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Is It Time For the 2nd American Revolution?


The motto MOLON LABE (come and take them) can be seen from state to state. Militias have grown by at least eight times their size since 9/11. The writing has been on the wall for years, the people of America have awakened. A spark is all it would take to ignite the next American Revolution.

The government has languished in their corruption without fear of reprisal as far back as the Clinton administration (probably farther), when the White Water scandal threatened to ruin our standing President and his wife, any potential witness either disappeared or found themselves the victim of an untimely death. Since then, our government has only become bigger and more oppressive, due largely in part to the ratification of the Patriot Act.

The citizens of America have had their rights not only limited, but potentially changed, a Supreme Court ruling recently has decide to revise the term ‘Right’ to ‘Privilege’ in a landmark case on 2nd Amendment Rights. This decision could alter all of our rights to privileges.  The founding Fathers explained that we were given these rights from God, not man, and no man can take them from us.

As this is being written, there is a potentially explosive scenario playing out in a little town in Southern Nevada. The Bureau of Land Management has taken on rancher Cliven Bundy over his cattle free grazing on Federal land without paying a grazing fee. The Bundy family has owned that land since 1887 and has always free grazed their cattle there.

Violence has erupted over the past week, and now there are over 200 armed federal agents surrounding the Bundy Ranch. However, this will not be another Ruby Ridge, militia men and others from at least 6 states have joined the Bundy family to help keep the peace. So far, no  shots have been fired.

More likely, the spark that will ignite the next revolution will take place in mid-May, Retired US Army Col. Harry G. Riley, who runs the Patriots for America website, has organized a rally in Washington D.C. called ‘Operation American Spring.’ Col. Riley ultimately hopes that millions of American Patriots, including prior military and militia men will stop the government from operating business as usual politics, and will demand the resignation of a number of our top politicians, including the President, Vice-President, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Col. Riley has the support of Retired Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely, who has also called on millions of Americans to “stand up” to a government that is “conducting treason and violating the Constitution.”

Revolution is inevitable; we the people must stand up for our rights and protect the Constitution. Without this we will lose our freedoms and become nothing more than slaves. Are you ready?

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Conspiracy Theory - or a very real Conspiracy?

On September 11th, 2013, numerous people across the United States noticed something wrong... but were unable to explain it.

Concerned Citizens had heard about the "million muslim march on Washington DC" (on the anniversary date that muslim terrorists murdered 3,000 people in NYC) and the Patriots response the "2 million Bikers to DC" ride.


Funny thing happened; the Washington DC traffic camera's seemed to be non-functional and when Concerned Citizens attempted to view the camera footage  - they either received a "site not available" webpage - or they received looped footage of some previous date, some of it with SNOW present on the ground.... in Washington DC in September!


It seems to me, either the rest of America desperately needs to wake up and realize we have a very real conspiracy afoot to deceive Americans and hide what the obama administration desperately does not want you to see - or we lose our freedom to a despot usurper who has done nothing his entire time in office but lie to America and drag this Nation into debt.


If the media and press would get off obama's bus - and board the American Citizens bus, we stand a chance of reclaiming our Nation before it is completely destroyed from within. The media seems to think it will fare better under the oppression of the obama administration - but they lack the foresight to understand that eventually the truth will come out - and their profits and business will suffer... extremely.


What is it going to be media, press?

Are you Americans or are you something else? You alone can put a stop to it by showing the American public the truth - all of the truth................




Aubrey Mason

San Antonio, Texas

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A Letter From a Patriot

A Letter From a Patriot:For far too long , I have watched our liberties being stripped away along with the U.S. Constitution being depleted. I have witnessed our brethren being wrongfully imprisoned, murdered, overtaxed, cheated, and abused. I have watched as our nation spirals into destruction as the "higher powers" thrive from our dismay. I have seen the injustice, as our people plea for the oppression and tyranny to cease, causing many to fear what will come next. I've witnessed as the people are disarmed, leaving them defenseless and vulnerable. I've witnessed our government exhibit the characteristics of tyranny.Many of our citizens have been wrongfully prosecuted for exercising the right of free speech., and religion.Many have been shorted justice because of an aggressor being "favored" by officials Many have worked an entire lifetime just to live paycheck to paycheck, with nothing left but hardships. Many have starved or have been rendered homeless with no hope left, while this government funds and supports third party nations and neglects their own. Many children, our future, will suffer extreme hardships and trying times due to a crumbling economy.Our people, the citizens of the United States, have been oppressed by a regime that sits high on their thrones, watching as we beg, borrow, and steal our next meal, laughing at the torment they have caused. They take from the people, only pleasing themselves, for their own benefit and not of the people, our homes, investments, earnings and lifestyle. They've abolished our religions, freedoms, and our very way of life.And for far too long, we've allowed it...No longer will I stand by and watch. No longer will I allow.I now stand before God and the people, who shall bear witness, and I continue an oath that will die with me, vowing that I will forevermore support our Constitution, defend our people, stand against oppression, with or without the support of fellow citizens that believe and strive for a better future.I shall not conform to any orders, laws, bills or legalities that violate the U.S. Constitution or the liberty and justice of the people..Furthermore, I will stand against any violations of the same, and fight to suppress the injustice, and the oppressions. I will not allow my fellow citizens to be harassed, exploited, or wronged. My property shall not be seized, or destroyed. I will not be unjustly monitored. I will not be limited. I will not be intimidated. I will not be prosecuted for exercising my first, second, fourth and fifth amendment rights. I SHALL NOT BE OPPRESSED!!I will continue to abide by the laws of the U.S. Constitution . They shall not be changed .We The People shall rise again, without fear of prosecution.We are not "terrorists"We are not " extremists "We are Americans, Patriots, who shall reclaim our liberties.Be it hereby known that we take our stand, by the grace of our Lord God, and the will to Live Free!The American People
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My story is a long one.  I will shorten it here, but you may read more at my web site at https://usall.com


On July 4, 2010, I wrote an email to the Israeli Prime Minister asking for help with my "mission" and for work doing Bible Code Research.  I then was visited by the police, looking for my wife, she was missing.  I thought the email was misunderstood, so I consulted with the Bible Code, and I wrote the Israeli Prime Minister back, again by email, saying I thought he must have misunderstood me.

I then tried callling the President, Barack Obama, to request his help to avoid a possible war with Israel because of my confusing communications with the Prime Minister.  I was unable to reach Obama.  So I called the FBI collect, because I had no long distance on my phone, and asked them for help.  They assured me nothing was wrong, and so I thanked them, got off the phone from them and then called the Findlay Police Department, and I asked them to please arrest me.

The officer from Findlay Police instead offered a courtesy ride to the mental hospital for me.  I rode to Blanchard Valley Medical center's Orchard Hall, where I refused to sign any paperwork.  Instead, I told them I was in crisis because I feared I caused a world war with Isreal, and I hoped I could be forgiven, and that I thought my wife had been kidnapped by Barack Obama's men as my punishment for sending the misunderstood email to Israel that day.

To top things off, I had no health insurance.  I had signed myself off of health insurance several months prior, because I hated, as I hate now, all psyiatry and I disfavor medication used to alter moods or thinking to an intense degree.

My mother and wife visited me at the Orchard Hall, at Blanchard Valley Hospital several times, and my mother told me codes that she claimed were from the Bible Code, to be supposedly used to impeach the president.  I did not understand, but I memorized some of the codes anyway.  They included my birthday, the name "d-tenna" and a written card with the words on it of "resist" "dance" and "spit".

I was then, after seven days at Orchard hall with no health insurance, transported in shackles to a different hospital, but I thought I was going to an airport to be sent to California, since the Bible Code said "CALI" from my own inspection of the prophecy.

Upon arriving in Toledo, at the Northwestern Ohio Psych Hospital, a state facility, I was deshackled, and they wanted to scan my eye for identification.  I thought they wanted to do RFID implatation, so I refused.  I do not remember if I later agreed or still refused.  I was very scared.

I was told by LORD Jesus Christ to not dance, except to show joy or praise Him, the LORD Jesus Christ.  So I stopped dancing, and sat down, and prayed for a while.

I then appologized profusely and thanked the staff for allowing me to stay at their facility, and asked it I may sign up for medical experimentation so I may get a lighter sentence.  I was told by my mother tht I would need to impeach the president, with a tooth infection during electroshock thearpy, by my death.  But I did not want to die and I did not want to impeach the president.  I wanted to see my wife and have hope of my freedom in the future some day, maybe in 2-3 years, maybe in 5 years of my prison sentence for emailing the Israeli Prime Minister on July 4, 2010.

On July 18, 2010 around 1:45 pm, I was raped by David Bellian.  The Bible Code said this would happen, I just did not believe the Bible Code initially.  Other keywords came true, too, from the Bible Code:

"ardent" was the name of the maker/distributor of Abilify psych medication, and this was found in theh Bible Code under prophecy Levicriticus with unlock code of "14".

I also saw these keywords: "Cloud, Block, Misery, Corpulent, Capacitor, Cable, Blade, Rape, Jail" and more keywords.  I saw a painting in a building with the words "CLOUD" by "Marcia Burtt".  I was in the A-400 unit Block of NOPH Hospital for 11 weeks.  I felt complete misery.  My wife was corpulent and is a bit heavy in weight.  Capacitor and cable make an electro shock machine, which the hospital wanted to use on me, but could not get authorized.  The "BLADE" referred to the Toledo Blade newspaper, but also meant brain surgery and lomotomy operations to me at the time.  I was raped, indeed.  In the future, David Bellian will go to jail, this part of the prophecy has yet to happen.

By being sent to this facility, I was denied permission to be present at the trial where it was determined that I am incompetent by a court of law.  My wife was invited to be present, but she said the paperwork for the trial date was received the day after the trial took place.  From that day forward, I have been forced to have a legal guardian.

The purpose of the legal guardian is to prevent me from having my rights, including my right to sue over the mistreatement I received while in custody.  Besides being raped, by a doctor, the same doctor declared me totally incompetent, to protect himself from a lawsuit.

My court appointed guardian thinks I am mentally ill, because he was told that by Century Health.  The purpose of the guardianship to to take away my legal rights, because I was injured by the doctor in the state mental hospital.

My wish now, because of the stature of limitations, and because I have no proof of what happened to me while in custody at NOPH Hospital, is to rebuild my life, and try to get off this guardianship so that I may continue to write computer software and do my journalism writing and book writing.

I claim that the hospital had probable cause to think I was a spy, because I did a coding system in the hospital, including by writing notes in encrypted binary barcodes, all done by hand, due to my prayers with LORD Jesus Christ.  With the probable cause, they injured me in other ways besides raping me, because I appeared to be a spy. 

However, I am not a spy.  INstead, I was in fear of being used for the construction of a super computer for time travel, known as "Clean Slate" which I read that the government was supposedly trying to build.  I thought the government was using mental subjects' brains with a drilling and a blade, to insert a cable into the skull, to create a computer.  Of course, this was confused thinking, because of misunderstanding  the Bible Code and the hospitals were drugging me with strong medication.

I thought, at the time, by doing coding systems, I would prove I am intelligent, and my brain would not be used for making a weapon of time travel computer, but instead I would be imprisoned and medically experiemented on as my punishment instead for the misunderstood email to the Israeli Prime Minister.

My present goal is to write powerful Bible Code software, for which I have already researched over 30,000 keywords in the Bible Code and plan to continue to invest some days 12 hours.  Typically, I spend about 45 hours week developing the product, to unseal the Holy Bible Code of LORD Jesus Christ.

In the hospital, I named in court that my employer was LORD Jesus Christ.  Initally, the hospital did not believe me.  But after the hospital used the Bible Code, LORD Jesus Christ confused the hospital by making me appear very violent, so I would be injured worse by the hospital.  I was not violent, except I threatened to destroy property, in hopes of getting to a trial in a court of law.

In the end of my hospitalization, I fasted, and went from 183 pounds to 118 pounds, in a demand for an attorney to try to win my freedom.  My dad visited me after two weeks, and he said to eat food and he would sue the hospital if necessary.  So, I ate, and in about 2 or 3 weeks after I ate food, I was discharged from NOPH and sent to a group home, called Brookside run in Findlay Ohio by Century Health.

I did not like the group home, but it was better than the hospital by far.  I resided in the group home for about one month.  I then came home to my wife.  I have been seeking my freedom from this guardianship for the past year and a half now, and so far, the new guardian is Jeffery Fort, attorney at law, in Findlay Ohio.

My object is now not to sue anyone but rather to move to Toledo to live near my father, James Meyer, and to seek work both in the community and in my self employment doing computer software engineering.   I find the guardianship very distasteful and frustrating at times.  I look forward to my freedom being restored someday, so I may once again have the legal rights that so many Americans have, including the right to choose my own medical decisions and have control of my own money, and the right to own property beyond simple things like clothes and books.

Please feel welcome to contact me and to verify all people, places and events in this document.  I want no secrets between me and the American people.  I once ran for public office, which was derailed by the email and my punishment that followed the contact by email with the Israeli Prime Minister on July 4, 2010.

I certify the facts contained in this document are honest and accurate, and I invite you to read more and see actual copies of historical writings I made while in hospital custody following the email to Israeli back in July 2010.  I will glady speak with anyone about what happened to me and try to funish supporting evidence by email if I have it.  Thank you for allowing me to share this writing with you.  This essay is hereby written into the Public Domain and may be copied and published freely for any purpose by any person, without the need for any additional permission.  Thank you and God Bless you Brothers and Sisters!

The essay is exclusively written for the Tea Party organization of Patriots like you.  No other web site or publication has a copy of this specific version of my account of what happened to me following my email to the Israeli Prime Minister on July 4, 2010.

-Eric S. Meyer

February 4, 2012

P.S. I DO NOT want Obama impeached for his actions against me.  I simply want to go to work for the American people doing good deeds in a position of power, for the public benefit.  I would like to be appointed by Obama to a job working for him, in the Department of Peace, a new cabinet level job from my prayers.   I did in the hospital say I wanted to impeach the president, but that was because my mother said I should do that and she claimed (falsely) that such impeachment was in the Bible Code.  The truth was discovered by me in late 2011, in that I learned from the Bible Code that God wants Obama reelected, so Obama can do good things for this country, with my help and guidance as one of his employees.  Point of reference, the phrase "Bible Code" refers exclusively to the Old Testament Christian Bible, or Torah, in its original Hebrew language form, unmodifed from the 2,800 old scriptures that were started by Moses and contained the Ten Commandments by God, aka LORD Jesus Christ, the creator of the Universal and all knowing being.  While hospitalized, I repeatedly said, "I am sent by God to Impeach the President" and the hospital did not like me saying, "I must break the Concordac that Obama forced my family to sign".  The hospital labeled me mentally ill, when I was quoting Bible code and prayer insights with LORD Jesus Christ.  I want world peace and economic stability, and see myself helping this happen in a few years for America.  I love the American people and want to see our country shine with beams of love to all the poor people and impoverished nations, while loving our enemies and all those nations and people who may injure us.  We must bless all that is evil, so that we chance our own wicked ways towards divine love and pious living.

Please share this essay with everyone you can.  Please investigate my story and verify the facts.  Know I am speaking the truth, am oppressed and value doing good deeds for all people of this Earth, under God, with love and kindness for all those God blesses me to come into contact or communication with.

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