rebels were communist Vietnamese, though they could have been any number of “anti-imperialist” forces around the globe—the ANC in South Africa, the Tupamaros in Uruguay, etc. The Death Star was a warning against the destructive power of nuclear weapons, though it could be seen as analogous to the Pentagon. Darth Vader? Probably Dick Nixon or just a stand-in for the soulless admirals and generals in command of the war machine.

Lucas had other influences, of course, because inspiration is never that simple. Star Wars was also one part Flash Gordon serial and one part gun-slinging western with a whole heap of Kurosawa’s samurai cinema thrown in. The story also paralleled the Third Reich, starring Darth Vader as Hitler and stormtroopers as, well…stormtroopers.

But it was always about America, the only country George Lucas had ever known. If the film evoked images of Nazi Germany, the logical conclusion was that that’s what America had become or was on the verge of becoming. Star Wars could be read as a cautionary tale of what might happen if we didn’t change course.

Consider some of the notes Lucas scribbled in late 1973: “Aquilae is a small independent country like North Vietnam, threatened by a neighbour or provincial rebellion, instigated by gangsters aided by empire. Fight to get rightful planet back. Half of the system has been lost to gangsters…The empire is like America ten years from now, after gangsters assassinated the emperor and were elevated to power in a rigged election…We are at a turning point: fascism or revolution.”

That’s not exactly the Star Wars we all know and love, largely because Lucas’s concept still had a lot of growing to do, but the framework was there. From its earliest drafts, the script told the story of a scrappy underdog, patterned after North Vietnam, doing battle with a corrupt American empire. The underdog had only his convictions to give him heart, while the empire, which seemed invincible, was actually rotten to the core.

The politics got even more heavy in the prequels, culminating in the hyperpolitical Revenge of the Sith, which the Washington Post jokingly dubbed The Empire Strikes Bush. Actually, the Galactic Empire is Bush, but I understand it’s a fun witticism. Sith’s subliminal messages were not lost on The New York Times’s film reviewer A.O. Scott, who wrote: “’Revenge of the Sith’ is about how a republic dismantles its own democratic principles, about how politics becomes militarized, about how a Manichaean ideology undermines the rational exercise of power. Mr. Lucas is clearly jabbing his light saber in the direction of some real-world political leaders. At one point, Darth Vader…echoing the words of George W. Bush, hisses at Obi-Wan, ‘If you’re not with me, you’re my enemy.’”

That wasn’t really Darth Vader; or not yet. It was Anakin Skywalker, but clearly he was mimicking Bush’s post-9/11 admonition to foreign leaders, “Either you’re with us, or you are with the terrorists.”

So you can imagine my disappointment when I learned that the newest film would abstain from political commentary. That’s really unfortunate because we need it now more than ever. We’re a nation adrift, led by a corrupt, unprincipled political class that seems to have pulled the wool over the eyes of half the population.

Consider for a moment the scene in Revenge of the Sith in which Emperor Palpatine convinces the Senate to cede unprecedented power to him, thus establishing the Galactic Empire “in order to secure the security” of the Republic. Queen Amidala famously remarks “So this is how liberty dies. With thunderous applause.” Lucas was surely knocking Bush though it’s even more relevant today. The scene seemed a clever reference to the PATRIOT Act which, in case you haven’t noticed, is still the law of the land because Barack Obama approved its extension. But the Senate scene was about a lot more than just the PATRIOT Act; it was about our willingness, in times of trouble, to cede the power vested in the people and their elected representatives to a single charismatic leader. In light of Obama’s imperial presidency, the scene has assumed new meaning.

Richard Nixon and George W. Bush weren’t great presidents but neither were they Emperor Palpatine. I can’t say the same about President Obama who really does bear a striking resemblance to that wrinkled geezer in a hoody. So why can’t we make a movie about his policies, about his administration?

The Obama Administration has given us so much material to work with, the script would practically write itself. Imagine an evil Sith Lord who sweeps away any restraints on his authority with the words, “If the Senate won’t act, I will” or “We can’t wait for (fill in the blank).” The same Sith Lord could go to war in a sandy place resembling Tatooine without the approval of the Senate. Here’s a better one—the aforementioned villain pits one alien race against another (Jawas vs. Ewoks?) with his constantly divisive rhetoric, then uses the crisis to snatch up all the blasters and lightsabers in the galaxy. Stormtroopers go planet to planet, kicking down doors and confiscating anything that resembles a weapon. One of the Sith Lord’s closest advisors then turns to his boss and mutters something like “Never let a crisis go to waste.” Another idea: A council of supposed sages, call them judges if you will, abandon their fidelity to the law they swore to uphold and begin making decisions based on their own personal agendas. Here’s a good one—the Jedi are prohibited from practicing their ancient religion for fear that some people might get their feelings hurt.

Why, oh why, did Star Wars stop being political at the very moment that the most Palpatine-esque president ever to defile the Oval Office came to power? Maybe it’s because George Lucas isn’t at the helm anymore, though it’s doubtful that his directing and/or production would have made a difference. I suspect that The Force Awakens would still avoid criticizing the president because Lucas has, or once had, a man-crush on him. Said Lucas in 2008: “We have a hero in the making back in the United States today because we have a new candidate for president of the United States, Barack Obama.” Whether Lucas still feels that way is unknown. Perhaps he’s been appalled with what he’s seen in the ensuing seven years but I doubt it.

It’s almost as if political commentary just isn’t cool in show biz anymore. Would a major movie studio even make a film that was so obviously critical of this president and his policies? I have my doubts. Dissent isn’t patriotic anymore, less so in Hollywood, so I guess we’ll have to settle for spaceships and laser beams. What a pity.

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For all the Liberal "IDIOTS" out there that claim that G.W. Bush had no reason to attack Iraq, this disclosure about Chemical weapons in this article tells the real truth about these weapons of mass destruction that aren't supposed to exist. Now it seems that everyone knows about them. Except the Liberal "Wackos."

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Bush Was Right – Saddam Had WMD

By Craig Andresen on June 23, 2014 at 8:40 am

wmd-1.jpg?width=277“U.S. officials don’t believe the Sunni militants will be able to create a functional chemical weapon from the material. The weapons stockpiled at the Al Muthanna complex are old, contaminated and hard to move.”

That’s the quote from Jen Psaki at the State Department regarding what ISIS just seized late last week in Iraq. They’re not talking about weapons Obama gave them or weapons left by U.S. forces either during the war in Iraq or left there as Obama pulled our forces OUT of Iraq.

What they’re talking about is a facility…once seized and under the control OF U.S. forces before the Obama mandated and foretold to the enemy withdrawal FROM Iraq.

Muthanna was in fact, a carefully held secret so as not to tip off our enemies. Bush kept it quiet and did so at the peril of his own legacy. Bush, not being the narcissist Obama is never felt the need to crow over such things. Not when it was first discovered by our troops, not after nor even since he left office even though it would have benefited him personally.

To have spiked that football would have drawn attention TO it and painted targets on the backs of our men and women in uniform.

Muthanna is, in fact, where Saddam Hussein manufactured and stored…WMD and is now believed to be where the gas he used against the Kurds came from.

It’s the WMD that liberals have for years said never existed and therefore used against Bush. “Bush lied and people died!!! “Bush started an ILLEGAL war because there WERE no WMD in Iraq!!!”

Well, guess what?


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4063904347?profile=originalWanted to share this extremely alarming issue with you and ask you to do the same-You Decide:

How far will Big Brother go to keep this alarming issue under the radar?-Posted on The D.C. Clothesline-By Dean Garrison–On May 31, 2014:

I couldn’t sleep last night.

I am scared for myself and my family. I feel like I am being dragged into something that is a real danger to us.

I reflected and prayed and came to the decision that I will do what is right and trust in God to protect us. I am sure a lot of people will laugh at me and say this is just another one of those “conspiracies” from D.C. Clothesline.

I can’t do anything to change the minds of those who can’t see how corrupt and evil things have become. All I can do is tell you that my gut is twisted in knots and I don’t know what to do. I want to run and I want to hide.

At the same time I think what it would feel like if I were Dave or Monika now.

Who are Dave and Monika?

Dave is Dave Hodges. He is an associate of mine and the host of The Common Sense Show. He allows me to reprint his blog articles. He is a good man. His passion in life is to get to the bottom of stories and he did just that a couple of weeks ago when he blew the lid off of a scandal so big that it put him in danger. Dave found evidence that Child Protective Services has been used as an arm of vengeance, from the powers that be, and is now engaging in child sex trafficking.

Monika is a State Department employee that has lost her son Dylan, allegedly because she is on the wrong side politically. Dylan is currently being sexually abused in a home with two gay men. You won’t likely read this story in very many places, because it is one of those stories that is just simply too big. It is one of those stories that gets people killed.

This is like IRS targeting on steroids.

Monika emailed me yesterday. I had no previous contact with her. She was Dave’s “source.” I didn’t know her but she looked me up because she was concerned. Here is that email…


Thank you for passing the stories along that Dave Hodges wrote about Dylan and I. DFS has started attempts to silence me and intimidate me. I am scared for my son’s and my safety. My power went out in my apartment for a whole night and day, thus causing my surveillance cameras to be powered off, while I was not home. No one in my entire apartment building lost power, just me. Dave’s website just went down, none of the stories work. Can you please ask people on your webpage to please re-post the stories all over the web. I have a feeling “someone” is taking down all links and stories pertaining to Dave Hodges, Mary Tyndall, and myself.

Thanks -

Monika Wesolowski




Should “anything” happen to me (would NOT be of my own doing) please circulate information about DFS/CPS corruption and child sex trafficking, and please share my story of how CPS stole my son and is trafficking him out to homosexual pedophiles.

I am very slow to answer emails lately. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. I happened to see hers about 7 hours after she sent it. I exchanged a couple of more emails with Monika and she told me that Dave has taken his site down and is laying low for a few days. Apparently he has received threats toward his family. I also told her that I would do something to try to raise some more awareness for her this weekend. That is what I am trying to do now.

I don’t ask this often but I would ask for anyone who cares to please share this article far and wide. This story has to come to light somehow. The mainstream media sites and sources will not pick this story up because of their agendas. Some of the larger alternative sites were talking to Dave the last time I was updated, but to my knowledge they had not released this story yet. I know that WND.com was one of the sites Dave mentioned. Other sites are likely scared of getting involved in this. For anyone who remembers the Franklin Credit Union Child Trafficking Scandal, you will realize that these stories can result in a lot of untimely deaths for investigators and witnesses.

This is not my story and I do not know all of the details. So I am simply going to reprint what Dave previously wrote and hope that it somehow gains traction. I am putting my belief in the Patriotic people of this country to make this story be heard. Please remember that you are the new media and you can not be silent. There are some very frightened people that are counting on us. We can’t keep looking the other way. We can not keep letting these people get by with these heinous acts.

Illinois and Virginia CPS’ Conspire to Steal and Sex Traffic Children

Posted onMay 17, 2014by Dave Hodges

When holding on to sensitive information, I have found it prudent to go public as I believe it gives the greatest chance of not becoming a statistic such as BreitbartHastingsClancy and appropriately in this case, Nancy Schaefer. Subsequently, I am publishing notice of the fact that the state of Virginia Child Protective Services is sex-trafficking in children that it illegally seizes and that the Illinois Child Protective Services is cooperating with Virginia in order to complete  a child abduction with sex-trafficking connections.

Obamacare and Child Abduction

Nearly three weeks ago, I wrote an investigative article which exposed a massive conspiracy designed to separate parents from their children and an obscure element of Obamacare would subsequently give the government complete control over your children.

In the article, it was documented that  Human, Health and Services (HHS)  and their state level emissary, Children Protective Services (CPS) are engaged in a conspiracy which will culminate in (1) the Agenda 21 designed breakdown of the family; (2) the eradication of any semblance of parental authority over children; and, (3) unbridled and unfettered access to seizing children from the home in unlimited quantities for whatever nefarious purposes (e.g. child sex trafficking) which might dictate the volume of child seizures.

Based upon the emails and comments the article generated, it became clear that most people saw the threat to American children as being real. However, there were the typical allegations of fear mongering and falsifying facts and conclusions by the programmed sheeple in this country who would have everyone believe that there is no such thing as a conspiracy in which two, or more, bad people would ever jointly plan to do something nefarious. Well, it did not take more than 24 hours after publishing the article for me to receive notification of a case that would parallel the hysteria I was promoting in the April 29, 2014 article.

The case, in question, involves a single mom, Monika Wesolowski, who just happens to be a State Department employee with a security clearance.  I am vaguely aware that some of her work involves ambassadors and the White House. Please note that if Wesolowski can be targeted by the new Obamacare “child protection” guidelines, given her lofty federal employee status, then we should conclude that no parent and no child is safe from the evil intentions of this administration and some of its sex trafficking minions.

With absolute certainty, it can be stated that the Virginia Child Protective Services and its partner, the Department of Family Services, along with the Illinois Child Protective Services are conspiring to steal children and sex traffic these same kids

A Quick Review of Obamacare “Child Protection” Provisions

This unprecedented program mandates a partnership between various United Nations organizations and ICF, acting on behalf of HHS, CPS and Obamacare (i.e. The Affordable Health Care Act). The evidence demonstrates that Obamacare is representative of the fact that our families are living in a Hitler Youth Movement hellish nightmare in which the stateowns and can seize your children for whatever reason and purpose they deem appropriate.

After reviewing HHS, CPS and UN documents, what is being presently reported in the alternative media is merely the tip of the iceberg with regard to HHS’ intentions toward the ultimate outcome of the children in this country. After reviewing the documents, there is no doubt that Obama is representing international interests which will seek to remove as many children as possible from the homes of their parents in the spirit of the Hitler Youth Movement.

In the 110 page HHS/CPS manual, written by the UN think tank group ICF, on behalf of HHS, now serves as the field manual for CPS child snatching operations. The new “variables” which comprise child neglect, worthy of government intervention is frightening beyond any words I can find to express their undisguised intentions.

Under the HHS/CPS policy manual, they label any “grounding” of a child as neglect by isolation. There are no time frames set forth which constitutes isolation and it is left to the field representative. This obviously erodes parental discipline.

If your child is judged to be underachieving in school, this is referred to as educational neglect and is worthy of governmental intervention. Further, if your child is absent for five days in any one month from school, the same allegation would be made against the parent.

If your child has ADD or ADHD, you could be accused of neglect because the document details how this can be somehow caused by poor nutrition, although the variables associated with the cause are not specified.

Of course, no Obama inspired program would be complete without an attack upon the Second Amendment. Obamacare is no exception as one of the criteria for child neglect  are parents who are also gun owners.

I am sure that now some of the sheeple remember this referenced  article where provided detailed documentation on how Obamacare allowed for CPS to steal children for nefarious purposes. They said it just was not true. Unfortunately, it is true and I now have a shining example of this horrendous program in action.

Monika Wesolowski and Son Dylan

The father of Monika Wesolowski and the grandfather of Dylan sent Monika the article described above to his daughter. This prompted an introductory email sent by Ms. Wesolowski to myself.  After reading Monika’s email, I had flashbacks to the Stacy Lynne case that I have been working on since December of 2011, when Stacey’s son, Jaden, was stolen by a Judge Julie Kunce Field who was a former consultant to the IMF and World Bank. Stacy’s was not accused of committing any crime except for publicly opposing the Agenda 21 policies in her hometown of Ft. Collins, Colorado. For her public advocacy, she now has no contact with her son and has no idea where the boy is living.

Wesolowski is guilty of even less that Stacy Lynne, who was guilty of nothing. She is guilty of being a conservative working in an ultra liberal environment. She has an NRA bumper sticker on her car, he screen saver promotes conservative causes and she is not personally and morally on board with the “gay” and “green” agenda that has come to dominate every federal administration under the most liberal President in American history. Wesolowski does believe that she has been targeted because of Catholic based, conservative views. She has been audited by the IRS and “randomly drug tested” by her employer. Before you dismiss these occurrences as random events, keep in mind that the enforcement agent for the new snatch and grab policies of Obamacare is the IRS and that this President has beenexposed for using the IRS to harass Tea Party members and uncooperative members of the mainstream media.

Wesolowski Makes Contact

On April 30, 2014, I received a lengthy email from Monika Wesolowski who detailed how her son Dylan was stolen from her home without any legitimate provocation.

On 4/30/2014 11:07 AM, Monika Wesolowski wrote:


I read your article in the RBN about how HHS is taking away children through means of CPS. This happened to me in December of 2013, the night before my son turned five years old. He is on the spectrum of Autism with PDD, sensory processing, and behavioral disorders. He is in special education. Our lives were turned upside in a matter of hours. I had no idea prior that this would happen. They came in SWAT gear to my home, with CPS arriving over an hour later. The ordeal lasted from 8:30pm to past 11pm. I did not let them in my home, and in this way they classified me as a danger. They claimed I choked my son 2 days prior and therefore he was in imminent danger of life and that they were taking him away. I never hurt my son. It was the first sign of a skin condition, eczema patches, that my son started having. He had one small round one on the back of his neck. This is what they used against me. They did not take him to a doctor but ruled on hearsay. Once in temporary custody of my neighbors, we immediately took my son to the pediatrician, who claimed there was no injury and no bruising. (EDITOR’S NOTE: I HAVE THE PEDIATRICIAN’S REPORT AND THE APPEARANCE OF A RASH WAS SUBSTANTIATED, NOT BRUISING FROM SOME MYTHICAL ATTACK). She stated my son had a skin condition and provided medication. CPS was very angry that we took him to the doctor. They used the doctor’s report against me saying I coerced the doctor and that I was trying to use the medication as a cover. I was never arrested or criminally charges, rather my son was taken based off hearsay and Civil Court Order, an Emergency Removal. Once in court, the judge refused to incorporate any medical records. By this time my son was in a foster home of two gay men. I am Roman Catholic and have been very opposed to the foster home. By the time this went to court, there were two medical records as my son was taken to the pediatrician while in foster care and given medication for a second eczema (dermatitis) rash. He has had a few of these rashes since the ordeal started. 

My son was kidnapped by CPS in order to traffic him into foster care. He is in a home of two gay dads. I don’t know what to do. I live in Fairfax County, Virginia, which is now exploding with more cases such as mine. I am having a hard time getting a lawyer, no one wants to oppose the system. People are afraid. They have now accused my son’s daycare of child abuse. The daycare testified on my behalf in court, so they are now accusing the daycare of abusing my son and pulling out his hair, leaving bald marks, and putting poop in his face. I know this is all false also. When they removed my son from my home, they took him out of the daycare too, so these were new charges, even though he was no longer attending. They are trying to scare everyone around me.

I am a good mother, and my son has developmental disabilities. This was used to interrogate and coerce my son, and kidnap him. The father started this mess when he lost custody and all appeals, I had won sole legal custody. Two months later they were taking my son away and the ex now had the chance to modify custody. He added false claims of abuse and has been working with CPS and DFS (Dept. of Family Services) to keep our son in foster care.

I need help or advice. Can you put my story out for people to see? Can you help me expose this more, or maybe let me know if you know of anyone that can help?

Kind Regards,

Monika Wesolowski

Falls Church, VA

Monika went to court to try and get her son removed from CPS custody. She took the pediatrician’s report as well as the CPS psychological investigation which stated that Monika posed no threat to her son and the fact that the boy had not been injured. Amazingly, the judge would not allow the evidence to be entered into testimony leaving with the conundrum of this being her word vs. the word of CPS.

Monika has sent me the following in a later email:

Attached are also the pediatrician records I tried to use in court, with sworn affidavits. The 12/9/13 is the evaluation to prove I did not injure my son. The full CPS report is attached too. It’s full lies and fabrication, they refused to also use my maiden name despite that I was divorced at this point. They also listed me as Hispanic in one section in order to justify their funding.…

Speaking of funding, All CPS organizations receive $ 5,000 for each child taken from the home and that money is paid by HHS. If the child and mother are minorities, the funding stipend increases, hence the Hispanic designation.

Many of these new wards of the state simply disappear and are never heard from again as was the case in Oklahoma. This is the kind of case that got former Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer killed for daring to expose the criminal connection between CPS and child sex trafficking done by organizations like DynCorps and HSBC Bank.

Child sex trafficking is big business and the business is run like a Mafia organization which eliminates with extreme prejudice those persons who would expose the practice. As an aside, I am all too cognizant of the fact who and what I am dealing with. Therefore, I have distributed the Wesolowski “proof” of these claims to trusted sources for all the obvious reasons. This article also represents a kind of insurance policy as well.

Monika Wesolowski Can Prove What She Claims

Rather than placing Dylan with family and close friends as a foster care arrangement, CPS has opted to place the boy with two gay men. This is where the situation becomes very concerning. Gay rights advocates can relax, I am not going to discuss the wisdom of such a custody arrangement. Rather, I am going to expose reported criminal activity of two men who have no CPS oversight with regard to their parenting of Dylan.

As result of Monika’s visitations with Dylan, she has made some frightening discoveries. Dylan has “marks” in sensitive areas consistent with sexual abuse. The information is graphic and I am trying to determine the best method to release this photographic evidence. In addition, Dylan has regressed to defecating in his pants. He has unexplained fits of temper where he talks about cutting off his hands and the hands of others. Think sexually, this boy is describing the mechanics of sexual abuse.  As some readers know, I am a former mental health counselor. If this case was taking place in my state of Arizona, I would be compelled to report these facts to the authorities or face going to jail.

Here is another excerpt of an email that Monika sent me with graphic evidence.

These are the photos I sent to my new attorney concerning my son’s abuse & neglect, and fear or sexual abuse.

His dermatitis rashes are on his back and shoulder and have been there for at least several weeks, are getting worse. My son is skinnier and has lost weight since in the foster. He last yelled repeatedly that he wants to cut his hands off over and over and over prior to the bath….

Why the Delay In Reporting This Case?

Up until this point, I have been publicly silent on this issue because I was hopeful that Monika and Dylan would be reunited and I did not want to muddy the waters. CPS laid out a set of conditions that Monika had to follow if she was going to get her son back. She has fulfilled all of the unwarranted mandates that CPS laid out in order to get her son back. However, CPS/DFS is delaying the reunification until December of 2014. As I have discovered if this case gets dragged out for 12 months, CPS can take the child and no report requirement with regard to status has to be made to the original parent. This mother has no chance of getting her son back.

I delayed in reporting this case because Monika had a meeting, yesterday, with the Virginia Department of Family Services. I was hoping against all odds that she would get her child back and I did not want to antagonize the authorities. The following email description summarizes Monika’s meeting with DFS.

Ok. Met with DFS, all they are trying to do is damage control. I called the police, it’s a county over and their process is I have to talk to an officer first and only then it can go higher. I am saving brief clips of proof along with photos and dates, and going tomorrow during the morning as I have a feeling it will take half the day, and during the day. They won’t let me speak to a detective until I have enough proof, so I’m compiling!

But yes, I will talk on your show. Send me details of exact date, time, and number.

Monika Wesolowski

Virginia and Illinois Are Conspiring to Steal Dylan From His Mother

On May 15, 2014, I received a very disturbing email from Monika which described the following collusion between the Virginia and Illinois CPS with regard to her son’s case.

On 5/15/2014 8:20 PM, Monika Wesolowski wrote:

I just found out from my mom that the department of family services in IL tried to get my parents to sign a statement that I did something to hurt Dylan, and they wouldn’t. So when they signed their name saying I was innocent and that they support me and are on my side, IL said that VA won’t like that, and that my parents have no chance of getting Dylan since they are on my side. My mom is positive their plan is to adopt my son out into foster and no one in the family will have him. They are positive I need to make this all public. She believes DFS has NO intention of giving me my son back, despite what they tell me. I agree. I will try tomorrow, but I’m 99% sure we need to expose this and I need to file a Police report. (EDITOR’S NOTE: I HAD ADVISED MONIKA TO FILE A SEXUAL ABUSE REPORT AGAINST THE TWO GAY FOSTER PARENTS WITH HER LOCAL POLICE DEPARTMENT BASED UPON THE EVIDENCE THAT SHE HAD SENT ME).

Monika Wesolowski

I responded with the following show announcement:

On May 16, 2014, at 3:05 AM, Dave Hodges <davehodges@thecommonsenseshow.com> wrote:

I am booking you on my show for 2.5 hours from 930pm-midnight, Central, on May 25, 2014.  I am going to invite your contact from the organization you told me about. She called but I have been swamped and will catch up with her on Friday or Saturday.


Dot Connecting

Remember the organizational pyramid I laid out earlier in the article. Obamacare is in charge of all child welfare. The IRS is the enforcement mechanism. HHS and resulting child services is operating under the previously documented UN created document on taking children from parents. HHS is now the de facto parent organization for CPS. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that Illinois, where Monika’s parents live, would cooperate with Virginia’s CPS in getting Dylan away from Monika’s entire family to fulfill their immoral mandate.


This practice is a globalist practice given the fact that the operating procedures come from the UN. Does anyone still believe that anyone can acquiesce and coexist with any New World Order Agenda?

I will be providing updates on this most regrettable case in the near future.

Dave Hodges is the Editor and Host of The Common Sense Show.

###End of Original Article###

Again, I am asking people to share this and help get the word out.

I am also asking you to pray for all involved.

I have young children and I really did not want to get involved, for obvious reasons. But someone has to speak for the woman who has already lost her child, and for the man who is in fear for his family’s safety because of exposing the story. Someone has to speak for the frightened young child who has been away from his mother for too long.

Please do whatever you can to help. Somehow we must all find the courage to do whatever it takes to purge this country of the sickness which has overtaken it.

  • Dean Garrison, Publisher of The D.C. Clothesline

Source Link:


4063868540?profile=originalDave Hodges Has Not Left the Building!-Posted on The Common Sense Show-By Dave Hodges-On June 2, 2014:

There are inherent risks to the work that the truthful media performs, just as the families of Breitbart, Hastings and Clancy can attest to.

Since Senator McCain and his friends attempted to steal my property and that of 300 of my neighbors over a decade ago, I have learned how truly corrupt and evil so many of our elected officials and corporations truly are. Yes, I have interviewed Congressmen, Gubernatorial candidates and other elected officials and many of these folks are people of integrity who love America. However, they appear to be in the minority because there are scores of public officials who go to Washington to merely enrich themselves at the peoples’ expense. Some of these corrupt officials have committed treasonous and sometimes heinous acts upon the American people in their quest for glory and gold as they serve the interests of those who are not interested in the preservation of America. These corrupt officials and corporate executives deserve to be exposed for what they are and my efforts have been consistent in this endeavor.

For my entire adult life, I have spent my professional energies trying to lift people up, whether I was working as an educator, coach or counselor. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for the abused and the underdog as evidenced for my support of Stacy Lynne and Monika Wesolowski who have unceremoniously had their children ripped away from them by a corrupt CPS/legal system without so much of a charge or allegation levied against them. I am unable to turn my back on injustices such as these as I have always felt compelled to speak out on behalf of the downtrodden.

Recently, events have transpired which necessitated me to re-evaluate my professional mission.

As many of you know, my website has been down since mid-day, Friday, May 30, 2014. This action was deemed necessary because of an all-out attack, on multiple fronts, upon my life and the lives of my family. Given the nature of the events that were spiraling out of control at that time, I decided to execute a strategic withdrawal in order to gather my thoughts as I considered my course of action. Hence, I was offline for nearly three days.

During my contemplation period, many of you reached out to me and have expressed heartfelt  support  and prayers. I am truly appreciate of the hundreds of people who did reach out to me and expressed support.

Steve Quayle was at the forefront of building a wall of spiritual protection around me with his prayers and heartfelt support. His prayers and words of wisdom helped me regain my footing on that first day. Freedoms Phoenix’s, Ernie Hancock, offered me some of the best advice I received during this time when he said “If you are going to be on the list, you had better be on top of the list”! Ernie is correct, I better be on top of the list as it increases longevity and I plan to continue the mission of The Common Sense Show to broadcast on the Republic Broadcast Network and its affiliates, as well as to use my website to inform and inspire average Americans to take forceful, but peaceful action, in reclaiming our lost Republic against the tyranny that is permeating every fabric of our lives.

In our collective endeavors, we must be cognizant of the fact that we will not reach everyone in the near future. Some of our fellow citizens suffer from abject ignorance and are little more than sheep. Some suffer from cognitive dissonance, or learned helplessness, and are paralyzed and unable to act in their own behalf at this time. We should, however, not fail in our efforts to reach these people before it is too late. I strongly believe that all Americans are entitled to know the truth about the dangerous events besetting our world as well as anticipating the potential dangers which may lie ahead. Therefore, I will continue to broadcast and write about these grave threats, regardless of the consequences associated with doing so.

Let’s join together to fight against tyranny and defend those unable to defend themselves. Let’s do so within the spirit of restoring the Constitution of the United States as well as honoring the word of God. May God bless our special nation and each and every one of you and your families

Dave Hodges

Source Link:


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“Food For Thought”

4063359991?profile=originalHello: When Are Americans Going To Wake Up?-God Bless America!



Semper Fi!


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By Craig Andresen on May 28, 2014 at 6:01 am

outed-1.jpg?width=222Remember Valerie Plame? The “covert” CIA agent that liberals are so SURE was outed by Dick Cheney and Scooter Libby? Liberals, when losing any foreign policy argument continue to bring that up to this very day because, liberals like to ignore the facts.

Far be it for me to try and confuse liberals WITH the facts.

Okay…not so far be it.

Here are the facts regarding the outing of Plame…

First of all…Valerie Plame was NOT a covert agent. She was, in fact, very well known as a CIA agent working on nuclear counterproliferation.

Her “outing” wasn’t outing at all and neither Libby nor Cheney had a single thing to do with it.

It was, in fact, Richard Armitage, then the Deputy Secretary of State who was giving background to Bob Novak who was, at the time, writing a column regarding the Bush 2003 State of the Union speech and it was Novak who asked, off handedly, why it was that Joseph Wilson, a liberal and harsh critic of Bush 43 had been sent to Niger by the CIA to investigate what Bush had referred to as Iraq’s intention to purchase yellowcake uranium FROM Niger.

Armitage responded…“you know his wife works at the CIA, and she suggested that he be sent to Niger.”

Novak connected the dots using a ‘Who’s Who” and Wilson’s own bio and wrote about it in his column.

Those are the facts…not conjecture as Armitage himself later confirmed Novak’s version of the meeting but liberals, as they are all too eager to do, still hold up Scooter Libby and Cheney as the culprets in outing the non covert Plame and always point to the fact that Libby was convicted of it.

That also is a fabricated bending of the truth as Libby was NOT convicted of outing Plame…


Read more…

The Shredding of the United States Constitution by the Office of the President and the NSA

        Since the 1950’s and the end of the cold war, the United States has had listening posts that trapped and recorded phone conversations of people and governments around the world. My brother worked at a facility outside of Miami, Florida on an island doing just that for RCA under a military contract in the 1980’s.

          He once told me that they intercepted every phone call made in the Western Hemisphere north of a certain geographic location. He also said that he believed that this violated the United States Constitution. After many phone conversations, I convinced him to follow his conscience and find another job. He took my advice.

          The listening post still collects internet and phone traffic from the Western Hemisphere.

           In direct violation of the Fourth Amendment of the United States, the president has continued to wage an imaginary war against Al Qeda which is a creation of the CIA.

           Having viewed over 180 videos of 9/11 and read hundreds of pages of data, some of which were highly classified, I have constructed the following scenario of events that I believe are very accurate.

           Wanting to take control of the Iraqi oil fields and to carve them up under various contracts, George Bush Jr., Dick Cheney, and members of a secret NSA staff organization developed a plan to stage an invasion of the United States and blame that staged invasion on a rogue element of a Muslim CIA operation that had assisted them in fighting in Afghanistan.

           Enter Al Qeda as the figmented and imaginary terrorist organization. Osama Bin Laden was a CIA operative and was funded by the NSA until he became a liability and threatened to expose 9/11 and its inside actors.

           Claiming that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)’s was easy. It was well known that Russia, China, and Iran had been supplying Iraq with weapons, including chemical weapons for years. Iraq never had nuclear weapons with the exception of those sold to it by these countries.

           The connection between Iraq and the imaginary “Al Qeda” needed to be made to implement stage two of Cheney and Bush’s plan to invade Iraq and carve up the oil fields.

            The WMD’s however were never found as three weeks before the invasion of Iraq, the WMD’s were moved by truck into Russia where they still sit. How do I know this? I have over the years had long conversations with many high level personnel, and have done due diligence research.

             The coverup began when the discovery was made that there was no connection between Iraq and the imaginary Al Qeda. The “invasion” of the World Trade Center was an inside job and Thomas Hayden authorized it. He is still covering it up today.

            Now, we have an imaginary enemy which might strike us from anywhere, the question must be asked (if you don’t know that the enemy is imaginary) “How do we defend ourselves?” How do we protect ourselves from being found out as traitors to the United States of America that started an illegal war, that killed thousands of our own citizens, killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens, and instituted an illegal, unconstitutional program of surveillance of every person on the entire planet?” “How do we get away with this?”

           Dick Cheney and Addington, his attorney drafted a document that  improperly applied the president’s war powers, in a war that he himself and Dick Cheney and the NSA had begun against the imaginary Al Qeda, giving the president unlimited power to violate the First and Fourth Amendmen rights of every citizen of the United States of America.

           We know that the attack on the Pentagon was a US Navy missile. We know that similar US Navy missiles hit both towers of the World Trade Center. The video evidence of these facts exists despite the attempts and efforts of the FBI, the CIA, and the NSA to seize them.

          We know that George Bush Jr. and Dick Cheney had Gen. Hayden lie to numerous people and illegally conduct illegal wiretaps without warrants of millions of United States citizens for the past (14) fourteen years.

          We know that there were numerous attempts to stop the illegal acts by many people in the NSA, but do the the greed of power, Hayden, Cheney, the Council on Foreign Relations and others needed this information to continue to provide a smokescreen for their illegal acts of the past and of the present.

          We know that the illegal seizure/collection of internet traffic and telephone calls continues even today. As an international consultant, every time I post on one of my many blogs, I immediately begin to receive a Denial of Service targeted at my computer and internet service.

         My email accounts have been hacked by the NSA a, the Secret Service, and the CIA. In fact, the NSA and its divisions read everything that I write and post. I could post a list of my laundry and a things to do list and it would be read and reposted throughout the NSA servers.

        When I challenged Obama’s fake birth certificate (he really was born in Africa, not the United States), I received several rude emails from White House staff, US Secret Service, and NSA personnel who said that they had indeed seen the forged and fake birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama aka “Barry”. I know a fake document when I see one, and Obama’s Hawaii birth certificate that was presented was indeed a fake.

        The fake birth certificate just proved that Obama was just as big of a liar as George Bush Jr., Dick Cheney, and Thomas Hayden was.  Their acts of TREASON against the people of the United States will go down in history as the greatest invasion and attempted destruction of the United States Constitution in all of time immortal.

         So, the Patriot Act was introduced and downsized somewhat. Then came the unconstitutional FISA re-authorization which permits the collection and assembling of “meta-data” of every conversation that any person in the world has, in the interest of fighting imaginary terrorists.

         In the wake of the illegal activities by the NSA, many other countries, including England has begun collecting internet and telephone conversations as well.

         As an international consultant to the UN, the UN Economic Council, the IMF, the European Union, the European Union Human Rights Council, and thirty-four plus governments,  on human rights, economy issues, environmental, financial, and constitutional issues, I am abhorred at the outright abuse of the NSA, the CIA, JSOC, the UN Peacekeepers, and other terrorist organizations that are supposed to be defending the rights, freedoms, and liberties of citizens around the world.

         Instead of being a governments of the people, by the people, and for the people, the world’s governments have become governments that have set aside the basic human rights and natural rights of every citizen of the world in the vague attempt to protect us from ourselves and imaginary enemies.

          In February of last 2012, I wrote a New Constitution of the United States and a Proposed Constitution of the United European Union. the latter was banned in Germany on You Tube.

           If you want your world back, if you want your rights, liberties, and freedoms back, these documents give them back to you and take them away from corporations and spy agencies around the world.

           I will post them every opportunity that I can get in the attempt to thwart the illegal taking of our rights of free speech and other natural rights given to us by God Almighty.

The Proposed Constitution of the United States and the Proposed Constitution of the United European Union are also at winklepublishing.blogspot.com, realmoneyfrompocketchange.blogspot.com, and on both of my Tumblr blogs.

Here is the United States version, below it is the European Union version: take them, and implement them. Make them into law to protect yourself and your citizens from tyranny.


The New Constitution of the United States of America
(Proposed Amended Version)
We, the citizens of the United States of America, assemble ourselves to create a new democracy, a true democracy that protects the individual rights of every citizen of the nation. In this time of mankind, that we find ourselves in, we see that it is more profitable to our spirits and to those of our neighbors, to work hand in hand with one another, for the benefit of all creation.
Article I. Rights.
Among these rights are liberty, life, freedom of speech without government interference or obstruction of any kind, freedom of religion, freedom to openly express their religious beliefs, freedom from tyranny imposed upon them by their government, economic freedom from financial tyranny imposed at the hand of any person or government (that among these rights are: the right to buy and sell, the right to barter, the right to be free from excessive usury fees (above 10%), the right to purchase and sell real estate without interference or obstruction by any government agency or authority lest it be taken as a seizure in part (whereby, the owner in possession must be doubly compensated for the properties’ value which can only be set by a jury of the property owner’s peers, the right to sue and be sued, the right to a fair and just wage, the right to a safe workplace, the right to be free from excessive prices for basic amenities such as: food, shelter, home heating fuels, clothing, transportation fees and fuels, communication services, medical expenses, insurance fees, and banking fees); and the right to buy and sell interest in any company or corporation at an agreed upon price between the buyer and the seller, freedom to peacefully assemble, the right to keep and bear arms for their personal defense and the defense against tyranny, and the freedom to seek redress from the government by any peaceful means, and the right of privacy; the right from unreasonable search or seizure of their persons, their homes, papers, effects, vehicles or their property of any kind without probable cause and without a warrant describing the persons, place, or property to be searched or seized and the sworn affidavit upon which the warrant was issued must be affirmed by a court of common jurisprudence, wherein in may be challenged, the right to a fair trial, the right to counsel at every point of criminal legal jeopardy, the right to be free from arrest without a warrant from a court of common pleas or higher court;
Furthermore, no citizen shall be held to answer for a criminal offense without indictment by a Grand Jury of their peers including members of the armed forces. All members of the armed forces shall be subject to a criminal trial of local jurisprudence if the crime was not committed on government property. No person shall be tried for the same offense, or be forced to provide oral or written evidence against themselves by any means including writing samples or be deprived of their liberty, life, or any kind of property without due process of the laws of this nation. No property may be taken by the state by any means without double compensation of the “fair price of that property.” No proceeding for eminent domain shall be held without the presence of a jury of the peers of the property holder who will be the sole judges of the value of the property.
All non-criminal offenses (those with incarceration of a period less than six months) shall be dealt with administratively by area Magistrates whose term shall be no longer than six years during their lifetime.
In all criminal cases the accused person(s) shall have the right of an impartial and speedy trial held in the area where the crime was alleged to have been committed, to be served the indictment against them, to have an attorney appointed to represent them, to hear the testimony from the witnesses’ mouths, to subpoena witnesses for their defense, and to one timely appeal at the expense of the nation.
In lawsuits involving amounts in excess of $1,000 US Dollars, the right to a trial by jury shall be preserved. Every fact tried by a jury may be appealed to a higher court if any of the rights mentioned in this document have been abused by the court.
Said higher court must then retry the case as an original case before the court if prejudice or a violation of the aforementioned rights is found to have taken place.
The privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended under any circumstances including a national emergency. No bill of attainder or ex post facto law shall be passed.
In criminal cases, bail shall not exceed ten times the damage caused by the crime. Excessive fines shall not be imposed nor emotional, mental, physical, or psychological punishments be inflicted once the criminal is in custody. No prisoner may be tortured to gain testimony against themselves or others by any means.
No employee or contractor of any government agency shall by any means invade the privacy of any citizens of these United States of America. An invasion of privacy shall be a first degree felony criminal act and shall be punished as such in a criminal court of law by a court in the state in which such act was committed. The person charged shall be permitted a trial by a jury of the citizens of that state who shall be chosen at random.
The inclusion of any right or privilege by this document shall not interfere or obstruct any other right given to the citizens of the United States of America; however, the rights given in this document may not be taken away by judicial or legislative means or modified by any other means than a majority popular vote of the citizens of this nation.
A person charged with a felony who flees from justice, will be bound over to the federal courts for return back to the state where the offense was committed in order that justice may be done for both the victim and the accused criminal.
The judicial powers of the United States of America shall not obstruct any citizen from commencing litigation against any state or citizen of any state, or by citizens or subjects of any foreign country. Each state may initiate litigation against its citizens, and each citizen may initiate litigation against any state or citizen to obtain redress or property or any violation of any right or liberty herein included.
There shall be no involuntary servitude, even for criminals, as our nation’s moral laws are held to a higher standard, that every person shall be free from tyranny, and excessive punishment by the courts. The punishment issued by the court shall fit the crime. Leniency of the sentence or fine shall not be predetermined by the prosecutor in any prior arrangement with the judicial authority of the court.
All Federal Laws, Federal Court Rulings, and Executive Orders enacted from July 4, 1996 forward shall be null and void upon the ratification of this document and shall not be reinstated without a majority vote of the citizens of the United States of America. The ratification of this document serves to  give back to the citizens of these United States of America their rights, liberties, and freedoms that have been stolen from them by previous actions of various bodies of the government.
No state shall make or enforce any law which would interfere with any of the rights provided to the citizens by this document, or deny any person the right of equal protection under the laws and rights afforded by this document.

Article II. Elections.
Each citizen having attained the age of eighteen years of age may vote in any election and may hold any office including judicial and Congressional representative, except the office of the Presidency and the Vice Presidency whose election requires the office holder to have attained the age of twenty-five years of age. The election days for all political and judicial offices will be set on the first weekend of February, thus allowing for every citizen to cast their vote over the two days period.
The votes for all offices in the United States of America shall be counted, and the winner of a majority of the votes shall take office within thirty days of the election date.
Every elected official shall be subject to a recall vote by the citizens who shall retain this right to remedy their errors in human judgment. This right may only be taken away by a majority vote of the citizens of the United States of America.
Article III. Duties and Conduct of the Legislative Branch.
All legislative authority granted by this founding document shall be vested a representative Congress subject to the will of the citizens of the United States of America. Representatives of Congress shall be appointed to each state dependent upon the population of each state to make and pass laws, except any law that will infringe upon any of the rights or liberties provided in this document.
Each state, shall be represented by one representatives of Congress for every one million people of population rounded up to the next million. The Congress will meet the eleventh day of March every year and shall remain in session until an annual budget is passed.
Said representatives of Congress shall not be less than eighteen years of age.
The term of each duly elected representative shall be six calendar years from the date of their being sworn into office. Said representatives may serve a maximum of two non-consecutive terms (twelve years) during their lifetime in order to avoid corruption of the office.
Said representative of Congress may be removed from their office by a recall vote of a majority of voters in their appointed district. Said recall shall not be subject to an appeal to any court of the nation.
The representatives will be required to resign their office thirty days from the date of any finding of guilt of any felony offense by in any court. The required resignation shall not be stayed by an appeal to any court in the nation, excepting the Supreme Court, who shall issue a finding within ten days of the appeal. Said appeal will not extend the thirty day requirement for resignation if a finding of guilt is upheld by the court. The representatives will hold the right to impeach the President or the Vice President and any Federal Judge including every member of the Supreme Court if of any felony offense.
The Congress must have a quorum present to conduct business. The Congress may set such rules and administrative requirements to insure proper conduct and decorum of its members. The Congress may set such rules as to its own procedures. Congress, by a majority vote of its members may expel a member.
Representatives of Congress shall be compensated for their services at the rate of $100,000 dollars per year with an annual increase of (2) percent plus inflation. Such increase may be suspended by Congress by a majority vote of the representatives.
A Representative of Congress may be arrested just as any ordinary citizen, for any offense. However, they may not be arrested in the course of a meeting of the Congress, but said arrest shall be permitted after the day’s adjournment.
Congress shall have exclusive authority to legislate and collect taxes, duties, imports and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and benefit of the United States of America. No individual state may impose such duty, import tax, or excise without the express permission of the treasury. All such collected monies shall be deposited into the treasury of the United States of America. Every duty, import tax, and excise shall be uniform in every part of the nation.
Congress shall regulate commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several states. To establish a uniform rule of immigration and naturalization, and uniform laws on the subject of bankruptcies throughout the United States of America, coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and fix the standard of weights and measures, provide for the punishment of counterfeiting the securities and current coin of the United States of America, and to establish Post Offices.
Congress shall: promote the progress of science and useful arts, by protecting the copyrights of intellectual property; to establish courts inferior to the Supreme Court;
define and punish piracies and felonies committed on the high Seas, and offenses against the law of nations, declare war, grant letters of reprisal, and make rules concerning captures on land and water; raise and support Armies, but no appropriation of money to that use shall be for a longer term than one calendar year, provide and maintain a navy, make rules for the government and regulation of the land and naval forces and to provide for the suppression of insurrections and repel invasions; exercise exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever, over such Government District (not exceeding twenty square miles as may, by cession of particular states, and the acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States of America, and to exercise like authority over all places purchased by the consent of the legislature of the state in which the same shall be, for the erection of military bases, dock-yards, and other needed buildings, and make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution the foregoing powers, and all other authority vested by this Constitution in the government of the United States of America, or in any department or officer thereof.
Every Bill which shall have passed the Congress, shall, before it becomes a law, be presented to the President of the United States of America. If the president approves it the president shall sign it, but if not they shall veto it. If the Congress reconsiders the bill and passes it by a majority vote, the bill will become law. A vote of the yeas and nays will be determined and the names of those voting said yeas and nays will be recorded. If any legislation shall not be acted upon by the president with fourteen calendar days after its receipt, it shall become law, unless an adjournment of Congress made it impossible to return. In such case, the time will extend, and be taken up at its place of leaving on their first new day of business.
No appointments to any government office shall be made by the president during the time that Congress is adjourned or without their approval at any other time.
Every Order, Resolution, or Vote to which the Concurrence of the Congress may be necessary (except on a question of Adjournment) shall be presented to the President of the United States; and before the same shall take effect, shall be approved by the president, or being disapproved by the president, shall be passed by a majority of the representatives of Congress, according to the rules and limitations prescribed in the case of a bill. Congress shall have the power necessary to make rules and regulations concerning all property owned by the United States of America.
Article IV. Executive Branch of the Government.
Leadership. The President and the Vice President of the nation shall be elected by a majority vote of the citizens. The term of each office shall be for six years. Each office may be held for two non-consecutive terms in the lifetime of the elected official. The president and vice president must be natural born citizens of the United States of America, and produce legal documented proof of said citizenship to the Secretary of Congress (who shall verify the authenticity of such citizenship documents prior to the president swearing or affirming the oath of office.
The president and vice- president shall be compensated at a rate of $150,000 per year plus a (2) percent annual increase plus inflation.
The President and Vice President must resign their office thirty days after they are found guilty of any felony offense in any court or as a result of impeachment by the Congress. The required resignation shall not be stayed by an appeal to any court in the nation, excepting the Supreme Court, who shall issue a finding within ten days of the appeal. Said appeal will not extend the thirty day requirement for resignation if a finding of guilt is upheld by the court. The President and the Vice President may be removed from office by a majority recall vote of the citizens of the nation or by a majority vote of the legislature whichever is most expedient. Said removal from office will occur thirty days from the date of the recall vote by the citizens of the nation or of the legislature.
The President may not declare war on any nation or its citizens without the approval of Congress, for such is an impeachable offense of treason which unduly causes harm to the nation and places the nation in the precarious possibility of being retaliated against.
The president and Vice- president shall both take an oath of office that they will execute their respective offices to the best of their ability, and preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.
The office of President and Vice President shall be filled by separate ballots to avoid corruption of the office of the presidency.
If the president dies in term, he shall be replaced by the Vice President, who shall be replaced by the president of the Congress. If a citizen that has been elected as president dies before taking office, a new election will be held within thirty days of said death, thus maintaining the sole right of the citizens to choose their leader. If a president dies in office, the vice president shall succeed him for a period of six months whereupon, an election to elect a president of the nation. If the vice president dies in office, the president of the Congress shall fulfill their term of office.
If the president is unable to fulfill his obligations of the office due to physical or mental capacity, they shall be replaced by the Vice President for the balance of their term, unless such physical or mental capacity is remedied. If such physical or mental capacity is remedied, the president will retake the office for the duration of their term. The president shall be required to give notice to the citizens the state of the nation twice annually. He shall receive ambassadors and other public ministers. He shall insure that the laws be faithfully executed, and shall commission all the officers of the United States of America.
The President shall be Commander in Chief of the military of the United States of America, they may require the Opinion, in writing, of the principal officer in each of the executive departments, upon any Subject relating to the duties of their respective offices, and he shall have authority to grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States of America, except in cases of impeachment.
The president shall have authority, by and with the advice and consent of the Congress, to make treaties, provided a majority of the representatives present concur; and he shall nominate, and by and with the advice and consent of the Congress, shall appoint ambassadors, other ministers and consuls judges of the Supreme Court, and all other officers of the United States of America, whose appointments are not herein otherwise provided for, and which shall be established by Law: but the Congress may by law vest the appointment of such inferior officers, as they think proper, in the President alone, in the Courts of Law, or in the Heads of Departments. Said appointments and treaties shall require a majority vote of the Congress. The president shall have no right to executive powers to make laws. The president shall not have the right to declare war upon any nation without an act of congress, for such declaration is a high crime against the citizens of the nation and would require the immediate forfeiture of the office of the presidency. In the event of impeachment of the president of the vice-president the person being impeached may not be granted a pardon if the impeached person has committed a criminal act for which they are being impeached. In these matters, the nation must have justice rendered in its fullness.
Article V. Judicial Branch.
There shall be a system of courts wherein The Supreme Court may decide issues of constitutional matters and appeals from lower courts. The courts are not afforded the right to create or make law by their decisions as such is the exclusive right of the Representatives of the people of the nation. Each justice of the Supreme Court and any Federal Court of Appeals or of any United States of America District shall have a set term of twelve years in totality during their lifetime in order to prevent corruption of the bench.
The Courts of Appeals and District Courts may also hear constitutional cases, appeals from other courts, and original cases involving rights, liberties, and property. Each justice and Federal court judge and magistrate will resign their respective office thirty days after a finding of guilt of a felony offense in any court. The required resignation shall not be stayed by an appeal to any court in the nation, excepting the Supreme Court, who shall issue a finding within ten days of the appeal. Said appeal will not extend the thirty day requirement for resignation if a finding of guilt is upheld by the court.
The judicial authority shall extend to all cases, in law and equity, arising under this Constitution, the laws of the United States of America, and treaties made, or which shall be made, under their authority;—to all cases affecting ambassadors and representatives of other nations, to all cases of admiralty and maritime jurisdiction; to any controversy to which the United States of America shall be a party; to controversies between two or more states; between a state and citizens of another state, between citizens of different states, between citizens of the same state claiming lands under grants of different states, and between a state, or the citizens thereof, and foreign states, or citizens.
The judicial authority of the United States of America shall be granted to one Supreme Court, as well as regional federal courts and state located throughout the nation as Congress shall require. The number of said courts shall be based on the increase or decrease in a region’s population, but shall not be less than one regional federal court in every state. The judges shall be compensated during the tenure of impartial adjudication of cases.
In all cases affecting ambassadors from other countries, and those in which a state shall be party, the Supreme Court shall have original jurisdiction. In all the other cases before mentioned, the Supreme Court shall have appellate jurisdiction, both as to Law and Fact, with such Exceptions, and under such Regulations as the Congress shall make.
No member of any legislative body, administrative office, cabinet office, or judicial office may accept gifts, contributions, or amenities of any kind from any legal person or their representatives by any means, whether directly or indirectly. The acceptance of said payment shall subject said person to an immediate recall election by the populous of their respective citizens who voted them into office. Such is necessary to prevent the corruption of these high offices which are privileges granted to them by their fellow citizens. No government official or their employees shall be excluded from any of these rights and liberties or from any part of the enforcement of the rights or from any laws of the nation may be passed in the future. Representatives of Congress, and every member of the state legislatures, and all executive and judicial officers, both of the United States of America and of the states, shall be bound by oath or affirmation, to support this Constitution of the United States of America.
Article VI. Monetary Policy of the nation.
The Treasury of the United States of America will have complete control of the monetary policy and the economic future of the United States of America and is hereby afforded the authority to issue Treasury bonds on behalf of the nation to satisfy all public debts of the nation. The Treasury will be the sole issuer of currency, in any denomination, and the sole issuer of public debt issued on behalf of the United States of America. All debts contracted by any states of the United States of America, before the adoption of this Constitution, shall be as valid against the United States of America as consolidated debts of the nation and shall be assumed by the United States of America The public debt must be paid in a timely manner to afford for the “Economic Stability of the nation.” No member state shall have a deficit in excess of their respective income to their state in excess of one year. The budget of the nation must be economically stable and balanced.
The Congress shall have the obligation to lay and collect taxes on all income, at a minimum rate of twelve (12) percent, without regard to any census or enumeration.
No money shall be drawn from the Treasury unless appropriated by law. A copy of the annual budget of the United States of America shall be published annually and provided at cost to every citizen upon request.
There shall be no titles or payments of any kind to any person of present privilege affording them a stature above any other citizen of the nation.
No tax or duty shall be laid on articles exported from any state. No Preference shall be given by any regulation of commerce or revenue to any port over another. No state may charge duties or import taxes on vessels bound to, or from one state to another.
Congress shall have the authority to borrow on behalf of the United States of America in order that its debts and encumbrances will be met.
Article VI. Enforcement.
This Constitution, and the laws of the United States of America made in reference to and in compliance with its requirements, and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States of America, shall be the law of the land; and the judges in every state shall be bound by them, unless they are in conflict with this Constitution of the United States of America.
Article VII. Amendments.
The citizens of the United States of America shall propose amendments to this constitution by obtaining the valid signatures (written or electronic) of ten percent of the adult population of the nation. Upon such verified obtainment of the required signatures a ballot will be placed before the citizens of the United States of America at the next annual election. A majority vote in favor of the amendment is required for passage. Congress may also elect to propose amendments to this constitution. Said proposed amendments will be subject to a majority vote of the citizens of the United States of America.
The United States of America shall guarantee to every State in this nation these rights and liberties and shall protect each of them against invasion and from internal violence.
Full faith and credit shall be given in each state to the public acts, records, and judicial proceedings of every other State. The citizens of each state shall be entitled to all privileges and immunities of citizens in the several states.

Article VIII. Treason.
Treason against the United States of America shall consist only in levying War against them or by providing aid to an enemy of the nation including those citizens of these United States that seek to destroy it from within. A person shall not be found guilty of treason unless it was committed with malice and forethought in the presence of two or more sworn witnesses.
Article IX. State’s Rights.
Any rights not stated herein previously shall revert back to and be vested in the states of the United States of America and shall be solely under the authority of the citizens of that state. Such rights may only be reclaimed or modified by an amendment of this document by the means stated herein.
Article X. Declaration.
We, the citizens, hold these truths and liberties to be applicable to every citizen regardless of their race, color, gender, or creed, holding none to be above another. In this way, all of mankind, having come from one creator, and placed on this earth to do the bidding of our creator, do hereby pledge ourselves one to another, and to our God, for the common good of all mankind. Let us be worthy of our task. It is upon our shoulders, that none shall fall prey to the many vices of tyranny that would bind a man to another, nor to the vices that would cause turmoil between one another. We endeavor to assist one another, in their time of need that no person should suffer needlessly, not starve as a result of freedoms withheld from them. Their thirst for such freedoms as any person would so desire, will be freely quenched by every citizen for one another without demand or charge of any kind. For such, is the meaning of a “true democracy” pursuant to the words in this founding document of a new nation.
The ratification of this document, The Constitution of the United States of America, by thirty-eight states, shall be sufficient for the establishment of this Constitution between the States in their totality including the votes of all candidate states presently seeking inclusion into the United States of America.
We, the constitutional representatives of the states of the United States of America, do hereby affix our signatures, thereby binding our citizens, our nations, and our hearts in the name of liberty and freedom from tyranny of any kind.
We hereby state our intentions to take back this country from the tyrannical forces that have invaded it from within by peaceful means, while that possibility still exists.
Drafted by Mark Randolph Winkle, this 1st day of February, 2012 and amended April 11, 2012.May God speed the acceptance and passage of this document into law.
“One Nation Under God”

If you want your rights back, and if you want your freedoms back, you will

DEMAND that a CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION be held this year to implement these documents into law.


Mark Winkle, Founder

The Winkle Institute for Worldwide Economic Stability

email contact information:

markwinkle2003@yahoo.com  or winklepublishing@gmail.com

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New Evidence in The JFK Assassination!

4063591162?profile=originalWanted to share the following disturbing, but not surprising information regarding the assassination of JFK and how it relates to “Who Controls The People” and “America’s Long War Against Humanity”-You Decide:

New Evidence in The JFK Assassination:  ‘Newly Unclassified Documents Prove High Level CIA Involvement’!-Posted on VT News-By Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall-On March 18, 2014:

A Farewell to Justice is an exhaustive review of the only arrest and trial stemming from the 1963 murder of President John F Kennedy. The late New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison describes the 1967 grand jury investigation and prosecution of long time CIA officer Clay Shaw in his 1988 bestseller On the Trail of the Assassins. In 1992, the public outcry prompted by JFK, Oliver Stone’s screen version, led Congress to pass the JFK Records Collection Act. A Farewell to Justice uses classified documents released under this Act to update Garrison’s original case against Shaw and other CIA co-conspirators.

A revised version of the 2005 edition, the new 647 page A Farewell to Justice is a virtual encyclopedia of the JFK assassination. The book leaves no doubt that high level CIA officials authorized the murder and provides a complete list of the cast of characters who played roles in the assassination and/or cover up.

The new edition makes use of documents Mellen obtained via her 2011 Freedom of Information (FOIA) lawsuit and personal  interviews with surviving assassination witnesses. The most startling new evidence relates to Robert Kennedy’s systematic efforts to obstruct both the Warren Commission investigation and Jim Garrison’s efforts to identify the real culprits behind his brother’s murder.

Oswald’s FBI Pay Slips

According to Mellen, it was Warren Commission member Hale Boggs who first encouraged Garrison to investigate the assassination. Boggs himself first became concerned about government involvement in the conspiracy when the Warren Commission examined Oswald’s FBI pay slips in January 1964.

As well as providing a detailed outline of the entire grand jury investigation, Mellen also explores the role the FBI, CIA and Robert Kennedy played in sabotaging it. In addition to murdering and threatening assassination witnesses, the FBI/CIA wiretapped Garrison’s office, infiltrated his investigation team, stole files, fabricated witness statements, blocked subpoenas and the extradition of witnesses from other states and used CIA moles at the TV networks and major newspapers and magazines to portray Garrison as a self-centered, publicity mad lunatic.

Garrison initially intended to try Dave Ferrie, who he believed recruited Oswald to US intelligence as a high school student when he belonged to Ferrie’s Civil Air Patrol squadron. Garrison had witness testimony linking Ferrie, a known CIA pilot, to both Oswald and anti-Castro Cubans the CIA was training at a secret camp north of Lake Pontchartrain. Many of the same Cubans, training for roles in a CIA plot to assassinate Fidel Castro, would play parallel roles in Kennedy’s murder. When Ferrie suddenly turned up dead, Garrison moved to arrest Clay Shaw, based on witness statements linking Shaw to Oswald, Ferrie and the secret training facility.

Jurors Believe Government Played Some Role

Although Shaw was ultimately acquitted, Garrison succeeded in convincing the jury that the government played some role in the assassination. As they later told assassination researcher Mark Lane, without proof Shaw worked for the CIA, they felt there was reasonable doubt that he participated. His CIA personnel records wouldn’t be released until the mid-seventies.

Garrison would continue investigating the JFK assassination until his death. He made his findings available to the Church Committee (which concluded in 1976 that Oswald was a CIA operative engaged in counterintelligence) and the 1978 House Select Committee on Assassinations (which concluded there was more than one shooter and that Shaw was one of the high level planners).

According to Mellen, the CIA decided in the early 1970s to sacrifice Shaw (who would die in 1974 of lung cancer) as a limited hangout* by releasing his CIA employment records to HSCA. They reveal that Shaw worked for both the Domestic Operations Division and Clandestine Services between 1949 and 1972 and had strong links to PERMINDEX a shadowy CIA front that financed assassination attempts against French president Charles De Gaulle, as well as Kennedy.

Why Robert Kennedy Obstructed the Investigation

The classified documents released in Mellen’s FOIA suit establish that Attorney General Robert Kennedy was personally running the CIA operation to assassinate Castro and well aware of Oswald’s links to the operation. In 1961 Kennedy was directly responsible for the demotion, harassment and persecution of a State Department security officer named Otto Otepka for investigating Oswald’s potential security risk as a former Soviet defector. Kennedy also ordered Oswald’s release following his arrest for firing shots at General Edwin Walker in April 1963.

In the summer of 1963 several Cuban exiles, who were deeply devoted to Bobby, informed him of Oswald’s involvement in a plot to assassinate his brother. According to Mellen, who interviewed one of them, Kennedy claimed that Oswald wasn’t a threat because he was on the payroll of the New Orleans FBI field office and they were monitoring him.

According to Mellen, the younger Kennedy played a direct role in sabotaging Kennedy’s autopsy, the Warren Commission investigation, Garrison’s investigation and the 1978 HSCA investigation. Mellen’s hypothesizes that Bobby’s interest and intervention on behalf of Oswald indirectly implicated him in the assassination conspiracy. It would have destroyed his political career for any of his prior links to Oswald to become public.

*Limited hangout is intelligence jargon for a form of propaganda in which a selected portion of a criminal conspiracy is revealed to protect the main perpetrators.

Source Link:


4063359777?profile=originalNote: The following articles and video relate to and/or support the above article regarding this disturbing and gut-wrenching issue-You Decide:


Lee Harvey Oswald: Career CIA Operative!-Posted on VT News-By Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall-On November 12, 2013:

JFK: The Second Plot

Matthew Smith (1992)

Book Review

The first account of Lee Harvey Oswald’s CIA connections appeared in a 1968 book originally published by French intelligence entitled Farewell America. French president Charles DeGaulle had a keen interest in identifying the conspirators behind Kennedy’s assassination, as the same group had also made three assassination attempts against DeGaulle. Farewell America reveals how the CIA recruited Oswald when he was stationed at Atsugi Marine Air Base in Japan and sent him to the Soviet Union. These historical details were corroborated by testimony a former CIA officer provided the House Committee on Assassinations in 1978.

The Soviets, recognizing Oswald as a likely double agent, never fully trusted him, and in 1961 the CIA returned him to the US. According to government archives, his handlers went on to give him assignments intended to create a kooky leftist alter ego, which would later be used to frame him for Kennedy’s murder. Given that Oswald had foreknowledge of Kennedy’s assassination, the obvious question is why he allowed himself to be set up. The answer Smith offers seems totally plausible: Oswald believed the CIA was returning him to the Soviet Union (via Cuba) to become a double agent. His handlers, in turn, intended to use his flight to Cuba to blame the President’s assassination on Fidel Castro.

Oswald’s Visit to Red Bird Airport

Smith first got the idea for his book after obtaining FBI documents under the Freedom of Information Act revealing that Oswald, together with two other federal agents, paid a visit to the American Aviation Company (AAC) at Red Bird Airport trying to charter an aircraft for November 22, 1963. Smith subsequently interviewed Wayne January, the AAC employee they dealt with, and discovered the FBI had falsified the date. The FBI gives the date of their encounter as July, 1963, while it was actually November 20, only two days before the assassination.

Smith also answers puzzling questions about Officer J.D. Tippitt’s role in the assassination conspiracy. Smith believes that an ex-CIA friend named Roscoe White asked Tippitt to transport Oswald to the Red Bird Airport to catch a charter flight to Cuba. When they rendezvoused, Tippitt became suspicious after hearing Oswald’s description broadcast over the police radio. When he got out to question him, a man matching White’s description rushed out of the bushes and shot Tippitt. Following Tippitt’s murder, the plan to spirit Oswald off to Cuba had to be abandoned.

The Main-Tier Plot

Smith organizes his book into two halves. Book One is called “The Main-Tier Plot,” involving the assemblage of a group of snipers to ambush President Kennedy as his motorcade traveled through Dallas. Book Two is devoted to “The Second Plot,” a scheme to enable the true shooters and co-conspirators to escape prosecution by shifting the blame to a kooky leftist Castro-sympathizer.

Smith’s expose of the main-tier plot begins with official Warren Commission (WC) version of the assassination. He devotes an chapter to irregularities in gathering and recording WC testimony that would never be allowed in a court of law. Many of the witnesses reported seeing more than one gunmen and complained bitterly about their evidence being omitted or misreported. Smith is particularly critical of the WC for failing to investigate Officer Tippit’s background or obtain ballistic evidence linking Oswald’s handgun to his murder.

Smith also summarizes the detailed physical evidence pointing to the presence of three or four shooters in Dealey Plaza. He goes on to discuss the intelligence connections of a handful of suspects arrested in the Dal Tex building and elsewhere in Dealey Plaza. All were released after President Lyndon Johnson ordered the Dallas police to discontinue their investigation. Smith devotes an entire chapter to the photographic evidence, including the amateur film made by businessman Abraham Zapruder, which was altered to make the fatal shot appear to come came from the Book Depository behind the motorcade. Finally he discusses the acoustic recordings which led the House Assassinations Committee to make the determination that more than one shooter was involved in Kennedy’s murder.

The Second Plot

The second half of the book offers an in-depth portrait of Oswald’s early history and personality. It details his posting to the Atsugi Marine Air Base in Japan, where he held a “secret” level security clearance, and assisted in monitoring overflights of the Top Secret U2 Spy plane. Smith goes on to describe Oswald’s activities in the Soviet Union in exhaustive detail, as well as the assignments he was given on his return to the US. In one of his first jobs, he processed photos of a Soviet military facility, which again required a security clearance. Other assignments involved infiltrating leftist and pro-Castro groups as an informant. The fabrication of Oswald’s unstable loner persona was facilitated by an Oswald double, a second agent who created major public disturbances while posing as Oswald.

Smith believes that at the time of his arrest, Oswald had been given a new assignment – to attempt to return to the Soviet Union via Cuba. Strong evidence suggests there were plans to airlift him to Cuba the afternoon of November 22, 1963. The plans were suddenly disrupted when Officer J.D. Tippitt was shot and killed. Tippitt’s murder forced the plan to spirit Oswald away to Cuba to be abandoned. His subsequent arrest necessitated his murder by Jack Ruby, another minor co-conspirator. Allowing Oswald’s intelligence connections to come out at trial would have seriously endangered high level officials in the Kennedy administration who participated in the conspiracy.

The Conspirators Had Names

The book’s final chapter “The Conspirators Had Names” is disappointing because it offers no firm conclusions about the real culprits in the JFK assassination. Although Smith refers to New Orleans District Attorney’s Jim Garrison’s unsuccessful prosecution of one of the co-conspirators, he makes no mention whatsoever of the Swiss corporation Pemindex that financed the assassination. It was Clay Shaw’s membership in Permindex that formed the basis of Garrison’s case against him. Nor does it mention the shadowy Defense Industrial Security Command and the 50 or so intelligence and defense contractors with clearly established links to both the DISC and the assassination. The evidence linking Permindex and DISC to the JFK assassination is outlined most clearly in a 1970 book by William Torbitt called Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal or Torbitt Document

Posted in honor of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F Kennedy

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4063854697?profile=originalOswald’s spy colleague girlfriend: “Lee was innocent…and stop trying to kill me!”-Posted on VT News-By Kevin Barrett-On November 17, 2012:

In a recent radio interview, JFK assassination whistleblower Judyth Vary Baker describes how she has been dodging assassination attempts since 1999, when she came forward with evidence that Lee Harvey Oswald was not only innocent – he was an ONI-CIA-FBI spy who was actually working to stop the assassination plot against the president!

(In 1999, after first going public) Dr. Fetzer was courageous enough to interview me …one of the first researchers to do it…it’s interesting that he got his first death threat right after interviewing me.

My friend Martha Rose Crow at the same time had placed on her blogs – she had 105 blogs, which is a lot of blogs – and she had placed the book Me and Lee on her blogs, and said “Judyth Vary Baker is my best friend.” And right after she did that, not only did Dr. Fetzer get his death threat, but she got one and I got one.

And I have to say that it wasn’t very long after that that Martha was suddenly writing people and saying ‘look, we’re being attacked – the minute I started endorsing Judyth’s book, a whole lot of bad things started to happen, and to Judy too – we feel like we’re fighting to the brink on this. We’re being attacked.” And the next day, Martha, one of my very best friends, was dead.

She had collapsed while shopping at a market. She was taken to a hospital. There we found out she received overdoses of epinephine and we don’t know what else.

They say she died of a heart attack there at the hospital.

Her family was in America – she was in the Netherlands when this occurred, and had been living there for quite some time – and they were flying over, but before they got there, they cremated Martha’s body.

And so (the family) started a police investigation to see if they could find arsenic, which they thought might have been the cause of poisoning in her case, and to see if they could justify what the hospital had done. But all they had were some bones and ashes, and of course they couldn’t find anything.

So they had to close the investigation.

That was my best friend. It really hit me hard. Jim Fetzer knows what happened at that time; he was very courageous to come forward and do what he did. He said, “Let them do what they please, I’m not afraid to tell them the truth.” I said, “You can take the interview off, Jim, I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

4063854773?profile=originalI’ve lived in exile. And only now I’ve come forth, because enough people have expressed interest in helping to protect me so I can tell the story in the United States.

I’d planned originally to go to Dallas. This was just a couple of months ago. I’d rented a hotel room, I was going to speak in Dallas, I felt I’d be safe there. And then I got a phone call, I don’t know how they got the number, because this was a friend’s number in Sweden. I go live in Sweden, and other countries as well. And don’t you know that I got a phone call: “If you go to Dallas, you’ll pay!” And they hung up, like that. And it just sends chills down your – across your body.

And so what I did next, was I told everybody on my Facebook page. And I hope I get some more people to understand what we’re up against here. Because the next thing I knew, my bank account was hacked! And the charges were in Houston and Dallas – gas stations, things like that.

So the message was (obvious). I mean, of all the places charges could be made!

So I canceled the hotel in Dallas. But it’s not like they won. Because I talked to my publisher, Kris Millegan – this man is so courageous – he’s the only publisher I’ve trusted with the story. So we decided we’re going to go to the cities of America, up and down the West Coast, and we’re going to tell this story. (Tour information here.) And then I’ll be returning to undisclosed places back in Europe.

Listen to the entire interview:


4063854808?profile=originalConfession, Jury Verdict Prove CIA Killed JFK!-Posted on VT News-By Kevin Barrett-On November 21, 2013:

As the 50th anniversary of the John F. Kennedy (JFK) assassination approaches, the American people and the American media are living in two different worlds.

The corporate media is still pushing the myth that JFK was killed by a communist lone nut named Lee Harvey Oswald. But most of the American people are not buying it. Since the early 1990s, a strong majority of Americans has believed that JFK was killed by a conspiracy, and that the CIA had a hand in it.

The American people are right.

Overwhelming evidence confirms that the JFK assassination, like the assassinations and overthrows of so many of the world’s best leaders, was a CIA operation. But the American media – including the foundation-funded pseudo-alternative media – is reluctant to report the evidence.

I encountered the media’s distaste for JFK truth when I was a journalism student at the University of Wisconsin in 1980. Shortly before the 17th anniversary of the assassination, I wrote an article assembling the evidence that the CIA killed JFK, and submitted it to several media outlets. The only one that responded was The Progressive, a leading American left-wing magazine, edited by the normally courageous Erwin Knoll. Erwin told me he liked my article, and that if it were on any other subject he would have published it. But he had vowed to never publish any JFK conspiracy article unless it answered more questions than it raised. My article, he said, raised more questions than it answered.

Erwin’s response made no sense. My article answered the question “who killed JFK” with three simple letters: C-I-A. I gently spelled that out for him. Erwin’s response was evasive. I realized that no amount of evidence would ever convince him that the CIA had killed JFK. Like so many other Americans, Erwin Knoll had a psychological block preventing him from facing the fact that the “democracy” he lived in was actually a thinly-disguised police state.

Shortly after submitting my JFK article to several media outlets, I was visited by a person who claimed to be a mind-controlled slave of the CIA. She said that the CIA had planted a chip in her brain, and regularly used her to select targets for CIA assassination. After investigating her background, I learned that she had disrupted other local activist movements by infiltrating them and later announcing that she was part of a CIA assassination effort against their leaders.

My favorite Journalism teacher, a certain Professor McNulty, explained, “They’re just f***ing with you.”

At least fifty people have been murdered to cover up the CIA’s assassination of JFK, as explained in the book Hit List by Richard Belzer and David Wayne. A few of them, including Dorothy Kilgallen and Mary Meyer, were journalists or writers who were poised to blow the case wide open. But in the US stealth police state, unlike overt police states, psychological rather than physical means are usually employed to silence serious opposition.

The CIA has covered up the JFK assassination by brainwashing the public into believing “we’ll never really know the truth.” To that end, it has spread vast amounts of disinformation, including ludicrous theories that JFK’s wife Jackie, or limousine driver William Greer, fired the fatal shots.

The CIA’s Operation Mockingbird program, which infiltrates the corporate media and uses it as a brainwashing tool, pushed the term “conspiracy theorist” into widespread circulation to discredit anyone who told the truth about the JFK assassination. The purpose was to frighten people into a psychological state of denial, in which they would say “we’ll never know who killed JFK,” rather than facing the simple and obvious fact that the CIA killed JFK.

The media mockingbirds endlessly repeat the mantra, “But surely, in a conspiracy as large and complex as you’re suggesting, someone would have talked!” They hope the public will not bother to learn that a great many whistleblowers HAVE talked – including some who paid with their lives.

Several people involved in the CIA’s assassination of JFK have confessed, including Chauncey Holt, David Sanchez Morales, and even Lyndon Johnson. But the star witness among the confessed JFK assassins is CIA officer E. Howard Hunt, who, on February 6th, 1985, was legally found by a jury to have participated in the CIA’s assassination of JFK.

Hunt resented having been “thrown to the wolves” by the CIA during the Watergate scandal; and he must have deeply resented the way the CIA murdered his wife, and implicitly threatened to keep murdering his other family members, if he refused to take the fall for Watergate. Additionally, Hunt did not appreciate being singled out as a JFK assassin in the public mind, when other CIA personnel had played even more active roles in the assassination than he did. So during the final years of his life, Hunt opened up to his son St. John and told him something approaching the full story of his participation in the CIA’s assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Hunt explained to his son that he first learned of the CIA assassination plot against Kennedy at the JM Wave CIA station in Miami, Florida. Several CIA personnel there, including William “Wild Bill” Harvey, asked Hunt to help them develop and perfect the logistics of the assassination operation. After at first expressing reluctance to kill his own Commander-in-Chief, Hunt finally acquiesced and applied his considerable skills as an assassination-orchestrator and overthrower-of-governments to the CIA plot against the President. On November 22nd, 1963, Hunt was in Dallas; his role included paying one of the gunmen.

Why did the CIA kill JFK? As Hunt explained, everyone in the CIA loathed President Kennedy, who had left over 1400 CIA mercenaries to be slaughtered or captured during the Bay of Pigs debacle, and who was pushing “treasonous” plans for peace with Cuba, Vietnam, and even the Soviet Union. Additionally, Kennedy was going all out to shut down Israel’s nuclear weapons program, trying to end the Federal Reserve’s private currency monopoly, and threatening oilmen’s profits by ending the depletion allowance. Though the American people loved JFK, America’s corrupt elite hated him.

Hunt’s confessions, including his handwritten and tape-recorded summaries of his involvement, are supported by a great many independent sources, including Brad Ayers, a CIA man stationed at the Miami JM Wave station prior to the assassination. In his book ‘The Zenith Secret’, Ayers describes the CIA plot against JFK, and names the same names as Hunt.

The confessions of E. Howard Hunt are just one of the dozens if not hundreds of “smoking guns” proving beyond all possible doubt that the CIA was at the center of the coup d’état against JFK. For more details about Hunt’s confessions, you can listen to my interviews with St. John Hunt, which are available on-line at No Lies Radio.

As long as the American people imagine that there is still some small shred of doubt about the JFK case, they will never rise up and overthrow the military-industrial-intelligence complex (including the mainstream media brainwashing apparatus) that has stolen their democracy.

So everyone, repeat after me, “CIA killed JFK.”

Let us finish the job that JFK started when he said, “I want to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.”

Source Link:


4063854790?profile=originalThe Mistake The Killers of JFK Made!-Posted on VT News-By Bob Johnson-On November 21, 2013:

Murderers more often than not make at least one mistake when they commit their crime. The murderers of President John F. Kennedy made a huge mistake – they did not take technology into account.

They overlooked the possibility that someone would be there filming President Kennedy and his motorcade. That person was Abraham Zapruder. His now famous home-movie of that tragic, devastating and heart-breaking event is memorialized by Mr. Zapruder’s film. Anyone who watches it clearly sees the kill shot hit President Kennedy in the right side of his head and it appears from the way the President is thrown back and to his left that the shot came not directly from John Kennedy’s right side, but more in front of him which would place the assassin in the area of the fence at the top of the now famous grassy knoll.

The Zapruder film had to be addressed by those involved and complicit in this terrible and treasonous crime. The answer was Lyndon Johnson’s creation of the Warren Commission. On the Warren Commission was one of President Kennedy’s biggest enemies, Allen Dulles who President Kennedy had fired from his position as Director of the CIA after his foul-up with the Bay of Pigs fiasco. The Warren Commission also had the bumbling idiot Gerald Ford as a member. The Warren Commission came to the prepackaged conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman who killed President Kennedy. As the Warren Commission’s story goes, Oswald was a crazy Communist who worked in the Texas School Book Depository building from which he shot and killed President Kennedy. It is now known that Lee Harvey Oswald actually had worked for the CIA as the image at left of the letter dated March 3, 1964 from CIA Director John McCone makes clear. The Warren Commission knew this but did not report it.

When people or commissions lie, they find they have to make up more lies to cover their first lie. In this case they had to explain the “magic bullet.” This magic bullet, according to the Warren Commission, passed through President Kennedy’s back, out his throat, broke some laws of physics and then entered Texas Governor Connally breaking a couple of his bones and then fell out of his right thigh in pristine condition at Parkland Hospital. Arlen Specter came up this magic bullet theory/cover-up. (The cover up is still going on as we see the movie aired on the National Geographic channel, Killing Kennedy, portrays the Warren Commission myth as pure fact. Nowhere in the movie is a shooter on the grassy knoll even mentioned, and they first address where the shots came from when they have a bystander telling a police officer while pointing up to the School Book Depository building saying, “The shots came from up there!” This movie is based on kosher conservative Bill O’Reilly’s book of the same name.)

Despite all the BS put out by the government and its stooges, the reality revealed in the Zapruder film speaks the truth. No matter how much the truth is covered up, it NEVER goes away, thank God.

Oliver Stone’s film, JFK, offers different possibilities as to who killed President Kennedy. One possible entity not mentioned in Stone’s film is Israel. Israeli intelligence works closely with US intelligence. If they wanted shooters who did not have their finger prints on file in the US, as the mob often does when it brings in killers from Sicily to murder someone in the US, Israeli shooters would be perfect. It’s a well known fact that John Kennedy openly and strongly opposed Israel’s efforts to build a nuclear bomb (a great book which covers this in-depth is The Samson Option by Seymour M. Hersh) and never believed the lies Israel was telling him to try to fool him into believing they were not building real nuclear weapons of mass destruction. Israel had a lot to gain by killing, or helping to kill, President Kennedy.

President John F. Kennedy was the last president to stand up to the Jewish state of Israel regarding their nuclear weapons. This speaks volumes. It seems politicians got the message loud and clear after President Kennedy was assassinated.

Not only did presidents after President Kennedy not try to stop the Jewish state of Israel from acquiring nuclear weapons or attempt to control Israel’s growing nuclear stockpile, they actually committed treason against the US and the US military. Lyndon Johnson did this when the virtually unarmed USS Liberty was in international waters and was repeatedly attacked by Israel. Israel killed 34 Americans and wounded 174 during their cowardly sneak attack on the USS Liberty. When American fighter jets were on their way to help the US sailors and Marines on-board the USS Liberty, Johnson ordered them recalled to their carrier.

Not only was Lyndon Johnson a traitor, he was a liar and a coward. Unlike President Kennedy who was a real war hero, LBJ lied about his war experience. Johnson claimed he came under enemy fire while acting as a Congressional observer of a bombing run against the Japanese during World War II. He was awarded the Silver Star based on this lie.

Hopefully technology will continue help us rid ourselves and the world from the domination of the war-mongers and cowardly liars of the world. The Internet is doing much to accomplish this and to get the truth out (although the government uses it and other technologies to track us and to keep tabs on us). Truth always needs to be made known.  As the American Founder and Deist Thomas Paine wrote, “But such is the nature of truth, that all it asks, and all it wants is the liberty of appearing. Paine also wrote in The Age of Reason, The Complete Edition, “It is an affront to truth to treat falsehood with complaisance.”

President Kennedy made a profound and very true statement when he said, “With a good conscience our only sure reward, with history the final judge of our deeds, let us go forth to lead the land we love, asking His blessing and His help, but knowing that here on earth God’s work must truly be our own.”

Source Link:


4063854904?profile=originalJFK 50th: The Keys to Understanding His Assassination!-Posted on VT News-By Jim Fetzer-On June 13, 2013:


4063854822?profile=originalMy Dad Helped the CIA Kill JFK!-Posted on VT News-By Kevin Barrett-On November 19, 2011:


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Video: The Men Who Killed Kennedy (Australian broadcast 1992)!-Posted on YouTube.com-By Grant Bernes-On January 24, 2018:


4063359777?profile=originalNote: I believe that the disturbing information revealed in the following recent article and video relates to this disturbing and gut-wrenching issue-You Decide


Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. doubts Sirhan Sirhan killed his father!-Posted on The Washington Examiner-By Daniel Chaitin-On May 27, 2018:


Video: RFK Jr. Exposes the Conspiracy That Killed RFK, JFK, and MLK!-Posted on The Common Sense Show-By Dave Hodges-On May 27, 2018:


Video: 'JFK to 9/11 - Everything Is A Rich Mans Trick' (Full Movie Digitally Enhanced w/ Soundtrack)!-Posted on YouTube.com-By James Red Pills America-On November 2, 2019:

The following recent articles revealed: 1) that a ‘major threat’ has recently been made against President-elect Trump; and 2) that approximately 5,000 National Guard Troops will be attending Trump’s Inauguration because of an alleged ‘murder plot.’ If true-What’s wrong with this picture?-You Decide:
trump electoral college
BREAKING – Major Threat Issued Against Donald J. Trump, Please Pray!-Posted on Angry Patriot-On January 7, 2017:
Thousands of National Guards deployed to Trump inauguration amid assassination fears
5,000 National Guards To Attend Trump Inauguration Over Murder Plot!-Posted on Your News Wire-By Sean Adl-Tabatabai-On January 8, 2017:

The following recent eye-opening article revealed that Hillary Clinton is now trying to cut some kind of a deal and has produced proof that 'H.W. Bush was actually arrested fleeing the Texas Book Depository on November 22, 1963 after John F. Kennedy was assassinated' and was questioned at the Dallas police department for 3 hours.  During the interrogation by the Dallas Police Department ‘Bush told them he was working for the CIA.’ Additionally, the article revealed that the patriotic U.S. Military Flag Officers lead by General Michael Flynn are now in possession of the ‘Dallas Police report that documents the arrest and interrogation of then U.S. CIA agent George Herbert Walker Bush’, on November 22, 1963, ten minutes after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Could this be true?-You Decide:

H.W. Bush Arrested Over JFK Assassination in Dallas!-Posted on ProjectNsearch-By Glenn Canady-On January 8, 2017:

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4063359777?profile=originalNote:  The following videos wholeheartedly share my sentiments regarding what we are currently experiencing in America today-You Decide:


A Republic, If You Can Keep It!



The Fightin Side of Me!



When Injustice Becomes Law, Resistance Becomes Duty!


4063359777?profile=originalNote:  If you have a problem viewing any of the listed blog posts, please copy website and paste it on your browser.  Sure seems like any subject matter that may be considered controversial by this administration is being censored-What happened to free speech?-You Decide: 


“Food For Thought”


Hello-When Are Americans Going To Wake Up?-God Bless America!



Semper Fi!


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Wanted to share the following extremely disturbing, but not surprising information with you-You Decide:

Vice President Joe Biden Calls For A New World Order!-Posted on Infowars.com-On April 6, 2013:

“Vice President Joe Biden threw caution to the wind Friday as he shockingly declared, “The affirmative task we have now is to actually create a new world order,” adding yet another admission to an already long list of documented globalist bragging of plans for a centralized, one-world global government.



At the Export Import Bank conference in Washington, Biden stated, “The affirmative task we have now is to actually create a new world order, because the global order is changing again, and the institutions of the world worked so well in the post-World War II era for decades, they need to be strengthened, and some need to be changed.”

We are being constantly bombarded by braggart messages of the globalists’ conquest, all while citizens of certain countries have their savings funds looted and millions upon millions live in absolute destitution.

Even cable news networks like CNBC have had to admit to the global governance takeover engineered by elite offshore banking cartels:



The establishment media aids by simultaneously denying the existence of a so-called “new world order,” flagging any mention of the notion a “conspiracy theory,” effectively demonizing and suppressing all opposition.

In the video below, Alex Jones cracks open the mystery and shows proof of the existence of the New World Order:



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This article was posted: Saturday, April 6, 2013 at 10:36 pm



4063359777?profile=originalNote:  The following recent articles and/or blogs and videos relate to this disturbing and gut-wrenching issue:


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President Obama Admits to Working for a “New World Order”!-Posted on Eagle Rising-By Onan Coca-On July 29, 2014:


4063359777?profile=originalNote:  What follows are a collection of videos that contain numerous interviews with a legendary conspiracy author G. Edward Griffin, who explains how his research, which spans no less than 5 decades, has revealed a banking elite obsessed with enforcing a world government under a collectivist model that will crush individualism and eventually institute martial law as a response to the inevitable backlash that will be generated as a result of a fundamental re-shaping of society.

Griffin discusses the similarities between the extreme left and the extreme right in the false political paradigm and how this highlights a recurring theme - collectivism. Collectivism is the opposite of individualism and believes that the interests of the individual must be sacrificed for the greater good of the greater number, explains Griffin, uniting the doctrines of communism and fascism.  Both the Republican and Democrat parties in the United States are committed to advancing collectivism and this is why the same policies are followed no matter who is voted in to the White House.

”All collectivist systems eventually deteriorate into a police state because that’s the only way you can hold it together,” warns Griffin.

Carroll Quigley, Georgetown University Professor and mentor to former president Bill Clinton, explained in his books Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment, how the elite maintained a silent dictatorship while fooling people into thinking they had political freedom, by creating squabbles between the two parties in terms of slogans and leadership, while all the time controlling both from the top down and pursuing the same agenda.

Griffin lays out how the left-right hoax is used to steer the destiny of America.

he also talks at length on a myriad of other important subjects, such as the move towards a Chinese-style censored Internet, the demonization of the John Birch Society as a racist extremist group, the Hegelian dialectic, the power of tax-exempt foundations and the Council on Foreign Relations, the movement towards world government, and the question of whether the elite are really worried about the growing awareness of their agenda amongst Americans-You Decide:


Popular Collectivism & G. Edward Griffin videos: 


Also included below are two recent videos with Griffin that relate to this disturbing issue:-You Decide:


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Video: North American Union, Law of the Sea Treaty & Other Threats!-Posted on YouTube.com-By TCCTV-On December 8, 2008:


4063359777?profile=originalNote: The following video revealed the New World Order (Secret Societies) and how evil is systematically fulfilling Bible prophecy.  It is a 6,000 year survey of secret societies and a 220 year survey of progressively engineered warfare. Far from "conspiracy theory" or "Bible thumping", it calmly relies on original source documents. This video will challenge your world-view, regardless of your background.  It is for those who want the truth. Also included are eye-opening articles that reveal the International Banking Cartels, to include the Federal Reserve, Big Oil & their bankers, Rothschilds, Secret Societies, Illuminati and their global intelligence, narcotics & terror network-You Decide:


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Prison Planet.com-On April 13, 2013:



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Italian Supreme Court President Blames Bilderberg For Terrorist Att...: Document says secretive group was involved in “strategy of tension”!-Posted on InforWars.com-By Paul Joseph Watson,
Infowars.com-On April 11, 2013:


4063359777?profile=originalNote: The following videos reveal that the Illuminati are currently panicking because more and more people around the world are waking up about their true agenda, along with the Illuminati mind control-You Decide:  


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4063359777?profile=originalNote: The following eye-opening articles reveal that fifteen of the nineteen alleged hijackers were born in Saudi Arabia, where the House of Saud dictatorship has financed Muslim Brotherhood modern-day Assassins and CIA covert operations since its inception for the benefit of the Eight Families banking cartel and their Four Horsemen-You Decide:


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4063359777?profile=originalNote:  The following video and articles reveal the truth behind President Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s deaths and how they relate to this disturbing issue-You Decide:


Video: President John F Kennedy Warned Us In 1961 About New World Order and The Media!



DID GEORGE H.W. BUSH WITNESS JFK ASSASSINATION? ‘FBI files, newspaper ad and curious photos raise questions’!-Posted on WND.com-On September 17, 2013:



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4063359777?profile=originalNote:  The following recent article from Well Regulated American Melitias (WRAM) reveals that our illustrious government is planning an economic collapse for all of us, which will supposedly occur on or about April 25, 2013. This collapse has been orchestrated by the Obama administration and their socialist globalist (NWO) cronies. The information was supposedly leaked from an unnamed source embedded within the current regime. Also included is an article that lists 25 things that you should do to get prepared for alleged coming economic collapse-You Decide:


News Flash: Black Thursday April 25, 2013 (Orchestrated Wall Street Crash) Mark it on your calendars!-Posted on WRAM-By Regulator, WRAM Recruiter-On April 3, 2013:



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4063359777?profile=originalNote:  The following website reveals the eye-opening truth about State and Local Governments having excesses of your tax dollars that they are not using, but are not returning to the tax-payer. Also included is an audio that reveals the truth about the Dodd/Frank Bill & the FDIC-You Decide:


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The Leadership of Fools

I’m saying that when the President does it, that means it’s not illegal!

Richard Milhous Nixon


It has been said that a nation can be judged by the way it treats foreigners within its borders. But more importantly, a nation can and should be judged by its elected leaders and their actions. I intend to go through approximately fifty years of elected quasi-leaders known as President of the United States and examine their actions. The side of the aisle which they align themselves with is irrelevant. Partisan politics will take no part in this discussion. A simple evaluation of the conduct, policies and/or actions of these individuals should suffice. But I must state ahead of time, I will dwell on the bad and not the good; the good actions of a leader are by far outweighed by the bad. Our leaders, in this case the President of the United States, should be held to a higher standard than the rest of the population. If a leader acts in a corrupt or malevolent fashion, then this is where the focus will be directed. I believe this should actually prove to be quite interesting. Their leadership skills or lack thereof will be bared for all to see and I believe this will show what type of man each president was. Below is the list of these men starting with Johnson and ending with Obama and their dates of service. Please note: Ford was never elected President of the United States, so I will bypass the time between 9 August 1974 and 20 January 1977.

  • Lyndon Baines Johnson, 36th President; 22 November 1963 to 20 January 1969. Elected to one term and assumed presidency after the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy on 22 November 1963.
  • Richard Milhous Nixon, 37th President; 20 January 1969 to 8 August 1974. Elected to two terms and the only president to resign the office. On 27 July 1974 the House Judiciary Committee passed the first 3 articles of impeachment against Nixon and he faced almost certain impeachment by the Senate and removal from office. Nixon’s resignation speech was on 8 August 1974 and he vacated the Office of President on 9 August 1974. Nixon was later pardoned by President Ford on 8 September 1974.
  • Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr. (born Leslie Lynch King, Jr.), 38th President; 9 August 1974 to 20 January 1977. Never elected President or Vice President of the United States. Nominated in October 1973 for the office of Vice President after the resignation of V.P. Spiro Agnew and was confirmed by the Senate 27 November and by the House on 6 December 1973 and took the Oath that day. Ford assumed the Presidency on 9 August 1974 after Nixon resigned.
  • James Earl Carter, Jr., 39th President; 20 January 1977 to 20 January 1981. Elected to one term.
  • Ronald Wilson Reagan, 40th President; 20 January 1981 to 20 January 1989. Elected to two terms and survived an assassination attempt on 30 March 1981.
  • George Herbert Walker Bush, 41st President; 20 January 1989 to 20 January 1993. Elected to one term.
  • William Jefferson Clinton (born William Jefferson Blythe III), 42nd President; 20 January 1993 to 20 January 2001. Elected to two terms and was impeached on 19 December 1998 by the House of Representatives for perjury and obstruction of justice, but acquitted by the Senate on 12 February 1999.
  • George Walker Bush, 43rd President; 20 January 2001 to 20 January 2009. Elected to two terms.
  • Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, 44th President; 20 January 2009 to present. Elected.


Politicians and diapers should be changed frequently, and all for the same reason.

José Maria de Eça de Queiroz


Let’s start with Johnson a Texas Democrat and his involvement in the Suite 8F Group; a right wing political activist group which was concerned with their ability to secure and maintain massive profits in the oil, reconstruction and armaments industries, amongst others. According to Spartacus Educational, “Several…Texas politicians became involved in the Suite 8F Group, a collection of right-wing businessmen.” A quick laundry list of the members of this group included Brown & Root, chairman of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, American General Insurance Company, Cameron Iron Works, Quintana Petroleum, the Governor of Texas (who was also the owner of the Houston Post), Great Southern Life Insurance, Pure Oil Pipe Line, Humble Oil, chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, Majority Leader of the Senate (Lyndon Johnson) and other Texas politicians and lawyers. “Suite 8F helped to coordinate the political activities of other right-wing politicians and businessmen based in the South.” This list included but is not limited to the Secretary of the Navy and Treasury, Bell Helicopters, chairman of the Committee of Manufacturers, Committee on Armed Forces and Committee on Appropriations, Chairman Judiciary Committee, Chairman of the Senate Rules Committee, political lobbyists as well as Oil and Gas Companies. The report goes on to state, “The discovery of oil in Texas made a small group of men a great deal of money. They decided to join together to maintain profits. This included strategies for keeping the price of oil as high as possible.” These companies and men did indeed maintain profits. If you look at the companies themselves as well as the individuals involved, what you will find is an inappropriate relationship between government and private businesses in which contracts were awarded over a period of time spanning decades. This is a perfect example of cronyism designed to bilk the U.S. taxpayers out of money and transfer that money into the pockets of an incestuous cabal of criminals and criminal organizations who appearance seems to be above the law.

So it would appear that government officials and private businesses joined forces to form their own little monopoly, fix prices, secure contracts and amass great sums of wealth. This is a part of the U.S. Constitution I must have glazed over, because I don’t remember reading that anywhere in the U.S. Constitution. The report by Spartacus Educational goes on to name companies and individuals who decided where tax dollars were spent, who acquired contracts and how Johnson set up the committee to investigate lobbying in this area. Interestingly enough, not all politicians were in favor of this type of behavior. Dwight D. Eisenhower apparently wrote in his diary and called this immoral lobbying, “The most flagrant type of lobbying,” and called those involved “So arrogant and so much in defiance of acceptable standards of propriety as to risk creating doubt among the American people concerning the integrity of governmental processes.” Of course none of this actually ended even after the scandal with General Dynamics in 1963 over the $7 billion contract for a fighter jet, Johnson simply got in bed with a Standard Oil Company heiress by selecting her husband Paul Nitze as Navy Secretary. If you look at Johnson’s escalation of the Vietnam War, his cronies were beneficiaries of contracts and they did make huge sums of money. These companies included the newly formed “RMK-BRJ to obtain these contracts…RMK-BRJ did 97% of the construction work in Vietnam…Brown & Root (Halliburton) alone obtained revenues of $380 million from its work in Vietnam.” And of course let’s not forget about Bell Helicopter, “By 1969 Bell Helicopter Corporation was selling nearly $600 million worth of helicopters to the United States Military.”

By all appearances, Johnson’s involvement in the Viet Nam War cost over 58,000 men their lives and wounded another 153,000 plus men and all for the sole purpose of lining the coffers of certain companies which were involved with Suite 8F. Just how the American public allowed this is beyond me. I do realize there was a great deal of protesting against the war and the government for these shady dealings, but this type of governmental behavior has not been stopped. Johnson should have been in a prison cell long before he became president, he was one of the biggest crooks in the history of the United States government in general, not to mention in the White House.

I really don’t think I need to continue with President Lyndon Baines Johnson. The evidence clearly shows how President Johnson used his power from long before his presidency and during his administration to aggrandize his own wealth and the wealth of his accomplices. Johnson is a perfect example of abject greed and a self-serving political leader whose main concern was only to his bank account and to the bank accounts of his confederates, and not the people of the nation which he was supposed to serve. Johnson was the epitome of greed and cronyism, and a disgusting example of a politician and a president. What really strikes me as funny is, President Johnson actually stood to gain the most from the assassination of President Kennedy and he in fact did! But people just don’t want to talk about that. Conclusion: Johnson was an extremely self-serving, corrupt politician whose behavior was criminal.

We now move on to Nixon a California Republican and the only man to resign the presidency of the United States. The logical place to start would be with the Watergate scandal, but I believe we should start with the Huston Plan instead. While the Huston Plan was never actually initiated, it was implemented by government agencies. What the White House wanted was, “A thorough coordination of all American intelligence agencies; he [Nixon] wanted to know what the links were between foreign groups – al-Fatah; the Arab terrorists; the Algerian subsidy center – and domestic street turbulence.” The committee which was formed had J. Edgar Hoover, the Director of the FBI as the Chairman, “The committee report confronted the issue…and it laid out a number of other “further steps,” many of which were illegal. The report recommended increasing wiretapping, and microphone surveillance of radicals – relaxing restrictions on mail covers and mail intercepts; carrying out selective break-ins against domestic radicals and organizations; lifting age restrictions on FBI campus informants; and broadening NSA’s intercepts of the international communications of American citizens.” According to GlobalSecurity.org, “The president sent word back to Huston, through Haldeman, of his approval, but did not initiate any paperwork.” This could be one instance where Nixon lived up to his nickname ‘Tricky Dicky.’ Nixon did verbally implement the plan through Haldeman to Tom Huston who had the task of implementation, but Nixon didn’t leave a paper trail. Hoover wouldn’t act on this unless the A.G., Mitchell put the order in writing. The report went on to state, “Ultimately, the president voided the plan, but not before NSA had become directly involved in the seamier side of life.” While it is understandable the Nixon administration wanted information on terrorist groups such as ‘The Weathermen’ and ‘al Fatah,’ by not following the procedures for obtaining a court order for wiretaps or search warrants, and by attempting to have the NSA target and secure U.S. national’s communications and disseminate the intelligence to other agencies was a clear violation of the law. Even though the plan was scrapped, “Four days before it was due, plans had gone to the directors of the FBI, CIA, DIA and the NSA.” The Huston Plan was, “Placed in a White House safe…became public in 1973…and uncovered… evidence that Nixon had ordered the NSA to illegally monitor American citizens.” This obviously led to Nixon’s downfall. His statement, “I’m not a crook” is a perfect example of a political leader who was in denial and thinking he was above the law and not bound by any sense of moral decency.

Let’s move on the Watergate scandal. According to Wikipedia, “The Watergate burglaries, which took place on May 28 and June 17, 1972, were the focus of the Watergate scandal.” This scandal was the result of, “The arrest of five men for breaking and entering into the Democratic National Committee (DNC) headquarters at the Watergate complex.” The FBI was able to connect, “Cash found on the burglars to a slush fund used by the Committee for the Re-Election of the President.” An investigation by the Senate Watergate Committee later found Nixon had been recording conversations in the Oval Office, “Recordings from these tapes implicated the president, revealing he had attempted to cover up the break-in.” The report further states, “Liddy’s team placed wiretaps on the telephones on the DNC Chairman Lawrence O’Brien and Executive Director of Democratic States’ Chairman R. Spencer Oliver, Jr.”  Subsequently, seven men were indicted, “For conspiracy, burglary, and violation of Federal wiretapping laws.” While there is much more to this scandal, Nixon was also recording conversations in the Cabinet Room as well as other offices, plus his own private office in the Old Executive Office Building. According to a Washington Post article, “Transcripts from a telephone conversation released show President Richard M. Nixon jokingly threatened to drop a nuclear bomb on Capitol Hill in March 1974 as Congress was moving to impeach him.” I can only imagine what would happen if a citizen of this nation ‘jokingly threatened to nuke Capitol Hill or any other location within the United States.’ Break-ins, pay-offs, recording private conversations and cover-ups are not the acts of an honest man and definitely not the acts of an honest President. There is no point continuing with Nixon. While his operatives called their spying on the Democrats Ratf_cking, I think we can all see who the real Ratf_ck was; Nixon.

Apparently, Nixon believed and acted as though he was above the law. Threatening the nation’s capitol with a nuclear device (whether jokingly or not) is treasonous behavior. Ordering the burglaries and illegal wiretaps of the Democrats offices was criminal, as was his involvement in the conspiracy as was his order to spy on sovereign U.S. citizens. All of this shows Nixon had a complete lack of moral fiber as well as a corrupt and paranoid mind. Nixon may have stated, “I am not a crook,” but his being a crook was Nixon’s legacy to himself and to the United States of America. Richard M. Nixon not only disgraced himself, but he disgraced the nation and the office of the President. Conclusion: Nixon was a deceptive manipulator whose criminal and corrupt behavior was a disgrace to the nation.


The word ‘politics’ is derived from the word ‘poly,’ meaning ‘many,’ and the word ‘ticks,’ meaning ‘blood sucking parasites.’

Larry Hardiman


Next is Carter a Georgia Democrat who is considered to be the hero of the Camp David Accords, a so-called peace accord for the Middle East between Egypt and Israel in 1978. Carter is portrayed as the champion of the peace treaty in that region, but oddly enough, peace never really happened. Carter completely overlooked the al-Fatah massacre of 37 Israeli civilians, and allowed Arafat and his PLO to find safe-haven in northern Beirut. On the 29th of September 1977, Carter had a press conference where he spoke about the PLO, “It’s obvious to me that there can be no Middle Eastern peace settlement without adequate Palestinian representation…” A question later in the interview had to do with the assurances given to the PLO, Carter stated, “If they accept…the right of Israel to exist, then we will begin discussions with the leaders of the PLO.” Of course the ‘Coastal Road Massacre’ took place on 11 March 1978 after the press conference where Carter stated the PLO must accept the right of Israel to exist. So, on one hand, Carter the Nobel Peace Prize (2002) winning champion of peace, was the famed intermediary between Egypt and Israel, but he was willing to overlook the slaughter of Israeli civilians as long as the PLO recognized Israel’s right to exist. How disingenuous political leaders can be when they unequivocally state one thing and completely disregard that same thing at a later date, but later take credit for being a so-called champion of peace and détente.

On 4 November 1979, Iranian terrorists who called themselves ‘Imam’s Disciples’ raided sovereign U.S. territory known as the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, Iran. After women, blacks and other individuals (due to illness) were released, 50 U.S. citizens and diplomats, “Remained imprisoned for 444 days.” (Note: there is some debate as to whether there were 50 or 52 hostages in the end, but for the purpose of this paper it is irrelevant). According to u-s-history.com, Carter’s original response was, “Economic sanctions…diplomatic pressure…cancelled oil imports…he expelled a number of Iranians…followed by freezing about $8 billion of Iranian assets in the U.S.” In late April, Carter’s failed plan dubbed “Eagle Claw” ended almost as soon as it began, “The aftermath, as Iranians eventually found and mockingly paraded the wreckage on worldwide television, was total humiliation for the United States.” While it would appear as though Jimmy Carter was the champion of Arabs, Palestinians and Iranians, he certainly wasn’t the champion of the Americans or Israelis. Neither President Carter nor the Congress acted in an honorable fashion with regard to this ‘Act of War.’ I personally believe Carter violated Article II, Section 1 by not defending and protecting the U.S. Constitution and I believe Congress violated Article I, Section 8 by not defending the United States against foreign aggression. I cannot understand why an individual with these lack-of credentials was ever awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, much less elected President of the United States.

I believe we cannot end our discussion of President Carter without mentioning the disaster at the Three Mile Island nuclear reactor. On March 28, 1979 a meltdown occurred at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania near Middletown. The official story was, “The most serious in U.S. commercial nuclear power plant operating history, even though it led to no deaths or injuries to plant workers or members of the nearby community.” Supposed studies from the NRC, EPA, Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Department of Energy, the State of Pennsylvania and several independent sources stated, “Estimates are that the average dose…in the area was only about 1 millirem…exposure from a chest x-ray is about 6 millirem…the natural background dose of about 100-125 millirem per year for the area, the collective dose to the community from the accident was very small. The maximum dose…at the site boundary would have been less than100 millirem.” This is according to the NRC. Their conclusion regarding the health effects was the meltdown had, “Negligible effects on the physical health of individuals or the environment.” This of course is the ‘Official’ story which the U.S. government stood by at the time and continues to stand by to this date.

According to The Institute for Southern Studies, Randall Thompson a health physics technician who was hired to monitor radiation releases (and did for 28 days at TMI) stated, “What happened at TMI was a whole lot worse than what has been reported…Hundreds of times worse.” Thompson and his wife, who both worked in the same capacity at TMI reported, “What they witnessed there was a public health tragedy. The Thompsons also warn that the government’s failure to acknowledge the full scope of the disaster is leading officials to underestimate the risks posed by a new generation of nuclear power plants.” These statements by the Thompsons are in direct contradiction to the official story from the Carter Administration, the U.S. government in general and the NRC. The report also gives Thompson’s background, “A veteran of the U.S. Navy’s nuclear submarine program, he is a self-described “nuclear geek.”” This doesn’t sound like the type of individual who has an axe to grind, as the United States has the finest nuclear Navy and the best sailors the world will ever know. This being said, Mr. Thompson doesn’t sound like the type of individual who would say, “Radiation releases from the plant were hundreds if not thousands of times higher than the government and industry have acknowledged -- high enough to cause the acute health effects…that have been dismissed by the industry and the government as impossible.” The government’s failure in this case (and all other cases) leads directly to the so-called leader of the nation, the Commander in Chief, also known as the President of the United States. Clearly the President, in this case Carter, didn’t deem it necessary to protect the citizens of Pennsylvania or the surrounding areas, but found it more important to maintain a misguided government and business stratagem to promote and maintain the civilian nuclear industry at any cost.

A number of interviews were taken from people in the area who suffered and can be found in Three Mile Island Alert, Three Mile Island: The People’s Testament as well as other online reading material which can be found in PDF form at PDF Search Books.

I would also like to mention a notarized statement from Jane Rickover, Admiral Rickover’s daughter-in-law, which can be found at radical.org which states, “In May, 1983, my father-in-law, Admiral Hyman G. Rickover told me that at the time of the Three Mile Island nuclear reactor accident, a full report was commissioned by President Jimmy Carter. He [my father-in-law] said that the report, if published in its entirety, would have destroyed the civilian nuclear power industry because the accident at Three Mile Island was infinitely more dangerous than was ever made public. He told me that he had used his enormous personal influence with President Carter to persuade him to publish the report in a “highly” diluted form. The President himself had originally wished the full report to be made public. - In November, 1985, my father-in-law told me that he had come to deeply regret his action in persuading President Carter to suppress the most alarming aspects of that report.”

While President Carter’s conscience may have been urging him to fully disclose the information people needed, he allowed himself to do the wrong thing and keep vital information from the American public; that isn’t leadership, it is cowardice and incompetence. Personally speaking, this sounds like just one more example of a government cover-up aimed at protecting the politicians we call leaders and their pet projects. A compelling article about Jimmy Carter on Seeker Blog states 7 words which sum up Jimmy Carter, “President Carter’s exaggeration of his nuclear experience…” While I will admit President Carter is a good diplomat as far as bringing two disparate sides together for talks, President Carter’s actions as President of the United States was that of an utter incompetent. Carter persuaded Israel to make a pact with the Devil. Carter also cozied-up to Yasser Arafat; the little horn and he ignored the slaughter of Israeli citizens. By all appearances, I would state Carter is wholeheartedly anti-Semitic. He utterly botched the Iran hostage crisis; his cowardice allowed the United States to be attacked without reprisal. And Carter spinelessly covered-up the disastrous Three Mile Island accident in Pennsylvania. Conclusion: Carter was an incompetent and cowardly example of a president. His inaction and deception reek of corruption and malfeasance.

We now move on to Reagan a California Republican. Unfortunately, I cannot and should not proceed with Reagan without including George H. W. Bush a Massachusetts born Texas Republican at the same time. Reagan was a great orator (and I would like to add, I met him, I spoke with him and I liked him), but he was really nothing more than a puppet for V.P. Bush, who was a former Director of the CIA, amongst his other accomplishments.

We’ll start with the 1980 campaign for the Presidency. According to a report by History Commons, “Robert Sensi, a young CIA agent with excellent contacts among prominent Arabs, the Republican National Committee opens what Sensi calls “a secret channel to Iran.” Sensi is not only alluding to the secret plans to sell arms to Iran…but to the “October Surprise” of the November 1980 US presidential elections.” Both of these events have Reagan’s Vice Presidential Candidates fingers all over them; George Herbert Walker Bush. So the CIA and the U.S. State Department, working with the Israelis tried to persuade Carter to sell arms to Iran for consideration (release of the hostages), but Carter wouldn’t sell Iran arms. Israel on the other hand, probably at the behest of the CIA and the U.S. State Department, did sell arms to Iran. The report further states, “Salem bin Laden, Osama’s eldest brother …is involved in secret Paris meetings between US and Iranian emissaries…and some have speculated that in these meetings, George H.W. Bush negotiated a delay to the release of the US hostages in Iran.” I’m obliged to note from the report, this “Points to a long-standing connection of highly improper behavior between the Bush and bin Laden families.” This connection becomes even more apparent when Bush 41’s son, “George W. Bush cleared the bin Laden’s to fly out of the United States” right after the September 11, 2001 attacks which were orchestrated by Osama bin Laden. The report further states, “Sensi will note that CIA Director William Casey has been involved in the US’s secret dealings with Iran since the outset, as has Robert Carter, the deputy director of Ronald Reagan’s presidential campaign.” And to top all of this off, Sensi’s organization Republicans Abroad gave them access to U.S. Embassies and the CIA (not that Bush 41 didn’t have access) which was capable of “conducting espionage and sabotage for the Republican Party.” Where have we heard this before? This is Watergate part II, or “Ratf_cking as the Republican operatives call it.”

It would appear as though Reagan was led by Bush 41 into a depraved world from the beginning of his campaign and as we will see, right through his two terms as President, which continues into the one term of President Bush 41. An hour after Reagan was sworn into office, the hostages were freed. If the French secret intelligence report was correct, then Reagan and Bush 41 were as dirty as could be. This is not implausible, as George H.W. Bush was the Director of the CIA at one point and he knew exactly how to get things done, especially dirty business. But there is the possibility the Iranians simply didn’t want to get blown completely off the map, which is what Carter should have done in the first place, but was too spineless to do. Even though the hostages in Iran were released, there were subsequent hostages in Lebanon. According to a PBS report the arms-for-hostages proposal was somewhat divisive. But, “Reagan, McFarlane and CIA Director William Casey supported it. With the backing of the president, the plan progressed.” The report goes on to state some interesting facts, “More than 1,500 missiles had been shipped to Iran. Three hostages had been released; only to be replaced by three more, in what Secretary of State George Schultz called “a hostage bazaar.”” Knowing this, it cannot be difficult to assume there in fact was a shady deal to secure the release of the Iranian hostages, just not until after Reagan took office. Backroom deals which prolong the imprisonment of Americans, is highly distasteful to say the least. The illegal sale of arms to an enemy which has attacked our sovereign nation and its citizens is criminal. The pay-offs to the terrorists in Lebanon was not only unfathomable but unconscionable and disgraceful.

As we have already seen, the U.S. was supplying arms to Iran, but according to many different reports, this one from Wikipedia, “Starting in 1982…the United States made its backing with Iraq more pronounced…supplying it with economic aid, counter-insurgency training, operational intelligence on the battlefield, and weapons.” Now the United States was funding both sides during the Iran-Iraq War. Was this a highly honorable thing to do? I will agree it is quite a plan to clandestinely supply both sides of a war, especially when you have an antagonistic history with each side! But these actions only diminish the stature of the United States and sully the reputation of its people. The promotion of war between two nations as a result of a misguided government foreign policy agenda can only be described as subversive and malevolent.

We should at least mention the arming of rebel groups such as the Mujahedeen in the 1980’s. Regarding foreign policy blunders according to the blog, Ottomans and Zionists, “The most prominent one was the effort to arm the Afghani mujahideen in the 1980’s in a bid to defeat the Soviets in Afghanistan.” The report goes on to state, “Arming the mujahideen caused enormous blowback for the U.S., since the weapons supplied by the U.S. were ultimately turned on U.S. and NATO troops years later and the arms and training indirectly benefited al-Qaida and the Taliban down the road.” I can’t help but think this did more than just indirectly benefit al Qaeda and the Taliban. Osama bin Laden was in some way a protégé of the CIA and the U.S. State Department. We also know bin Laden was the head of al Qaeda. Just as we know the Bush family and the bin Laden family have longstanding ties. So I would agree this was in the least a foreign policy blunder to put it mildly.

Let’s move to the Republican National Convention in 1988, we all remember George H.W. Bush’s presidential nomination acceptance speech. But let’s cite Time.com, “Read my lips: no new taxes.” Of course, this didn’t last. The University of Virginia’s Miller Center states, “In June 1990, Bush issued a written statement to the press, reneging on his “no taxes” pledge made during the campaign.” Well, it’s not unusual for a politician to say one thing and then turn around and do another. Perhaps a pledge made to the American people didn’t mean much to Bush 41. But raising taxes when he pledged not to raise them is really nothing compared to his bailout of the Savings and Loans industry. “In February 1989, with many S&Ls failing, Bush proposed a plan to bailout the industry…that ended up costing the taxpayers more than $100 billion.” The Miller Center did state the reasoning for the failures of the S&Ls, “The federal and state governments had deregulated the industry in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s…the industry ventured into riskier investments that destabilized it.” Basically, the Bush administration and the Congress rewarded the S&L industry for malfeasance and incompetence. The ‘more than $100 billion’ it cost the taxpayers didn’t belong to the federal government or the S&L industry; it belonged to the people of the United States and was misappropriated. A bailout and a tax hike really aren’t any different; both come directly out of the pockets of the people who make this nation what it is. A report in the Enquirer Daily News states, “It will cost at least $306 billion over the next 33 years, according to a June 28 analysis by the General Accounting Office. Taxpayers will pay 51 percent, or $157 billion.” Eight years of Bush as the Vice President and a little over one year with him as the President cost the American people a great deal of wealth and increased the deficit even higher than in the Reagan years.

According to Wikipedia, during the Bush administration in the 1990’s, they “Paid Halliburton subsidiary Brown & Root Services over $8.5 million to study the use of private military forces with American soldiers in combat zones. Halliburton crews also helped bring 725 burning oil wells under control in Kuwait.” Other information about Halliburton an its subsidiaries include, “In the early 1990s, Halliburton was found to be in violation of federal trade barriers in Iraq and Libya…After having pled guilty, the company was fined $1.2 million, with another 2.61 million in penalties.” But there’s more, “During the Balkans conflict in the 1990s, Kellogg-Brown Root (KBR) supported peacekeeping forces in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Hungary…In 1998, Halliburton merged with Dresser Industries, which included Kellogg. Prescott Bush was a director of Dresser Industries, which is now part of Halliburton; his son, former president George H.W. Bush, worked for Dresser Industries in several positions from 1948 to 1951, before he founded Zapata Corporation.” You will notice that some of the same company names re-appear from where this paper started with Lyndon Johnson. I find this to be very incestuous. I also believe this is another egregious example of a political leader, aka a government official, lining the pockets of their confederates. It seems very odd that politicians should be believed when their seemingly subversive cronyism is so wide out in the open. How do we know, Bush didn’t invade Kuwait to support companies with which he is aligned? Or possibly further a foreign policy agenda which lines the pockets of companies with which they are affiliated? By the way, Bush’s company Zapata was funded by the Brown brothers of Brown & Root. Are any of you starting to see the connection from one president to the next here?

So what do we have? Both Reagan and Bush 41 were involved in illegal arms sales. They both used the CIA to further a presidential bid. Both men had an affiliation with the bin Laden family and a secret deal to prolong the imprisonment of U.S. citizens held in Tehran. And then there was training of the Mujahedeen with bin Laden as their golden boy. There were botched arms sales or pay-offs to al Fatah terrorists for the release of hostages which didn’t work. There was the clandestine and disgusting arming of two nations (Iran and Iraq) to fight in a war against each other. There was espionage and sabotage without Congressional approval. And there was either lying or just simply going back on campaign promises. There were the unbelievable and ineffectual bailouts of S&Ls (who acted and operated as banks), plus a massive increase in the deficit. And there was the awarding of contracts to companies with which at least Bush 41 was affiliated as well as his father and that dated back to Suite 8F, which was actually before Lyndon Johnson’s presidency.  And I didn’t even mention the U.S. Marines who were killed in Lebanon due to their lack of leadership skills. I should almost feel like laughing at this point, but this is just too sad for anything of that nature. Ronald Reagan conclusion: Reagan was a deceptive individual whose actions were corrupt. -- George H.W. Bush conclusion: Bush was a deceptively malevolent and corrupt politician whose actions were criminal.


Politics is supposed to be the second-oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.

Ronald Reagan


Now to Clinton a Democrat from Arkansas may be best known for his licentious sex acts with Monica Lewinsky, which is where I will start seeing as how I am already laughing. This information can be found at CNN Politics. In January of 1998, President Clinton denied having a sexual relationship (or any other type of affair or relationship for that matter) with Lewinsky, and in August of that same year, President Clinton did admit he had an inappropriate relationship with Lewinsky. On December 12 of 1998 the House impeached Clinton for lying under oath and obstruction of justice. On February 12 of 1999 the Senate acquitted Clinton. Another timeline of the Clinton impeachment can be found at the Brooklyn College website. I must note: I felt compelled to enter this because Clinton was impeached, but I personally found this entire incident to be uncalled for and quite an embarrassment to the nation. However, President Clinton should have just told everyone to mind their own business from the beginning, rather than lying about the affair; lying under oath and lying to the American people. Both Clinton and Lewinsky were of age and free to do as they pleased. If anything, this was a matter for Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary, not the entire world. Unfortunately, Clinton proved himself to be just a liar.

Now is a good time to talk about the Branch Davidian Compound in Waco Texas in 1993. According to the Free Dictionary by Farlex, “Approximately 80 Branch Davidians died, including their leader, 34-year old David Koresh. In all, 57 Davidians died in the fire, while 23 died from gunshot wounds. Of these dead, 17 were children, some of whom died from gunshot wounds and some in the fire. Eighteen children and 22 adults left the compound unharmed during the seven-week standoff.” A report from PBS stated, “On April 18, in a conversation with Reno, the President endorsed the gas plan. Although Clinton distanced himself from the matter after April 19…FRONTLINE has learned that Clinton apparently followed developments at Waco closely through some of his closest White House aides.” What we have is a President of the United States ordering a raid on a compound in the United States where 40 adults and 17 children were killed, and then the President had the audacity to try and distance himself the very next day. PBS FRONTLINE, which is not a partisan news organization, clearly stated they learned Clinton was closely kept abreast of the situation by his closest White House aides. Canada Free Press reports former advisor Dick Morris stated, “Bill Clinton orchestrated that takeover.” And then further reported, “Clinton in fact was so ashamed about what he did in Waco that he was not going to appoint Janet Reno to a second four year term.” Morris then gave information from a meeting with Reno before the inauguration day. Reno stated, “If you don’t appoint me I’m going to tell the truth about Waco.” Former Clinton advisor Dick Morris states on his web-site, “It was not anti-government rhetoric that inspired McVeigh…it was the action of the federal government during the Waco raid that incited him to violence…the attack on the Federal Office Building…on the anniversary of the Waco raid underscores the connection.” The only thing I didn’t find in the articles I read was the description of the entire incident described as a pathetic example of Clinton’s leadership. Of course there were the typical descriptions of Clinton as blameless and a mere by-stander plus the unfairness of the press. This is the second example I have given of why ‘Slick Willie’ got his nickname, but it’s a shame 80 American people, 17 which were children, had to be killed for no reason.

Clinton’s lies didn’t stop with Waco, according to Accuracy in Media, “President Clinton in his Chris Wallace interview…his claim that he was involved in “trying to stop genocide in Kosovo…” The report further states, “Clinton’s bombing…killed more people than died in this “genocide.” And his policy benefited Osama bin Laden and the global jihad.” And there is more, “The main beneficiary…a Muslim terrorist group, the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), with links to bin Laden, who had declared war on America in 1996, bombed our embassies in Africa in 1998, and would later, of course, orchestrate 9/11.” Believe it or not, this actually gets even more interesting. Former CIA agent Michael Scheuer stated, “The Clinton Administration “had eight to ten chances” to kill bin Laden and “they refused to try…Clinton had a pro-Muslim foreign policy that actually benefited bin Laden and facilitated 9/11.” Now that’s what I call pathetic. And we haven’t even really touched on the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center or the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in east Africa, which were orchestrated by Osama bin Laden. While it is true the Mujahedeen was originally trained during the Reagan/Bush administration to fight the Soviets, it would seem blatantly obvious the Clinton administration was also quite fond of Osama bin Laden. Why else would Clinton support the KLA to kill Serb Christians, or refuse to kill bin Laden when he had 8 to 10 chances? Once again, I find myself writing the word pathetic with regard to Bill Clinton.

Mogadishu Somalia in 1993 was another one of Clinton’s low moments. “An American soldier’s bound corpse being dragged through the streets…and a videotape of a captured US pilot appeared to mark the turning point yesterday for the U.S. intervention in Somalia.” The Guardian went on to report, “The gruesome parade was a jolting reminder…of the public mangling of US soldiers’ bodies in Iran…it also recalled the…bomb which killed 241 Marines in Beirut.” The Guardian further reported, “President Bill Clinton said…any mistreatment of the captured Americans would be viewed ‘very gravely.’” How comforting Clinton can be issuing such a pathetic statement like that after the Soldier’s corpses had already been dragged through the streets by cheering crowds and videotaped. Of course, true to Slick Willie’s nature he later “Has attempted to keep the worsening Somali nightmare at arm’s length.” This is another sad example of Clinton’s so-called leadership of distancing himself and doing nothing. But this is not a surprise considering Clinton was nothing more than a draft dodging war protester who really hated honorable men.

Two U.S. embassies were attacked in Africa, Mr. Ben Snowdon and Mr. David Johnson reported, “In 1998, the Clinton Administration demonstrated an atypical aggressive response towards terrorism after the assault on…U.S. embassies in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, were bombed by terrorists, leaving 258 people dead and more than 5,000 injured.” Both of these attacks were attacks on sovereign U.S. soil and both occurred during the Clinton Administration. Clinton’s response was, “The U.S. launched cruise missiles on Aug. 20, 1998, striking a terrorism training complex in Afghanistan and destroying a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Khartoum, Sudan, that reportedly produced nerve gas. Both targets were believed to have been financed by…Osama bin Laden.” According to a report in the National Security Archive, declassified documents, “Suggest the strikes not only failed to hurt Osama bin Laden but ultimately may have brought al-Qaeda and the Taliban closer politically and ideologically.” I can’t understand why such a sad little response was necessary. If military action was necessary, which I could have lived with, why not real targets? A so-called training facility and a drug factory (which was probably a milk factory) hardly seem like anything more than a waste of cruise missiles. But this is in keeping with Clinton’s façade. Slick Willie wasn’t trying to send a real message to the terrorists, he was attempting to make American’s believe he wasn’t limp wristed. A 400 page Sandia National Laboratories report stated, “In retrospect, it seems as if threat assessment personnel in Washington did not take the warning signs as seriously as did the embassy personnel in Nairobi.” Once again we see how the Clinton Administration fails to take threats to the security of the United States seriously. In fact, Clinton did more actual physical damage in Waco Texas than he did in Afghanistan or Sudan.

Let’s not forget about Clinton and the bombing of the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia in 1996. President Clinton stated, “We will pursue this. Those who did this must not go unpunished.” According to Crime Library, FBI Director Freeh stated, “Freeh expressed his frustrations and blamed President Clinton and his national security advisor Sandy Berger for having “no interest in confronting the fact that Iran had blown up the towers.” FBI Director Freeh stated later in the article, “The Clinton administration feared that “Congress, and ordinary Americans, would find out that Iran murdered our soldiers,” which would imperil their diplomatic initiatives… President Clinton “deserted” the 19 victims and their families.” Here is another example of Clinton’s policy of doing nothing but paying lip service to America. Of course I haven’t mentioned Osama bin Laden yet. In a 1997 interview with a London based Arabic-language newspaper, bin Laden stated, “We had thought that the Riyadh and Al Khobar blasts were a sufficient signal to sensible U.S. decision makers…but they did not understand the signal.” This is typical of the Clinton mentality. How many times did Osama bin Laden’s name need to come up with regard to Americans being killed? But each and every time, Clinton did basically nothing.

I cannot finish with Clinton without mentioning the bombing of the World Trade Center in New York City in 1993. And of course, Osama bin Laden was behind the bombing. Larry Johnson a former CIA agent as well as having worked for the State Department stated, “Clinton’s weak response to the terrorist attacks that occurred during his presidency paved the way for the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.” The report goes on to state, “On Feb. 26, 1993, a car bomb was detonated at the World Trade Center in New York City…Osama bin Laden is suspected to have been behind the attack.” Clinton’s reaction and statement to the American people was, “I would plead with the American people and the good people of New York to keep your courage up and go on about your lives. I would discourage the American people from overreacting to this.” Overreacting? How can anyone believe a president who would say such a thing is anything other than a traitor and a coward? Bill Clinton really does have a long history with Osama bin Laden. Unfortunately, Osama bin Laden was always the one who was killing Americans and Slick Willie was always the one who was making excuses as to why he couldn’t or wouldn’t do anything. The exception, of course was when Clinton was ordering the deaths of American citizens. Remember Waco?

“Interestingly, Al-Jazeera celebrated the fifth anniversary of 9/11 by airing several al-Qaeda videos, one of which showed two of the 9/11 hijackers saying their actions were designed to avenge the suffering of Muslims in Bosnia and Chechnya. Nothing demonstrates the bankruptcy of the Clinton policy more than that.” Bill Clinton, aka Slick Willie, can only be summed up as a prevaricating fool who was impeached because he was a liar and an individual who obstructed justice. He was a murderer who ordered the deaths at Waco of approximately 80 Americans including 17 children and the inspiration of Timothy McVeigh. He was a friend of islamo-fascist terrorists who included al Fatah, Osama bin Laden and the KLA; the killers of Serb Christians. Clinton was the spineless excuse-maker for all of his failed foreign policy blunders which included Mogadishu, Kenya, Tanzania, Saudi Arabia, Iran and I didn’t even go into his shameful Haiti legacy, and of course, his complete and utter failure with regard to the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center in New York City and the obvious connection through all of his blunders which eventually led up to the complete destruction of the twin towers on 9/11. Conclusion: Clinton was a deceptive, spineless, pathetic example of a president whose actions were not only criminal, but corrupt as well. He was a disgrace to the nation.

We now come to George W. Bush a Texas Republican whose very close family ties with the bin Laden family has already been clearly stated. I think the best place to start with Bush 43 is the USA PATRIOT Act which was signed into law by Bush on 26 October 2001, a whole 45 days after 9/11. The USA PATRIOT Act really only takes the rights away from Americans, it doesn’t do much to combat Muslim terrorists. I might have viewed it differently if all the provisions in the Act were aimed at Muslims, but they are equally if not overtly aimed at us, Americans. As previously stated in my treatise titled, “The Purpose of the U.S. State Department,” I clearly showed how the PATRIOT Act could easily label an American a ‘terrorist’ for protecting himself, just as an officer of the law or military personnel could be labeled as such. Section 411, Subparagraph B, Clause (iv) states, “Engage in terrorist activity means, in an individual capacity or as a member of an organization—“(I) to commit or incite to commit, under circumstances indicating and intention to cause death or serious bodily injury, a terrorist activity.” When you consider all of the terrorists on 9/11 were Muslim and the majority of them were from Saudi Arabia, the fact that there is absolutely no reference to delineate and connect terrorist or terrorist activity to Muslims is absurd. No new law is necessary to act against American’s who engage in criminal activities, as there are already a multitude of laws on the books and procedures in place to deal with that problem. The USA PATRIOT Act was designed, with speedy intent, to take away the rights of Americans. Now an American cannot go to an airport and get on a plane without being probed and fondled by the TSA, of course if you walked up wearing a burqa, they wave you right through. How does this help to prevent terrorism?

Next I would like to talk about the failed reasoning for the invasion of Iraq. While I personally believe Bush 41 should have ordered troops to finish Saddam and his henchmen while they were there the 1st time, I cannot figure out why we were there the 2nd time. There were no WMD in Iraq and they all knew it. Please don’t believe me, go and purchase Charles Duelfers book, “Hide and Seek: The Search for Truth in Iraq.” Mr. Duelfer was the head of the U.S.-led ISG in Iraq after Dr. Kay resigned. Both stated there were no WMD in Iraq. An article on MSNBC stated, “In his final word, the CIA’s top weapons inspector in Iraq said Monday that the hunt for weapons of mass destruction has “gone as far as feasible” and has found nothing.” In other words, there was no just cause for the invasion, unless you want to call getting Saddam for his daddy-Bush 41 ‘just cause.’ If you remember, CNN reported Bush’s reasoning for the invasion, “Right now, Iraq is expanding and improving facilities that were used for the production of biological weapons.” Personally, this sounds like a president lying to the American public. Maybe he should have listened to Dr. Kay and Mr. Duelfer. Many good men got killed and many wounded and maimed as a result of his vendetta with Saddam who was a former CIA protégé.

I should touch on the national debt; of course I will revisit this issue with Hussein Obama. CBS News reported, “The national debt increased $4.9 trillion during the eight year presidency of George W. Bush.” This is a huge sum of taxpayer money. What I cannot figure out is why we didn’t take the Iraqi oil and force Afghanistan to pay for our troops in their respective countries. From 2003-2009 the Iraq War cost at least $684.8 billion according to the Congressional Research Service. They also state in another PDF on Pakistan foreign assistance, which gives the amount of a transfer of $600 million right after Sept. 2001, and beginning in 2005 for a 5 year, $600 million per year amount totaling $3.6 billion, and beginning in 2007 a 5 year $750 million deal for the tribal areas. Aid for Afghanistan from 2001-2009 was nearly $38 billion also according to Congressional Research Service. Of course this isn’t all the money that was spent in these three locations, but it gives an idea of what the Bush Administration was doing with our taxpayer dollars, which means ‘our money.’ Just the figures above total nearly $728 billion. It’s not hard to see how the deficit increased $4,900,000,000,000 in an eight year time frame.

The eight years of illegal immigration (or invasion) during the Bush Administration is a good topic. According to End Illegal Immigration, “Bush’s administration saw a marked increase in illegal immigration and a drop in immigration enforcement…illegal aliens arrested in workplace cases fell from nearly 3,000 in 1999 to 445 in 2003.” The report goes on to state, “Not surprisingly, by 2005, there were an estimated 10-20 million illegal aliens living in the United States.” I’ve touched on this issue before in another treatise, but I’ll briefly go at it again. The article by Dr. Corsi Ph.D. starts out, “Despite having no authorization from Congress, the Bush administration has launched extensive working-group activity to implement a trilateral agreement with Mexico and Canada.” So what exactly does that mean? What is a trilateral agreement with no Congressional oversight? It means, Bush and his cronies are secretly attempting to create a new nation; a North American Union. NAFTA negotiations began in 1986 during the Reagan-Bush Administration and it was signed and came into force in 1994 during the Clinton Administration. According to Dr. Corsi, “The Security and Prosperity Partnership…signed by President Bush, Mexican President Vicente Fox and then-Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin in Waco, Texas, March 23, 2005.” Dr. Corsi further states, the agreement was, “Not submitted to Congress for review, led to the creation of the SPP office within the Department of Commerce.” Apparently there has been absolutely no Congressional oversight, there has been no bill from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and there is nothing about this that isn’t a secret. And government wonders why we don’t trust them. Not that there is a connection, but a lot of ugly things seem to happen in Waco, Texas. If our so-called leaders are attempting to destroy the United States and form a North American Union, then these so-called leaders are guilty of treason. But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Before we sum this up, let’s talk about Tora Bora. As we all know Tora Bora was a CIA financed complex built in the White Mountains barely 20 miles from the Pakistan border. The CIA knew every trail which led through the area. During the early 1980’s (Reagan/Bush Administration), at least $3 billion was used to finance and arm the Mujahedeen to fight the Soviets. Osama bin Laden actually had the equipment flown in to the area from his father’s construction company, the Saudi Binladen Group. While the Bush Administration did order the bombardment of the area in December of 2001, what strikes me as most curious is the fact that the U.S. government actually knew a great deal about Tora Bora. After all, the CIA financed the entire operation and was more than just familiar with the area. If you consider these facts, why weren’t the U.S. troops given the information so they could go into each and every cave after the bombardment took place? Perhaps there were some changes made to the structure, but the general design was no different. According to a New York Times article, “A mile below, at the base of the caves, some three dozen U.S. Special Forces troops fanned out. They were the only ground forces that senior American military leaders had committed to the Tora Bora campaign.” If at least one of the objectives of the Afghanistan War was to kill Osama bin Laden, wouldn’t it have made more sense to pass on the intelligence from the CIA to maybe the Marine Corps or the Army and have an entire division go after bin Laden at Tora Bora? But it would seem as though the true purpose wasn’t to actually kill bin Laden or the Bush Administration would have made Tora Bora a much higher priority. Remember, not long before the Tora Bora campaign Bush 43 did make certain the bin Laden family in the United States was able to board an airplane and fly out of the United States safely while each and every American within the U.S. was not allowed to fly at all. There certainly is a very strange symbiosis between the Bush family and the bin Laden family that makes me uncomfortable.

I’m really not sure if I need to waste any more time with President Bush. As we have seen, the Bush family has a very close and inappropriate relationship with the bin Laden family. George W. Bush personally enabled the bin Laden family to fly out of the United States when all flights except military were grounded after 9/11. Why would he have done that? Was this to appease the Saudi terrorist friends of Bush’s family? I still cannot understand why they weren’t all hung from newly erected gallows outside the White House. There is the USA PATRIOT Act, which was done with such haste, it really only serves to strip the rights of U.S. citizens. Bush absolutely lied about the reasoning for invading Iraq; there were no WMD’s in Iraq and he knew this, but he invaded anyway. Bush also increased our national public debt by $4.9 trillion in eight years, but seemed to accomplish nothing of any real value than couldn’t have been accomplished with nuclear weapons at a much lower cost. Bush also failed to enforce existing immigration laws and refused to defend our southern border with Mexico, he set up secret trilateral agreements with Canada and Mexico without Congressional oversight or without any bill from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Once again furthering his father’s NAFTA agenda just as he furthered his father’s agenda with regard to the bin Laden family. And as we have just seen Bush’s utter failure at Tora Bora, unless what happened was just a show for the American people and not a campaign really designed to kill Osama bin Laden. Either way, it would appear Bush 43 was very successful at what he did, although I consider his legacy to be nothing more than a complete and utter failure. Conclusion: Bush was an arrogant, deceptive and corrupt president whose malfeasance can easily be considered as stupid, criminal behavior.


When I was a boy I was told that anybody could become President; I’m beginning to believe it.

Clarence Darrow


And last but not least is Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, a Kenyan born, Illinois Democrat who by far is the worst president in the history of the United States of America. I say Kenyan born for a couple of reasons. One reason is because his wife, Michelle Obama was speaking about her husband and was quoted saying “Visited his home country in Kenya.” There is very little chance a man’s wife doesn’t know where his home country is, in this case Michelle Obama knows exactly where her husband’s home country is, and she stated it correctly, Kenya. The second reason I say Obama is a Kenyan is his birth certificate from the Coast General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya. According to the report on WND, “California attorney Orly Taitz…has released a copy of what purports to be a Kenyan certification of birth and has filed a new motion in U.S. District Court for its authentication.” The report continues, “The document lists Obama’s parents as Barack Hussein Obama and Stanley Ann Obama, formerly Stanley Ann Dunham, the birth date as Aug. 4, 1961, and the hospital of birth as Coast General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya.” Now I would consider both of these items to be extremely compelling. Obama’s wife says his home country is Kenya, and now a birth certificate from Kenya surfaces. What is most interesting is that it took nearly three (3) years for Obama to show his so-called birth certificate from Hawaii to the American people. Why the big deal?

Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution makes Obama ineligible to even be President of the United States. Opponents of the idea that Obama is a foreigner, stated in claim, “The Feb. 17, 1964, date for the document, explaining that the “republic” of Kenya wasn’t assembled until December of that year. – Media Matters wrote, ‘Sorry, WorldNetDaily: Kenya wasn’t a republic until Dec. 1964.’” However, according to a number of different sources, that isn’t actually the entire truth. According to WND, “At Ameriborn Constitution News, the researcher noted that the independence process for the nation actually started taking place as early as 1957, when there were the first direct elections for Africans to the Legislative Council.” The People Daily News Agency states, “Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki gives a speech during a celebration to mark the country’s 42nd independence anniversary in Nairobi, capital of Kenya Dec. 12, 2005. The country gained independence from Britain on Dec. 12, 1963.” According to BBC News Africa, “1963 – Kenya gains independence, with Kenyatta as Prime Minister. 1964 – Republic of Kenya formed. Kenyatta becomes president and Odinga vice-president.” According to mapsofworld.com, “The Constitution of Kenya was formed on 12th Dec. 1963.” While I could easily go on about the date, I think it is clear any official paperwork for and from the Republic of Kenya would be dated back at least as far as 1963.

We can’t talk about Hussein Obama without talking about Bill Ayers. As reported by David Horowitz in a piece entitled “Allies in War,” Mr. Horowitz states, “On the morning of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon…I opened its pages…showing a middle-aged couple holding hands and affecting a defiant look at the camera. The article was headlined…‘No Regrets For A Love Of Explosives.’” Of course the photograph was of Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, both Ayers and Dohrn were members of the Weathermen, in other words, they were terrorists. Aside from being terrorists, both Ayers and Dohrn were and are partisans of Charles Manson, “Dig it. First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them, they even shoved a fork into the victim’s stomach! Wild!” That was a statement from Dohrn when she was referring to the Manson family murders of Sharon Tate and her guests.

All that being said, Hussein Obama and Bill Ayers seem to have some common connections. According to the Washington Post, both “were members of the board of…the Woods Fund of Chicago, between 1999 and 2002…Ayers contributed $200 to Obama’s re-election fund to the Illinois State Senate in April  2001…[and] they lived within a few blocks of each other…and moved in the same liberal-progressive circles.” While this could simply be a random connection between the two, I have to say I don’t believe a Senator or a President for that matter should allow themselves to be associated with terrorists in any way shape or form. In the least this is an example of Obama’s poor judgment, at most it’s a disgraceful example of the type of individual Obama really is. But as we have previously seen with the Bush and bin Laden families, this happens far too often. Of course according to The Obama File, “In 1989, Obama was a summer intern at Michelle Obama’s law firm. One of Michelle’s co-workers was Bernardine Dohrn.” That law firm was Sidley & Austin. The report goes on to tell a, “Couple hosted a “meet and greet” for Obama at Ayers house in Hyde Park…where Obama now lives as a neighbor of Louis Farrakhan.” Later, in 1995, “Obama was the first Chairman of the Board of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge,” Bill Ayers was the co-founder of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. And in 1997, “Ayers and Obama participated in a panel at the University of Chicago.” Lastly, according to the article, “Ayers, Dohrn and Obama …participated together at a conference entitled “Intellectuals: Who needs them?” Now what connections between Bill Ayers the terrorist and Hussein Obama do we have? We have the Woods Fund of Chicago, Ayers contribution to Obama’s re-election campaign for the Illinois State Senate, the close proximity with which they both lived, the liberal-progressive circles with which they both travelled, Obama’s working relationship at Sidley & Austin where Dohrn was a co-worker of Michelle Obama, the meet and greet at Ayers house, Obama’s chairmanship at Challenge where Ayers was a co-founder and their participation in the panel at the University of Chicago. It apparently is not coincidence that Ayers and Obama crossed paths. These two have had a longstanding relationship that dates back to at least 1989, that’s nearly a quarter of a century.

I’m not really certain there is a point to pointing out the multitudes of lies that have come out of Hussein Obama’s mouth, but I will point out at least a few. ABC news reported, “Sen. Barack Obama’s pastor says blacks should not sing “God Bless America” but “God damn America.” Those were the words from Jeremiah Wright, the pastor at Obama’s church, Trinity United Church of Christ. According to the article, Wright said “The United States brought on the 9/11 attacks with its own “terrorism.”” Of course, then Senator Obama stated, “I don’t think my church is actually particularly controversial.” That sounds like a very controversial statement to me. If you think about the statement, the person who said it and the people who listened, then you should understand what they want. While you could easily say we have a misguided foreign policy agenda which causes us endless problems (and it does), the bigger truth is, Hussein Obama is a Muslim or at least a Muslim sympathizer and he aligns himself with radicals and radicalism. The leadership of Islam not only appears to be, but is nothing more than a bunch of fanatics who want to kill the West and force their way of life and their religion on everyone of us. The unfortunate fact is, the U.S. government keeps kissing their behinds, and will continue their attempt to elevate Islam into something that they want to be considered mainstream. Until people realize this, the problem isn’t going to be solved. Even the founding fathers of this nation knew the Islamists wanted to kill anyone who didn’t conform to their belief system. In 1786, Adams and Jefferson met with Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja, the Dey of Algiers who stated, “Islam was founded on the Laws of their Prophet, that it was written in their Quran, that all nations that should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as Prisoners.” This same belief is furthered by the motto of the Muslim Brotherhood, “Allah is our objective; the Prophet is our leader; the Quran is our law; Jihad is our way; dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.” Obama and any other so-called leader in the U.S. who tells you that isn’t what Islam is about, obviously has a hidden agenda and objective. This is what the Muslim leadership says; we did not put these words into their mouths.

Let’s talk about Gitmo for a moment. On 22 January 2009, two days after Obama was sworn into office, “President Obama ordered the controversial prison camp at Guantanamo Bay closed within a year.” Today’s date is 21 August 2012 and according to a 17 August 2012 story on ABC News, “A federal judge voiced skepticism Friday about new government restrictions on lawyers’ access to detainees at Guantanamo Bay.” I cannot believe a federal judge would be skeptical about a new government restriction regarding a detainees bid to challenge their confinement with regard to the attorney’s access to their clients at Gitmo, if Gitmo were indeed closed. In fact it sounds like the prison at Guantanamo Bay Cuba is still up and running strong! I guess Obama figured if he couldn’t get them all transferred to Illinois, then he might as well leave them in Cuba where they belong. This is an obvious example of Obama lies. The prison at Guantanamo Bay suits Obama or he would have shut it down by now, the undeniable fact is it in some way benefits Obama to keep it open, he only thought it was a bad idea when Bush was in office. Apparently, this was just another Obama lie.

Libya is a subject Obama would have you believe is one he can put in the win column. I disagree with that idea. The United States didn’t have any business bombing Libya. The only thing it did was get rid of a dictator so he could be replaced with another, this time, one who will make Libya an Islamic republic complete with sharia Law. Qaddafi was undoubtedly a loser, but he was a loser who wasn’t making problems anymore. Now Libya is a lawless nation of fiefdoms at best. As of the 20th of January, 2012, Libya still has a massive stockpile of mustard gas. When you stop to consider many of the fighters who called themselves ‘rebels’ had just left places like Iraq, where they were fighting U.S. forces, it’s not hard to make the connection that they were al Qaeda and the Taliban. According to UPI, “The country still has to destroy 11.25 tons of mustard gas.” In other words, there are approximately 22,500 lbs of this stuff in Libya and as you have already guessed, “A team of Americans and Libyans” are guarding the stockpile. What is actually interesting, didn’t Obama say there would be no American boots on the ground in Libya? Aside from the obvious spotters for the bombing, now Al Arabiya states there were others there as well. I only point this out, because it is another one of Obama’s lies.

Since I have already made the connection between Bill Ayers and Obama, I don’t really see any point in going over it again. But I will say this, Obama did claim Ayers was, “A guy who lives in my neighborhood…He’s not somebody who I exchange ideas from on a regular basis.” This was an obvious lie. Obama and Ayers had a relationship that has lasted nearly 25 years. It isn’t possible to have so many connections to someone and simply refer to them casually as a guy in the neighborhood.

Why does Obama continually apologize for America? According to CNS News as well as Newsmax, Obama has apologized, “For America’s “arrogance” regarding countries Americans died to help free; To detainee terrorists interrogated by the CIA; For the accidental burning of the Korans; To Obamacare activist Sandra Fluke.” But the article also stated the apologies Obama didn’t make, “To Catholics forced by the government to violate their faith; To the family of border patrol agent Brian Terry murdered by Operation Fast and Furious guns; To families of American soldiers killed after Obama said he calmed things down in Afghanistan; To Israel, for saying it should return to its 1967 borders which would’ve subjected it to attacks; To American taxpayers forced to violate their religious beliefs and pay for abortion; For attending radical Rev. Wright’s church for years.” This all comes from a speech from Rep. Louis Gohmert of Texas in the House of Representatives. So what do we have? We have three apologies to Muslims and one to his own activist, but we have none to Americans or their families for governmental blunders (Fast & Furious) or to our closest ally in the Middle East, Israel. It’s one thing to apologize for something that we really screw-up, but it’s another thing to continually apologize for America like we’re some sort of idiots, which isn’t the case. If anything, the idiots are in the government; Obama should just start apologizing for himself. This isn’t humility on Obama’s part, it is utter weakness. Another thing Obama should remember is, when he apologizes, in effect he is apologizing for the people of this country. Personally, I don’t remember asking him to do that and I know a great deal of other Americans feel the same way. This is another example of a president thinking he is more than just a servant to the people. Both Obama and his wife have serious issues with the United States which the liberal media is more than willing to continually gloss over.

Maybe we should spend a moment talking about the national debt under Obama. While the national debt increased $4.9 trillion during eight (8) years of Bush, in just less than four (4) years of Obama the national debt has increased $5.4 trillion. In an article from CBS News on 22 August 2011 (today is 21 August 2012) the article states, “The national debt has now increased $4 trillion on President Obama’s watch…It’s the most rapid increase in the debt under any U.S. president.” Of course, Obama can only blame this on Bush. While Bush did increase the debt dramatically, Obama has increased the debt astronomically. Oddly enough, Obama has maintained most of what Bush was doing, even though he stated he was going to do away with what he considered Bush’s failures when he got into office. What we have seen is the failure of Obama himself. He has accomplished nothing, but he has taken credit for things he had nothing to do with at all. But one thing we know he has done is increased the national debt more than any other president in the history of the United States and in a much shorter period of time.

I simply cannot finish with Hussein Obama until I talk about how he and his administration leak information and his bragging about how he killed Osama bin Laden. For starters, Obama didn’t kill anyone. He may have given the orders, but he never pulled a trigger. His boasting only puts men in harm’s way who fight for the United States. According to a report from Reuters which I found on Yahoo News, “A group of former U.S. intelligence and Special Forces operatives…scolds President Barack Obama for taking credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden and argues that high-level leaks are endangering American lives.” The report further states, “Mr. President, you did not kill Osama bin Laden, America did. The work that the American military has done killed Osama bin Laden. You did not.” The report stated the man who said that was Ben Smith, a U.S. Navy SEAL. I don’t know about you, but personally, I believe the SEAL. Mr. Smith goes on to say, “As a citizen, it is my civic duty to tell the president to stop leaking information to the enemy…It will get Americans killed.” You can believe whomever you wish, President Hussein Obama or a U.S. Navy SEAL, the choice is yours. However, Mr. Smith is obviously a selfless man amongst other selfless men whose service to the nation can only be described as more than exemplary. His humility in stating that America killed bin Laden is a credit to the finest warriors the world will ever know. I believe Obama is nothing more than a blowhard, a fraud and a liar.

Another example as noted by The Lonely Conservative is Obama originally saying the surge in Iraq wouldn’t work but create sectarian violence, “Tonight we heard President Bush say that the surge in Iraq is working, when we know that’s just not true.” Of course the surge was working and it was what was probably needed from the beginning, enough troops to pound the enemy. That being said, Obama seems to take credit for any gains in Iraq, but Obama’s hasty withdrawal has only led to sectarian violence. In fact, Iraq is like a ticking time bomb that is ready to explode. Now Iran is able to influence the crazies who are there without fear of reprisal. Certainly, Obama has done nothing other than order the deaths of people around the globe. He has increased the number of countries the U.S. is operating in with regard to military operations. I can only imagine what his plan is, but I seriously doubt it will benefit the United States. One curious bit of information is, since Obama’s inauguration, in a report dated 4 April 2011, “Combat-related deaths that occurred since the Afghanistan war began in October 2001, about 64 percent happened in the two years since Obama took office.” That report was almost one year and 5 months ago. Obama’s leaking of information and bragging about exploits he didn’t do, plus lying about what is really happening as related to the surge in Iraq and the result of a hasty withdrawal is nothing but reckless.

There is no reason to continue with Hussein Obama. He has lied about where he was born, which was Kenya as shown on his Kenyan birth certificate and in his wife’s words. The part I didn’t mention was his Hawaii birth certificate, which must be a forgery, which is a crime. Arizona’s Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has investigated that document and states it is a forgery. Obama has lied about his close relationship with terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn and has had a relationship with them for nearly 25 years. Another lie is Obama’s close association with the radical Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Wright is a man who hates the United States (probably as much as Ayers and Dohrn) and blames Americans for all the terrorism in the world, when the truth is the leadership of radical Islam promotes terrorism against everyone who isn’t Muslim. Which really makes Obama a Muslim sympathizer, but I believe he is a radical Muslim from the start. Obama lied again when he stated he was going to shut down the prison at Guantanamo Bay Cuba, but it is still operational and he seems to be just fine with the prison still being open now that he’s in office. Libya is another one of Obama’s fiascos. Nothing more was accomplished than opening the door for another Islamic State ruled by sharia Law. Plus his lies about no American boots on the ground in Libya, when we know there were spotters for the bombing raids as well as men guarding mustard gas stockpiles. Then of course we have Obama the Apologist, embarrassing himself and the United States whenever he apologizes for America to the Muslims, but he refuses to take responsibility for the death of agent Brian Terry or his Fast and Furious gun smuggling debacle. Obama has increased the national debt faster than any president in the history of the United States, $5,400,000,000,000 and he still isn’t done with the 4 year term he was illegally elected to serve. Obama has also taken intelligence leaks to a new low, which endanger U.S. troops, not to mention his outlandish claims that he killed Osama bin Laden. Obama even lied about the surge that Bush did in Iraq and stated it wasn’t working, when in fact, it was working. But Obama hastily pulled out of Iraq and now Iraq is just a powder-keg ready to explode rife with Iranian influence and God knows what else. And lastly, at least 64% of combat-related deaths in the entire Afghanistan War can be attributed to the incompetence of Obama and his administration, and that figure is from about 17 months ago. What else can possibly be said about this man? He is by far the worst thing to ever happen to the United States of America and he will continue to happily destroy us if he is given the chance. Conclusion: Obama is the most self-serving example of a president the nation has ever had. His actions are that of a spineless incompetent whose malevolent nature can only be described as cowardly and pathetic. This man is the definition of a corrupt politician whose criminal behavior plunges the definition of disgraceful to new depths with each waking moment. He is an embarrassment to himself and to the nation. The word malfeasance doesn’t even come close to defining his acts of utter shame which have violated the public trust, and are only surpassed by his complete lack of moral fiber. Obama is a hypocrite and a prevaricator whose façade is a mere illusion, when in reality he is a nightmare.

What does all of this say about our elected leaders, in this case the Presidents of the United States, over the last fifty years? I can’t help but think that each and every president has forgotten they are merely servants of the people of this great nation. I also can’t help but think, We the People have allowed the mis-managers of governance to continue on their path of malfeasance and corruption. If we don’t force our so-called leaders to obey the supreme Law of the Land; the U.S. Constitution as well as the laws of the various States, then how can we actually expect such a self-serving bunch of miscreants to obey the law? The U.S. Constitution is an instrument for the people to restrain government, as eloquently stated by Patrick Henry. Until the sovereign people of this great nation are willing to step forward and demand lawful and moral actions from our elected leaders we will continue on the downward spiral which we are currently experiencing. At the end of the day, we should all ask ourselves some tough questions. Who are the real fools? Are the fools our so-called elected leaders or are we the fools for continuing to vote them into office ad nauseam? Or is the answer both. I’m not certain it is actually possible to conclude this paper. How does one conclude something which has been ongoing for at least the last fifty years, and appears to have no end in sight? I would argue the answer is in the U.S. Constitution. We need to make certain that those who wish to serve the people, are held accountable for their actions. We the People are not the servants; we are the Masters.


Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.

Albert Einstein


God Bless this Great Republic, the United States of America.



Brett L. Baker


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The same old arguments keep surfacing. Decades of debate have settled nothing. Why? Because those who want to redistribute your wealth and those who hope to receive that wealth (and many of those who should be aware of them and their nonsense) are too lazy or too stupid to learn from history. They prefer instead to learn from opium-pipe dreams based upon their “virtue” being ultimately rewarded by “a gentler, more just society” (created precisely to reward only those who believe precisely as they do).  When the voters stay willfully ignorant of history, they keep electing and re-electing the same monsters who’ve destroyed our nation’s prospects year after year after year over the last century.
The Age Old Questions Still Seek Answers
“What Makes Your Political Self-Interest More
Virtuous than My Economic Self-Interest?”
Because Americans don’t know the history of the financial collapse, they are repeating the same mistakes that got us into it and kept destroying the economy for the last 45 years.  Back when the Black Panthers and the hippies were literally setting the world afire in the early 70’s, a Black FBI undercover agent spent some time with the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and the Weather Underground and the Black Panthers. The SDS wanted a revolution. After The Revolution people like them would be in charge everywhere and the kinder, gentler American nation would be in place operating under neo-Marxist principles. When the FBI operative acted like a confused neophyte and asked “what would happen next once their victory had been won?” He was told that a “re-education of everybody in the country opposed to their new system would begin and people would all come to understand and appreciate them and their better ways. When he pressed the question further and further he was told “Yes, sadly it’s true there are some people who will “never get it” and might have to be imprisoned or even killed. “ How many? “Oh, perhaps 10-15%.” That’s a huge price for kinder-gentler wealth distribution.
Thirty-two years ago Milton Friedman was interviewed by a very young Phil Donahue who asked him “When you see around the globe the mal-distribution of wealth; the desperate plight of millions of people in under-developed countries; when you see so few ‘haves’ and so many ‘have nots; when you see the greed and the concentration of power; didn’t you ever have a moment’s doubt about capitalism and whether ‘GREED’s’ a good idea to run (things) on?” Tell me that’s not a question of import!
That took 24 seconds for Phil. With little interruption Friedman took exactly the next 120 seconds to set the record straight and to disarm Donahue’s and his audiences’ predisposition toward that buzzword “Greed” and toward another buzzword Donahue uttered later “VIRTUE” when Donahue added “But it seems to reward not virtue but ability to manipulate the system . . . .” That’s the content of the first video linked above.
If you want to know how the United States of America got into its present god-awful economic situation . . . it’s called street theater. Saul Alinsky author of Rules for Radicals and Reveille for Radicals laid out all the ground rules on how to make a scene; get it aired in the media and then create bogus advances for neo-Marxism. More on how today’s actions tie into the financial mess later. Here’s the second video linked above you NEED to Watch:
He was immaculately dressed and kneeling in the street in front of Chase Bank.  “Right there, right there, that’s the bank that took my parents’ homes. Take me, I submit, it’s just not right! I’m going to be arrested, take me!” Wow, it all seemed so incredible and all the network media (MSM) ran the story without investigating. Then when the story was flat-out refuted; surprise the MSM forgot to clue its viewers on to the fact that they had allowed themselves to be shamefully used by this punk born with a silver-spoon in his mouth.
Barack Obama’s willingness to lie to America’s voters in order to get re-elected seems to be catching on. One of the most clear-cut areas where lying is par for the course is on display today during the “Days of Rage”; and “Occupy Wall Street” protests. One of those darling kids kneeling in the street in front of Wall Street firms and large banks really pulled a “Barack” of prodigious grandiosity as part of the left’s so-called “Days of Rage” protests.   Shouting out that the bank was “taking my parents’ home” as he was arrested; he made quite a scene for the mainstream media (MSM) cameras. Only problem: it was all theater, a lie!  A lie his mother later refuted.
No bank is taking his parents’ home; and the bank in question has nothing to do with his parents. His parents both hold Master’s degrees and their half-a-million home is only $60,000 from being entirely theirs. Oh, and the kid himself? He attends an exclusive law school. All this information came courtesy of his mother refuting the scene the little bugger made on national TV.   In other words the protestor’s (Robert Stephens’) story is (surprise!) completely bogus.
County property records reveal that the Stephens’ home has never beenin foreclosure. The taxes on the huge home are paid and amount to almost exactly what a year at his law school costs the family. The family did take a financial hit when the meltdown came and they are selling their home for a bit less than they originally wanted. Oh, and the mother, Marquita Stephens, said they probably wouldn’t stay in their St. Paul Minnesota suburb because the area is “a bit too conservative.”
What’s all that got to do with the price of tea and TEA Party actions in this tumultuous world?   The thesis of this blog is the undoubtable fact that the same old arguments keep surfacing. Decades of debate have settled nothing. Why?  Because those who want to redistribute your wealth and those who expect to receive that wealth (and many of those who should be aware of them and their nonsense) are too lazy or too stupid to learn from history. They prefer instead to learn from opium pipe dreams based upon their “virtue” being ultimately rewarded by “a gentler, more just society” (created precisely to reward only those who believe precisely as they do).  When the voters stay willfully  ignorant of history, they keep electing and re-electing the same monsters who’ve destroyed our nation’s prospects year after year after year over the last century.**
But just because they’re too stupid and lazy to learn from history doesn’t mean YOU can’t gain from it. As mentioned Saul Alinsky is the father of today’s problems.  If 70% of Americans knew and understood these pieces of history, 95% of the problems are nation now faces could be soon eliminated.
1.       Alinsky was a self-described “neo-Marxist” Chicago area community organizer with two infamous books on “effective” radical behavior on his resume`. Based upon Alinsky’s street theater and idea of creating crises to make your point resonate within the mainstream media (MSM) so as to get your story before the public. Even before Alinsky wrote his second book, at Columbia University (NYC) two sociology professors, Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven (married to each other), decided Alinsky’s ideas could be the basis of profound shifts in the American scene based upon their admittedly Communist/Socialist view of life.  
Some important background: in 1964 the nation was then undergoing President Lyndon Baines Johnson’s great society program and the much-ballyhooed “War on Poverty.” One good thing was accomplished: the Civil Rights Act was passed. Two good-sounding things were also accomplished Medicare and the state and federal combination called Medicaid were created. These programs would never actually be funded as the law required – their supposed “lockboxes” were raided constantly over the years and today the UNfunded liability from these two programs is roughly $65 TRillion. In addition all then current welfare programs were expanded and the welfare rolls swelled.
2.      Cloward and Piven wrote an article in the May, 1966 edition of the leftist magazine The Nation titled The Weight of the Poor:  a Strategy to Eliminate Poverty. The article was based upon Alinsky’s ideas and methods and called for creating a welfare crisis. Because of the crisis, the article said, the Democratic Congress (both House and Senate) would feel compelled to create a GNI (guaranteed national income) and POOF-ABRACADABRA! Poverty would be eliminated over-night. This article became the rage everywhere leftist ideas were discussed. Cloward and Piven and a man named George Wiley took the idea further.
3.     Wiley, Piven and Cloward created the NWRO (National Welfare Rights Organization) in late 1967 and by 1968 were so well organized that their people were engaging in street theater across the nation. By 1973 the welfare rolls had doubled from eight million to sixteen million recipients. They never got their GNI. What they got was the worst economic down-turn since the Great Depression and a stock market collapse of almost exactly 24 months duration. What they got was the bankruptcy of their hometown New York City. What they got was the near bankruptcy of several other large cities around the nation; the near bankruptcy of New York State and New Jersey and Illinois and financial chaos in many other states and large cities. Wiley, Cloward and Piven in print and otherwise publicly bragged about the great thing they’d accomplished. They advised their followers that their next attacks would come in housing and voter registration.
4.     In 1976 progressive Democrat Jimmy Carter and a Democratic House and Congress were put into office. Within weeks of taking office in January, 1977, they created the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA ’77) which for the first time FORCED banks and mortgage companies to knowingly make horrendously bad loans to totally unqualified home loan applicants. The free market was ended for the mortgage industry. At that time only 0.24% were considered “suspect,” that is granted with less than 3% down payment. About the same time, a Cloward-Piven, Wiley Lieutenant from the welfare wars (sent to Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1970)Wade Rathke, was assigned the task of creating a strategic way to exploit this new chink in America’s armor in Alinsky fashion. ACORN was born. Besides destroying capitalism directly, CRA law aimed to massively redistribute wealth. The twisted thinking went something like this: America has (64%) the highest private home ownership in the world, but it’s not enough.  Everybody SHOULD own their own home. Besides home prices never go down so if we put poor people into homes, even if they can’t afford them, they can always sell and make a profit that way and thus gain a larger slice of the pie.^^
5.     In 1977 ACORN stood for Arkansas Community Organizations for Reform Now. Arkansas was chosen for three reasons: Rathke was GOOD at his work; Bill Clinton was the most up-and-coming young politician in the country and he lived in Arkansas and he was ambitious and his wife Hillary was not only ambitious but she was a Chicago girl and a favorite student of Saul Alinsky who even wrote her college thesis on Alinsky techniques. Cloward and Piven and Wiley had chosen wisely . . . and the nightmare we’re living today attests to it.
6.     ACORN gathered voter registration forms in a get-out-the-vote campaign across the state then promptly threw away all those who hadn’t registered as Democrats. Lieutenant Governor Bill Clinton won easily and won the right for he and Hillary to live in the governor’s mansion. They would do so for 12 of the next 14 years; and Bill would become the first ACORN president after the elections of 1992. Meanwhile Rathke’s work with CRA was bearing slow, steady and sure fruit. By 1985 the ACORN street-theater in Arkansas alone (a la Alinsky) had doubled the nation’s suspect home loan rate. Now 0.51% of the nation’s mortgages were granted at 3% or less down payment. ACORN was expanded to all 50 states and became the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. The nightmare was alive and well.
7.     Bill Clinton took the Oval Office in January, 1993. Two of his first acts rewarded ACORN’s and Cloward and Piven’s work in his behalf. The Motor Voter Act was passed with Cloward and Piven standing behind him in the signing ceremony as you see here . . . . http://www.americanthinker.com/2010/01/what_the_dems_know_universal_v.html 
Motor Voter has been called “a twelve-lane highway to voter fraud” and ACORN has been found guilty repeatedly of voter registration fraud over the years. Clinton also made a dramatic expansion of CRA ’77 law by presidential edict. He would continue that fiat expansion of CRA for eight years. In 1975 Clinton twice fooled the Republicans and passed moderate legislative expansions of CRA ’77. In 1998 he passed a monster steroid expansion of CRA laws.
8.    Two brief side notes . . . you may have noticed the term “community organizations” as part of the ACORN name. Alinsky was the most famous community organizer in history until Barack Obama came along. Obama was an ACORN lawyer for roughly two years in Chicago from 1994-96. He shook down and extorted cooperation with ACORN from numerous lenders in Chicago. He was famous for getting the banks to agree to donate a little on the side for ACORN operating costs. While Clinton was steroid-expanding CRA, Texas governor George W. Bush passed a law in 1998 requiring all mortgages in Texas to require 20% down (typically 85% of all loans are granted with 15%-25% down payment). Bush’s decision kept Texas prosperous and the site of an awful large percentage of the nation’s job growth to this day.
9.     The rest is history. Fueled by Clinton’s steroid version expansion of CRA ’77 ACORN now found it easier to put actually impoverished home loan applicants into $440,000 homes in the 21st Century than they had been able to put better qualified (but still unqualified) applicants into $110,000 homes a decade earlier. By 2005 the “suspect loans” in this country amounted to 34.2% of all home mortgages. 
Many of the new wave of borrowers were granted 0% (zero percent!) down payments. Many of them had no jobs; a horrible credit rating; their only listed “income” (thanks to Clinton’s steroid-expansion) was food stamps; and even illegal aliens were put into $300,000-$350,000 homes. To protect themselves the banks wrapped the mortgages together in a package and tried to sell them. Because the law required government agencies to be involved a lot of “bad paper” was bought up by foolish investors, Wall Street, and even other banks and insurance agencies. It all came crashing down about October, 2008 after a year of financial malaise.
10.President George W. Bush made a speech in January, 2005 warning about the “sub-prime lending” fiasco and seeking to pass a repeal of virtually all the CRA legislation. Eighteen Bush speeches and thirty months later a watered-down bi-partisan repeal of parts of CRA law was passed in July, 2007. It proved too little and too late as far as stopping the financial collapse, but it did enough to keep home prices from plummeting far, far faster and lower.
11.   Barack Obama today often talks about the “financial mess” he “inherited” and blames the economy being driven into the ditch upon Conservatives, the G.O.P., Wall Street, and even the free market itself. It took seven years for Cloward and Piven and Wiley to bankrupt New York City by welfare fraud. It took 30 years for the progressives to ruin the free market sufficiently to bring on this collapse and bankrupt the whole nation and they want you to vote for them in 2012 because they say somebody else drove the country into the ditch.
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
**            Our first Progressive president was Teddy Roosevelt. Thankfully, his progressivism was mildly megalomaniacal and not economically-based compared to the control-the-economy progressives to come. Woodrow Wilson, Herbert Hoover, FDR, LBJ, Jimmy Carter, Clinton and Obama are the worst pure progressives we’ve seen in the Oval Office. Progressivism as a doctrine jumped the Atlantic from England where the Fabian Socialists called for things like euthanasia and eugenics.
Progressives are Marxists who do NOT believe in violent revolution until much later in the process but rather expect to make incremental gains in socialism over the decades until the scene is set and they can exploit matters. Rajjpuut’s definition of progressives: Progressives believe in the doctrine that “we must progress beyond the ‘ill-conceived and outdated U.S. Constitution’ to make progress toward an earthly (Marxist) Utopia.”
By the way, a lady named Ayn Rand had lived through creation of the Soviet society in Russia and knew and understood history enough that she wrote a three-part novel called Atlas Shrugged. That book’s prophetic powers are now 85% confirmed with more history unfolding every day. And Part I of that novel was made into a superb movie which this month came out on DVD. Every reasonable and intelligent American who believes in fiscal responsibility and Constitutional-fidelity should own this wonderful movie.
^^ It was also a direct attack on Capitalism as the driving engine of the American Dream. The people who rent homes and apartments tend to be hard-workers who live frugally and save and use that method to move ahead economically. Landlords tend to be such people. Destroying this opportunity is criminal. What is so wrong about renting anyway? It sure beats living with so many of the headaches homeowners now are living through. And the author of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad financial advice books told us a decade ago that a home is a liability and NOT to be considered an investment as most people believe.
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9/11 on Tea Party Express V National Bus Tour

4063375800?profile=originalI awoke and became annoyed when I discovered Mary forgot to pay the water bill. That was the extent of my problems September 11, 2001. Meanwhile, many of my fellow Americans in the twin towers were faced with the unimaginable horror of deciding whether to leap to their deaths or be consumed by fire. Dear Lord.

Ten years after 9/11 Mayor Bloomberg banned prayer from the New York 9/11 Memorial Ceremony. And yet, Bloomberg supports the building of a mosque at Ground Zero.


The left supports Sharia Law while President Obama canceled the traditional National Day of Prayer at the White House for fear of offending Muslims.


Remarkably, thanks to the grace of God and the efforts of George W. Bush, America has not suffered another terrorist attack. And yet, the Obama administration is still seeking to prosecute CIA heroes who helped to protect us.


Terrorists caught on the battle field detained at Guantanamo Bay are treated with kid gloves; special concessions made out of respect for their religion, Islam, which includes meal choices from five menus, served at a specific temperature or thrown out and prepared again.


Muslim detainees are given prayer beads, a prayer mat and a Quran which can not be touched by non-Muslims because we are considered infidels. Thus, a Muslim interpretor gives the detainees their sacred items. At Guantanamo, arrows painted on the floor pointing east informs detainees in which direction to pray.


Meanwhile, three U.S. Navy Seals are facing court marital for allegedly giving a terrorist a fat lip.


Clearly, ten years after the horrific 9/11 attacks, America has two enemies seeking her destruction; Al-Qaeda and the American left who reside mostly in the Democratic Party lead by Barack Husein Obama. To save America, BOTH must be defeated.


The Bible documents on numerous occasions how God raised up a remnant. The modern equivalent of God raising up a remnant is the Tea Party movement; no leader, no figure head and no single governing organization. The Tea Party is simple We The People; individuals following their gifts and passions to turn our country around back to the principles and values which have made her GREAT!


The left is in panic mode to counter the Tea Party. Because their philosophy is so flawed, they can not win on it's merit. Thus, the left must resort to lies and ginning up class envy and racial hatred. Totally despicable.


I will spend 9/11 on Tea Party Express V national bus tour at our rally in Deltona, FL.


With forces on both sides of the political aisle fighting to maintain the status quo; crony-ism, bigger government and even increasing out of control spending, the tea party is the last hope for America; God's remnant to save America and restore her to her former glory.


Jeff Bruzzo 9/11 tribute film: www.911tributefilm.com

Lloyd Marcus 9/11 tribute music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWdbQQ679zk



Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Co-Chairman of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama.

Please help me spread my message by joining my
Liberty Network.

Lloyd is singer/songwriter of the
American Tea Party Anthem and author of Confessions of a Black Conservative, foreword by Michele Malkin



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Who Shot The Dollar?????

This is from our friends at Personal Liberty;


Who Shot The Dollar?

June 15, 2011 by John Myers

Who Shot The Dollar?
President Barack Obama delivered the deathblow to the dollar.

Who killed the U.S. dollar? This question will be debated by future historians. Already, more people are asking that question than tuned in to find out who shot J.R. on Dallas. The lineup of suspects is long, but it ends with Barack Obama, the triggerman who killed the buck.

The first wound came from Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who expanded the Federal government’s influence far beyond what the writers of the Constitution ever imagined. He devalued the price of gold and made it impossible for ordinary Americans to convert currency to bullion. But FDR was also crucial during America’s World War II victory, a pivotal event that set the stage for America to become the world’s largest creditor and greatest superpower.

LBJ Chooses Guns And Butter

Another suspect is Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson. When I was in college studying economics, our professor made us read history. This seemed counterintuitive until we read about the guns-and-butter policies of the Johnson Administration.

And while Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama make Johnson look like a penny-pincher, Johnson was the first to take a shot at the dollar.

Johnson pressed forward his vision with major spending programs for education, medical care, crime and transportation. He wanted to transform America the way FDR had. And he had a war to fight in Vietnam.

Gold demand rose, creating a drawdown on America’s gold reserves. The root of it all was a growing trade deficit that the United States owed to the rest of the world.

The Administration of John F. Kennedy knew America’s gold standard was in trouble. In January 1961, Kennedy’s Undersecretary of the Treasury, Robert Roosa, suggested the U.S. and Europe pool their gold to prevent a private marketplace for gold in which the price would exceed the mandated price of $35 per ounce. French President Charles de Gaulle reneged on the deal and began to redeem dollars for gold instead of U.S. Treasuries. The drain on U.S. gold became severe.

The 1960s marked a gigantic increase in Federal spending. Johnson’s two-front war was being fought at a prohibitive cost. In 1968, for the first time since 1893, the United States ran a deficit in its balance of trade. Federal debt began to soar. By the end of the 1960s, the U.S. faced the stark choice of eliminating trade deficits or devaluing the dollar.

Gold On Nixon’s Enemies List

On Aug. 15, 1971, President Richard Nixon cut the final link between gold and the dollar. Other nations could no longer redeem rapidly depreciating greenbacks for bullion.

In February 1973, the world’s currencies “floated.” By the end of 1974, the price of gold had soared from $35 to $195 an ounce. The U.S. could suddenly pump dollars without constraint. It was a period during which red flags were being raised for paper investors, few of whom paid any notice.

The majority of investors would pay a steep price for their ignorance. Over the next decade, they suffered through the worst bear market in stocks since the Great Depression and the worst bond market of the 20th century.

A Democrat Gives The Dollar A Reprieve

It is ironic that another Democrat would breathe life into the buck, but that is what President Bill Clinton did.

During the Clinton Administration — with the help of innovative accounting — the dollar stormed back. The disgrace Clinton brought to the Oval Office over the Monica Lewinsky affair seems almost forgivable since his Administration presided over a growing economy and what underpinned it, a strong dollar. More than a decade ago, the world had confidence in the U.S. dollar.

If you do not believe me, check the chart below.


Trade Weighted Exchange Index

As you can see, the greenback has been experiencing an unprecedented decline since 2001. No doubt much of the weakness in the dollar was caused by another guns-and-butter President: George W. Bush.

Just 2½ years into office, Obama is pushing the value of the dollar even lower. It’s so low that the value of the U.S. dollar now threatens to undermine our future and our children’s future.


To read the rest of the article go here:


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As Obama takes another [undeserved] bow, President Bush comfortably retreats in the satisfaction of getting the job done. It was George W. Bush who laid out the steps that needed to be done to get the number one most wanted man, as his country, and the world, unleashed vile and contempuous accusations at him. http://bit.ly/ktv3ok
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Obamacare Forces SEIU to Drop Children’s Coverage
It seems the free market is much more compassionate than Ms. Nanny State after all . . . . At the end of October the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) informed dues-paying members of its monstrously large 1199 affiliate in New York that it was dropping health care coverage for children. That's correct, you read it right, an ultra-radical Marxist union, not evil Republicans, is abandoning our ‘chilluns’ to cut rising health care delivery costs . . . .
According to The Wall Street Journal, more than 30,000 low wage service industry families will suffer because of the decision. Who's to blame? Mitra Behroozi, SEIU 1199 benefits manager, singled out oppressive new government regulations, including the progressives’ sacred cow, Obamacare. Specifically the rule forcing insurers to cover dependents of policy holders until age 26 was singled out by Behroozi who said the Union’s financial resources are “already stretched as far as possible.” These things will happen when to a Union that pushes hundreds of millions of dollars toward losing Democratic candidates and $60 million to elect Obama himself. Not to mention anteing up bus fare for thousands of their SEIU employees to stand out in the sun at a Comedy Central anti-TEA Party rally in Washington five days before the election. The road to hell is paved with progressive intentions . . . .
Obama and Dems Push for Trickle-up Poverty
Margaret Thatcher’s famous line about socialism, “Sooner or later they’ll always run out of other people’s money,” seems quite appropriate these days given the Obama administration’s and Congressional Democrats’ penchant for taxing and spending and expanding the size and scope and unconstitutionality of the federal government. At this moment when the fate of the soon-to-be-expired Bush Tax Cuts is still in the balance, it seems evident that the contrast between the two major parties could NOT be greater. The Republicans seeking smaller government, lower spending and lower taxes are seeking the obvious “trickle-down” economic answer that worked so well for Ronald Reagan and over the first three years of the G.W. Bush administration. The Democrats as always are seeking more taxes to spend for an ever bigger and more controlling and intrusive federal government . . . while doing so they’re hoping to inspire the middle-class voter with wealth-envy by letting only the tax cuts for those earning $250,000 or more annually expire . . . policies that Reaganites called “trickle-up” poverty.
Chinese, Russians Show Disdain
for Dollar as Trade Currency
China and Russia have jointly announced that they will use their own currencies for bi-lateral trade in an effort to avoid the risk that the two nations say the American dollar now represents. While Beijing and Moscow have long wanted to heal their longtime “rift,” the announcement of their trade settlement being based upon their own currencies is a telling statement about the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank’s recent Q1 and Q2 monetary easing (demonetizing American debt and devaluing the dollar). In effect both nations are saying, “Our currency is stronger than the BUCK; and so is yours so let’s abandon the dollar and protect our domestic economies.
The two countries have long used the currencies of other countries, most notably the American dollar for bi-lateral trade. Recently, however, the Chinese Yuan has been traded against the Russian Ruble in the Chinese interbank market while the Renminbi/Yuan from China is soon expected to trade against the Ruble in Russia according to Vladimir Putin in a press conference in a meeting with Chinese leader Wen who was making a trip to Russia two months after Russian President Dmitry Medvedev's three-day visit to China in September, during which he and President Hu Jintao launched a cross-border pipeline linking the world's biggest energy producer with the largest energy consumer.
From the viewpoint of America’s economy, IF this Chinese-Russian agreement proves to be but the first of a cascade of nation’s “bailing out of the dollar” truly bad times are ahead. From the viewpoint of anyone holding dollar bills, including all American citizens, the real question is “What took so long?” In late 2008, Fed Chief Ben Bernanke printed up fourteen times the circulating currency in the United States in new bills. Thus, then with fifteen times the previous level in circulation, the 2009 dollar was POTENTIALLY worth just 6 2/3 pennies of the 2008 greenback. Now in 2010, the two quantitative easings (Q1 and Q2) have doubled the money in circulation as recently as July of this year . . . potentially, then the dollar is currently worth 3 1/3 cents of the September, 2008 dollar. All in all, news that makes you proud to be an American, eh?
Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,
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“If all you have is a hammer, after a while, the whole world starts looking like a nail.”

Were Democrats Victimized

by their Own Shenanigans?

Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats find themselves fully flummoxed and feeling flimflammed by the voters they’ve been working so feverishly and frantically for. It seems that in the 21st Century, government throwing large amounts of money at problems A) is not that popular with the voters and B) doesn’t work. Hey, what’s that all about?

Rajjpuut used to work as a health educator for Blue Cross and Blue Shield. One of the “studies” that BC and BS did involved a series of actors going around to physicians reportedly suffering severely with fictitious but reasonable symptoms). It was discovered that surgeons wanted to surge into the body with a scalpel; radiologists thought the patients needed to be zapped; internists considered only the wisdom of potions, powders and pills; and chiropractors thought that body alignment was clearly necessary.

In a different study, psychologists found that chess masters routinely either missed or took much longer to discover unique two-move checkmate patterns when their thinking process got tangled up in five- eight- or ten-move combinations leading to far more familiar patterns . . . what’s up? In a phrase: it’s a scientific principle called the “Einstellung Effect” which is a fancy way to say that when all you have is a hammer, after a while the whole world starts to look an awful lot like a nail. Specifically, the Democrats are “one-trick ponies” who solve problems (or invent problems to solve; or cause problems and then set out to cure them) with only one specialized technique: upping taxes and throwing money at the symptoms of the problem (never the underlying cause which is all too often an initial excess of government involvement).

So our current exacerbation of our fiscal problems under Barack Obama may well be a lesson in the futility of money-throwing and an example of redistributive wealth (as a solution) coming out second-best to the Einstellung Effect, at least that’s one possibility, but other than in revisionist history (where the progressives change things to be more to their liking calling, for example, the Italian Fascists an example of the evils of right-wing ideology when anyone doing a modicum of research finds out that the Italian labor unions rose up against the corporate bosses and seized power and then after seizing power across all of Italy, they elected Benito Mussolini to lead the entire nation. Last time anyone checked, labor unions are NOT a right-wing, but rather a left-wing manifestation. The progressives who used to call themselves Liberals are guilty of revisionism at least 100 times a day in major comments found in print, on the air or online.

Hmmmmm, the Einstellung Effect or progressives’ own historical revisionism coming back to bite them in the butt, ooh what a “Behar” (as in calling someone “a son of a Behar”). Of course, if you believe as Rajjpuut does that the 100% accurate and real ditch story is this one:

George W. Bush saw Obama, Clinton, ACORN and progressive politicians deliberately pushing the car (the economy) toward a 500-foot cliff (utter financial disaster) and jumped into the front seat, grabbed the wheel and slammed on the brakes, thus initiating a controlled skid that deposited the vehicle into the nearest friendly-looking ditch.

For more on the details of this version of the now famous car and ditch showing that progressives created a bad law under Jimmy Carter (CRA ’77 which forced mortgage lenders to make knowingly bad loans) which was first expanded by regulatory fiat under Clinton and then expanded legislatively by Slick Willy three times (twice in 1995; and the steroid-version expansion in 1998); and all the while abused by ACORN to at day’s end cause us our worst financial comeuppance since 1929 . . . . Go here for those details and be shocked to find that supposedly 'stupid' G.W. was acutely aware economically and proved himself a hero according to Treasury Sec. Timoth Geithner:


So the truth is that former ACORN lawyer and bank brow-beater and shake-down solicitor for the propagation of CRA ’77, Barack Obama, actually did 10,000 as much harm to the U.S. economy prior to October 2009 as George Bush ever did . . . and that since taking office in January, 2009, he’s done more harm to the U.S. economy than any man since the days of Herbert Hoover and FDR (two infamous progressives) . . . . it all sounds like the Democrats have been hoisted upon their own petard just as they were back in 1933 when FDR came into office and started breaking his campaign vows to, you guessed it, lower taxes and lower spending which is what Warren G. Harding had done in 1920 when he inherited a much fiercer depression from Woodrow Wilson than anything we’ve seen since: Harding cut taxes 48%; government spending 49%; and paid down the national debt by 30%.



So, is Rajjpuut saying that Democrats deliberately did the country in? As a matter of fact, he’s saying that the Progressive ultra-left-wing of the Democratic Party which has co-opted the Democratic Party did just that . . . but let’s pretend you consider such utterances to be “conspiracy theory” nonsense . . . well, given the facts as they stand you can instead call them extraordinarily INEPT instead and we’ll both be happy.


Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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Tax and Spend Democrats Sure
to Hit ALL of Us in 2011
In the ultimate condemnation of the Democratic Party and a scenario likely to become common across the nation in the next two months . . . the Wyoming Attorney General’s office has recently been swamped with inquiries about legal steps required to avoid life-saving medical care. The patients involved prefer death in 2010 to leaving their heirs open to sky- high estate taxes following death in 2011 or later. At present and until midnight of December 31, 2010 the estates of dying Americans will not be subject to taxes. After the Bush estate taxes expire one second past “Auld Lang Syne,” the so-called “Death Tax exemption” will go back to $1 million. The effect on small business and family business and family farms is sure to be devastating. Isn’t this a wonderful set of affairs, to save your family’s farm or business, you basically have to do yourself in . . . thank you, thank you, Barack . . . now that’s “fundamental transformation.”
Here’s what you can look forward to as the Bush tax cuts enacted in 2001 and 2003 all expire (information from the great folks at MyDollarPlan.com) unless something is done in Congress very soon:
Tax Cuts Expiring in 2010
1. Income Tax Rates. The top tax rate rises from 35% to 39.6%. In addition, if nothing is done, it will mean higher taxes for eve