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The Ugliness That Is Political Correctness

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By Craig Andresen and Diane Sori – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

pcu-1.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710xOver the years, both together and separately, we have written in our respective blogs and spoken about on our RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS radio show the insanity of “political correctness.” In fact, the very term “political correctness” is itself quite telling

To examine the abject insanity of it, the term must be separated into its two parts, and perhaps the best way to go about that is to examine it back to front starting with the word “correctness,” which basically has three definitions. First, “correctness” is “the quality or state of being free from error; accuracy,” and there’s nothing wrong in that definition. Second, “the quality of being right in an opinion or judgment” is the second definition of “correctness,” and again, that’s perfectly acceptable as a definition. But the third definition, “conformity to accepted social standards,” shows just where the definition of “correctness” goes to “hell in a handbag.”

Then there’s the word “political,” the front part of the phrase with said word having two distinct definitions. The first definition states, “in a way that relates to the government or public affairs of a country,”  which seems pretty straight forward and right to the point. The second definition is also straight forward and quite accurate, as in “interested in or active in politics.” But once again it’s in the third definition where we see the real issue, and that is “motivated or caused by a person’s beliefs or actions concerning politics.”


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He Died Like a Dog

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By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

bagh-1.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710xKayla Mueller, 26, was a humanitarian worker from Prescott, Ariz., who was captured by al Baghdadi’s ISIS forces while leaving a hospital in Aleppo, Syria, in 2013. It is believed that she was tortured until she died some 18 months later.

Mueller’s father, Carl, said on Sunday, “She was held in solitary confinement. She was tortured.  She was intimidated. She was ultimately raped by al-Baghdadi himself.”

Mueller’s mother, Marsha Mueller, praised President Trump and the Special Ops commandos who raided the al Baghdadi compound over the weekend and stated that “if Obama had been as decisive as Trump,” Kayla may still be alive.

To be fair, al Baghdadi ordered the murders of thousands, including American journalists James Foley, and Steven Sotlof, Kayla Mueller, and Jordanian pilot Muath Al-Kaseasbeh who was burned alive in a cage.

Sunday morning…


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Jeffrey Epstein…Suicide or Suicided?

Investigative Report

By:Craig Andresen and Diane Sori / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

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“We will get to the bottom of what happened. There will be accountability.”

– Attorney General William Barr on heating of Jeffrey Epstein’s untimely death

The timing and the circumstances surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s death was perfect…Hollywood itself could not have staged it any better. And the Democrats are happily wallowing in that timing as it took the public’s attention off the much needed wall, the what is a “trade war” with China, mass shootings, as well as the circus that is the entirety of the Democrats presidential contenders…where by the way there is not a decent one in the bunch. And the timing put the spotlight back on sex…after all sex and sex scandals sells papers and bumps up media ratings better than any other news story can.

And Jeffrey Epstein’s story in itself would make a great movie if it wasn’t such a travesty from the get-go…if it wasn’t such an obvious case of “this guy needs to be permanently silenced” before he can squeal on those in high places in order to save his own sorry self.


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By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

tm-1a.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710xToxic masculinity…it’s all the rage right now amongst liberals who are always looking for something at which to direct their collective rage. You know who I’m talking about…the tolerant left who are always seeking out new targets for their collective intolerance.

Liberals…the perpetually, terminally offended. Those to whom great offense is always taken due to the actions of those who are rarely offended by anything at all. You know…liberals…the victims of everything, responsible for nothing, owed by everyone and in desperate need of warping the world around them, and those who inhabit it to their own bent, distorted and intellectually dishonest mindset.

One day, it is the weather that has their panties in a wad…the next, it might be someone thinking that under the Constitution, we have a right to keep and bear arms.

Right now, for the moment, the flame throwing weapon aimed at the delicate little snowflakes is…


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Liberals due for a reality check; they lost

By Jim Mullen

Watching a child covering both ears, teeth clinched and eyes tightly closed, repeatedly screaming, “I can’t hear you” over something they find objectionable; like an adult forcing them to face truth and reality, is somewhat amusing and sometimes “cute.”

Watching and hearing adults exhibiting this child-like, petulant behavior, however, is bizarre. A significant segment of the Democrat Party, academia, and the mainstream media ignore the obviousness of the recent presidential election. These infantile ignoramuses, who, despite the overwhelming victory by Donald Trump, insist Bill’s wife, won the election.

These pitiful pundits and pretenders imagine they are of superior intellect, blessed with God-like insightfulness, and that they are endowed with the divine right to rule over the sweaty, unknowing masses. They fancy themselves far above such trivial matters of or resembling reality and truth. These trifles just hold them down and inhibit their ascension to the high moral ground and self-important smugness.  

Leftists live, write, and speak employing preprogrammed liberal talking points (aka preconceived lies) sprinkled with bountiful fairy dust fantasies. Depths of thought and introspection are sorely absent. These thoroughly indoctrinated, idealistic, pipe dreamers living in their own fantasy world will not change reality regardless of how hard they try, invectives they hurl, or how loudly they scream.

Twisted logic, bullying, and misrepresenting facts (AKA) lying, will not liberate anyone from truth and the real world. Recognizing the world as it is will purge those talking points from those overly programmed minds.  

Come on all ye left-wingers - may I suggest you put on your ruby slippers, click your heels together three times, and say, “there’s no place like reality,” and maybe you’ll be transported - or should I say, transformed and liberated.

Ah, yes. The starkness of the world can be stone cold sobering, but accepting it can allow you to live at peace with the truth. You behave like spoiled brats with your incoherent wailing. You’re so used to getting your way you pout and insist the world change to fit your warped version of existence.

As you begin your long journey back to earth from your aerie home in La-La Land, remember; set your unsteady feet squarely in the Republic of the United States of America, and consider the following:

 Our nation is not a direct democracy, but rather a constitutional representative democracy - otherwise referred to as a republic.  We elect representatives to vote for president, and we elect senators and congressional representatives to represent us in Congress. Each state is represented individually in presidential elections; therefore, nationwide voting totals for president are irrelevant. Since each state is apportioned delegates according to their population, this system works well and prevents sizeable population centers like California, New York, and a few other states from overwhelming smaller states and repeatedly selecting the American President. As a result, contenders for president must campaign and interact with voters across the nation, rather than campaigning full-time in large states.

Ignorance of these facts says volumes about the deplorable failures of the government, the media, and especially the corrupt education system with which our nation has been cursed for decades. There was a time when eighth-grade civics taught Americans more about their government and how it works than graduate students in college know today.

Now, for all those back into the realm of reality, get the ludicrous idea that Russia hacked the presidential election, allowing Trump to win, completely out of your mind. Clinton’s soon-to-be campaign manager, John Podesta, fell for an obvious phishing sting and revealed his email password to scammers. His emails provided grist for every political mill in the world. They gave a repulsive insight into the Clinton campaign and exposed corruption, media collusion, racism, anti-Semitism, and seamy discourse between staffers. Clinton’s own staff directed the unflattering, glaring light upon the incompetence and corruption of Mrs. Bill Clinton. No one disputed anything in this tell-all, soap opera- scenario of Podesta emails; in other words, the inconvenient, bare bone's truth, well known by the media was, at last, unmasked and confirmed.  

Our country hacks nations - friends, and foes alike, all over the globe. Likewise, they hack us. In the eight years of Obama’s corrupt regime, our nation was hacked by Russia, China, Iran, Korea, and dozens of other countries. However, nothing even ruffled a feather in Obama’s defensive quiver; until Clinton fumbled at the goal line and lost, what he thought was a sure-win election.  In spite of the theft of millions of federal workers’ personal information, nothing moved him to launch a diplomatic or punitive arrow toward the Chinese perpetrators. In the end, no experts believe Russia hacked our election. Likewise, no experts believe that revelations of these emails or unmasking the truth, led to Clinton’s loss. Americans simply wanted change from the Marxist policies of Barack Obama on which she campaigned. Additionally, she had one qualification for president; she married Bill Clinton.   

Continual histrionics of carping and whining that Bill’s wife won the election is delusional, and smacks of desperation. To be perfectly clear, let’s paraphrase from that infamous, narcissistic, hero-god of liberalism - Barack Obama. Elections have consequences; we won; you lost. Let that penetrate the closed-minded little neurotic worlds of all you liberal ideologues. In the real world, you don’t get to change or make up rules after an election, like you carry out in your progressive dreams.  Allow the inevitable to sink in - Donald J. Trump is President of the United States!

Jim Mullen


Twitter https://twitter.com/freedomforusnow

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jim.mullen.73

My website http://www.freedomforusnow.com/


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By Juan Reynoso- WTP-activist. – www.represent.us

https://www.freespeech.org/series   -   http://truthinmedia.com/

We stand with Colin Kaepernick

Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty. Truth and knowledge diffused among the people are necessary for the reclamation and preservation of our Democracy, rights, freedom and liberties.

True Americans are these that stand for our U.S Constitution our freedom, Liberty; and most important our true moral values, principles and integrity.

This is the truth, self-interest and greed destroyed the principles and moral values of most Americans, but thanks God almighty, God reserved few good Americans that really care about our country and have the courage to stand for truth and justice for the average American, they know the roots of America's decay and the Washington rampant corruption that like cancer will demise our country. Today these that really love our country are showing that as Americans it is our duty and responsibility to stand for the truth and show the world that we will not let this corrupt government act as a dictator and the world’s bully on the name of America, Democracy, human rights, freedom and Liberty; not in the name of the American people. We can’t continue being in complete denial of what we have become; the exploiters of our own people, the predator that destroy our environment and that this greed for money and power have taken over our morality, principles and destroyed what America stand for.

Colin Kaepernick’s decision to sit during the national anthem is a form of demonstration that as a true American he will not stand for hypocrisy and ignore what we have become, Today America it is not the America we was born and learn to love. Our country has become a police state; we have as a government a dictator a puppet of the IMF the World Bank, the Multinational corporations and the Bankers;they are the neo-liberals the war mongers,  promoters of free trade and globalization.  This is not the America that true Americans will stand for; freedom is not free, that is why Colin Kaepernick’, put at risk his future for the love of his country, the United States of America and exposed this criminal enterprise that usurped the glorious name of United States of America to commit crimes against humanity with impunity in the name of the American people.

Fellow Patriots if you love America the glorious country of the past, support Colin Kaepernick’s decision to sit during the national anthem, this is his right to show the world that he will not stand for this corrupt government that trashed our constitution and that by deception transformed our country into a police state where the police, the FBI, The CIA, La DEA and most federal and state agencies have become the predators of the American people.

Partners in Crime: The U.S. Secret State and Mexico’s “War on Drugs”




Secret Justice: Criminal Informants and America’s Underground Legal System


Domestic Surveillance is a team sport




CIA-DEA drug traffickers.




U.S Corporation are the predators of the American working class.


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Global warming; biggest scam in history

Global warming; biggest scam in history

By Jim Mullen

American children are under an all-out blitz by the corrupt, government-run educational system.  It’s a continuation of an effort to indoctrinate young people at every age to a nonexistent calamity. Aside from the usual liberal ideologies with which they pollute impressionable, immature minds, the granddaddy of government-made crises; the fraudulent scheme of climate change, continues unabated.

From preschool to grad school, they teach children gloom and doom for the world if we don’t stop everything we’re doing in modern society and revert to Spartan-like amenities. Terrorizing young people is chief among the loony left’s modes of operation. As Saul Alinsky instructs; there are no rules, do anything to win! All forms of dictatorships cement their foundation of tyranny by indoctrinating the young.

To date, Obamacare was the grand-prize winner for the greatest con job in American history. Climate change, however, is the largest scam in the history of man. Its diabolical simplicity is genius, and the dedication to the plan by the evil left, is deserving of admiration. This cunning extortion would make the great con artists of the world envious of such brilliance.

It began with the perceived crisis of global cooling. In the 1970s, university grants by government were common to “prove” the theory of global. Of course, when money flows in to prove something, and dries up when they don’t, researchers and scientists can prove amazing things. And with the help of infamously inaccurate computer models and carefully preened and pruned data from around the world, mixed with free money, that became the accepted theory of many in government and science.

Later, we all know the crisis became global warming. It wasn’t just global warming, but MAN-MADE global warming. With eager help from bureaucrats and academic scientists, dollar signs dancing in their heads, they once again began feeding carefully preened and pruned data into computers. Being paid with mostly government grants that depended upon proving the government’s preconceived points, they concluded the earth is heating up at an alarming rate. The computer models announced to the world, ‘we were in a crisis mode.’ What a surprise!

Notice the use of the word crisis. It’s said that crisis is the rallying cry of the tyrant. Remember Obama’s Marxist sidekick, Rahm Emanuel’s declaration, “Never let a good crisis go to waste?”

Other groups of researchers pointed out that there was little change in temperature for over a decade, and in fact, numerous scientists noticed a decrease. That caught the attention of the great con-artists, and they summoned all those enormous brains for a Mensa meeting. Predictably, like the conniving, thieving, scammers they are, their little cabal came up with an ingenious plan.

“Let’s call it climate change,” they squealed! We can’t go wrong with that. The earth has heated and cooled for billions of years, and hundreds of reasons. If the temperature goes up or down, we win. What would they win, you might ask? Well, we must understand that this whole con-job is about power and money. It’s about redistribution of the world’s wealth.

It’s simple. Americans have much of the money and Obama and the rest of the Marxists in the world want it. They’re willing to do anything to extract it from the rightful owners. Remember Alinsky’s rules.

Imposing crippling carbon taxes on Americans is the payoff to the leftwing revolutionaries. Redistributionists like Obama and the rest of his comrades betray our country, and are willing to collapse America’s economy and deprive more people of work. Implementing their plan would set us back decades while the rest of the world lives high on our money.

Carbon taxes use complicated formulae completely undecipherable by mere mortal men. Nearly everything upon which we live and otherwise depend involves using carbon. It begins, but does not end with utilities, and as Obama admitted, will send electric prices skyrocketing. Likewise, manufacturing and business will necessarily raise prices. Job losses will continue, and more people will join those trapped and confined on the federal government’s welfare plantation, where they are more easily controlled.

It’s a known fact - even if the theory of global warming is factual, and even if it is man-made, and even if we bite the bullet and sacrifice our country for the cause, it wouldn’t make a scintilla of difference in global temperature. China, India and developing countries around the world are building thousands of coal and gas-fired power facilities and will dwarf any carbon emissions we might reduce. Their participation is voluntary!  

Charging large carbon taxes to Americans for energy use, takes our money, and then the thieves divvy it up between the Al Gores’ and dictators around the world. Climate scammers tell any lie, grease any palm, and use any and all branches and bureaucracies of government in this country and around the world to further their cause.

We can compare this government fiasco to the Affordable Healthcare Act.

Obamacare was never intended to give Americans better healthcare; it was designed by Obama and the New Democrat Socialist Party to redistribute the wealth and income of the American people. Not to mention, the secondary bonus was a massive power-grab by the federal government and its designated bureaucratic enforcers. The Democrats knew full well, it would cost lives and cause needless suffering and financial hardship on most of American society.

Remember the deliberate, shameful lies Obama put forth while he intently looked us in the eyes and repeated, for months, about Obamacare? It was one of the first, and climate change is the last step of the fundamental transformation in Obama’s vision of America. Obamacare and climate change exemplify rogue government gone stark-raving mad.

Con artists are so desperate to sell the swindle that the Justice Department is considering ripping up the Constitution and charging climate-change deniers, with racketeering and corruption under the RICO Law. This type of intimidation amplifies the calls to end debate. Obama defiantly cries, “Settled science!” He also assured us we could keep our health-care plan, and hundreds of other bald-faced lies. His latest whopper is that climate change is the principal threat to America. Obama’s treasonous policies are the biggest threats to this country.

Threats will silence voices if Americans do not stand up to the Gestapo terror tactics of the Marxist forces high-stepping across our country. The war Obama is waging against Americans via the EPA over the last seven years, pales in comparison to the all-out government blitzkrieg against America in the great climate-change shakedown. Like all shakedowns, there is only a whiff of truth to support the scam. Don’t let that hint of perfume override the horrendous stench of corruption, greed, special interest power, and government run amuck.

It’s us against the despots, and they are a powerful coalition of the worlds’ most powerful and notorious liars; including Barack Obama. 




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By Jim Mullen

The American electoral process, especially on the federal level, has always been something less than genteel. From the earliest days of our founding, political office seekers attacked each other unmercifully, and acted more like unruly, spiteful children than educated, brilliant men who had just formulated the greatest concept in government ever conceived by man.

Likewise, the news media of the day, newspapers and periodic magazines, chose sides and muckraked politicians and disparaged their families. They used their newborn constitutional freedom to guarantee only the fiercest, thick-skinned individuals survived the ordeal.

In this year’s Democrat primaries, voters are not flocking to the polls as they did in the last two presidential elections. The voters who are voting are split because Hillary Clinton is not radical enough or redistributionist enough. The far-left, after seven years of encouragement by Obama, feels they have a mandate to go for the full Monty, flat-out communism.

Hillary Clinton and her Marxist supporters are deathly afraid Barack Obama’s absence from the ticket will mean blacks will fail to make extraordinary efforts to vote in the fall election. They equally fear that women will get the “I’ve had it up to here” blues and avoid the polls.

What this means is, they must go after the black, and women vote with a vengeance. The country must be ready for an all-out assault on Middle America. Every value and principle, on which this Republic was founded, will be laid low by these two deeply flawed, radical Marxists and their lemming-like supporters.

The Communist indoctrination Sanders and Clinton supporters received in the classrooms of schools and American colleges and universities, will compel them to demonize evil capitalism and demand total control by the federal government. These useful idiots have no concept of the real world or what the country would be under a system they so mindlessly crave and pursue with such zeal.

It’s an understatement to say the left doesn’t play nicely with the truth. Indeed, the two are at war. Leftists use every weapon at their disposal to kill the truth. Marxism depends upon lies, misinformation, indoctrination, intimidation, and finally violence on its path to tyranny.

 “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”  - Joseph Goebbels

From now until Election Day, Goebbel's indoctrination philosophy will be prominent on the national political stage by the party of racism; the Democrat Party. Because they are the party of racism, they incessantly call others racist to deflect from their own history.

For example, they have a history of Jim Crow, the Klan, segregation, Woodrow Wilson, and Hillary Clinton’s favorite, one of the most wicked, immoral racists in history, Margaret Sanger. Founder of Planned Parenthood, she advocated the extermination of blacks, the poor, and any people with infirmities.

They frantically run from their sordid past, but cannot hide when faced with the truth. They rewrite history books, but cannot change history. For years, the Democrat Party has fashioned a public image of working to help the poor and middle class while hiding the reality that it targets the vulnerable.

Liberal progressives tell any lie, use every dirty trick known to man, and then utilize street riots, and civil disobedience to viciously defend their lies. Mischief and mayhem will be standard fare on every left-wing menu until the November election.

They will, of course, be led and abetted by the uber-liberal Main Stream-Media and Hollywood. Using their own version of justifying the unjustifiable, and defending the indefensible, they will shamelessly divide the nation by race, gender, religion, class, and any other possibilities of creating friction.

Being historically racist, the Democrat Party must persist in repeating the big lie that Democrats are the ones that help blacks. What they have done successfully, with help from some liberal Republicans, is placing millions on the Democrat welfare plantation where their policies lay waste to millions of lives. Drug and crime infested ghettos fed by a culture of dependency and a corrupt education system, capture and securely hold generation after generation. By keeping them uneducated, poor, and dependent, Democrats wall off minorities and poor whites keeping them enslaved on government-run plantations and reservations.

The New Socialist Democrat Party has several automatic reset buttons when facts and events connive to reveal the truth about their past. When this happens, their blatant, illusions and lies stand starkly against clear, blue reality. That’s when they desperately reach for the buttons of racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, class warfare, and religious division. Liberals use the fear of being called these names to chill speech. Let the epithets begin!

Truth will never fill the gullet of congenital or ideological liars. Likewise, it falls much too harshly on delicate liberal ears. Therefore, liberals result to pretense, lies, and pettifoggery combined with street riots, physicality, and thuggery to control thought and speech. Angry mobs shouting down truth don’t change the truth. Neither do the media, Hollywood, and Marxist ideologues’ change truth when they attempt to indoctrinate the masses. However, they use extraordinary means to bury it beneath an avalanche of fascist nonsense. 

From now until November, our streets and airways will exhibit the anti-American left fire every fraudulent, deceitful bullet from their big guns. Likewise, we will be regaled with every nonsensical, irrational notion dribbling from the little minds of the useful idiots.

In the next seven months, Democrats must convince minorities and women that Republicans hate them, while making everybody forget the sordid history Democrats have with blacks. Not to mention, Clinton and all the leftists must lie about the Marxist policies that keep most women and minorities poor and under the heel of government. As extraordinarily twisted as it sounds, Hillary and Company must repeatedly convince those on the plantations and those struggling low-income earners that they are lucky to have such caring Marxists on their side.

Yes, that’s correct. Hillary needs the votes of those she helped put on the plantations, so she can continue the policies to keep them there.

Turn on your truth meter, brace yourself, and hold on tight! With Clinton and Obama electioneering, your meter and your head just might explode.

Jim Mullen




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Lately exploration of my talents have allowed me to push myself beyond my comfort zone or normal box.  I owe a lot to a friend for giving me this confidence.
Here is the drawing me coaxed me into finishing.  Thanks friend.


"Make me a coffee table!"  I said okay.
I started my search over a few weeks....keying in on finish.  I have had surgery and thud taking longer to make. Yet, I think this should provide the time I need to fit the job to my friend like a glove.
Here is the base painted a different color, Foss. 


It has a handle that opens with two shelves for storage.  I may put some other specific storage.    Next, I painted this and will glue it ontop of this base.


Take off the frame and ornate art stuff and you have a shelf shadowbox from the 70's.  I painted it Foss.  Embossed pictures of my friend from her family and a few from mine over years and during college will be put onto of the mirror part in hopefully a eye catching arrangement.  I plan to throw in some pharmacy memento's and SWOSU stuff....just enough.   
I asked opinions.  .....what should the top be solid wood, glass or give me a suggestion.  I believe I have my answer and pray I find the size and just right fit to make it pop.  That would make finishing this upcycling nice for me.
I am now looking for two pieces of wood/glass.  Wood all around with glass in the middle like cabinets and a knob on to where it opens in the middle of the coffee table.  I have been surfing the web for a couple of hours and found nothing but I have a few weeks to finish this.
Please provide feedback.  Websites with ideas and training and other hints.  Tell me things you like about my ideas and those you don't.  Any good business person knows sucess depends on satisfing your customers.  Money may not be any issue yet but making something for a person that likes it is a starting goal.  I am considering this is a side business...but long way off.

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When fat traitorous conservative republicans hear the lies of commie peace/love rhetoric, they feel gushes of effeminate reassurance vibes. "Yes, yes," they think. "All we have to do is bend over, turn the other butt cheek and be willing to grovel." "Surely the sinister, killer blacks, told to murder whites by a black president (even while the republicans are licking the feet of the black, Carson, demigod as the next in a never-ending stream of black presidents in a white majority nations)  " and the kindly muslims too,  will be impressed by our christian love. " All we have to do is be sodomized along with our wives and children , while we chant "God is love"...and our deaths will be quick." "If only our ancestors had made blacks kings, like we do now, our unifying love would work even better."

If you believe that crap, then I want to help you go straight to hell. But if you are not a conservative-republican , shemale fool, then join the right wing and fight with us against the consortium of evil.

The best thing that could happen is that conservative-republican she males get rounded up by the moslems and after facing reality, meet their karma, sobbing as usual. Those band-wagon, loser morons, have cost us our freedom and constitution, after pretending to be patriots for five decades, They inevitably made the same stupid set of mistakes, over and over. They deserve the ultimate punishment because their behavior and limited thought processes mark them as sub human (eg bereft of real human love, compassion and revenge). They became that way after years of associating , as  tolerant and forgiving peace lovers, with sub-human totalitarian commies, blacks and moslems, who pushed the brown nosed conservative republicans into the dirt.

We of the right wing see ourselves as simply sane, white men and women. We will not allow the black supremacists, the moslem supremacists and the communist "elite" to lord over us, or turn our homes into charnel houses of rape, torture and murder. Love and Peace, eh? We got it for you right here. We group the criminal conservative republicans with the communists, blacks and moslems.

The only anger and rage that I see among so many phonies on this site, is directed against the right wing. They hate us because they know that we will tolerate them no longer.

This site is NOT a Tea Party site. Obama's police  state operatives killed the original Tea Party. What we have here is a group of commies and conservative republicans working together to subvert any attempted organization of freedom fighters. They are also insane black racist and insist that Ben Carson, another obama clone in sheep's clothing, must ascend to the presidency. The conservative republicans are as insane as the black supremacist and moslem killers.

A new real Tea Party will be formed to stand up for the white majority, Christianity and our European roots.Hooray for Trump. Hooray for the Confederate Flag.

It is despicable that you sit on your flabby butts, screaming for carson as another black racist president, while blacks, licensed to kill, are mowing down our best men, southern sheriffs. I am going to Texas to help the brave sheriff departments to  survive. There will be no worry about collateral damage, or ROEs, or federal sabotage of the war.

If you don't simmer with contempt and righteous anger towards the racist communist moslem mass murderers, and their conservative republican allies,  you deserve what they have in store for you. You will get no help from us.

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The Exchange between Dozier and Me

When reading Dozier's remarks as first written, I interpreted them as I saw them.

Dozier's reply to me was both different from my interpretation of his original comments, and a correct statement of truth. In fact Dozier's second comments sounds quite sensible, except for his snide insult. I will pit my knowledge and intelligence against him, simultaneously with  any segregated black posse in the country. 

  As I said before, about 98% of blacks in this country are racist and black supremacist, in fact they have a death grip on American culture. They did not obtain that death grip in a fair arena or by any objective rules of honor. They obtained that power because the major propaganda monolith in this country is the enemy of the white majority. The same can be said of the government, most universities, and practically all institutions where neo-communism reigns. The fact is that ugly, vicious and genocidal, minority parasites control this country. Their power must be broken by any means possible and at any cost.

In the meantime, it will take more than words to convince me that people like Dozier, Carson and other apparently honest blacks,  really mean what they say. Why?  Because by supporting that truth, they become enemies of 98% of their race. If the truth and honesty gains sway in this country then minority parasitism is dead.

In this cultural/racial war there is no compromise. We are fighting for our survival,  for the fruits of our labor and a majority voice in what is now a totally unrepresentative minority tyranny. We must refuse to pay taxation and the elevated fixed prices of marxist-capitalists, until we get REPRESENTATION in our own government. We must establish new political parties that do not pretend to represent "everybody," but only represent the white majority. The minority parasitic government has brought about a great polarization in this country and they are to blame for the fact that a civil war will be required in order to throw them out of control. We will beat minority parasites and all the white hyenas, whether mentally degenerate or simply corrupted renegades, who support the racist totalitarianism that now stands between us and liberation.

Minority Tyranny has brought about a great polarization that will result in civil war. Why? Because the criminals now in control of the USA will never relinquish their dishonestly acquired power, without a blood bath.

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You are wrong, Senor Juan Reynosa,  and you know you are wrong. As a communist you claim that the 1600 oligarchs in America are all republican neo-cons. Neo-con is a code word like racist, neo-con is code for jew, just like racist is code for white.. Of course you commies are anti-jew, yet most of you are jews. That is another paradox of communism. Communism a criminal entity for world conquest and slaughter that is very similar to the even more heinous Islamic Jihad!. Of the 1600 American billionaires only about 15% are Republican/  85% are democrat, which is a code word for communist. So we understand why  you lie about it. You communist foot soldiers cannot bear to admit the truth that communism is run by rich people. Case in point:George Soros, who finances obama. He is the chief commie oligarch in America and he is a Hungarian Jew Communist, the architect of the new American black racist dictatorship run by Kenyan tribal thugocrat, obama. Reynosa, get a list of the American oligarchs, as I have done, and muster enough courage and integrity to view the facts. The commies have always been the party of the rich, just as the democrats are the party of the rich. That is why the democrats have been able to bribe dozens of republican senators and congressmen. The republicans are hungry for money and now they work for the communist democrats as bought and owned political slave-mechanisms. The subversion is complete. The truth has never tortured you communists for the past century. I am reminded how you blamed the Katyn Forest Massacre of tens of thousands of Polish intelligentsia (of the bourgeois, whom you rich scum hate). For decades you commie swine blamed the Katyn mass murders on the German Army. Only recently the Russians admitted their lies about the Katyn Massacre and apologized  to the Poles. As if a simple thugocratic apology would make it right? And now you, Juan Reynosa, long time communist apologists and liar, still brazenly practice your crude and evil deceptions! You have been officially entered into the journal of Communist Peace and War crimes and your name will soon be emblazoned throughout Europe as another communist propaganda coyote of long standing. Yes, you have been a mal hombre for too long, Mr. Bolshevik.There is no redemption for communists, moslems are black racists.

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By: Juan Reynoso, activist -  voteforamerica@gmail.com

http://anticorruptionact.org/.     STAND FOR AMERICA        http://www.teaparty.org/

"Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty."

The question is, who is worst the criminals that commit the crimes against humanity or the ones that know what is taken place in our country and do nothing to stop it and remain silent.

Ron Paul, the only honest candidate that was destroyed by the US News Media because he do not sale out. The NEOCON hates Ron Paul because he stands for Freedom, Honesty, and Sound Money. We are broken and pull apart by deception and betrayal; 2016 is the year of unity and the time to get our country on the right path, restore our freedom and take back our jobs and our rights to work for decent wages and our prosperity.  


The “neocons” believe that American greatness is measured by our willingness to be a great power, through an unlimited global military intervention in other nations; their objective is to control and dominate regional resources to consolidate control, sufficient to generate global control and power. As American neocons continue to shape the narratives that define the permissible boundaries for U.S. foreign policy thinking, the failure to enforce any meaningful accountability on them for their role in the criminal and disastrous invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan has become painfully clear. We have become the world’s bully, the predators of many nations’ natural resources. Our integrity and honor was destroyed by the ill foreign policy of the GOP NEOCON. In any vibrant democratic system, it would be unthinkable that the neocons and the war hawks who pushed the United States into Iraq and Afghanistan  a little more than twelve years ago would still be exercising control over how Americans perceive today’s events. Yet, many of the exact same pundits and pols who misled the American people then are still misleading them today, they picture themselves as the champions of Democracy, freedom and pro free enterprise system, but in reality they are the promoters of predator corporatism, free trade and globalization, they want the control of the world’s natural resources, commerce and the en slavery of the working class. The question is who is worst, the criminals that commit the crimes against humanity or the ones that know what is taken place in our country and do nothing and remain silent. America, wake up and stand united to take our country back in 2016. Let’s work for Freedom, Honesty, and Sound Money. 

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Sources for this article include:     

The Criminal Plot to Stop Ron Paul


Ron Paul, the U.S. Representative from Texas


The NEOCON conservatives hate Ron Paul.






Get to know the man. Ron Paul news, articles and information:


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Obama Sends Special Note of Thanks to Oklahoma Beheader’s Terror Mosque


Fresh on the heels of the brutal beheading of a non-Muslim woman by a devout Muslim co-worker in Oklahoma comes this outrage from the jihad-in-chief. For those you who might have missed that is going on in the beheader’s terror mosque, read this and watch that — Robert Spencer has the 411 on the jihad recruitment center, ISGOC. The mosque taught/supported the caliphate, hatred of the United States and Israel. Members were that taught that according to Islam, three choices are to be given to non-Muslims: convert, pay the jizyah tax and live under Islamic rule, or jihad.
Mosque members said that if Osama bin Laden showed up at the door and needed help, he would help him because he is a Muslim brother. Once a former member went target shooting AK-47’s with two other Muslim converts — the targets were labeled George W. Bush and Ariel Sharon. They were taught that Islam would dominate the world and for unbelievers there are three choices: conversion, subjugation under Islamic hegemony, or death. The ex-member got this straight from the “moderate” imam Soheib Webb, now of the Islamic Society of Boston, the Tsarnaev brothers’ mosque.
Obama is sending a special envoy to the mosque to thank them.
Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 7.45.33 PM
White House official flies to Oklahoma City to read special thank-you note from Obama to beheader’s mosque,” (thanks to Robert Spencer) October 5, 2014
This is how it goes in America today: a Muslim screaming what were reported as “Islamic phrases” beheads one woman and is in the process of beheading another before he is stopped. The beheader’s Facebook page shows his allegiance to the Islamic State, Osama bin Laden, the Taliban, etc. A former member of his mosque comes forward with information about how the mosque teaches jihad and Islamic supremacism. And then what happens? An investigation of the mosque? The imam questioned as to whether he knew the beheader, and the beheader’s phone and email records checked for contact with mosque leaders? An examination of the teachings of the mosque to see if the beheader was incited to violence by what he heard there? No. A White House official flies to Oklahoma City to read a thank-you letter from Obama to the mosque, so as to “reassure” Muslims in Oklahoma. Who is reassuring American non-Muslims that this case is being adequately investigated and properly classified as an act of jihad terrorism? No one, of course.

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Muslim Extremist Attacks Christian Street Preacher… Guess What Happened Next!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJvGGuLrVzo]


In this older video, watch as a radical Muslim extremists attacks a street preacher. Not only is he controversial and violent, but thanks to political correctness… the police are hesitant do to anything about it! As far as we can tell, the Christians were acting in a peaceful manner, while the Muslim was extraordinarily aggressive. Skip to the 4:40 to see the situation escalate into a physical confrontation.

Read more: http://www.thepoliticalinsider.com/muslim-extremist-attacks-christian-street-preacher-guess-happened-next/#ixzz3Ek8EoY4m


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Let’s pray for unity

Let’s pray for unity - 7-6-14        http://anticorruptionact.org/

Father we pray for unity, give us the wisdom to acknowledge that praying for our salvation it is not enough, we have become isolated and removed from contact with non-Christians and some of the pressing social questions of today, we have often been quite content to sing about going to heaven, but show very little concern for the sick and the poor, the lonely, the old and the miserable of our world. Father show us the way to do your will, Isaiah 58 is a ringing condemnation of such attitude as Christians, Father help us to be faithful to you my Lord and let us be concerned and open our eyes and earns to take action and dare not neglect these that need our love and support and as Christians show this manifestation of Christian love that we have tended greatly to neglect.

Father, you made us a family, let us open our hearth to all the people and minister not only one segment of our society but include all people, all classes, and all colors, without distinction. Father we need you, help us be obedient to your command to offer love, friendship, forgiveness, and grace to all people without regard to class, color, background, or heredity help us to follow your example, you was the one who called us and who Himself was the friend of sinners of all kinds. Lord We are honest and admit that this has been the weak spot in our life, we ask to forgive us. Father, open my eyes that I might see the people around me as people whom you created and whom you have placed in my path for a purpose. Teach me that I am my brother's keeper.  Father we are your disciples and responsible stewards of all yours creation your gifts to all the people, for the good of humanity and the whole world.  Father, help us to be one family with you my Lord, now and in the world to come. AMEN

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Let's pray to love and empower each other.

Tea Party Patriots, let’s pray for America. 6-24-14          http://anticorruptionact.org/

We pray to love and empower each other.

Father we thank you for all yours blessings, you give us all we need to be the best we can be, father give us the wisdom to change our world, our dream is to truly do our best to love and empower each other, I believe in your grace and I can see a future where people come together and live by these simple principles, we can choose to become one of the many that choose to make our life and our world a better place. With you Father, It is fully possible. I know that there are many people of all races and nationality here in our United states  that beliefs and are already committed to living by these or similar ideals. Let us then choose with an open mind and heart to add ourselves to their numbers. Let us choose every day of our lives to do what's best for all, to open our hearths and mind to your divine guidance, to accept and find compassion, and to love and empower ourselves and all around us to be the best that we can be for the benefit of mankind.

Father, may our prayers come to your attention, as we are Praying and asking this in the name of your beloved son Jesus. Amen.

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By Craig Andresen on June 2, 2014 at 8:14 pm

trade-1.jpg?width=312Once again, our Dictator has bowed to our enemies. Once again, he has violated the laws of our nation. Once again, Obama has placed Americans in uniform and even those who DON’T wear our uniform in harm’s way.

Once again…Obama has bypassed congress and given the finger to one of our most basic tenants in the process.

Bowe Bergdahl is coming home and the door for the kidnapping of any American anywhere has been flung wide open. This regime will negotiate with terrorists and pay the ransoms.

Late last year, a law was passed by congress and signed by Obama that was aimed, specifically, at the possibility of violating the basic tenant that we, as a nation, do NOT negotiate with terrorists. It’s not a slippery slope to do so…it’s a free fall.

The law made it possible to trade Gitmo terrorists for Bowe Bergdahl but it came with one very important caveat…NO trade could be made without 30 days for congress to weigh the ramifications of it.

On Saturday, Obama traded five Gitmo terrorists for one Bowe Bergdahl and nobody in congress was notified. Not 30 days prior, not 30 hours prior, not 30 minutes prior. In fact, congress wasn’t notified until AFTER the deal was done.

And why, exactly did Obama choose to trample on the law? Why exactly does he believe this law doesn’t apply to him?

According to some high level administration mouthpiece… “Due to a near-term opportunity to save Sergeant Bergdahl’s life, we moved as quickly as possible. The administration determined that given these unique and exigent circumstances, such a transfer should go forward notwithstanding the notice requirement.”

And besides…


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Are we an ism, a cracy or an archy?

You know, back when I was at the National Training Center in California (NTC - if you've been there you know exactly what I'm talking about) - we were told that if we harmed a desert tortoise that we would be charged (and here the figures varied) right around $50,000. Of course I myself did not see any desert tortoise, I don't know of anyone else who actually saw a desert tortoise, but the threat was still there. So, if indeed the BLM did damage the desert tortoise home, then the BLM should be charged (after a full and complete investigation including armed guards for those during the investigation, a full clean tent enclosure, multiple specialists on the desert tortoise, etc.) for each and every desert tortoise that was in any way harmed by the BLM.

Okay, obviously that's just silly, but look at what the federal government is trying to do in this case. What we have is a federal versus state land dispute. If indeed the BLM did damage that farmer's property and kill his cows then the government of the United States (which would be our tax dollars by the way) should be fully financially responsible for any damage that was done to the farmer's assets. The federal government should actually watch the news - oh wait, never mind this type of news is not reported on any of the big 3 networks. Okay then, the feds should watch Fox news or go to some of the independent news sites and actually see what Americans are doing in the face of this type of nearly fascist (Full Definition of FASCISM: 1 - often capitalized :  a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition. 2 -  a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control <early instances of army fascism and brutality — J. W. Aldridge>) administration.

Now those may seem like very extreme words, and something that may be in some people's point of view a little over-the-top, to call our current administration names like totalitarian, aristocracy, autarchy, autocracy, bureaucracy (government by civil servants), foolocracy, hyperarchy, kakistocracy, kleptocracy, snobocracy, squatterarchy, despotocracy, but it is sad that such terminology can even be thought of with the office of the president of the United States in mind.

Rather than those terms wouldn't it be great to look at the United States government and think terms like: aristarchy, capelocracy, democracy, ergatocracy, heroarchy, idiocracy, merocracy, mesocracy, nomocracy, psephocracy (minus the voter fraud), theatrocracy? We are a democratic representative republic, the problem is those who represent us are taking their own interest to heart before ours. Vote for me, and let's start down the road to real recovery towards reclaiming American exceptionalism!

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Tanner, "What does this mean?
Tanner, "What does this mean?

If you are the parent of a child with special needs are autism you will understand this story better than mosts.

Ever have a child on the spectrum have a melt down, normal need, or seemingly tantrum for no need drive you crazy?  I don't mean where you were going to do bodily harm to a child.  I mean where you felt you were a bad mother, worthless because you couldn't figure out how to help your child and more things like this.

I will give you one or two short examples.

My son is autistic, has Asperger's or High Functioning Autism.  Labels only meant something for me as a jumping point to reasearch how to help him the best I could. Otherwise, I really do hate labels; except when filing insurance claims and then I want as many labels as I can think of.

Tanner, my son, had a three hour meltdonw at fifteen months.  He cried, screamed and I think did some head banging if I am not mistaken on my recall. I did all the motherly things.  I tried to hold and comfort him.  Now I know routine is important to all kids but this goes beyond that.

I went outside to take a two minute deep breath.  Most likely this was much shorter but helped me recompose myself.  I was so out a lose as what to do for Tanner. I know he was miserable but everything I tried didn't work.

I need stories from mothers to put in my book.  I don't just want my stories. I want major stories of meltdowns to help young mothers.  Young couples have a rough time of it dealing with this.  I am sure it strains realtionships.  Help me help younger mothers, fathers and professionals by giving me your stories.

Get rich? My goal? Not really! It is going to cost me to get the book published. I am positive in my abilities but I may fail.  I want to, once I have reached costs back and a specific point...trust me....I want to do this..reach a point where 50% of my profits are given to charity of autism, special needs and such charities.

Back to my story.  Can you guess what he wanted? How it was resolved?  Well, Tanner finally figued it out by himself.  He went to the diswaher, at fifteen months, opened it and got his favorite cup out.  Autistics love routine, rituals and odd behaviors.

Think how much we can give to younger parents!  Give them a jump on the learning curve by sharing such stories.   Have an idea for an autism book you think should be covered? Email me at ollamok@aol.com  or post it on this facebook page   www.facebook.com/Tell.It.Once.4Autism. Comment on my blog.

Let me interview you for my book.  You have knowledge and expertise that is worth telling. Tell me so I can Tell It ONce and For Autism!

More examples will follow in other posts.

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