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What Would Jesus Really Do?????


                        I find it very interesting how people view Jesus today.  I am not a bible scholar and cannot quote more than just a few very common scripture verses, but is being able to quote chapter and verse from the Holy Bible really that important?  Knowing what the Bible says is important.  Living by Scripture, especially by the New Testament things taught by Jesus and his Apostles are important, but I find a lot of people who are so quote-crazy they don’t really seem to know much about what they are quoting.

For instance, Jesus is portrayed in most churches that I know of, and by every Christian I know as pious, benevolent, quiet, and soft spoken.  I don’t see him that way at all, at least not all the time.  As a matter of fact I think of Jesus as quite forceful, and a pain in the butt to the bureaucracy of his time; and to the “progressives” who now control our nation.  I see a side of Jesus that is often more like a drill sergeant in the Army. 

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Obama, Gore, Joel Rogers Killing U.S.


Up to 90% of the European cap and trade is a fraud according to Europol, the European criminal intelligence agency. "The European Union Emission Trading System has been the victim of fraudulent traders in the past 18 months," said the investigative agency in a statement. "This resulted in losses of approximately five billion euros for several national tax revenues." The agency, based in The Hague, added that it estimated "in some countries, up to 90 percent of the whole market volume was caused by fraudulent activities." Europol officials aired these conclusions after a raid six months ago.


31,000 American scientists have signed a petition denying the legitimacy of global-warming as real science. Over 9,000 of these scientists hold Ph.D.s. Cap and Trade is intended to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.


Mr. Obama admitted to the San Francisco Chronicle his policies will “bankrupt the coal industry.”


Global warming has been proven to be a hoax. Even the ultra-liberal London Times, long-time champion of man-caused global warming has run scathing stories about the fraudulent science being done by the East Anglia University Climate Research Unit (CRU) upon which global-warming theory was based.


It would mean the end of the American Republic. It would mean the end of free-market capitalism. It would mean the end of the best and freest society the world has ever known. The book, Obama’s first autobiography “Dreams from My Father,” Obama’s first autobiography that the media refused to read and investigate tells us what the end product he is seeking will look like. Here are the words of father (Barak, without a ‘c’ Senior) and son . . . notice the reference to the advisibility and benefits of “100% taxes” and the old man’s reverence for “scientific socialism - iter alia - communism.”


Mr. Obama has admitted “the price of electricity will necessarily skyrocket” under his cap and trade policies.


Even discounting inflation already underway, Cap and Trade when fully implemented will raise the cost of all American goods and services 67%. CCX (more below) President Richard Sandor admitted that Cap and Trade was a “$10 TRillion industry” (not mentioning its an industry that produces no goods and services but just “taxes” those who do). Slapping a $10 TRillion industry on top of a $15 TRillion economy means that costs will rise and produce a $25 TRillion economy without one single more product or service produced . . . thus prices will rise by 67% on average.


Phil Jones, director of CRU, at the center of the global-warming hoax, besides saying he “considered killing himself” when news of the hoax came out admitted they had deliberately thrown away data so that no other scientists could “replicate their research” or discover and prove their fraud.


Mr. Obama, Al Gore, Joel Rogers, Richard Sandor and about fifteen to twenty more of their progressive/marxist intimates and ten different progressive foundations have set up the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) which will make most of them multi-billionaires, billionaires and multi-millionaires at least . . . they have, in short an incredible conflict of interest in pushing this bill. click on the “CCX scandal” pages 1-4


The leader of this conspiracy, Canadian billionaire (ex-U.N. bigwig and environmental kook) Maurice Strong, exposed the group’s purpose in 1990 when he wrote,

“. . . what if a small group of . . . world leaders were to conclude that the principal risk to the Earth comes from the actions of the rich countries? In order to save the planet, the group decides: Isn't the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn't it our responsibility to bring this about? . . .”

Strong has said he was discussing the plot of a novel he was going to write. Well Michael Chricton (of “Jurassic Park,” “Andromeda Strain” and a dozen other “technology-run-amuck” techno-thrillers set out to write the same novel. Only difference, when Crichton (who is a research junkie) was done studying the matter he had written a novel about a conspiracy to dominate the world based upon fraudulent global warming data, fraudulently manipulated which the Climate-Gate Scandal has shown to actually be the case . . . . His 2005 novel “State of Fear” is actually an expose of the global-warming hoax and several characters resembling Strong, Joel Rogers, Al Gore, Richard Sandor and Barack Obama play major roles in the novel.


Joel Rogers, the mastermind of the nuts and bolts (Creator of the Apollo Alliance and “the New Green Deal”) behind the whole conspiracy and the CCX rip-off has admitted that even if we brought the entire American economy to the level of 1900, the effect on global temperatures would be minimal (0.2 degrees) by 2100 and their stated aim of bringing the world’s carbon emissions back to 1980 level is impossible but that the whole thing is actually a power grab.

And now the top #1 Reason to Reject Obama’s Cap and Trade bill:


Obama has threatened to create five million green-tech jobs. Spain, which about 13-14 years ago was the #1 booming economy in the European Union with only 3% unemployment did a study of what went wrong with their green-initiative. Today Spain has 21% unemployment and the worst economy in Europe except for Greece; many companies have left Spain. video is a year old, made when Spanish unemployment stood at 17.8%

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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Imagine this nightmare: you, is that you? Well a corpse resembling you is lying in a pool of its own blackened blood. Sixty-seven gaping wounds bear mute testimony to the evil that has just happened. Close friends fearing for their very lives have wisely stayed away, but acquaintances and the curious have come from all over to witness the undeniable evidence of a horror they can’t bring themselves to believe has just occurred and to satisfy themselves, “yes, yes, it’s true.”

A man speaks over the corpse telling the nation and the world that the deceased, like Julius Caesar, who met a similar fate on March 15th 2054 years ago, that the dearly departed was “ambitious” and to save the planet, had to die. It was a horrible thing to have to do, but it had to be done. It HAD to be done. He did it for them. Not only for them, but for every soul on EARTH! They have all been saved.

The words and the delivery are eloquent, soothing, HELPFUL. Soon the fear and anger that was in people’s faces disappear, they nod their heads in unison with his, he did it for us. He did it for us. We are saved. He did it for us.

That’s the plan. And it all makes perfect sense, of course.

Barack Obama, the orator over the murdered corpse, has put all his chips on the table. He is betting you and everyone else are way too stupid and too utterly unwilling to leave the comfort of your sit-com to even contemplate the truth that he’s got planned for all of us. Coming to a theater of the absurd near you, the end of the American way of life . . . the end of civilization as you know it. Tragically, it’s NOT a Hollywood production. “Mainstream Media Productions" under the benighted direction of our own congress and president are right now bringing that movie to life, your real life . . . you don’t want to learn about that now, do you? “It’s just too troubling, I don’t want to hear it,” you say, grabbing the remote and turning to “reality” TV and a bowl of potato chips to escape these words and Obama’s truth spoken over that now unloved bloody corpse . . . well, run away, run away.

It can not be said more earnestly or more accurately than this -- the U.S. Senate is now poised to plunge the dagger of environmental extremism into capitalism’s heart. And you are not alone . . . no one wants to hear it, Rajjpuut really doesn’t even want to say it. This is evil on a scale almost impossible to imagine and Americans including the progressive Democrats bewitched by the brew cooked up by Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama are themselves refusing to actually understand what they are on the verge of doing. The nightmare is so gruesome and troubling they had to change its name from “Cap and Trade” to “America’s Power Act” to sell it to themselves. How can America be forced to stare into the beast’s soul so that they immediately shake themselves awake and end the nightmare? Barack Obama is betting it can’t be done . . . that you are unwilling to do it.

The script for our little horror movie was written by a man named Maurice Strong, a Canadian multimillionaire who’s spent much of his life wrapped up in environmental causes and working for the United Nations. He is the man who chaired the first “Real Earth Summit” and believes firmly in the lies he has been propagating for two dozen years. The script is brief, here in his own words:

“What if a small group of . . . world leaders were to conclude that the principal risk to the Earth comes from the actions of the rich countries? In order to save the planet, the group decides: ‘Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring this about?’”

Unspoken is the fact that the neighboring United States is the chief offender. His own Canada is no small offender either, but the United States is the #1 boogie man. The chief risk to the planet’s survival according to Maurice Strong, Al Gore, Barack Obama and their cronies is the United States of America as we know it followed by all the industrialized nations. Your dreams and ambitions are the problem and your civilization must be killed. You now know “What? and “Why?” and “Where?” the “Who?” is American Civilization and “When?” is during the upcoming senate voting on “America’s Power Act.” There’s only one question left, “How?”


At the risk of spoiling the “movie” for you let’s show a scene from near the ending, in the link above. The thirty-eight year old lie called “global warming” has been shown to be an absolute hoax. “Who says so?” The ultra-liberal London Times says so. They’re talking about the scandal that took place a stone’s throw from them at the East Anglia University “Climate Research Unit” where for over fifteen years facts have been deliberately fudged; science has been corrupted to produce a desired conclusion (the earth is warming dramatically); dissenting voices have been ridiculed and purged; the United Nations has been influenced; Al Gore has been made a hero; and you have been lied to. The London Times is so liberal that they had been running well in the vanguard for global warming for over a decade and a half. It took them twelve days after the story broke with the thousands of leaked e-mails for the London Times to research it and then eating crow to publish the story above and half a dozen other stories in a brief span. The Times was the last major European paper to publish the story. In the United States the story was broken about ten days before the London Times article above by

which is our well-known Time magazine’s online version. Good, good we’re on the ball . . . or are we?

The story immediately became the number one most popular story that Time ran that day and then became the top story on the internet after about fourteen hours. Rajjpuut, thinking there was, after all, hope for America "with this nonsense behind us" read the article carefully three times. And blogged and spread the word. It was an amazing time . . . .

And then a strange thing happened. Before its fifteenth hour online, Time’s top executives killed the story. They not only removed the story from their headline grouping . . . they made the story disappear altogether. It never happened. If interested people had not copied screen shots, even Time’s pulling of the story would NOT have been documented . . . like some unimaginable dream scenario from the book “1984” history was being changed, UNWRITTEN right before our eyes. In the five months since that removal of that headline story, not one major American mainstream media has run the story. Not ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, PBS, CNN or the big three’s cable news’ stations -- none of them have run the story. If you want to find information about the Climate-Gate global warming hoax, the story involved, you have to resort to the internet, European sources or Fox News. While Europe is dealing comfortably with the fact that global warming is a hoax, the United States has been deliberately left in the dark. That “chopping of scenes” and leaving them NOT on the cutting-room floor but immediately burning them up at 20,000 degrees by the mainstream media in America is a key part of the “How?” involved in Maurice Strong’s production. Unlike the London Times, the American media will not eat crow and run the truth about Climate-Gate. They will not even use the time necessary to investigate the story. They have jumped in bed with Barack Obama and Al Gore and refuse to run anything about them or their “causes” that will discredit them. Those fourteen first hour when Time online broke the story for Americans was an amazing time . . . for Rajjpuut it answered the question what happens if a tree falls in a forest, but no one is allowed to hear it, is there a sound made? But no roasting for the mainstream media, theirs is an easy lot. More important is the question, how did this sad state of affairs all come about?

Pre-production preparations have been going on for more than forty-three years. The chief plot motivator in Maurice’s eyes and in the minds of tens of thousands of like-minded environmental enthusiasts was the “FACT” that there were way too many people on earth taxing the planet’s resources mightily. This was a fact, NOT an opinion and anybody who differed was an idiot and deserving of scorn and ridicule. Anybody could see that and buy into it, right? That was the truth going around in the late 60’s when the counter-culture not only took anti-Viet Nam War ideas to heart but also environmentalism, even if they didn’t understand science and scientific methods very well.

The opening scene was publication of an innocent-looking little book several years earlier called “Silent Spring.” No actual science was done during the writing of the book by Ms. Carlson. Not one of the numerous hypotheses in the book stated as incontrovertible FACT . . . NOT ONE was anything close to true. Agains specious opinion was treated as FACT. There is not one documented human death from DDT; no evidence that birds’ eggshells actual DID or DO get thinner and more fragile; no evidence of harm to any life but that of the mosquito. No evidence of cancer or genetic mutation in mammals, reptiles, amphibians or fish. No problems at all, except for mosquitoes . . . or for those Africans and other tropical-dwellers who deliberately applied it directly to their own skins and to the inside and outsides of their homes: the lice and fleas that died as well as the mosquitoes.

No matter, the United Nations and the world bought the big lie hook, line and sinker. In a very brief time the strongest and least harmful pesticide the world has ever known, DDT, was banned. Since then roughly sixty million people have died unnecessarily because of malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases. Let's look at just one disease, malaria, where worldwide-deaths were cut to a bit more than 40,000 in 1970 . . . today almost two million die from malaria every year. Besides those deaths an estimated 25 million people suffer from the unending “third-day” sweats and agony associated with malaria. Of course, yellow fever and a host of other diseases each brings their own nightmares. Nevertheless, the radical green element and many just plain common folk never ever being made aware of those deaths or of the truth, were absolutely thrilled by DDT’s banning.

Once it was proved that great amounts of people would buy into pseudo-science and that even greater amounts of people just couldn’t be bothered the film preparations began in earnest. John Holdren (Obama’s “Science Czar”) and numerous like-minded folk, a few of them scientists, postulated a coming threat of massive proportions: an onrushing new ICE AGE brought about by man’s tinkering with the planet’s ecosystem. Time magazine actually ran the story on the front cover of its magazine. Ooops, about six years later we were informed, no-no, actually something else (greenhouse gasses) was the bigger problem and, indeed a huge, problem that would eventually sear the planet into lifelessness.

It was about this time that Maurice Strong and his multi-millions came on the scene as producer for the nightmare. He immediately could see that he needed a strong cameraman and charismatic director. Within a dozen years the latter, Al Gore, and within a half-dozen later the former, Barack Obama, came upon the scene to help him. Of course, the people at work on the production need to all be amply rewarded. To ensure that happening they created CCX, the Chicago Climate eXchange which has been in place for nine years now and which will only spring into action and become profitable when America’s Power Act becomes law. When that happens, within one year after the new law goes into effect all the people involved will become hundred-millionaires or billionaires but not from the grateful planet they’ve saved, but rather from their commissions (via something called CCX co-incidentally) on outright theft.

Richard Sandor, the cameraman, boldly stated on videotape that the climate-exchange business is worth $10 TRillion annually. Since the climate-exchange business is taking nothing (literally “blue sky”) and selling it as something . . . and the entire U.S. REAL ECONOMY produces about $15 TRillion annually in real goods and services we will have an economy of $25 TRillion overnight. How, you ask is that possible? Even discounting inflation, the price of everything in the economy will rise 67% (think of it his way, A. new economy = $25 TRillion. New economy is made up of $15 TRillion real economy and $10 TRillion bull sh_t economy. The BS economy can only come from price increases $10 TR/$15 TR = 67% . . . Barack Obama has said and been videotaped saying it, “implementing my policies necessitate that energy prices rise dramatically” that may be the one truth he’s spoken in the last three years). And you’ll remember, of course, that man-caused global warming is a lie, nothing but a lie, and has been a lie ever since it was first introduced. Yep, just like coughing when you smoked your first cigarette . . . your first impressions were correct: carbon dioxide isn’t that what the plants need, isn’t that how they produce oxygen? No, children, where’d you hear that nonsense, carbon dioxide is dangerous. And that’s how the American economy is destroyed how the enrichment of Obama, Gore, Marurice Strong and Richard Sandor is made into a horror movie of epic proportions.,__gore_and_cronies_might_make_trillions.thtml

So that’s the nightmare and you and our way of life are the star and the victim. Good luck with cap and trade, er’ “America’s Power Act.”

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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No Excuses Now, Mr. Obama,

Socialism’s Sad History Repeating in Greece
Europe Semi-Cheerfully Opts for Combined Ruin

Should we, the United States of America, opt-out of greatness and turn the mantle of “the world’s lone super power” over to Red China? It’s NOT a rhetorical question, unfortunately . . . . Harry S. Truman used to say, “The buck stops here.” Unfortunately, Mr. Obama has not once in his sixteen months in office shown any proclivity for facing responsibility for his failings. So, if China quickly becomes the world’s single super-power . . . expect nothing but excuses from Mr. Obama as we slide into history’s trashbin.

With the specter of Greece hanging over the world’s markets and the halls of government everywhere, there can no longer be any pretense for the Obama administration. The potential debacle awaiting us is dramatically etched in our brains from the violent images repeatedly seen on the nightly news. Mr. Obama who reportedly went into a “three-year fugue” when the Berlin Wall came down and the USSR collapsed can NOT deny the obvious truth about his preferred political ends. You canNOT help the poor by willfully becoming one of them. The United States must resume its economic leadership. If this country wishes to remain the beacon of hope in the world, only three choices remain for Obama (only one for a STATESMAN):

  • 1) a return to sanity by butting out of the free markets (the choice Bill Clinton made in 1994) and ending the “let’s completely take over everything” games of socialism and “Obama and Progressives Know Best” . . . as stated a “return to sanity.” Rajjpuut states without reservation . . . this will NOT happen so long as Barack Obama has power in the oval office and so long as progressives Democrats call the tune in both chambers of congress
  • 2) ignore Greece’s example, continue the charade of “I am NOT a socialist, I’m not” and assume that the recent historical example from Greece as well as the older examples given by Cuba’s super-booming civilization and the defunct USSR and the defunct Warswa Pact and China prospering by stacking capitalism atop its Marxism and the failed attempts at communism in Italy long ago, and Chile long ago are all just anomalies . . . and this time we’ll get it right because . . . well, because we’ve got Barack Obama working things this time . . . this would be the choice one would expect if Obama were merely a socialist, dyed in the wool, and convinced of the rightness of his ideology (“I’m not an ideologue!”).
  • 3) Embrace Greece’s example and deliberately push even harder for financial markets takeover under the guise of a “financial ‘reform’ act” and the new “America’s Power Act” (actually NOT new at all, just “Cap and Trade” under a sweet sounding name) and literally see how quickly we can emulate Greece. “What,” you say, “he’d deliberately take the country into financial ruin?” Yes, Pilgrim he definitely could choose either door #2 or door #3 and they both might lead to abject financial ruin. And it’s NOT a moot question which choice he makes. More on that below.

As recently as last month, Rajjpuut’s Folly’s ran a hard-hitting little blog under a title something like “PIGIES R Us” which told of the sad state of economic collapse found in Portugal, Italy, Greece, Ireland, England (U.K.), and Spain whose initial gave us the “PIGIES” countries. The kicker to the story was that the United States’ ratio of debt/Gross Domestic Product (D/GDP) was worse than all but two of the six European countries mentioned. Things are changing rapidly in Europe. If written today the blog title would have to be ammended to: “BIG PIES R Us.” Belgium has now entered the “room of doom” and become an entrant in the “Who’s Next” Sweepstakes. And, you guessed it, the U.S. D/GDP ratio is worse than Belgium’s. Thankfully, the United States has a far more resilient economic system in place than most of the BIG PIES countries do. Socialism is not our underlying economic system YET. In terms of absolute risk we are very much caught between England (the U.K.) and Spain.

Yes, the U.K. just made a half-hearted effort to change directions by booting out the fanatically socialist government of Gordon Brown but they didn’t give a mandate to the conservatives either. Rajjpuut predicts the tenuous coalition between the Conservatives and the Social Democrats will break apart within a year. Remember that the so-called “Tories” are only fiscally-lukewarm conservatives anyway . . . in these days true Libertarianism is required and England’s condition will worsen, if only slightly. In short, England can most-likely only serve as a bad example: going fiscally-conservative with all your heart is the only viable path out of the swamp for them and they show no willingness to make that choice.

Spain, also, is a very good example the United States can learn from. Again the lesson learned is a negative one, however. Spain about eight years back bragged of Europe’s most robust economy. Among other things, surpluses were being run and unemployment was sticking around 3%. Today,” Tinta roja se encuentra por todas partes,” that is, “Red ink is everywhere!” Unemployment is also at 21% and rising (19% a year ago). “What the hell happened? “ you ask.

Spain’s economy went “GREEN!”

The cost of “political-correctness” in Spain was devastating. For every subsidized job in the green-pipedream world of Spain, 2.2 real, permanent jobs were lost. The hit didn’t come overnight but insidiously over about three years. Cost on average for creating one green job? $677,000 U.S. dollars. Most green jobs lasted only between six weeks and eighteen months. Only 10% proved permanent. The median green job paid $13.18 per hour, virtually all paid between $10 - $15 per hour. So for every permanent green job created, twenty-two real jobs were jeopardized and ultimately LOST!

Now let us translate that Spanish horror onto Barack Obama’s stated goal of “. . . creating five million green jobs . . .” That means eleven million real jobs lost. That means only 500,000 permanent green jobs created. That means a net loss of 10.5 million jobs. That means ruin . . . but wait, there’s more , much much more . . . .

Barack Obama and roughly twenty cohorts (their leaders are ex-U.N. bigwig Canada’s Maurice Strong and communist Wisconsin professor Joel Rogers) and seven or eight upstanding progressive foundations and Al Gore and his private London-based company have been pushing like madmen to pass “Cap and Trade” legislation, now euphemistically known as “America’s Power Act.” (doesn't it look beautiful all green like that without the ugly words "cap and trade"?) Compared to the results of cap and trade, Obama’s green jobs promise (five million of ‘em, remember, resulting in only half a million permanent ones at the cost of eleven million real jobs) would seem like laissez faire capitalism.

Twenty-years ago Maurice Strong set this whole cap and trade boondoggle in motion. He was quoted by a reporter for a left-wing group in 1990 as saying,

“. . . What if a small group of these world leaders were to conclude that the principal risk to the Earth comes from the actions of the rich countries? In order to save the planet, the group decides: Isn't the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn't it our responsibility to bring this about?”

The reporter when queried about this later said that Strong was just discussing “a novel plot idea” he had. Mr. Strong had no novels written or published at that time and today twenty years later has still not written or published a novel.

Remember, Maurice has not yet acted on his bang up novel idea (he’s now approaching 80 years old) but fortunately, Michael Crichton has taken the bull by the horns and done the job for him and it’s a very good novel “State of Fear” which environmentalists and progressives detest with every atom of their beings. You remember Michael Crichton? If anyone could have been expected to be an environmental alarmist Crichton would have been everybody’s anti-technology #1 candidate. Everyone of his books starting with “The Andromeda Strain” and running through to mention just a few “Terminal Man,” “Jurassic Park”( and “Lost World “which was Jurassic Park II, really), and “Prey” are all 100% stories of technology run amok and threatening humanity’s very survival.

Crichton, unfortunately for Maurice Strong and his buddies, has a very bad habit of actually doing monumental research about the subjects of his forthcoming novels. He started to write a story about global warming, Al Gore's and the Climate Research Unit's (CRU's) preferred "global warming story" he believed it was true . . . so then Crichton went where his research took him . . . to a belief that global warming was a monstrous hoax aimed at creating a new power elite . . . feeling actually at risk for his life, he put that knowledge and conviction into writing “State of Fear.” His research took him to a strong conviction that Maurice Strong’s “novel idea” was being put deliberately into motion . . . but back to Maurice . . . Here in a piece from the ultra-liberal London Times is a story that our mainstream media has refused to disclose to American for over five months now:

Besides refusing to let Americans know that European liberals are fed up with the Climate-Gate scandal (link immediately above) and NO LONGER believe in global warming‘s inevitability and connection to man’s activites . . . here’s what the American mainstream media will NOT tell you, much less investigate about Maurice Strong’s activities and their connection to our favorite socialist president and ex-vice president:,2933,591845,00.html

Too bad Maurice was not just talking about conspiracy novel plots. No he’s never written that novel, but Maurice Strong is active in the Chicago Climate eXchange with Barack; Al Gore; John Ayers; Valerie Jarrett; Joel Rogers; Richard Sandor; Franklin Raines; David Blood; Paula DiPerna; several U.N. environmental honchos; the AFL-CIO union; the SEIU union; Andy Stern; Van Jones; several Goldman Sachs bigwigs (and independently 10% owned by Goldman Sachs itself); the Joyce Foundation; the Tides Foundation; ACORN (name now changed to fifty-one separate names); the Apollo Alliance; the Emerald Cities Collaborative; and so many others.

And the bottom line for Maurice and his fellow bandits is this: if cap and trade becomes the law of the land they each profit by BILLIONS from their connection to CCX (now supposedly talks are under way to sell CCX to a European group, bet we’ll find a lot of the same names hooked up with that) and most importantly the “ten TRillion dollar industry that Richard Sandor bragged about would be created. And the bottom line, what would be the result for America if cap and trade is created? Well you take a $15 TRillion economy and you create a $10 TRillion price tag for selling it “blue sky” (literally) and you have a nominal $25 TRillion economy with only $15 TRillion worth of goods and services. That is, 40% of the economy has become bogus –completely BS. The bottom line: everything in America would eventually cost 67% more than it now does (not counting any inflation caused by the Federal Reserves unending money-press activities). For you mathematically challenged, look at it this way 40% false economy supported by 60% real economy = 67% increase in prices or 40%/60% = .666667.

So, the only question left is this one, what is the goal for Strong, Obama, Gore, et. al. door #2 or door #3 mentioned above? Rajjpuut leaves you with a famous quote you may be familiar with . . . .

“. . . What if a small group of these world leaders were to conclude that the principal risk to the Earth comes from the actions of the rich countries? In order to save the planet, the group decides: Isn't the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn't it our responsibility to bring this about?”

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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Item: Most Americans don't realize that late last year Mr. Obama authorized an immense compromise of U.S. sovereignty by authorizing the International Police Organization to enter the United States at will and for them, InterPol that is, to actually have greater powers within our borders than the FBI. Recently Iran has taken to using Interpol to chased down its "criminals" actually political exiles. In the wake of conservative outcry in this country, the list of Iranian fugitives has been removed from the Interpol "fugitives" list. Purportedly some Interpol officials have said -- off the record -- that they personally would never violate U.S. sovereignty to arrest Iranian political prisoners and they don't know anyone in their organization that would either. That's all very nice, but Mr. Obama had no way of knowing that . . . In any case Iran last week began putting pressure on Interpol to live up to its duty to the individual countries (in this case, to Iran) and start making some arrests in cases of well-known "criminals" with well known addresses. So push has come to shove . . . the Interpol charter forbids tracking of political fugitives but, of course, one man's political fugitive is another's abject criminal. We'll see
. . . .
Item: A few months ago, a bi-partisan vote established Pay-Go which sounded like an actual piece of fiscal intellect by the congress. The idea was simple, any vote requiring expenditures must also include a way to pay for the new law: either a tax increase or elimination of another program. To date at every chance to use Pay-Go, the Dems have either by-passed it by declaring the new bill an "emergency" or just outright ignored it while at every instance the minority G.O.P. has sought to enforce it.

Item: WOW! Today, the cap and trade bill was introduced into the senate after a huge hiatus since it barely passed in the house about eleven months ago. Except, oooops, it’s now wearing a different name. It’s called “America’s Power* Act,” these days. The hoopla is incredible. This bill is really great . . . purportedly cures cancer (actually make our environment far healthier they say), saves the planet, cures the economy by creating jobs (actually green policies in Spain took them from 3% unemployment to its present 21% unemployment disaster now) and gives Obama a hell of a lot more control over the United States’ free markets. Rajjpuut believes only the last claim is accurate, not to mention the huge conflict of interest scandals involving Obama and Gore and about thirty cronies and six or seven major leftwing foundations. See the story and links at the bottom of the page. U.N. bigwig Maurice Strong of Canada called the “Godfather of Global Climate Change” (who has personally benefitted to the tune of several millions of dollars from Al Gore speaking to congress on behalf of Strong’s “Molten Metal Co." and who is a participant of Gore-Obama-Joel Rogers’ Chicago Climate eXchange <CCX>) is the major driver of this bill -- yep, a foreigner in league with our Joel Rogers and others. A conservative blog listed below gives us a picture of the colorful Mr. Strong.

Item: German citizens are up in arms about bailing out Greece and the European Union as reflected in newspapers there running headlines loosely translated as “We are now the schmucks of Europe yet again^^,” “German taxpayers bailing out the Euro, again” and “European hands reach deep into our pockets.” Germans believe that Greece and the EU will drag them down the drain with them. For us here in this country think of “Greece R Us” as the blueprint for the USA’s future financial calamaties thanks to outlandish irresponsibility in Congress and the Oval Office.

Item: It’s illegal to break into my house and to break into my country also. However, California communities and the state of California itself are boycotting or considering boycotting Arizona based upon that state’s immigration law trying to enforce that state’s and the nation’s borders. Not mentioned in all this, the policies and laws of numerous cities and counties in California, particularly in Southern California that amount to little more than “sanctuary policies” for those who traffic in illegal aliens and rent shoddy “safehouses” as stopovers. Since California is finding schools, hospitals and the entire state overloaded with welfare problems, crime problems, and totally bankrupt . . . hmmmm, whose ideas are bankrupt anyway?

Item: For some reason, the total lack of response by Barack Obama and his administration to the horrific flooding in Tennesse, Kentucky and the Cumberland River area for about ten days now; and to yesterday’s Oklahoma tornadoes . . . no response at all, so far as Rajjpuut can tell . . . this problem has not been reported on by the mainstream media. If this was George W. Bush we’d have the progressive press and broadcast media in fits . . . but Mr. Obama rates an unending pass on their criticism, of course. The oil spill in the gulf is news of a future great tragedy but these are monstrous disasters NOW which the president is ignoring.

Item: Several economists are suggesting that the bailout of Greece (some of the money comes from U.S. taxpayers) is a band-aid stuck on the carotid artery. Their projections for Greece’s total collapse vary from one to two years down the road.

Item: Two more long-time incumbents have been ousted in primary voting. Utah Republican Senator Bennett and a less high profile West Virginia Democratic Senator Allan Mollohan with 55 years of experience between them are both now out of the picture. Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania is now at risk in his upcoming primary. Besides their long-time incumbent status, all three men have the label “big spender” attached to them and favored the stimuli and bailouts. Specter and Mollohan voted for Obamacare. Fiscal conservatives are making their preferences known; is all this a “referendum” on Obama policies? Well yes and no. Bennett is a Republican, remember. More on Mollohan in a few sentences . . . . Minimal government is the hope of fiscal conservatives and little-known ideas for Washington, D. C. like fiscal responsibility, balanced budgets, and eliminating debt are very popular on Main Street. The U.S. government normally runs a surplus in the month of April. Last year the deficit in April was $20 Billion about 25% of that deficit belonged to Barack Obama. This year, the first entirely under Obama’s administration the budget deficit was $82.7 Billion. Oh speaking of deficits, W. Va.’s Mollohan not only had been running as a fiscal-conservative and against Obamacare, but he was also one of the twelve House Democratic “pro-life” group opposing Obamacare who flip-flopped at the very last moment with Bart Stupak and the other ten to allow the bill to become law by three votes. Stupak, of course, refused to run. Obamacare, now according to the Congressional Budget Office’s latest figures will not cut deficits as promised but actually increases the deficits. The FBI has recently been investigating Mollohan’s ethics recently. Rajjpuut is SO surprised.

Item: Oh, oh the worm has turned . . . Widely reviled by the left, Bush’s faith-based initiatives were considered evidence that Bush was a “religious zealot” aiming to destroy America with evil Christianity. Now, sixteen months into the Obama administration, we are seeing what Obama intends to do with his continuation of Bush’s faith-based offices: he wants to use them to push the religion of Green-faith on America’s churches. You may have heard news reports of “faith-based” groups aligned under the banners of "climate change leadership" and 'eco-justice" now are getting behind Obama’s Cap and Trade legislation a.k.a. the “American Power Act.” Except, guess what, the majority of the groups involved are the religious sect for which Jeremiah Wright preaches and roughly 90% of their membership is Black (Blacks voted 95.8% for Obama in 2008) no surprise these two groups are Obama supporters. At the bottom of their website they show a link to “” which it turns out is a Marxist group who’s main concern is wealth redistribution.

Item: Here is a factoid that the mainstream news media has still not reported upon: it seems that Obama’s claims that the “New Party” and the “Democratic Socialists of America Party” that supported Barack Obama’s campaign efforts in 1995 not only were both socialist organizations But the claims of both groups that Obama was never a member of them . . . were both lies. Hmmm, that makes 18 months without the mainstreamers letting America know Obama’s true colors . . . then five months without letting Americans know the facts about Climate Gate: . . .

and roughly a month now has gone by without the U.S. mainstream media investigating or even mentioning the connections between Obama, Al Gore, Joel Rogers, Goldman Sachs et. al and several progressive foundations in a scheme to defraud the United States economy of “Ten Trillion dollars” the estimate according to CCX participant Richard Sandor. The Chicago Climate Exchange would enrich this group greatly (from carbon exchange commissions) and raise virtually all prices in the country by roughly 67%.@@@’s_strings_says_“capitalism_is_monstrous”.thtml$10_trillion_obama_betrayal.thtml

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery


** America's POWER Act? Think of it as a monstrous TRANSFER of America’s money and power to Zimbabwe, etc. and other poorer countries around the globe via U.N. programs created and advanced by Maurice Strong’s efforts.

^^ Schmucks Again??? What does that mean? After World War I, the U.S. allowed England and especially France to RAPE the German economy with the evil Treaty of Versailles. Without Versailles' corruption, Nazis don’t exist, Hitler doesn’t exist and World War II never happens. Rajjpuut who lived in Germany as a boy, collected German stamps from the post World War I era with one or two horizontal lines running across them. For example the number 500 DM on an early 1922 stamp might be lined out and the number 2,500 DM might be printed over the stamp’s original coloring. Or later at the height of the runaway inflation the two-lined out stamps might show 80,000 DM is lined out and replaced with 300,000 DM which is itself lined out and 1, 000,000 DM printed over both of them. All this is more dramatic if the reader realizes that four Deutsch Marks exchanged for an American Dollar about 1916. Germany was ruined by runaway inflation (see the Erich Maria Remarque book “The Black Obelisk” for a graphic portrayal of the events leading up to Adolf Hitler) and the World was later ruined by Germany.
@@ In a $15 TRillion economy $25 TRillion worth of expensese for the same number of goods and services means $10 TRillion/$15 TRillion or 67%. CCX, should it come to exist, would be selling "blue sky" literally.
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Until the American mainstream media comes to its senses and begins acting like journalists again, real investigative stories (like the one linked above from the ultra-liberal London Times) will not appear in ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN newscasts. Truth will NOT be available to Americans from our oldest news outlets. That story is over five months old and required the London Times to eat some very serious crow, for they had been driving the global-warming bandwagon for many years. The actual event took place on November 17, 2009. It took the Times twelve days to research the story before their Environment Editor Jonathan Leake drove a stake into the heart of global-warming with his article entitled “The Great Climate Change Science Scandal” which agreed with the conclusions of the press and neutral scientists around the globe, that the East Anglia Climate Research Unit (CRU) had perpetrated an expensive and elaborate hoax on the world. That story has not been run in the New York. Times yet nor in any other major Liberal newspaper or broadcast company. As we speak, Cap and Trade legislation based upon global warming theory is poised for passage in the United States Senate.
Another story you’ll probably have to pick up first on FOX News or in the London Times is this one . . . our president Barack Obama and our ex-vice president Al Gore are still using that false global warming alarmism to confuse the American public and are guilty of deliberate conflict of interest that will bilk the American economy of $10 TRillion each and every year.
You’d have to read that in Investor’s Business Daily ( of course, not in the mainstream media) or hear it on Fox. The lamestream media is too busy protecting Obama’s butt and worshipping him to actually protect our country.
Here (above) is a brief schematic of the corrupt connections designed to sell America and the free market down the river and scam us all of 40% of every dollar spent in the country from now till hell freezes over . . . .
If and when Cap and Trade legislation passes . . . an enormous fortune will be made by Joel Rogers, the man who owns Obama’s strings, and the brains behind CCX (Chicago Climate eXchange). CCX is a business venture owned by Al Gore and his London partners the fifth largest owners; Barack Obama, Joel Rogers, John Ayers (brother of Weather Underground bomber and Obama ghostwriter Bill Ayers, several Goldman Sachs bigwigs, and 10% owned by Goldman Sachs the investment firm itself; Richard Sandor and surprise, surprise by Fannie Mae (who owns the patent on the methodology) as well as several other key progressive organizations and individuals such as Van Jones, Andy Stern and unions AFLCIO and SEIU.
Sandor, the founder and man in charge of CCX has been videotaped saying that cap and trade will be a $10 TRillion industry. Since all actual U.S. manufacturing production and services (where something is actually produced or a service actually performed) create $15.4 TRillion per year that means that about 40% of all costs associated with anything produced in this country will be associated with Cap and Trade legislation and therefore the final costs after cap and trade costs passed on to American and world consumers will be roughly 67% greater because of the existence of Cap and Trade Laws. For you arithmetically challenged .4/.6 = .6666667
But Sandor is a small potatoes guy . . . the brains of the outfit, the man behind the great green curtain in Obama’s Emerald City Ozville is a communist activist Wisconsin professor named Joel Rogers. He is the man who owns Obama’s strings, a man who says here in this link below that “Capitalism is Monstrous.” He is the creator of the Apollo Alliance (seemingly a progressive money-laundering foundation) which received $80 Million from Obama’s stimulus funds. These progressive foundations (The Joyce Foundation; The Tides Foundation; The Apollo Foundation; the old ACORN; etc. are just a few of a long list of progressive foundations who channel money into other progressive foundations and quite naturally receive money channeled into them by other progressive foundations . . . while big surprise, Barack Obama’s name is found on the board of many of them) received a huge amount of our stimulus money. Joel Rogers is the leader of a cunning collusion for profit and power. But the mainstream media will not cover All-American Joel or his organizations or his connection to Barack Obama or Al Gore or the full corrupt story . . . . when they finally regain their senses and their journalistic spirit, Rajjpuut suggests they start their investigation with CCX. Why? Follow the money!
Being associated with all these progressive foundations with all that loose money floating through them is surely profitable, but only chump change compared to what happens if and when cap and trade becomes a reality. When it first appeared that Cap and Trade legislation which narrowly passed in the house last spring was dead on the senate floor . . . Joel Rogers is the one who prodded Barack Obama to prod the Environmental Protection Agency to issue an edict, a regulation, that would in effect make cap and trade legislation the law of the land and classify carbon emissions as dangerous pollutants and that would make the CCX immediately a going highly-profitable concern and make the individuals mentioned above a fortune for selling, uh . . . blue sky. Free blue sky with the carbon-dioxide in it that plant life needs to grow and produce oxygen for us to breathe would be symbolically exchanged for other free blue sky with a bit less carbon dioxide in it in accordance with the EPA directives and run through the exchange system computers on programs for which the patents are owned by Fannie Mae. Something for nothing, abso-frigging-lutely nothing will never cost so much in the history of the universe and Joel and Obama and Al and Richard Sandor and John Ayers and the Goldman Sachs bunch are the folks who will be taking us to the cleaners while literally selling “licenses to pollute,” according to their own interviews. Makes you proud to be an American, eh?
Actually, Rajjpuut is very proud to be an American and one reason is the existence of Tennessee Representative Marsha Blackburn, his April, 2010 Statesman of the month who took on Al Gore’s lies face to fact (link above). Al can run to his $9 million new mansion in Montecito, California alongside the global-warmed rising seas but he cannot hide from her direct question, “. . . will you in any way, profit personally, from the legislation you’re supporting here today?” Ms. Blackburn and Senator Inhofe are also behind the movement that made the EPA backdown from instituting cap and trade by regulation . . . you see the EPA was violating its own rules because they cannot issue regulations based upon somebody else’s studies but must do the environmental, or in this case the climate, studies themselves. And, of course, the EPA was basing their edict upon the Climate-Gate fraudulent figuring done at CRU in East Anglia, my, my, my. Ms. Blackburn’s got more courage in her pinky fingernail than all the inglorious mainstream media reporters and executives combined.
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
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Item #1:

At a recent press conference answering a question about the Gulf oil spill, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs (who said calmly eighteen days ago, “I doubt this is the first such accident and it won’t be the last”) said ex-FEMA official Michael Brown and Fox News on the Neil Cavuto show had accused the Obama administration of deliberately setting the explosion. Of course, both of Gibb’s statements in their entirety and all of the Cavuto interview with Brown are posted on Fox News and no such encounter happened in the entire 5-6 minute interview. Brown, did however, talk about FEMA’s quick response to Katrina and the Coast Guard’s quick response to the BP explosion and commented that both Bush and Obama were a bit slow to move after sterling local action . . . the truth of all that can be seen if you go to and look over the tape clips. Brown did say, that Obama would definitely use this as an excuse to stop drilling for oil. Gibbs also has talked about “keeping a boot on BP’s throat” just as they want to do to every business in the country. On the other side of the issue in several earlier investigations it appears that sex and drugs and huge campaign donations mark interactions between government and oil companies from time immemorial.

Item #2:

Not only is Chrysler going to be back for another bailout soon . . . but Freddy Mac just today intimated they’ll need more bailout money . . . changing the tune . . . .

Item #3 notice the link above is "green"

The Los Angeles Times and Fox News were the only ones reporting Al Gore’s purchase of a $9 million mansion near Montecito, California linked above with some awesome pictures. Not his main residence, of course, right next to the rising oceans, but just one of his fleet of mansions. You remember when Al Gore was questioned point-blank by Tennessee Representative Marsha Blackburn, “Do you stand to profit in any way from the bill you’re supporting here?” With a straight-face Honest Al said,Every penny that I have made, I have put right into a non-profit deal, Alliance For Climate Protection, to spread awareness of why we have to take on this challenge. And Congresswoman, if your, if, if you believe that the reason I have been working on this issue for 30 years is because of greed, you do not know me.” With a gross net worth of roughly $1 million in 2000 and a fleet of environmentally UNfriendly homes, Al, must be getting big money from somewhere.

Item #4:

Rajjpuut, however, DOES KNOW Honest Al . . . and does know about Al’s and Barack’s little scam called CCX (Chicago Climate Exchange) . . . and does know that the Cap and Trade bill that Gore was supporting would cost ordinary Americans a minimum of $220 Billion every year. More importantly, Al, Barack, Joel Rogers, the illustrious Mr. Sandor, several Goldman Sachs folks, John Ayers, the firm Goldman Sachs in its entirety and Gore’s own London based firm as well as several progressive foundations stand to profit greatly from the “Ten TRillion*** industry” created by cap and trade legislation.

The word “industry” is ill-advised, of course, since the “product” being sold is sheer blue sky . . . that is, literally NOthing is being sold as something and the jovial Joel Rogers is on video-tape saying that the environment would NOT be helped by cap and trade, not a bit. The same Mr. J. Rogers also said on video-tape that IF, by magic they were able to bring the entire U.S. economy to a halt, all power companies, all industry and all transportation -- zero production of pollutants, it would not help clear up the world’s situation very much . . . but that the real purpose of Cap and Trade was wealth redistribution. By the way, Mr. Obama has said several times and been recorded, “. . . under my Cap and Trade system, energy prices would necessarily skyrocket.”

Meanwhile, Joel Rogers, the mastermind, as well as General Electric (owner of the main news media sycophant, NBC, for all wondrous things Barack and green and social justice-correct) and Cisco would be among the huge winners along with the major union players AFLCIO and SEIU and surprisingly Fanny Mae (long story that). Cisco and GE have been pushing Obama’s green-agenda more than anyone else ever since getting in bed with the great man through monstrous campaign donations.

Item #5:

Within twelve days of the November 17, 2009 revelation of scientific hanky-panky, fraud and malpractice at the Climate Research Unit (CRU) at England’s East Anglia University known all over Europe as "Climate-Gate,"even the ultra-liberal London Times raked the climate-alarmists, global-warming extremists and the well-known scientists enabling their lies over the hottest of coals. Of course, five months later, Americans in general are still not broadly aware that they are and have been the subject of a well-manipulated hoax for over fourteen years . . . and who is to blame for all this American ignorance? 'T'is the progressive media which seldom chooses to print stories contrary to the progressive and extremist environmental agenda.

Item #6:

Real patriotism is clearly ostracized by that same media. Any comment against the TEA Party and conservative Americans is broadcast as a matter of course and never or perhaps virtually never is any actual supporting footage or evidence offered. Case in point, NYC Mayor Bloomberg shortly after the discovery of the car-bomb in Times Square said, “it could have been some right-wing extremists who don’t like the new Healthcare law.” Of course, he never apologized and the media never confronted him with updating of his stupid comments when the Pakistani connection was made.

Item #7:

“Feel-better politics” is the game of the day in the wake of the Times Square car bomb incident. We are being repeatedly and frequently told “we thwarted this attack . . .” when talking about the event. NONSENSE! Nothing was “thwarted,” the incompetence of the bomber saved us. The bomb’s “fuse or igniter” went off and failed to ignite and explode the car bomb. At that point, short of some drive-by gangs and random bullets sent into the whole mess, the bomb could NOT have gone off. The fact is simply this: “we got lucky, again.” We got lucky with the underwear bomber also. We did NOT get lucky with the Arkansas Recruiting Office killer; we did NOT get lucky with the Ft. Hood massacre and all four of those incidents should have clearly and obviously been on the radar and weren’t. “We got lucky” is not what Americans need to hear.

Item #8:

Apparently, U. S. government inspectors failed to notice that an “automatic burn system” required by law since 1994 to handle oil spills was not in place at the British Petroleum operation where the three recent horrific leaks took place. The idea was to burn off immediately any oil spills. Eight fire booms were required to be on-site ready to go. Responsible for those firebooms: the U.S. government, your U.S. government. For its part, British Petroleum also received safety exemptions from both the Bush and the Obama administration for faulty issues. Last one April 6, 2009. Get this, eight days after Press Secretary Gibbs characterized the explosion as a ho-hum matter, the U.S. government was searching around the globe for fire booms, even just one, please anyone!

Item #9:

The Greek unions are revolting angrily about that country’s financial debacle. The unions in Greece are all-powerful and shook down the system for benefits and boondoggles that would make even America’s United Auto Workers blush. Unfortunately, the International Monetary Fund and World Bank which are likely to bail out Greece are both significantly funded by, you guessed it, American tax dollars.

Item #10:

A Gay softball league has denied its championship trophy to a winning team because they were “not gay enough.” Apparently, two "straight" players were allowed on any team and the champs had its maximum two straights but also at least one acknowledged bi-sexual also. Supposedly a 25-member gay committee determined that the bi-sexual was NOT gay enough. Makes the old head spin, it does . . . .

Item #11:

As most thinking people know, capitalism has been proven over the centuries to be the most efficient system for improving the lives of any nation’s citizens. Capitalism is based upon a “meritocracy” which aims to raise the broad level of economic benefit across a society . . . enhanced opportunity for all, equal opportunity for all. Socialism is, however, based upon a sort of “misery loves company” EQUALITY by down-leveling those with money to the level of those without it. This inefficient method dramatically destroys the power of free markets to enhance overall economic conditions. Several tapes of progressive politicians acknowledging on video-tape that Obamacare wasn’t ever about health but only about government control for wealth redistribution were recently shown on the Glen Beck show.
Item #12
Our NYC would-be car bomber was on a no-fly list; paid for his ticket with cash; had NO luggage; and looks somewhat Arabic. He still got on the plane and the plane got on the runway, before the FBI pulled him off . . . isn't that comforting?

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


*** Yes, that’s a taped remark by the “guilty” parties. And YES, Mr. Gore and Mr. Obama will profit greatly if Cap and Trade becomes law . . . and their $10 TRillion "industry" is created overnight from out of blue sky. Rajjpuut senses extreme conflict of interest from this corrupt twosome.

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Liberal Mainstream Media Refuses

to Cover Obama Interest Conflict

With each new discovery the Obama corruption you read about in Rajjpuut’s recent blog: “Bend Over America, Here Comes Your Re-Raping,” keeps getting bigger and bigger and more and more comes to resemble a massive mafia money-laundering scheme . . . if you didn’t see the blog, it’s linked here:,_america,_here_comes_your_re-raping.thtml

Much as the liberal media decided in late November, 2009, that so long as they refused to print the truth behind the huge Climate-Gate data falsification at East Anglia University’s Climate Research Unit (CRU) or to investigate further the connection between Al Gore and his London-based cronies and CRU . . . the problem just didn’t exist . . . the very same see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, print no evil and broadcast no evil policy is in effect as Barack Obama and his cronies have plotted the greatest interest-conflict crime in human history and the liberal media is again deciding NOT to cover the story. However, there’s still hope, perhaps Gore and Obama will bring Rajjpuut to court in a libel suit, NO? Unfortunately, NO! Factual reporting that’s true to the spirit of the matter being covered is not libel, damnation . . . .

Barack Obama and his socialist cronies (like Al Gore, John Ayers, Franklin Raines, Joel Rogers., numerous Goldman Sachs officials, the sly Mr. Sandor, the Joyce Federation folks, Enterprise Community Partners people, CCX** guys and the Emerald Cities Collaborative, The Tide Foundation and the Fannie Mae junta) have been tied together in a conspiracy to create cap and trade legislation that will bring their group $10 TRillion in government monies . . . but for some unknown(?) reason, the mainstream media as always refuses to cover stories that reflect ill upon the Emaculate Obama Persona. The Cap and Trade group has created a scam so impressive that the only way to describe it is as a direct pipeline into your wallet and mine potentially till the end of time. By the way Rajjpuut's knowledge of the virtual money-laundering for progressives interested in scamming the country via Cap and Trade has now expanded to include the three new group's in green font in this paragraph and, of course, the old ACORN association as well as Van Jones is also tied to Mr. Obama and all these people also . . . incredible!

The Libel laws of the United States mean that the dirty scum involved could sue me within an inch of my life if my facts were seriously flawed . . . but somehow I think there’s a ten times better chance they’d bump me off then they’d risk taking me to court. Of course, the person they really hate is Fox New’s Glen Beck because Glen’s making the rest of the internet investigators out here look like a lazy bunch of pikers. Instead they're hoping to provoke violence by the peaceful TEA Partiers or other such reaction that they believe could shift the political climate in their favor . . . .

Bottom line: the persons and groups mentioned have $10 TRillion at risk right now. Cap and Trade legislation which they expected to pass by now would funnel all the country’s businesses through their Chicago Climate eXchange and rob the productive part of America of the ten trillion dollars mentioned and pass it along to the unproductive side while bringing the corrupt folks mentioned an unending stream of huge “climate-exchange” commissions on through eternity: it’s so beautiful to be a communist in the 21st Century. How do they hope to change the political climate to get their evil bill passed? Easy . . . .

They’re playing the race game for all it’s worth, hoping eventually to use amnesty to give themselves 13 to 14 million new voters about 95% Democrats, they believe. The first step was to play ugly with Arizona’s efforts to stem the tide of drugs, weapons, kidnappings, human-trafficking and other criminal problems by passing a law to do what Obama’s feds refuse to do: protect the U.S. border in Arizona. They’re trying to excite Hispanics to believe that Republicans are out to get at them and deny them their civil rights by some sort of police-state mentality. They’ve even taken to trying to make Puerto Rico a state . . . in his ignorance, Mr. Obama knows nothing of Puerto Rico’s politics. The island will never adopt statehood voted upon them by the U.S. Federal government . . . we’re talking about a very cantankerous and proud group those Puerto Ricans. Roughly every five or six years throughout the Island’s history they’ve debated the question of seeking American statehood. The breakdown every time is roughly the same: 1/3 of the Island favors U.S. statehood; 1/3 wants to become totally free of the U.S. and about 1/3 of them prefer that the status quo remain in place. By the nature of things, the “grupo estatus quo” always wins. Mr. Obama is not going to railroad them for his nefarious purposes, what does he think Puerto Rico is? Democratic law makers?

No . . . Puerto Ricans are good folks not Progressive (“feeling the need to “progress” way beyond the Constitution”) scum who spit on the Constitution with every breath. Please, please sue me, Mr. Obama!

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,

** Chicago Climate eXchange is designed to be the permanent cash cow for progressives by selling, or rather exchanging pure blue sky in an amazing scam that will bring the country to its knees.
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