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President Trump should insist GOP leaders to allow Americans, and especially Republicans, to have political input on a new HealthCare plan.  This is the equivalent to a ‘Republican Primary’ election.

4064390248?profile=originalOffer for a national TV ‘PRIMETIME’ debate with Sen. Ted Cruz’s HealthCare v. the Senate and House versions of our Moderate Capito Hill GOP leaders.  Americans and specifically Conservatives deserve to be allowed to see our/their plans.

““Currently, for a variety of reasons, we are not ready to vote for this bill, but we are open to negotiation and obtaining more information before it is brought to the floor," Cruz said in a joint statement with U.S. Sens. Rand Paul of Kentucky, Mike Lee of Utah and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin.” 

Why does the Moderate Capitol Hill Republican Party leaders refuse to either offer Sen. Ted Cruz’s ‘Repeal and Replace’ of ObamaCare?

Americans deserve better.  President Trump, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan should offer for a TV ‘debate’ in ‘PRIMETIME’.  Allow Americans to have input.  A few GOP Moderate leaders, behind closed doors, should not be making the decision as to what will be allowed on to vote in the Senate and/or in the House.

You may remember it was Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who allowed the so-called Ominous Budget 2015 to be voted on, and whereas Sen. Mitch McConnell cut a ‘hidden’ financial deal with President Obama and Democrat Senate Majority Leader, Harry M. Reid for Kentucky to get millions of dollars for himself; over the entire American budgetary system.


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By Oscar Y. Harward


Americans are troubled with SCOTUS’s Decision on ‘same-sex’ marriage?  Who is/are responsible?


Everyone must look at their family, their neighbors, their friends, their brothers and sisters in their Houses of Worship, and look into the mirror.  Review yourself as to how you/they vote, it you/they vote, and to whom do you/they support and on what issues.  What are you doing in helping?


President Obama has presented 2 SCOTUS  nominees to the Senate and perhaps, upwards toward 50 or more for ‘confirmation’ or ‘rejection’ into the Federal Judiciary.


Current History reveals Democrats consistently support ‘left-wing’ and ‘anti-Christian’ value based nominees.


Among  2 Obama SCOTUS nominees, whom both were known as having histories of ‘left-wing’ and ‘anti-Christian’ opinions and values, several Republicans In Name Only (RINO) Republicans voted ‘AYE’ to ‘confirm’ these and other ‘left-wing’ and ‘anti-Christian’ value based Obama nominees.


On 8/06/2009, and on ‘confirmation’ votes of SCOTUS nominee, Sonia Sotomayor, 9 Senate Republicans voted ‘AYE’ to ‘confirm’ this nominee: Alexander (R-TN), Bond (R-MO), Collins (R-ME), Graham (R-SC), Gregg (R-NH), Lugar (R-IN), Martinez (R-FL), Snowe (R-ME), and Voinovich (R-OH).


On 8/05/2010, and on ‘confirmation’ votes of SCOTUS nominee, Elena Kagan, 5 Senate Republicans voted ‘AYE’ to ‘confirm’ this nominee: Collins (R-ME), Graham (R-SC), Gregg (R-NH), Lugar (R-IN), and Snowe (R-ME).


You may find many RINO Republican with high record votes representations contrary to (y)our GOP Platform.  The GOP Platform is ‘right’ on fiscal, social, and national security issues.  Many Republicans do not support (y)our Platform; but do receive Republican Party monies ‘solicited’ and ‘disbursed’ regardless of their support on Platform issues.


Capitol Hill Republican leaders have gone astray from our GOP Platform issues.  Conservative Republicans Christians must support Christian values.  Otherwise, get out!

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By Oscar Y. Harward

Republican legislators are broadly departing on ‘divisional’ issues.  Americans are witnessing giant separation votes.

Republican Party candidates are only required to have an ‘R’ attached to their name in receiving (re)election contributions from the RNC and/or its political subsidiaries; regardless of the candidates’ political viewpoints, their personal and/or political records, their values, and/or their support of the GOP Platform.

The GOP Platform begins with “We the People”.  Many GOP officials lack the courage in supporting Constitutional issues based on our GOP Platform, and/or our Christian values.  Our GOP Platform is a blueprint; a resolve of political convictions with character. file:///C:/Users/Oscar/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/Temporary%20Internet%20Files/Content.IE5/JTQM7ERK/2012GOPPlatform.pdf

Many Republican Party legislators, after little to no background research, appoint and/or confirm individuals to offices, including SCOTUS nominees, even when the candidate(s) support(s) bigger government and fewer individual freedoms.

During the 2014 election year season, Washington based Republican Party leaders raised enormous amounts of GOP associated money, and while rejecting Conservative Republican Party candidates in GOP ‘primaries’, distributed GOP funds to more ‘left-of-center’ candidates who mildly support President Obama’s and the Democrat Party’s ‘leftist’ issues.

GOP candidates receiving ‘RNC and all other GOP subsidiary associated monies’ must/should be required to support a minimum of 80% of our GOP Platform issues on ‘divisional issue’ decrees.

GOP leaders must reject all Democrat’s left-wing philosophies.  Republican Party leaders must discard their own failures; then restart, restore, and/or replace our political leaders by building an honorable, responsible, and Conservative Republican Party.

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By Oscar Y. Harward

THE BOTTOM LINE as I see it:  Republicans and other Conservatives must remember in 2016 how Capitol Hill Republican Party leaders rejected TEA Party Republican candidates in the Primary and General Elections of 2014; as well as the Capitol Hill 2015 Congressional election for Speaker of the House, etc.  Republican Party money including the RNC, RNSC, and RNCC was given or spent on main-stream Republican Party candidates and/or their candidacy campaigns; not Conservative TEA Party Republican Party candidates.

In Election 2014, many main-stream Republicans joined President Obama, Sen. Harry Reid and most other Democrat Party leaders in openly criticizing Conservative TEA Party Republican Party candidates.

TEA Party members and/or associates are made up primarily of working, middle-income Americans who are exhausted at legislators for ignoring our US Constitution based on Christian values and “ripping off” the American taxpayers with more ‘deficit’ spending.  TEA Party members and/or associates want smaller government, lesser services, reducing deficits, and smaller taxes.  TEA Party members and/or associates are delighted to pay required taxes for needed services and needs.  TEA Party members and/or associates want the opportunity to better themselves financially better by working harder and smarter.

The breakdown on ‘Social’ issues in America that is destroying our Constitution is a failure of legislators to support our Founding Fathers’ inserted Christian values.

In 2016, we must not allow fat-cat Republicans to use their money in ‘purchasing’ RINO Republican’ Party candidates in elections over Conservative Republican Party candidates who will support ‘Social’ issues as well as Fiscal and National Security issues. 

In this election season, the more moderate Capitol Hill GOP leadership bullied their way to victory with legislators’ threats of denying National Republican Committee (RNC), National Republican Congressional Committee’s (RNCC), and the Republican National Senate Committee (RNSC) financial support as well as removal from any leaders within caucus committees and sub-committees. 

The ‘Main-stream’ Medias would have had fun reporting how GOP Congressional legislators have been demoted with their other fellow Republican Party legislators by the Capitol Hill GOP leadership.  Capitol Hill GOP leaders should be based on professional abilities; not on supporting legislation requiring more spending as required by more moderate Republican Party political leaders.

Conservative Republicans across America have screamed to Capitol Hill GOP leaders to stop-the-spending, repeal ObamaCare, investigate and prosecute government criminals, eliminate or reduce entire agencies in government, cut taxes, etc.  Our GOP leaders are not listening as they are ‘forcing’ their own agendas on us; much like Capitol Hill Democrats forced ‘ObamaCare’ on us in 2009 and 2010.

Republicans must share the blame and the shame for President Obama’s $4.27 Trillion of ‘deficit’ spending within Fiscal 2011 thru Fiscal 2015 as a House majority under Speaker John Boehner and his Republican Party majority voted for each and every one of these ‘deficit’ dollars spent.

Speaker John Boehner has surrounded his own leaders so as to act with totalitarian leadership while denying Conservative legislators’ proposed legislations; a decision that will prove to be a weakened Capitol Hill Republican Party and many  of his following to become defeated in the 2016 Primaries and/or the General Elections.  The ‘deficit’ spending continues.

Conservatives across America must continue a fight against President Obama, the Democrat Party, and now the RINO Republican Party’s failures as requested by our GOP Platform including ‘social, fiscal, and national security’ issues.  Capitol Hill Republicans are ignoring the cry.  Their time in service will run out.

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The Rino Twins

The elections are behind us, but what really counts is what is ahead.  Two of the most prominent leaders to emerge are the least likely to do anything but satisfy their own quests for glory and pad their wallets.  John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are ready, able and willing to let Obama run roughshod over our country as long as they get their share of the booty.

Both of these guys seem to be devoid of any conscience when it involves the downfall of our country and our sovereignty.  We can hope and wait for them to help us, but I believe it is fruitless.  Their parlor tricks are designed to make the electorate think they are standing for conservative principles while they are doing the opposite. They started their new terms with statements that show they have surrendered to Obama before the first fight.  They stood back and watched amnesty being proclaimed without a whimper.

Another indicator of how serious they took this threat to our country is how quickly they packed for their holiday home visits while huge events were unfolding in D.C. and nationally.  They are really watching our backs from the dinner table.  Both of these guys have attempted to destroy conservatives wherever they find them. They cannot be trusted.

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of being played by the illegitimate politicians in D.C.  The Republican party is mostly populated by turncoat rinos.  How can conservatives survive in this environment?  The only answer is to either thin the herd or form another party.  The Thad Cochran spectacle in Mississippi showed the extremes Mitch will go to defeat a conservative.  It may be that a third party movement can only claim victory by causing defeat to rinos.  Hopefully, some conservatives will be elected.  We have to start somewhere.

As far as Boehner goes, he is capable of making sounds like he is offended by Obama or the liberal agenda and then voting for them on every issue.  If he is reprimanded or called out, he is capable of crying spontaneously while denying any accusation of wrong doing.  He has shown how far gone he is, by asking Obama to time his amnesty for post election when it would do the most harm to conservatives.

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Republicans or Dinosaurs?

Mitch McConnell and John Boehner just don't get it.  They seem to have no idea  whom they are supposed to represent.  They don't appear to know what the recent election was about.  From their recent actions and statements, they seem to believe that voters were pleased by the current regime and wished to keep everything in "status quo" mode. They got it wrong.

It is completely unacceptable for so-called representatives to ignore voters and make deals with the political opposition before the fight is fully engaged.  The leaders of the Senate and the House of Representatives are acting more like girly boys at a tea party than men who are standing for principles of our founding fathers.

Why would anyone who believed in our nation and what it stands for ever compromise with evil.  The current regime in D.C. is evil.  It is an abomination to allow Muslims to worship Allah in a Christian Church.  Muslims hate Christianity and  everything it stands for.  They endorse all forms of practices that are offensive to Christians and humans in general.

When McConnell and Boehner compromise with Obama, they are endorsing his abominable beliefs and practices.  These two politicians are poster boys for what is wrong with politics and what is wrong with career politicians.  Any representative and senator who support them for leadership positions should pay the price when they stand for their next elections.

The Republicans are almost ready for extinction.  They seem to believe if they stand for nothing, that they can't lose.  I'm putting the establishment on notice: Being amoral and trying to get along with progressive Democrats is not endearing the electorate to you.  You will go the way of the dinosaur and to wherever they allow RINOs (Republicans in name only) in the future.

You, Mitch, to say that government shutdowns are off the table before the argument is engaged is appalling.  It is surrendering before a shot is fired.  Sadly a new senator from Colorado is following your lead in this.  Cory Gardner is saying we are too civilized to shut the government down.  This shows no value for the constitution and for the American Revolution.  Where do politicians of this caliber come from?

Hopefully, some of our representatives will have more courage and appreciation of what America represents.  Self-serving politicians are causing the loss of liberty and our national sovereignty.  We must fight like our nation and our freedom depends on us.  Maybe then we can emerge  from the curse which is Obama's legacy and become a stronger people who have met the enemy and fought the good fight with the help of our Creator.

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We Won: Must Hold Their Feet to the Fire.

TeaParty-Sheriff-website.jpgMy lovely wife and I shared a victory toast and a kiss in front of the fireplace in the lobby of the hotel that we are staying in Colorado, upon the announcement that the GOP won the Senate. Our Conservative Campaign Committee team has been here for weeks working to elect Cory Gardner for U.S. Senate. Gardner won!

Folks, please do not get me wrong: I am elated that the GOP has won control of the Senate. Despite their faults, the GOP is closest to our principles and values. Also, we desperately needed to dethrone evil madmen Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader.

However, I must confess that it was annoying to watch Karl Rove on TV pounding his chest in victory about how he and his group pushed the Tea Party nut candidates out of the race. Rove had the nerve to say he and his people wanted the best electable conservative candidates. That simply is not true.

Chris McDaniel, to name one, in Mississippi was an awesome extremely electable Tea Party conservative who was pushed out of the race with GOP dirty tricks which included race-baiting. Yes, you heard me correctly. The GOP establishment machine engaged in the Democrat-gutter, tried and true, despicable tactic of race-baiting to screw McDaniel. I know. I know. You're saying, C'mon, Lloyd, that's in the past. We won. Celebrate and get over it. Sorry, folks. I expect better from our side.

Rove and his deep-pocketed homey’s strategy of the GOP keeping a low profile and letting Obama hang himself worked okay. Unfortunately, exit polling revealed that the GOP is still viewed unfavorably by a majority of voters. Given the horrors and scandals of the Obama regime, the Republican wave should have been a tsunami. What if the GOP had offered an agenda inspiring people to vote FOR them rather than AGAINST Obama? What if the GOP boldly articulated why conservatism is the best and most direct path for each and every American to achieve their American dream?

Two remarkable things happen this election that strongly suggest that blacks are open to hearing what Conservatism has to offer over Liberalism. A video of urban blacks in Chicago trashing Obama and the Democrats went viral.  My lifelong Democrat 86 year old black dad called from Maryland to tell me that he did not like any of the candidates, but voted Republican. Folks, that is huge. Dad has always believed that a vote for a Republican is a vote for the KKK. So something is up.

Republicans now control the House and the Senate. Praise God! Now what? Word on the political street is the GOP plans to give the Tea Party the finger.

Patriots, we must be more mobilized and engaged than ever. We must do everything in our power to push the GOP into doing what we worked our butts off for them to do: Stop Obama's Agenda!

D.C. insiders say that the GOP strategy is not to push back too soon or too hard against Obama's agenda as not to be called arrogant, aggressive and mean by the MSM. The game plan is to play nice with Obama as not to hinder our chances of winning the White House in 2016.

These D.C. insiders also say repealing Obamacare is impossible and the best that we in the Tea Party can hope for is for the GOP to fix it. Mitt Romney said upon the GOP winning the Senate an immigration bill would be top priority.  You see where this is headed folks? The GOP plans to go swishy on us and implement a Democrat-lite agenda.

We can not and will not allow them to get away with it. I am proposing that the united forces of the Tea Party launch “Operation Hold Their Feet to the Fire”. Every individual, group and organization must use their gifts, talents, skills and passion to force the GOP to do the right thing.

Folks, we have brilliant minds on our side. I have met many of you traveling on over a dozen national bus tours, attending over 400 tea party rallies. I challenge you to think of strategic ways to turn the GOP's agenda to our agenda; repeal Obamacare, secure our borders, fiscal responsibility, restoring our freedom and liberty and turn us back to one nation under God.

Ronald Reagan: “There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don't care who gets the credit.” Patriots, I am calling for an all hands on deck drill to save our country by holding the Republicans' feet to the fire. Frankly, I do not care which Tea Party group, organization or individual that leads the charge. Let's just get it done!

Everyone pulling together is how we (Conservatives) won big in 2010, shocking Washington D.C., despite being ignored by the MSM.

As I said, we are in Colorado, too busy campaigning to enjoy the world renowned hot springs. In celebration of the Republican wave, America's push back against socialism, we can relax a bit. Mary and I plan to enjoy a few relaxing therapeutic soaks in the sulfur smelling hot springs.

Then, we will be ready to pack our bags and hit the road on a “Hold Their Feet to the Fire Tour”. I have even written a soon to be released theme song.

I thank God for our victory. But, there is still much more work to be done; miles to go before we sleep.

Congrats patriots, taking the U.S. Senate is a major step in the right direction.

I don't know why, but I feel compelled to end with this video of Kate Smith singing “God Bless America”.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American

Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee

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By Oscar Y. Harward


It has been my pleasure to contribute in building a North Carolina Conservative ‘SOCIAL ISSUES’ first Republican Party for nearly 50 years.  


In 1980 and 1984, GOP nominee Ronald Reagan won the General Election and re-election, respectively, while winning the hearts of America by placing ‘SOCIAL ISSUES’ first.


NC had the Honor of having Sen. Jesse Helms to practice ‘SOCIAL ISSUES’ first for 30 years.  Many state and local governments have now switched from Democrat to Republican controlled governments. 


‘SOCIAL VALUES’ are now retreating.


Our Republican National Committee (RNC), Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Speaker John Boehner, and others are ignoring and/or rejecting the GOP Platform as they have joined the Chamber of Commerce in building their PAC ‘FISCAL ISSUES’ with GOP CASH; to spend destructively and immorally defeat outstanding Conservative TEA Party Republican Party candidates.  These ‘MAIN-STREAM’ Republicans CRITICIZE, DISCREDIT, MISREPRESENT, and even LIE to defeat SUPERIOR Conservative TEA Party Republican candidates in primaries across the entire USA.


Washington based Main-stream Republicans are ignoring the GOP Platform on ‘SOCIAL ISSUES’ first.  It is difficult for Conservative Republicans to support ‘MAIN-STREAM’ Republican nominees who have unjustly misrepresented EXCEPTIONAL Conservative TEA Party Republican candidates.


TEA Party’s CORE PRINCIPALS are RIGHT on the ISSUES; Budget & Economy, Civil Rights, Corporations, Crime, Drugs, Education, Energy & Oil, Environment, Families & Children, Foreign Policy, Free Trade, and Government Reform.


Washington’s GOP leaders and many ‘MAIN-STREAM’ GOP CANDIDATES are WRONG on several issues.  To win, God’s HOLY BIBLE Commandments and values MUST COME FIRST.

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You may decide to stay home or just skip these Republicans In Name Only (RINO) Republicans on the ballots in the upcoming November 2014 General Election.


If RINO Republicans are joining up with Liberal Democrats to win primaries and to defeat Conservatives Republicans, why should you and I vote for these dirty, ruthless, and liberal Republicans?


The Republican National Committee is silent as the so-called main-stream Republicans across America attack their own base, the Conservative TEA Party Republicans in 2014 Republican Party primaries.


It was Republicans In Name Only (RINO) Republicans on Capitol Hill like Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Speaker of the House John Boehner, Sen. John McCain, and many others who support Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS) after Mississippi Republicans called on Mississippi Democrats to go out and vote for Thad Cochran.


“It was the Republicans in Washington and their allies in Mississippi who distributed fliers to Democrats in Mississippi calling conservatives racists, klansmen, Nazis, etc. It was a concerted effort by the GOP to beat their own base at any cost.”

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By Oscar Y. Harward


Democrat and Republican leaders ‘mislead’ House and Senate legislators to vote ‘AYE’ in support of the ‘so-called’ bipartisan Patty Murray/Paul Ryan legislation. “The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013” cuts our military personnel benefits; COLA for our military retirees who are under age 62, and our retiree/disabled members and their dependent/survivors; including our ‘Wounded Warriors’.


Now GOP leaders are considering ‘forcing’ Conservative TEA Party Republicans to vote ‘AYE’ on increasing an ever increasing National Debt so as to ‘cover Republican leaders’ earlier wrongful guidance.


February 10, 2014 ‘Time’ says GOP leaders, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are considering attaching legislation of ‘raising the National Debt’ to ‘restoring the rollback of military pension cuts’; as so many voted ‘AYE’ for H.R. 59.


This vote would restore earlier described military cuts; however, restoring military benefits could stand on its’ own merit.  The difference is passage of this legislation would expand more ‘deficit spending’ and ‘diminish’ much of the promised budget cuts.


This ‘forcing’ vote, as presented, could/would force Conservative TEA Party Republicans to vote ‘AYE’ in raising a ‘bloated, out-of-control, deficit spending’ National Debt limit legislation just for restoring our military retirees and ‘Wounded Warriors’.


Conservative TEA Party Republicans and all other American ‘Patriots’ must ‘compel’ the ‘MORAL, FISCAL, and NATIONAL SECURITY’ actions to be successful in the finale.  We must join together and ‘attack all corruption’ in Washington; be it be Democrats, Republicans, and/or Independents.


If ‘forcing’ McConnell’s and Boehner’s legislation is their best political decision, they may belong in the same ecosystem of these ‘politically corrupt’ politicians as in the White House and others on Capitol Hill. 


Senator McConnell and Speaker John Boehner must not hold GOP legislators and/or military earlier retirees, their dependents and/or our ‘Wounded Warriors’ as ‘captives’ due to their own ‘wrongful and thoughtless’ leadership decisions on Capitol Hill.

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Conservatives - It's Game Time 2014


Hotline from Little Tboca’s computer, January 16, 2014 @ 1:30 PM - like many of my friends every now and then we must take a deep breath, stand back and analyze where we’ve been and where we’re going. 

The “been” part is past but it definitely will affect the “going” in 2014.  Did a little surfing and read some hot off the press articles like the one from Allen West that Judson Phillips posted. It’s a message from Col. Allen West to TPN – do not miss this one…

Here’s a brief from the article this AM, “House Speaker Boehner and Obama want to pass ‘fast track’ in January before opponents have a chance to organize. They need ‘fast track’ to ram the job-killing TransPacific Partnership (TPP) globalist agreement through Congress. They are backed by the same big government corporatist insiders who have declared war on the Tea Party.”  “It’s game time Conservatives and we’d better sell our cloaks and buy our arms before we’re blind-sided.   

First is knowing your enemies and that’s a tough job to keep up with, but watch out for a few bad boys in Washington like Mitch McConnell an antiquated run of the mill politician from Kentucky.  Mitch has taken on the tough job of stomping on the Tea Parties because of the intense desire to defund Obamacare.

Mitch is also one of those cowardly creeps who personally attacked Ted Cruz and Mike Lee for encouraging defunding of Obamacare.  In fact Mitch joined ancient scary Harry and they used a trumped up scheme to fund Obamacare with just 51 votes in the Senate.  So much for loyalty and patriotism from Mitch – he will continue his mission to attack and harm the Tea Parties if possible.

John McCain from my State of Arizona is a dyed in the wool flip-flopper who is available to any if the price is right.  Recently reprimanded or I should say censored by the Maricopa Republican Party saying his voting record  has been disastrous and harmful to Arizona and the United States.

The Maricopa Republicans Party says, “McCain has abandoned our core values and has been eerily silent against Liberals, yet publicly reprimands Conservatives in his own Party.”  Flash - 1150 Republicans voted for the censor and a piddly 351 against – this tells you that McCain is a major problem.

Tom Donohue (Pres. and CEO of the US Chamber of Commerce) is at large and needs to have his tail shaved – he has planned an all - out attack against the Tea Parties and their Conservative Nominees.  This louse along with Democrats and the Old Republican Establishment want to ram amnesty down our throats even while we’re still gagging and coughing from the sickening Obamacare law. 

Donohue is more than a little bit dangerous; the Chamber has set aside over 50 million dollars as Tom says, “to make the Tea Party feel some heat.” So the US Chamber comes loaded with some “big guns” and plenty of moolah – buyer beware!  


No sense going into a long oration about Reid and Boehner – both in a state of putrefaction coming from the same tainted or rotten basket of apples and both belong to the KOA (Kiss Obama’s Ass) club. 

Don’t know about the rest of you, but I’d keep a watchful eye on Santorum he’s not the sweet little cherub that some would like us to believe. That’s just my opinion friends!

The Old Republican Establishment requires constant vigilance – they’ve declared war not on the Obama Administration but on the Tea Parties and our brave patriots that we ushered into the House and Senate. So nothing will be easy for Conservatives in 2014 – lines have been drawn in the sand.  

We’re facing the most dangerous corrupt politicians of our time including the Obama Administration, US Chamber of Commerce, Old Republican Establishment, Soros and the Liberal News Media. 2014 will be a tough year, but all things are doable if we stand together to “TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY AMERICA (TBOCA.)

As Always,

Little Tboca

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An average $64,300 annual worker output cost originates from Dec, 2012 BLS $42,537 wage @34.4/hr work week - adjusted to $49,462 (40/hr) - plus (30%) employer paid tax (FICA, workman’s & unemployment comp, fringes, etc.).    It’s the raw average employee cost paid by lawful employers.  (employee pay deductions are about 25% income & FICA)


1) Legitimate law abiding employers pay $27,204 tax, employer paid30%/employee paid (25%) and employees get $37,096 of the $64,300 total @ 40hr/week.   2)  Criminal tax evading alien employers pay criminal aliens $12,480 for the $64,300 output and pocket the $51,820 balance (415% clear profit).    3) Criminal employers can lower prices from zero to $51,820 to eliminate law abiding competition and employees.    Competition will End!   Next, globalists will move “production” to China and pay perhaps $0.60/hr because “America can’t compete”!     It’s a cycle of bloating labor supply, poverty wages, joblessness, bankruptcy, and insanity where citizens turn everything into smoke and ash.   (Marxist revolution)

$51,820 x 100= $5,182,000

GET STRONG, DETERMINED and UNBENDING - make your legislator explain what's happening, why there are no prosecutions, and what fingers do they have in the pie!    If they need prosecuting, demand it at a state or local level.    Holder will lose his grip when the masses turn on his blatant lawlessness!

When you lift the rock, it's not a single snake, it's an unending bed of vipers, such as who pays for it, will the nation collapse, and what are the consequences.       Criminals can be held accountable in a court of law!

19 million (12.1%) were unemployed and looking for work in June and another potential 23 million equivalent jobs were lost due to working a questionable 34.5 hours instead of 40

PASS IT ON - MAKE THIS SUMMER HOTTER THAN HELL FOR THOSE WHO DESERVE IT, and bless those who endlessly sacrifice to preserve this great country!

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                        I just read a story that made my skin crawl. .  Barack Obama has declared that the federal government will send federal agents into states to take over their insurance industry if they don’t surrender to Obamacare and set up the exchanges demanded by the regime.  Obamacare was passed in 2009 using bribery and arm twisting, topped off by a complete perversion of the legislative process.  It was opposed by a huge majority of We the People and reconciliation was used in a total disregard for the normal legislative process. This action led to the TEA Party uprising in 2010 that saw Republicans sweeping elections across the nation.

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BRand Paul Mainstream?

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Rand Paul haven't always seen eye to eye, but last Thursday, they forever cemented in their political relationship.
Some see this move as another example of Senator McConnell's political savvy and survivor skills. Others see it as a sign of the Paul Clan selling out to a more main stream Republicanism.

Says Aaron Blake of the WashingtonPost:

"McConnell announced Thursday that his 2014 Senate campaign will be run by Jesse Benton, who just happens to be a former top aide to Ron Paul — the libertarian congressman that has tangled with the Republican Party establishment— and his son, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who trounced a McConnell-endorsed candidate in a primary just two short years ago.

7sT2z.WiPh.91.jpgIt’s a bold, outside-the-box move and, at least at first glance, a win-win situation for McConnell.ent for years — and his son, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who trounced a McConnell-endorsed candidate in a primary just two short years ago.

Benton is very well regarded in Washington as a grassroots strategist with an ear to the ground of the tea party movement. McConnell, meanwhile, is the leader of the Republican establishment who wants to avoid the kind of tea party uprising that brought down his protege, former secretary of state Trey Grayson, in the 2010 Senate primary. (Rand Paul trounced Grayson in that race.)"

Rand Paul has made it clear that he will be supporting McConnell in 2014, and his support, as well as the hiring of Benton, is seen as a way for Sen. McConnell to ensure he can have Tea Party support needed to ensure no primary challenger can oust him, such as with Dick Lugar earlier this year. It helps that Benton is also family to the Pauls—  he's married to Ron Paul's granddaughter. 

Some have looked to this move as a sell out from the grassroots friendly Pauls to the republican establishment. Whatever one feels, Sen. McConnell probably is now confident he's got those grassroots all behind him now.

As for Paul, his family is (by all accounts) slowly but surely climbing toward a Presidential run in the near future for Rand. 

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Norway Assassin Coverage Reveals Depth

Of NY Times Fall into Journalistic Depravity



            There was a time when the ‘Old Gray Lady’ a.k.a. the New York Times was considered ‘the GOLD standard’ of responsible journalism. That time probably ended in the 50s when they ‘carried water’  for Adlai Stevenson’s two failed presidential (over the years the Times has published 14 books on Stevenson showing remarkable constancy toward his failed candidacies -- mostly men like Dukakis, Mondale, Mc Cain, Dole and Stevenson are little more than footnotes in history) ventures.  In any case all semblance at honest, neutral journalism had utterly disappeared when they began huge campaigns of almost open support for progressives (such as Jimmy Carter in early 1976) after 1970.   During the seventies the Times had to work extremely hard to virtually ignore the truth behind  these events: two years of stock market crashing and utter financial grief, near-depression, the bankruptcy of New York City, near bankruptcy of New York State and near bankruptcy of several other eastern states and many large cities across the nation, and of course the federal bailout of New York City (NYC). The Times made a point of tying everything wrong with the nation to a certain Richard Milhous Nixon and his ‘extreme right-wing’ or ‘extreme conservative agenda’ not to mention even Watergate.  The Times and Washington Post were definitely NOT Nixon-lovers.  

Compare the absolutely minimal harm done by Nixon to this nation to the absolutely devastating financial debacle created by the actions of the progressive wing of that same Democratic Party which as we’ve documented numerous times on this blogsite** caused the aforementioned:  federal bail-out of NYC, two years of stock market crashing and utter financial grief, near-depression, the bankruptcy of New York City, near bankruptcy of New York State and near bankruptcy of several other eastern states and many large cities across the nation?

The New York Times which was clearly pro-left wing politics and left-wing politicians at that time suddenly STOPPED reporting the news with a clear left-wing slant and STARTED virtually only covering political stories with left-wing slant and ignoring any and virtually all stories that revealed any other point of view or instance of fact. Today that bias has reached crisis proportions and today the NY Times is faltering on the precipice of insolvency.  Is it fair to say, as Rajjpuut does, that the Times might still be old and gray, but she's no longer a lady?

Let’s look at two stories this past week:  Story #1: the Norwegian madman who killed 86 people with a bomb in Oslo and small arms on a nearby island is, the NY Times informs us “a Christian,” a “right-wing extremist,” a “neo-Nazi conservative,” and “far-right wing political activist.” In actual point of fact, the man was insane. His online ramblings are so numerous and voluminous that we can learn an awful lot about him and no, the New York Times is not accurate. 

Here’s what is factually known: 

1.      Breivik has told police that he was planning on hitting “other targets” as well. Those other targets included the Royal Palace, several government buildings and the Labor Party headquarters. Taken individually that’s a strike against the right; the middle and the left . . . the acts of a violent mal-content.

2.      The Norwegian assassin, Anders Behring Breivik, was insane and is still non-repentant and still states that what he did was “necessary and crucial for all of Europe.”

3.     When it comes to his politics, more than any other single point of view Anders Behring Breivik plagiarized the 'Unabomber' Theodore, Ted, Kaczynski. The Unabomber’s mad rambling “Manifesto” was quoted over and over in full or in part by Breivik in his own online manifesto. The most significant revelation is that Breivik took several pages of Unabomber dogma and, replacing a word here or there, created his own anti-multi-culturalistic manifesto.   The Unabomber was, like Breivik, an equal-opportunity hater. Despite claims that Kaczynski was a right-winger -- his bombing victims were technology company big-wigs and his writings mostly showed a severe anti-technology and anti military bent. The Unabomber was arguably a left-wing University of California at Berkeley ideologue and not a right-winger when criticizing the military-industrialists; a right-wing nutcase when talking about planet Earth. His lifestyle could likewise be interpreted either way: as a right-wing survivalist; or as a left-winger returning to nature.

How crucial is it that parts of the manifesto written by the suspect in Norway's terrorist attack were taken almost word for word from the writings of "Unabomber" Ted Kaczynski?
The passages copied by Anders Behring Breivik appear mostly in the first few pages of Kaczynski's manifesto. Breivik changed a Kaczynski comments on leftism and what he considered to be leftists' "feelings of inferiority" – mainly by substituting the words "multiculturalism" or "cultural Marxism" for "leftism."

Kaczynski, who often railed against big companies and the military-industrial complex, thought that the leftwing in America needed to grow up and yet wrote that leftists needed to lose their inferiority complex.    And he said the psychology of leftism can serve as "an introduction to the discussion of the problems of modern society in general." Breivik substituted the terms “multi-culturalism” and “cultural Marxism” for leftism in large expanses of the early writings of his own version of the “manifesto.” Like Kaczynski, Breivik was all over the place in his rambling opinions. 

Kaczynski would also say that “leftism was part of the world’s craziness.” The inconsistency of expressed beliefs for both Kaczynski and Breivik is probably far more important than the nature of the beliefs expressed. Note that the Phoenix assassin Jared Loughner (who was also originally called a right-winger; but had spent at least two years supporting and donating to Gabriel Gifford’s political advancement and espousing Marxist beliefs) while primarily a left-winger also expressed incoherent and incongruent ramblings from all over the political spectrum.


4.     The oil companies were a specific kicking boy for Breivik and environmental extremism seems to be one of his ultra-pet projects.

5.     Ragnhild Bjørnebek, a researcher on violence for the Norwegian Police Academy, described the connection between Kaczynski and Breivik as “very interesting” and commented on the startling similarities between the two terrorists.

“The Unabomber was very intelligent and who was also a person that was very difficult to detect,” she told Norwegian media.

Kaczynski plotted and carried out his deadly mail bombing spree on a 1.4-acre patch of land near Lincoln, Montana over a period of 17 years between 1978 and 1995. The Harvard-trained mathematician, who railed against the effects of advanced technology in his manifesto, was the focus of the longest and costliest manhunt in US history before his brother tipped off police in 1996.

6.     Breivik is a self-claimed “Christian” but spends almost no energy on Christianity in his writings. He seems to have used Christianity for an excuse for the violence (police say the evidence is that he’s been plotting this “for years” but there is according to police no support for his claims of being part of a militant network of “modern day crusaders” or other claims of “belonging” to any groups . . . like Kaczynski and Loughner, Breivik appears to be a hyper-loner personality. His stated desire for a series of coups d’etats across Europe appears to have been pure megalomania.

Story #2 is the debt-ceiling debate presently consuming Congress. According to the Times, the Republican Party’s hateful “obstructionism” is the cause for any ill-effects such as default or down-grading America’s credit rating that might come out of the situation. The TEA Party conservatives, the Times claims have set about to deliberately “shut the government” down; have decided that government spending can only be cut “on the backs of the poor and middle-class and the elderly.” 

Information left out by the Times is the fact that the Republican House has passed a budget (neither the nation’s Democratically-controlled House under Nancy Pelosi nor the still Democratically-controlled Senate under Harry Reid has deigned it necessary to fulfill the Constitutional requirements for passing a budget in over 800 days now). Left out by the Times is that the Republican House has passed two separate debt-ceiling bills while neither the President, nor the Senate has put anything on paper to be discussed even though this discussion on the current $14.5 TRillion national debt has been ongoing for almost eight months now. Left out by the Times is that President Obama claimed to have a deal worked out with the Republicans, went to the Senate and POOF! all deals were off; and that Senate Majority Leader Reid also claimed to have a deal in place with the G.O.P., went to the White House and POOFITY-POOF again no deal! Harry Reid claims to have a Reid proposal which John Boehner (G.O.P. Speaker of the House) and Mitch McConnell Senate Minority leader have read  -- an actual document from the Democrats?),  but has yet to bring it up for a vote in his senate.##

Most importantly left out by the Times is the true nature of Barack Obama’s supposedly constructive approach to bi-partisan compromise. After asking for huge spending hikes earlier in the year, Obama felt the need to put forth a counter-proposal to the very thoughtful Paul Ryan budget that passed the Republican-controlled House of Representatives early in the year. The Obama budget was paraded through the Democratically-controlled Senate and there it was defeated by an astonishing 0-97 vote with well over half of those ‘nays’ coming from Democrats. Rajjpuut has never heard of a president receiving less than 25% on any vote in any chamber, much-less in a chamber where his party dominates . . . that’s how serious Barack Obama is about the debt-ceiling as well. It’s all about re-election and making the opposition look bad, our ‘campaigner in chief’ has yet to sit down and actually govern the nation.


Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,



$$ The motto of the Times is “All the news that’s fit to print."  In Rajjpuut's not-so-humble opinion the paper's leaving out of the Climate-Gate scandal story was their #1 ommission for the last decade; but at least a couple dozen close to as monumental stories omitted by the Times in just the last four years could easily contend.  Rajjpuut, who was his J-school's academic excellence winner and a pretty fine feature and investigative journalist in his day, believes that the utter abandonment of truth and impartiality by the New York Times is the most hideous development in the history of journalism since state-controlled newspapers in the old Soviet Union, Red China, Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy.


**            In a nutshell: Inspired by the Watts Riots, in 1966 two Columbia University (NYC) neo-Marxists sociology professors (Richard Cloward and his wife Frances Fox Piven) wrote an article in the left-wing The Nation magazine in 1966 titled The Weight of the Poor: a Strategy to End Poverty. The article revealed their effort to get a GNI (guaranteed national income) law passed in the United States by overloading the Lyndon Johnson expanded welfare rolls (he was conducting a “War of Poverty” within his “Great Society” programs). This manufactured crisis, they thought would virtually bankrupt the nation and was sure to bring Cloward’s and Piven’s Democratic Party to the rescue with the GNI.  The couple believed that the poor needed to become “storm troopers” against the middle-class and the government establishment. In a short time the “Cloward-Piven Strategy” was all the talk of the left wing individuals across the country. In late 1966 or early 1967 Cloward and Piven joined forces with Black militant George Wiley and created the National Welfare Rights Organization in 1967 to put C-P Strategy to work. Here are further important details . . . .

From 1967 to 1976 they doubled the nation’s welfare rolls from eight to sixteen million people using Saul Alinsky’s street theater and other nasty demonstrations to get left-wing social workers to cave-in to their demands for marginal or unqualified individuals to become part of the welfare system. Saul Alinsky, you’ll remember was the author of 1946’s Reveille for Radicals and 1971’s Rules for Radicals. He was also the mentor for Hillary Clinton nee Rodham and Barack Obama taught not only Constitutional Law for a short time but also a course in “Rules for Radicals” virtually non-stop during his community organizer days. The cause of the twenty-five month stock market collapse and the cause of the bankruptcy of NYC and the federal bailouts of NYC was C-P Strategy. Although they never got their GNI, Cloward, Piven and Wiley claimed victory orally and in print and told their enthusiasts that the next areas for C-P Strategy would be voter registration and housing for the poor. 

In 1977 shortly after Jimmy Carter took the Oval Office, ACORN^^ was created and the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 (CRA ’77) became law . . . forcing home lenders to knowingly make very bad loans to highly UNqualified home loan applicants. From 1975 when the suspect home loan statistics showed 0.24% of home loans were offered at 3% down payment or less (20% minimum has long been more or less standard) to 2005 when a sickening 34.2% of all home loans were suspect there were five expansions of CRA ’77 including four by Bill Clinton (one massive 1993 regulatory expansion; two smaller legislative expansions in 1995 and a steroid version expansion of CRA in 1998). By the way, Wiley and C-P lieutenant Wade Rathke who’d been active with NWRO in Arkansas since 1970 created ACORN and it was originally a “test-case” for C-P Strategy. Arkansas Community Organizations for Reform Now was so successful that although they’d only operated in one small state they doubled the nation’s suspect loan rate to 0.51% by 1985. ACORN was a success and expanded nationally becoming Associations of Community Organizations for Reform Now and a Chicago lawyer named Barack Obama served two years as their lawyer helping to shake-down and browbeat banks and mortgage companies to comply with the sick-sick tenets of CRA law. ACORN also put Bill Clinton into the Arkansas governor’s mansion in 1978 and kept him there for twelve of the next fourteen years and then into the Oval Office.


## Breaking news, John Boehner took his copy of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s plan to raise the debt ceiling a few hours ago and put it up for a vote in the House. The House pre-emptively rejected the plan after the vote came after a lengthy and acrimonimous debate, during which Nancy Pelosi compared Speaker Boehner to Darth Vader, baselessly claimed Boehner's bill "eliminates Medicare," and asserted that Republicans are destroying "the air our children breathe."  The vote to reject Reid's plan was 246-173, with 11 Democrats joining Republicans in opposition and 10 Republicans voting for Reid’s effort. This amounted to 28 more votes against Reid’s proposal than Boehner had secured a day earlier in passing his own second debt-ceiling bill (that one and the earlier “Cut, Cap and Balance Bill” are sitting on Harry Reid’s table because he would not allow debate or discussion of them.


Let us be clear: While the Times did bask gratefully in the sun during Nixon’s 67-month occupation of the presidency, Nixon’s Watergate scandal was undeniably a senseless political act driven along by a severely paranoid man intending to maintain himself in power. Nixon was a sickie, no doubt . . . but, what in reality did he actually do to the country? What did he actually do other than hurt himself and his conservative cronies miserably by trying to spy on the Democratic National Committee?  The Times diverted attention from the tons of negative stories they seldom ran about the evils being promulgated by the left wing in New York City itself to virtually insignificance while making a cause celebre` out of the Nixon White House's decadence  . . . imagine how much better the country would stand today, if the leading newspaper in America had covered the Cloward-Piven-Wiley actions as the root cause of the bankruptcy of the city in which the Times lives; and the stock market crash of '73-74; and the near bankruptcy of New York State; and the federal bailout of NYC?  Certainly our present financial malaise is unlikely to have ever happened.


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