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For my adult years, I have considered myself an informed person. I have never claimed perfection nor do I believe I am the smartest person around. Indeed there are those who are far more intelligent than I am.

I own and have built websites. I know how to work several systems on my computer. I am not a computer whiz but I’m better than some and worse than others. I have had a computer crash on me and knew all was not lost because my hard-drive was still intact.

No one really likes the IRS but we have tolerated them as a part of our lives. One email getting lost can cause concern but thousands of emails being ‘lost’ is be unheard of. A big organization, such as the IRS, would have back-up systems. I have a back-up system. It’s not unusual to have one and it was not difficult to install.


Lois Lerner said she deleted emails, then recycled her hard-drive? Who does that unless they are hiding something? Lois Lerner was never held accountable.

How does the 4064229876?profile=originalgovernment and its associates believe that they can just tell the people and investigative committees that they deleted emails? Are there still people out there without basic knowledge of this? Okay, maybe a few who do not understand that an organization as big as the Internal Revenue Service cannot just delete emails without a back-up system or hard-drive to retrieve them. This would be illegal, in my opinion.


A House committee voted on Wednesday to censure IRS Commissioner John Koskinem. They said he failed to provide information demanded by Congress and lied under oath. Allegations were made the IRS targeted tea party groups that had applied for tax-exempt status.

In this country, destroying potential damaging evidence is an illegal act. No one is being punished but I suppose someone will get thrown under the bus and then probably receive a bonus of sorts while they fade into oblivion.

For this country to have fallen into such depraved government who allow lawlessness to exist while the people of this nation are prosecuted in a court of law, if they are part of a crime, disgusts me.


Daveda Gruber

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Believe in a NWO or not, Donald J. Trump is not a part of it. He is just the opposite. There have been threats made to Trump and his family. Eric Trump's wife opened a letter with white powder in it.

Trump's main purpose of running has always been to disassemble the cabal of global powers, and take control of their enterprise to be placed back into the people's hands.

Never in any election has there been such a conspiracy to take out one man running for the presidency. Over $200 million has been spent, so far, to stop Trump as the rich elite of the establishment cabal have gathered 3 times to give money and plot to stop Trump. They're in 'panic mode'.

The system has not educated those under 35. Only Reagan, before Trump, have NOT been picked from globalist's crop. The puppets of the elite do as told.

Americans must must align ourselves or suffer the consequences 'they' decide.

America has vast resources. Enemies within have been created to divide us. They have broken our unity to dismantle our systems. It's time to end political correctness.

The end of the Democrat Party was changed to the Communist Party right after Kennedy was assassinated. The Republican Party sold out to global fields. The two Parties are now one.


Donald Trump understands this, and vows it will end. This is why he is attacked. Rioters are organized like never before, bringing in recruits who sympathize with racism, sexism and bigotry.


The elite believe borders, immigration, abortion is sexist, wealth is bigotry and military is used to help us to dominate other countries.

Free trade (TPP and NAFTA), wasn't designed for America to prosper but to give the world our wealth and resources by legal authority.

ObamaCare wasn't designed to help give health insurance to those who couldn't get it but to redistribute wealth back into the insurance industry that is owned by the major banks. This is not working well.

ISIS wasn't allowed to prosper to unite a region in historic disruption, but to caliphate the planet under one religion and Sharia law.


Donald Trump is in favor of America. Trump is a true conservative, a nationalist, who only wants to see the end of globalization to make America great again.

For over a century, the American government has been controlled by lobbyists and by special interests groups. America can no longer continue on its present course. America will either crash, or we can unite and rebuild America strong again. They don't have their candidate in yet. Let's put him in.


Ted Cruz and John Kasich can be manipulated, and possibly already a part of globalization. Donald Trump is NOT, nor never will ever surrender to them or their plans for a NWO.


Trump has placed his life, his family, and his enterprise as the target because he will not surrender to a NWO.


Trump's spokesperson has stated that Trump is in a state of war with these people and he plans to expose these people and their evil plans.

Trump will not become another Kennedy. Support Trump and make America Great Again or fall into the NWO the other candidates will lead you to.

Daveda Gruber

Daveda Gruber

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I have said this before but for those you did not see what I told you, here goes. Now, it will be in writing. Dinesh D'Souza put out a movie "2016 The Movie" or as some people know it, "Obama's America 2016" and in it he made predictions. The movie was released in July of 2012. It is fair to say that most of what he predicted has come to pass or will before he leaves office.


D'Souza explained Obama's obsession with what he does and how he conducts himself. Obama's passion is to make America on the same level as third world countries. He wants the world to be on an equal playing ground. He believes Americans have far too much of an advantage. Hence, he wants to disarm us, make our military weak, make people poor and make our veterans suffer for what they have done in fighting in third world (mostly Muslim) countries.


Obama's tears that we all witnessed, may have been real, but not for the cause he was fighting so hard to accomplish. Obama wants to destroy our way of life before he leaves office. Time is running out. Still, he has managed to leave America in a pretty big mess, so far. He will continue on his mission.


We must not let Hillary Clinton get into power. She is following Obama's agenda.

We must fight for America. That means we have a difficult task ahead. The candidate we choose must be a Conservative. That is one of the 'Establishment's' greatest fears.

Now, Trump is claiming to be liked and possibly on a conservative ground. That is good if he becomes the final candidate because his crowds are enormous so, we cannot discount him.

We must get behind all Conservative candidates, which Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are two of.

We must back anti-establishment candidates. That scares the establishment. We can put Trump here too, as well as, Carson and Fiorina.

Get ready people; Iowa and New Hampshire are not far away. Our battle has begun. If we lose this election to the democrats, I believe we have lost America.

Daveda Gruber

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So, someone finally said what he was thinking; the American people are stupid. I really do not believe that all Americans are stupid but my family name is Gruber.

Now, as people post on FaceBook and around the Internet my name has gotten tagged. I am a Gruber but not related to Jonathan Gruber. I feel that I have been Gruberized.

There are many videos out on the Internet of Jonathan Gruber saying that O-Care could easily be accepted by stupid Americans. Well, it did. Who were the stupid people who wanted this Bill to be passed without being read and who supported them? The Democratic leaders and their followers. That in itself may clear up who is stupid.

Gruber Video

Gruber Video

Now, the Democrats who know Gruber are saying they don't know him. Well, of course no one wants to be known as a friend of a man who thinks the American people are stupid. That would make Americans, who were spoken of as being stupid, not like the leaders who are Gruber's friends.

Of course, since the Democrats lie about so much, we cannot believe that they actually do not know Gruber because they are seen on tape taking to him or listening to him. His name appears to be on a list of guests who frequently visited the White House.

My name has always come up on a search because I write books, produce videos and a variety of other things including being the Chief Administrator for over eighty or ninety 'Tea Party Activist' groups. Am I ruined? Has my Gruberization of having the same name as a man who called the American people, of which I am one of, embedded me with this anchor to bear?

Gruber answered some questions, of which he avoided actually repeating his famous words that the American people are stupid, and instead saying he wanted to seem intelligent.

Mr. Jonathan Gruber, it is my opinion that tricking and fooling the American people into a health-care system that is terribly broken, is not an intelligent thing to do. So, trying to be smart has not worked out well for you, has it?

Daveda Gruber

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LANDRIEU-AND-OBAMA-560x370.jpgStop urinating on us and telling us it is raining. Please forgive me for using a crude saying. However, it perfectly and succinctly describes what Obama, Mary Landrieu and the Democrats have been doing to Americans, particularly blacks, for a very long time; until we stop them.

In their remarkable arrogance and assumption that most voters are clueless idiots, Obama and his minions look reporters and the American people in the eye via TV and tell us flat out lies, huge whoopers without even blinking. They act as if there is no such thing as video archives and fact checkers.

Clearly, Obama and his posse know that they can count on the liberal MSM to cover/protect their derrieres; complicit in their efforts to deceive the American people.

Here is Obama's most recent in your face lie/deception. Obama plans to push forward with the feds taking control of the internet against the will of a vast majority of the American people. In Democrat fool-ya fashion, he claims he wants to “save the internet”. Obama is lying. His intention is to add another notch on his gun of government overreaching power grabs.

One thing you can count on. Whatever Obama and his minions say they seek to achieve, their hidden agenda is the polar opposite.

Sen. Mary “voted with Obama 97% of the time” Landrieu has been deceiving her constituents for 18 years; promoting herself as a champion for blacks and women.

She is neither. Finally, Louisiana blacks have begun to realize the truth and are pushing back. Praise God!

Dr Wayne Dyer says that when you squeeze an orange, orange juice comes out because that's what's inside. Squeezed by low polling numbers, Mary Landrieu's superiority, arrogance, condescension and true contempt for her constituents came out during an interview. Landrieu blamed Louisianan voter's rejection of her and Obama's agenda on southern state racism and sexism. In essence, calling Louisiana voters a bunch of ignorant redneck racists and sexists.

But folks, Landrieu was simply following the Democratic Party's disrespect for the intellect of voters standard fool-ya play book. When all else fails, lie/deceive, demonize and create hate.

When Republican Congressman Paul Ryan proposed a plan to save Medicare, Democrat minions produced a deplorable ad to deceive voters and demonize Ryan; depicting him pushing a helpless terrified gray-haired grandmother in a wheelchair over a cliff plunging to her death.  Meanwhile, Obama cut Medicare by $718 billion dollars.

The Democrats deceived many into believing that Republicans had a war on women. Meanwhile, guess who has a history of keeping women in chains? Answer: The Democrats.

In 1964, Democrat president Lyndon Johnson implemented government welfare programs promoted as his “war on poverty”. Twenty-two trillion dollars later, government playing Robin Hood by taking from the rich and redistributing to the poor, progress against poverty has been minimal. Democrat government dependency programs mixed with the lowering of moral and cultural standards have left the black family and community in shambles. The mission was never about ending poverty, but rather addicting blacks to government handouts to secure their votes forever.


My 86 year old black dad told me a great story about black Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. A few years ago, dad volunteered at a mostly black Baltimore elementary school. Dad said they took a bus load of students to Washington DC on a field trip to meet Justice Thomas. Justice Thomas asked security to put them in a side room. After his court case, Justice Thomas met with the students. Justice Thomas said he was a knucklehead as a kid, but turned his life around. The kids were very excited and Justice Thomas took a lot of pictures with the kids.

I reminded dad that Justice Thomas is despised by the NAACP and the Democrats, despite probably being the most powerful black man in the world second to Obama. I told my dad Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were thugs. And yet, the NAACP, Democrats and the MSM have tried to elevate them to hero status. Meanwhile, they despise extraordinarily successful superb black role models such as Dr Ben Carson, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, businessman extraordinaire and presidential candidate Herman Cain and Justice Thomas.

If black empowerment is truly their goal, why would the NAACP, the Democrats and MSM celebrate thugs while, not just hating, but seeking to destroy real black achievers? The answer is simple. The Democrats and their minions are great deceivers whose sole mission is to secure loyal black voters at any and all cost. Thugs Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown help to promote the Democrats' narrative that white cops shoot blacks at will; vote for us to keep them from murdering you.

Evil deceivers produced an outrageous ad claiming that if blacks do not vote, they need to send their kids to school wearing bulletproof vests to protect them from police. Beyond the pale. A bottomless gutter shameful tactic.

The Democrats' modus operandi is to deceive, deceive, deceive. Democrat Charlie Rangel tried to portray the decent hard working patriotic members of the Tea Party as white racist segregationists. Totally absurd, divisive, evil and deceptive.

I feel like if MLK came back today he would be heartbroken, thinking, “What in the world happened!” He gave his life for blacks to have equal opportunity and be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. He never intended for race exploitation and racial division to become an industry.

It has also been exposed that Obama and his great deceiver minions used deception and the assumption that the American people are stupid to pass Obamacare. 

2 Corinthians 11:13 made me think of Obama, Mary Landrieu and the Democrats: the great deceivers. “For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ.”

The Democrat great deceivers will surely continue their insidious deceit until we exercise our power to politically stop them.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American

Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee

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What I see on a daily basis tends to upset me. I see a structure of what I always believed to be the greatest country in the world crumbling.


One must believe it started somewhere. I believe that education is a very big part of where we are today. Without educated young people, there will be no intelligent older people growing up.


Why must people today be vulgar and constantly put other people down? Why are the common people addressing an election with statements of wishing death upon those who they do not like? Lack of proper education comes to mind, once again.

The Liberals did have a plan when they wanted to take over this nation. It stems from beliefs like those of the late Saul Alinsky. He mentions that if you make the people happy by ridiculing others, you will have them doing it with no effort needed to have them keep it up. He had some brilliant concepts to take over a people and a nation. The key here is not to fall into the traps of what his concepts were.

4063997275?profile=originalHillary Clinton did her Thesis on Alinsky's fundamental beliefs. She added in a few more thoughts of her own. She will use the methods she believes in to make America a socialist/communist country if she runs and gets elected.

My worst nightmare is that she will win. The people voted blindly to get a 'black president'. What the people got was a Muslim sympathizer who deals with terrorists. He arms the enemy while 'we the people' clutch guns and yell that they will fight them if they come to America. 4063915276?profile=originalIt's far past the time to wake up. Folks, they are already here. It is a fair assumption that Hillary Clinton could be the next president of the United States. Then the people will have to hold their guns tighter because that4063997173?profile=original woman wants to disarm the citizens of this country.

The people will want to vote for the first woman president. Most voters are not very intelligent and vote for what they see rather than the issues at hand and the policies of the candidate. Benghazi seems to have been discarded because people get subpoenaed but just do not show up because they have resigned from the position they held when the embassy tragedy occurred.

People have been trying demonstrations. The 'Operation American Spring' brought a couple of people to Washington D.C.. They don't seem to even get media coverage. It also prompts O to leave the White House. Then there are those who stand behind threats of what they will do if confronted in this country. We must stop the insanity before we are all shooting Islamic terrorists in America.

We have a right to vote in this country. We must use that vote and not expect others to use it for us. One less vote for us is one more for the Democrats.

4063997293?profile=originalLet us win the majority for the Senate. We must start somewhere. Then, maybe, just maybe, we will be smart enough to have the right people running who can beat the Democrats. Hopefully all who are against what is happening to our country will vote for the same names and get a Republican who is Conservative into power. We must stick together or we are done; America we so love will be finished as the free country we knew Her to be.

If we are complacent now, I hate to see where we are going. It is time for action but this must be done the way it was intended to be done. We must vote. Voting is a privilege that our forefathers fought for. Use it and help save America.

Daveda Gruber

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Just by reading a newspaper or watching news on television, it is easily my observation that there is no longer our right to have ‘Freedom of the Press’. The ‘Operation American Spring’ (OAS) in D.C. sure proved that. There were people there for weeks and not one news network picked up the story. All the information that I received was from the ‘Mark Connors Show’.



Joe Esposito, a fellow writer and poet, had his ‘Facebook Timeline’ taken down. His profile was disabled due to ‘Violations of Standards’. What did Joe violate? He posted political poems which he mentioned names of people currently serving under the present government. Was that a violation? Under the First Amendment we are allowed to vocalize and write anything we choose. Have we lost that right?


Situations that I encounter make me think. I wonder how long it will take before more rights as Americans will be taken from us. The government is trying to take control of our lives. They have disarmed many Veterans just because of having PTSD. They want to take away guns from non-violent Americans but that is another story for another day.


Daveda Gruber

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Looking around the Internet and reading, I find myself getting more and more depressed. My American dream seems to be lost. No longer is my country free to be the greatest power on the earth.


Watching America’s decline is not a pretty sight. Our government is corrupt beyond my wildest imagination. There are children growing up without knowledge and adults who think all is fine because they, themselves, have not been affected.


Healthcare seems to be a joke these days. Not many can afford a good plan on the O-Care site. Then, of course, there are those who cannot see the doctors they were used to going to.


Food is at an all time high and I see that when I go shopping that people are buying less and less.


Foreign affairs have reached the depths of darkness. As I watch videos of ‘Terrorists’ (I believe that they must be bad people because they are doing very evil deeds), killing and riding in and on top of vehicles with guns and shouting while killing others. There are families of people running to cross borders and flee from evil that is inevitably coming towards them.   


America used to save people who were being attacked for presumably no other cause but to take-over a country for power, religious preference and oil.


Iraq was in a neutral state when America maintained a presence. Now, under the O-Regime, all is lost. The world is getting deeper and deeper in debt and countries are no longer safe to travel to.


The only hope that ‘We the People’ have here is for a majority in the Senate in November and to retain the majority in the House. Maybe then we will have a ‘Lame Duck’ president. What am I fooling myself with? Only a ‘Lame Duck’ president would be playing golf while the world around him is falling apart.


What have the people of America done? They voted in pure evil and some don’t even know it. Is there hope for my country? I don’t know anymore.

Daveda Gruber

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Take Back America


Sometimes I take a good hard look at the past and I can see how it can repeat itself. Where I was born and growing up in a city and province where I experienced a strange pattern of events and normalcy.

I am an American citizen by choice. I took the test and aced it. I wanted to have the right to vote in this nation that is now home to me.

Being born in Montréal, Québec, Canada as an English and school taught French person can give someone a strange sense of reality. While growing up, my city was under the war measures act of Canada; the first ever in its history.


It started with the ‘Fronte de Libération du Québec’ (FLQ) wanting to take over the province. The terror ran from approximately 1963 to 1970. Bombs in mailboxes were common and influential English speaking people were targeted.


They kidnapped two influential people. One was British Trade Minister James Cross who was eventually freed in a deal with the kidnappers, while the other hostage was Pierre Laporte who was executed. It was ironic that the French person lost his life.


I have seen and lived through armored tanks on the streets and curfews. I have seen fear on the faces of people and terror in their eyes.


The Parti Québécois eventually replaced the FLQ because more people thought that a peaceful political party could be more effective than the violent FLQ. Then, the Bloc Québécois became the official party of Québec’s predominately French population. There are other variations to political groups now in Québec, including the Québec Liberal Party.


The English population in the province of Québec has been cut more than in half over the past thirty years. The English speaking are now bi-lingual and signs are all in French. Many of the English have migrated to the neighboring province of Ontario.  


Now, in 2013, I am faced with being an American (for many years now) and seeing signs of people wanting to fight for freedom, which seems to me, to be dwindling in the USA.


There are constant threats as to the constitutional rights of citizens. America is badly divided.


I can relate to the situation here in the US easily. I have endured a very evolving situation in the country of my birth; particularly in Montréal.


There are major differences between the parties in America. The Democrats are liberal and Republicans are conservative. At least, that is what they are perceived to be.


There are only the two significant parties and an option to be an Independent voter. I am a registered Independent.


In Canada there are many parties and I believe there should be more options in the US, however, not yet. That could spread the vote out between Republicans and Conservatives. There really is a difference. I can see it with the people I interact with.


This country must have a leader who will stand for the freedoms of the Constitution of the United States. We need a change of power and it must be a change that rules against the NWO and Islamists trying to take over our country.


There are camps in many states that let Jihadists practice to kill us. That should be abolished or we will become as other countries have. Islam brought them backwards. Change is supposed to make things better. I no longer like that word. 


The dealing of the IRS is a disgrace to modern America. I say, abolish the IRS in favor of a ‘fair tax’.


I was born with a Jewish father and a Christian mother who converted to Judaism and then went back to her Christian upbringing when my dad died. I am not religious. I am kind of an in between person who grew up thinking that religion was parties at relative’s houses. I celebrated both. I believe that this nation was built on Judeo-Christian beliefs and certainly not Muslim based beliefs.


My conviction is that Muslims have no right to practice in Jihad camps in America. They want this country to be a Sharia law (Islamic law) based Muslim country and will stop at nothing to try to do it. I am committed to stopping this. 


If everything that I have witnessed while networking and watching conservative news happens according to the possibilities I see, Islam or the NWO will be our choices. Starving sick people will make a choice. To stop this from happening, the people of America cannot be divided.


I lived through political unrest during my life and never thought that when becoming an American citizen, I would live to see a country rumble again. I am feeling it in my bones. I will be relentless in trying my best to make America whole and free once more.


We are not a free people when government spies on us and lets our Constitution be decimated.  


I am only human but I know right from wrong. The theme in this country is wrong. We must change that. We must unite or divided we will fall. Let us take back America!

Daveda Gruber

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