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we are at war

By: J. Reynoso, WTP Activist -  -  -

Fellow Americans we are at war. The anti-Donald Trump extremists present a danger to America, this growing movement of angry anti-Trump extremist are misinformed by the establishment and the corporate news media; in fact, anti-Trump extremist are targeting Donald Trump supporters, boycott business and praying in our constitutional rights, our Democratic system and the rule of law. Their demands and their ill understanding of American law and order, void the laws that we have in our communities and our country. Free speech does not include fake news, deception and lies and political demonstrations must not be a cover-up of criminal activities, destruction of private property, aggression, assault and the promotion of hate and domestic terrorism. We voted for Donald Trump because we are fed-up with the Washington corrupt establishment; it is the will of the people to stop corruption in our government and expose the corporate news media the propaganda machinery of the establishment. 

Our enemy is the Washington establishment; the Washington establishment is a shadow group that work in Collusion with the corporate news media, some members of our congress, the senate, some especial interest organizations and some rich private individuals, who are exercising a huge power behind the scenes; they are the forces that select and promote the candidates to be place in office so they be the subservient to the shadow government who are in fact the true executive power that control our country.

Fellow Americans, we are the solution. The President of our country Donald Trump, must not be deprived of his historic position as spokesman for the nation in its relations with other countries. We elected him to represent the people of the United States; we must stop the network of hate; “the corporate news media the propaganda machinery” that is turning Americans against each other and causing this division that will help them with their agenda of globalization and the exploitation of the American working class by their neo-liberalism policies.  If we fail to expose the corporate news media propaganda of hate and misinformation, our country will be demise by the Washington establishment, they are beyond the scrutiny of our democratic institutions, because the officials elected members of our government are subservient to the shadow government that has declare war against Donald Trump and the American people.

The question is; who is worse the criminal’s members of the Washington establishment or the ones that know the truth and fail to inform the people of this country.

A free press that fail to report the true is a propaganda system that must be expose as a danger to the people’s right to know the truth.  The most importance element of information in a true Democracy are; freedom of speech and a free press that report the true.

Executive Orders Are Normal

We must ask and question the following:

1-     Why they want to promote free trade and globalization.

2-     Who benefit from the free trade policies? corporations or the working people.

3-     Why millions of US factories closed in the last 30 years.

4-     Why they deceive us and start the Middle east wars.

5-     Why our government cover-up the truth about 9/11

6-     Why the news media fail to report the truth about the Middle East wars

7-     Why the news media fail to report the truth about the Clinton’s history of corruption?

8-     Why the news media hate Donald Trump and report disinformation and lies about Donald Trump policies.

9-     Why the news media call Donald Trump racist for taking action on border security and immigration and illegal immigration policies?

10-  Why the news media is engaging in making Donald Trump’s executive orders ground for impeachment, while they were silent about Obama’s executive orders and mass deportation of illegal immigrants?

11-  Why the news media and our politicians said nothing about Obama’s huge expending budget deficits and increased of or national debt to 20 trillion Dollars.

12-  Why the news media fail to inform the people about our 600 billion dollars military expending per year while we have 60 million Americans living in poverty -  extreme poverty and millions of retire people in social security and army veterans are the forgotten Americans that no one cares about?

13-  Why the news media fail to inform the people about the ill policies of neo-liberalism that destroy the people right to negotiated for better working conditions and pay.

14-  Why the news media fail to inform the people about the ill impact of privatization of government agencies on the American taxpayers.

15-  Why the news media fail to report the truth about the collusion between the FDA and the drug industry, food processing corporation and their failure to protect the American consumer by proper labeling of GMO products.

16-  Why the news media fail to report the people about the collusion of Washington and corporate America to promote monopolies in our country to control the market and the news media.

17-  Why the news media fail to report the people that the family farming was replaced by industrial farming to produce GMO produce that are killing Americans    

Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty.

Seek the truth and let the people know. Truth and knowledge diffused among the people are necessary for the reclamation and preservation of our Democracy, rights, freedom and liberties.


We the people voted for Donald Trump because we are fed-up with this corrupt establishment, war monger’s pro-globalization that betray us and send our soldiers to die in the Middle East, under the pretense of fighting terrorism, Democracy, our country’s security and the best interest of the American people. But today we know the truth;  that this was a deception the invasion was to control the oil reserves of the Middle east and benefit the transnational corporation and the U.S. military complex.

We must end lies and deception propagandized by the corporate news media, be inform connect to the Alternative news media that report the truth and expose the corrupt corporate news media propaganda machinery promoters of hate in our country, we must never forget that we are a sovereign country with the right to protect our borders by any means and protect the security of the American people.

Mainstream Media Corruption EXPOSED! Read More:

Mundo Times.

Alternative News Sources

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By: Juan Reynoso, activist -     STAND FOR AMERICA

"Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty."

The question is, who is worst the criminals that commit the crimes against humanity or the ones that know what is taken place in our country and do nothing to stop it and remain silent.

Ron Paul, the only honest candidate that was destroyed by the US News Media because he do not sale out. The NEOCON hates Ron Paul because he stands for Freedom, Honesty, and Sound Money. We are broken and pull apart by deception and betrayal; 2016 is the year of unity and the time to get our country on the right path, restore our freedom and take back our jobs and our rights to work for decent wages and our prosperity.

The “neocons” believe that American greatness is measured by our willingness to be a great power, through an unlimited global military intervention in other nations; their objective is to control and dominate regional resources to consolidate control, sufficient to generate global control and power. As American neocons continue to shape the narratives that define the permissible boundaries for U.S. foreign policy thinking, the failure to enforce any meaningful accountability on them for their role in the criminal and disastrous invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan has become painfully clear. We have become the world’s bully, the predators of many nations’ natural resources. Our integrity and honor was destroyed by the ill foreign policy of the GOP NEOCON. In any vibrant democratic system, it would be unthinkable that the neocons and the war hawks who pushed the United States into Iraq and Afghanistan  a little more than twelve years ago would still be exercising control over how Americans perceive today’s events. Yet, many of the exact same pundits and pols who misled the American people then are still misleading them today, they picture themselves as the champions of Democracy, freedom and pro free enterprise system, but in reality they are the promoters of predator corporatism, free trade and globalization, they want the control of the world’s natural resources, commerce and the en slavery of the working class. The question is who is worst, the criminals that commit the crimes against humanity or the ones that know what is taken place in our country and do nothing and remain silent. America, wake up and stand united to take our country back in 2016. Let’s work for Freedom, Honesty, and Sound Money. 

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Sources for this article include:     

The Criminal Plot to Stop Ron Paul

Ron Paul, the U.S. Representative from Texas

The NEOCON conservatives hate Ron Paul.



Get to know the man. Ron Paul news, articles and information:

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     We are the people of the United States.    WE are the power, and when it gets to the point of where our country is now,  after decades of plotting and planning against us by our own elected officials, and the POWERS THAT BE behind the scenes,  we are left with no choice but to LITERALLY THROW THESE BUMS OUT...

     You have to realize that this has NOTHING to do with being a Democrat or Republican,  it's about DOING WHAT'S RIGHT FOR THE COUNTRY.

     What makes me nuts is that THESE SCUMS that are in Washington think THEY KNOW BETTER than the U.S. Constitution.   YEAH,  the same Constitution that allowed them to get elected.  The same Constitution that THEY SWEAR ON THEIR LIVES with hands on the bible that they will uphold, and defend against ALL enemies both foreign and domestic.

     THE MINUTE YOU DEVIATE FROM THE PLAN,  the plan falls apart.  And what we wind up with is the friggin MESS that we have across this country right now.

     Obama is a complete disgrace.  He's SNEAKY, AND A LYING UNQUALIFIED BOOB

     And for those of you that think i'm picking on Democrats, GROW UP  cause George W Bush, and his loser old man GEORGE H W BUSH are no better than OBAMA.  They're all feathers of the same dead bird.

     THERE IS A  ( MAJOR ) LAWSUIT that's been created by the PEOPLE and what we hope is that we can get the support of all the Tea Partiers out there.

     PEOPLE / TAXPAYERS OF THE U.S.A. ( V ) THE GOVERNMENT & CONGRESS ET AL and this includes over 40 co defendants from Obama to Bush 1, Bush 2, Clinton, Congress, Eric Holder, and all the rest of the losers that have TRASHED this country and CONTINUE to do so at the expense of all of us.  

     This is about to be filed with the U.S. SUPREME COURT in Washington DC and we need your support.  

     This has taken TWO YEARS to create and with exhibits exceeds 1000 pages, and once you start reading it, you won't be able to put it down.    IT WILL shock you with details, and information that will make your stomach turn, and make your soul catch fire.

     Let us know that we have your support.   GET A COPY of the lawsuit FOR FREE




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Our Duty To The Declaration of Independence

More than just the birthday of our nation, the 4th of July commemorates something we as a country have all but forgotten. The 4th of July represents a celebration for it was, is, and always will be the only true philosophical revolution in all history. Distinctly American, ours was a revolution that changed the very concept of government.

On July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed by our founding fathers as they denounced our separation and “absolved from all Allegiance to the British crown”. In doing so, the United States of America was created and with it a new concept emerged as a government under the people declared their freedom and independence.

This concept of government was uniquely American as it served as,”only a convenience created and managed by the people,with no powers of its own except those voluntarily granted to it by the people” stated Ronald Reagan.

The government we see today is no longer of mere convenience as Americans, more evident than ever before, relinquish their consent in acceptance of absolute despotism.

The long train of abuses and usurpations by the government have increased under the Obama adminstration to a point in which there “evinces a Design” to reduce us under “absolute despotism”.

The establishment of absolute tyranny appears to be surging into inevitability as the President sets a defiant tone in asserting that he will act “with or without congress“. In his 2014 State of the Union address, Barack Obama promised a “year of action” as he stated his intent to unilaterally act “wherever and whenever” he can without legislation.

Thus the President confirms his transformation into taking actions that are akin to a king.

John Locke wrote of this transformation under his Second Treatise of Government stating, “Whereas usurpation is the exercise of power to which someone else has a right, tyranny is the exercise of power to which nobody can have a right”.

Furthermore, “It is what happens when a governor, however entitled he is to govern, is guided not by the law but by his own wants, and his commands and actions are directed not to preserving his subjects’ properties but to satisfying his own ambition, revenge, covetousness, or any other irregular passion”.

Currently our President has shown nothing but sheer contempt for those who remain against his ideology. He is guided not by laws but by his own wants and commands directed at satisfying his own ambition to fundamentally transform the United States of America.

With Locke’s notion of tyranny in mind, one must only look towards the Declaration of Independence, specifically with an eye towards the founders description of the king, in comparing the similarities of Obama’s increasingly imperial presidency.

The Declaration states that the king, “has dissolved Representative Houses repeatedly, for opposing with manly Firmness his invasions on the Rights of people…He has erected a Multitude of new offices, and sent hither swarms of officers to harass our people…He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good”.

The President has dissolved the “Representative Houses” in acting “with or without congress”, most notably in his multiple unilateral actions of delaying and implementing Obamacare. He has used the Government, particularly the IRS, to harass Tea Party groups, which continues to this day. He has refused acceptance of our laws, most recently in refusing to protect our borders as illegal immigrants swarm into the country without fear of deportation.

Feel free to Read the Rest of My Article By Clicking Here

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Who's Playground is it?

Warning! First Blog!-Since this is my first blog on Tea Party, or anywhere else for that matter, I'll make this blog as pleasant as I can and build up to the crescendo as time goes by.

The psychology that unfolds on every playground is the fruit of people watchers. Although I'm not the best people watcher, I like to think I do alright and the harder lessons that I've learned are not to be shared with strangers. The hardest lessons that I've learned are unpleasant and are mostly intended for prisons. Since retirement, I try not to use or think of those hardest lessons.

The general lessons are there for the taking and one I give freely-what you see on a playground has been developing over several years of operation. For instance, an older ball player plays well partially because he is familiar with the field. A visiting ballplayer must be confident in his game to overlook the unfamiliar field. Certainly all the variables are not possible to know or list, suffice to say that thousands of emotions swirl around a playground.

When you are on a playground, the ownership of the property was never doubted until Barry came to town. Forever, playgrounds have belonged to We the People. They still do and always will. It's just that  certain individuals are unable to conceive the American Model and lust for money and ego. These occasional nuisances have become significant due to lack of vigilance in Congress.

In America, fair play is for all and bullies are chased out. Confident and empathizing children rally to the aid of their friends and under normal situations, bullies are recognized and treated accordingly. Not a perfect system, just the best one in the World. 

It isn't the bully's physicality that makes him scary. It's the perception of harm by the other kids that give the bully his command. Scared children seek bullies! Some seek bullies for protection and most run for safety after they've seen the bully.

For the sake of an analogy,  government is a playground-not in a simple form by any means but rather  in the complex macro-societal confusion that it is. More than one ballgame, a few matches of tennis, and maybe a scrimmage on the basketball court is all that it takes to appease the elderly spectators and allow them to reminisce about their youthful days. Driving past a playground doesn't allow enough time to capture all the dynamics of any playground.

Using this analog, I ask that you imagine Barry entering the playground-what happens next? Nothing. He is not a "bully" in the traditional sense of the word and the police have no reason to suspect his affable nature of any vandalism or damage to the playground. Barry's personality allows him to endear himself to others and draw up alliances.

Without keen people watching skills, no one could have identified the friends of Barry that preceded him to the playground and had been waiting for his arrival.

In a well-planned execution of some nefarious plot, the kids and parents succumb to not Barry's plan, but the rather the plans of Barry's friends. Barry is only the patsy for the shills. In a very short while, the majority of the playground is in love with what they think Barry can do for them despite knowing that Barry has no skills, no history of accomplishment, and certainly no interest in the playground outside personal gain. My story-stick with me!

There will never be a shortage of selfish people in this World and selfish people recognize other selfish people instantly. Once the core group suckers a small group, the small group is made to look bigger and important. As a group, the bullying and manipulation is much easier but deceit is still the main thrust. If one member of the group gets found out, they are cast off and business continues.

Rather than spin this beyond use, Barry is known and the establishment of the Tea Party is figuratively the concerned parents that want to keep the playground nice-this is reprehensible to anyone that has been trained to hate the Tea Party but it will work for my purpose. The only problem now is concerned parents have no shills and cannot organize as splendidly as Barry says he is. Since Barry owns the enforcer, who doesn't need to be identified until after an event happens (already done), concerned parents have the opportunity to say, "I know but there's nothing I can do!". How many tines have you heard that?

Republicans linger in the bleachers. The Whigs and Tories have gone home. Other groups just can't seem to get an invitation and they watch from behind the fence. Therefore, Barry and his boys must infiltrate, deface, and discredit the Tea Party boys. The Sharks meet the Jets, no difference.

The few tussles and taunts done to preserve the playground were late, pathetic, and insulting to concerned parents. The bullies control the playground, set rules, and grant wishes. Ballgames have cheerleaders that shout "Yes We Can!' whether they win or not. It can be a wonderful, working playground if it weren't for the admissions booth at the entrance and the Board of Directors.

The Tea Party could regain the playground and here's how:

Focus on an issue and declare it solved and won whether it is or not. Misinformation goes both ways.

Sue for damages done and hold criminals to bear for crimes committed, no more of this revolving door drama-they did or they didn't.

Since the dawn of time, killing, starving, poisoning, and torturing people has been done for monetary and political gain. The Tea Party could accept this or any other issue to champion rather than defend the Constitution or similar diversion from true progress as a Nation. If we lose the Constitution but save lives, we can draft a new Constitution that does not mitigate criminal actions of the government-need an example?

Never before, have we had an opportunity as grand as this one to solve problems, rather than start wars. The Repubs and Dems can't do it -too much like work-so it will have to be the Tea Party.

The playground will exist and be available for a fee. Neither Democrats or Republicans have an issue with that or any other item of business. Life is good and everyone is making millions, so what's the problem? The Federal Government of the USA is on its ass!

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A letter to every American Veteran

Folks, every one of us once fought for our Country and we are now Proud Veterans. If there IS such a thing as a "government hit list" - I can almost guarantee the majority (if not all) of us are on it... simply because we are Veterans.

We have all witnessed the acts and abuses of this administration... the seemingly endless lies.

Back when mr kerry attempted to run for President it was the Veterans who stood up and said NO - the "Swift Boater's"......

Today we have somewhat more difficult decisions and issues. Issues I have to ask myself;

If not us - who?

I urge everyone to write Speaker Boehner and give him your opinion about the lies, deceit and lack of transparency we have all witnessed - as well as the lack of Congressional actions when a civilian (or Veteran) so charged would quickly find themselves behind bars.

I urge you to write your outrage - be polite and respectful - but voice your opinion as loudly as possible while being polite and respectful. Plagiarize as much of what I have written as you choose - but please get it done.

As we once served our Nation as a Soldier for our own Honor - now we have Children and Grandchildren to think about as well as the Nation we once fought for.

Senator Cruz had it right when he said only overwhelming public opinion will move Congress to act.

BE the squeaky wheel!

The Speaker's email addy is:

Reince Priebus email addy is: (address it directly to him)


Reince Priebus, Speaker John Boehner,

Gentlemen - I praise your statements demanding an answer to this latest lie - but Gentlemen, this is a PATTERN....

You have had a "ring-side" seat to this pattern and cannot deny it exists.

Regardless if it is the thousands of lies he has told or the effectively Q class security of his and michelle's records and past - it IS a pattern of deception and secrecy unprecedented in our history.

This is categorically NOT "politics" - this is lying with an endgame agenda in play.

A "pattern" of deceit.

Speaker, everyone is quite aware of the Contempt charges against ms learner and mr holder; In a Civilian Civil or Criminal Court - those who are in Contempt of Court find themselves behind bars immediately, yet these two are in Contempt of Congress.... a somewhat more serious charge than a Civilian or Criminal Court of Law....... and they walk the streets free?

It is my - and millions of others - firm opinion that if Congress will arrest these two and others in this administration witness the arrests and criminal charges leveled against them - you will finally uncover all of the crime and corruption in this administration within a year - instead of within our Grandchildren's lifetimes........

Respectfully Sir, the very first words of the Constitution of the United States are "We the People". Millions of Americans have already weighed in on these issues and we want these people arrested for their crimes.

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The coming of the new era.


Seek the truth – stand by the truth – live the truth.

Our agenda is to establish a government base on the truth and our Christian principles


By: Juan Reynoso-       --

The coming of the new era.

Americans are in complete denial, most they can't believe that Obama and many of the senators and congressmen are part of the organization that want to destroy the USA. The whole issue is the control and slavery of humanity. The strategy is to use human rights, civil right and economy prosperity for everyone. That is why most people are buying this propaganda. They brainwashed most Americans using this type of propaganda that promoted social justice; but the reality is the opposite. All started with Reagan he was the promoter of free trade and that policy was the beginning of the end of the economy prosperity of the USA and the world. The true is that free trade is the globalization and control of the world economy with only one purpose to create a concentration of wealth capable to own and control the natural resources of the world, the production and distribution of goods by the slavery of humanity. From the 1970 the present time, we have experience a continuous increase of poverty in American and the world, the middle class is disappearing and the elite rich get richer and in control of Washington. I don't want you to believe me, do your own research, seek the truth, use your common sense and be an activist to reclaim your freedom that, is you right and duty; do it for God and our country. God has blessed American the land of the free.  Our hope of salvation are the people of faith, the believers of Christ and Jehovah the stewards of God’s creation; they will not let this corrupt system of government to slave God’s people, for the grace of God we are free, that is God’s will and we will not compromise, our faith and courage come from God and his purpose is to save humanity through us his people; this is a manifestation of love and trust on us from God all mighty.

On God I trust and our salvation is through Jesus our Lord.|19911|bible%20prophecy||C||40520276041&gclid=CIaxufz1gL4CFU9p7AodFmQAMg

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Growing up in a Norman Rockwell Painting

In 1960 Kansas, almost everyone I knew seemed happy and content.  I did not know anyone who didn't have a father and mother, at home, and divorce was nonexistent. I was 10 years old.  We walked or road our bikes to school.  We came home for lunch which our mother fixed!  My older brother and I ate super every night with both parents who played games, like Bridge, with us afterward.  On weekends we fished, hunted, or drove to Kansas City to see our relatives.

We loved to be outdoors, even when the weather was unpleasant.  My brother and I would brag we could go to a fixing spot and catch a fix just from what people left behind.  Our poles were branches.  Usually a hook was around.  A twig was our bobber. We built sod forts and staged dirt clod fights with other kids.  There was plenty of spare wood around to make swords, and use trash can lids as our shields.

In the Summer we would ride our bikes downtown to swim at the public pool.  My mother would take me to the golf course to walk and carry my own bag of clubs. Church and church activities were a large part of our lives.  It seems you were either a Baptist or Church of Christ.  We managed to get along with each other.

In school the day was started with the Lords Prayer, and saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Our teachers were  like aunts and uncles and most people learned and memorized things like our spelling words and multiplication tables.

My father gave me a good allowance.  I wasn't happy with that and arranged to sell TV guides door to door.  I made 4 cents a copy.  I enjoyed working with my father on Saturdays in the yard or home.  As I got older, I started selling stamps by mail and published a newspaper for stamp collections from a mimeograph my parents bought we for Christmas.

How I cringe at the youth of today.  They can't talk, spell or make change.  The can punch  keys all day long and use four letter words with ease.   One author referred to them as "deluded narcissists."  The self absorbed society we have created should worry any patriot.  Only 20% of high school student in my state know why we celebrate the 4th of July.  I bet they know the name of every Ipod out there.

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By John W. Lillpop

On the Dave Letterman show Tuesday night, President Barack Obama stated that the occupant of the Oval Office must "work for everyone, not just for some," a pathetic response to Mitt Romney’s “secret” video.

However, Obama’s record over the past four years indicates that there are several groups of Americans whom the president does not care about, or work for.

Those Obama does not appear to work for include, but are not limited to:

( )Those who earn more than $250,000 a year;
( )Those involved in the coal industry;
( )Religious institutions denied First Amendment rights as a result of ObamaCare mandates:
( )US Border patrol agents and their families;
( )Male Caucasians;
( )Pro-life activists;
( )Stay- at- home moms;
( )Tea Party members;
( )Evangelicals;
( )The City and people of Las Vegas;
( )Gun rights advocates;
( )Opponents of same-sex marriage;
( )Supply-side economists;
( )Balanced budget advocates;
( )Pro-Israel activists;
( )FOX News;
( )Americans for legal immigration:
( )US Chamber of Commerce;
( )People and businesses that pay taxes;
( )Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump, and Clint Eastwood, and
( )Governors of Red States.

The big question: Does the number of voters in the above categories exceed the 47 percent in the tank for our failed president?

Pray to God that the answer is a resounding YES!

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United We Stand

"We The People's" authority to amend the Constitution of the United States is derived from

Article V of the Constitution

The Constitution provides that an amendment may be proposed either by the Congress with a “two-thirds majority vote in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, or  by a “constitutional convention” called for by two-thirds of the State legislatures and since the President does not have a constitutional role in the amendment process, the joint resolution does not go to the White House for signature or approval.

A proposed amendment becomes part of the Constitution as soon as it is ratified by three-fourths of the States (38 of 50 States).  The process is called “Constitutional Convention”.

Constitutional Convention has only been used once in the entire history of this country.  I was astonished that it wasn’t congress that got the credit for ending “prohibition” but rather it was because of the united efforts of “We The People” through our collective state legislatures resulting in a forced joint resolution through the people’s right of Constitutional Convention.

What the Constitutional Convention does  is, if the President of the United States refuses to faithfully uphold his oath of office, just as President Obama did when he refused to enforce the“Defense of Marriage Act”(DOMA), and a U.S. Congress Committee fails to put forth an amendment in the  form of a joint resolution, just as the House Judiciary Committee has and is still doing to prevent a vote to amend the United States Constitution defining marriage to be the union between one man and one woman, the citizens of the United States can have their state legislatures  demand and force the U.S. Congress to do so through “Constitutional Convention” and bring forth a joint resolution to amend the U.S. Constitution and the United States President is powerless to do anything about it.

It means “We The People”, through “Constitutional Convention” could hold the U.S. Senate accountable to pass a budget by amending the U.S. Constitution preventing any further spending until it is done.

It means “We The People” through “Constitutional Convention” could establish the law of the land that no tax could be levied against the people without the ratification of (38 of 50) states of the union.

It means the people have a course of action to define and limit the scope of authority of any appointed or elected official.  The Supreme Court’s authority can be limited to the interpretation to the U.S. Constitution and any law or executive order would require the ratification of (38 of 50) states.

It means “We The People” could amend the Constitution to enhance the checks and balances of government  to allow the majority vote of either the House or Senate be sufficient cause for dismissal of any elected official or appointed official, including the Supreme Court Justices.

The Tea Party is in an excellent position to collaborate the state cooperation needed to make this course of action a reality for the American People.   

Will you help spear head the practice of "Constitutional convention" on behalf of “We The People”?  If the Tea Party of Each State were to coordinate efforts and topics of "Constitutional Convention" to each state legislature, "We The People" would not only have a greater voice but also would begin having a greater impact in Washington instead of just every four years or time of re-election

Please coordinate with your Tea Party commander and state representatives about

your Constitutional Convention”  right, and process,  thank you.

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I Pee On Dead People

Pissing on Corpses – I wish our President would have the guts to tell the world this:

Don’t make me come over there! When we land, we are going to shoot anyone and everyone who resists us. We are going to piss on every corpse, and then were going to take a dump in your city hall, right on the Governor chair. We are going to teach your people to smoke cigarettes and love Rock N Roll. We are going to take all the minerals out of your soil, drain all your oil reserves, drink all your water, eat all your food and take anything of value back to America.

We are going to take your currency and burn it in the town square, drink all your alcohol and teach birth control to your society so ‘your people’ will come to the point of extinction in one generation. Then we are going to teach English to everyone in your nation and make them dependent on America for everything, including the air they breathe. But of course we won’t stop there. We are going to fill your streets with hundreds of thousands of bicycles ridden by students from the LDS Church. They’ll go to every door, ring every bell, then I’ll send in the Baptists ….and that is only the first wave of our troops.

So…. If I were you, don’t me come over there! Got it! Any questions?"


If America would have taken a position like this along time ago we would have saved a lot of lives. I guess everyone has forgotten the term: 'DON'T TREAD ON ME'

So, should we take a harder stance against our enemies or punish the Marines who did the pissing?

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Obama is purposely trying to collapse the American Economy. He is doing this on purpose. "On Purpose".
Call him out on this. If we just sit here and watch him, he will indeed collapse the Economy. Make noise. Call and write your Congressman and Senator. Tell your friends and neighbors. signs at Tea party;s should say:



We need to talk about it. Spread the word. If Economy collapses, it will be worse than Great Depression.
God Bless,
Alex Abrams, Orlando

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Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News

Could the very reason why the elite have been causing massive rises in disabilities including cancer, diabetes, autism, and otherproblems so that many will be forced to turn to Government assistanceprograms such as medicaid, medicare, Disability insurance, tricare, andothers is to then just decide to end those programs and then kill allof those on the programs and call them bad guys.

I bet your wondering why would I think something so preposterous well it happenedbefore and the last time something like that happened was NAZI Germanywhen at first under the Socialist German Workers Party (Which becamethe NAZI Party after Hitler) they get everyone dependent on thegovernment and then start putting out ads to kill the elderly with theT4 Euthanasia Program.

It translates as:

60,000 Reichsmarks is what this person suffering from a hereditarydisease costs the People's community during his lifetime. Comrade,that is your money too. Read '[A] New People', the monthly magazine ofthe Bureau for Race Politics of the NSDAP

So if Germany's Government pulled this after getting people reliant on Government assistance Programs could the same thing be pulled here?

Well the Georgia Guide stones said that the population shouldn't go beyond 500,000,000 so in order to achieve that goal the elite mustengage in genocide so this means getting rid of over 6 billion peopleworldwide.

So how is people on government assistance programs going to be killed well continue reading and I'llget to that part.

Well as peoples health problems are on the increase including Autism,food is being taintedwith GMO, Vitamins and Herbal supplements havebeen tainted which means they can cause further Health problemsregular Corporate Insurance likely won't cover, water being tainted withFluoride, not to mention there's a constantrise in Social Security Applicants on a yearly basis, politicianshad been attempting to attack people on Government Welfare, Obamaplotted last year to cutveteran care and Obama is looking more and more like Hitlereveryday.

Also more and more pro communist movements and Pro Socialist groups are giving Obama the support heneeds to turn America into a dictatorship just like Nazi Germany. AlsoObamas new Health Czar in charge of Medicare and Medicaid said about RedistributingWealth.

A past Article by Paul J. Watson spoke of the fact that the Bilderberg group which has caused political corruption for theworld is not only wanting us disarmed but want us to be Dependenton the Government.

So what if the plan by the Bilderbergs was to make a majority of Americans have Healthproblems so they can't fight back, are reliant on Prescription drugscontrolled by thew DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) and ICE (ImmigrationEnforcement Agency), and the elite along with Big Pharma get so manyreliant on Government Welfare programs, then put out Ad Campaigns (akaPSAs) against those dependent on Government Programs like the T4Euthanasia Program started by Hitler under his plan for The FinalSolution then start killing all the Veterans, Disabled people thatcan't work that receive disability checks, Military that lost theirlimbs during active duty, and start throwing millions that receive foodstamps in Concentration camps.

In fact that is a great idea for dictators to force people to be reliant on Government financialassistance programs and then punish them. Get or even force people tobeg the government for food is the way to end the Constitution forever.That is why Health Insurance has got worse and why health problemshave been on the rise is to force people on Government Programs thendrop the programs all together forcing people that can't afford HealthInsurance to die while suppressing cures and inexpensive treatmentsunder Corporate patents and Mob gangs (Drug Gangs).

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