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An Open Letter to David Hogg

I joined the military at 18, and having served 20 years I have seen a great part of the world we live in. Some of it was good, some of it not so much. I have fond memories of my time in the service. I was fortunate enough to give to my country. One of the first memories that I have occurred in boot camp in Camp Barry in North Chicago. The history we were shown about our country from the founding fathers to the formation of the first U. S. Navy will always be a guiding point of my life. One of the courses I remember the most was a course entitled “Rights and Responsibility”. In that course I was taught that the rights we enjoy in this, the most exceptional country in the world, were God given. I learned that those rights also came with responsibilities that must be adhered to. Those responsibilities are laid out in our founding documents, the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

One of those rights was the 2nd Amendment. The enforcement of the 2nd Amendment was for innumerable reasons, from hunting for food, to self defense, to the ability to overthrow a tyrannical government as set forth by our Founding Fathers.

The ability of our citizens to keep the guns that our Federal law have given them without question are now under attack by many who are fearful of guns. The progressive socialists and leftists quaintly call it “Gun Safety” with the full intent on working even further to confiscate the firearms that the citizens hold.

We find ourselves after another school shooting that the progressive socialists once again raise voices over the bodies of the victims.  Not mentioned is the total breakdown of federal and local enforcement that could have kept Nikolas Cruz from getting any firearms. We now have children who will be traumatized for the rest of their lives for something that could have been prevented.

It was the PROMISE ACT implemented by Obama and his contempt of court Attorney General that set this massacre in motion. Because they were concerned about what they called a disproportionate number of blacks in prison they started the Promise Act to break the classroom to prison train. All it did was require that schools in the country allow violent and mentally ill students to harass the other students without fear of arrest . Nikolas Cruz was one of those students. All of this was done so that schools could get more federal funds.

One of the most vociferous agitators is a survivor of the shooting in Parkland. He has taken to speaking for all the students of the school and has pushed himself forward to be a strident voice for the victims.  Although he has been all over the airwaves from CNN and MSNBC to late night shows to do nothing more than to force on citizens the progressive socialist talking points of gun control. There have been many of other survivors of the Parkland shooting who disagree with his anti-gun position, and they, like everyone else who disagrees with him have been shouted down and ridiculed for disagreeing with him.

Working with such groups as, Planned Parenthood, and others, he has taken to making demands that are superfluous and meaningless.

Who is  David Hogg and why should we care? He seems to think he is now a policy expert and can arrange for his thoughts and opinions to be taken seriously. How many times have you heard him on CNN or MSNBC slandering those who disagree with him or heard him say “I am not going to allow”. My first thought is who the hell does he think he is. The son of a supposed FBI agent father and a VIP mother who works for CNN (his own words) what makes him any more expert just because he was in the building next to where the shooting occurred? His condescending attitude and his inability to see past the myopic preening group that are his handlers is self serving. His present course will allow him to move forward in his future plans as either a journalist of politician, another progressive leftists that can lie easily and do nothing more than push the Alinsky principles forward. He is the perfect “victim” he can say and demean anyone he likes and lie about facts and can do it with impunity because he can always fall back on being a “victim”. Any who call out his lies or his demeaning of others will be set upon by the socialists who are cheering him on.

I find it informative that he has spoken in derogatory terms of Gov. Rick Scott and President Trump with absolutely no understanding of what actually happened. He needs to learn his civics and take a government class. The incompetent Broward Country Sherriff was not hired by the Governor but an elected official elected by the people within the county. Hogg does not mention that This same sheriff was in Chicago and an advocate for the PROMISE program mentioned above and a big Obama supporter before bringing his incompetence to Parkland.

David Hogg has called the NRA “child murderers” and has spoken about Dana Loesch being a bad mother. Once again the subject that he rants about is in a word ignorant and a lie. The NRA is a non-profit that does nothing more than safety training and protection of our 2nd Amendment rights. He talks of forcing corporations to sever ties with the NRA and yet can’t explain how that will help the situation. Neither CNN or MSNBC will stand up to a young man who wants the opportunity to be a victim and activist  and allow him to wallow in his self serving political agenda. And who in their right mind think that according to Hogg’s PR firm that he has more credibility that the NRA or Dana Loesch.

This isn’t to say that David Hogg  shouldn’t have a voice. I admit and will willingly listen to his ideas that may alleviate the gun challenges that we face, but hot when his main claim to fame is doing nothing more that demaning others, trying to discredit others and what is nothing more than a child stomping his feet to get others to agree with him. If he finds himself willing to talk with others on a equal basis, andlisten as well as speak perhaps there can be progress made.

Not that he will listen, but a few suggestions for Hogg and his followers:

  1. The NRA is a powerful organizations, but it is a fallacy that the “buy” politicians. This is a talking point that is nothing more than a “dog whistle” to the gun grabbers. Look at the list about who contributes and lobbies our government. You will find that the NRA are not even in the top 50 and barely makes the Top 100. If you want to say they are “buying” politicians, would it not be true to say the Planned Parenthood as well. (They are in the Top 10.) Would not that also be the murder of children? Attempting to mobilize the population against its 5 million members and those that are not members but those who are in agreement with the NRA’s policies is a tactic that will not succeed in pushing the anti-gun agenda. The NRA is instrumental in lobbying aginst the insufferable taxation, legislation and regulation that the anti-gun cabal will attempt to use to make guns  and the privacy of owning one a thing of the 
  2. The media is behind you in the furthering of anti-gun propaganda, and Hogg has told one representative that thy will win because “we will outlive you”. Does he really think that the population and future voters will ALL agree with him? More and more people are agreeing with the NRA, no matter what lies you tell. Even some of your sycophants that are with you know will grow older and more conservative. You may very well find you mob rule backers being winnowed away when they get older and learn more. Even now, more than two thirds of voters blame the government failures that allowed this to happen.
  3. Because you feel that you can espouse your thoughts and demands on the fact that you were a victim is irrelevant. If you are going to pontificate your testimony to the nodding heads of the mainstream media without pushback you are sadly mistaken. Calling the NRA child murderers, and calling for boycotts will be of little effect. You will find that your mass movement will be trickle compared to what you will face. You are not a “Lion” as you have called yourself, and the media has anointed you to be the “voice of change”. While I agree that there needs to be change, it will not be forced on the American people.

You have forced yourself into the political discourse that you know little about. You have bullied others and demeaned others for the simple fact that they disagree with you. This country does not respond well to demands made by someone who has little experience in the real world legislative, constitutional and historical perspective. And be forewarned, you have forced yourself into the arena of politics and you have no right to make demands of others whether corporations of individuals.

And one more final thought. The United Sates is NOT a broken Democracy. Our country was founded as a Republic and is not broken but bent out of shape by those who would destroy it. It is dented because of people like David Hogg who rant and rave and insults those who disagree and of course his progressive socialist enablers and handlers. If you have something to say show it with facts and offer a way to make things better. But screaming or threatening those who disagree with you is not the answer, It is time you learn that.

And no, I am not an NRA member, and whether I own guns or not is not for anyone to know. That is my right under the 2nd Amendment.

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When we ignore the Constitution in our “righteous” quest to safeguard the 2nd Amendment, we are little better than the Bloomberg crowd.

Currently under consideration by Congress, the Conceal Carry Reciprocity Act (HR38) would expand our right to carry across State lines, compelling sovereign States to defer to federal authority  in such matters.

Please understand that the ONLY authority over arms delegated to the federal government by the States is Art I Sec 8, Clause 16 which, per the Militia Act of 1792, empowers the feds to organize, arm and discipline the Militia. That’s it!!!

The 2nd Amendment was wisely intended by our founders to limit the federal government—not the States. It was intended to prohibit the federal government  from regulating a citizen’s right to bear arms outside a citizen’s duty as a militia member.

So, while the feds may constitutionally protect a State citizen’s right to be armed in order to carry out his responsibility as a member of the State Militia, the federal government is not constitutionally empowered to in any way extend its authority beyond that specific purpose.

State Constitutions define their citizens’ 2nd Amendment rights, and if a State Constitution inadequately protects citizens’ 2nd Amendment rights, then citizens of that State are duty-bound to amend the State Constitution—NOT to encourage the federal Leviathan to superimpose its superimpose its 2nd Amendment desires on the States.

Though the Reciprocity Act is a wonderfully convenient remedy for conceal carry gun owners to carry across State lines unimpeded, the Act is blatantly unconstitutional. That must matter to us all, for if we permit the feds to illegitimately grant “rights”, at a future date the feds may just as easily deny those “rights”, reducing God-given and constitutional rights to nothing more than federal “privileges”.  Is that what NRA patriots want? God, I hope not!!

As an NRA member in good standing for many years now, when it comes to protecting citizens’ rights to be armed, the Constitution must ALWAYS  be our guide—NOT any short-sighted desire for personal convenience.  

Assailed from all sides today, the Constitution was intended to be the Supreme Law of the Land. Let’s try to restore it to that lofty status. Let’s not foolishly, unwittingly—or conveniently—subvert it.

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Obama Tells a Rape Victim a Gun Won't Protect Her

Liberals like to talk about women’s rights but among those rights is, or should be, the second right enshrined in the Constitution’s Bill of Rights -- the right to keep and bear arms to protect one’s self. A woman’s body is her own, liberals tell us, and she has the right to choose to have an abortion. But the same liberals would deny women like Kimberly Corban the right to defend her body, and her children, with a firearm against the predators who lurk among us.

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Greta van Susteren Comes out for Bullet Control

It is not a novel idea -- the notion that the route to gun control is not by attacking the right to bear arms which the U.S. Supreme Court has declared to be both an individual and a national right, but to use that old standby, regulation, to dry up the supply of bullets. It was that idea that was endorsed by Fox News host Greta Van Susteren when she appeared on ABC’s “This Week”:

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Hillary vs, the 2nd Amendment

Hillary vs. the 2nd Amendment

Hillary Clinton, who served an administration that ran thousands of guns to Mexican drug lords under Operation Fast and Furious, is now fast and furiously trying to resurrect a failing campaign by taking aim at so-called gun rights “extremists”.

In the wake of the shootings at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, Mrs. Clinton advocated in New Hampshire for a new gun group for “responsible gun owners” apart from the National Rifle Association, which she considers extremist, even though no NRA member has ever been involved in a mass shooting:

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Jeb Bush vs. 2nd Amendment

Jeb Bush vs. the 2nd Amendment

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is not a political amateur and has faced questions from many prominent talking heads in the media. Yet in the 2016 he has made multiple gaffes indicating he still might not be ready for prime time, the latest being a question of whether gun ownership is a right guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution.

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Mental Health and the 2nd Amendment

Despite the undeniable mental issues affecting black, gay Democrat Vester Flanagan, who was not sporting a Confederate flag before he shot and killed his two former KDBJ coworkers, reporter Alison Parker and photojournalist Adam Ward, the fact is that he passed a background check and legally possessed the Glock handgun he used. As much as we all want to prevent the mentally unstable from possessing firearms, the fact is that there was nothing in Flanagan’s background to prevent him from legally owning a firearm.

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Disarmed military personnel are sitting ducks for terror attacks

In the wake of the Chattanooga shootings, in which five unnamed U.S. servicemen were murdered by a self-radicalized jihadist, U.S. Army Chief of Staff Ray Odierno suggested that allowing soldiers on base or at recruiting centers “could cause more problems than it solves.”  With all due respect to his service and status, this is nonsense.

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Karl Rove vs. the 2nd Amendment

Karl Rove vs. the 2nd Amendment

Guns don’t kill people, the Constitution kills people, at least according to Karl Rove, Republican strategist and architect of George W. Bush’s election and reelection as president. Rove, speaking on Fox News Sunday, and in the wake of the South Carolina church massacre, embraced the liberal mantra that there are too many guns on the street and went a step further and a step too far, saying the way to avoid more such tragedies is to repeal the Second Amendment and its guarantee of our right to keep and bear arms:

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4064085075?profile=originalOnce again the totalitarian government of the Muslim Barak Husain Obama is embarked on a quest to degrade and destroy the second amendment and deny Americans one of their basic rights. The BATF has just announced a plan penned by the tyrant Obama to deny law abiding American citizen’s ammo for the popular AR15 rifle. The AR15 is one of the most sought after and owned sporting and target semi auto rifle in America. Owned and enjoyed by millions of citizens. It is also a preferred weapon for protection of life and family hunting and target shooting.

What the communist Democrats cannot do by legislation and legally with in the constitution is illegally being done by Obama with his endless imperial executive orders from the White House. He is continuing to show contempt for the will of the people and our Constitution! If this executive order when executed is allowed to stand and not be stopped this will be the beginning of an endless string of orders to disarm the American people." No" further tampering with the second amendment in any way should be tolerated or allowed! This issue has already been decided by the people as well as the original intent and truth in the constitution itself.

In this critical time in our history, when Obama and his communist democrat party have made their intentions known to destroy our Traditional and Constitutional Republic, we must not allow anymore of this! We will be subjugated, controlled and lose our freedoms under Obama's New World Order. When they confiscate our guns and ammunition our last resort to save America will have been taken away from us.

The communist Obama forces and the Democrats will not stop! They have shown they intend to destroy the Constitution and our American values and way of life and remake it into a Marxist state with complete obedience and control to the Marxist Totalitarian government. Obama's Imperial orders must stop now by force if necessary! He has made it known he intends to move on firearms confiscation within the next 2 years. This plan has also been leaked by Michelle Obama at various democratic fund raising events!

All Patriot citizens should ignore and not obey unconstitutional laws starting now! Anything concerning the second amendment, immigration or event illegal actions by the IRS! Call and write to your Senators and Congressmen both at state and federal level and demand they stop this illegal abuse of our constitution now! Tell them we will not follow unconstitutional laws and decrees and this will end in a force of arms as our constitution requires of us if this continues! Tell them to start doing their jobs and defend the Constitution!


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4063994050?profile=originalShooter In Canada Stopped By Good Guy With Gun

 Oct 24 2014 00:00:00 E 14_ISSUES

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4063991281?profile=originalDems Use Ebola To Push For Anti-Gun Surgeon General

Tue, Oct 21 2014 00:00:00 E A12_ISSUES

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Chicago Crime Rate Drops, Thanks To Concealed Carry

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1st question on "expanded background check" form: 1. Are you a liberal democrat, Muslim or, a combination of the two?


Gabrielle Giffords, Mark Kelly to Challenge NRA in 2014



Gabrielle Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly want to challenge the NRA in Congressional races in 2014.

Ten months after the heinous crime at Sandy Hook Elementary and six and a half months since a Tucson gun store owner refused to sell Kelly an assault weapon--believing he could not pass question 11a of the NICS background check--Giffords and Kelly are readying themselves to go after the NRA for opposing expanded background checks. 

According to ABC News, Kelly says he and Giffords "would like to spend in the 2014 elections what the NRA spent in 2012."

To do this, they are raising funds via their gun control group, Americans for Responsible Solutions (ARS).

Kelly admits the NRA does a great job getting its message out; between its successes in 2012, its victory against expanded background checks in the Senate in April 2013, and the ouster of two pro-gun control senators in the Colorado Recalls, the NRA is not only winning but is fast setting the terms of the debate as well.

Yet Giffords and her husband say background checks must be expanded, and that is where they plan to lock horns with the NRA. 

It is worth noting that besides being denied an assault rifle in March of this year, the requirements of our current background check system also halted a handgun purchase Kelly tried to make in February. Thirteen days before successfully passing a background check for a 1911-style semi-automatic handgun, Kelly walked into Diamondback Police Supply in Tuscon, AZ, and was not allowed to buy a handgun because he showed an ID from Texas instead of Arizona. 

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The New York SAFE Law offends the spirit and word of the US Constitution.  The Bill of Rights will cease to exist if we permit it to be rewritten by knee jerk reactionaries and political opportunist seeking to centralize power in a government of the few.

The US Constitution will be relegated to a museum artifact memorialized as a quaint idea of self governed people.

It is a falsehood of the thinnest pretense, that free people are incapable of keeping their own safety to the point where State Managers criminalize it. Along with the crime of imbibing a soft drink, a hired City Manager concludes we must be protected from.  The dishonest cries of we must give up these freedoms to save lives are an insult to our human dignity.

The contagion of this hysteria driven, prefabricated crisis have infected willing accomplices, throughout New York and among members of County Legislatures, in lock step with the notion of Lords and Masters over you and I.

Some feigned they had no technical knowledge of firearms, when all they were elected to do was have a reasonable working knowledge of the Bill of Rights.

Instead, we bear witness to a willing acceptance of a capricious and arbitrary law passed in the dark of night that created over 5 million criminals in that instance.  Not to mention, the entire law enforcement community along with them.

There were over 5 million legal firearms owners in the State of New York.  The SAFE Law overnight created criminals in all of them, because among other things, a seven round magazine does not exist.

The use of the word ‘commonsense’ in a debate absent reality is useless.  It is a propaganda ploy to color anyone who disagrees with them as lacking it.

Every elected official swore an oath upon their honor to preserve, protect and defend the US Constitution and the New York Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

New York State’s Constitution clearly states that all Bills must be seasoned, or rest on the desk for an excess of 72 hours. Governor Cuomo wantonly violated it, under a falsehood of urgency.  The Governor and his accomplices should face impeachment for this attempt at perpetrating a fraud on the honest people of New York.

All elected employees who voted to pass resolutions and support the SAFE Law expressed contempt for the Constitution and violated their oath.  They have dishonored themselves and abdicate the customary title of “honorable”, which of tradition precedes their name.

There is no intellectually honest argument yet presented, that can bear the scrutiny of inspection, fact or cross examination, which remotely can begin to abrogate or infringe upon the Second Amendment.

History will bear witness that in our day, these misguided usurpers made a blatant attempt at displacing our founding documents incrementally, harboring an insidious agenda of disarming us.

There be none in the People’s legislative body, from the White House to the State House, who can begin to improve upon the majesty enshrined in the Bill of Rights.

The Bill of Rights guarantees your freedom of speech, religion and worship because it limits the power of government to disarm you.  We will never need it, until they try to take it.

The SAFE Law strips you of that inviolable right; anyone who voted for it, committed treason against every soldier who fell defending it.

In this article, Freedom of the Press is now the last line of intellectual defense by drawing upon all the powers of persuasion that can be mustered in an appeal to nothing more than the commonsense you own.

To you few, who shame your elected office, your days are numbered and your honor is stained, for history will bear this out.

If a day should come, where one drop of blood is spilled or one hour of liberty is denied to one honest American, in an attempt to enforce it, that curse be upon your head.

To any, who seek to restore their honor, find courage in the redemption of renouncing this contemptible attempt at supplanting the idea of self government with the stench of the Oligarch.  Repeal the SAFE Law and oppose everyone who voted for it, by word and deed.

Anthony Mele, MA, Diplomacy, International Conflict Management

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4063707026?profile=original  Sarah Palin Returns to Fox News as Conservative Tea Party Champion and movement leader

With the stroke of a pen, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin returns to Fox News as a contributor while liberal bombast Chris Matthews of MSNBC loses his weekend syndicated show in July. Does this spell the resurrection of the political street bona fides of Palin who has been a lightning rod for conservatives and the national Tea Party movement since its inception?

What seems clear is that Roger Ailes, the chairman of Fox News has reached a conclusion that the scandal beleaguered administration of President Barack Obama is fair pickings for conservatives. And what better conservative to have on your news team than Sarah Palin who has done considerable heavy lifting for the conservative movement since Obama took the oath of office as president in 2009.

This is especially critical when one considers that the upcoming mid-term elections of 2014 are rife for the political pickings in terms of governorships, the U.S. Senate and increases in the GOP House majority.

Examine the landscape of the world of politics now where the polls are pointing toward a downward slide regarding Obama’s favorability and a notable upward surge in the public’s rejection of Obama’s handling of Benghazi, the IRS attack on Tea Party organizations’ First Amendment rights and spying on journalists.

The surge in public outrage has changed dramatically since Obama’s reelection when he cobbled together a number of key state victories with Chicago style political strong arming that would make dishonored former President Richard Nixon blush. Yet, while America was having its news hijacked by a compliant mainstream media, Sarah Palin remained on the forefront using their own vehicles to communicate the cracks in Obama’s administration armor.

You remember Benghazi, the murder of four honorable Americans, including America’s Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens scandal that would not go away? The investigation by the House Republicans continued to peel back the wall of lies constructed by the White House and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice under the direction of unnamed State Department and White House officials.

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4063653533?profile=original     Gun Appreciation Day - stand and support American's

               U.S. Constitutional right to bear arms

Gun Appreciation Day is not just a time to celebrate the right to bear arms, but it is a time to acknowledge the precious gift that no other nation on earth possesses. This is the gift for every man and woman in this nation to stand toe to toe with an oppressor either foreign or domestic; and announce, “As for me and my family my right to bear arms will not be abridged nor shall it be stolen!”

This day is your way of demonstrating that constitutional gun rights do matter. This is your opportunity to stand up and acknowledge that a nation that fought a War of Independence to be free from tyranny of an imperial elite will not bow on bended knee to a 21st century version of that now residing in the White House. January 19th is the nation’s day to go to your local gun range, gun store or gun show and bring your American Flag and a ‘Hands off my Guns’ sign to show your support!

In fact, according to a national Fox News poll released Friday, January 18th, 71 percent do not think tougher laws can stop shootings like the mass killings that occurred in Newtown, Connecticut in December. “Nearly twice as many voters say there would be less violent crime if more law-abiding Americans owned guns, than if guns were banned.”

On the other hand, liberal gun control organizations have launched advertising campaign to scare parents in homes across America into accepting the tepid rationale of President Obama’s official response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. Obama wants to disarm America be frightening America with edicts that do not address the reason for the mass killings.

No parent in America wants to be on the receiving end of a call from a school or receive a knock on the door from a police officer about fatal shootings at their child’s school. Yet, in the post Sandy Hook Elementary school shootings era, gun control alarmists have ratcheted up their threats on gun rights, by using the main stream media. The words of these media talking heads has been vitriolic and poison the airwaves that permeate American homes daily with lies.

Gun control measures are not new and one of the most infamous examples where this has been used as a precursor to attacking its own citizens was done by Adolph Hitler and his Nazi government, five years after being in power. Sound familiar.

In 1938, the Nazi Party enhanced the Weapons Law and enacted handgun control. Firearms ownership was restricted to Nazi party members and other "reliable" people. Later that year, the government barred all Jews from owning any weapons or seeking weapons from businesses that sold them.

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4063645352?profile=original                       David Gregory attempts to embarrass NRA leader by holding up

                                      high-capacity magazine clip on Meet the Press


Just how important was it for David Gregory, NBC Meet the Press anchor to break a gun law to embarrass NRA on Sunday’s show? It was not enough for Gregory to continue to badger NRA Chief Wayne LaPierre, into submitting to points that a New Assault Weapon Ban would work when the expired ban had not. According to the Washington Post, Wednesday, December 26th, an official investigation has been launched by the D.C. attorney general’s office.

The NBC anchor had to go the extra mile to challenge Wayne LaPierre, with a high magazine clip, knowing full well that it was against the law in Washington D.C. to be in possession of such a clip. So, was it right for Gregory, a longtime Washington journalist, to break the law, when he knew that the Washington D.C. police had denied the display of the gun clip on the air when it was requested? Should Gregory be fined, suspended or fired for going too far in breaking the law in his attempt to neuter the Second Amendment rights of American law abiding citizens?

There is a serious problem that is emerging in the nation when journalists like NBC’s Gregory can decide that they are above the laws which mere mortals in the heartland of the nation must obey.

Was it not enough to bring up points of disagreement with the NRA as it attempted to do, and were summarily dismissed with great professional skill as LaPierre, displayed? When the arguments that the Meet the Press anchor was trying to skewer the NRA were easily deflected, Gregory appeared to become more combative. His continued being more insistent, and even attacking and vilifying the NRA official for not agreeing with the gun control Washington democrats, and headline writers from around the nation.

Instead, LaPierre, calmly and firmly stated his and the concerns of millions of parents around the nation that wanted to see their children arrive and leave safely from their schools. The Meet the Press anchor kept insisting that the NRA leader was wrong, wrong, wrong!

Gregory, appeared visibly shaken by the steadiness of the NRA leader and seemed to decide at that moment that he needed to play the ace, which the police had already said he could not. Gregory picked the high-capacity magazine and held it up.

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