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The Supreme Court series of decisions referred to as ONE-MAN-ONE-VOTE1 causedSenator Dirksen in the 60s to muster an amendment effort. "Dirksen was a firm opponent of the doctrine of one man, one vote on the grounds that large cities (such as Chicago in Dirksen's home state of Illinois) could render rural residents of a state powerless in their state governments.”2 Madison's in the first paragraph Federalist No. 10 says democracy is a, “mortal diseases under which popular governments have everywhere perished.3

One-Man-One-Vote creats a democracy. Hillary Clinton won the majority of votes with a tiny portion of counties: 57 out of a total of 3,141 counties. Those counties turned the state block votes to Hillary, City-State.

President is not elected by the popular vote.  America is a Federation of STATES so the effect of the senate seat College of Electors turned the results. History of federations are much better then the history of democracites. I can not think of one major empire that didn't create federation style government in practice.8861145461?profile=RESIZE_710x

The Supreme Court one-man-one-vote decision actually doesn't create equal representation. Equal size voting districts doesn't address vote dilution coming from qualitative issues. Gerrymandering of the district boundaries lessens minorities from being heard. Comparing the preferences of two or more people can never be done in a value-free, "objective" way.

House Representatives per the Constitution and state laws already required electiions to follow the one-man-one-vote simplistic head count principle.4 House of Representatives can prevent any legislation it doesn't like. House of Representatives approval vote is required to turn legislation into law.  One-man-one-vote overstepped the minimum action needed.5

The colonies didn't trust each other. The founders formed the United States of America, a federation not a single nation democracy? Outside threats were much greater then those between colonies. The limited enumerated powers listed in the Constitution applies to all branches focus on either outside common threats or reducing friction between states.6

Cities do not trust each other they compete for businesses and workers. Towns do not trust other towns and cities. Rural areas are no different. If you look at the time spent interacting outside where people obtain daily life needs it is quite small. What you do not know you do not trust. This created some level of trust.8861149881?profile=RESIZE_710x

Prior to the Supreme Court series of decisions ONE-MAN-ONE-VOTE, 49 states had freely chosen federation style of government, bicameral legislatures modeled after the Constitution, a Senate elected by federation members state regions. Madison would say the Senate representing region would stop the folly that has destroyed every democratic government that has arose in history. “[T]he most common and durable source of fractions has been the various and unequal distribution of property. . . . A land interest, a manufacturing interest, a mercantile interest, a moneyed interest, with many lesser interests, grow up of necessity in civilized nations, and divide them into different classes, actuated by different sentiments and views 7 Just having a bicameral legislature increased the difficulty of agreement and being elected by different regions compounds the difficulty of creating a majority cabal faction.

1See overturned Colegrove v. Green, 328 U.S. 549,556 (1946); start with Baker v. Carr, 369 U.S. 186 (1962); Wesberry v. Sanders, 376 U.S. 1 (1964); Reynolds v. Sims, 377 U.S. 533 (1964); Kirkpatrick v. Preisler, 394 U.S. 526 (1969);White v. Regester, 412 U.S. 755(1973); Abrams v. Johnson, 521 U.S. 74,98 (1997); Connor v. Finch, 431 U.S. 407, 419 (1977); Karcher v. Daggett, 462 U.S. 725(1983); Thornbury v. Gingles, 478 U.S. 30 (1986)

3 Madison, Federalist Paper No. 10 p. 52

4Grant M. Hayden, “The False Promise of One Person, One Vote”, Maurice A Deane School of Law at Hofstra Univ. No. 11-2003 footnote 16 within Wesberry, 376 U.S. At 7-18 (explaining that the historical context of the constitutional requirement that representatives be chosen “by the People of the several States” demands use of the equiproportional standard). p. 215, 218

5The Constitution of the United States 14th Amendment section 2; 15th Amendment section 1; 17th Amendment which doesn't specify equiproportional standards; 19th Amendment; 24th Amendment; and 26th Amendment.

6Ibit Article 1 section 8, 9, & 10; 16th Amendment; Article 2 section 2; 1st, 9th, and 10th Amendments.

7 Madison, Federalist Paper No. 10 p. 53 - 55

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A Familiar Pattern at the IRS

One of the hallmarks of the American identity is the belief that the American people can trust our government to be fair and honest. To undermine this legitimacy would be the death knell of this republic. The weaponization of any portion of our government for an ideology and the use of taxpayer money of meet an agenda is unacceptable to the people of this country.
Under Obama the weight of the various agencies were brought to bear on an unsuspecting populous through the progressive socialists within the government and with the full imprimatur of the Obama administration. From Fast and Furious to the IRS and even up to today we are still cleaning up after the damage the Obama left behind.
My intent today is to focus on the IRS and what the Obama administration did with that agency to do lasting damage to this country by suppressing the conservative Tea Party movement. As a political movement the Tea Party was harassed for many years, and even to this day there are many Tea Party organizations that still have not received the non-profit status that they were requesting.
The major player in the IRS fiasco was and remains Lois Lerner. It has been proven that there were contacts with Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings and Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse about the True the Vote organization.
Cummings staffers first contacted the IRS about True the Vote was in August 2012, asking for information on the Organization and Ms. Engelbrecht. In January 2013 Cummings staff requested further information about the organization from the IRS. Lerner and Deputy Holly Paz went out of their way to obtain as much information as they could which was then sent to Rep. Cummings and was then hidden from the Majority of members of the Oversight Committee. At the end of January Deputy Director of the tax exempt division Holly Paz sent True the Vote’s 990 forms to Cummings staff, a clear violation of federal law. During this entire time Rep. Cummings denied any contact with the IRS . In fact during the time that Ms. Engelbrecht testified before a Subcommittee hearing on this matter which occurred on February sixth 2014, Rep. Cummings used all the black victim rage he could muster to vehemently denounce this woman and deny and contact or coordination with the IRS against True the Vote.
The purposes of these discussions were to discuss the criminal prosecution of conservative c4s who report they are not involved in any political activity and how to go about proving that they were. It was discussed how just one IRS prosecution would impact these groups of conservative Tea Party members and stifle the work they were doing
This line of reasoning moved further up the chain to the Department of Justice led by Eric Holder,( the only Attorney General ever found in Contempt of Congress), before being shut down. Including the DOJ in going after these targeted groups would assure great difficulty in obtaining the documents needed to set the timeline for the illegal activities including the coordination and improper sharing of the taxpayer information connected to the Tea Party groups involved.
Lerner was more than happy to discuss hiding all facets of this illegal activity and even went as far as giving an interview to Politico to tell her lies to the American public and attempt to place herself as the victim. The only group she refused to explain these actions to was the Oversight Committee, the only group whose only purpose is the root out the illegal activities and prosecute those who break the law. Asking for members’ lists, what books they read, the text of prayers and where they and their members go to church are outside the purview of investigation for c4 applications. Lerner and her equally culpable replacement John Koskinen actually told the House ways and Means committee that
“Whenever we can, we follow the law”.
Under Obama, anything was possible and breaking the law was just something to ignore. It was our President who prejudged the investigation that took place over four years and declared there was not a “smidgen of corruption” when he fully knew the facts were pointing to jail time for IRS officials.
Those who worked in the IRS, including Lois Lerner, Holly Paz and later. John Koskinen were knee deep in a criminal enterprise whose only purpose was to harass intimidate, attempt tp criminalize and bankrupt those who political ideology was different from the progressive socialist line. The basic premise was that they could use their public positions in the government to shut down those with opposing views. The bureaucrats in Washington were allowed to use the budget and power of the federal government to target free speech an abuse of power that went far beyond anything that Richard Nixon ever contemplated and these thugs should be held accountable.
A recent settlement of $3.5 million in a class action lawsuit does not go far enough. Lerner and the rest if the swamp at the IRS need to be held accountable. While the taxpayers are paying for the misdeeds of the Lerner IRS, she is now retired with a full government pension provided by the taxpayers.
And now Lois Lerner and Holly Paz have requested that the sworn depositions that they were forced to give be sealed because they are afraid that harm may come to them from the American Public if it were to be made public. But if they did nothing wrong why should the public not be able have those depositions made available. Is it because the actions they took to humiliate and damage others with whom that have a political disagreement were illegal?
The largest miscarriage of justice in this whole debacle was the DOJ, who worked in collusion with the IRS in this whole matter, decided not to prosecute. And although Lois Lerner intentionally misled both federal investigators and the American public about what transpired, the DOJ claimed that they couldn’t prosecute because here was no Intent. Sound familiar?

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By: Juan Reynoso, WTP Activist -

Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty.

Truth and knowledge diffused among the people are necessary for the reclamation and preservation of our Democracy, rights, freedom and liberties. We must seek the truth and let the people know.

2016 is the years of political revolution.

America it is not for sale.

American politicians are owned by a handful of oligarchs

The making of political puppets through bribes-

Fellow Americans, we the people are the hope of America’s future and our freedom. 2016 is the years of political revolution, Democrats and Republicans are fed up with Washington corrupt politicians, puppets of the oligarchs.  We only have two candidates that will change the path of America’s self-destruction; they are Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul.   We must become activist and stand for America. 2016 is mean to be the year of reclamation and the turning point to reclaim our Constitution, our country’s principles, values and social responsibility;  and most important our God given rights to freedom, Liberty and the rule of law.  Our country has serious issues; we have become a country with a large corrupt powerful government that is controlled by the oligarchs; the oligarchs own and control this system of crony capitalism and monopolist predator corporatism. Wall Street and the oligarchs of this country made and control the many puppets in our government that by deception and lies passed free trade legislations that have destroyed our economic and the means for the American worker to earn living wages, sufficient to meet their basic needs to support their families and to provide discretionary income and the means to finance the education of their children’s.  To be more precise, Americans want their dignity back and Living Wages, free of any handouts, social service or welfare assistant, we want our dignity and freedom back.

Democrats and Republicans must become one voice and vote for America; we believe that before anything, we are Americans and the foundation of our country is our US Constitution. We will not allow the use of any political ideology to destroy our constitution, our country nor our economic and welfare.

This is the truth, it all started with Ronald Reagan and George H.W Bush and continue with Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama; since Ronald Reagan most Democrats and Republicans become puppets of the oligarchs and their multinational corporations, they supported and promote free trade, globalization and the one world order system of government control by the multinational corporations and the IMF. The puppets that are in our government are the ones responsible for the destruction of millions of Americans jobs and the demise of our economic freedom.  The enslavers of the American people is our own government they are the ones that promoted globalization and slave wages, the oligarchs got richer at the expenses of the American working class and use their money to control our economic and our government. We must show the oligarchs and the puppets in our government, that all the money in the world, will not be enough to demise our God given freedom nor control the destiny of the American people. The people of these United States believe that ours is a Christian nation and soon, God almighty will give us the light to enable us to see through the dark, the path of evil control by the devil and the path of God’s law and the love for humanity and peace.  The choice is ours; salvation and follow God’s law or follow the devil and a life of greed for money, power, wars and destruction of humanity. In God I trust, that we will see the right path and united as a nation reform our country ones again as a Christian nation and restore in the people of this great country our moral principles and values and stand as one protecting our nation, our U.S. Constitution and our God given rights to freedom and Liberty for all Americans. We must never forget that our nation is a nation governs by the people and for the people.

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The Democrat National committee undermines Bernie Sanders campaign.

American politicians are owned by a handful of oligarchs

Income Inequality is destroying America’s Middle Class.

Wealthy corporations will replace American workers with low-wage foreign workers.

Our freedom and economic future.

Things They Didn’t Tell You in History Class

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Many Would Vote Socialist

I’ve seen it on the Internet, on television how so many in this country are proud socialists, hell Congress people in Washington are members of the Socialist Party. I don’t understand that. How can a socialist be voted for and place his/her hand on the Bible and swear an oath to this country when they don’t believe in our founding principals? With the wars we have endured, our loved ones have fought in, how can there be so many damn socialists, Marxist, communists, muslims living here? It’s like a mockery to our country, to those who served..Is it any wonder that BHO was elected without ever being vetted, or re-elected still basically a mystery, or that if he could run again would be re-elected a third time? In a country such as ours countless numbers believing in the viability of a person like Obama, or his wife, or those like Clinton, Kerry, Cummings, Feinstein, etc. is unbelievable. These politicians only believe in dominance, the acquisition of power by whatever means. They gain power by depriving us of ours. They say one thing, telling what people want to hear, then do the opposite. They are excellent at the game of mixing a little truth between lies, and doing it in an attractive way to make it eagerly desired and consumed as a liars sandwich to the gullible, so they are not dissuaded to the contrary. They believe in spite of what is revealed by their eyes, in spite of what they hear, in spite of living conditions, high prices and staggering debt. Yet all the evidence to the contrary of their darkened intellect is still not entirely dissuasive..I find it amazing how many of those I come in contact with, in the course of a week, that don’t give a damn about the news, they never listen to it on the radio or television, they listen only to music or play silly kids games on their computers or phones. If we were to be attacked they wouldn’t know about it till it was on them, these people vote, they have no idea what is at stake, how their uninformed vote will help or hurt this country. I included help, giving a few the benefit of the doubt, because they almost always will vote for a useless, dangerous leftist. They have no idea, or apparently care that the Democrat Party has become a Socialist Party and a detriment to this country and all it stands for, or maybe I should say, after all this unnecessary time with Barack Hussein Obama, what it use to stand for.
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Deport Illegals, Families Too

I agree with TRUMP,  They got to GO,  The answer is that every True American Citizen should volunteer to HELP with Deportation.  I can take a car load in my car to the boarder every Tuesday,  I would pay for gas and food and drive NON STOP till I got them safely delivered to the boarder,  Let's everybody (USA Citizen) volunteer to sign up to help with the deportation.   Thank You Four Your Support. TEM

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By: Juan Reynoso, activist  -     STAND FOR AMERICA

Seek the truth and expose government corruption-

Fellow Americans, The future of our country rest on us, the American people; during the last 15 years we have experience nothing but deception and betrayal from the Bush and the Obama administration, their bold planned and execution of mandates in violation of our U.S. Constitution, the rule of law and most important the will of the people. Their greed for power transformed them into whores that sold their dignity, principles and values to the predator neo-con globalist corporate and financial system that today rule in this country of ours. By their actions of betrayal and deception they destroyed our faith and trust in our government.

I’m proud to be an America and I believe that we can re-store and build a new American under the conservative principles and the American ideas of true free market, our constitution, the rule of law and our commandment to freedom and responsibility to the economic and welfare of the American people and end this concentration of wealth that is destroying our societies.

This year, we have the opportunity to elect strong Republican statesman good leaders to the United States Senate, enough to win a Senate majority and turn our country around. Washington politicians are elected by the people to represent the American people, not the party or especial interest organizations nor the US Predator neo-con globalist. Our commitment to eradicate the Washington lobbies that bribe our politicians and the revolving door system that made our politicians whores that for the love of money sell out their principles must end.

We have many good people in Washington, but we also have a small army of whores that work for the Neo-con globalist that trash our constitution to benefit them and their ideology to colonized countries to rob them of their natural resources and take advantage of cheap labor. The force of money that bribes our politicians must end, and senior politicians must not make threat to new elected politicians to vote in favor of ill policies that are not in the best interest of the people.  This culture of corruption must be expose and destroy most senior politicians are corrupt and we must vote them out.

2014 and the 2016 elections must be the beginning of the new American and the end of the American neo-con globalist, the world’s bully police force, the imperialism, the warmongers, the killers and destroyers of humanity and the killers and oppressors of the American poor and the end of Washington corrupt politicians.

Washington is in need of a complete purge, the Senate majority has been in the hands of liberal politicians like Senator Harry Reid, whose liberal ideology and commitment to President Obama’s agenda has allowed Obama to trash our constitution and re-enforce the Bush agenda, driven our country to our own demise; this dysfunctional Washington political corruption is taking our country down the wrong path, the path of our own demise.

Fellow Americans, on November vote for America, let’s give the Republicans the chance to transform our country and re-store our conservative principles, Christian values and our confidence and trust in our government. VOTE FOR AMERICA. It’s time to take our country back and it’s time to get America working as one for the economic and welfare of the people.

We must stop the predator corporatism; they control our government by political contribution, the political bribery system. Join us now. and help us to take our country back. Seek the truth.


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Let’s make it happen, vote Republican

Elections senate map.

Need your support on the key race-vote Republican

Senate elections, 2014,_2014

Red state news-2014 elections.

NRA support Republicans.

Politics-Senate 2014

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A sad fact that 48 million of our fellow Christians did not vote......all of us that call ourselves God fearing Christians have a duty to vote and to encourage our fellow Christians to vote ! imagine how much difference it would make if these Christians had voted for God fearing political candidates. We might just save our once great country !  Remember ARCON is still alive and will probably still doing the devils bidding generating millions of  fraudulent votes for democrat politicians we must overcome this fraud with our legitimate votes.4063980049?profile=original4063979990?profile=original

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Fellow Americans, Let’s take the oath.

Fellow Americans, Let’s take the oath.

 God all mighty you give us our United States, one nation under God with liberty and justice for all.

Father today July 5th, 2014, we the people of these United States in our own free will take this oath.

“Lord all mighty you give us America, today I solemnly swear before you my Lord that as stewards of your creation, I will preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, our God given natural rights, our Christians principles and traditions of our country The United States Of American and that I will not compromise my faith on you my Lord for any material gain money or power, so help me God.”

Fellow American, if you believe in God all mighty, our Constitution and our God given natural rights, pass this on, we want to re-store our love for our country, our Christian values and our duty to defend and stand for American, not with arms, wars,  revolution, civil disobedience or any act of violence, but with our Bibles and our Dees, we must never forget that we are Christian soldiers of God all mighty, that we love the man because we are God’s creation, our war is against sin not the man; convert the sinner by educating not by force or dictating our values,  for God has given us his laws and our free will to follow the law or pay the price of disobedience, we are not to hate any one or be judges; is only God the judge and master to whom we will answer for our Dees.

Christians are first and foremost citizens of heaven; our loyalty is to God all mighty and our country not any political party. When we identify ethical issues with politics more than we do with Jesus and God’s laws, we lose who we are in Christ. The Bible says to be your brother’s keeper and kind to aliens in the land (Leviticus 19:33-34). This directive is to all Christ-followers. If a believer finds value in a particular political party, he or she should do what they can to encourage that the party promote biblical justice in all areas that matter to Christ, not only issues that matter to party members.

Register to vote and vote for America in 2014 and 2016 help us to re-store America Christian values and principles. 

Like this Page or make your comments 

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They both voted for closure which let the bill go forward for a vote. As Cruz pointed out that would have been the time and place to stop the bill. Instead they voted to let it go to the floor where 51 votes was enough  to pass it. Now they can tell us they voted against the law, but essentially they worked with Reid and it passed. 

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4063729299?profile=original                   Protesters Rally against Obama Syrian Military Strike

The red line in the sand was drawn by President Obama in August of 2012, and it was at that point he committed America to a rendezvous with war in Syria. The president only managed to respond publically in the hopes that the mainstream media and the liberals in the nation would view his tepid response as being presidential.

The president said this nearly as flippantly as he has commented on other pressing domestic or foreign issues, in the hope that his obedient mainstream media would ignore it and move on to shoring up his then re-election bid against challenger Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Since then, the president’s red line has moved with each international focus on the Syrian civil war conflict. In each event, Obama has kicked the can down the road. Several times this year when it was clear that according to international chemical weapon experts the deadly weapons of mass destruction were used, Obama feigned responsibility. This was not a failure to act, but a failure to lead.

Meanwhile, during his absence on the international stage as America’s Commander in Chief, he looked the other way as 100,000 plus Syrians died in the conflict. He first spoke about regime change in 2011, during the Syrian street demonstrations, but did little else, but played golf and found new and innovative ways to circumvent the U.S. Constitution.

Now, with the world watching Obama could not kick the can down the road because videos surfaced showing 1,400 Syrian victims of Sarin of a gas attack. The horror of seeing women and children murdered by yet unproven rebel or government officials had to move Obama to unavoidable action. Now in front of the entire nation and the world he had to accept responsibility for his own August 2012 words which have come back to haunt him.

Yet, he even managed to dither back and forth about what he said and what he meant. In each incarnation of Obama’s remembrance of how he would punish Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, he somehow could not make up his mind about sending Assad a well telegraphed love tap of missiles to keep him in line, while the Syrian president moved all of his military assets and chemical stockpiles.

While Obama could not determine which account of the red line he would erase next, country after country, including Britain have decided he had not made the case for war. In fact, according to the Washington Post they found 208 solid no votes against Obama's war resolution. Even as late as Sunday afternoon, ABC News has the House members leaning heavily in favor of voting the Syrian military use resolution down to defeat.

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Why I won't vote for Romney


Why I won't vote for Romney


Because I want to defeat Obama.

The Romney argument from day one has been 'you have to vote for Romney because he's the only one that can beat Obama'. I won't vote for Romney precisely because I know he will lose to Obama. A few examples as to why he'll lose:


Romney's positive approval rating has been 20 points below even McCain and Dole's who both ended up losing. It will probably start to rise with the end of the primary, however this is before the Obama Nasties open fire with both barrels, and Romney is a very target rich environment.


McCain lost to Obama by five million votes. The retort is 'yes but the luster is off Obama this time', true, but the luster has never been and never will be on Romney. The apathy on the right is every bit as apathetic as the apathy on the left. However in addition to apathy there is almost a disdain on the right for Romney and the GOP. Romney will lose three types of voters. 1. Unmotivated voters who won't bother to turn off 'Dancing with the Stars' to go vote. 2. Voters like myself that know Romney is a liberal and are disgusted with the dishonest corrupt campaign he and the GOP have run. 3. Voters that hate Romney so much that as soon as the word 'Romney' leaves your mouth the conversation is over. So from where is Romney going to get his votes?


Romney is so stiff that it makes it almost too painful to watch. Part of his historically low 30 percent approval rating is simply that he is not a likeable candidate. It just seems as if he doesn't quite know how to relate to humans. The following video (cookiegate) of Romney talking to supporters is a perfect illustration of Romney's legendary awkwardness. If this were an isolated event it could be overlooked, but it's more the rule than the exception.


Both Romney and Obama are desperate to avoid their records, causing them to run a vapid, mud slinging campaign with both candidates trying to bring the other down, rather than building himself up. Perhaps this is why we spent the last few weeks arguing about the value of stay-at-home-moms, roof carriers for dogs and yes dog meat. However this kind of campaign will not help Romney, on the contrary, this type of campaign is tailor-made for the democrats. Democrat voters are the quintessential mind-dead-voter. All David Axelrod has to say is: are you really going to fire the first black president? (Chris Matthews is already promoting this) and 'hope and change', or the 2012 equivalent.


If Obama wins the world will end

If Obama wins the earth will fly off it's axis, spin out of control and explode. In addition to the dishonest and corrupt campaign, the GOP has been forcing Romney down our throats since the primary began. As Americans we are genetically predispositioned to raise our middle finger whenever someone tells us we HAVE TO do something. The main argument for Romney is that we can't afford another four more years of Obama. The question is never raised, can we afford eight years of a liberal republican? I would argue, muddling through four more years of Obama is preferable to eight years of a directionless liberal Romney. Does anyone anywhere really think Mitt is going to bring a backbone to the table. On the budget battles Boehner and McConnell have caved every single time to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham even pleaded with the republican leadership, 'don't shut down the government or we'll get blamed'. Coulter might have an adam's apple but she has no cojones. Is Romney really going to stand up to Ann Coulter?


If Obama wins, the next two Supreme Court justices will alter the makeup of the court. Nonsense. Scalia, Alito, Thomas, Roberts aren't going anywhere. Kennedy probably isn't either. If he does, his replacement still has to be confirmed by the Senate. You simply don't confirm anyone less conservative than Kennedy, next problem.


We need someone with a spine. The only republicans in the last thirty years with guts were Reagan and Gingrich. Both shut down the government several times and Newt even forced Clinton to say “the era of big government is over”. Will Romney ever shut down the government, will he ever stand up to the liberals when they cry about draconian cuts? He's not going to fight the liberals because in truth he is a liberal and we all know that the democrats will keep spending until we become Greece. Just like the liberals in Greece kept spending until it became so bad people started committing suicide. We are on the exact same path and a liberal republican is barely going to slow us down on our inevitable run off the cliff.


Going on offense.

I started to write a section about forcing a brokered convention, but the more I wrote the more I realized, any candidate coming out of the GOP convention this year will still have to be GOP approved. In other words we'd still end up with a total bucket of mush, like Jeb Bush or Mitch Daniels, better, but not good enough for the mess we're in today.


Don't get me wrong I still think we need to flip off the GOP every chance we get. Such as:

  1. Voting for Ron Paul in the remaining primaries as a protest vote.

  2. Changing party affiliation to independent and telling the GOP why you're switching.

  3. Stop sending money to RNC.

  4. Throw your remote at the T.V. whenever Karl Rove shows up.


No, this time I think we need to go big. We need to enlist a true conservative as our third party nominee. We don't need a third party, at least not at this point. We just need a true conservative to represent us as a third party candidate in the presidential election. We'd still vote for the best republican in each race for congress. Many say this is a suicide mission, but I disagree. Rather I would argue that voting for Romney in this environment is the true suicide mission. Yes I've heard the argument over and over that Ross Perot is the reason we ended up with Bill Clinton, but had Ross Perot been a better candidate he could have actually won. He was shooting up like a rocket until he pulled out of the race, only to come back later and he still got 20 percent of the vote. Ross Perot was not a good candidate but we have time to find a truly great conservative candidate to represent us.


Not only was Ross Perot a poor candidate but H.W. Bush was not a horrible candidate either. But this time Romney is a horrible candidate. Also Clinton does not even come close to Barak Obama on the socialist meter, so things are very different this time. Can you imagine a true conservative debating these two liberal Bozos, with their socialist medicine legislation hanging around their necks?


As for the question, can a third party candidate really win? I'd point to Murkowski in Alaska who beat her republican rival with a write-in campaign and she wasn't even on the ballot. Granted our candidate will be underfunded but so were Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum and they still won states where they were outspent 10 to 1. On the other hand our third party candidate will start with a huge base of disenfranchised conservative voters in which to build on. The contrast between the conservative and the two liberals will suck voters from Romney until he's no longer viable. This happened recently in the Colorado Governor's race where the conservative independent destroyed the republican candidate making him into a non factor. Once Romney is made a non factor voters will turn to replacing the worst president in U.S. history.


In summary

If we don't stand up to the GOP this election we'll be be facing another thirty years of Doles and McCains and Romneys. We won't last thirty years with more Doles and McCains and Romneys. If Obama wins we muddle through for another four, but have another shot in four years for a true conservative. If Romney wins, the dramatic 'change of course' needed to save this country will not occur for at least the next eight years.

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Voter Registration for Expats Abroad

I was one of the lucky few Americans to do an internship in the European Commission in the 90s.  That was during my young and impressionable days before I became a stanch conservative.  I have a friend who is currently there who works for NATO and is dedicated to registering Americans living abroad to vote (for Obama of course).  I would like to know if we have a similar movement and if not, we should!  

There are plenty of people living outside of the US who are perfectly able to vote here.  The DNC is committed to this, and I read on his FB the other day a gal in Bejing recommended contacting someone she knew there to have a similar program started in China.  We need to make an effort to get more people on our side to vote!  Does anyone have an idea about how to initiate something like this?  I am willing to help!  I have friends in Mexico and in Europe - although many of the Euros are so Socialistic and anti-American that it may be a tough sale.  But Mexico may be a different story.

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Republicans Seek Another Huge Shellacking
(For Obama’s Nonsensical “Jobs” Bill)
In the Democrat-Controlled Senate
                Has the world turned upside down? You be the judge. 
Item #1: As promised the House Republicans are taking pieces of the Obama American Jobs Act bill they believe in and designing their own bill with the best parts of Obama’s bill IN and the destructive parts of Obama’s bill for the economy LEFT OUT.
Item: #2: The last time (before his Jobs Bill was proposed in September that instead of merely haranguing Congress and the nation without substance) President Barack Obama actually put something in writing for the Congress to examine was in February this year. That “something” was a bogus budget drawn up to oppose the real and thoughtful pro-active budget from House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin). Ryan’s plan , the “Roadmap for America’s Future” was the first effort made in our history to deal not only with deficits and hyper-spending but also with the nation’s $116 TRillion UNfunded liabilities (Social Security, Medicare and the federal side of Medicaid) crisis. After submitting his own atrocious budget, Obama called for an immediate vote . . . His Senate Majority Leader, Democrat Harry Reid warned that would be a bad idea and put off that vote until the President clamored “Now!” three months later. Reid would have preferred not to vote but had to. The result was a 0-97 defeat in the Democrat-controlled Senate . . . perhaps the worst rebuff from Congress that any president has ever received . . . a historical drubbing of monumental proportions.
Item #3: Now Obama’s at it again with his so-called American Jobs Act which is really just a huge pretense at cutting spending which actually raises taxes on middle-class Americans dramatically.    Sounds like just the thing for the Democratically-controlled Senate to vote on, right? Not so quick! 
Item #4: Majority leader Harry Reid knowing that any tax increases during the current economic malaise will not be popular with voters, especially all those independent voters that Obama and all members of Congress (House and Senate) will need on their side come the 2012 elections. Reid has tried to tell the President again NOT to plow ahead. Obama today says “Go!” however and now Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has called for a vote in the Senate. Reid is, of course, still opposed and today Reid blocked the procedural vote from further consideration. We believe that Republican Mc Connell will continue to call for the vote.
Item#5: Even IF Mc Connell had his way today, the procedural vote required to get Obama’s bill voted on appears 100% likely to be blocked by the Democrats with the prospect that somehow, some way IF the matter ever did come up for a vote on its merits, this bill too would face an ignominious defeat. 
Item #6: To avoid that likely debacle, Reid and the Dems will block the matter from further consideration they would vote as a unit on the procedural matter against the president’s Jobs Bill while the Republicans are voting as a bloc FOR Obama’s bill to be voted on. That’s how bad the president’s bill is . . . about 85% of Democrats don’t like it at all and almost no Democrat, even those who do like it, wants to vote for higher taxes now. 
Item #7: The Democrats, we’re told from polls, are deeply split over the president’s jobs bill. The latest attempt to find consensus among the Dems is to make two major changes to the president’s bill A) instead of raising taxes on households earning $200,000 or more beginning in 2013, the Senate Dems are talking about a 5% surcharge on millionaires and up beginning three months from now in January, 2012. Harry Reid surprisingly did NOT downplay the split among his Dems in the Senate describing it this way for the press, “If some of our members wanted permission to go to the bathroom, there’s a good chance that many others would shout ‘NO!’”
            Again that’s how bad the president’s bill is . . . about 85% of Democrats don’t like it at all and almost no Democrat, even those who do like it, wants to vote for higher taxes now. The Republicans hate the bill and want to show it up with something akin to the 0-97 shellacking that the Senate gave Obama’s ridiculous budget when they finally voted on that bill itself in May of this year three full months after it was submitted by the President. This is the leader of the Free World our campaigner-in-chief who has NOT the slightest clue about how to govern. 
How does one govern? By getting the most you can with what you’ve got. Instead of ramming Obamacare through in a hateful manner, imagine if you will that despite controlling the House and Senate in 2009 when he came into office that: President Obama had called on the Republicans to help craft a healthcare bill with his Congressional majorities . . . . Not only would there have been no need for the unconstitutional procedural tricks that Nancy Pelosi pulled on the nation (“We’ll have to pass it so you can see what’s in it.”) or the lie personally signed by Obama for Bart Stupak saying NO abortions would be funded by Obamacare (incredibly, the first three official Obamacare procedures done were abortions). The result would not have been an acrimonious battle for 15 months and would not have been the 2,700-page monstrosity that’s likely to be ruled unconstitutional and which is already bankrupting the nation just in its earliest stages of implementation. 
The result probably would have been a 425-10 vote in the House and a 98-2 vote in the senate for a smart 100-page bill that would have actually worked (malpractice tort reform; insurance across state lines; taking care of fraud in Medicare and streamlining Medicaid) to get more people healthcare and to cut overall healthcare costs. That’s what governing is all about . . . getting a near-unanimous consensus and real results that help with almost zero-downside. President Obama is not capable of such a feat, alas. Two vital questions must be answered in 2012:
A.     Are you better off than you were four years ago?
B.     Are you better off than you were $4+ TRillion ago?
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,

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How to win my vote in 2012

debate questions & answers: Where do you stand on off shore drilling? If it gets us out of foreign oil dependency i'm for It. where do you stand on entitlements? Only vets, elderly, disabled and children should be able to receive government assistance. Where do you stand on foreign policies. There is enough to fix here before we can worry about foreign anything. How would you address our current military situation. I would bring our men home to help rebuild and secure America. Where do you stand on raising income tax? Why not raise corporate tax. What would you do to improve the Economy? Raise foriegn taxes, promote US production by creating a build America Bond sold to Americans only, eliminate the Free Trade Act, cap malpratice compensation, Stop all aid to foreign countries, repeal the Health Care Act, close all duplicate agencies and require states do do the same.



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From the desk of: - Marshall Frank - 


Before everyone gets too excited about Ron Paul - I would like all of you to please take a look at this last Bill that went throught Congress.


Ron Paul voted NO!!!!!!



In a remarkable bipartisan show of support for Israel and condemnation of the purveyors of hate within the Gaza and West Bank areas, the U.S. Congress just passed Resolution 268, by a whopping majority of 407 votes “For”, and only 6 “Against.” Another 13 voted “Present” thus taking no stand one way or the other, tantamount to a vote “Against.”

The resolution calls for the suspension of Foreign Aid to Gaza/West Bank Palestinians until they agree to acknowledge Israel and to finally agree to sit at the negotiating table to begin genuine peace talks.

Yes, the U.S. gives foreign aid to Gaza/West Bank Palestinians. It’s not even a country. Depending on what source you subscribe to, and what year (2009 or 2010), they generally rank 7th on the list, behind Afghanistan, Israel, Iraq, Pakistan, Egypt and Sudan. In 2009, that amounted to almost $1 billion of American tax dollars. Meanwhile, we can all access the internet and watch their mobs in the street scream “Death To America!”

True, the money is designated for humanitarian assistance, but we all know how that actually works. Rarely, does foreign aid in any of these countries end up where it is meant for.

This vote not only shores up support for Israel as an ally and partner in world peace, it sends a powerful message to our president that we, the people of the United States, are not prepared to make unreasonable and disastrous demands upon Israel until the Palestinians show good will in recognizing Israel’s right to exist. President Obama’s recent announcement demanding Israel’s return to the 1967 borders has blown up in his face.

There were a total of 19 congressman who did not vote for the resolution. In other words, these 19 congressmen and women, in my view, basically sided with Hamas. Here are their names:

Voting against:

Dennis Kucinic, D – Oh

Nick Rahall, D – WV

Ron Paul – R – Tx

Walter Jones, D – NC

Eral Blumenauer, D – Or

Justin Amash, R – Mi

Voting Present: (all Democrats)

Lynn Woolsey

Barbara Lee

Fortney Stark

Maxine Waters

Andre Carson

Chellie Pingree

Donna Edwards

Keith Ellison

Betty McCollum

Eddie Johnson

James Moran

James McDermott

Gwen Moore

Five were unable to vote, i.e. Gabreille Giffords, etc.

For more information, access these links:

Click here: GovTrack: House Vote On Passage: H. Res. 268:

Click here: United States foreign aid – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Click here: U.S. House passes resolution threatening to suspend aid to Palestinians








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