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America Thanks You!

12163587298?profile=RESIZE_400xAmazing! A group of 30 Patriots bravely stood up to Washington and made their voices heard! I am incredibly proud of the outstanding efforts we are putting into the Patriot Command Center – we are the true resistance!

Our dedication to blogging, post

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Strange Coincidence Or Evidence? 

12158069859?profile=RESIZE_400xWhat does Jack Smith, Joe and Hunter Biden And Barack Obama Have In Common?

Content timeline: chronological listing of events: in 2005, seven months after becoming a senator, Obama visited Donetsk, Eastern Ukraine.

After graduating from law school in

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Hunter Biden Un-Prosecutable?

12131335470?profile=RESIZE_584xTotally and completely baffling! The only way for any normal person to get away with this incredible crime spree has to be a son of Joe Biden. Can anyone explain how someone can get away with such a crime spree without consequences?

Hunter and the Bi

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The Law Has Become Lawless

maxresdefault.jpg?profile=RESIZE_400x(Patriot Command Center) History is witnessing a harsh turn of events in the justice system. Right is now labeled as wrong and black letter law is being erased and being replaced by political hearsay.

Many Patriots have criticized the Justice Departm

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What Is Your Memorial Day Tribute?

Memorial-Day-Thank-You.jpg?mtime=1683574359&profile=RESIZE_400xOur family fled Germany under impossible circumstances, leaving behind our ancestral home and personal possessions, in order to seek refuge in a country that cherishes freedom. Our children proudly served in various branches of the US military, inclu

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We Are The Resistance

11150731653?profile=RESIZE_400xFellow Patriots, there comes a moment when we reach a tipping point, where we can no longer accept the status quo. If we remain complacent, we risk becoming passive followers instead of active patriots. Throughout American history, there have been pi

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CIA Guarantees Kennedy Never President

11038229890?profile=RESIZE_584x(PatriotHQ) One must ask: What did the Kennedy family do to piss off the CIA? We’ll never know but this is a classic example of a generational curse. But it doesn’t stop there. If our government can hold a grudge against a family forever then can it

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