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It’s everything you’d expect from All In With Chris Hayes, and so much less … less common sense, less intellectually honest, and less respectful of faith. Renowned Jesuit author Fr. Jam4063894889?profile=originales Martin looks at times like he’d accidentally wandered into a lunatic asylum during this segment, and after watching five minutes of Chris Hayes and Harvard’s Christopher Robichaud treat the now-cancelled “black mass” event like an actual religious practice rather than a hate-speech mockery of the Catholic Mass, Fr. Martin will not be alone in that confusion:

Martin offers a very close analogy when he suggests that Harvard wouldn’t have tolerated the burning of a Koran, even if wrapped in pseudo-religious practice. Muslims see that as a desecration of their religion, just as Catholics see the “black mass” — and given the nearly step-by-step mockery of Catholic liturgy in the latter, Catholics have a much better case to make. The entire point of this “service” is hatred towards Catholics in particular. Instead of addressing this point, though, both Hayes and Robichaud accuse Martin of spouting “false equivalencies” and start moaning over the power of “major religions” to keep the “marginalized” out of the debate.

POLL: Has the Obama Administration turned its back on Israel?

Father Martin is not some finger-wagging, down-shouter of a shepherd (all-pulpit-no-pasture and forever on the harangue), and because that is true, and because his easygoing manner is well-known, you would think that his sobriety, here — his stark refusal to budge on the subject of Satanism, and the offensiveness inherent to any Black Mass being “re-enacted” in the public — would make an unusually strong impression on the host, Chris Hayes, and other guest.

You might think it, but sadly, you’d be wrong. No one in this video clip is thinking, “gee, Martin is no lunatic, and his gravity is palpable, so maybe there’s more to this than I know…” Rather, Hayes seems incapable of fully masking his amused condescension toward Martin’s concerns, and is willfully choosing not to hear his words; the two men prefer to travel campus-comfortable tracks, ranging from the predictable to the bigoted to the silly, with a side-trip to pick up a straw man. …

Notice, Martin addresses the “Black Mass” situation on Harvard Extension’s own terms. That body characterized the insult as a “cultural” event and compared it to a re-enactment of a Shinto Tea Ceremony; Father Martin suggests that a similar “re-enactment” of an anti-semitic or racial horror, like a lynching or a cross-burning, would quite rightly be a denounced as having no place on any campus or indeed in any public place. Why, then, would the mockery of the Catholic Mass be an acceptable insensitivity?

The answer does not come. Instead Hayes and Harvard’s Christopher Robichaud tries to rebut with overarching smugness. Unable to admit “rem acu tetigisti”, Robichaud suggests that Martin is intellectually “sloppy” and risks credibility by rejecting the priest’s very accurate question as a “false equivalency”; his argument essentially boils down to this: “marginalized communities” deserve sensitivity protections and respect, but “big powerful religions” do not. I wonder if he’d be fine, then, with a public burning of the Koran, since Islam, claiming a billion members, is a “big powerful religion.”

He and Harvard would most certainly not be fine with that. They would chalk that up as oppression of a marginalized community too, although the true motives would almost certainly be a little more in line with their survival instincts.

The chief absurdity, though, comes from the religious-liberty equivalency argument Hayes and Robichaud make in regard to the Satanists and the “Pastafarians,” a juvenile and tiresome satirical group of atheists mocking religious practice in general. The event was not staged as a religious event but a cultural event, and in any case the controversy wasn’t about the rights of Satanists to do what they do on their own property. It was about Harvard’s decision to host and sponsor the event, directly and indirectly, while claiming to be opposed to hate speech, marginalization, etc etc etc. Religious freedom wasn’t the issue at all, but that was the dodge Hayes and Robichaud used.


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4063796811?profile=original       MSNBC Panel Mocks Romney’s Adopted Black Grandson – photo credit Bossip

When is it ever fair to belittle, demean and destroy the integrity of a family’s baby grandchild?  Apparently the hilarity of seeing a loving grandfather holding his grandson on his knee was fair game to be mocked by MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry and her panel on her show.  The grandfather happened to be Mitt Romney, former presidential candidate in 2012 and his grandson who was adopted happened to be black.


Only in the minds of liberals like the cast that laughed at a Romney family, could they find humor at the expense of a loving family.  According to Blaze this liberal laugh riot broke out when they saw the photo of Mitt and Ann Romney’s grandson Kieran Romney sitting on his grandfather’s knee and the snickering erupted.


Pia Glenn broke out into song and sang, “One of these things is not like the other. One of these things just isn’t the same,” said Blaze.  So now it was okay to target babies with sharp angry humor.  The others on the panel erupted at the sight of a black baby being part of the Romney family.


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4063689376?profile=originalChris Matthews Attempted to Pin Boston Terrorism

                              on Conservatives

Chris Matthews Attempted to Pin Boston Terrorism on Conservatives Last week America again became the tragic victim of terrorism. Yet, as Americans were trying to grasp the full measure of an act which caused death, injuries and mayhem, the nation was assaulted again. This time it was the liberal media bias of a pundit whose sole job was to not bring comfort and truth to a nation on edge. Instead, Chris Matthew, anchor of an MSNBC news show, chose to pin this atrocity on conservatives and Tea Party members.

As the nation continues to cope with the possibility of connections to outside state sponsored terrorist plots involving Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, and his brother, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, Matthews chose to yet again attack innocent Americans who support and defend America’s laws and the U.S. Constitution.

What comfort does a person like Chris Matthews draw from spewing vitriolic hatred toward the Tea Party by hoping the act of terrorism was committed by a “white person who is right-wing?” The absurdity of this could be easily dismissed if it were dripping from the lips of an inebriated bar fly sitting in a watering hole. But, this salacious assault was spewed into the public arena from his ratings challenged MSNBC cable show.

Unfortunately recent history has been marked by liberal journalists who have chosen to alarm America with unproven statements of condemnation against conservatives and Tea Party members.

ABC did this in July of 2012 when Brian Ross, ABC News Chief Investigative Correspondent, erroneously and callously linked an innocent Colorado man and Tea party member as being the bomber in Aurora, Colorado. Instead it turned out the real killer was a James Holmes, who just happened to be a Democrat.

That was left unreported by the liberal media. What purpose does it serve to strike fear with persistent lies, except if one’s intention is to engage in a strategic campaign of misdirection and annihilation? Americans who were seeking as much critical information as possible during those crucial hours and days after this terror attack deserved better.

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Where is this country going?

This really isn't new news, but if you missed it, here it is:

Back in 2008 before the election, Colin Powell, a Republican, 4 Star General, and former member of the Bush Cabinet, made some comments on the left-wing Chris Matthew's show on MSNBC. Matthews has conservatives on his show frequently (the clip refers to Michelle Bachman being on the show) so it is not surprising that Powell would be there. What is surprising is Powell's comments about Bachman and his later endorsement of Obama. 

What's up with Powell? Is there any explanation as to  why he would say things like this? Here's the video:

4063553218?profile=originalI wonder where the country is going on a very basal level.

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Part (2) Liberal News Media

by little tboca

In part (1) the evolution of Liberalism, Socialism and Communism were sort of lumped together showing, but it shows how our youth many years ago were being brainwashed by many different factions. The innocence of our youth made them the perfect victims for those on the left.

Liberalism, Socialism and Communism have created the “Lost Generation.” It was very subtle at first and rather hard to pinpoint just how they infiltrated our Government, our schools, our Colleges, our Supreme Court and our homes. Let’s dissect the brain washed Liberal News Media in an effort to see why they’ve turned into a demonizing faction in our USA – the lost sheep and the lost generation.

All three of these ideologies mentioned are closely connected by certain beliefs; therefore they share a common link or connection with each other. First, they consider all Americans too ignorant and stupid to live independently and be their own counsel.

Second, notice how Obama’s ”better than thou” demeanor is just like Saul Alinskys, George Soros, Bill Ayers & wife Bernadine Dohrn, Cass Sunstein, Eric Holder (AG), Lisa Jackson(EPA), Richard Trumpka (AFL-CIO). They actually believe they’re a superior race and have been endowed the authority to control us. Our White House has been infiltrated with these Liberalists!

Third, they hate groups of people like the Tea Parties, who are fighting to restore our Nation. They want to remove the 2nd Amendment and disarm the citizens of the USA. If they in fact disarm our Nation, we will be totally dependent upon the Government.

Fourth, they fear “God,” and keep trying to remove “God” from our schools, our courtrooms, our Federal buildings, our coins and our Constitution. They’ve been trying to wipe “God” off the map for many moons. God’s not afraid of the Church card they keep jerking out of their pocket. Nope, “God” is alive and well and isn’t about to leave his kids alone in their fight to “take back their Country.”

The Liberal News Media has been spawn by those who wish to take over our Country; they’ve evolved into a bunch of brainless puppets unable to exist on their own. They’re the masters of X-rated regurgitated chewed up and re-edited fiction in an attempt to keep Americans distracted, while they continue gnawing away at our rights and freedoms

Their hatred has no limits as they continue their rampage against the Tea Parties, calling them terrorists, racists, Wahhabis, tea baggers, suicide bombers and the list just rambles on- remember they fear groups of people who meet together to restore our Nation.

They’re pros at using the Church card, the race card and the terrorist card when the going gets tough, but they’re starting to lose traction. They’re losing steam – God’s alive and well, the race card looks like Obama’s last year’s fake birth certificate; the one that was layered and photo shopped. The terrorist card is sort of their wild card specifically used for any person or groups of people who disagree with their ideology.

The worst error the Liberals could have made was to compare the Wall Street Protestors to our Nation’s Tea Parties – this strategy backfired on them! The OWS Protestors are just another generation of lost sheep, who have no respect for themselves or others. They are raping, destroying property, creating unsanitary conditions, and doing drugs and don’t have a clue why they are protesting. They are dangerous because of the puppeteers orchestrating their movement!

The tea parties are our “freedom fighters, they don’t kill, destroy other’s property, throw stones, cans and make threats. They will continue their peaceful march to “Take Back Our Country,” from those who will and have harmed our Nation, our children and our grandchildren.

The Liberal News Media are the robots pre-programed for the destruction of America; they are fed daily by the puppeteers and thrive on lies, propaganda and corruption. They’ve not only lost their way, like the OWS – they are the LOST GENERATION.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca

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In Tank for Obama, MSNBC Silent
On OFF; Solyndra; $10.88 Million
Cost for Each Obama Stimulus GREEN Job
And “Light-Squared Gate” Scandals
            Once again the Media’s refusal to do actual journalism is the big story this week . . . but quite surprisingly, the focus of that big story is that the Mainstream Media (the “MSM” who did much better on George W. Bush, believe it or not even inventing a few scandals where they didn’t exist) is actually starting to cover Obama’s screw-ups somewhat fairly, even though the MSNBC cable channel continues to protect the “Anointed One.”  
After Obama Scandal #76 uncovered by Rajjpuut in 34 months, the Mainstream Media (MSM) has offered up exactly six of these stories as worthy fodder for their viewers’ and reader’s brains (but only two of them received fair and thorough coverage) – with a total of exactly ½ of one Obama scandal showing up at MSNBC, home of Chris (“I get a thrill up my leg every time I hear him speak.”) Matthews’ infamy. For those of you keeping score, Rajjpuut has generously given the MSM partial credit points for even sort of covering Obama’s corruption . . . for example:
MSNBC Cable coverage of Obama’s
Corruption during his first 34 months:
FAR less than ½ of Obama administration’s complicity in the Deep Horizon oil spill
For a total score of ½ point of 76 available points by Rajjpuut’s generous scoring method. The rest of the Mainstream Media (MSM) does much, much better . . . .

Total MSM Obama Scandals
Covered in Barack’s 34 months:
Solyndra Crony Capitalism (some call it Solargate)
$10.88 million paid for each Obama green job created
FAR less than ½ of Black Panthers’ voter intimidation story
FAR less than ½ of Obama administration’s complicity in the Deep Horizon oil spill
Far less than ½ of Operation Fast and Furious (OFF) selling 34,000 weapons to Mexican drug cartels and refusing to “track” them resulting in the deaths of at least two American border patrol agent and presumably thousands of Mexican citizens as every one of these weapons crossed the border.
Less than ½ of story showing Obama administration seeking to get a four-star Air Force general to change his sworn testimony before Congress to favor a faulty intelligence system produced by an Obama fund-raiser’s company which would have regularly scrambled GPS readings and made coordinated close-in bombing to protect our troops IMPOSSIBLE and DANGEROUS. Some call this corruption the Light-Squared Scandal or “Light-Squared Gate” named after the company involved.
                   0% of the story on the $105 billion outright theft of Obamacare   funds written into that law; 0% of Obama and Chicago Climate Exchange’s (CCX’s) proposed rape of America to the tune of $10 TRillion annually in association with their Cap and Trade Bill which never got passed (since Rajjpuut and the conservative press began covering the story, CCX has been dissolved and the 60 or so guilty parties including many Obama cronies all disappeared quickly from the crime site with only Al Gore still active through his London holding company) in a vast and insidious corruption; and 0% coverage of 67 other such Obama administration scandals well-documented by Rajjpuut and others.   Overall a rather amazing dereliction of journalistic duty. $$
For a total MSM score of just 4 points of 76 available points by Rajjpuut’s generous scoring method. This is still 8X better than MSNBC. The big story, however, is much, much more positive. The MSM is suddenly disenchanted with Obama and has begun to cover his corruption with something like real journalistic fervor scoring 2.5 of a possible three Obama scandals (the one covered in the blog you’re reading; and Solyndra; and the Light-Squared Gate Scandal) in just the last two weeks . . . amazing!  Let’s talk about the latest Obama administration scandal . . . “his $11 Million stimulus payment for each green job created since 2009.”
Three years ago when Rajjpuut heard Candidate Obama first promise to create “five million new green-energy sector jobs” all your favorite-blogger could say was “Uh-oh!” because he’d just recently re-read Henry Hazlitt’s classic Economics in One Lesson** and revealed the Broken Window Fallacy**  again to loyal readers.
Later he became familiar with a Spanish economics professor’s study of precisely such a program undertaken in Spain: the Universidad del Rey Juan Carlos study by economist Gabriel Calzada which verified all Rajjpuut’s fears about creating another full-scale government spending/government interference boondoggle. Calzada’s survey was particularly important since in 1998 Spain had Europe’s most powerful economy with a mere 4% unemployment rate; but today roughly 13 years later, Spain is suffering many of the economic malaises found in countries like Portugal, Greece, Italy, and Ireland and has the second highest unemployment rate in Europe at 22%.   But in April 2009 when Rajjpuut’s Folly revealed the facts of the study . . . it seems that Rajjpuut actually gave his readers bum dope and underestimated the damage done to the Spanish economy by the subsidies and energy cost hikes.
            In that first blog the Spanish cost per new green job created was listed at $774,000 each one. However, a more careful reading of the study in its original language by Rajjpuut shows that $774,000 per job was only the cost to Spanish energy consumers but did NOT include the cost of Spanish subsidies to green companies by their central government.   The recent revelation of the Solyndra bankruptcy scandal (which cost 1,100 jobs) alone would be a good reason to revisit the Spanish figures. However, even more apropos is the subject of today’s Obama scandal revelation:  that a recent study of the Obama $38.6 Billion stimulus payments to green tech companies resulted in an average cost to taxpayers of $10.88 million for each one of the roughly 3,500 total green-energy jobs created here in the United States.
Since the Spanish study showed also that:
1.       Each Spanish green job cost the loss of 2.2 real free-market jobs.
2.     Only 10% of all the green jobs created proved to be permanent.
3.     The average pay for a subsidized Spanish green job was $12 per hour.
4.     The average green job lasted less than eight months and many lasted six weeks or less.
And since extrapolation of the Spanish study onto President Obama’s promised creation of five million new green-tech jobs would see this country:
1.       Drive 11 million real jobs from the real economy.
2.      Only result in 500,000 permanent green-tech jobs being created.
3.     Pay roughly $13.80 per hour for green jobs in America.
4.     And see the government counting three-week jobs of equal value to permanent jobs created (and permanent jobs lost by green energy subsidization with taxpayer money).
Clearly all American s have a right to demand far better from their government. The most corrupt administration in history (one leftist site lists 401 Bush scandals^^ listed in eight years and 277 Obama scandals in 34 months so far averaging to almost 100 per year on the lefty site with 277 divided by 2.83 years) – Obama’s Marxist/Socialists continue to not only get it wrong but to also rack up a list of ultra-ultra-serious scandals that Rajjpuut believes will shock future generations of American historians unless we as a nation join Obama in full-scale Marxism (when history can, of course, be conveniently changed).
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
In fairness to both presidents Bush II and Obama, these two connected sites have listed scandals where Rajjpuut sees none; seem to look upon the world through Marxist jaundiced eyes; and to always give the sitting president the blame for ongoing long-running government scandals that just show how boondoggly a huge government can be and have no necessary relationship to the present occupant of the Oval Office. The two leftist  scandal list sites are included just to show Rajjpuut’s readers that even “ultra-lefty” websites are not enthralled by Obama even in comparison with their kicking-boy George W. Bush (Bush averaged 50 scandals yearly in this site’s eyes compared to almost a hundred per year by Obama so far. It’s worth mentioning that the Obamascandal website list only includes seven of the 76 scandals that Rajjpuut found in the Obama administration and does not show: Solyndra; Light-Squaredgate; the $10.88 million per green job abomination; Operation Fast and Furious; etc.; etc.; ad nauseum.
$$ One scandal Rajjpuut has covered without labeling it “a scandal” is that the U.S. Senate has not passed a budget of their own in almost 900 days. The Senate is, as you know controlled by Obama’s Democrats. The Republican-controlled House of Representatives has passed 22 major bills since they assumed the power there in January including two serious budgets. The Senate did vote on three major bills since January 1st (the Bush tax-cut compromise with the Republicans was passed after the 2010 election in the lame-duck session and does not count for this new Senate . . . so they’ve passed the debt-ceiling compromise and a compromise “spending-cut enabling budget” with the Republican House. 
Their third vote, however, was the shocking 0-97 dismissal of Obama’s personal budget plan. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) put off voting on Obama’s bill for parts of three months and only at White House insistence took the matter to a vote in May where the incredible 0-97 refutation of Obama’s policies occurred in the Democrats’ own Senate. Meanwhile some 19 serious bills aimed at fixing the economy and creating jobs from the House Republicans sit on Reid’s desk and will never see a vote. The MSM knowing that most Americans are ignorant has blamed all this on a “do-nothing Congress.” This is a travesty. The Republican House (most voters incorrectly call the House of Representatives “Congress” when Congress is actually a term for the combined House and Senate) is getting lambasted when the trouble lies with the do-nothing-by-design Harry Reid Senate. Don’t expect the MSM to explain all this and run that story anytime soon!

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It’s safe to say that Barack Obama is in bed with the unions, the media and our giant corporations . . . . “In addition to CBS Corporation and the Washington Post Company, recipients of ERRP funding include the United Auto Workers union, which secured $206,798,086 in taxpayer money, AT&T, which took in $140,022,949, and General Electric (GE), which raked in $36,607,818. GE has made headlines recently for not paying any U.S. taxes last year. IBM got $12,989,690 in taxpayer money.
“Verizon pulled $91,702,538 in taxpayer cash, too, and General Motors received $19,002,669. More than $6 million went to different Teamsters groups nationwide, and millions more went to the United Mine Workers, United Food and Commercial Workers, the AFL-CIO and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME).” Rajjpuut’s opinion/Daily Caller’s FACTS
General Electric Receives $36 Million Bribe
From Obamacare Slush Fund After Its NBC Affiliate
Cheer-Led Barack Obama’s 2008 Election
            Mr. Obama has just handed the world his own personal Watergate.  The facts are all there in public documents including congressional hearings and reports . . . and not surprisingly NBC, CBS, and the Washington Post (all of which received bribes from the Obamacare Slush funds) are not covering the story. But similarly the New York Times and ABC and CNN are largely ignoring the issue as well.
            The story got its legs when Minnesota Representative and TEA Party favorite Michelle Bachmann revealed in mid-March that Obamacare had been illegally funded to the tune of $105 Billion. Ms. Bachmann revealed a huge complex of virtual “slush-funds” mostly run through Kathleen Sibelius’ Health and Human Resource Dept. The Daily Caller website soon put skin and fancy clothing on the rest of this enormous skeleton in Barack Obama’s closet when it revealed that besides several Obama-supporting unions, that the Washington Post and  the CBS Television Network had between them both received the equivalent of a combined bribe of $1.3 million. CBS and the Post have been enthusiastic Obama supporters who seemingly refuse to run any negative stories at all on the Obama administration. 

The 800# gorilla now has been given headgear. The suspected news that General Electric, Corp. was the recipient of a similar bribe this time to the tune of $36 million is, coming straight on the heels of a recent story that GE paid NO TAXES on $14 Billion in profits was a potential bombshell that has NOW BEEN CONFIRMED. Still the media mentioned above have refused to cover the story. The feather in the cap of the 800# gorilla is the most shocking of all.  General Electric, you see, up to recently owned NBC and MSNBC the two most ardent of all those cheerleading for the 2008 Obama-Biden campaign. GE CEO Jeffrey Immeldt, you’ll recall was recently appointed to head up Mr. Obama’s job-creation czar; and last summer had been involved in controversy for seeking to quash anti-Obama reporting by GE’s affiliate news stations. It’s safe to say that Barack Obama is in bed with the unions, the media and our giant corporations . . . .

According to Daily Caller which broke the story, “In addition to CBS Corporation and the Washington Post Company, recipients of ERRP funding include the United Auto Workers union, which secured $206,798,086 in taxpayer money, AT&T, which took in $140,022,949, and General Electric (GE), which raked in $36,607,818. GE has made headlines recently for not paying any U.S. taxes last year. IBM got $12,989,690 in taxpayer money. With all that money in all these corrupt hands, it’s safe to say that Barack Obama could count on hundreds of millions in campaign donations from the unions and big business; and mountains of favorable press reports from CBS, NBC, MSNBC, the Washington Post, etc.

“Verizon pulled $91,702,538 in taxpayer cash, too, and General Motors received $19,002,669. More than $6 million went to different Teamsters groups nationwide, and millions more went to the United Mine Workers, United Food and Commercial Workers, the AFL-CIO and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME).”   


Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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Obama Seeks Texas Scapegoat

for Hurricanes Igor,Julia and Karl

A very strange thing happened to Payne Hertz, the 96-year-old who sometimes substitutes for Ol’ Rajjpuut on those ultra-rare occasions when Rajjpuut has a chance “to get lucky,” ‘er, finds himself with a schedule conflict. You might recall the fine interview that Hertz did with the polar bear** hunter Al Gore . . . .

naturally, we’ll let the elderly gent speak for himself . . . .

It happened this way, I had just left one of my gal’ friends’ apartment about 4:00 in the morning when a couple of juvenile d’s accosted me next to my Pierce-Arrow automobile. They wanted to shake me down, but I was in too good a mood all full of p’ ‘n vinegar to surrender my dignity right then. Of course I immediately pulled out my trusty pack of cards and, using the ancient Monte Carlo martial art form of Stri-chi-baccarat (self-defense with ordinary playing cards), disabled the taller of the two with a quick Jack of Diamonds to the right temple and a trey of Spades to his right knee which dropped him like yesterday’s bowel movement and was firing the niner of hearts full speed at his friend's lower midsection (technically in Stri-chi it’s called a "collateral damage appendectomy") when the tire iron he’d swung connected a glancing blow with my balding pate . . . as I fell, I could see through fuzzy vision he was worse off than me, but than I lost consciousness . . .

Suddenly it was bright daylight, I found myself occupying the body of a much younger, fatter, and far stupider man. I was on a golf course, that much was obvious. And then I saw that my golfing pard with his putter in his hand was none other than the president of the United States Barack Obama. Talk about a shocker! I could see the hammer and sickle stitched into his club covers and the tattoo of Karl Marx peeked through his white golf shirt. Yep, it was Obama all right!

I looked into the mirror of the cart and another surprise, the man that looked back at me was Chris Mathews, the cub reporter who is currently hosting a program called Softballs for Liberals on MSNBC . . . an incredible revulsion grabbed me and I found my new body projectile-vomiting . . . luckily a couple of secret service guards stepped between me and the president and protected him from my disgust. I dropped back weakly into my seat.

They paused the game for about three minutes while I swigged down some bottled water after rinsing my mouth and felt better. We had only three holes to play and let me tell you that being in the body of a younger man, even that out of shape stupid younger man, was great . . . I outdrove Obama on all three holes and outplayed him (what a frigging duffer!) badly and then discovered apparently we’d had a hundred dollar bet. Apparently we’d played several times before and he thought he owned me I guess, because he called my a “racist basta-d”, then smiled like it was a joke as he handed me ol’ Ben Franklin, but I could see he was plenty sore.

Anyhow, the real surprise was passing a newspaper vending machine about ten yards before the clubhouse. The headline was about something called the Hindenburg Omen which didn’t sound good. I could see the date was October 3rd, somehow I’d leaped exactly three weeks into the future besides being in the body of a liberal-slanting cub reporter. Anyway, we retired to the 19th hole and despite the secret service men reminding him that Muslims don’t drink and that he had four state functions scheduled for the rest of the day, he downed about five Miss Piggy Cocktails (I thought Muslims didn’t do pork either?) before he’d even deign to talk to me. No matter, I was preoccupied and too busy for him anyway. Was wondering about how to arrange getting to use my new body with the cocktail waitress I was flirting up . . . nobody was around, just the seven of us, the four secret service agents saw to that . . . just me and Ol’ Poor Sport was allowed in there with this gorgeous auburn-haired . . . .

Suddenly, he sneered, “Your chance to make me look good, Chris-boy!” Which apparently meant he’d allow me to ask him a few questions. I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone, get myself oriented to the happenings of the last twenty-one days and get him in the mood with some easy ones first . . . .

Q: “Mr. President, how would you describe your administration’s accomplishments for the past three weeks? And how do you feel about them?

He glared at me, for a couple seconds.

A: “I’ve told everybody and you should know better, Chris, I’m not answering questions about the problems we’ve had with disaster relief and I’m not answering questions about that Hindenburg stockmarket crap either . . . . Perhaps you might ask me a question about what it’s like travelling in Air Force One?”

Suddenly, the newspaper headlines I’d seen made sense. Apparently the names Igor, Julia and Karl were the names of three tropical storms, maybe even hurricanes . . . and there’d apparently been something real wrong happening on Wall Street. Now I really did want to get on his good side for at least a couple of questions . . . besides with a little luck I could make a killing in the stock market when I got back to my own time . . . IF I ever got back to my own time . . . .

Q: “You know me, Mr. President, I need to get the true picture . . . so that when I slant the story in your behalf, it’s ah . . . it’s got the necessary congruency . . .”

A: Sorry, Chris, must be the drinks, for a moment there I thought I was with Bill O’reilly or Glenn Beck, of course I know you’re in my camp . . . OK . . . OK . . . well, as you know our administration line is that we’re very disappointed in this Hindenburg scandal thing and of course the slow responses on all three hurricanes.”

Q: “Hindenburg scandal . . . thing?”

A: “Yes, yes, we didn’t think that the Business and Financial papers would make such a big deal about a little change like Robby Gibbs was using in his press conferences . . .”

Q: “Little change, Mr. President”

A: “You know calling the 2200 point drop on Wall Street last week ‘the G. W. Bush Crash,’ that’s really not all that much of a thing to overlook in the papers, you’d think . . . And just cause we haven’t helped anybody yet from those three storms . . . .”

Q: “Wow! I mean I can see how that would upset you, Mr. President . . .”

A: “I mean the whole country seemed very understanding -- even though our response was a lot slower than it was for Katrina and Rita -- when I explained that if George W. Bush hadn’t delayed all the vital global warming counter-activity so terribly long we’d have a cooler globe and everyone of the hurricanes wouldn’t be so violent, I mean category-4 twice and then a -three, that’s pretty rough.”

Q: “You blamed George W. Bush for slow response on all three hurricanes and a faltering stock market! ‘er, I mean to say, Mr. President. When you blamed him didn’t your media support stick with you as you expected?”

A: Well, of course, all us neo-marxists understand each oth^^ . . . .

Then, as suddenly as I’d been wisked into Chris Mathews’ fat body I found myself lying on the concrete back in New York twenty-one days earlier with a doozy of a headache and the still bodies of two bloody juvenile delinquents near me . . . . I know it sounds like I’m stretching the truth, but I’ll swear to it. I only regret that I never got to know that little waitress better . . . .

Well, thank you PH, good job under unusual circumstances . . . now do you readers understand why Rajjpuut never takes a vacation?

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


** recently the younger Alaskan Al Gore that Hertz interviewed in the earlier blog had some bad news for his cousin the older and uglier and fatter Al Gore from Tennessee we all know and love. 1) It seems that some naturalists recently revealed that the infamous “Inconvenient Truth” scene of a polar bear floating on an ice floe was not the picture of a polar bear in distress, but to the contrary -- pretty standard operating procedure for polar bears who regularly float out 10-12 miles from shore to find the best hunting grounds for seals and 2) Alaska and Canada are both now lifting their embargoes on hunting polar bears because of the large numbers of the beasts now found all up and down the Artic Circle. The Alaskan said, “Sadly, that may turn out to be a couple of inconvenient truths for my cuz” he grunted, “ Of course, now that the hunting ban is lifted, I can operate legally piling up those bountied bear feet for my Tennessee cuz.”

^^ By the way, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) now says that their latest forecasts of government deficits and national debt says that by 2020 half of your taxes will go for interest on the national debt and that the national debt the American public will face by 2020 will amount to more than 100% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The CBO says that national debt per household will rise to $150,000. Damn, that G.W. Bush anyway.

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