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CIA officials, including the upper echelons are required to be apolitical.  The main purpose of the CIA is to gather intelligence on America’s enemies and guarantee the safety and security of the citizens of this country. The administration of CIA chief John Brennan came nowhere near meeting this standard. Brennan used the CIA to lies for political ideological goals. This has been shown earlier when Brennan used the CIA to conduct illegal surveillance of the Senate Intelligence Committee and then lied about it. This the same investigations that Brennan lied to Senator Feinstein about, and Brennan later apologized to the leaders of the SIC.

This the same Brennan who coerced the FBI into investigating this sham of Trump-Russia collusion using the unverified Steele dossier. In Brennan’s own words “Just because it is unverified doesn’t mean it isn’t true. A sad idea pushed by a biased has been that was trying to hold on to his job through a Hillary administration. Lying to the Security Intelligence Committee as stated above, it is now known that it was Brennan who passed on and spoke of the Steele dossier to Harry Reid and other Democrat leaders, fed allegations that remain unverified to the FBI and fed information detrimental to President Trump to the press.

 This is the same Brennan that lied about NSA surveillance of American citizens, and only avoided a perjury trial because he resigned, and the statute of limitations ran out because of obfuscation from the Obama administration. Brennan even had the audacity to proclaim he just gave the “least untruthful answer”. For anyone else, a lie like this would land them in jail. But the Obama administration and the sycophantic media ignored this crime, once again.

 The administration of the CIA under the orders of Brennan operated as a offshoot of the Hillary campaign. Using spies and connections in England and Estonia, Brennan weaponized the CIA  with the phony intelligence obtained through these sources in his attempt to delegitimize the Trump candidacy, to try and cause maximum political damage on the conservatives, and led a multiagency smear campaign that has led the government to end up in a sham of a Special Council investigation being used by the leftists to effect the midterms.

 It was John Brennan who proudly admitted voting for Communist Party leader Gus Hall, and even know supports such fellow progressive socialists as Andrew McCabe, James Comey, and his partner in crime at the highest level, James Clapper. This is the same John Brennan who invited a plethora of communist subversives into the highest positions of the CIA. Brennan talks of corruption in the Trump presidency, but fails to mention and will not discuss the political corruption of the “Resistance” which he helped to get started and continues to push lies, innuendo, and double talk. To those like Brennan, even those still in government, the though of legality is second to the thought that the ends justifies the means in the ideology of leftist thought. They have yet to understand the juvenile antics of those in government and the media are not making a difference, The only difference is the #WalkAway movement which they claim are Russian bots but are actually millions of honest Americans who are tired of the lies.

In March of 2016 The Moscow Times reported the John Brennan, still head of the CIA made a secret visit to Moscow.  At the time he met with the FSS the successor of the KGB, of which the man being demonized by Brennan, Vladimir Putin was a part.

It was in the summer of 2016, when British spy Robert Hannigan passed material to John Brennan. Brennan then passed this information to the progressives socialists on Capitol Hill. After beefing the “Gang of Eight” this same information was then passed to the New York Times, which dutifully emblazoned the front pages of their liberal rag with this information.

One on the main reasons for Brennan’s animus towards President Trump was his sympathies towards the Muslim Brotherhood and his college days where spent a year in Cairo learning about the Muslim sharia law and high end courses in Middle East Studies. He applied for and received the station chief position in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

His background and sympathies for the Muslim outlook was also a primary reason for the intense dislike he felt for Michael Flynn. It was Brennan who instigated the investigation of Michael Flynn after he had already been cleared by the FBI. It was Brennan who released the confidential transcripts of Flynn’s conversations with the Russian ambassador and made sure the press, long in Brennan’s pockets because of earlier leaks, to spread the supposed lies to Mike Pence by Flynn.

The latest unhinged tirade from this Muslim/socialist sympathizer is laughable. This self important narcissist now claims “America will triumph over you…”

Brennan also sent a aggressive threatening tweet to both Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell claiming they will bear the “responsibility of the harm done to our democracy is President Trump does not stop his disastrous path”. First, we are a Republic, not a democracy, a difference any competent CIA Director would understand. Second, the path the President Trump is following, less government control, lower taxes, and border security, is the one the majority of Americans back and understand. His tweet pertained to the definitive proof that the FBI had an informant in the Trump campaign.

Perhaps this man needs to go back to American History in about the sixth grade. President Trump was elected by the people of this country contrary to what Brennan, Clapper, and all the others ensconced in the Deep State believe. He had already called for the executives in the Trump administration of refuse the orders of the President if they didn’t agree with the order. There is no doubt that Brennan and the others will continue to move forward in the adolescent ranting of impeachment and a coup to lead to civil war.  It is all they have. They couldn’t beat Trump, they can’t turn his supporters (a group growing every day) against him, and no one listens to their lapdogs in the media anymore.

There is so much more to this web that Brennan has achieved. Passing the information to Harry Reid, who then wrote an open letter to James Comey which also happened to end up with the New York Times filled with lies and unverified innuendo. Or other agents and intelligence officials who were invested in a Clinton victory like former deputy of the CIA Mike Morell.

30 years CIA field operations officer Gene Coyla said the “Brennan is known as the greatest sycophants in the history of the CIA and a big supporter of Hillary Clinton. What has not been made clear if the John Brennan, along with a multitude of others are no longer part of any governmental decision process, and as such should have the clearances they are still using to leak to the press dismissed.

Thinking they are our betters, they understand that the media and those still in place will do the best they can to protect them. Drawing out the Mueller sham of an investigation until after the midterms will allow the progressive socialists to shut down the investigations in Congress. Then the Stalinist “show trials and investigations will begin. The impeachment process based on the banshee caterwaulings of Mad Mouthy Maxine Waters will move forward if these slimy animals are allowed to take over Congress.

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NC Republicans may reject Sen. Richard Burr’s (R-NC) reelection

NC Republican should be made aware of Sen. Richard Burr’s voting record before the 2016 GOP Primary vote; especially, inasmuch as Sen. Richard Burr refuses North Carolinians to see his and other candidates’ opinion views in a TV debate.  Here are a few questionable votes Conservatives may require an answer on from Sen. Richard Burr. 


On October 6, 2011, Sen Richard Burr voted ‘YEA’ with Sen. Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats “On the Decision of the Chair “(Shall the Decision of the Chair Stand as the Judgment of the Senate)” allowing Sen. Reid to allow a simple majority vote as final, often called a ‘Nuclear’ vote, rather than requiring a 60 vote to continue with legislation


On December 1, 2011, the US Senate voted 93-7 to approve a defense authorization bill that includes a provision which not only repeals the military law on sodomy, it also repeals the military ban on sex with animals--or bestiality. 

Earlier, there was a military law on sodomy as ban on sex with animals--or bestiality.  No more. 

December 1, 2011, Sen. Richard Burr voted ‘YEA’ to remove that military law.  It is now legal in the military to have sex with animals


“An original bill to authorize appropriations for fiscal year 2012 for military activities of the Department of Defense, for military construction, and for defense activities of the Department of Energy, to prescribe military personnel strengths for such fiscal year, and for other purposes”


June 11, 2013, Sen. Burr voted ‘YEA’ on (Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act); more ‘illegal’ immigration.

A bill to provide for comprehensive immigration reform and for other purposes


On September 8, 2014, and after a SCOTUS decision removed the limited funding in elections, and on a Cloture Vote, Sen. Burr voted ‘YEA’ with Sen. Harry Reid and the Democrat Party to REJECT the 1st Amendment rights on equal campaign donations as decided by SCOTUS


September 8, 2014, Sen. John Kerry voted ‘YEA’ to confirm President Obama’s nomination as Secretary of State


September 18, 2014, Sen. Burr voted ‘YEA’ for the Funding Syrian Rebels, another terrorist organization associated with terrorist group named al Qaeda


On December 13, 2014, and immediately after the GOP took control of the Senate, Sen. Burr voted ‘YEA’ to FUND ObamaCare and Illegal immigration   


April 23, 2015 on a Cloture Vote, Sen. Richard Burr voted ‘YEA’ to confirm Loretta E. Lynch as President Obama’s nominee for Attorney General


October 7, 2015, Sen. Burr voted ‘YEA’ for legislation that included the funding of abortions in the military; Subtitle B--Health Care Administration


Finally, it is in January news report by the Associated Press (AP) that Sen. Richard Burr told some of his supporters that he would vote for liberal Sen. Bernie Sanders for President before he would vote for Republican Ted Cruz


North Carolinians deserve a TV debate to see and hear qualified candidates as what and how they may express themselves on the issues.

Oscar Y. Harward

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Capitol Hill Republicans’ ‘LACK-OF-LEADERSHIP’ joined Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid and the LEFT-WING DEMOCRAT PARTY on their issues and destroying our GOP and its’ CONSERVATIVE VALUES.


Remember the McCain/Feingold Law?  Remember how Sen. John McCain CROSSED THE AISLE in leading Capitol Hill Republicans into giving the Democrat Party’s their favorite DONORS, all Labor Unions with almost unlimited donations, yet denied businesses from donation anything.   SCOTUS finally declared that UNCONSTITUTIONAL as unfair.


Now, it is September, 2014 and it is all over again; a violation of our 1st Amendment and our RIGHTS to give political donations as we choose.


SCOTUS, in ‘McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission’,  “The court's five conservative justices all agreed that the so-called aggregate limit on the amount of money a donor can give to candidates, political action committees, and political parties is unconstitutional.”


18 Republicans voted ‘RIGHT’ and against Harry Reid’s LEGISLATION: Barrasso (R-WY), Chambliss (R-GA), Coburn (R-OK), Crapo (R-ID), Cruz (R-TX), Enzi (R-WY), Inhofe (R-OK), Isakson (R-GA), Johnson (R-WI), Lee (R-UT), Paul (R-KY), Portman (R-OH), Risch (R-ID), Roberts (R-KS), Scott (R-SC), Shelby (R-AL), Thune (R-SD), and Toomey (R-PA).


25 Republicans voted ‘WRONG’ in support of Harry Reid’s LEGISLATION: Alexander (R-TN), Ayotte (R-NH),  Boozman (R-AR), Burr (R-NC), Coats (R-IN), Cochran (R-MS), Collins (R-ME), Corker (R-TN), Cornyn (R-TX), Fischer (R-NE), Flake (R-AZ), Graham (R-SC), Grassley (R-IA), Hatch (R-UT), Heller (R-NV), Hoeven (R-ND), Johanns (R-NE), Kirk (R-IL), McCain (R-AZ), McConnell (R-KY), Moran (R-KS), Rubio (R-FL), Sessions (R-AL), Vitter (R-LA), and Wicker (R-MS).


AMERICA, PLEASE LISTEN!  Congress should regulate political contributions only when there is POLITICAL CORRUPTION directly involved.  Otherwise, all should and must accept the SCOTUS decision.  Not so for Democrats who choose to destroy Conservative Republicans.


Remember, our National Debt is at $17.7 Trillion and growing.


The PEOPLE, and not any Congress, should decide how you and I should spend their money in elections.  You can BETCHA Congress will continue to be funded by others whom fund these LEFT-WING laws.  You can BETCHA Congress will continue in allowing MEGA-DONORS like George Soris.


What a ‘REPULSIVE LOSS’ for ALL REPUBLICANS for our Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell to lead Republicans down a polluted road.  How can so many RINO Republicans be so misled, uninformed, or just plain politically stupid as they support the Democrat Party and this legislation; all in violation of the Supreme Court on the United States decision.


We finally obtained a ‘LEVEL-FIELD’; only for Senate Republicans to join Democrats’ legislation and throw our RIGHTS away.

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Anyone for TEE?

    I don't have a clue on how you really play Golf. I do have some idea of how a Military and it's leaders are supposed to. How is it that our Golfer in Chief thinks he can send less than 400 service men into a country that needs tens of thousands there to do a real cleanup job on the "Mess he Left." The terrorist that O'bummer has supported have given the weapons from American military arsenals straight to the hands of ISIS/ISIL/IS/Lunatic Muslim Terrorist. He has given the Embassies of our country into the hands of his Terrorist brethren to use as recruitment poster materials. Ignoring the massive "Crisis" that he himself pretty much caused by his chicken little games he has played, makes a mockery of any thought that America is a great power any longer. His foray into Somalia (Code named=a day late and a dollar short) did little enough and didn't work to take the heat off of his Iraqi Fiasco.

       I thought that America could sink no lower with a Clinton at the helm, but I have been proven wrong. Sending what amounts to nothing more than a good small protest rally contingent to Iraq has again made apparent clowns from a once great national military force. Now just a Farce, led by the clown of all times.

I personally would take the responsibility of exacting the punishment of these Traitors if tried and convicted. Just line em up. Obama, Clinton, Holder, Read, Do they still have firing squads? They need to, cowards would be less likely to betray America and we could possibly be Great Again.

Capital punishment for actions that cause others to die is not against Biblical Principle in the least. To take another person's life by your actions = MURDER!  Murderers deserve The Death Penalty in this world. God will take care of them according to their repentance or lack of it, in the After Life.

I may be mistaken, but not on this point. Mistaken about the others involved in criminal actions, but not about the criminals I have named specifically.

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By Oscar Y. Harward


In another effort for President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to ‘cram tax-paid Abortion and Birth Control at taxpayers’ expense down (y)our throat’, Sen. Harry Reid and the Democrat Party majority Senate came up short of 60 votes for advancing to a vote in an effort to overthrow, by new legislation, the Hobby Lobby SCOTUS decision.


Sen. Harry Reid and Senate Democrats S. 2578 legislation was a proposed commandment against Christianity, period.  It is saddening that any Capitol Hill legislator, and specifically a Republican, who would support this proposed law.


Based on the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) Hobby Lobby decision, all Americans now have a ‘RIGHT’  in practice by choosing ‘Pro-Life’ and follow God’s law, while preventing government from forcing you and me from paying Abortion and Birth Control at taxpayers’ expense’.  Life is expressed in our Holy Bible as applied in our Declaration of Independence and US Constitution.


Sen. Harry Reid and Senate Democrats identify S. 2578 as ‘Protect Women's Health From Corporate Interference Act of 2014’.  May I rewrite their title as ‘Abortion and Birth Control at taxpayers’ Expense’ as more descriptive?


See how (y)our US Senators Voted; ‘Abortion and Birth Control at taxpayers’ Expense’:


Hobby Lobby again wins on this issue, even with 3 Senate Republicans who voted with Sen. Harry Reid and all Senate Democrats; with the exception of Brian Schatz (D-HI) who did not vote.


All 52 voting Democrats, 2 Socialist voting Independents and 3 ‘left-wing’ RINO Republicans voted with the ‘anti-Christian’ voting Democrats.  Do not be fooled.  Sen. Reid voted ‘NAY’ as under Senate Rules, his ‘NAY’ vote in a losing balloting would allow him to re-introduce this legislation later.


With the exceptions of Senators Susan Collins (R-ME), Mark Kirk (R-IL), and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), all other Senate Republicans voted in support of SCOTUS’s  5 to 4 decision allowing those with Christian values in support to ‘Pro-Life’ choice values and to permit all taxpayers from being ‘forced to pay’ for abortions and/or birth control.


No Capitol Hill or state legislator should misrepresent the facts on the Hobby Lobby SCOTUS decision as an attack on women.  This is a total lie for all who may say so.


As regard to these 3 Republican Party Senators; Collins, Kirk , and Murkowski who voted ‘against’ our Declaration of Independence as referenced in Holy Bible teachings, our GOP leadership under Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House John Boehner will continue their support of these 3 Capitol Hill legislators, just because they have an ‘R’ beside their names.  These 3 Republican Senators continue to vote against our GOP Platform as ‘non-believing’ lawmakers; all of their support will be used with precious Republican Party money.


Conservative Republicans across America must rise up against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Speaker of the House John Boehner, and other RINO Republicans as we demand full support of our GOP Platform and all Republicans who vote in support all other ‘Conservative Social issues and values’, or lose their support of GOP money and other RNC resources.

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Drawing A Line


Conservatives have long sat by as radical progressive liberals curb-stomp anyone who disagrees with their ideology. On principle, we refuse to boycott anything. That’s a tactic of the left, and the right likes to stick to the high ground, even though it means losing ground every day to the forces of tyranny.

Well, enough is enough.

Scientists who practice actual science and demand something crazy like proof before advocating for government regulations and taxes on what you exhale are harassed out of their fields. Science has devolved from posing a theory and setting about proving or disproving it to a vote by people dependent upon government grants seeking to please their master in the hope of keeping the funding spigot open.

But you can’t boycott government, you can only hope to change it.

The Senate Majority Leader is using taxpayer dollars to attack private citizens for opposing the progressive agenda and donating to causes in which they believe, while using his position to advance the self-enriching agenda of a progressive billionaire dangling $100 million in campaign funds in front of his nose.

But you can’t boycott Harry Reid, you can only hope to remove his majority.

POLL : Should Voter ID be required in every state?

The New York Times can champion “equal pay for women” in 90 different pieces as they pay their first female executive editor significantly less than the man she replaced, and the men with whom she’d worked previously. They serve as town crier for victimhood as they perpetrate the victimization they decry.

But boycotting the New York Times is like protesting to the Captain about the bumpy landing of the Hindenburg – it’s going down on its own.

The IRS has been weaponized against American citizens who seek only to have their voices heard by a government that wants nothing more than to shut them up, in direct violation of the document that created that government.

But you can’t boycott the IRS because, well, you know why.


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Chinese Laundering of Nevada---Chinese factory solar cellsBuilt on stolen land that smells,Where decaying dead bulls used to graze,Where helicopter snipers blaze.Oh give me a home... where the Buffalo -- no longer roams,Where ranchers used to call their homes,Where Senate thugs like Harry Reid'sPractice black heart dirty deeds.Bringing back hoe's wheels that rattleWhere his Brown Shirts bury cattle,Where Range Land once was free for grazersNow belongs to BLM Tasers.Sold to Senator Reid and Son,Before the Chinese factory's done,This land was free, now smell the stenchAnd drag the Reid's before the bench."Congress, Senate, pigs of POTUSJoin me at the courts of SCOTUS...Fight corruption where they feed,If not, Then Kiss my Harry Reid"G.Molenaar -- 28 April 2014PO Box 576Foley, Minnesota
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3 Minutes for Your Children & Grandchildren


Please friends take a minute to send the Speaker of the House John Boehner a message for Monday, spread the word and let’s keep it up every day – it only takes three minutes and you’re done.  Ask your friends, relatives and family to do the same thing.  We must learn how to have our voice heard and we can learn to use the social media the same way Obama has used it to win 2 Presidential Elections.

Here’s the url to put in your browser:     

Here’s the message I tweeted to him, sent him an email and did the same on Facebook, but everyone can craft their own little personal message.  

“We the people don’t want “Amnesty” on the table in 2014 period – we want the five scandals resolved that have threatened millions of Americans and we want you to either do your job as an American Patriot or kindly step down, Mr. Boehner.” 

If you have an extra 3 minutes send one to Harry Reid - 

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DC Appeals Court Liberal Appointments wide Open Now

Harry Reid elimination of the filibuster rules for presidential appointments means that the three judicial appointments that Obama is making this week will fly through Congress. They are liberals and one is an extreme liberal all with life time appointments . Reid should be ashamed of what he has done to our country and Obama is beyond shame. The DC  court was not backed up, but with these 3 appointments the court will flip way to the left. Now, every executive order, EPA rule or other abuse will be green lighted by the DC circuit, if Obama 's appointments follow their proven liberal beliefs.

This is probably the most damaging thing done to the US to date and a great deal has been done. We lived in a Republic where minority rights were protected, especially by the Senate in the past. Now, with Obama care passed without one GOP vote and rammed through on a technically that avoided any filibuster and now the rules change on appointments the democracy rules, the majority only. This was never intended and until Reid, Pelosi and Obama's imperial reign it was not the case. Those sorry excuses for politicians stated why this should never be done themselves when they were in the minority. Shame on them all and I pray to God America has not turned a corner that we can not come back from that these evil people have done to us all.  

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When we hear things like "government shutdown" we understand you folks on the Hill are arguing with each other and have not reached a solution... this time, under this president, a few among you have decided, "They must pay" and are causing as much "pain" to the People of the Nation as you can possibly cause.... all for a political agenda the majority of people in this Nation do. not. support....

Well, folks - I pray that ALL of you read and heed this... as those of you who are allowing this government shutdown to continue are now going to cost the American taxpayer a few Billion more dollars by your actions.....

What insults intelligence;  those in the House who listened to the American People and did the right thing (defund the ACA) - are being publicly accused of shutting down government by those who are actually guilty of refusing to listen to the American People and who did shut down the government!

Guilty are the very same people in this administration and Congress who hold the opinion “they must pay”.


There was conjecture in the press yesterday that this “government shutdown” might blow-up in the faces of President Obama and the Senate Democrats - well, now you know how it's going to begin...

Folks; yawl ought to educate yourselves before you open your mouth or act... as eventually all your chickens are gona come home ta roost. This government shutdown is likely the most serious miscalculation you have made to date!


The federal government leases land and buildings to individuals and private business - and with orders originating from the White House ordering these properties “closed” - yet the federal government gave up legal right to “close” by leasing them out to said individuals and private business.....

Those in this administration and in Congress who are forcing this shutdown neglected to consider that a LEASE runs for an average period of twelve (12) months. Since the leasee now owns legal rights to that property (and paid for those rights) - the federal government has NO right to "close" it............ And the leasee has every right to sue the federal government in a Court of Law - since the federal government is already, obviously and unconstitutionally in the wrong - no questions as to the outcome of all the countless lawsuits that will eventually be filed.... and the damages the Courts will inflict on the federal government the taxpayer is going to end up paying for....

This will probably be held true as the same reasoning for open air Veterans Memorials that are privately funded - but on federal property and we have Federal Law Enforcement directed by the White House preventing U.S. Military Veterans access........




SFC (retired) Aubrey Mason

San Antonio, Texas

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Boycott Las Vegas ?

Las Vegas, Nevada . . . America's playground and a city that promises "Whatever Happens There, Stays There."  With attractions such as these, it's no wonder why Vegas holds a special place in American's hearts, as well as their wallets . . .

Yet . . . as much as American's have earned a "well deserved getaway," they also understand that our country is undergoing a transformation to the likes and speed it has "never" experienced before . . . and sadly, not for the better.  No doubt, there's plenty of blame to go around in both the Republican and Democrat parties but there is no disputing that Harry Reid and a majority of Democrats "want total control over our country" rather than "humbling themselves" to the requests of their EMPLOYER'S . . . the American people !  This arrogant and authoritative attitude has been blatant and unyielding, revealing there is no plan to act on behalf of those they're there to serve because Harry Reid and minions know better than the American people.  Of course, the latest example of this is Mr. Reid's tirade in the Senate, unwilling to compromise on any of the issues, American's backed "post ponement" of Obamacare and last but not least, blaming The Tea Party for the gridlock and government shutdown.  All the while the Dems. have forced a government shutdown, not one scandal has been addressed, terrorist are increasing their attacks across the world but of utmost urgency, their attacks here at home !  As I write this post, the news announces that a Bosnian immigrant brought a bomb into the Jacksonville, Florida airport, to which it has been evacuated . . .

How many more attacks, shutdowns, sequestrations, scandals, etc... etc... etc...  can go unaddressed before America implodes ?  I believe we are witnessing that the "majority of Americans" don't want to wait around to find out but rather are desperately seeking immediate ways to change course - hence, boycotting the city that got Harry Reid elected ?  When voices of reason go unheard . . . THE POCKETBOOK SPEAKS VOLUMES !

Let me know your thoughts . . . for I am one who actually appreciates the input of my fellow Americans !


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They both voted for closure which let the bill go forward for a vote. As Cruz pointed out that would have been the time and place to stop the bill. Instead they voted to let it go to the floor where 51 votes was enough  to pass it. Now they can tell us they voted against the law, but essentially they worked with Reid and it passed. 

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Government Corruption

Government Corruption



Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Yeah, it is an old adage; that doesn’t make it any less true.  Webster defines corruption as: a : impairment of integrity, virtue, or moral principle :depravity  b : decaydecomposition  c : inducement to wrong by improper or unlawful means (as bribery)  d : a departure from the original or from what is pure or correct.

All of these seem to fit our present day politicians.  Is it possible that ‘C’ might be the case when it comes to winning elections?  Is it really possible that Harry Reid wins his elections “properly and lawfully” when he has go into the polling booth behind by several points including the exit poles in each of his elections except his first one without several questionable votes being cast?  The walking dead maybe?  There are several examples of this, including Barack Obama himself. 

It would seem to me that the act of enforcing your will on an unsuspecting public at the expense of the constitution and the moral principles of that self same electorate simply because you can is a pretty good definition of corruption.

Let us look at some of the nonsensical laws they propose.

The so called Amnesty Bill:  There have been two separate polls conducted among Latinos by two diverse pollsters in two different states and in each case they said no to the amnesty bill.  THEY DON”T WANT IT PASSED! 

Gun Control:  The second amendment, as we all know by now says, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.  Now they want to tell us that allowing people to own guns IF they pass a background check is not an infringement.  I sure wish I could get a hold of their dictionary.  It must have some really good flexible definitions.  The senator from my own state is hawking this bill.  Joe Manchin.  He absolutely refuses to represent his own electorate in the hope of gaining enough powerful friends to have the dead rise up and vote for him too!  If he doesn’t he will be retired and he knows it.  It’s not the paycheck folks.  He now gets that for life.

The DHS:  This little infringement on our security and freedom now targets more Americans than foreigners.  It defines its own limitations to the extent of defining what part of the constitution applies to their department.  For instance: The first and fourth amendments do not apply within one hundred miles of any US border, be it land or sea border. It also defines what laws it will enforce and which it will not. Janet Napolitano, the Secretary of the DHS testified before congress that because of the large scope of that departments responsibilities it had to be able to pick and choose which laws to “concentrate on” and it would do so.  By the way, the DOH is now the second largest police force on the planet.  The largest?  The NSA.  It’s true and you can look it up.

The DOJ:   Eric Holder was confirmed to office by the Senate on February 2, 2009 and has since then been on a rampage attempting to negate the constitution as well as the moral fiber of our country.  He found it necessary to openly state that the right to own guns is NOT guaranteed by the constitution.  He found it necessary to aver that the right of the people to use the word ‘God’ is illegal and withdrew funds from a law enforcement agency that hold meetings for a U.S. Marine group that invokes God in their meeting saying to them – “Remove the word God from your meetings and the money will be restored”.  One of his U.S. Attorneys, in Kentucky, stated blatantly that speaking against Muslims is a prosecutable violation of the law.  He gave a ‘legal’ opinion that the use of drones to spy on the American public is legal.  He has been cited for contempt of Congress.  Unfortunately to press those charges, which carry a jail term, would mean that he would be prosecuting himself.  Somehow I don’t think that will happen.  He has removed the right of several states to have all voters vetted as Citizens of the U.S. Yeah, that was a goody!  You don’t need to be a citizen to vote.

Should I go on?  I think you get the idea.  Corruption is rampant in our Government and I believe it is obvious to everyone that follows any reliable news service.  What can we do about it?  It is my opinion that the first step is to insist upon Voter IDs for ALL voters.  State issued voter IDs showing the citizenship status of every voter. I will post another blog regarding other remedies in the near future.  This one is long enough.


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Who is the American Anarchist

Who is the American Anarchist


Let’s take a look at the left side of the aisle with some hard facts. 

Janet “Big Sister” Napolitano testified before the people that make the laws for our nation that she has the right to choose which laws to enforce and which to ignore. She has unilaterally declared that the first and fourth amendments are null and void within one hundred miles of any border of the United States.  And she brags about it.  She has purchased enough ammunition to wage a war for twenty years and supply her agents with one thousand times the ammunition allocated to soldiers in a combat zone.  She has purchased armored vehicles to be used on American soil.  She has declared to congress that she will not answer any question she doesn’t want to answer about the operation of her department nor give any reason for her actions even to the senate oversight committee to which she is supposed to be answerable.

Barack H. Obama, Harry Reid , Nancy Pelosi, et al have stated that the government determining which, if any, arms the people may bear is not an ‘infringement’ of our second amendment rights.  West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin has gone against his own position, stated repeatedly during his campaign, and actually sponsored a bill that would drastically reduce the power and effectiveness of the second amendment.  B. Obama demands that each person that owns or purchases or even borrows a gun of any nature submit to a background check to which he refuses to submit himself.

The Left has stated that they know a gun control law would not reduce crime, but they want the law abiding citizens disarmed anyway.  Of course the criminals will still ignore such a law leaving the law abiding citizens at their mercy.  One criminal called the police to complain that he was afraid the owner of the house he had broken into was armed with a gun!  It made the news folks. 

Harry Reid has stated publicly that an organization that has the stated purpose of defending and protecting the constitution of our country, The Tea Party, are a bunch of anarchists.

The only really amazing thing about all of these truths is the number of voters that still support these power hungry, constitutions destroying people.

It is my belief that we are headed for a bloody and life destroying civil war.  Well, If it must come I know which side I will avail myself of my second amendment right to support.  I once took an oath to uphold that constitution and I will until the day I die of am killed doing just that.

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Could this be the way?

Could this be the way?


I lived in Nevada when Harry Reid was first elected to the Governorship of that state.  He was not a bad guy then.  He has changed.  He has become infected with the disease of Power.  Not the power to do good or even the power to do evil, but the power to wield Power.  This one aspect of his life has turned a decent guy into an evil man.  We see this every day with our long term politicians.  Take a look at John McCain:  Graduate of The U.S Naval Academy, Captain in the U.S. Navy, Suffered as a POW, formerly a staunch conservative.  He has served in the US Senate since 1987.  He now suffers from that same disease.  You can see it in his every public comment these days.  I could go on with a litany of both Democrats and Republicans that have ‘served’ in both the house and senate for more than one or two terms and demonstrate the movement toward and the succumbing to the disease of Power.  These people are no longer in office to ‘serve’ but to command.  


BOH said after he was elected the first time (he came to office already infected) that the people should leave governing and governing decisions to the professionals.  They should not concern themselves with the process nor the results.  Yeah, he really did!


The Federalist Papers allude to the “citizen politician”; one who would serve his term and go back home to make an honest living.  How would you like to get a job that assured you of an income for life equal to the highest pay you attained while in that job and that income be guaranteed the moment you were on the payroll?  Or how about a position that placed you above the law?  You could actually exempt yourself from having to obey any law you imposed on the rest of society.  How about having the rest of the population pay to protect you from them no matter how unpopular or tyrannical your actions became.


I have an idea.  It is not a new idea and it certainly isn’t original with me, but it may be an idea whose time has come.


TERM LIMITS!  Stringent term limits.  One term for a senator, three for the house members and two for the president, although that last one may be a bit excessive in some cases.


The other suggestion I have is the voter ID.  We all know of the voter fraud and copious numbers of dead people that voted in the last election.  Again I must refer to Harry Reid.  In each of his elections he has trailed in the polls by significant numbers on Election Day yet he keeps getting elected? (He quit the governor’s office to become senator the first time.)  I wonder if every voter had to prove who they were how he would fare.  Am I accusing his committee of voter fraud?  Nope.  I have no proof.  No Smoking gun.  Just asking a question.


The term limitations would require a popular movement to amend the Constitution.  Somehow I don’t think we could get the elected ones to begin that process.

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(L-R) President and CEO of the Center for American Progress John Podesta,

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu

So far our chronicle of the green-energy crony-corruption story, has focused primarily on the connections the players have to President Obama. This chapter stars Senator Harry Reid. When looking at the whole story, it’s important to note that Senator Reid “led passage of the $814 billion stimulus bill and worked to include the loan guarantee program to help finance clean-energy projects”—projects to which, as we will show, he is connected.

In a DOE press release, Reid actually bragged about how he included the green loan guarantee in the stimulus bill: “As I led passage of the stimulus bill, I worked to include the loan guarantee program to help finance clean energy projects” that will “bring us closer to energy independence.”

We’ve already unveiled two of these expensive and politically explosive projects through our Special Seven series––those that received the touted loans as a part of the stimulus bill (even though they were rated as “non-investment” grade) and grants, as well as “special” Department of Interior treatment. As the “Special Seven” moniker indicates, there are more companies and/or projects to reveal.

Before we start on the new information, here’s a highlight of the previous players’ specific connections to Senator Harry Reid—the focus of this chapter.

Last week, we exposed BrightSource Energy that received a $1.6 billion DOE loan. BrightSource’s executives donated almost $4000 to Reid’s 2010 campaign, including $2400 from the CEO John Woolard, who in September 2010, along with Peter Darbee, then Chairman of PG & E, hosted a fundraiser for the majority leader in his corporate offices.

The week before, we uncovered the fact that a couple of SolarReserve (with its $737 million loan) board members are big Democrat donors, including contributions to Obama’s 2008 campaign as well as Senator Reid. The Washington Free Beacon divulged, “…Nevada Geothermal, Ormat Nevada, and SolarReserve—are located in Reid’s home state. Executives from all three companies have donated to Reid and his fellow Democrats, contributing more than $58,000 since 2008.”

However, what you are about discover is that the two projects we’ll profile in this chapter have similar direct ties, some sly connections to the Senator, and some stinky consequences.

Nevada Geothermal Power 

First we’ll look into Nevada Geothermal Power (NGP) as recent news exposes that its power is dimming. NGP may be the next green-energy bankruptcy.

Here’s the NGP thumbnail presented in the introduction to the green-energy crony-corruption story:

Nevada Geothermal Power (NGP) holds leasehold interests in six geothermal projects located in the Western United States. They hold a BB+ rating and received a $78.8 million loan, guaranteed by the DOE, in September of 2010. Executives from NGP contributed in 2008 to Harry Reid’s campaign. 

Additionally, since 2009, NGP was the recipient of more than $69 million in federal grants, under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. 

The New York Times reports: “Reid was instrumental in securing that financing for Nevada Geothermal.” The NYT noted: “Mr. Reid has taken the nascent geothermal industry under his wing, pressuring the Department of Interior to move more quickly on applications to build clean energy projects on federally owned land and urging other members of Congress to expand federal tax incentives to help build geothermal plants, benefits that Nevada Geothermal has taken advantage of.” You might think Reid has altruistic motives, such as creating jobs for his state, however, as the NYT points out: “Mr. Reid has received some support from the industry, in the form of at least $43,000 worth of campaign contributions from the geothermal industry since 2009, according to an analysis of federal campaign finance records.” The “campaign contributions” could be why, in a 2010 press release, he declared “Northern Nevada is the Saudi Arabia of geothermal energy.” 

Despite the flowery rhetoric, at the time the DOE approved the conditional loan guarantee in September 2010, they were well aware of NGP’s “well-documented” financial difficulties. The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee (HOGRC) called the loan a “bailout”—which “violated the spirit and, quite possibly, the letter of the law” and provided “an opportunity for private industry to exit an investment, deleverage and transfer the extraordinarily high default risk to taxpayers.”

Less than a year after the loan was issued, leading accounting firm Deloitte & Touche did an audit of NGP and concluded: “significant doubt” about Nevada Geothermal Power’s “ability to continue as a going concern.” The company’s vital signs are not looking good: it “has incurred net losses over the past several years, has an accumulated deficit of $44.0 million and an anticipated inability to retire its long-term liabilities.”

The project continued to have “operational and financial problems.” In the October 2011 NYT article, it states: “Executives expressed confidence that they can recover” and that “the government investment is not at risk.” As CEO Brian D. Fairbank stated: “We’re doing OK.”

During Fairbank’s “Green Energy Gamble” May 16, 2012 testimony before the HOGRC, he spoke “about the many good things occurring at Blue Mountain” and stated that they “remained bullish on the future of geothermal resource potential” at Blue Mountain. However, the future of Nevada Geothermal is looking dim, it still faces financial problems, and the company’s internal auditors have questioned whether it can stay in business.

The audit report states: “NGP has incurred $98 million in net losses over the past several years, has substantial debts and does not generate enough cash from its current operations after debt-service costs.”

With the audit completed in March 2012, one as to wonder how much did Fairbanks actually know about the status of NGP during that May 16 testimony when he claimed he “remained bullish?”

Another angle, in that DOE press release, both Secretary Chu and Senator Reid praised the potential job creation of the NGP project. Chu said: “Our support for the Blue Mountain project is part of the Administration’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions while creating clean energy jobs,” and Reid: “clean energy projects like Blue Mountain geothermal that will put Nevadans back to work...” In conflict with these claims, the HOGRC report states: “It was known to him [Secretary Chu] at that time [of the press conference], however, that the loan would not create a single job, but instead would simply refinance an existing loan, despite DOE’s claim that it would create over 200 jobs”

Instead of using the loan as Title XVI, Section 1602 of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, requires: “Recipients shall use grant funds in a manner that maximizes job creation and economic benefit,” the loan was used to pay off a creditor. According to the Washington Times report, “At the time the Energy Department announced its conditional approval of the guarantee, Mr. Issa said NGP would have defaulted on a loan from TCW Asset Management Co., then its primary lender, ‘had DOE not swooped in to save the failing company with taxpayer money.’ A committee report said the loan did not finance any new construction and ‘did not help to create a single job.’”

So, Senator Reid received money from the geothermal industry, he, apparently, then pressured the DOE to fund projects in Nevada based on the false promise of job creation—which he knew was not accurate at the time. Instead of creating jobs, Reid’s advocacy actually “bailed out” his cronies—that is really corrupt.

Ormat Nevada 

But the story continues. As we reported in the introduction, Kai Anderson, a lobbyist for NGP’s partner corporation, Ormat Technologies, Inc., is a former Senate aide to Harry Reid. Ormat’s CEO Paul Thomsen is another former Reid aide. Additionally, according to the Washington Times, “Mr. Fairbank denied knowing or lobbying Mr. Reid, but the House Oversight Committee said Ormat Inc., which was paid $80 million to build NGP’s Blue Mountain plant, has ‘strong ties’ to the senator.”

The thumbnail of Ormat in the introduction reads as follows:

Ormat Nevada is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ormat Technologies, Inc., whose website touts “green energy you can rely on.” They have an S&P rating of BB and received $350 million in partial loan guarantees. Ormat’s lobbyist Kai Anderson and Director of Policy and Business Development Paul Thomsen were both former senate aides to Harry Reid and donors to his campaign.

The May 2012 HOGRC report expands the connections: “During Senator Reid’s 2010 reelection campaign, Thomsen starred in a campaign ad for Senator Reid to advertise the benefits of Ormat’s loan guarantee for Nevada. In addition to Anderson and Thomsen, Ormat’s President, Yoram Bronicki, gave thousands in political contributions to Senator Reid. The strong ties between the company and the Senate Majority leader raise questions about whether the DOE acted in the best interests of the American people when it approved the loan guarantee.”

Yoram Bronicki is the son of Ms. Yehudit Bronicki (also known as Dita). She is CEO and Director of Ormat Technologies. In addition to the $350 million loan guaranteed by the DOE with John Hancock in aggregate principal amount, Ormat Technologies’ projects received more than $200 million in various DOE grants.

The 2010 campaign ad, starring former Reid staffer Thomsen, heralded “Geothermal means 16,000 Nevada jobs… Harry Reid saw the potential before just about anybody else.” With projects like NGP, it seems those jobs have never materialized and the reason Harry Reid was such a soothsayer is the same reason a fortune teller tells you what you want to hear: you are holding the money. With the geothermal industry “contributing more than $58,000 since 2008” and, in just these two stories, receiving $700 million in loans and grants, they’ve gotten an amazing return on their investment. In the bad economy, the best way to grow your money just may be to invest in green energy—just make sure you have friends in high places.

All this, and it does nothing to “bring us closer to energy independence.” Geothermal—and wind and solar—power generates electricity. America is already electricity independent. We have enough coal, natural gas, and uranium to power us for centuries! We even export coal, we have so much.

So why are we killing good-paying jobs in the coal industry, preventing thousands of union jobs the Keystone pipeline would create, and potentially putting thousands out of work with a pending ban on hydraulic fracturing for natural gas extraction, for the supposed jobs in green energy—when we are already electricity independent? These green-energy projects can only raise the cost of electricity and waste public money, while the energy sources the administration’s efforts are killing or blocking can actually reduce costs—without taxpayer investment.

The green-energy crony-corruption story is explains it all.

Author’s note: Thanks to Christine Lakatos, the Green Corruption blogger for research assistance.

The author of Energy Freedom, Marita Noon serves as the executive director for Energy Makes America Great Inc. and much more...

This is Part Three of Obama's Green-Energy, Crony Corruption and The Special Seven, a collaboration between Christine and Marita and exposed first at In case you missed any of the explosive parts.
Part Two: More Obama Green Energy Corruption covers BrightSource Energy ($1.6 billion DOE loan)
Part One: Obama’s Green-Energy, Crony-Corruption covers SolarReserve ($737 million DOE loan)
The INTRODUCTION gives an overview of the Special Seven: Eco Scare Scams Raise Obama Campaign Cash

Also, on the Green Corruption Blog, exposing this entire scandal.

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Those Tea Party extremists

On Sunday’s NBC Meet the Press, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said that he sympathized with the American people’s frustration with Congress. He went on to say that it was due to the “obstructionism on steroids” caused by the Republicans and the extremist Tea Party.
“I hope the Republicans have learned their lesson” Reid continued. The debate on the extension of the payroll tax deduction was “a disaster” for the Republicans (  In that debate, the president and the Democrats proposed, and finally received, a two month extension. The Republicans proposed, and folded on, a one year extension. The problem here was that the liberals, supported by the main stream media, control the dialogue. Somehow, wanting to extend a tax deduction for a full year was turned into a bad thing for the American people and only wanting to extend a tax cut for two months was the more reasonable position.
Harry went on to say that the art of legislation was negotiation and compromise. So, it is the Democratic position that if they propose further spending or a new program, and the Republicans don’t want it at all, it is our responsibility to compromise. That assumes that the creation of the program is a given, it is really just a matter of working out the details. It is further assumed that if the Republicans don’t fall in line, we’re being obstructionists. It is more “extreme” that one party, and the president, will continuously increase spending and grow government at the expense of liberty than it is to attempt to prevent it.
Reid continued by stating that the Tea Party’s influence has been “really bad for this country” ( With the national debt currently at $15,241,210,000,000, and over $5 trillion of that added since Obama took office, it is inconceivable how he can consider that good for the country. And, as if that wasn't enough, Obama has asked Congress to authorize another $1.2 trillion raise in the debt ceilling. But, he, and his liberal compatriots do. Because they control the debate, it is the Tea Party and our desire to return this country to our founding principles, small, sound and accountable government that is labeled “extreme”.
By contrast, it is these same liberals that sympathize with the Occupy Wall Street movement. That wave of protestors are supported by the American Communist Party, SEIU, big labor, and socialists. The OWS has a basic Marxist message empower the government to redistribute wealth from the producers in this country to the recipient class.

Even Congressman Bill Owens (D-NY23) said that the Occupy Wall Street movement was “just like the Tea Party” in their protests at a town hall meeting at SUNY Canton in October. This is despite the fact that there have been numerous violent confrontations with police, rapes, assaults, drug use, thousands of arrests and a near universal disregard for private property rights at the OWS protests and not one arrest at any Tea Party event. Yet, we are the extremists?
Harry Reid thinks the Tea Party is dying out because the economy is getting better. First, the economy is not getting better. When Obama was sworn in, the unemployment rate was 7.6% (  It is now 8.5% (  and has been over 9% for the majority of Obama’s presidency. The Democrats controlled the presidency, the House of Representatives and the Senate for the first two years of his administration. They were able to force through every progressive policy they wanted with a total disregard for the Republicans or the American people. So, despite all of the rhetoric, despite the $785 billion stimulus, cash for clunkers, Obamacare, green job initiatives, the take over of GM, etc, the unemployment rate is still higher now than at Obama’s inauguration. Yet, because the progressives and liberals control the message, we’re told “the economy is getting better”, the Republicans are “obstructionists” and the Tea Party are the “extremists”.
Harry now says his agenda for next year is creating jobs. So far, no less than three times, the president has stated that creating jobs was his top priority. If the liberal progressive agenda was ever going to work to create jobs, the unemployment rate would be lower now than when he took office. It isn’t. Their agenda doesn’t work and won’t work this time.
On being “obstructionists”. Between the House, the Senate and the president, there are 536 people that can pass laws coercing 300 million Americans at the threat of punishment to comply with their mandates. This process should be hard. It should be slow and deliberate with much debate and thought and consultation with us, We the People. If that means we need to be obstructionists, all the better.

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