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Europe Rejects Global-Warming,
But Many Americans Believe Gore
And Liberal Media Totally Refuses
Climate-Gate Story Coverage
                Oh what a difference the Atlantic Ocean makes . . . roughly two years after Al Gore received the Nobel Peace Prize for his “documentary” pseudo-pscience-FICTION work “An Inconvenient Truth” (the film also won an Oscar from the Hollywood crowd), European newspapers and television became awash in the revelations of the Climate-Gate Scandal (see link #1 above). Very quickly the embarrassing frauds and cover-ups and phony pscience pshenanigans drove Europe, which had been far more gung-ho about man-caused global warming than America, into a solidly sensibly refusal to honor environmental extremism in any way, shape or form. 
Today Europeans call environmental extremists and ecotage advocates “mean-greenies” and “watermelons” (green on the outside but pink or even RED on the inside . . . meaning they are mere pretenders at environmentalism who use the contrived global warming scenario in hopes of instituting greater socialistic and even communistic-type totalitarian regimes); and carbon-trading or cap-and-trade schemes there are all but dead. Of course, Global-Warming is still a big argument on this side of the Atlantic where the liberal-mainstream media considers the East Anglia University’s Climate Research Unit’s (CRU) scandalous behavior a non-story and continues to support Al Gore’s lies. The second and third link above gives the details of how CRU deliberately omitted data from the warmest 350 years in recent history (a time when Greenland was indeed Green; when the Vikings could settle there and even push on to explore North America: a time called the Medieval Warm Period. 
When you eliminate records of the warmest 350 years in a 2,500 year study you’re definitely going to get an average temperature for the earth that is much cooler than the real honest average. That’s the kind of people that are pushing the global-warming agenda . . . corrupt politicians and corrupt scientists.
                For Al Gore and about 60 of his well-known progressive**cronies (including but definitely NOT limited to Franklin Raines, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Joel Rogers, Richard Sandor, John Ayers, George Soros, Valerie Jarret, the head men at Goldman-Sachs, etc., etc. ad nauseum all up to their eye-teeth involved in CCX, the Chicago Climate eXchange) the Climate-Gate scandal was a monstrous personal financial disaster that prevented them from pocketing hundreds of Billion$$$ and even TRillion$$$. With all their influence in Europe gone seemingly overnight, the difficulties caused by the 2009 U.S. Senate’s refusal to ratify a Cap and Trade bill, earlier passed in Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives by five votes, brought about the elimination of CCX entirely – almost ten years work and scheming down the drain.
Nevertheless multi-billionaire currency-manipulator George Soros (“The man who broke the Bank of England”) and his toady Barack Obama soldier on striving for greater federal government control of our natural resources. How? By seeking to use presidential-regulatory fiat via the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to eliminate the entire coal industry and virtually handcuff the petroleum industry in America. If you’ll examine the last two links above, you’ll hear Barack Obama’s interview with the San Francisco Chronicle in which he promised to bankrupt the coal industry and that his policies “will necessarily cause the price of electricity to sky-rocket.” The Chronicle did NOT publish this story and the mainstream-lamestream media has sat on it unwilling to tell Americans the truth for over three years now. The EPA, then, is Barack Obama’s tool for carrying out those two stupid and evil promises. Right now the coal industry which provides the power that gives us 49% of our electricity is under fire from the EPA and some American coal mines and some American coal-fired power plants are already being forced toward bankruptcy. Not only Millions of jobs, but also Billions of dollar$$$ in increased electrical bills are at stake.
Al Gore came within a whisker of becoming the world’s first “green Billionaire,” with a B, despite having a personal ‘carbon-footprint’^^ the size of Las Vegas:  including three huge mansions (the last one in California cost over $8 Million) and two private jets. Barack Obama, however as he revealed in his first autobiography Dreams from My Father is a communist son of a communist father who, in his only known published writing, shows a heavy interest in 100% taxation, government seizing land and business, and government controlling all aspects of the economy. 
Barack Obama is driven toward higher goals than mere money and mere power. Barack Obama believes in the necessity, efficacy and benefit of Totalitarian Communism just as his father did. He is a “watermelon” . . . pretending interest in green activity on the outside to further socialistic and communistic aims that lie deep within his heart. Our liberal media is now committed to advancing Obama’s re-election campaign as they did his original election . . . and to advancing the progressive agenda no matter what the cost to America and to her people. Americans are being denied the information necessary to make intelligent decisions by the media which thinks they, like Obama, know more about what’s good for us, than we ourselves do. Inform your friends and neighbors and every intelligent voter you can find, this “movement” for global-warming is a red herring for total government control. But, first, do NOT trust me. Do not trust the greenies, read the links above, get all the information you can find and make an informed evaluation of where exactly the truth in this matter lies.## 
Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,
** Progressivism is the doctrine that we must “progress” beyond the “ill-conceived and outdated U.S. Constitution” if we are to ever make “progress” toward an earthly Utopia.
^^ Of course carbon dioxide is vital to life on this planet including creating our oxygen and even is crucial for the production of rain. When CO2 is low, droughts ensue.
## Rajjpuut recently wrote a blog on the 13 most dangerous items ever published
the part of that article which might shock you is that counting down from #13 to #1, the single most dangerous thing ever published in Rajjpuut’s not-so-humble opinion was: 
   The book: Silent Spring by Rachel Carson  
Whatever was said about global warming pseudo-pscientific pshenanigans is true in spades about environmental “research” into products that keep humanity safe . . . such as DDT.
While the verdict is still out on whether Cap and Trade legislation or regulatory edict will take hold and cripple America’s economy, Ms. Carson has quietly passed Jack the Ripper, Ted Bundy, the Cuban combo of Castro and Che Guevara, Pol Pot, Genghis Khan, Hitler, Stalin and Chairman Mao to move onto the throne as the all-time #1 mass murderer. She did it with her little science-FICTION book masquerading as real science:  Silent Spring. Despite documenting no actual science, Ms. Carson was able to practically create the extremist wing of the environmental movement single-handedly; and to influence the American government and the United Nations to institute a worldwide ban on DDT, the most effective and most harmless insecticide ever created.
By 1972, deaths from just one tropical mosquito-borne disease, malaria, had dropped to 41,400 worldwide. Now and for virtually every single one of the 38 years since the DDT ban took effect malaria deaths stand at roughly 2.1 million yearly, not to mention the even greater number of surviving millions who will now spend every third day of their life suffering the ravages of malaria’s fever. All told, considering all the nine deadly tropical diseases dramatically reduced using DDT which are now running rampant, Ms. Carson has killed about 98 million people.
Rajjpuut has been told about a showman who purportedly would drink DDT as tea and also use it as salad dressing. The safety of the substance is seen in the fact that it was sprayed directly upon U.S. servicemen in World War II; and upon their clothing and tents; and that today many African nations are starting to avoid the DDT ban and use DDT again – their favorite way? They spray their huts inside and out three times yearly.
Despite Ms. Carson’s undocumented claims of testing, no human has ever been proved to have developed cancer from DDT exposure; no animals with fewer than six legs has ever been shown to have been harmed by DDT; and DDT has never been shown to actually make birds’ eggshells thinner: QED.  But lack of DDT, definitely kills 2.1 million people a year. As Hippocrates said, “First do NO HARM.”
Speaking of harm . . . although the Climate-Gate scandal wasn’t uncovered in Europe until early November, 2009, in March of 2009 the British Parliament published its results into an investigation of the East Anglia University’s Climate Research Unit (CRU) and man-caused global-warming. The progressives in control of Parliament at that time did their best to hide the real meat of the investigation. In volume two of the report, there is a memorandum submitted as evidence from Lord Lawson of Blaby, chairman of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, which was in response to four very significant questions from the investigating committee. This memo confirms the claims by many global warming skeptics that the scientists at CRU were trying to hide data and silence the skeptics. The questions asked by the investigative committee are as follows:
(i) Have the CRU scientists been manipulating the raw surface temperature data in a way that is less than wholly objective and dispassionate?
(ii) Have they refused dissenting scientists and/or other outsiders with a bona fide interest in global warming access to the raw data, contrary to the proper canons of scientific research and to the demands of scientific integrity?
(iii) Have they been improperly seeking to avoid answering Freedom of information Act requests?
(iv) Have they actively sought to prevent papers by dissenting scientists, statisticians, or other informed commentators from being peer-reviewed and/or published, again contrary to the proper canons of scientific research and to the demands of scientific integrity?
Lord Lawson's response to these questions is damning:
“We believe that there is compelling evidence both independent of the leaked email exchanges and arising from those emails to suggest that the answers to (ii), (iii) and (iv) above are clearly 'yes'.”
However, Lord Lawson chooses his words more carefully in answering the smoking-gun question at the top of the list: “Moreover, we are disturbed by the CRU scientists' treatment of the so-called divergence problem. That is the fact that, for that period of time where both a proxy global temperature series and a recorded global temperature series are available, the two series markedly diverge. This clearly suggests either that the proxy series is unreliable or that the recorded series is unreliable (or possibly both: the point is that they cannot both be true). The CRU scientists' attempt to hide the problem by concealing the divergence demonstrates, we believe, a lack of integrity.”
If this study had been taken seriously in Europe there’s a good chance that Climate-Gate would have happened many, many months earlier. If it and the Climate-Gate scandal had been reported here (as well as Barack Obama’s, Al Gore’s and George Soros’ conflict of interest with regard to CCX) in America, there’s a good chance that our economy would now be humming again as Congress responded to the American people’s awareness and disgust with Washington corruption on energy and the environment. As American Thinker tells us, “Integrity is at the very heart of the Man-Caused GW debate -- not just the integrity of the discredited scientists involved, but also the integrity of the data used by the CRU. For many years, the global warming skeptics have been citing that the differing data sets are not in agreement and have asked the simple question "why?" Their assertion has always been that until a scientific explanation for the differences is found, there can be no definitive conclusion concerning M-CGW. This question was always avoided by the now-discredited Dr. Jones, who headed up the CRU. But finally, some light has been shed onto the question of integrity of the data.”
By the way, in the United States the cost of carbon-trading tax legislation would reach $10 Trillion yearly or 40% of the economy without producing a good or service. Since the entire real economy is worth only $15 Trillion that means that costs of all other goods and services would rise 67% with the profits going to Gore and his cronies ($10 TR/$15 TR = 67%). Nevertheless Gore and his buddy George Soros are still pushing global warming and carbon trading via the United Nations and Soros’ lackey Barack Obama has pledged to comply with whatever programs the U.N. comes up with. 
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Wikileaks Info Shows Obama Used CIA as “Watermelons”



    With Hundreds of Millions of His 'Profits' at Stake

President Seeks Extortive Data

Against Countries Doubting Global Warming



Hillary Clinton is not the only high level American politician embarrassed by Wikileaks revelations.  According to documents released by Wikileaks, President Barack Obama employed covert CIA operatives to try to dig up scandalous data on countries opposed to the Copenhagen Climate Treaty which he’d so actively seek to sell to the world in December, 2009. Of course, one month prior to the Copenhagen meetings, the infamous release of tens of thousands of e-mails from the Climate Research Unit (CRU) of East Anglia (England) University which came to be known as “Climategate,” destroyed all of Obama’s dreams of triumphing on the world stage by leading virtually the entire planet into signing a Copenhagen Treaty with far sharper teeth than the nothing paper that the 2009 meeting produced. Shocked by Climategate, Europeans were not enthusiastic about getting involved with more green nonsense (Spain had gone from the #1 European economy in 1997 with 4% unemployment to one of the worst economies in the world with 21% unemployment after their experiment with subsidizing green job creation). Obama, except for a rousing speech against capitalism but praising him by Venezuelan communist leader Hugo Chavez came home from Copenhagen empty-handed.


Just as the Wikileaks data shows Hillary Clinton seeking diplomats to dig up dirt and embarrassing info on foreign leaders and diplomats; Wikileaks now shows that Barack Obama ordered the CIA to find similar information about whole countries and their supposed despoiling of the environment or coolness about global warming at Copenhagen. According to what Senator James Inhofe, an Oklahoma Republican, told the Daily Caller website: Obama was “desperate to enforce its orthodoxy on global warming.”


Obama, Al Gore, George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Franklin Raines, Richard Sandor, Valerie Jarret, Joel Rogers, John Ayers, the Shores Bank of Chicago, several Goldman Sachs bigwigs, and about fifty other well-known progressives stood to make vast fortunes if the United States passed Cap and Trade legislation in concert with world leaders united by a strong accord from Copenhagen. Climategate blew their plans out of the water and then the failure to achieve any consensus on strong global response at Copenhagen shot their scheme to hell. The folks in question all were part of a Chicago area initiative called CCX (the Chicago Climate eXchange) which expected to own the lion’s share of American carbon trading under cap and trade which Sandor estimated at a $10 TRillion yearly industry. In good times the U.S. economy amounts to $15 TRillion. Thus CCX would literally sell the country “blue sky” with its fictitious-based global warming driving carbon trading and drive all prices roughly 67% higher and enjoy commissions on a good part of 40% of the economy for scamming the people with a system that would eventually bankrupt the nation. Thanks to Climategate and Copenhagen the CCX enterprise “dissolved just within the last three weeks. A lot of progressive money was lost in the last thirteen months.


Not surprisingly, the same liberal so-called mainstream media (MSM) in America which refused to run the Climategate story linked above thirteen months ago to date has failed to show the Wikileaks revelation of Obama’s scandal (the link at the top of the blog is to the ultra-liberal London Times’ website which reported the Climategate story accurately but did NOT show this information:  


about the biggest fraud in Climategate the deliberate omission of the Medieval Warm Period from CRU calculations). The Wikileaks revelation on Obama ran in England’s The Guardian newspaper which reported that State Department administration officials, acting at the request of the CIA, sent a secret cable asking U.S. diplomats to gather intelligence on other countries’ preparations for the then-pending Copenhagen climate conference. The request also asked diplomats to be on the lookout for indications that countries were not fostering environmental cooperation and for evidence of countries circumventing U.N.-sponsored environmental treaties. In effect, Obama and the diplomats and the CIA were acting as “watermelons.”


A ‘watermelon’ (since the Climategate revelations) is what Europeans call an extreme environmentalist leader. Just as an “Oreo” in the United States is a Black that other Blacks say “is black on the outside but white on the inside” . . . a watermelon is somebody “green on the outside but pink to deep red on the inside.” That is, pretending to be concerned about the environment in order to push an ultra-socialist or Marxist agenda because cap and trade legislation would require an almost totalitarian state to administer. Climategate which was heavily covered in Europe but ignored in America undermined Obama’s Copenhagen hopes and apparently made him desperate. Given all the important data that’s resulted from Wikileaks, Rajjpuut is shocked to find himself saying that Julian Assange has proven himself to be a hero for freedom lovers everywhere . . . this Obama scandal and the similar blackmail-seeking actions of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton both revealed by Assange’s Wikileaks, show us an administration that will stop at nothing to advance its progressive/socialist agenda. To them clearly, their foul ends justify whatever super-foul means the opt to employ. Barack Obama is a watermelon. To push his collectivist agenda, he pretends to be environmentally-conscious, but he’s really only interested in the power that accrues to a government that has the power and scope to carry out such a grave assault on freedom as cap and trade would prove to be.


When the cap and trade bill stalled in the U.S. Senate after squeaking through the House of Representatives in the late spring of 2009, and then failed to advance out of the Senate for several months, Obama tried to circumvent the lawmakers and have the Environmental Protection Agency create law by regulatory edict. Shortly afterward the EPA published a regulatory change saying that henceforth Carbon Dioxide would be regarded by their agency as a toxic emission and levels would be controlled by the EPA. Fortunately, the EPA was violating its own charter. Florida and Virginia immediately sued and the short-lived regulation was rescinded because the EPA is not allowed to take anyone else’s studies (such as those of the East Anglia University CRU involved in Climategate) but must do its own research and congress must be allowed to monitor that research. CCX and Obama’s dreams of making a fortune scamming the American people while unveiling a virtual totalitarian state upon us all went up in smoke at the same moment.


According to Daily Caller website, in a leaked Feb. 17, 2010 cable, Michael Froman, Obama’s deputy national security adviser for international affairs, held a meeting with the European Union’s climate commissioner-designate, Conne Hedegaard, seeking to work around “unhelpful countries such as Venezuela or Bolivia” and get the Copenhagen treaty into force. Froman in the cable said the U.S. and E.U. “need to neutralize, co-opt or marginalize, co-opt or marginalize these and others such as Nicaragua, Cuba and Ecuador.” He also advocated using divide-and- conquer tactics to confront several of the more strident opponents to cap and trade and global warming orthodoxy and other Copenhagen treaty opponents, saying the U.S. and E.U. needed “to better handle third country obstructionism and avoid future train wrecks on climate …”


The Obama administration later cutoff aid to Ecuador and Bolivia last April that would have helped them reach the Copenhagen treaty’s carbon emission targets, citing their opposition to the agreement.


“I think this goes to show that to the left-wing of the Democratic Party, national security means anything you want it to,” former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton said. “I think it is certainly a misallocation of priorities to be using intelligence capabilities on something like climate change.” Rajjpuut would say it shows the progressive Democratic leaders are morally bankrupt.


Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,



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“Almost a year to the day that the Climate Gate story broke in Europe and doomed carbon trading in the rest of the world, a story that the American media have refused to cover . . . another crucial story broke in the heartland of this country and again the American media refused to cover it. Americans, the salvation of your nation has advanced from Square #1 to Square #2 . . . .” Rajjpuut

Is CCX Too Big and Well-Connected to Fail?

Obama Insiders Rape Taxpayers in GM IPO

In the wake of the multi-billion dollar taxpayer rape; insider Obama benefit party; and UAW union theft, better known as the General Motors initial public offering (GM IPO) there was unfortunately for the left some really, really bad news from nearby Chicago. The Chicago Climate eXchange (CCX) has given up the carbon trading business which is like the Three Stooges swearing to never, never again throw a pie in someone’s face.

ITEM: Ballot Blues for Barack: it’s been a rough three weeks for Barack Obama. First there was this little matter of stupid American voters not getting with the program and backing the Grate-One’s policies intended as they are to destroy America the Beautiful as we know it; 6,000 fewer progressive Democrats will be uglying up the scene come January including 64 fewer Congressional Reps in Washington; six fewer senators and 8 fewer governors and roughly 700 fewer state legislators. Getting specific: of the 98 bi-cameral state chambers (Nebraska has a unicameral setup) Republicans now hold 55; Democrats hold 38; two are evenly split; and three are still undecided. The excuses had started three weeks before election eve and continue: basically, Barack is sorry that he couldn’t “dumb- down” his message of glorious intellectual achievement so that the ignorant masses could realize what a savior on earth he is.

ITEM: Obama came out of his recent trips to South Korea and Japan with only handshakes to show for it. No important new agreements or trade deals were accomplished. The folks in New Delhi, India are meanwhile checking to see if they still have hands at the end of their wrists after making a trade agreement with Obama which will create more Indian jobs but tie them more strongly to the failing American dollar than any wise country would ever hope to be . . . call that one a tie. But the big loss was Obama’s hope to use the G-20 forum to get consensus that China must stop manipulating their currency . . . only to be called a hypocrite since the American Federal Reserve Bank under Fed Chief Ben Bernanke has twice use Quantitative Easing (Monetizing the U.S. debt) in the last three months which means that the World’s Reserve Currency (the dollar) can be predicted to drop substantially in value, a curse for Americans and for countries like China, Japan, Russia, India, Germany, Brazil and South Korea which hold huge amounts of American dollars.

ITEM: Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder tried to put a happy-face upon the recent terrorism trial in a civilian court in which a man who twice in the last 11 years (his attack was BEFORE 9/11) confessed, was acquitted of 284 of the 285 charges against him. The populace, far from being fooled was outraged.

ITEM: The Obama administration tried to make the GM IPO look like the greatest positive advance since sexual intercourse was invented . . . but the jury was still out because rumors claim that Obama insiders got first crack at the GM stock rather than an impartial auction taking place; it appears that the nominal $50 Billion loaned to GM was nowhere near covered; the UAW union that supported Obama cleared $4 Billion from the IPO and the stock saw only a modest gain on the day roughly $1.40. Meanwhile angry Republicans are investigating the improprieties and the rape of the taxpayers which took place.

ITEM: Almost a year to the day that the “Climate Gate” story** broke in Europe (see links above) and doomed carbon trading in the rest of the world, a story that the American media have refused to cover . . . another crucial story broke in the heartland and again the American media refused to cover it. Fellow Americans, the salvation of your nation has advanced from Square #1 to Square #2 . . . . the Chicago Climate eXchange, that once appeared to have it in its power to bring progressive politicians $10 TRillion per year in largesse while reducing the American nation to the status of Banana Republic 3rd Class, that CCX, has pulled up its tent and retreated from the scene. The legions of pr0gressive Democrats aligned to shake down the capitalistic dream by co-opting 40% of the American economy while literally trading blue sky must have seen the writing on the wall when the election results poured in like a massacre against their twisted philosophy.

Here are some of the saddened hearts in Mudville associated with CCX, one wonders how many millions they each lost: George Soros, Maurice Strong, Barack Obama, Al Gore, Richard Sandor, Joel Rogers, Valerie Jarrett, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, The Shorebank, John Ayers, Michelle Obama, David Blood, Generation Investment Management, Goldman Sachs and much of its top management, Franklin Raines, The Joyce Foundation, The Tides Foundation, Open Society Initiatives, Paula DiPerna, the Apollo Alliance, SEIU, Gerald Hudson, Emerald Cities Collaborative, and roughly 100 other progressive-Marxist crooks and 40 other Soros-inspired progressive foundations (all operating virtually like a money-laundering scam), ad nauseum.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
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“. . . are we ultimately talking about an impeachable offense that ties Hillary, Bill, Al, and Barack to a scheme that would have defrauded the entire nation of 40% of its economy every year? Research continues . . . .” Rajjpuut

European “Mean Greenies” Become

“Watermelons” for Cap and Trade

The United States as a whole unfortunately missed out on the strange evolution of the radical global warming alarmist that Europe enjoyed over the last 363 days. Here’s what Europe went through that about 85% of Americans are completely in the dark about . . . .
One year ago, Europe and the United States were pretty much in the same place as far as “Global Warming” was concerned. About 60% of people were concerned and very open to further study; a large vocal minority was parading about chanting about the “end of the world as we know it” and a far larger minority was proclaiming the whole thing a hoax, for example:
includes signatures from some 31,000+ American scientists (9,000+ among them holding Ph.D.s) saying that “if there is a consensus among American scientists, it is in opposition to the hypothesis of human-caused global warming rather than in favor of it.” Europe being more socialistic than America was decidedly more in the Global Warming camp. Spain, for example, had ruined Europe’s biggest job-producing economy (1997) by instituting a green-jobs subsidizing movement. Today Spain’s unemployment is the second highest in Europe, roughly 21%. Like the United States, the environmentalists and the left side of the political spectrum in Europe were pushing hard for “Cap and Trade” laws. Then came Climategate . . . .
It started with some e-mails hacked into at the Climate Research Unit (CRU) at East Anglia University in England. Soon there was a counter measure to take the e-mails offline and then an even larger set of CRU e-mails was permanently placed online via a Russian website. CRU was the premier global warming study site on the planet and both of the Nobel Co-Peace Prize Winners (Al Gore and the United Nations International Panel of Climate Change or UNIPCC) had relied primarily on the data from CRU and from a research center in Pennsylvania, USA, for concocting the graphs and hockey-stick projections so crucial for Global Warming alarmists’ use in presenting their case. Well before the middle of November, 2009, all of Europe knew about the e-mail leaks and about the apparent fraudulent science that was being exposed. About eight days later on November 19, 2009 after a very detailed study of the evidence, the ultra-liberal London Times released this:
The Times on that date saw global warming was a hoax perpetrated by some top scientists to gain grant money; trade magazine access and political power; and by some politicians as a method of expanding their name-recognition and personal power. One of the biggest surprises was that all along this information:
had NOT been emphasized at all. Basically, the warmest epoch in the last 1200 years (The Medieval Warm Period) had been deliberately left out of the Global Warming Alarmists’ projections . . . a time when Greenland was so green that the Vikings set up a settlement there and went on to discover Vinland (Newfoundland), becoming the first Europeans to visit North America. Instead, it seemed as if the CRU folks and other GW study groups had put double emphasis on the “Little Ice Age” that wiped out the Vikings in Greenland for good. As we’ve said, Europe knew all about this, but what about the United States?
When Climategate happened, only one major media outlet covered the story, Time magazine. It hit the web and in five hours was the #1 story on the web . . . and then it mysteriously disappeared. Rajjpuut suspects (he has only one source telling him so and has not been able to find another to verify it) that Time editor Joe Klein, a notorious left-leaning censor, had the story pulled and completely wiped off the Time archives . . . it no longer existed as news except among GW Deniers websites and from bloggers like Rajjpuut. So with two different continents getting two different versions of the GW news, what happened in Europe, where all the people were informed about Climategate by the mass media that did NOT happen here in America?
The European left was none too happy with the overnight revelation. Cap and Trade as a viable idea all but disappeared from political discussion. And a huge and angry backlash from some European environmentalists and some leftist politician raged for about two months . . . it was found mostly in the letters to editors and on left-leaning websites . . . some in the mainstream media there labeled these angry folks, “Mean Greenies” and the name was appropriate; the same name that eco-terrorists and vengeful groups like PETA (who splashed paint upon celebrities wearing furs) got in this country.
But as some of those most tied in with cap and trade kept harping away, some people noticed exactly what the agenda of these mostly ultra-socialistic and even communistic groups actually was . . . and started calling them “watermelons.” Like the terms “Uncle Tom” and “Oreo” used by Blacks, being a watermelon is being someone not worthy of respect. Specifically, where among minorities an “Oreo” is a person “Black on the outside” and supposedly “White on the inside,” as you can imagine a “watermelon” refers to folks pushing their environmentalism so hard that they still insist that Global Warming is a proven fact and therefore Cap and Trade laws are needed to save the planet. Watermelons are “green on the outside but pink to deep red on the inside,” that is, they are communist-leaning or communist to the core.
Why “green outside and red inside?” Because the nature of Cap and Trade laws is that a government basically must virtually control every single part of a nation’s economy or Cap and Trade laws can’t be meaningfully enforced so in the wake of Climategate, people inclined toward totalitarian states like ultra-socialists and communists (or old fashioned Fascists) are the only ones still enthusiastic about Cap and Trade because they have a vested interest in government controlling the means of production.
All things considered then, President Obama, one of the founders of the CCX (Chicago Climate eXchange which hoped to earn its members TRillions of dollars if Cap and Trade was passed in the United States) is definitely “a watermelon” . . . which should excite someone out there in left-leftland to call Ol’ Rajjpuut a “racist” within the next 7.67 seconds . . . but we’ve got bigger fish to fry:
Some of the other infamous watermelons tied up with this scheme to bankrupt** America via Cap and Trade are: Paula DiPerna, Richard Sandor**, Al Gore, Maurice Strong, George Soros, John Ayers (brother of bomber Bill Ayers), Joel Rogers, Valerie Jarret, Van Jones, Franklin Raines, Andy Stern, Former CEO of Fannie Mae Jim Johnson, the Goldman Sachs trio of David Blood, Mark Ferguson and Peter Harris, the ShoreBank (Chicago) that loaned Rev. Jeremiah Wright money for his multi-million dollar home, and potentially folks like Democratic Representative Jan Schakowsky, and ShoreBank supporters Bill and Hillary Clinton, etc., etc. as they seek to create an Obama-utopia similar to Greece right here in America where everyone should be a watermelon. The real tragedy, of course, is that folks like Joe Klein and those running the New York Times, Washington Post and mainstream broadcast outlets have prevented this scandal from being known by the American voter. As far as the American muckety-mucks: are we ultimately talking about an impeachable offense that ties Hillary, Bill, Al and Barack to a scheme that would have defrauded the entire nation of 40% of its economy every year? Research continues . . . .
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
Here’s info on the Shorebank-Clinton connection:
**CCX Founder and president Richard Sandor in an infamous interview said he expect Cap and Trade to be a $10 TRillion industry. That is, the largest industry in America will literally be selling “blue sky” nothingness. If you take a healthy America with a $15 TRillion economy (rather than today’s $13 TRillion net economy) and then produce absolutely nothing but make it into a bogus $25 TRillion economy, that means that prices on all the real goods and service produced must rise by 67% that's = to a fictitious $10 TRillion divided by a real $15 TRillion and that means 40% of the economy would be going into the pockets of the crooks involved with Carbon Trading every year thus bankrupting the nation. REMEMBER, in an unguarded interview with the San Francisco Chronicle Barack Obama said his energy policies “under my plan of a cap and trade system would bankrupt the coal industry” and “necessarily make the price of electricity skyrocket.” The Chronicle recently claimed “copyright violations” as it’s forced the websites around the nation to take down the video, but some are holding firm based upon the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) and putting out the info in written form anyway. Others like Andrew Breitbart have defied the Chronicle directly.
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Financial Times Limited Reports that GE's CEO

Jeffrey Immelt “Hits out at China and Obama”

The old song says, “This Could Be the Start of Something Big,” well, could it be? Could this be the beginning of the end of corporate sponsorship of naked progressivism and virtual communist candidates who want to gut corporations or want them taken over by ever-expanding and ever- expensive big government? Could “the Naked W-hore, Big Business" be returning to its senses? Could Atlas be shrugging right before our very eyes? YAWN, probably NOT!

On July 1, 2010, the London, England-based Financial Times Limited on its blogsite ( ran the story linked immediately above beneath the headline “Immelt hits out at China and Obama” a story coordinated between two writers Guy Dinmore (in Rome, Italy) and Geoff Dyer (in Bejing, China). According to the regretably mostly UNinformed duo of reporters, “Jeffrey Immelt, General Electric’s chief executive, has launched a rare broadside against the Chinese government, which he accused of being increasingly hostile to foreign multinationals.” Gosh, do you think RED China might be tilting the playing field instead of playing nice, Mr. Immelt? Grow Up, little boy!

The article depicted Immelt expanding upon China’s cut-throat methods (and goals?) and then going on to attack the Obama administration for its anti-business sentiment and legislation. Once again, do you think a child raised by a communist mother and communist grandfather whose Kenyan birth-father wrote the essay linked immediately below (which shows us a typical communist discussion of 100% taxes on the rich, takeover of international business firms in Kenya, and the dire need to transfer wealth from Kenya’s White and Asian citizens to its Black ones) might disapprove of capitalism, Mr. Immelt? Again, Grow Up, little boy!

The story, unfortunately is NOT what it seems to be, here are the facts about Mr. Jeffrey Immelt, GE CEO . . . .

1. GE and Mr. Immelt are in bed with Barack Obama. GE and he personally have not only abetted the campaign funding of candidate Obama but gone out of their way to tie their company into Obama’s pie in the sky “green initiatives” and into the dishonorable lie of global warming (despite the well-known corruption of science in the name of $34 million worth of grants, etc.) and Immelt and GE have been . . .

doing so from the start. When it comes to Washington bucks, no large corporation gets more attention than GE from the Obama’s administration. Here at home GE and Immelt continuously pour praise on the Obama administration and its goals.

2. GE (traces its origin to Thomas Alva Edison, so one would hope the company would be laissez faire capitalistic to its very core) is the w-hore of w-hores in the business world. GE has monstrous holdings in the media and entertainment industry. When it comes to putting its media money where its media mouth is, it takes just three sentences to let the reader know where GE’s sympathies lie . . . . a) GE’s Spanish-language speaking Telemundo went out of its way to ensure Obama’s election and deliver him 69% of the Latino vote in 2008. b) emboldened by Telemundo Group’s propaganda potential, the owner of Telemundo and various media interests in Latin America and Puerto Rico, and Obama and the Democrats surprised Americans and actually sought to bring into law Puerto Rican statehood this April (even though Puerto Ricans themselves have consistently voted against the idea over the last 60 years) for the purpose of giving Obama a much needed two extra senators and five extra representatives in Congress c) GE owns NBC and NBC Universal and MSNBC the cable news channel which has been infamously kissing Obama’s butt-crack for the last three years even more than the rest of the NBC "journalists" do.

3. GE appears to have the inside track for receiving boons to corporations if and when Obama passes his promised legislation “creating five million new green-tech jobs” (Rajjpuut's readers remember that in the Spanish green-experiment taking that country from 3% unemployment in 1997, to 21% unemployement today . . . 22 permenant real jobs in the real economy were lost for every permanent green job because 2.2 real jobs were lost for every single $677,000 subsidized green job created and only one in ten of these green jobs eventually proved permanent).

4. GE is even tied into CCX (the originally Obama-directed Chicago Climate eXchange) which will prosper wildly when Obama's and the progressive** Dems ill-advised cap and trade bill becomes law.

So then, the semi-confused reader asks, ". . . these two reporters for Financial Times Limited got the story wrong?"

No and yes, they reported what Immelt said, exactly what he said. The problem is that if you report on a corporate lamb in corporate wolf’s clothing like Immelt and GE (when they can afford to dress so in foreign lands), it just helps to know the big picture and get that big picture across or the full truth will be lost in the shuffle. Mr. Immelt was trying to impress big European bankers as well as her corporate CEOs, top execs and other bigwigs “at a private gathering in Rome” that he was a realist and a capitalist and well on top of the global situation (where China is using semi-capitalism on top of unveiled ruthless communist techniques tied into spying, piracy and unfair trade practices to eat the rest of the world’s lunch, profitwise). Mr. Immelt presumably didn’t even bother to ponder that via the internet his “unkind” remarks would get back to American audiences.

Accordingly, GE has issued a no-denial denial^^ saying that Mr. Immelt’s words “were misinterpreted, taken out of context and reported inaccurately.” Horse sh_t! GE-sundheit! (Rajjpuut hates sneezing while blogging).

GE, you see, still needs to sell products to China. GE, you see, still needs to be allowed close enough to Barack Obama to run their corporate tongue over Barack’s backsi__ so the great man will continue to favor them . . . you get the idea . . . . hence the non-denial denial by the GE board of directors. Always a bad idea to let a little truth slip, Mr. Immelt.

Yes, China is a ruthless mafia-like entity that may someday soon dominate the entire world’s economy and yes, Barack Obama as you’ve stated, Mr. Immelt, “does not like business and most business (other than GE) does not like him.” Jeff, baby, you even went so far as to praise German Chancellor Angela Merkel for her defense of German industry and commitment to spending cuts and tax cuts (while Obama encouraged all of Europe and the G-20 to continue with the stimulus-stimulus-and-more stimulus spending ideas he’s so in love with) . . . but that doesn’t make you a good guy, Mr. Immelt, quite the contrary. It makes you an unimaginable phony and very, very dangerous to freedom lovers and American patriots.

You and the GE board of directors have taken a mighty and once great American corporation and sold out the principles of capitalism and integrity and corrupted her just as ex-British Petroleum CEO Tony Hayward and BP’s board did. BP, by becoming Obama’s biggest oil-company campaign contributor, got in bed with the devil too. Not surprisingly, BP, much like GE owns 7.59% of Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. a London-based company that owns Mr. Obama’s Chicago Climate eXchange . . . not surprisingly both GE and BP will presumably make more money if cap and trade legislation passes, (for doing nothing but collecting your share of the carbon-trade commissions) than they now do by drilling for oil. And not surprisingly, you two who have sold out the magnificent principles of integrity and capitalism will gain your largesse by raping the American taxpayer, and . . . all the while America waits in vain for its John Galt.

Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,


^^ Mr. Immelt can thus avoid losing face in front of his European contacts

** Unfortunately, while 95% of Americans think they know what a progressive is, only about 10% do know. A progressive is an ultra-leftist who wants to "progress" beyond the limitations of the "outdated" U.S. Constitution just as Barack Obama does. However, Barack Obama is telling the truth when he says, "I am not a socialist, I'm not," because technically a "socialist" who's interested in 100% taxes and 100% take over of the means of production is a communist, which he is, which is how he was raised. Of course, his first autobiography (ghostwrit by Bill Ayers the Weather Underground '60's bombplanter) "Dreams from my Father" has not been vetted by the media . . . most Americans have never heard of this book, nor has his whole background nor that of those closest to him ever been vetted. Barack is a saint and stories that put him in lesser light or stories contrary to his agenda (like the Climate Gate one linked above) canNOT be aired or printed by the mainstream media.

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Al Gore Buys Second Mansion While Preparing

to Become Hundred-Billionaire off Cap and Trade

Crazed sex-poodle” Al Gore may be currently exciting the tabloid news readers with titilating stories from a long ago night in Seattle, but making fun of him is a dangerous policy akin to making fun of Adolf Hitler’s Charlie Chaplin moustache. “Do as I say, not as I do” Al Gore has for years excited the mainstream liberal media with his tales of global warming. The man’s own energy use is absolutely awe-inspiring. According to his latest escapades, not satisfied with a Tennessee mansion that uses 24 times as much energy as the average household, Gore has just closed on a California mansion that is even more imposing.

Then there are not one but two private jets . . . no wonder Mr. Gore, while testifying on cap and trade on Capitol Hill, took much umbrage and refused to answer directly when Marsha Blackburn Republican Representative from Tennessee (Gore’s state of origin) asked him, “Is this item you’re testifying on today, something from which you’ll personally profit?” Gore became snitty and insinuated she did NOT know his history. Well, the thing is . . . ALL that those of us who DO know Al Gore’s history (he did NOT invent the internet) can think of is the word “huckster.”

But the bigger surprise is that Gore (who’s already almost become a billionaire plying his “Global Warming” presentations to confirmed greenieholics) would presumably become a hundred-billionaire if Cap and Trade becomes law in America. This would occur because Gore’s London, England based company Generation Investment Management (GIM) is one of the biggest owners of Chicago Climate eXchange (CCX) an Obama originated entity set to profit in cap and trade monitoring. This might mightily surprise the liberal London Times which for a long, long time was a big believer in global warming and cap and trade schemes:

The Times link is an article on what’s called Climate Gate in Europe. Mainstream media in America do not publish stories contrary to the policies of people like Gore and Obama . . . speaking of Obama . . . .

Remembering that CCX aspires to become the “New York Stock Exchange of Carbon Trading.” One of the founders of Chicago Climate Exchange was indeed Barack Obama. Al Gore; Barack Obama; and such mutual friends of Obama and Gore as the company Goldman Sachs and about ten of its bigwigs individually; more than a dozen progressive (“We must progress beyond the outdated Constitution”) foundations such as the Tides Foundation, the Joyce Foundation, the World Resources Institute, Center for American Policy, Alliance for Climate Protection; Green Mountain Energy, The Shores Bank (which liberals recently bailed out with private funds rather than undergo the public scrutiny of its records), the World Bank, etc., etc. (looking them over and the incestuous relations among them one is immediately struck by the thought “money laundering”); and such notables as Bill Ayers (brother to the bombplanter), Richard Sandor, Joel Rogers, Maurice Strong, the Clintons, George Soros, ad nauseum.

And what exactly is their scheme? Once cap and trade passes, their little CCX, now owned at least partially by ICE, Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. (ICE is 7.59% owned by British Petroleum, go figure) runs the world of carbon trading. They sell carbon credits (literally blue sky – nothing is produced and no real measurable service is given or granted) to the tune of $10 TRillion per year and take a commission off every sale forever. In the process the $15 TRillion U.S. economy becomes a $25 TRillion U.S. economy which means that the average price of all real things increases 67% (25 divided by 15 = 167%). In his usual half-truth mode, Obama has said as much.

Speaking to the San Francisco Chronicle he proudly claimed his policies will “bankrupt the coal industry;” and he’s often said and at the link below tells the selfsame San Francisco Chronicle, “my energy policies would necessarily mean that the cost of electricity would skyrocket.”
Let's let your imagination roam a bit, imagine if John McCain** had said he was going to bankrupt a major U.S. industry or make the price of electricity skyrocket . . . . forgetting about the thousands of jobs lost . . . how would the media have treated him? The San Francisco Chronicle (effectively 'protecting' Obama) would not run the coal story and barely talked about the electricity comment . . . sort of like the entire American media overlooking the Climate Gate story linked above, eh?

Imagine now, if you will, President Grant in 1868 promising to harness the energy of electricity for every American household by 1876 (the end of his second term). Well, as with green technology today, 2010, in 1868 there was no Thomas Edison and virtually all American households didn’t get electricity and running water even and indoor plumbing until roughly 1928, sixty years later. Obama’s saying it’s so (and Gore’s saying it’s so) does not mean that green technology is viable today or will be viable even in thirty years, now does it? Where is our Edison? But, not to worry the complete collapse of the American Economy will mightily profit Gore, Obama, Soros, Sandor, and their ilk and they will rule us in perpetuity.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,

** Rajjpuut is NO lover of John McCain who is far more a progressive Republican than Herbert Hoover was; and more progressive than FDR, the progressive Democrat whose policies^^ gave us a "Great Depression" while the rest of the world suffered a little 'd' depression. The point of the story is that Obama is a media darling and the more progressive of the two individuals and the left-leaning press will not tarnish his image. Because they won't attack his corruption, we are all at risk . . . . hence Gore is the way to expose the soft-underbelly of corruption as the progressives move us surely to universal poverty and communism.
^^ Remember this, progressive FDR gave us 40 new federal government agencies in twelve plus years, Barack Obama via his Obamacare gave us about 390 new federal agencies in just one new law during his first fourteen months in office!
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Rajjpuut has a pretty shameful story to tell you. A story involving the progressive (We need to progress beyond that outdated Constitution”) politicians’ cap and trade bill, British Petroleum, Al Gore and Barack Obama and all the “usual suspects tied into the shameless Chicago Climate eXchange (CCX), and an incredibly incompetent Ken Salazar and MMS (oops we mean an incredibly incompetent Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement now run by Ken Salazar). There’s plenty of blame to go around, but after doling out accurately and precisely the obvious and semi-obvious blame . . . it’s time to point out what seems to be a potential conspiracy. But, more on that after we take care of “ordinary business” first.

Barack Obama recently claimed during part of his non-ending speechifying that “the Buck stops here” while then going on to blame the Bush Administration for the Gulf oil spill within the next three minutes. Now, ten weeks and counting since the explosion that killed eleven men and caused this disaster, it’s time enough for settling responsibility and doing so accurately. It’s obvious the British Petroleum explosion and ensuing Gulf of Mexico oil Spill is a horrendous environmental disaster. British Petroleum is getting the vast majority of the criticism but in truth, the federal government’s Minerals Management Service (MMS which has now changed its name to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement --a la Nancy Pelosi changing the name of the “public option” to the “citizen’s option” when she was trying to win Obamacare votes) . . . in any case, MMS signed off on safety requirements, not met, from regulations passed in 1990 and 1994 and in Rajjpuut’s eyes MMS, whose job was to protect us from exactly this sort of thing . . . MMS bears most of the blame for the explosion and fire and leak, here’s why . . . .

Most distressing, ten fire booms were required by law to be on the site when in fact there were zero, none, nil, zip, nada to stop the fire. MMS was so deliriously incompetent that they were in the process of awarding BP a safety award for that very same Macondo Drilling Site where the Deepwater Horizon operated. All this becomes even more troubling when you realize that BP began having problems with the Macondo site and mysterious “cracks” as early as February 3rd of this year. At first they did not seem serious, but by February 13th, ten days later, they were acknowledged to be worth reporting and MMS and Ken Salazar and Barak Obama came into that knowledge then or shortly afterward. The American public was never informed.

One University of California engineer described an incident that then happened shortly after this, this way: “I’m telling you, they almost blew the whole damn rig sky high.” Now, if there were ever a time for MMS to insist upon full implementation of safety measures and to “call a moratorium on drilling” at the Macondo site until everything was 100% copasetic and to call in those ten fire booms . . . this was the time. But this was never done, was it even contemplated? Again, the American public was NOT informed. Salazar has not been called to task for his failures which is what Obama would have done were he a strong leader . . . and Obama has still not informed the American public of the full listing of BP problems ten weeks before the explosion or the full listing of MMS failures. Instead, apparently with his approval MMS has changed its name. Now that’s really taking responsibility, Mr. Prez!

So the explosion and SPILL can be blamed about 52% on MMS and Ken Salazar the Secretary of the Interior; about 48% on British Petroleum and roughly 100% of the cover-up of the early problems and not informing the public, can be attributed to Salazar and Obama. ‘Nuff said, now there’s the matter of the clean-up (before we get to the incredible little ‘potential conspiracy’ that needs to be unearthed for our readers) . . . .

While it’s well-known that Barack Obama has never once taken any responsibility for any problems of his administration, the Buck really does stop with him. How surprising is it that after a fire and an explosion that an oil spill might occur? Here it is on his and Salazar’s watch and absolutely NO PROACTIVITY takes place. From his days studying Kepner-Tregoe Management techniques, Rajjpuut can tell you that the first question out of the mouth of Obama and Salazar needed to be, “An explosion, what else could go wrong?” And they needed to be have Salazar on site and the president informed from the get-go. And within hours when it’s known that oil is leaking . . . a plan to avoid the hideous problems we’re now facing needs to be in place to save the beaches, the jobs and the wildlife as much as possible. Let us put 70% of the blame on Obama (the buck stops there) and 30% upon Salazar for not knowing enough about simple management principles that they could immediately spot that oil on the beaches, and oil ruining fishing and tourism was a very likely potential problem they needed to deal with. Obama has repeatedly said he and his administration was “on it” from day one . . . well, once again “Day One” was actually February 13th and they certainly weren’t “engaged” back then. And “Day One” after the explosion didn’t show any engagement either . . . but, in any case, the real problem comes now down to Barack Obama’s total lack of leadership – total lack.

The unions that are so vital to Barak Obama don’t want foreigners coming in to help the clean up . . . so Barack Obama refuses to waive the Jones Act so that none of the 14 nations (many with extensive clean up expertise and clean up experience) who volunteered their time, effort, manpower and expertise to help with the clean-up have been allowed in to help by Obama himself. Obama, only had to say, “that’s nonsense” we’ll take whatever help we can and we'll take it now and then waive the Jones Act, his precious unions be damned.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has in at least fifteen different instances proved to be severely delaying the clean-up, and blocking the clean up, and blocking the protection of the beaches and wetlands, and blocking removal of the oil from the Gulf itself. What? I hear you saying, the EPA is delaying the clean-up? the EPA is blocking the cleanup? The EPA is blocking protection of the beaches and wetlands? The EPA is blocking removal of oil from the Gulf itself? Yes, that’s exactly what the EPA is doing.

Item: The EPA insisted upon running “environmental impact studies” over several weeks before allowing much clean-up activity to even begin. They're worried about little problems ten years down the road, when Aramageddon approaches?

Item: The EPA has decided that virtually no berms, preventing the oil from reaching the beaches and wetlands can be built.

Item: The EPA has decided that all skimmers which remove the oil must comply with ordinary EPA standards (rather than creating emergency standards in keeping with the emergency situation) and others canNOT skim the oil . . . so by insisting that helpful ships not be allowed to go 10% over ordinary very tight standards they have allowed virtually 100% of the oil mess to stay unskimmed.

Item: the EPA has insisted that 200 skimmers located elsewhere cannot come to the Gulf because they just might be needed in an emergency right where they are now. Let’s see once big accident in 30 years of offshore drilling, what are the odds?

Item: the EPA has not approved of even one from the over 2,000 ideas that have been generated by concerned Americans and American businesses for deep clean-up of the spill on the beaches and wetlands. Some of these ideas are so simple and so cheap (like bringing in hay and domestic plant refuse such as corn stalks to soak up about 70% of their weight in oil) and so effective one can only wonder how much better the situation would be if they’d been in place, say from Day three.

Item: that humongus white boat named the “Whale”, you’ve seen in so many stories about the Gulf, has the capacity in one day to skim up virtually as much oil as has been collected in all the days over the ten plus weeks since the Gulf disaster occurred, but she stays in port because she might put some oil into the water, tsk, tsk and the EPA doesn’t approve . . .
And there’s the Occupational Safety and Health Administration a.k.a. OSHA which is insisting that clean-up workers can only work 20 minutes straight in a given hour. That wouldn’t slow things down, would it? The Coast Guard has gone around forcing skimming ships back to port because they were one life jacket short for the number of workers . . . now that’s beautiful! All this nonsense, bespeaks one sad fact: Neither Barack Obama nor Ken Salazar is a leader. When managing any problem and, in particular, when managing a crisis, the most important things are:

1. Get all the information possible from all the credible sources possible

2. Understand what is going wrong, and what must be done about it

3. Among all the possible goals, understand what is crucial, what is merely necessary, what is just “nice”, and what actually impedes success and progress . . . that is set priorities for goals

4. Communicate that big picture and those priorities

5. Keep monitoring the situation closely

It’s safe to say that Salazar and Obama have missed the boat continuously and are still missing it today when it comes to clean-up and prevention of oil spill related problems for the people of the Gulf. Barack, in particular, has routinely and continuously been saying things that aren’t so, (“on the job from Day One?”) and it appears that his lying is contagious, for example his Feds have said repeatedly that roughly 140 skimmers were at work, but the maximum counted by aerial survey was a mere 31 . . . but let’s get to the big surprise story . . . something that smacks of an awful and terrible conspiracy . . . say it ain’t so, Barack, say it ain’t so . . . well . . . .

The well-known point of view of the environmentalists; the cap and trade activists; the global-warming activists; the green jobs industry (for which Barack Obama promised to provide five million green jobs); and Barack Obama and Al Gore and Maurice Strong and all their scores of Chicago Climate eXchange (CCX) cronies like Joel Rogers and George Soros and that other GS and its people (Yep, Goldman Sachs owns 10% of CCX) and Franklin Raines . . . the key fact is that they’d all be so much, much better off if oil drilling came to a virtual stop and America immediately transformed itself (with government help and most importantly with CCX help) into a green energy country like Spain (unemployment there now 21% but was only 3% in 1997). Obama’s ridiculous six month offshore drilling moratorium is just one expression of their malevolent eyes turned against the oil industry, never mind that immediately instituting those policies would scoot our way of life back to about 1890 . . . . Ah, but now comes the crux of the matter. Guess who else is indirectly involved in CCX and likely to benefit from passage of the cap and trade bill Obama’s pushing right now? Take your wildest guess . . . we’ll wait. Answer below . . .

Ho Hum . . . .

Ho hum . . . .

Do re mi fa sol la ti do! Tah-dah
British Petroleum (BP) owns 7.59% of an entity known as ICE which also owns Obama-Gore-Rogers and Sandors' CCX entity. (No, ICE is NOT the Immigration Control and Enforcement agency) This ICE stands for Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. and is just a cover for CCX, indeed the infamous Richard Sandor (“Carbon Exchange will be a $10 Trillion a year business . . . “) who presides over our little CCX is also on the ICE board of directors -- they’re also in the carbon emissions trading business, of course. ICE is an entity nominally located in London, England near Al Gore’s special little operation Generation Investment Management, you may have heard of it – Gore’s the Biggest of GIM's bigwigs and they are a major owner of CCX, but its real headquarters is Atlanta, GA, USA. So BP is an owner of ICE and BP stands to make a fortune doing NOTHING, not drilling, not supplying oil or any product or service but just for owning a big share of the Carbon-Trading Swindle** we're talking about here. . . hmmmm makes a body shiver, no? It's even conceivable that should cap and trade pass, BP would make more money for doing nothing than they now make drilling for oil. Imagine that!

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


**Yes, George Soros is the second largest investor in Petrobras (Brazilian Oil) and yes they did recently get a several billion dollar loan from the Obama administration to drill at 14,041 feet, but that’s only small potatoes in the scheme of this horrific scam on the American people . . . . here’s the important stuff: Obama told the San Francisco Chronicle his policies would “bankrupt the coal industry” and he’s mentioned on several occasions that his policies would “necessarily make the price of electricity skyrocket.” Actually that was only a half-truth. Here’s the real truth: The United States economy is $15 TRillion worth of goods and services. Mr. Sandor has fairly accurately stated that carbon-trading (selling blue sky, literally) which adds not a single product or service to the U.S. economy will be a $10 TRillion industry. So without adding any benefit, we will, in effect be taxed $10 TRillion giving us a $25 TRillion economy. All prices will rise on average by 67% ($25 TRillion divided by $15 TRillion = 167%) and entities like ICE and CCX and all those who own and run them (including BP) and non-productive (but non-polluting) businesses created by entities like ACORN and the progressive foundations (mentioned here in the next link) will rob all the rest of us and push our standard of living back 120 years:

So the oil spill response hasn't been very efficient and seems to be dithering along, does it, well that might not be so bad for Mr. Obama, Mr. Gore, BP and the usual gang of crooks involved with CCX . . . just thought we'd mention that just in case you missed it because the American mainstream media refuses to cover any news Obama and his gang don’t approve of, here’s what an ultra-liberal but NOT progressive esteemed European source had to say about Climate Gate and "global warming":

So it seems the Gulf oil spill response has been very ineffective with huge amounts of dithering every step of the way? Perhaps that's not consider too bad by BP, Barack Obama, Al Gore and the CCX people?

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Obama, Gore, Joel Rogers Killing U.S.


Up to 90% of the European cap and trade is a fraud according to Europol, the European criminal intelligence agency. "The European Union Emission Trading System has been the victim of fraudulent traders in the past 18 months," said the investigative agency in a statement. "This resulted in losses of approximately five billion euros for several national tax revenues." The agency, based in The Hague, added that it estimated "in some countries, up to 90 percent of the whole market volume was caused by fraudulent activities." Europol officials aired these conclusions after a raid six months ago.


31,000 American scientists have signed a petition denying the legitimacy of global-warming as real science. Over 9,000 of these scientists hold Ph.D.s. Cap and Trade is intended to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.


Mr. Obama admitted to the San Francisco Chronicle his policies will “bankrupt the coal industry.”


Global warming has been proven to be a hoax. Even the ultra-liberal London Times, long-time champion of man-caused global warming has run scathing stories about the fraudulent science being done by the East Anglia University Climate Research Unit (CRU) upon which global-warming theory was based.


It would mean the end of the American Republic. It would mean the end of free-market capitalism. It would mean the end of the best and freest society the world has ever known. The book, Obama’s first autobiography “Dreams from My Father,” Obama’s first autobiography that the media refused to read and investigate tells us what the end product he is seeking will look like. Here are the words of father (Barak, without a ‘c’ Senior) and son . . . notice the reference to the advisibility and benefits of “100% taxes” and the old man’s reverence for “scientific socialism - iter alia - communism.”


Mr. Obama has admitted “the price of electricity will necessarily skyrocket” under his cap and trade policies.


Even discounting inflation already underway, Cap and Trade when fully implemented will raise the cost of all American goods and services 67%. CCX (more below) President Richard Sandor admitted that Cap and Trade was a “$10 TRillion industry” (not mentioning its an industry that produces no goods and services but just “taxes” those who do). Slapping a $10 TRillion industry on top of a $15 TRillion economy means that costs will rise and produce a $25 TRillion economy without one single more product or service produced . . . thus prices will rise by 67% on average.


Phil Jones, director of CRU, at the center of the global-warming hoax, besides saying he “considered killing himself” when news of the hoax came out admitted they had deliberately thrown away data so that no other scientists could “replicate their research” or discover and prove their fraud.


Mr. Obama, Al Gore, Joel Rogers, Richard Sandor and about fifteen to twenty more of their progressive/marxist intimates and ten different progressive foundations have set up the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) which will make most of them multi-billionaires, billionaires and multi-millionaires at least . . . they have, in short an incredible conflict of interest in pushing this bill. click on the “CCX scandal” pages 1-4


The leader of this conspiracy, Canadian billionaire (ex-U.N. bigwig and environmental kook) Maurice Strong, exposed the group’s purpose in 1990 when he wrote,

“. . . what if a small group of . . . world leaders were to conclude that the principal risk to the Earth comes from the actions of the rich countries? In order to save the planet, the group decides: Isn't the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn't it our responsibility to bring this about? . . .”

Strong has said he was discussing the plot of a novel he was going to write. Well Michael Chricton (of “Jurassic Park,” “Andromeda Strain” and a dozen other “technology-run-amuck” techno-thrillers set out to write the same novel. Only difference, when Crichton (who is a research junkie) was done studying the matter he had written a novel about a conspiracy to dominate the world based upon fraudulent global warming data, fraudulently manipulated which the Climate-Gate Scandal has shown to actually be the case . . . . His 2005 novel “State of Fear” is actually an expose of the global-warming hoax and several characters resembling Strong, Joel Rogers, Al Gore, Richard Sandor and Barack Obama play major roles in the novel.


Joel Rogers, the mastermind of the nuts and bolts (Creator of the Apollo Alliance and “the New Green Deal”) behind the whole conspiracy and the CCX rip-off has admitted that even if we brought the entire American economy to the level of 1900, the effect on global temperatures would be minimal (0.2 degrees) by 2100 and their stated aim of bringing the world’s carbon emissions back to 1980 level is impossible but that the whole thing is actually a power grab.

And now the top #1 Reason to Reject Obama’s Cap and Trade bill:


Obama has threatened to create five million green-tech jobs. Spain, which about 13-14 years ago was the #1 booming economy in the European Union with only 3% unemployment did a study of what went wrong with their green-initiative. Today Spain has 21% unemployment and the worst economy in Europe except for Greece; many companies have left Spain. video is a year old, made when Spanish unemployment stood at 17.8%

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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A very strange thing happened to Rajjpuut two days ago while he was trying to sharpen his golf game hitting Birdie Balls** in the park. He was having a terrific practice sesssion when . . . but first a bit of background . . . .

Since the mainstream media outlets refuse to cover stories that make Barack Obama and Al Gore look bad, such as this one from over six months ago which took the British press by storm:


one can’t help but wonder, “What exactly do our mainstream American newspapers and TV networks know that these two leading London papers, including the ultra-liberal London Times, just a stone’s throw from the Climate-Gate scandal nexus at the Climate Research Unit (CRU) in East Anglia University haven’t a clue about?” And then there’s this infamous Obama half-truth . . . .

Why “infamous,” and why a “half-truth” you ask? Well, there’s Barack Obama directly telling all of us, “Under my plan of a cap and trade system electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket . . . ” and yet what’s really happening is NOT really an admission by him that “to do the right thing for America, Americans are going to have to suffer a bit at the gas pump and suffer a whole lot more paying their electricity bills” (which is bad enough since global-warming is actually a lie) but all the while he’s saying this, he and his cronies are going to make all prices (not just electricity) in America jump by roughly 67%^^ even without inflation factored in. And 40% of all the money spent in America would be siphoned off by the numerous guilty parties involved . . . .

If these two stories are solid, and Rajjpuut UNequivocally tells you, “They’re SOLID,” then it’s the biggest scandal America has ever known. However, once again the mainstream American media won’t touch the story. Why not? Rajjpuut was his university's Academic Excellence Award Winner in journalism and if there's one thing he understands it's what goes into making a big story from the media's point of view . . . and this one truly amounts to a HUGE story. It amounts to big headlines and . . . it is, we remind you, 100% solid . . . it involves some huge names . . . it represents the greatest scam ever perpetrated upon the American people . . . somehow, somehow that Rajjpuut can't figure out their reluctance is related to the story above which the American mainstream media refused to even refer to once (can they be that committed to global warming as undeniable truth?) . . . and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to follow the story, Rajjpuut has and you can easily do so yourself. The corruption involved touches Barack Obama, Al Gore, the Goldman Sachs investment firm Fannie Mae; 10-12 huge and well-known progressive (“We must progress beyond the U.S. Constitution . . .”) non-profit foundations; and a repeating cast of socialist-marxist characters (whose names keep popping up every time you investigate the leadership of the CCX <Chicago Climate eXchange> Joel Rogers, Van Jones, Richard Sandor, Maurice Strong, etc., etc. ad nauseum); the semi-bankrupt Shore Bank in Chicago and the owners or board of directors all tied into a plan to cheat Americans out of $10 TRillion a year.

So back to paragraph #1 above, this blog began saying, “A very strange thing happened to Rajjpuut two days ago while he was trying to sharpen his golf game hitting “Birdie Balls” in the park near his old Longmont home. He was having a terrific practice sesssion when . . . .”

About 40 yards away, a blue-black car (Lexus?) pulled up and parked. About ten seconds later the car’s horn was honked twice after a particularly long and true draw shot. A slender brunette woman in a teal form-hugging dress in heels emerged from the driver’s side and walked half-way toward him, then stopped and said, “You’re Rajjpuut (badly mispronouncing the name in the process -- "RaHHH-Poot" is correct) the guy blogging about CCX and cap and trade for the TEA Party?”

Rajjpuut was stunned, he thought he was pretty much anonymous. “Yeah, that’s me.”

“Tipper knows so she’s going to get a divorce.”

Rajjpuut was ultra-stunned. The woman turned and ran back to her vehicle. Suddenly understanding, he yelled after her, “Who are you? How do you know this?” but got no response.

As he felt both his blood and all his power draining away to his feet, Rajjpuut murmurred the only thing that came to mind, “Tell Glenn Beck,” suddenly he realized she couldn’t hear him so he yelled out at the top of his lungs, “Please, TELL Glenn Beck!”

She turned to look at him for an instant, then opened the door and drove quickly away.

It appeared her license plate was the green and white mountains outline that all Coloradoans are familiar with. Rajjpuut had not worn his glasses . . . . Needless to say, Rajjpuut hooked or sliced every swing over the next quarter hour. Was it a hoax? Who was she? How did she find him? Was someone playing an elaborate prank? What was going wrong with his swing? Was somebody right then and there laughing away at his expense? What am I doing wrong to cause all these hooks? Does this women really know something? Can I blog this, dare I blog this, I have no real source? How likely was it that someone in Colorado who knows Tipper Gore reads my blogs? I was doing so great, why couldn't she have come by half an hour later? Was this real? Did I dare blog it?

Yesterday, the news came out that Al and Tipper Gore were getting divorced or getting separated depending upon which source you read. Today the news came out that Barack Obama was making a concerted effort to revive his cap and trade bill “America’s Power Act” and was using the Gulf oil spill to move toward “100% energy independence” based upon green-energy## sources and “totally ending dependence upon fossil fuels.” Sounds like her story’s been confirmed . . . .

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,



^^ the figure given in the article of $15 TRillion is presumed an exaggeration of 50%; the correct figure is ONLY roughly $10 TRillion. The American economy right now amounts to $15 TRillion so adding $10 TRillion on top of it unnecessarily without adding one single manufactured good or one single provided service means that everything in the economy that costs, say, $15.00 will now cost $25.00 an increase of roughly 67%.

## Which sounds like a plan much worse than what recently bankrupted Spain. Spain had about 3% unemployment and was the economic poster-child for the European Union around 2001. Today they’re suffering under roughly 21% unemployment after instigating a green-jobs program. After Greece, Spain may well be the next European domino to fall . . . .

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Unable to Live with Husband’s Hypocrisy

and Lies? Tipper Gore Opts for Divorce

A very strange thing happened to Rajjpuut two days ago while he was trying to sharpen his golf game hitting Birdie Balls** in the park. He was having a terrific practice sesssion when . . . but first a bit of background . . . .

Since the mainstream media outlets refuse to cover stories that make Barack Obama and Al Gore look bad, such as this one from over six months old which took the British press by storm:


one can’t help but wonder, “What exactly do our mainstream American newspapers and TV networks know that these two leading London papers, including the ultra-liberal London Times, just a stone’s throw from the Climate-Gate scandal nexus at the Climate Research Unit (CRU) in East Anglia University haven’t a clue about?” And then there’s this infamous Obama half-truth . . . .

Why “infamous,” and why a “half-truth” you ask? Well, there’s Barack Obama directly telling all of us, “Under my plan of a cap and trade system electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket . . . ” and yet what’s really happening is NOT really an admission by him that “to do the right thing for America, Americans are going to have to suffer a bit at the gas pump and suffer a whole lot more paying their electricity bills” (which is bad enough since global-warming is actually a lie) but all the while he’s saying this, he and his cronies are going to make all prices (not just electricity) in America jump by roughly 67%^^ even without inflation factored in. And 40% of all the money spent in America would be siphoned off by the numerous guilty parties involved . . . .

If these two stories are solid, and Rajjpuut UNequivocally tells you, “They’re SOLID,” then it’s the biggest scandal America has ever known. However, once again the mainstream American media won’t touch the story. Why not? Rajjpuut was his university's Academic Excellence Award Winner in journalism and if there's one thing he understands it's what goes into making a big story from the media's point of view . . . and this one truly amounts to a HUGE story. It amounts to big headlines and . . . it is, we remind you, 100% solid . . . it involves some huge names . . . it represents the greatest scam ever perpetrated upon the American people . . . somehow, somehow that Rajjpuut can't figure out their reluctance is related to the story above which the American mainstream media refused to even refer to once (can they be that committed to global warming as undeniable truth?) . . . and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to follow the story, Rajjpuut has and you can easily do so yourself. The corruption involved touches Barack Obama, Al Gore, the Goldman Sachs investment firm Fannie Mae; 10-12 huge and well-known progressive (“We must progress beyond the U.S. Constitution . . .”) non-profit foundations; and a repeating cast of socialist-marxist characters (whose names keep popping up every time you investigate the leadership of the CCX <Chicago Climate eXchange> Joel Rogers, Van Jones, Richard Sandor, Maurice Strong, etc., etc. ad nauseum); the semi-bankrupt Shore Bank in Chicago and the owners or board of directors all tied into a plan to cheat Americans out of $10 TRillion a year.

So back to paragraph #1 above, this blog began saying, “A very strange thing happened to Rajjpuut two days ago while he was trying to sharpen his golf game hitting “Birdie Balls” in the park. He was having a terrific practice sesssion when . . . .”

About 40 yards away, a blue-black car (Lexus?) pulled up and parked. About ten seconds later the car’s horn was honked twice after a particularly long and true draw shot. A slender brunette woman in a teal form-hugging dress in heels emerged from the driver’s side and walked half-way toward him, then stopped and said, “You’re Rajjpuut (badly mispronouncing the name in the process -- "RaHHH-Poot" is correct) the guy blogging about CCX and cap and trade for the TEA Party?”

Rajjpuut was stunned, he thought he was pretty much anonymous. “Yeah, that’s me.”

“Tipper knows so she’s going to get a divorce.”

Rajjpuut was ultra-stunned. The woman turned and ran back to her vehicle. Suddenly understanding, he yelled after her, “Who are you? How do you know this?” but got no response.

As he felt both his blood and all his power draining away to his feet, Rajjpuut murmurred the only thing that came to mind, “Tell Glenn Beck,” suddenly he realized she couldn’t hear him so he yelled out at the top of his lungs, “Please, TELL Glenn Beck!”

She turned to look at him for an instant, then opened the door and drove quickly away. It appeared her license plate was the green and white mountains' outline that all Coloradoans are familiar with. Rajjpuut had not worn his glasses . . . . Needless to say, Rajjpuut hooked or sliced every swing over the next quarter hour. Was it a hoax? Who was she? How did she find him? Was someone playing an elaborate prank? What was going wrong with his swing? Was somebody right then and there laughing away at his expense? What am I doing wrong to cause all these hooks? Does this women really know something? Can I blog this, dare I blog this, I have no real source? How likely was it that someone in Colorado who knows Tipper Gore reads my blogs? I was doing so great, why couldn't she have come by half an hour later? Was this real? Did I dare blog it?

Yesterday, the news came out that Al and Tipper Gore were getting divorced or getting separated depending upon which source you read. Today the news came out that Barack Obama was making a concerted effort to revive his cap and trade bill “America’s Power Act” and was using the Gulf oil spill to move toward “100% energy independence” based upon green-energy## sources and “totally ending dependence upon fossil fuels.” Sounds like her story’s been confirmed . . . .

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,



^^ the figure given in the article of $15 TRillion is presumed an exaggeration of 50%; the correct figure is ONLY roughly $10 TRillion. The American economy right now amounts to $15 TRillion so adding $10 TRillion on top of it unnecessarily without adding one single manufactured good or one single provided service means that everything in the economy that costs, say, $15.00 will now cost $25.00 an increase of roughly 67%.

## Which sounds like a plan much worse than what recently bankrupted Spain. Spain had about 3% unemployment and was the economic poster-child for the European Union around 2001. Today they’re suffering under roughly 21% unemployment after instigating a green-jobs program. After Greece's demise, Spain may well be the next European domino to fall . . . .

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Obama's Media Free-Ride Shows No Sign of Abating
After receiving three of the most fawining years of media coverage in candidate, nominee and presidential history, Barack Obama is so-dissatisfied with his treatment at the hands of the press that he now has several initiatives in the works to dramatically curtail freedom of the press. It seems our president’s narcissism is so great that every time even the faintest negative coverage appears he is totally shell-shocked.
Item #1 Fox Cable News Channel has been the subject of constant Obama administration disdain and complaint since Day 1 of his presidency. Obama was notably silent when Fox and other media attacked G. W. Bush for his spending policies and other perceived weaknesses. Negative news is just not ever considered fair.
Item #2 the president is setting records for dodging the press, Fox News as well as all his toadies at ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, PBS, and CNN have all complained as Obama has now stretched his record for going without a press conference for well over nine straigt months now.
Item #3 each of the last ten or eleven Obama attempts at press control during demagoguery and demonization exercises (for example toward the TEA Party, Arizona’s new immigration laws, withering attacks on Wall Street, British Petroleum etc., etc.) has witnessed the mainstream press immediately adopt the preferred Obama hate-term verbiage (exactly as presented by Robert Gibbs and others) in discussions over the next ten days or so without bothering to actually investigate the stories behind the Obama vilifications.
Item #4 Stories that reflect anti-Obama realities are just not covered. For example,
A. the climate-gate scandal in East Anglia University where worldwide temperature data was fudged, manipulated and ditched to more properly reflect a “global warming” that is NOT in fact occurring . . . has not materialized now five months after the thousands of CRU e-mails were leaked.
B. Coverage of the Obama/Gore et. al CCX scandal is non-existent in the mainstream media. Since the conflict of interest story would cost Americans 40% of their economy to legislated carbon exchanging that would benefit the Obama-Gore-Sandor-Rogers founded and funded CCX (Chicago Climate eXcange) partnerships by TRillions of dollars . . . and since this story is no longer possible in Europe where the whole continent is now utterly skeptical about global warming but global warming is still giving credence in America thanks to the mainstream media’s deliberate refusal to cover the Climate-gate story . . . the media has now become the story.
C. Likewise the media’s refusal to cover the CCX crews’ strange gyrations to save the bankrupt Shore Bank of Chicago is incredibly self-serving to Obama.
D. The media has not mentioned Obama’s failure to respond to incredible flood destruction in Tennessee and tornado disasters repeating in Oklahoma and nearby areas. Comparison to the comparable Hurricane Katrina treatment of the G.W. Bush efforts are shocking.
E. The media nine days after the fact began echoing the Obama liturgy released that day that the administration had been “on the job since day one” regarding the BP gulf oil spill.
F. None of the mainstream media have covered the fact that federal safety inspectors have deliberately given British Petroleum “passes” on 1990 and 1994 safety standards for offshore drilling.
G. None of the mainstream media have covered the fact that federal safety standards required ten individual fire booms (aimed at preventing exactly the sort of fire, explosion and leak that BP experienced) be on hand at each drilling site and that BP had ZERO fire booms available.
H. None of the mainstrem media has focused on the fact that BP has another site 55% deeper pumping out 450% more oil with the very same lax safety ambience which the federal government has NOT insisted upon improving.
I. None of the mainstream media has seemingly read the Arizona Immigration law, but instead give positive coverage to protestors of a law that is far more “immigrant-friendly” than the federal laws they’re based upon and which go to immense lengths to prevent racial profiling. Instead the mainstream media again have spent three weeks mirroring the Obama party line on Arizona’s laws.
J. None of the mainstream media is actually calling for the president to see to it that the federal Immigration people start doing their jobs in Arizona.
K. None of the mainstream media think it’s significant that five key officials in the Obama administration have been lambasting Arizona and yet, admitted they have NOT read the bill. Specifically Holder and Napolitano’s ignorance and vilification amounts to criminal behavior.
L. None of the mainstream media is willing to take Obama to task for its administration’s unwillingness to use the simple and accurate term “radical Muslim jihadists.” Nor have they taken the administration to task for its policy of homeland security by luck.
M. Nevertheless, Barack Obama is directly setting out to control the internet.
N. Nevertheless, Barack Obama is setting into motion laws that would make the “tone” of criticism of politicians a crucial matter placed under control of the government.
O. Barack Obama has already three times illegally employed the NEA (National Endowment for the Arts) to back his political agenda and, of course, received a pass from the mainstream media.
P. The media refuses to notice that Barack’s promised openness, honesty, transparency, and cleaning up of Washington’s political games has not only NOT materialized, it has NOT even been attempted.
Q. Barack Obama is still on honeymoon with the mainstream media and still allowed to say, “it’s all the Bush Administration’s fault." Even though Obama has now quadrupled the deficits and tripled the national debt.
R. The mainstream media has shown no urgency to explore the character of the Obama administration itself and the laws it passes and the abuses it drops upon the Constitution. The word “socialism” is certainly taboo.
S. The mainstream media has allowed Obama to play the race card for three consecutive years now. 48% of Whites supported Obama which is more votes and a higher percentage of white votes than Kerry or Gore received. Only 4% of Blacks voted for Mc Cain. Allowing Obama to use the racism ploy is a hideous distortion of the truth.
T. Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s recent anti-semitic rants as well as his original “God Damn, America” comment received only a wrist-slap from the mainstream media and Obama’s twenty-year connection to Wright has been totally unexplored.
U. The media has refused to cover Obama’s connections and support of communist Raila Odinga’s presidential campaign in Kenya. Willfully overlooking that Odinga signed a pact with the 10% Muslim populace to make shariah law the law of the land a la the Taliban, if elected. Nor have they covered Obama’s speeches to the Muslims while wearing muslim garb. Nor the riots arsons, killings etc. against Christian and other religions conducted by Kenya’s Muslims which got Odinga made part of the cabinet of the man who defeated him.
V. The media refuses to read “Dreams from My Father” Obama’s first autobiography and to explore the communism of Barak (no “c”), Sr. specifically calling for Kenya to consider 100% taxes upon the rich; nationalization of foreign businesses and redistribution of wealth from non-Black Kenyans to the black populace.
W. The media has not explored Obama’s statement that “I have always been a Christian, never attended Muslim schools and never practiced Islam.” The statue of 10-year old Barack in the Muslim school he attended for parts of three years (1969, ‘70 and ’71) and his four plus years in Indonesia is willflly overlooked by the mainstream media. The more the man lies, the more they love him.
X. In short, the mainstream media has abandoned its job and become merely a cheerleading arm for Obama’s administration and the great man himself.
Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,
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Imagine this nightmare: you, is that you? Well a corpse resembling you is lying in a pool of its own blackened blood. Sixty-seven gaping wounds bear mute testimony to the evil that has just happened. Close friends fearing for their very lives have wisely stayed away, but acquaintances and the curious have come from all over to witness the undeniable evidence of a horror they can’t bring themselves to believe has just occurred and to satisfy themselves, “yes, yes, it’s true.”

A man speaks over the corpse telling the nation and the world that the deceased, like Julius Caesar, who met a similar fate on March 15th 2054 years ago, that the dearly departed was “ambitious” and to save the planet, had to die. It was a horrible thing to have to do, but it had to be done. It HAD to be done. He did it for them. Not only for them, but for every soul on EARTH! They have all been saved.

The words and the delivery are eloquent, soothing, HELPFUL. Soon the fear and anger that was in people’s faces disappear, they nod their heads in unison with his, he did it for us. He did it for us. We are saved. He did it for us.

That’s the plan. And it all makes perfect sense, of course.

Barack Obama, the orator over the murdered corpse, has put all his chips on the table. He is betting you and everyone else are way too stupid and too utterly unwilling to leave the comfort of your sit-com to even contemplate the truth that he’s got planned for all of us. Coming to a theater of the absurd near you, the end of the American way of life . . . the end of civilization as you know it. Tragically, it’s NOT a Hollywood production. “Mainstream Media Productions" under the benighted direction of our own congress and president are right now bringing that movie to life, your real life . . . you don’t want to learn about that now, do you? “It’s just too troubling, I don’t want to hear it,” you say, grabbing the remote and turning to “reality” TV and a bowl of potato chips to escape these words and Obama’s truth spoken over that now unloved bloody corpse . . . well, run away, run away.

It can not be said more earnestly or more accurately than this -- the U.S. Senate is now poised to plunge the dagger of environmental extremism into capitalism’s heart. And you are not alone . . . no one wants to hear it, Rajjpuut really doesn’t even want to say it. This is evil on a scale almost impossible to imagine and Americans including the progressive Democrats bewitched by the brew cooked up by Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama are themselves refusing to actually understand what they are on the verge of doing. The nightmare is so gruesome and troubling they had to change its name from “Cap and Trade” to “America’s Power Act” to sell it to themselves. How can America be forced to stare into the beast’s soul so that they immediately shake themselves awake and end the nightmare? Barack Obama is betting it can’t be done . . . that you are unwilling to do it.

The script for our little horror movie was written by a man named Maurice Strong, a Canadian multimillionaire who’s spent much of his life wrapped up in environmental causes and working for the United Nations. He is the man who chaired the first “Real Earth Summit” and believes firmly in the lies he has been propagating for two dozen years. The script is brief, here in his own words:

“What if a small group of . . . world leaders were to conclude that the principal risk to the Earth comes from the actions of the rich countries? In order to save the planet, the group decides: ‘Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring this about?’”

Unspoken is the fact that the neighboring United States is the chief offender. His own Canada is no small offender either, but the United States is the #1 boogie man. The chief risk to the planet’s survival according to Maurice Strong, Al Gore, Barack Obama and their cronies is the United States of America as we know it followed by all the industrialized nations. Your dreams and ambitions are the problem and your civilization must be killed. You now know “What? and “Why?” and “Where?” the “Who?” is American Civilization and “When?” is during the upcoming senate voting on “America’s Power Act.” There’s only one question left, “How?”


At the risk of spoiling the “movie” for you let’s show a scene from near the ending, in the link above. The thirty-eight year old lie called “global warming” has been shown to be an absolute hoax. “Who says so?” The ultra-liberal London Times says so. They’re talking about the scandal that took place a stone’s throw from them at the East Anglia University “Climate Research Unit” where for over fifteen years facts have been deliberately fudged; science has been corrupted to produce a desired conclusion (the earth is warming dramatically); dissenting voices have been ridiculed and purged; the United Nations has been influenced; Al Gore has been made a hero; and you have been lied to. The London Times is so liberal that they had been running well in the vanguard for global warming for over a decade and a half. It took them twelve days after the story broke with the thousands of leaked e-mails for the London Times to research it and then eating crow to publish the story above and half a dozen other stories in a brief span. The Times was the last major European paper to publish the story. In the United States the story was broken about ten days before the London Times article above by

which is our well-known Time magazine’s online version. Good, good we’re on the ball . . . or are we?

The story immediately became the number one most popular story that Time ran that day and then became the top story on the internet after about fourteen hours. Rajjpuut, thinking there was, after all, hope for America "with this nonsense behind us" read the article carefully three times. And blogged and spread the word. It was an amazing time . . . .

And then a strange thing happened. Before its fifteenth hour online, Time’s top executives killed the story. They not only removed the story from their headline grouping . . . they made the story disappear altogether. It never happened. If interested people had not copied screen shots, even Time’s pulling of the story would NOT have been documented . . . like some unimaginable dream scenario from the book “1984” history was being changed, UNWRITTEN right before our eyes. In the five months since that removal of that headline story, not one major American mainstream media has run the story. Not ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, PBS, CNN or the big three’s cable news’ stations -- none of them have run the story. If you want to find information about the Climate-Gate global warming hoax, the story involved, you have to resort to the internet, European sources or Fox News. While Europe is dealing comfortably with the fact that global warming is a hoax, the United States has been deliberately left in the dark. That “chopping of scenes” and leaving them NOT on the cutting-room floor but immediately burning them up at 20,000 degrees by the mainstream media in America is a key part of the “How?” involved in Maurice Strong’s production. Unlike the London Times, the American media will not eat crow and run the truth about Climate-Gate. They will not even use the time necessary to investigate the story. They have jumped in bed with Barack Obama and Al Gore and refuse to run anything about them or their “causes” that will discredit them. Those fourteen first hour when Time online broke the story for Americans was an amazing time . . . for Rajjpuut it answered the question what happens if a tree falls in a forest, but no one is allowed to hear it, is there a sound made? But no roasting for the mainstream media, theirs is an easy lot. More important is the question, how did this sad state of affairs all come about?

Pre-production preparations have been going on for more than forty-three years. The chief plot motivator in Maurice’s eyes and in the minds of tens of thousands of like-minded environmental enthusiasts was the “FACT” that there were way too many people on earth taxing the planet’s resources mightily. This was a fact, NOT an opinion and anybody who differed was an idiot and deserving of scorn and ridicule. Anybody could see that and buy into it, right? That was the truth going around in the late 60’s when the counter-culture not only took anti-Viet Nam War ideas to heart but also environmentalism, even if they didn’t understand science and scientific methods very well.

The opening scene was publication of an innocent-looking little book several years earlier called “Silent Spring.” No actual science was done during the writing of the book by Ms. Carlson. Not one of the numerous hypotheses in the book stated as incontrovertible FACT . . . NOT ONE was anything close to true. Agains specious opinion was treated as FACT. There is not one documented human death from DDT; no evidence that birds’ eggshells actual DID or DO get thinner and more fragile; no evidence of harm to any life but that of the mosquito. No evidence of cancer or genetic mutation in mammals, reptiles, amphibians or fish. No problems at all, except for mosquitoes . . . or for those Africans and other tropical-dwellers who deliberately applied it directly to their own skins and to the inside and outsides of their homes: the lice and fleas that died as well as the mosquitoes.

No matter, the United Nations and the world bought the big lie hook, line and sinker. In a very brief time the strongest and least harmful pesticide the world has ever known, DDT, was banned. Since then roughly sixty million people have died unnecessarily because of malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases. Let's look at just one disease, malaria, where worldwide-deaths were cut to a bit more than 40,000 in 1970 . . . today almost two million die from malaria every year. Besides those deaths an estimated 25 million people suffer from the unending “third-day” sweats and agony associated with malaria. Of course, yellow fever and a host of other diseases each brings their own nightmares. Nevertheless, the radical green element and many just plain common folk never ever being made aware of those deaths or of the truth, were absolutely thrilled by DDT’s banning.

Once it was proved that great amounts of people would buy into pseudo-science and that even greater amounts of people just couldn’t be bothered the film preparations began in earnest. John Holdren (Obama’s “Science Czar”) and numerous like-minded folk, a few of them scientists, postulated a coming threat of massive proportions: an onrushing new ICE AGE brought about by man’s tinkering with the planet’s ecosystem. Time magazine actually ran the story on the front cover of its magazine. Ooops, about six years later we were informed, no-no, actually something else (greenhouse gasses) was the bigger problem and, indeed a huge, problem that would eventually sear the planet into lifelessness.

It was about this time that Maurice Strong and his multi-millions came on the scene as producer for the nightmare. He immediately could see that he needed a strong cameraman and charismatic director. Within a dozen years the latter, Al Gore, and within a half-dozen later the former, Barack Obama, came upon the scene to help him. Of course, the people at work on the production need to all be amply rewarded. To ensure that happening they created CCX, the Chicago Climate eXchange which has been in place for nine years now and which will only spring into action and become profitable when America’s Power Act becomes law. When that happens, within one year after the new law goes into effect all the people involved will become hundred-millionaires or billionaires but not from the grateful planet they’ve saved, but rather from their commissions (via something called CCX co-incidentally) on outright theft.

Richard Sandor, the cameraman, boldly stated on videotape that the climate-exchange business is worth $10 TRillion annually. Since the climate-exchange business is taking nothing (literally “blue sky”) and selling it as something . . . and the entire U.S. REAL ECONOMY produces about $15 TRillion annually in real goods and services we will have an economy of $25 TRillion overnight. How, you ask is that possible? Even discounting inflation, the price of everything in the economy will rise 67% (think of it his way, A. new economy = $25 TRillion. New economy is made up of $15 TRillion real economy and $10 TRillion bull sh_t economy. The BS economy can only come from price increases $10 TR/$15 TR = 67% . . . Barack Obama has said and been videotaped saying it, “implementing my policies necessitate that energy prices rise dramatically” that may be the one truth he’s spoken in the last three years). And you’ll remember, of course, that man-caused global warming is a lie, nothing but a lie, and has been a lie ever since it was first introduced. Yep, just like coughing when you smoked your first cigarette . . . your first impressions were correct: carbon dioxide isn’t that what the plants need, isn’t that how they produce oxygen? No, children, where’d you hear that nonsense, carbon dioxide is dangerous. And that’s how the American economy is destroyed how the enrichment of Obama, Gore, Marurice Strong and Richard Sandor is made into a horror movie of epic proportions.,__gore_and_cronies_might_make_trillions.thtml

So that’s the nightmare and you and our way of life are the star and the victim. Good luck with cap and trade, er’ “America’s Power Act.”

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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Just got an e-mail from a friend who taunted me with remembrances of the presumably unfounded “birther” notion; and Van Jones’ slip from power because he was discovered to be a “9/11 Truther.” He asked me “How can you be so careless as to use that Maurice Strong quotation in your otherwise wonderful and thought-provoking blogs, Bob? It makes you seem like just another conspiracy fanatic.”
OK, let’s set matters straight, a political blog is an agreement, a contract between the writer and the reader for honest and full evaluation and judgment about the state of the world as he sees it. Rajjpuut when asked for his opinion does NOT give warmed over milk:
BIRTHERS: My friend and I and all loyal readers know Rajjpuut is not a birther. I have on several occasions said something akin to this (but probably NOT these exact words) to dismiss the birther line of thinking. “It’s possible that Barack Obama is NOT a U.S. citizen according to the strictest interpretation of the rules. However, no matter what else is discovered, he was born to an American citizen, no matter how much I despise her and no matter how likely it may be that she screwed up his paper-work possibilities with her shenanigans. IF he is NOT a U.S. Citizen on a technicality, I’m NOT impressed. The SPIRIT of the law is that he IS a citizen, certainly much more than any baby born to an illegal alien is a citizen. It’s not his fault his mother was a ditzy communist bi__h! My problems with Barack Obama are not cleared up by technicalities. Remove him and another progressive idiot replaces him. My problems are that Barack never used his free will and his intellect to disprove the communist crap he was spoon-fed as a boy and that he now embraces that refuted ideology with all his being and is leading our country down the road to ruin." Any questions on that?
2. 9/11 TRUTHERS: To a certain small degree, Rajjpuut himself is a 9/11 Truther. You heard me right. TO A CERTAIN small DEGREE . . . let’s explore and explain that. If you were to visit and watch:
You’d see a lot of truth and nonsense woven together . . . (one proviso here – the link is apparently NOT the original link I viewed 2-3 years back and it’s a movie, pretty long . . . but unless it’s been changed dramatically, I’m aware of what’s in it. The original movie was in three parts, before I go further I’ll describe them . . .
A. one part was an attempt to link conservativism with Christianity and then to repudiate both on some semi-damning evidence about Christianity’s origins – from my knowledge of Christianity’s origins in studying the matter from history classes and several books, I’d say that this 1/3 of the movie is about 90% accurate but about 70% corrupted as far as interpretation. Yes, Christianity has screwed us up at times, but taken to its core . . . its intentions are purely good. Certainly the same could be said of many other religions. One strong point Zeitgeist makes is tying in “fundamentalism” to much of the problems that religions cause, regardless of which religion is being talked about.
B. Another part was an attack on federal reserve banking in the United States and Britain before 1776 across history and on the Fed as it exists right now. Rajjpuut refers you to the book, “The Creature from Jekyll Island” to now say that he’s absolutely convinced that this 1/3 of the Zeitgeist link is not only 100% accurate but, far more importantly, 100% true to the spirit of the Fed’s history. Rajjpuut would say that 97% of today’s worst problems in this country arose with Jekyll Island’s secret meetings that created today's federal reserve system.
C. The third part of the movie is the one Rajjpuut has viewed the most, about seven times. It is certainly the most compelling 1/3 of the movie. At first, though quite skeptical, Rajjpuut was willing to cede the possibility that the movie could have it right . . . that 9/11 could have been an inside job. The evidence presented sounded very strong. Every time viewing, however, the doubts have grown. An incompetent FBI and CIA can explain 99% of the situation quite nicely in Rajjpuut’s view. So 9/11 Truthing is not part of Rajjpuut’s make-up. However, the possibility exists, Rajjpuut does not have the resources to say with 100% certainty the whole thing is a humbug. Besides some difficulty believing certain technicalities and the science behind them, it’s just very hard to believe that the 300 or so persons necessary to pull that monumental crime off could all keep quiet so long. Even the possibility of “just standing aside and letting the Jihadists succeed “with their plan (a huge sin of “omission” rather than an even more monstrous sin of commission) would take too much effort to be believed by too many people . . . and one good American woud have stood up before, during and/or after the event at least.

For a comparison of thinking patterns when faced with the same possible universes (conspiracy? or no conspiracy?) . . . whereas my extensive reading on the Kennedy assasination led me in 1995-6 to the conclusion that the truth was covered-up and a larger conspiracy than Oswald (who well may have been a patsy) existed and involved about a half-dozen people and that VP LBJ (who was to be dropped off the presidential-ticket in 1964 by Kennedy and benefitted most when all the corruption charges aimed at him and Baker and Sol Estes disappeared the day after the assassination; not to mention becoming President of the United States) was at its heart. I’m much more convinced that 9/11 was NOT an inside job than I am that a wider conspiracy exists in Kennedy’s death, say about 90% convinced there. But, I’m a fallible human being . . . and that fact, underlines the tiny 1% 9/11 truther in me and the meager 10% conviction that the Warren Commission got it right about Oswald. Rajjpuut does not have trouble holding these contrary notions of conspiracy-yes and conspiracy-no at the same time.
So, now, in answer to my friend’s claims that by using the Maurice Strong quote from 1990, Rajjpuut left his otherwise excellent blogs open to “conspiracy-theory” charges, let’s revisit the Maurice Strong quote in question:
“. . . What if a small group of . . . world leaders were to conclude that the principal risk to the Earth comes from the actions of the rich countries? In order to save the planet, the group decides: Isn't the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn't it our responsibility to bring this about? . . .”
The quote is valid, you can find it in a 10,000 places on the internet and in the original form which is much, much longer. The context in brief is that Strong was purportedly driving a car while giving an interview to a left-leaning journalist and the quote was later written up in the man’s magazine as part of a fairly long story, the journalist involved recently covered Strong’s tracks by saying “he was discussing a possible novel plot.”
The fuller context is that Maurice Strong (who had written no novels before 1990 and none since) is a Canadian multi-millionaire who’s been politically very active within the United Nations and among environmental groups. Today he is a man who sees himself standing to gain mightily if Cap and Trade legislation passes in the United States, because of his connection to CCX (Chicago Climate eXchange). If you’ve read Michael Crichton’s “State of Fear” than you might recognize the Strong persona clearly delineated as a character among the novel’s many environmental uh, “enthusiasts.” Crichton is the master of the Techno-thriller like “The Andromeda Strain” and “Jurassic Park” and his plot-description has been largely unvarying: technology runs amok and threatens man’s survival. Crichton did an enormous amount of research, starting out believing that global warming was the greatest threat to mankind and the planet and then . . . turning around completely by 2004 when the novel was published. Did Crichton interview Maurice Strong? Read the blog, read the novel and judge for yourself. As for Strong in the complete interview as published, he was referring originally to a yearly convocation of world leaders in business and government and environment attended by perhaps 1,000 persons. He was saying that the tone of the conference would lead virtually anyone to the conclusion that the principal risk to the earth during an upcoming catastrophic environmental collapse comes from the rich countries. Strong was then saying (in this proposed “novel” of his) that the rich countries are approached and asked to change, but of course (due to political consequences) they can NOT or will NOT. And now you have the “small group of world leaders” left to decide to bring about the collapse of the wealthy nations that will save the planet or not . . . gosh, one wonders what they’d choose. In a word, the Strong “novel” is about eco-tage or environmental- sabotage.
Strong has never written a novel, but everything about his life over at least the last twenty-five years suggests the man (who is very much into the occult as well as the environment) believes he is the protagonist in such a novel. He is greatly involved with CCX. And right now only the fact that cap and trade legislation (today given the prettier name “America’s Power Act”) is stalled in the U.S. Senate interrupts Strong’s novel reaching its denoument. If APA passes dozens of persons such as Andrew Stern, Al Gore, Barack Obama, Richard Sandor and Joel Rogers look to become hundred-billionaires; about eight progressive foundations and the AFL-CIO and SEIU unions can expect to prosper; and seven individual Goldman Sachs personalities and the 10% owning Goldman Sachs firm itself will reap the wild wind.
Michael Crichton didn’t start out researching and writing his novel believing their was a conspiracy to destroy much of today’s most civilized economies to the benefit of a power elite. He did not start out believing that global warming was a hoax. Those things arose the deeper and more deeply he looked into the matter. Up till 1998, Rajjpuut had never NOT believed in global warming. Greenhouse gasses and their ceaseless increase and danger were an ordinary unquestioned FACT taught in science classes at U.N.C. Even when slight doubts arose as to the severity of the problem and the absolute certainty of the connection to man’s activities, it wasn’t until he read Crichton’s novel and then saw a History Channel program “Little Ice Age, Big Chill” in early 2006 that his objections were firmed up. Global warming was nonsense. Rajjpuut’s been preaching strongly against the global warming lie ever since. Then last year three things happened first:
. . . first Climate-Gate occurred, as I always knew it must. Time magazine broadcast the story on the internet and I was amazed. Time online saw the story reach it’s “most popular story of the day” within fifteen hours . . .
. . . and then the next thing happened, Joel Klein of Time Magazine** took the article down and made all traces of it disappear from its online website, the story could NOT be found. Rajjpuut was aghast.
And the third thing is that after five months, the story (link above) run even by the ultra-liberal London Times (so now global warming is an Unquestioned hoax in rational European eyes) still has not been printed or broadcast in the United States by the oldest and till recently, most-trusted, sources of news (ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, PBS, CNN). As a result we are within an eyelash of seeing APA pass and ruin our nation . . . that, my friend is why I showed the Maurice strong quote: I believe it underlies an actual conspiracy for wealth, power, and misplaced environmental concern. That quote underscores the greatest act of eco-terrorism ever contemplated and no one has to burn an SUV or drive a spike into a tree to pull it off . . . it’s all “legal.” The fact that the connections to CCX **by Gore, Obama, Strong, Joel Rogers, Richard Sandor, Valerie Jarrett, et al ad nauseum have been known for over five weeks and the mainstream media refuses to acknowledge or investigate them is that last straw on Rajjpuut’s back . . . somebody needs to speak up and it might as well be me. And no, Rajjpuut does not have trouble holding the two contrary ideas of Maurice Strong-conspiracy-yes and Maurice-Strong-conspiracy-no in a 97-3 ratio respectively in his mind . . . somebody's got to deal with uncertainty. This world is not black and white. Why make up your mind? Be strong and honor the possibilities. Who knows unlike the Kennedy assassination and 9/11 we might find out on this one . . . .
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
**the full story of consequences and means can be found at:
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Real American Freedom Becomes Slavery under Obama
according to Net Neutrality Bill
The internet is the last stand for journalistic integrity. While the mainstream media pander to the powers that be and protect the entrenched ones’ butts by refusing to run contrary opinion and by slanting virtually everything aired or printed, the internet allows free exchange of information and ideas. Barack Obama wants to change that immediately: courtesy of a “net-neutrality” law, a “reform” of the internet. The Obama administration has a real talent for oxymoron. For example, everything labeled “reform” by the Obama adminsitration (reform meaning “making things better”) so far has been nothing more than a power grab, for example:
Cap and Trade is NOT environmental reform, you’re just talking about paying for licenses to pollute and a method to transfer wealth. The architects of the cap and trade bill have admitted the earth will NOT become less polluted. No improvement just more government control.
Obamacare is NOT health care reform, but just a massive socialized medicine program designed to put much more of the private sector under government control and transfer wealth. Right now the Obamacare taxes being taken out (while no benefits are being given) are ensuring that the present now 18-month big recession will reverse directions (it was improving) and become a full-scale depression. No improvement, just more apparent reason for the government to intervene.
Immigration reform is NOT about improving the immigration laws but rather about ensuring that huge amounts of ILlegal immigrants (who will theoretically vote Democrat by an 85-15 margin) can become legal citizens as quickly as possible and maintain the Democrats in power for the foreseeable eternity. Why has the Obama administration refused to protect the borders? Because the borders are their only hope for success in 2010 and re-election in 2012 . . . 11.9 million new Democrats potentially. No improving things, just taking advantage of things.
Financial Reform is NOT about fixing anything but just about moving the government into control of everything having to do with our money. The failed concept of "too big to fail" will be institutionalized inside the so-called "reform" bill. We'll have got permanent bailouts in the system. Right now AIG, whom we bailed out is again selling "credit-default swaps" this time on Greece. If Greece goes under . . . AIG goes under again and what then? Meanwhile the government controls more and if AIG goes under again, they show that the "free market failed again" and government needs to save them again. Once again, no improvement just gaming the system to their advantage.
And most recently, the push for a net-neutrality reform bill to oversee the internet is NOT about reforming so that the net stays free . . . it’s already free. It’s about wiping out contrary voices to big government such as Ol’ Rajjpuut here and giving big government more control over every aspect of our daily lives. Along with Cap and Trade legislation, the Obama administration is playing a huge scam upon the American people. Right now the so-called “free press” of the mainstream media is totally loathe to hold this president and this administration’s feet to the fire. Instead they operate as utterly sycophantic “Yes” men to glorify everything Baracky. The biggest single threat to our freedom imaginable is the Cap and Trade bill now before the senate. The bill would be immediately rejected IF IF IF IF the American people were privy to what the European people have seen exposed to them. For example:
It took the ultra-liberal London Times twelve days to do its research and work up the courage to “eat crow” (they had been in the vanguard of praising global-warming activism for many years. So global warming is a sham and a hoax, but here in America, the mainsteam/lamestream media refuses to cover this story and now is refusing to cover the conflict of interest story pointed straight at Al Gore and Barack Obama that will up your cost of living by roughly 67% as soon as Cap and Trade legislation is passed. Crucial to understand: Barack Obama and Gore and their cronies would profit mightily from the creation of the $10 TRillion per year cap and trade “industry.” An industry selling “blue sky nothingness” is really a scam, not an industry. Barack Obama's Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) is designed to not only transfer wealth but especially to enrich their numerous accomplices. For the full details:
When the last vestige of a free press is controlled by Big Brother Barack, America and the free world will die quickly.
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
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Until the American mainstream media comes to its senses and begins acting like journalists again, real investigative stories (like the one linked above from the ultra-liberal London Times) will not appear in ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN newscasts. Truth will NOT be available to Americans from our oldest news outlets. That story is over five months old and required the London Times to eat some very serious crow, for they had been driving the global-warming bandwagon for many years. The actual event took place on November 17, 2009. It took the Times twelve days to research the story before their Environment Editor Jonathan Leake drove a stake into the heart of global-warming with his article entitled “The Great Climate Change Science Scandal” which agreed with the conclusions of the press and neutral scientists around the globe, that the East Anglia Climate Research Unit (CRU) had perpetrated an expensive and elaborate hoax on the world. That story has not been run in the New York. Times yet nor in any other major Liberal newspaper or broadcast company. As we speak, Cap and Trade legislation based upon global warming theory is poised for passage in the United States Senate.
Another story you’ll probably have to pick up first on FOX News or in the London Times is this one . . . our president Barack Obama and our ex-vice president Al Gore are still using that false global warming alarmism to confuse the American public and are guilty of deliberate conflict of interest that will bilk the American economy of $10 TRillion each and every year.
You’d have to read that in Investor’s Business Daily ( of course, not in the mainstream media) or hear it on Fox. The lamestream media is too busy protecting Obama’s butt and worshipping him to actually protect our country.
Here (above) is a brief schematic of the corrupt connections designed to sell America and the free market down the river and scam us all of 40% of every dollar spent in the country from now till hell freezes over . . . .
If and when Cap and Trade legislation passes . . . an enormous fortune will be made by Joel Rogers, the man who owns Obama’s strings, and the brains behind CCX (Chicago Climate eXchange). CCX is a business venture owned by Al Gore and his London partners the fifth largest owners; Barack Obama, Joel Rogers, John Ayers (brother of Weather Underground bomber and Obama ghostwriter Bill Ayers, several Goldman Sachs bigwigs, and 10% owned by Goldman Sachs the investment firm itself; Richard Sandor and surprise, surprise by Fannie Mae (who owns the patent on the methodology) as well as several other key progressive organizations and individuals such as Van Jones, Andy Stern and unions AFLCIO and SEIU.
Sandor, the founder and man in charge of CCX has been videotaped saying that cap and trade will be a $10 TRillion industry. Since all actual U.S. manufacturing production and services (where something is actually produced or a service actually performed) create $15.4 TRillion per year that means that about 40% of all costs associated with anything produced in this country will be associated with Cap and Trade legislation and therefore the final costs after cap and trade costs passed on to American and world consumers will be roughly 67% greater because of the existence of Cap and Trade Laws. For you arithmetically challenged .4/.6 = .6666667
But Sandor is a small potatoes guy . . . the brains of the outfit, the man behind the great green curtain in Obama’s Emerald City Ozville is a communist activist Wisconsin professor named Joel Rogers. He is the man who owns Obama’s strings, a man who says here in this link below that “Capitalism is Monstrous.” He is the creator of the Apollo Alliance (seemingly a progressive money-laundering foundation) which received $80 Million from Obama’s stimulus funds. These progressive foundations (The Joyce Foundation; The Tides Foundation; The Apollo Foundation; the old ACORN; etc. are just a few of a long list of progressive foundations who channel money into other progressive foundations and quite naturally receive money channeled into them by other progressive foundations . . . while big surprise, Barack Obama’s name is found on the board of many of them) received a huge amount of our stimulus money. Joel Rogers is the leader of a cunning collusion for profit and power. But the mainstream media will not cover All-American Joel or his organizations or his connection to Barack Obama or Al Gore or the full corrupt story . . . . when they finally regain their senses and their journalistic spirit, Rajjpuut suggests they start their investigation with CCX. Why? Follow the money!
Being associated with all these progressive foundations with all that loose money floating through them is surely profitable, but only chump change compared to what happens if and when cap and trade becomes a reality. When it first appeared that Cap and Trade legislation which narrowly passed in the house last spring was dead on the senate floor . . . Joel Rogers is the one who prodded Barack Obama to prod the Environmental Protection Agency to issue an edict, a regulation, that would in effect make cap and trade legislation the law of the land and classify carbon emissions as dangerous pollutants and that would make the CCX immediately a going highly-profitable concern and make the individuals mentioned above a fortune for selling, uh . . . blue sky. Free blue sky with the carbon-dioxide in it that plant life needs to grow and produce oxygen for us to breathe would be symbolically exchanged for other free blue sky with a bit less carbon dioxide in it in accordance with the EPA directives and run through the exchange system computers on programs for which the patents are owned by Fannie Mae. Something for nothing, abso-frigging-lutely nothing will never cost so much in the history of the universe and Joel and Obama and Al and Richard Sandor and John Ayers and the Goldman Sachs bunch are the folks who will be taking us to the cleaners while literally selling “licenses to pollute,” according to their own interviews. Makes you proud to be an American, eh?
Actually, Rajjpuut is very proud to be an American and one reason is the existence of Tennessee Representative Marsha Blackburn, his April, 2010 Statesman of the month who took on Al Gore’s lies face to fact (link above). Al can run to his $9 million new mansion in Montecito, California alongside the global-warmed rising seas but he cannot hide from her direct question, “. . . will you in any way, profit personally, from the legislation you’re supporting here today?” Ms. Blackburn and Senator Inhofe are also behind the movement that made the EPA backdown from instituting cap and trade by regulation . . . you see the EPA was violating its own rules because they cannot issue regulations based upon somebody else’s studies but must do the environmental, or in this case the climate, studies themselves. And, of course, the EPA was basing their edict upon the Climate-Gate fraudulent figuring done at CRU in East Anglia, my, my, my. Ms. Blackburn’s got more courage in her pinky fingernail than all the inglorious mainstream media reporters and executives combined.
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
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Item #1:

At a recent press conference answering a question about the Gulf oil spill, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs (who said calmly eighteen days ago, “I doubt this is the first such accident and it won’t be the last”) said ex-FEMA official Michael Brown and Fox News on the Neil Cavuto show had accused the Obama administration of deliberately setting the explosion. Of course, both of Gibb’s statements in their entirety and all of the Cavuto interview with Brown are posted on Fox News and no such encounter happened in the entire 5-6 minute interview. Brown, did however, talk about FEMA’s quick response to Katrina and the Coast Guard’s quick response to the BP explosion and commented that both Bush and Obama were a bit slow to move after sterling local action . . . the truth of all that can be seen if you go to and look over the tape clips. Brown did say, that Obama would definitely use this as an excuse to stop drilling for oil. Gibbs also has talked about “keeping a boot on BP’s throat” just as they want to do to every business in the country. On the other side of the issue in several earlier investigations it appears that sex and drugs and huge campaign donations mark interactions between government and oil companies from time immemorial.

Item #2:

Not only is Chrysler going to be back for another bailout soon . . . but Freddy Mac just today intimated they’ll need more bailout money . . . changing the tune . . . .

Item #3 notice the link above is "green"

The Los Angeles Times and Fox News were the only ones reporting Al Gore’s purchase of a $9 million mansion near Montecito, California linked above with some awesome pictures. Not his main residence, of course, right next to the rising oceans, but just one of his fleet of mansions. You remember when Al Gore was questioned point-blank by Tennessee Representative Marsha Blackburn, “Do you stand to profit in any way from the bill you’re supporting here?” With a straight-face Honest Al said,Every penny that I have made, I have put right into a non-profit deal, Alliance For Climate Protection, to spread awareness of why we have to take on this challenge. And Congresswoman, if your, if, if you believe that the reason I have been working on this issue for 30 years is because of greed, you do not know me.” With a gross net worth of roughly $1 million in 2000 and a fleet of environmentally UNfriendly homes, Al, must be getting big money from somewhere.

Item #4:

Rajjpuut, however, DOES KNOW Honest Al . . . and does know about Al’s and Barack’s little scam called CCX (Chicago Climate Exchange) . . . and does know that the Cap and Trade bill that Gore was supporting would cost ordinary Americans a minimum of $220 Billion every year. More importantly, Al, Barack, Joel Rogers, the illustrious Mr. Sandor, several Goldman Sachs folks, John Ayers, the firm Goldman Sachs in its entirety and Gore’s own London based firm as well as several progressive foundations stand to profit greatly from the “Ten TRillion*** industry” created by cap and trade legislation.

The word “industry” is ill-advised, of course, since the “product” being sold is sheer blue sky . . . that is, literally NOthing is being sold as something and the jovial Joel Rogers is on video-tape saying that the environment would NOT be helped by cap and trade, not a bit. The same Mr. J. Rogers also said on video-tape that IF, by magic they were able to bring the entire U.S. economy to a halt, all power companies, all industry and all transportation -- zero production of pollutants, it would not help clear up the world’s situation very much . . . but that the real purpose of Cap and Trade was wealth redistribution. By the way, Mr. Obama has said several times and been recorded, “. . . under my Cap and Trade system, energy prices would necessarily skyrocket.”

Meanwhile, Joel Rogers, the mastermind, as well as General Electric (owner of the main news media sycophant, NBC, for all wondrous things Barack and green and social justice-correct) and Cisco would be among the huge winners along with the major union players AFLCIO and SEIU and surprisingly Fanny Mae (long story that). Cisco and GE have been pushing Obama’s green-agenda more than anyone else ever since getting in bed with the great man through monstrous campaign donations.

Item #5:

Within twelve days of the November 17, 2009 revelation of scientific hanky-panky, fraud and malpractice at the Climate Research Unit (CRU) at England’s East Anglia University known all over Europe as "Climate-Gate,"even the ultra-liberal London Times raked the climate-alarmists, global-warming extremists and the well-known scientists enabling their lies over the hottest of coals. Of course, five months later, Americans in general are still not broadly aware that they are and have been the subject of a well-manipulated hoax for over fourteen years . . . and who is to blame for all this American ignorance? 'T'is the progressive media which seldom chooses to print stories contrary to the progressive and extremist environmental agenda.

Item #6:

Real patriotism is clearly ostracized by that same media. Any comment against the TEA Party and conservative Americans is broadcast as a matter of course and never or perhaps virtually never is any actual supporting footage or evidence offered. Case in point, NYC Mayor Bloomberg shortly after the discovery of the car-bomb in Times Square said, “it could have been some right-wing extremists who don’t like the new Healthcare law.” Of course, he never apologized and the media never confronted him with updating of his stupid comments when the Pakistani connection was made.

Item #7:

“Feel-better politics” is the game of the day in the wake of the Times Square car bomb incident. We are being repeatedly and frequently told “we thwarted this attack . . .” when talking about the event. NONSENSE! Nothing was “thwarted,” the incompetence of the bomber saved us. The bomb’s “fuse or igniter” went off and failed to ignite and explode the car bomb. At that point, short of some drive-by gangs and random bullets sent into the whole mess, the bomb could NOT have gone off. The fact is simply this: “we got lucky, again.” We got lucky with the underwear bomber also. We did NOT get lucky with the Arkansas Recruiting Office killer; we did NOT get lucky with the Ft. Hood massacre and all four of those incidents should have clearly and obviously been on the radar and weren’t. “We got lucky” is not what Americans need to hear.

Item #8:

Apparently, U. S. government inspectors failed to notice that an “automatic burn system” required by law since 1994 to handle oil spills was not in place at the British Petroleum operation where the three recent horrific leaks took place. The idea was to burn off immediately any oil spills. Eight fire booms were required to be on-site ready to go. Responsible for those firebooms: the U.S. government, your U.S. government. For its part, British Petroleum also received safety exemptions from both the Bush and the Obama administration for faulty issues. Last one April 6, 2009. Get this, eight days after Press Secretary Gibbs characterized the explosion as a ho-hum matter, the U.S. government was searching around the globe for fire booms, even just one, please anyone!

Item #9:

The Greek unions are revolting angrily about that country’s financial debacle. The unions in Greece are all-powerful and shook down the system for benefits and boondoggles that would make even America’s United Auto Workers blush. Unfortunately, the International Monetary Fund and World Bank which are likely to bail out Greece are both significantly funded by, you guessed it, American tax dollars.

Item #10:

A Gay softball league has denied its championship trophy to a winning team because they were “not gay enough.” Apparently, two "straight" players were allowed on any team and the champs had its maximum two straights but also at least one acknowledged bi-sexual also. Supposedly a 25-member gay committee determined that the bi-sexual was NOT gay enough. Makes the old head spin, it does . . . .

Item #11:

As most thinking people know, capitalism has been proven over the centuries to be the most efficient system for improving the lives of any nation’s citizens. Capitalism is based upon a “meritocracy” which aims to raise the broad level of economic benefit across a society . . . enhanced opportunity for all, equal opportunity for all. Socialism is, however, based upon a sort of “misery loves company” EQUALITY by down-leveling those with money to the level of those without it. This inefficient method dramatically destroys the power of free markets to enhance overall economic conditions. Several tapes of progressive politicians acknowledging on video-tape that Obamacare wasn’t ever about health but only about government control for wealth redistribution were recently shown on the Glen Beck show.
Item #12
Our NYC would-be car bomber was on a no-fly list; paid for his ticket with cash; had NO luggage; and looks somewhat Arabic. He still got on the plane and the plane got on the runway, before the FBI pulled him off . . . isn't that comforting?

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


*** Yes, that’s a taped remark by the “guilty” parties. And YES, Mr. Gore and Mr. Obama will profit greatly if Cap and Trade becomes law . . . and their $10 TRillion "industry" is created overnight from out of blue sky. Rajjpuut senses extreme conflict of interest from this corrupt twosome.

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What's a Poor TEA Party to do?

The mainstream media when discussing the TEA Party mostly performs a continuous non-stop conversation using the Obama propaganda-nonsense re-using their progressive-labels, terms like “racists, hate-mongers, astro-turf, stupid, extremists, and violent.” You can hardly hear the term “TEA Party” on the air without one of those nasty six propaganda adjectives attached somewhere in the "news" coverage. Only very rarely does the lamestream media try to talk sense or semi-sense about the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party phenomenon. When they do, they mostly seek comparison with Ross Perot’s bumbling political attempts in 1992 and 1996 or call it “a third-party movement,” or even compare them to Ralph Nader. They could be right, but hopefully NOT. Rajjpuut believes Perot failed miserably and accomplished just exactly the opposite of what he hoped to do. By splitting conservative voters, he ensured dramatically easy victories for the progressives and nothing more . . . a very sad legacy.

The TEA Party has a huge opportunity awaiting and at this stage (things might be dramatically different in 2012, 2014 and 2016) the worst thing that group can try to do right now is to raise a bunch of money, field a slate of candidates and seek to elect them as a political party. That would playing the Ross Perot card and playing it very, very weakly. The fact is, Americans are fed up completely with politics and politicians and political parties. Fiscal-conservatives and Constitutional-conservatives (the largest voter-bloc in the country) are especially fed up with politics, more fed up with politics than any other group in America. Politics-as-usual like Ross Perot tried, is precisely the easiest way to waste this moment in history. This moment in history, if handled rightly can be considered: the TEA Party moment! Never has America needed a more intelligent grass-roots movement than it does right now. So what can be done? What should be done?

To succeed at anything it helps to know who you are, exactly who you are and who you are NOT. The TEA Party movement, at its heart, gives conservative people an outlet, more importantly, it gives them hope that their voices can be heard. Right now that is a very huge role to play; and it is right now the best that they or you and I can expect; and most importantly IF they truly play that role properly, the TEA Party can make a huge difference in America and can accomplish many of the things that conservative people in their hearts most pray for.

To succeed at anything, it also is very important to know just exactly what you’re up against and who are your friends and who are your enemies. That the present progressive-dominated Democratic Party is the enemy of the TEA Party seems fairly obvious. Many folks believe that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Many folks believe the Republican Party is the TEA Party’s friend. Let’s think a little on that. The Republican Party as it was created in 1854 in Ripon, Wisconsin would be precisely the TEA Party’s very best friend. Today the Republican Party of 1854, 1856, 1858 and 1860 would be called “Libertarians,” which means fiscal-conservatives, constitutional conservatives and live-and-let-live liberals so long as you don’t “tread on me.” That was a party that stood for something. That was the Republican Party that freed the slaves. That was the Republican Party that eventually replaced the once proud Whig Party which by 1852 had become an effete party trying to please everyone at once that commanded about 26% of the national vote. Those Whigs were, however, someone we need to understand right now.

The American Whig Party itself arose when the original Republican Party lost its vigor and vision and somebody was needed to oppose the takeover by the executive branch and denigration of the Congress by Andrew Jackson (they called him “King Andrew," the Whigs did) and the Democratic Party. According to Wikipedia: "Whig" was then a widely recognized label of choice for people who saw themselves as opposing autocratic rule. The Whig Party counted among its members such national political luminaries as Daniel Webster, William Henry Harrison, and their pre-eminent leader, Henry Clay of Kentucky. In addition to Harrison, the Whig Party also counted several prominent war heroes and national figures among its ranks, including Generals Zachary Taylor and Winfield Scott and former Lt. Colonel, western explorer and demi-whig California Senator John C. Fremont (the Republicans’ first presidential candidate). Abraham Lincoln was a Whig leader in then frontier Illinois. Except for a few spotty victories here and there, the Republicans who eventually replaced the Whigs were not at all successful until six years later and helped ensure virtually complete control of the country by the Democrats in 1854, 1856 and 1858 which proved to be some of the most volatile and violent years ever and led directly to the Civil War.

So the question remains, is the Republican Party the friend of the TEA Party? And the answer is . . . mostly NOT. Or most properly, NO, NOT yet! If the Republican Party had stuck to its core-philosophies of fiscal-conservativism and constitutional-conservativism over the last twenty years (twelve years under Republican presidents Bush I and Bush II) the nation would NOT now be in the shape it’s in. In fact, by possibly hijacking TEA Party votes en masse without later adhering to TEA Party desires for real meaningful conservativism in 2010 and future years . . . the Republican Party could prove to be as huge an enemy as the progressive Democrats. Right now, as I write this, there are probably eighty to a hundred rather cynical Republican politicos out there, looking at the TEA Party as a “nifty little parade” and planning exactly how they can jump in at the front and lead it.

All that being true, Rajjpuut believes it’s fair to say that the Republican Party has lost legitimacy among fiscal- and constitutional-conservatives. Once burned, twice cautious. The TEA Party would do best to stay independent of the Republican Party and yet NOT stand in direct opposition to it, the Republicans are, after all, the only ones opposing the Obamanations now going in Congress. That Republican opposition has been crucial and the Republicans share many conservative values at least nominally . . . .

It would be a hopelessly stupid mistake to run candidates against Republicans in 2010, because it would ensure progressive Democratic victory and more Obamanations. The TEA Party needs to show it’s hand clearly as opposed to the progressive elements of the Democratic Party which dominated the senate debate and most of the house debate. And the TEA Party needs to show itself as opposed to at least 90% of the Obama administration’s “transformations.” So far great things have been achieved by simply holding candidates’ feet to the conservative fire. Is that a perpetually winning formula? What’s to be done? What is the wisest course for the TEA Party? What’s best for America?

The secret for the TEA Party lies in knowing who they are. The TEA Party is a leveraged group of disenchanted conservatives (about 52% call themselves Republicans; 29% say they’re Independents and 19% call themselves Democrats) who are discovering their political voices. The two key words are the term “leveraged” and the term “disenchanted.” Let’s talk plain English here: leveraged means “potentially powerful.” Disenchanted means “fed up completely.” The TEA Party then is a potentially powerful group completely fed up with the political scene in Washington, D.C. and most of their state capitols.

Rajjpuut repeats . . . the TEA Party then is a potentially powerful group completely fed up with the political scene in Washington, D.C. and most of their state capitols. That is the truth and the truth can set you free. So what is the political reality right now?

Democrats according to a recent Rasmussen survey constitute 36.0% of the voting populace and Republicans 31.6%. That leaves 33.4% of potential voters unaffiliated with either party. There are more unaffiliated voters than Republicans and almost as many as the number of Democrats. Many of those unaffiliated voters are sympathetic to what the TEA Party movement stands for; many of them call themselves Independents . . . and as we’ve seen the make-up of the TEA Party is roughly 50% conservative Republicans, 30% conservative Independents and 20% conservative Democrats and virtually all of them are completely fed up and before the TEA Party came along, they were feeling pretty damn powerLESS. But it’s easy to see that if the TEA Party holds the politicians of both parties’ feet to the fire . . . they and “unaffiliated” groups actually control the political process because neither major party holds anywhere near a majority of the voting public's allegiance. It’s just a matter of proper leadership and wisely plotting the course of the groups’ activism and quite frankly, it doesn’t appear to Rajjpuut to be a necessarily expensive process. More on this later . . . .

For the most part, the TEA Party sympathizers belong to a group of people that Rasmussen calls “mainstream America.” The group of people that are largely responsible for frustrating mainstream America Rasmussen identifies as “the Political Class” How does Rasmussen delineate the two groups? Glad you asked . . . .

Rasmussen said in his January 31st survey that 65% of potential voters hold Mainstream views while only 4% hold Political Class views. When “leaners” are factored in 76% of Americans hold Mainstream views and only 12% hold Political Class views. Specifically, polling showed 76% of voters generally trust the American people more than political leaders on important national issues. Seventy-one percent (71%) view the federal government as a special interest group looking out mainly for itself, and 70% believe that the government and big business typically work together in ways that hurt consumers and investors. On each question, a majority of Republicans, and Democrats and unaffiliated voters shared those views. Rasmussen’s results would agree with Rajjpuut’s thinking that the Political Class believes that the politicians know what’s best for America and they are the experts and should be left alone to run the country.

Politicians and folks with government jobs, especially those cushy government jobs tend to belong the Political Class. In Rajjpuut’s memory the highest that Mainstream has ever surveyed is right now and the lowest that the Political Class has evered surveyed is right now. The lowest Mainstream numbers he ever remembers were around 49% and the highest political class numbers were roughly 26% or 27%. The lesson to be learned from this? There’s a lot of disenchantment out there and that disenchantment, if properly channeled is a potentially powerful force . . . a force for positive change.Let’s look specifically at why Mainstream voters are so fed up. Recent top gripes include these taken from the mouth of a mythical typical voter:

1. Politicians throwing money around in hopes of curing problems they created by spending money unwisely in the first place. Since unfunded obligations now have reached $108 TRillion, I’m highly upset.

2. Big company CEOs flying private jets and collecting big salaries while receiving billions of dollars of our bailout money.

3. Government telling us we must give up our freedoms and privacy if we ever want to be secure.

4. Politicians trying to control every aspect of our lives for their own benefit has got me boiling mad.

5. Politicians spending our children’s and grandchildren’s money to fund “set aside” programs that they refused to set aside funds for.

6. The mainstream media aligning itself with the political class virtually 100% of the time.

7. Angry citizens with legitimate gripes being labelled racists, extremists and dangerous violent by the Obama administration and the mainstream media.

8. Everything about the Federal Reserve Banking system and how it helped bring us to this fiscal sinkhole we’re in is totally aggravating to me. Now I understand my dollar is likely to be worth seven cents in about five years.

9. Government refusing to protect our borders.

10. Stimulus money spent without our approval.

11. Stimulus money not creating jobs but just being looted.

12. GM using a bailout slush fund of our money to “pay off its debt five years in advance when it only had one profitable quarter.

13. Chrysler now needing another bailout, their third, since I know good friends who’ve lost homes, cars and hope, I find this infuriating.

14. Some being called “too big to fail” being rewarded for their failure while the ordinary citizen who through no fault of his own has to fear losing his job is just taxed more to cover the bailouts.

15. Politicians, especially the Obama administration abusing the Constitution or using it like toilet paper.

16. Greater taxes and greater spending instead of really stimulating the economy by reducing government spending and slashing of taxes.

17. Government abusing the word “reform” when they only mean “greater government control.” REFORM means “making things better” and that’s not happening with the clowns now in office making our decisions. It’s enough to make you want to vote every one of the bums out of office.

18. Major legislation being passed by the slimmest possible vote margins instead of with 90% approval and both parties involved in crafting wise laws.

19. Having the largest (Baaken Fields) oil reserve in the world within our borders and paying an arm and a leg at the gas pump.

20. Knowing that in Europe (where their media even the ultra-liberal London Times keeps them informed) public opinion has now roundly rejected the notion of “global warming” in the face of the Climate-Gate revelations of scientific mal-practice and corruption of statiscal evidence and yet being faced with cap and trade legislation that will cost a minimum of $220 billion per year. Our media hasn't even run stories on Climate-Gate.

21. Seeing irrigation stopped in California and vegetable prices rise so that the EPA can protect a three-inch long fish. Let the EPA figure a cheap way to keep the fish safe and let farmers irrigate. 40% unemployment in parts of Fresno County is ridiculous! Have politicians NO common sense? I find it mind-boggling.

22. Seeing our tax money go to increase the size and complexity and interference-capability of the federal government when it should be going to increasing the number of jobs the private sector can create.

23. Hearing that a VAT (valued added tax) is about 85% likely after November’s elections on top of increased taxes for 2011 created by letting the Bush tax breaks expire and on top of horrendous income taxes.

24. Seeing that our president is 100% convinced he and only he knows best for us, and whatever thoughts we have about what an American government ought to look like and how it ought to be functioning are totally ignored.

25. Seeing that every day America, and everything good and strong and great about it, is being threatened by “transformation” that is becoming more and more of a nightmare. A big part of that nightmare is that our teachers are seemingly teaching that America is evil and needs to be drastically changed. Since those drastic changes include teaching first graders about homosexuality, trans-gender operations, and cross-dressing . . . I’m highly upset.

26. Seeing that the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX with Gore and Obama and Goldman Sachs as prominent players) stands to make, by their own admission, "Ten TRillion dollars selling and producing nothing, but just for handling cap and trade dealings in this country when I know that global-warming is NOT true and cap and trade is not needed just infuriates me. That's a severe conflict of interest for both men and yet the mainstream media won't publicize it.

The list above includes many of the problems that conservative, good and patriotic people are trying to cure when they become politically active by joining or sympathizing with the TEA Party. What can they do but gripe? Does anyone listen?

Politicians really DO tend to listen, especially when it’s nearing election day. Let’s look at the legacy of the TEA Party influence so far. Four elections*** with three resounding victories and one almost-miracle so far. In other words, the TEA Party activism is bringing about change and it’s not even involving huge expense. So why would, should the TEA Party people change a winning formula? They shouldn't. They're doing more to help the country with minimal expense and without becoming a vote-seeking political party then either of the two major parties combined-- don't change a winner!

The TEA Party also has a tremendous new tool at its disposal and to Rajjpuut’s knowledge it has NOT used it so far, more's the pity:

The TEA Party created this wonderful instrument the “Contract from America” and it’s not using it at all: huge mistake!

The ten items (voted on by sympathizers from the original twenty-one TEA Party concerns) in the Contract from America are perhaps the wisest set of values identified by any political group since the Magna Carta. In brief form, here they are:

And the top ten are…

1.Protect the Constitution

2. Reject Cap & Trade

3. Demand a Balanced Budget

4. Enact Fundamental Tax Reform

5. Restore Fiscal Responsibility & Constitutionally Limited Government in Washington

6. End Runaway Government Spending

7. Defund, Repeal, & Replace Government-run Health Care

8. Pass an ‘All-of-the-Above” Energy Policy

9. Stop the Pork

10. Stop the Tax Hikes

The TEA Party created this wonderful instrument and it’s really done nothing with it. The whole nation needs to educated as to what the TEA Party stands for, and not this brief listing above but rather a full and complete picture. For example, 71% of supporters regarded the #1 item on the list “Protect the Constitution” as important enough to be in their top ten from among the twenty-one items voted upon . . . but “Protect the Constitution is too vague. Their original document which Rajjpuut was NOT able to find, (How smart is that, TEA Party?) required every bill proposed in congress to reference the Constitution of the United States and to cite the provisions of the Constitution that allowed the bill to be considered.

So what’s a poor TEA Party to do?

A. Continue with the winning formula of educating and attracting more members compatible with the three main concerns: constitutionally-based government that’s fiscally-conservative, open^^^, transparent and accountable; and that represents the minimum government necessary to work for the people.

B. Practice high standards and non-violence at all times no matter what.

C. Continue holding the feet of all politicians of every political party and the independents too, very close to the fire. Evaluate all of 'em against the ten planks of the "Contract from America."That is the winning formula. Look for those who espouse and practice conservative minimalist government; and, if they don’t keep their word, kick them out next time and elect someone who respects the Contract from America who will keep their word.

D. EDUCATE! EDUCATE! EDUCATE! EDUCATE! EDUCATE! Imagine how much better America would be today if over the last twenty years Americans were educated and truly aware of what was going on in Washington. Imagine how much better Americans will be in 2020, IF 67% of Americans this year learn the ten TEA Party tenets in the Contract from America and 55% of Americans decide that those ten tenets are important.

E. Love America, read about America and study what America is really about and pass that on to your children and grandchildren.

F. By the way, by at least 2016, we should consider making congress a part-time entity, say 160 days every other year. We don’t need politicians and lawmakers, we need to elect statesmen and stateswomen who tinker with the people and the capitalist system the least and spend no more than necessary. Human nature being what it is, lawmakers tend to make laws whether they're needed or desirable or wanted or not, limit the possible mischief by limiting the time available for making laws.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


*** That is, two big wins in New Jersey and Virginia; and a really huge win in Massachusetts and helping an unfunded conservative oust the ultra-progressive Republican funded with $1 million of Republican money from an upstate New York race and almost defeat the semi-conservative Democratic candidate in the election.

^^^ Open means that perhaps 85% of what the congress does is NOT done behind close doors and both parties and the media are invited.

^^^ Transparent means that bills are clear, simple, short and easily understood and placed online for all voters to read-over 96-120 hours before the first procedural voting begins. Amendments (earmarks) not having anything to do with the fundamental purpose of the bill need to reference the constitution or better yet, be cut altogether from all the bill.

^^^ Accountable means that congressmen and the president honor our established processes; and the constitution; and the will of the voters and are willing to discuss these and the entirety of the bills they're voting on with the media and the people and to ensure that they do NOT personally profit in any way from the bill they're supporting.

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Government "CRIME INC." ?

Glenn, bold and brave, opens huge can of worms, corruption and crime in government. Just heard Investment Daily is picking up on this major news story.

Must see video: Crime Inc.:

Crime Inc.

April 30, 2010 - 1:04 ET

Watch "Glenn Beck" weekdays at 5 p.m. ET on Fox News Channel

On Monday, we gave you a story and explained that you can't have financial regulation done by the crooks and thieves we currently have in Washington, D.C. The best way I can explain it is with George Clooney.

Do you remember the movie "Oceans 11"? They go in and rob the casino and Andy Garcia's character calls the police. But he wasn't really calling the police. When the cops arrived, it was George Clooney's team of crooks dressed up as cops. They rigged the phone lines and the real cops had no clue. Garcia actually called the m>robbers to come and help stop the crime they were committing.

So we're Andy Garcia on the day of the robbery: We call the police and these are the robbers.

This is what's happening; the only difference is there are trillions dollars at stake.

It's been 17 months since the financial scandal that resulted in entire life-savings being wiped out. No one's been arrested. And now Goldman Sachs is being painted as the bad guy. There are plenty of bad guys to go around. This question led us to show you what has turned out to be a wormhole of bad guys: the Chicago Climate Exchange.

Here's a quick review of what we've covered so far, to get you up to speed:

Cap-and-trade — what is it? It's the trading of puffs of air. Company A pollutes more than Company B. Company A must pay a fine, which is transferred to Company B, who earns a credit. The companies continue to pollute the exact same way, it just costs Company A more and Company B gets rewarded.

If I am going to build this into an industry, I need a to-do list:

First we have to put together a carbon exchange:

While Obama was on the Joyce Foundation board, the group steered $1.1 million in grants instrumental in developing and launching the privately owned Chicago Climate Exchange.

Now we need investors:

Al Gore's company — Generation Investment Management — is the fifth largest shareholder in the Chicago Climate Exchange. Gore's company has several former Goldman employees on the roster.

Then Goldman Sachs steps to the plate and buys 10 percent of the combined company.

Next we need the technology:

Fannie Mae, under the leadership of the Franklin Raines, purchases patent on system to trade residential carbon credits that was described as "how carbon and other pollutants yet to be determined" would be "combined into a single emissions pool" and traded — just as Fannie's toxic portfolio of subprime mortgages were. It appears Raines wasn't content with destroying only the housing market.

So you have the same crooked people who have contributed to the financial meltdown — Goldman, Fannie, socialists and out and out crooks — actually trying to "fix" the economy and the environment and, oh boy, believe me the fix is in.

Now we need the law:

Well, the law is cap-and-trade. Remember when cap-and-trade was supposed to happen right after health care? Well, immigration has Congress' attention now, so let's skip ahead to:

The cover:

Al Gore has been pushing cap-and-trade for quite some time. Obama has been pushing it as well. Many on the progressive left want it. Why? If it's about the environment, cap-and-trade is a proven failure. It's been tried it in Europe: failure. Now, a voluntary system — the Chicago Climate Exchange — is tanking. Why? Because you can't get people to voluntarily buy air, when there's plenty of air to go around. It's scam. It's like being at the beach and selling people a bucket of saltwater. I'm three steps away from the ocean — it's free.

The entire green movement can't stand on its own two feet and the only time anything green ever gets money is when it comes from government. Even some of the top scientists who believe in global warming say this won't do anything to stop companies from polluting. They'll just be paying a little more for it and companies like Enron were scheming to make money off of it — they even lobbied for cap-and-trade.

Some of the eco groups don't even do what they promise. The Vatican found this out when they became "carbon neutral," but not one tree was planted in Hungary's so-called "Vatican forest" for offsets. Who scams the pope? You want to know about warming? I got "eternal warming" for you.

SoSo the question is: Why is it still being pushed? The redistribution of wealth and to enrich the corrupt.

We did a little digging and followed the money and the answers tell a familiar story. And before we get going on this, I just want to warn you: If there's one thing I'm learning about progressives, they really like creating groups. They've got tons of them and it seems they just pass the money from one to the next. It's almost like money laundering. It's why health care can pass: You don't know what the hell anyone is talking about and everyone always sounds so happy. Words and names of groups mean nothing. Unfortunately for them, people's faces still matter. We know them by reputation.

— Watch "Glenn Beck" weekdays at 5 p.m. ET on Fox News Channel

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Liberal Mainstream Media Refuses

to Cover Obama Interest Conflict

With each new discovery the Obama corruption you read about in Rajjpuut’s recent blog: “Bend Over America, Here Comes Your Re-Raping,” keeps getting bigger and bigger and more and more comes to resemble a massive mafia money-laundering scheme . . . if you didn’t see the blog, it’s linked here:,_america,_here_comes_your_re-raping.thtml

Much as the liberal media decided in late November, 2009, that so long as they refused to print the truth behind the huge Climate-Gate data falsification at East Anglia University’s Climate Research Unit (CRU) or to investigate further the connection between Al Gore and his London-based cronies and CRU . . . the problem just didn’t exist . . . the very same see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, print no evil and broadcast no evil policy is in effect as Barack Obama and his cronies have plotted the greatest interest-conflict crime in human history and the liberal media is again deciding NOT to cover the story. However, there’s still hope, perhaps Gore and Obama will bring Rajjpuut to court in a libel suit, NO? Unfortunately, NO! Factual reporting that’s true to the spirit of the matter being covered is not libel, damnation . . . .

Barack Obama and his socialist cronies (like Al Gore, John Ayers, Franklin Raines, Joel Rogers., numerous Goldman Sachs officials, the sly Mr. Sandor, the Joyce Federation folks, Enterprise Community Partners people, CCX** guys and the Emerald Cities Collaborative, The Tide Foundation and the Fannie Mae junta) have been tied together in a conspiracy to create cap and trade legislation that will bring their group $10 TRillion in government monies . . . but for some unknown(?) reason, the mainstream media as always refuses to cover stories that reflect ill upon the Emaculate Obama Persona. The Cap and Trade group has created a scam so impressive that the only way to describe it is as a direct pipeline into your wallet and mine potentially till the end of time. By the way Rajjpuut's knowledge of the virtual money-laundering for progressives interested in scamming the country via Cap and Trade has now expanded to include the three new group's in green font in this paragraph and, of course, the old ACORN association as well as Van Jones is also tied to Mr. Obama and all these people also . . . incredible!

The Libel laws of the United States mean that the dirty scum involved could sue me within an inch of my life if my facts were seriously flawed . . . but somehow I think there’s a ten times better chance they’d bump me off then they’d risk taking me to court. Of course, the person they really hate is Fox New’s Glen Beck because Glen’s making the rest of the internet investigators out here look like a lazy bunch of pikers. Instead they're hoping to provoke violence by the peaceful TEA Partiers or other such reaction that they believe could shift the political climate in their favor . . . .

Bottom line: the persons and groups mentioned have $10 TRillion at risk right now. Cap and Trade legislation which they expected to pass by now would funnel all the country’s businesses through their Chicago Climate eXchange and rob the productive part of America of the ten trillion dollars mentioned and pass it along to the unproductive side while bringing the corrupt folks mentioned an unending stream of huge “climate-exchange” commissions on through eternity: it’s so beautiful to be a communist in the 21st Century. How do they hope to change the political climate to get their evil bill passed? Easy . . . .

They’re playing the race game for all it’s worth, hoping eventually to use amnesty to give themselves 13 to 14 million new voters about 95% Democrats, they believe. The first step was to play ugly with Arizona’s efforts to stem the tide of drugs, weapons, kidnappings, human-trafficking and other criminal problems by passing a law to do what Obama’s feds refuse to do: protect the U.S. border in Arizona. They’re trying to excite Hispanics to believe that Republicans are out to get at them and deny them their civil rights by some sort of police-state mentality. They’ve even taken to trying to make Puerto Rico a state . . . in his ignorance, Mr. Obama knows nothing of Puerto Rico’s politics. The island will never adopt statehood voted upon them by the U.S. Federal government . . . we’re talking about a very cantankerous and proud group those Puerto Ricans. Roughly every five or six years throughout the Island’s history they’ve debated the question of seeking American statehood. The breakdown every time is roughly the same: 1/3 of the Island favors U.S. statehood; 1/3 wants to become totally free of the U.S. and about 1/3 of them prefer that the status quo remain in place. By the nature of things, the “grupo estatus quo” always wins. Mr. Obama is not going to railroad them for his nefarious purposes, what does he think Puerto Rico is? Democratic law makers?

No . . . Puerto Ricans are good folks not Progressive (“feeling the need to “progress” way beyond the Constitution”) scum who spit on the Constitution with every breath. Please, please sue me, Mr. Obama!

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,

** Chicago Climate eXchange is designed to be the permanent cash cow for progressives by selling, or rather exchanging pure blue sky in an amazing scam that will bring the country to its knees.
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