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A commenter "greatnesslostislegend" on http://www.mrctv.org/blog/5-dumbest-tweets-week-15Commenting on Dylan roof and Bill AyersSaid:"Bill Ayers, a man who wanted to kill blacks to trigger a race war. A man who has claimed when he was Root's age low Black IQ and Laziness are avenues to use to overthrow capitalism. A man who also tried to mass murder, at one point according to an FBI Agent, advocated the need to murder 25 million Americans to "remove" support for capitalism once the new socialist order is established. What is the difference between radical Ayers and radical Root? In reality not much. The difference is one got off on a technicality for murder, and went on to become the darling of the Chicago Democratic Party. The other will die a loser in prison, or be executed.To me the Confederate flag is one of Treason. The first Constitution of the CSA points clearly the issue of the Civil War was more of keeping slaves than any other reason. It is also important to note hundreds of black plantation owners who kept slaves fought for the South. That states in the North that remained in the Union were allowed to continue the practice of slavery. Yes take the Confederate flag and symbols down, except in historical context, for example a history book/video, or Video Game.In addition since the Confederate Flag is to be banned, so too the Flag of the Communist Party, Soviet Flag, and other symbols of mankind's most lethal legacy: Communism and its love of the Death Camps..."
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Any one of  these 'coincidences' when taken singularly appear to not mean much, but when taken as a whole, a computer would blow a circuit if you asked it to calculate the odds that they have occurred by chance alone. Sit back, get a  favorite beverage, and then read and ponder the Obama-related  'coincidences' ...  then super-impose the bigger picture of most recent events i.e. Fast and furious, Benghazi, the IRS scandal and the NSA revelations ... then pray for our country.
Obama ... 

just  happened to know 60's far-left radical revolutionary William Ayers, whose father  
just  happened to be Thomas Ayers, who 
just  happened to be a close friend of Obama's communist mentor Frank Marshall Davis, who
just  happened to work at the communist-sympathizing Chicago Defender with Vernon Jarrett, who
just  happened to later become the father-in-law of Iranian-born leftist Valerie Jarrett, who Obama 
just  happened to choose as his closest White House adviser, and who
just  happened to have been CEO of Habitat Company, which 
just  happened to manage public housing in Chicago, which 
just  happened to get millions of dollars from the Illinois state legislature, and which 
just  happened not to  properly maintain the housing—which eventually 
just  happened to require demolition. Not to mention that this is the property that would have been the grounds that hosted the Olympics, had Obama's efforts been successful.
Valerie Jarrett also  
just happened to work for the city of Chicago, and 
just  happened to hire Michelle LaVaughan Robinson (later Mrs.Obama), who 
just  happened to have worked  at the Sidney Austin law firm, where former fugitive from the FBI  Bernardine Dohrn also just happened to work and where Barack Obama just happened to get a summer job.
Bernardine Dohrn 
just  happened to be married  to William Ayers, with whom she
just  happened to have hidden from the FBI at a San Francisco marina, along with DonaldWarden, who 
just  happened to change his name to Khalid al-Mansour, and Warden/al-Mansour 
just  happened to be a mentor of Black Panther Party founders Huey Newton and Bobby Seale and a close associate of
Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and al-Mansour 
just  happened to be financial adviser to a Saudi Prince, who 
just  happened to donate cash to Harvard, for which Obama
just  happened to get a critical letter of recommendation from Percy Sutton, who just happened to have been the attorney for Malcolm X, who 
just  happened to know Kenyan politician Tom Mboya, who 
just  happened to be a close friend of Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., who
just  happened to meet Malcolm  X when he traveled to Kenya.
Obama, Sr. 
just  happened to have his education at the University of Hawaii paid for by the Laubach Literacy Institute, which 
just  happened to have been supported by Elizabeth Mooney Kirk, who 
just  happened to be a friend of Malcolm X, who 
just  happened to have been associated with the Nation of Islam, which was later headed by Louis  Farrakhan, who 
just  happens to live very close to Obama's Chicago mansion, which also  
just happens to be located very close to the residence of William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, who
just  happens to have been occasional baby-sitters for Malia and Natasha Obama, whose  parents 
just  happened to have no concern exposing their daughters to bomb-making communists. 
After attending Occidental College and Columbia University, where he 
just happened to have foreign Muslim roommates, Obama moved to Chicago to work for the Industrial  Areas Foundation, an organization that 
just happened to have been founded by Marxist and radical agitator Saul "the Red" Alinsky, author of Rules for Radicals, who 
just  happened to be the topic of Hillary Rodham Clinton's thesis at Wellesley College, and Obama's $25,000 salary at IAF 
just  happened to be funded by a grant from the Woods Fund, which was founded by the Woods family, whose  Sahara Coal company 
just  happened to provide coal to Commonwealth Edison, whose CEO just happened to be Thomas Ayers,  whose son
William Ayers 
just  happened to serve on the board of the Woods Fund, along with Obama. 

Obama also worked on voter registration drives in Chicago in the 1980s and  
just  happened to work with leftist political groups like the Democratic Socialists of America  (DSA) and Socialist International (SI), through which Obama met Carl Davidson, who 
just  happened to travel to Cuba during the Vietnam War to sabotage the U.S. war effort, and who
just  happened to be a former member of the SDS and a member of the Committees of  Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, which 
just  happened to sponsor a  2002 anti-war rally at which Obama spoke, and which 
just  happened to have been organized by Marilyn Katz, a former SDS activist and later  public relations consultant who 
just  happened to be a  long-time friend of Obama's political hatchet man, David  Axelrod.
Obama joined Trinity United Church of Christ  (TUCC), whose pastor was Reverend Jeremiah Wright, a fiery orator who  just happened to preach  Marxism and Black Liberation Theology and who delivered anti-white,  anti-Jew and anti-American sermons, which Obama 
just  happened never to hear because he 
just  happened to miss church only on the days when Wright was at his "most enthusiastic," and Obama 
just  happened never to notice that Oprah Winfrey left the church because it was too radical, and 
just  happened never to notice that the church gave the vile anti-Semitic Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan a lifetime achievement award.

Although no one had ever heard of him at the time, Obama  
just happened to receive an impossible-to-believe $125,000 advance to write a book about race relations,  which he 
just  happened to fail to write while using the cash to vacation in Bali with his wife Michelle, and despite his record of non-writing he just  happened to receive a  second advance, for $40,000, from another publisher, and he eventually  completed a manuscript called 'Dreams From My Father', which 
just  happened to strongly reflect the writing style of William Ayers, who 
just  happened to trample on an American flag for the cover photograph of the popular Chicago Magazine, which Obama
just  happened never to see even though it appeared on newsstands throughout the city.

Obama was hired by the law firm Miner, Banhill and Galland,  which
just  happened to specialize in negotiating state government contracts to develop low-income housing, and which 
just  happened to deal with  now-imprisoned Tony Rezko and his firm Rezar, and  with slumlord Valerie Jarrett, and the law firm's Judson Miner 
just  happened  to have been a classmate of Bernardine Dohrn, wife of William Ayers. 

In 1994 Obama represented ACORN and another plaintiff in a lawsuit against Citibank for denying mortgages to blacks (Buycks-Roberson v. Citibank Federal Savings Bank), and the lawsuit 
just  happened to result in banks being blackmailed into approving sub prime loans for poor credit risks, a trend which 
just  happened to spread nationwide, and which 
just  happened to lead to the collapse of the housing bubble, which 
just  happened to help Obama defeat John McCain in the 2008 presidential election.

In 1996 Obama  ran for the Illinois State Senate and joined the "New Party," which 
just  happened to promote Marxism, and Obama was supported by Dr. Quentin Yong, a socialist who  
just  happened to support a  government takeover of the health care system.

In late 1999 Obama purportedly engaged in homosexual activities and cocaine-snorting in the back of a limousine with a man named Larry Sinclair, who claims he was contacted in late 2007 by Donald Young, who 
just  happened to be the gay choir director of Obama's Chicago church and who shared information with Sinclair about Obama, and Young 
just  happened to be murdered on December 23, 2007, just weeks after Larry Bland, another gay memember of the church just  happened to be  murdered, and both murders 
just  happened to have never been solved. In 2008 Sinclair held a press conference to discuss his claims, and 
just  happened to be arrested immediately after the event, based on a warrant issued by Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, who 
just  happens to be the son of Joe Biden.

In 2003 Obama and his wife attended a dinner in honor of Rashid Khalidi, who
just  happened to be a former PLO operative, harsh critic of Israel, and advocate of Palestinian rights, and who Obama claims he does not know, even though the Obamas
just  happened to have dined more than once at the home of Khalidi and his wife, Mona, and  
just  happened to have used them as occasional baby-sitters. Obama reportedly praised Khalidi at the decidedly anti-Semitic event, which William Ayers 
just  happened to also attend, and the event Obama pretends he never attended was sponsored by the Arab American Action Network, to which Obama 
just  happened to have funneled cash while serving on the board of the Woods Fund with William Ayers, and one speaker at the dinner remarked that if Palestinians cannot secure a return of their land, Israel "will never see a day of peace," and  entertainment at the dinner included a Muslim children's dance whose performances 
just  happened to include simulated be-headings with fake swords, and stomping on American, Israeli and British flags, and Obama allegedly told the audience that "Israel has no God-given right to occupy Palestine" and there has been "genocide against the Palestinian people by (the) Israelis," and the Los Angeles Times has a videotape of the event but 
just  happens to refuse to make it public.

In the 2004 Illinois Democrat primary race for the U.S. Senate, front-runner Blair Hull 
just  happened to be forced  out of the race after David Axelrod  just happened to manage to get Hull's sealed divorce records unsealed, which just  happened to enable Obama to win the primary, so he could face popular Republican Jack Ryan, whose sealed child custody records from his divorce 
just  happened to become unsealed, forcing Ryan to withdraw from the race, which 
just  happened to enable the unqualified Obama to waltz into the U.S. Senate, where, after a mere 143 days of work, he 
just  happened to decide he was qualified to run for President of the United  States. 

"Tolerance is the last virtue of a dying society."  – Aristotle

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4063720869?profile=original                  Why did McCain Presidential Campaign Silence Palin discussion 

                                on Rev. Wright and domestic terrorist Bill Ayers?

When truth is prevented from ever reaching the ears of the American public during a presidential campaign the consequences can often be tragic. Consider the case of the 2008 mainstream media cover up and strict avoidance of Obama’s long time connection to Black Nationalist minister Jeremiah Wright and his firebrand racist comments. The media shackled the truth and allowed then U.S. Senator Obama to skate all the way to his election as president.

What is even worse was former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin’s recent revelation that the John McCain presidential campaign actually banned her from talking about Rev. Jeremiah Wright or anarchist Bill Ayers. Think about the repercussions of how an informed American public could have at least had the opportunity to discuss as well as evaluate this information with the fullness a vice presidential candidate’s focus would have offered.

Typically it is the vice presidential candidate who is given the task to reveal the underbelly of the opposition’s campaign and bring attention to issues that a presidential candidate seeks to avoid discussing.

But instead of engaging in a fully spirited public campaign discussion that would have given Sarah Palin the ability to point out these glaring inconsistencies she was silenced. She is right to be appalled. The nation needed to see a presidential campaign question how a former community organizer from Chicago’s south side managed to have his state senate campaign launched in the living room of the co-founder of the violent anti-war group Weather Underground.

The nation needed a Republican presidential campaign demand the details on how Obama embraced the racist-laden preaching of Rev. Wright. Instead, Palin was forced to stand on the sidelines and watch the McCain campaign throw the towel in without even a whisper.

What this did in effect is to undermine the ability as well as the intelligence of the American people to make a determination to evaluate the fitness of a presidential candidate who offered shadowy explanations for his past record of radical and socialist associations.

The mainstream media was given a pass by the John McCain campaign to not look deeper into Obama’s past associations because they wanted to write a narrative that was actually race-based. McCain campaign appeared to not want the truth about a known radicalized element in Obama’s past; because it would somehow upset the voters he was seeking to convert to support his election as president.

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Where is this country going?

This really isn't new news, but if you missed it, here it is:

Back in 2008 before the election, Colin Powell, a Republican, 4 Star General, and former member of the Bush Cabinet, made some comments on the left-wing Chris Matthew's show on MSNBC. Matthews has conservatives on his show frequently (the clip refers to Michelle Bachman being on the show) so it is not surprising that Powell would be there. What is surprising is Powell's comments about Bachman and his later endorsement of Obama. 

What's up with Powell? Is there any explanation as to  why he would say things like this? Here's the video:

4063553218?profile=originalI wonder where the country is going on a very basal level.

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Dear Fellow Patriots: 

What follows are websites, reports, articles and/or blog posts and videos that reveal that this year is the fiftieth anniversary of the Port Huron Statement that was drafted by Tom Haden, a longtime activist and former California State Senator, which was the founding declaration of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), issued as a “living document” in 1962. The SDS call for a participatory democracy echoes today in student-led democracy movements around the world, even appearing as the first principle of the Occupy Wall Street. They also reveal the connection between President Obama, George Soros’ Open Society Institute (OSI), Communism, ACORN, and Bill Ayers, founder of the Weather Underground.

Students for a Democratic Society (SDS):

  • Radical student group during the 1960s
  • Spearheaded the Anti-Vietnam War movement
  • Was transformed into Weatherman, a terrorist cult

Forming the core of the 1960s counter-cultural movement known collectively as the New Left, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) was a radical organization that aspired to overthrow America's democratic institutions, remake its government in a Marxist image, and help America's enemies defeat her sons on the battlefield in Vietnam. The group developed from the Student League for Industrial Democracy, the youth branch of the socialist League for Industrial Democracy.

SDS was established in late 1959 by Aryeh Neier, who would later spend fifteen years working for the American Civil Liberties Union (including eight years as its national executive director), and twelve years as executive director of Human Rights Watch (HRW) -- an organization he founded in 1978. After leaving HRW, Neier was appointed in 1993 by George Soros to serve as president of the Open Society Institute and the entire Soros Foundation Network.

SDS held its first meeting in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1960. Its first President was Alan Haber, and its first impress on the political landscape was the Port Huron Statement of 1962, drafted principally by Tom Hayden.

STUDENTS FOR A DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY (SDS, FOUNDED 1959)-Posted on Discover The Networks:


Major Introductory Resources:

Obama’s Boys of Summer!-Posted on City Journal-By Daniel Flynn-On June 29, 2008:


SDS Plans for America's High Schools-Posted on USA Survival-By House Committee on Internal Security1969:


Rulers for Radicals-Posted on Campus Report-By Malcolm Kline-On September 2010:


SDS Documents:

Port Huron Statement of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS's founding document)-Posted By Tom Hayden-On 1962:


Video: SDS Founder, Tom Hayden on Participatory Democracy From Port Huron to Occupy Wall Street!-Posted on YouTube.com-By democracynow-On Apr 13, 2012:


Video: Participatory Democracy: From the Port Huron Statement to Occupy Wall Street!-Posted on The Ntion-By Tom Hayden-On March 27, 2012:


Vietnam SDS!-Posted on USA Survival-By JOIN Community Union-On 1964:


U.S. Imperialism!-Posted on USA Survivall-By David Gilbert and David Loud-On 1968:


Columbia!-Posted on USA Survival-By Mark Rudd-On 1968:


Cuba vs. U.S. Imperialism!-Posted on USA Survival-On 1969:


Which Side Are You on? -- U.S. History in Perspective!-Posted on USA Survival-By Noel Ignatin:


Additional Resources:

Obama Tied to Ayers ... at Age 11!-Posted on WND.com-By Aaron Klein-On June 19, 2009:


The Terror Legacy of the Left!-Posted on American Vision-By Gary DeMar-On June 3, 2009:


Wade Rathke: ACORN’s Founder, Ayers' Compatriot!-Posted on No Quarter-By Bud White-On October 17, 2008:


Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis!-Posted On American Thinker-By James Simpson-On September 28, 2008:


You Need a Weatherman to Tell Which Way Obama Will Go!-Posted on Townhall-By Mary Grabar-On June 22, 2008:


Communism in Chicago and the Obama Connection!-Posted on Discover The Networks-By Cliff Kincaid-On February 2008:


Remembering a Sixties Terrorist!-Posted on FrontPage Magazine-By Donna Ron-On January 4, 2006:


Back Down Memory Lane at Berkeley!-Posted on FrontPage Magazine-By Mark D. Tooley-On October 18, 2005:


Note On September 26-27, 2009, the following eye-opening articles and/or blog posts were published by The Post & Email that revealed a recently released declassified FBI report that exposed then Senator Obama’s ties to the Weather Underground, which was a radical marxist terrorist organization founded by Bill Ayers. These articles also revealed the objectives of the Students for Democratic Society (SDS) as stated by Bernardine Dohrn, Bill Ayer’s wife, during a National Council meeting of SDS in December, 1968: “We are building a working class revolutionary movement to overthrow the capitalists, and the imperialist structure of the United States and the world.”  She stressed the importance of an international alliance with the “third word” in order to “smash American imperialism”, and advocated the creation of an international revolutionary consciousness.  Suspiciously this information was also kept from the American public in the run up to the 2008 Presidential Election by main stream media outlets that are funded by anti-American George Soros as a means of helping then Senator Obama get elected-You Decide:

Declassified FBI report exposes Communist seedbed for Obama Associates — Part I-Posted on The Post & Email-By John Charlton-On September 26, 2009:


Declassified FBI report exposes Communist seedbed for Obama Associates — Part II-Posted on The Post & Email-By John Charlton-On September 27, 2009:


Question:  What did President Obama mean when he said that the United States was still “working on” democracy while in a meeting with Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev—one of the president’s many meetings with world leaders ahead of the 2011 nuclear summit?-You Decide:

President Obama says USA still working on its democracy!


Continue Reading:

What we haven’t been told about the President’s background!


Communism in Hawaii and the Obama Connection!


Is President Obama inciting riots across the US?


Progressives and Communists Are Out of the Closet Together!


Godfather of The Islamic Revolution!


Is Obama Employing the Cloward-Piven Strategy?


Is it important to understand the Marxist assault on the foundations of our system?


“Food For Thought”

God Bless the U.S.A.!


Semper Fi!


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Rajjpuut's Fables for Our Times

A Fable for Our Times

The ‘CO’, the Oak Seed,
the Dream and the Mechanic

By Rajjpuut

Once upon a time there was a lawyer and community organizer (CO) who really, really wanted to become a mechanic. There was an industrial arts college near him but he wasn’t making much money with his law degree and couldn’t yet afford the tuition. He didn’t know what to do so he asked his pastor.

“God damn, America,” said the pleasant older man. “Those Jewish White bankers are standing in everybody’s way . . . if you want to do God’s will the Wright-way, and find a way to make them stop obstructing our Black Liberation Theology goals and get them ponying up for the good of God’s earthly representative then you, son, will be justly rewarded!”

The community organizer was astonished. “You mean Jesus is back here on earth? In my reading of the Koran, I knew that would happen some day, but now?”

“God-double-damn, America, son! You’re interpreting things all wrong or my name isn’t Wright! Yes, Jesus is found in both books, but the earthly representative I’m talking about is ACORN! Put your trust in ACORN and all will work out Wright!”

The CO was very confused. “What,” he said to himself, “does an oak-seed have to do with me becoming a mechanic?”

But he put his faith in Wright-thinking, it had never failed him before . . . . And the community organizer took on another job where he could use his law degree working for a pleasant little group called ACORN. His new ACORN job was actually a lot of fun and he was very good at it. Using the techniques from a course he taught called “Rules for Radicals” based upon the thinking of a sweet man now deceased named Saul Alinsky, the community organizer would call upon mortgage-companies and persuade them to make very, very stupid loans to people who couldn’t ever be expected to pay off their loans . . . .

If he found a man without any ID, his job was to get him a housing loan. If he found a family with neither partner working, his job was to get them a housing loan. If people had to list food stamps as “income,” his job was to get them a housing loan. If people had terribe credit ratings, his job was to get them a housing loan. If people didn’t even have a rental history to show on the application forms, his job was to get them a housing loan. If people were on welfare or even were illegal aliens, his job was to get them a housing loan.

Once while he was talking to a friend named Bill (who used to make and plant bombs aimed at killing policemen, whose main job now was telling teachers how to inspire their students) who was now ghostwriting the community organizer’s first book about his communist father’s dreams, the community organizer said, “Ayers, how exactly does all this work?” I know it’s good that we pull off the Revolution and all so that everybody’s equal . . . but isn’t it dangerous getting all these billions of dollars in loans for people who won’t ever be able to repay them? I mean where’s the hope and change in bankrupting the whole system like that?”

Ayers, pushed away the stack of disorganized, notes, tapes and other collected jibberish he had in front of him . . . “B.O., my friend, the country is a lot like these notes of yours you left me to fit together . . . right now, it’s just a mess. But one of these days with the right intelligence behind it, it’ll be a masterpiece. In the case of the book, the right intelligence is me organizing the whole thing, planning it out and then making all the little things ‘sing’ like I did in my own two books. In the case of the country it’s the Revolution. When we’re done with it, it’ll be a Utopia and the whole country and everyone in it will ‘sing,’ that is, everyone will cooperate perfectly and we’ll see that all the necessaries are given to everyone in accordance with his needs and everything will be taken from everyone in accordance with their abilities.” At that moment, Michelle, the CO’s wife came in, “Barack baby, quit bothering Bill it’s your turn to wash the dishes.”

Well yes, Ayers’ ideas did make sense but still he’d read where in 1975 only one in every 404 home loans was made for 3% downpayment or less; and today (1995) thanks to his work, one in every seven home loans was made with 3% downpayment or less. And he was getting a lot of his clients into $500,000 homes . . . oh well. And he’d go to bed every night, dreaming of becoming a mechanic and of the Revolution and he’d say his meditations and end with ‘God-double-damn, America, AMEN!’ and sleep sound happy-dreamfilled sleep.

In his favorite dream, one that repeated all the time, he was talking about a ditch and a car in the ditch. Somehow, some fool had driven the car into the ditch because the CO’s mechanical work had been really, really poor and he’d gummed up the steering and messed up the brakes by getting a huge ACORN jammed in under them and even made the windshield wipers stick out on either side of the car . . . and here he was talking to a big crowd just like the Reverend Wright might and he was talking about the poor fool that had driven the car into the ditch because he was drunk or something . . . but really in his dream the CO knew that somehow his mechanicking and his ACORNing had really done it and yet even though it was a mess and he had caused it, somehow he was sure it would work out all Wright and Utopia was on the horizon. And he slept very soundly.

The End

Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,


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Mainstream Media Aligns with Political Class,

Diametrically Opposes Mainstream America

If you’ve got the money to own a TV network, Rajjpuut guesses, you might think you’ve got the money to own America and all Americans in it. For example 70% of the network news coverage of the Arizona Immigration law was favorable for those protesting the law and only about 5% favorable for the state. Nationwide, 73% of citizens view the law favorably and only 25% view the protestors favorably. So clearly the networks are picking and choosing who they interview to present their own interpretation. In virtually all coverage since January of 2009, the networks have favored the political class’s or the progressive Democrats’ (or both) message and opposed mainstream America. Since the journalistic ideal is neutral, balanced and fair coverage of all stories . . . it’s easy to see why so many Americans say they do not trust the broadcast news channels.

At least one newscaster on each of the mainstream media made a big deal about the purported hardships that the would-be Times Square SUV-bomber has faced . . . how utterly idiotic. Omitting twelve of his thirteen trips to Pakistan would presumably cover his mortgage. When Rajjpuut has a bad day, he almost never puts into motion plans to indiscriminately murder and maim unknown strangers . . . does that truly warrant empathy? One gal on NBC ? went so far as to say, “I was really hoping the bomber would NOT turn out to be a Muslim . . .” and then justifying her ridiculously biased and unprofessional statement (doesn’t sound neutral, balanced, fair or objective now does it?) by saying now the extremist bigots would show intolerance to Muslims. Gaaaa-roooovy! 9/11 three attacks and right up to Ft. Hood and where is all the intolerance? Show us! And, of course, the people she and her network had been labelling as biased and intolerant, the TEA Party folk have proven to be about as peaceful as any group in American history has . . . the only violent group has been the protestors against the Arizona law, pushing and throwing objects at police, for example . And the coverage of the TEA Party by the mainstream media has been six hundred times more hateful and bigotted than anything that group has done.

Given that 90% of journalists label themselves liberal or progressive . . . these kinds of story can be expected often. But the straw that breaks the camel’s back is the utterly left-wing agenda of the ownership today. Without owners that take pride in their outfits’ professionalism, journalism degenerates into something like a high school newspaper’s overt favortism and fondness for certain cliques. The proof of this statement?? The biggest story involving the media is what they deign NOT to cover. For example, in late November, Climate-Gate in Europe was researched fully and the issue of global warming is now considered a betrayal and fraud by climate scientists at the Climate Research Unit in East Anglia University, England. The liberal London Times ate crow and published the story even if eleven days after every other paper got it down.


Yet today, five and a half months later . . . Americans have not really been exposed to Climate-Gate and that media scandal goes on day after day.

Even more surprisingly, “Cap-and-TradeGate,” the scandal of Obama’s and Gore’s complicity and huge conflict of interest related to their involvement in the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) goes totally unreported. Obama and Gore and their cronies are planning to bilk the American economy of $10 TRillion every year if and when they can push Cap and Trade legislation through the senate. This is the greatest political betray since Aaron Burr and we’ve heard absolutely NOT ONE PEEP about it in the mainstream media. Here’s a little 4-chart presentation on the scandal . . . .


What this means is that if the American economy is $15 TRillion worth of goods and services that as soon as Cap and Trade is passed the economy becomes $25 TRillion worth of goods***, services and blue sky. So everything that cost you sixty $60 now costs $100 and the $10 TRillion passing through the CCX every year generates monstrous commissions for John Ayers (brother to Bill Ayers Weatherman convicted bomber and ghostwriter for “Dreams from My Father”), Barack Obama, Richard Sandor, Joel Rogers, Andy Stern, Valerie Jarrett, Al Gore, Van Jones, several Goldman Sachs big wigs, Franklin Raines, Paula Di Perna, Gores Generation Investment Management, Goldman Sachs the company itself, and unions like the AFLCIO and SEIU as well as several individuals connected to the United Nations Climate investigatory bodies. The communism index of this group is at least an 11 on a scale from 1-5 with the possible exception of Gore, who’s just in it for the $9 Million mansions he can buy. The direct connection to progressive money-funnelling foundations like the Tides Foundation, Joyce Foundation, Emerald Cities Collaborative, Enterprise Community Partners and the Apollo Alliance and the smooth way they funnel money back and forth to each other would make a Mafia Money-Launderer ultra-envious.

You might NOT be surprised to discover that George Soros is the inspiration for the Tides Foundation and other progressive foundations that fund all this semi-anonymously and that Joel Rogers, the communist prof from Wisconsin is the brains of the outfit. Rogers has famously been quoted on videotape as saying, “Capitalism is monstrous” and encouraging his followers to make up studies and statistics to sell their takeover message. The Obama stimulus put $80 Billion into Rogers’ Apollo Aliance last year. How many jobs did they create? If they actually created one real job other than secretaries to shepherd their money around, Rajjpuut would be inordinately shocked. By the way, ACORN (now undercover under 51 different names) played a slimey role in all this too -- shocker, huh?




This is the single biggest story of our time and the mainstream media have deliberately ignored it. They haven’t so much as said, “Extremist right-wing groups are claiming that . . . “ or otherwise shown any inclination to investigate the story. You don’t have to trust Ol’ Rajjpuut. The record is all there on the internet. Do it this way: Look up the foundations mentioned above; look into their board members listing; look into their founders; look into how they were funded initially and how various projects have been funded. The same key dozen names will keep popping up. Right now CCX is worth???? ????? $0.00 that’s right nothing. But let Cap and Trade pass and in a matter of months 40% of our economy will be channelled through CCX and much of into the pockets of the Dirty Dozen.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,

^^ If you expect as Rajjpuut does, that sooner or later all chickens come home to roost (the truth will out), then you might want to make this link one of your favorites so you can understand this very complex little fraud as its talked about in the U.S. Senate during the upcoming impeachment trial (Of course President Obama wants to make the internet a "public utility" . . . a loose translation needed? "Public" means "government controlled." So Rajjpuut guesse that any voices not already in his camp will be "controlled.")
*** How is this done, you ask? Cap and Trade forces exchange of "carbon credits" ( . . . like Obamacare forcing people to buy insurance . . . forced transactions commanded by the government) to the tune of roughly $10 TRillion worth of forced deals every year (according to CCX founder Richard Sandor) . . . that money has to come from somewhere . . . that somewhere is from the American consumer (and to a far lesser extent from foreign consumers) who would then pay 67% more for everything American they buy. If you thought it was difficult to compete with China before . . . now it will be utterly impossible. This bill, with the help of the CCX, will absolutely cut the legs out from under the U.S. economy. Where did the 67% more expense come from? 40% fake economy divided by 60% genuine economy = 67% greater expense with the fake blue sky economy.
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Until the American mainstream media comes to its senses and begins acting like journalists again, real investigative stories (like the one linked above from the ultra-liberal London Times) will not appear in ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN newscasts. Truth will NOT be available to Americans from our oldest news outlets. That story is over five months old and required the London Times to eat some very serious crow, for they had been driving the global-warming bandwagon for many years. The actual event took place on November 17, 2009. It took the Times twelve days to research the story before their Environment Editor Jonathan Leake drove a stake into the heart of global-warming with his article entitled “The Great Climate Change Science Scandal” which agreed with the conclusions of the press and neutral scientists around the globe, that the East Anglia Climate Research Unit (CRU) had perpetrated an expensive and elaborate hoax on the world. That story has not been run in the New York. Times yet nor in any other major Liberal newspaper or broadcast company. As we speak, Cap and Trade legislation based upon global warming theory is poised for passage in the United States Senate.
Another story you’ll probably have to pick up first on FOX News or in the London Times is this one . . . our president Barack Obama and our ex-vice president Al Gore are still using that false global warming alarmism to confuse the American public and are guilty of deliberate conflict of interest that will bilk the American economy of $10 TRillion each and every year.
You’d have to read that in Investor’s Business Daily ( of course, not in the mainstream media) or hear it on Fox. The lamestream media is too busy protecting Obama’s butt and worshipping him to actually protect our country.
Here (above) is a brief schematic of the corrupt connections designed to sell America and the free market down the river and scam us all of 40% of every dollar spent in the country from now till hell freezes over . . . .
If and when Cap and Trade legislation passes . . . an enormous fortune will be made by Joel Rogers, the man who owns Obama’s strings, and the brains behind CCX (Chicago Climate eXchange). CCX is a business venture owned by Al Gore and his London partners the fifth largest owners; Barack Obama, Joel Rogers, John Ayers (brother of Weather Underground bomber and Obama ghostwriter Bill Ayers, several Goldman Sachs bigwigs, and 10% owned by Goldman Sachs the investment firm itself; Richard Sandor and surprise, surprise by Fannie Mae (who owns the patent on the methodology) as well as several other key progressive organizations and individuals such as Van Jones, Andy Stern and unions AFLCIO and SEIU.
Sandor, the founder and man in charge of CCX has been videotaped saying that cap and trade will be a $10 TRillion industry. Since all actual U.S. manufacturing production and services (where something is actually produced or a service actually performed) create $15.4 TRillion per year that means that about 40% of all costs associated with anything produced in this country will be associated with Cap and Trade legislation and therefore the final costs after cap and trade costs passed on to American and world consumers will be roughly 67% greater because of the existence of Cap and Trade Laws. For you arithmetically challenged .4/.6 = .6666667
But Sandor is a small potatoes guy . . . the brains of the outfit, the man behind the great green curtain in Obama’s Emerald City Ozville is a communist activist Wisconsin professor named Joel Rogers. He is the man who owns Obama’s strings, a man who says here in this link below that “Capitalism is Monstrous.” He is the creator of the Apollo Alliance (seemingly a progressive money-laundering foundation) which received $80 Million from Obama’s stimulus funds. These progressive foundations (The Joyce Foundation; The Tides Foundation; The Apollo Foundation; the old ACORN; etc. are just a few of a long list of progressive foundations who channel money into other progressive foundations and quite naturally receive money channeled into them by other progressive foundations . . . while big surprise, Barack Obama’s name is found on the board of many of them) received a huge amount of our stimulus money. Joel Rogers is the leader of a cunning collusion for profit and power. But the mainstream media will not cover All-American Joel or his organizations or his connection to Barack Obama or Al Gore or the full corrupt story . . . . when they finally regain their senses and their journalistic spirit, Rajjpuut suggests they start their investigation with CCX. Why? Follow the money!
Being associated with all these progressive foundations with all that loose money floating through them is surely profitable, but only chump change compared to what happens if and when cap and trade becomes a reality. When it first appeared that Cap and Trade legislation which narrowly passed in the house last spring was dead on the senate floor . . . Joel Rogers is the one who prodded Barack Obama to prod the Environmental Protection Agency to issue an edict, a regulation, that would in effect make cap and trade legislation the law of the land and classify carbon emissions as dangerous pollutants and that would make the CCX immediately a going highly-profitable concern and make the individuals mentioned above a fortune for selling, uh . . . blue sky. Free blue sky with the carbon-dioxide in it that plant life needs to grow and produce oxygen for us to breathe would be symbolically exchanged for other free blue sky with a bit less carbon dioxide in it in accordance with the EPA directives and run through the exchange system computers on programs for which the patents are owned by Fannie Mae. Something for nothing, abso-frigging-lutely nothing will never cost so much in the history of the universe and Joel and Obama and Al and Richard Sandor and John Ayers and the Goldman Sachs bunch are the folks who will be taking us to the cleaners while literally selling “licenses to pollute,” according to their own interviews. Makes you proud to be an American, eh?
Actually, Rajjpuut is very proud to be an American and one reason is the existence of Tennessee Representative Marsha Blackburn, his April, 2010 Statesman of the month who took on Al Gore’s lies face to fact (link above). Al can run to his $9 million new mansion in Montecito, California alongside the global-warmed rising seas but he cannot hide from her direct question, “. . . will you in any way, profit personally, from the legislation you’re supporting here today?” Ms. Blackburn and Senator Inhofe are also behind the movement that made the EPA backdown from instituting cap and trade by regulation . . . you see the EPA was violating its own rules because they cannot issue regulations based upon somebody else’s studies but must do the environmental, or in this case the climate, studies themselves. And, of course, the EPA was basing their edict upon the Climate-Gate fraudulent figuring done at CRU in East Anglia, my, my, my. Ms. Blackburn’s got more courage in her pinky fingernail than all the inglorious mainstream media reporters and executives combined.
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
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Hey, You’re about to be Re-Raped by Gore, Goldman Sachs,

Barack, and Your Very Own Federal Guv , Have a Nice Day!

In the upcoming re-rape of the U.S. Taxpayers engineered by the Federal Government, most of the citizenry will not even get a kiss. But since Rajjpuut likes YOU, we’ll see to it that you not only get a kiss, by Jove, but perhaps even enough understanding to survive or glory-be actually thrive. Pay attention, now, you really do want that kiss!

First a bit of history: the last time the country got raped it was through a little manipulation called the sub-prime lending crisis. The laws had to be changed four times before that scam finally worked. In chronological order those laws were: the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977. The expansion of CRA into the Federal progtams at Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac in 1992; a smaller expansion in 1995 and finally the Bill Clinton expansion in 1998 that put the whole system on steroids. A group called ACORN with lawyers such as Barack Obama worked at forcing lending institutions to grant ridiculous loans (forced by the four laws just mentioned) to some people

A. without I.D.
B. without jobs
C. with abysmal credit ratings
D. without even a bona fide rental address and even to
E. illegal aliens.

Then some people bundled a lot of these horrendous mortgages together and sold them to other people known as “fish.” One of the biggest profiteers from this activity was a group on Wall Street known as Goldman Sachs. You may have heard of them. As far as Rajjpuut can tell GS, sometimes known as “Government Sachs” actually did nothing technically wrong, they just made a lot of money out of the entire country’s misery . . . . originally Rajjpuut thought that ACORN and the progressive politicians were the culprits . . . but GS, well, let’s see where our story leads us . . . .

OK, OK the last time we bundled mortgages together, so the suckers won’t fall for that for at least a decade – how in hell can we make a dishonest buck? Hmmmm. But first did you know that eleven key regulators of the financial industries (FEDS, in other words) and eight key members of the Obama industry have spent a good deal of their adult lives working for Goldman Sachs? Maybe that’s where the name Government Sachs comes from. Let’s see where were we? Oh, yeah, how to re-rape the country. Well first we need something to sell . . . .

“I know, I know” said a clever senator from Tennessee and another clever senator from Chicago. The two clever senators decided to sell the country and the world “Blue Sky” – clear blue sky, step right up and get your blue sky.

Here’s how it workes . . . You may have heard of the Tides** Foundation, it’s a place where rich progressives donate a lot of money and then you can’t tell that they’re involved because everything is hush-hush secret and done by this anonymous entity . . . the foundation. The Tides Foundation is a non-profit that’s purportedly promotes social justice, cleaner environment, etc., but what it really does is take advantage of the godawful regulatory climate, which progressive lawmakers have pushed onto all of us, to find appropriately complex and very profitable scams . . . all in the name of advancing questionable liberal/progressive goals. The Tides Foundation is huge. Well imagine something even bigger, something that could fit up to ten or twelve Tides Foundations inside it and still have wiggle room. In fact this larger entity, The Joyce** Foundation, actually is one of, if not THE largest funder for the Tides Foundation. If that looks like money laundering to you . . . well so be it.

So in 2001, the senator from Tennessee had just almost been president of the United States and he was going around the world in his jet spreading a lot of nasty exhaust but telling a lot of lies supposedly based on real science, but actually just plain lies about something called global warming. And this Joyce Foundation they gave him and others money for a start-up grant to create an entity called CCX which would eventually sell the “blue-sky.” And the board (the group) that’s running this CCX (which stands for Chicago Climate Exchange) consists of that nice Tennessee fellow Al Gore and a London Investment group he works with (no relation to East Anglia University’s Climate Research Unit (CRU) of climate-gate shame, we’re sure, (or are we?); plus the brother of the well-known Weather Underground Bomb-maker Bill Ayers, John Ayers; plus three or four key Goldman Sachs people; and the Goldman Sachs Company itself (10% owner); plus Barak Obama who actually wasn’t even a U.S. Senator but just an Illinois Senator when he and a fellow named Sandor who’s the President of this CCX put the whole scam together. By the way, CCX is a voluntary agency – get that voluntary. And remember they’re selling (eventually) blue sky.

When Mr. Sandor was interviewed recently he estimated that the blue-sky sales business (also known as “Cap and Trade”) which creates something literally out of nothing would shortly become a $10 TRillion industry every single year. Since the full value of all the stocks on all the American exchanges and over the counter in all the companies is estimated at $15 TRillion which is $15 TRillion over all the earth’s history and therefore nothing compared to blue sky being worth $10 TRillion every single year . . . well that’ll give you a pretty good idea of what exactly blue sky can be worth in the hands of people with imagination and a bit of larceny in their souls?

$10 TRillion, but wait, remember we said that the CCX was a voluntary group? You did remember that? So they've been working basically without reward for nine full years basically out of the goodness of their hearts, my my. Of course if climate-law such as Cap and Trade ever became the law of the land and they already were the most experienced at the business in the whole world . . . well $10, TRillion . . . . Any wonder why, with Cap and Trade stuck forever in the Senate, Barack Obama has tried to make (a presidential edict) Cap and Trade the law of the land via the EPA? Ah well, bend over America, ENJOY! And as for Barack Obama, it's called conflict of frigging interest Mr. President.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


** and for any reader that thinks that the Tides Foundation and the Joyce Foundations sound vaguely familiar and might actually be parodied in Michael Crichton's thriller "State of Fear," come on now, that's a work of fiction, Crichton wouldn't do that, would he?

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