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Obama is clearly in rebellion against Article 2 Section 3 “…shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed…” and Article 4 Section 4 “…shall protect each (state) against Invasion…”   The USA is being overthrown and destroyed by an alien locust army invasion that is funded by progressive rebellion within government!   Obama freely does this because Congress and SCOTUS are likewise betraying allegiance and Constitution!   Treason is a capital crime!


Every individual within government except Obama is allegiance bound to defend the Constitution "without any reservation or purpose of evasion, against any enemy (of it)” (2nd oath)! Obama’s allegiance (Article 2-1) “…to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution…” says BEST, NOT, aid & abet lawlessness and invasions!


Congress doesn’t have the power to cede anything or join enemies! Likewise no agency is empowered to assume powers not granted by the Constitution! The Constitution is Supreme Law to the letter and definition of each word, wherein anything to the contrary is “notwithstanding” (Article 6)!   It’s the highest English language ratified USA covenant!  Change requires ratified Amendment by the States!!


Article 1 Sections1&2&3 clearly puts ALL legislative powers in congress, including impeachment trial, judgment, and punishment thereon... NOT THE JUDICIARY!


Article 3 Section 1 clearly puts establishment of courts in the hands of legislators along with the "shall hold their offices during good behavior…”. The words “insurrection” (open opposition to Constitutional authority), “rebellion (against the Constitution), and Amendment 14-3&4 (SHALL HOLD NO U.S. OFFICE if “shall have engaged” in insurrection or rebellion)” or Article 3-3 TREASON – “(war against or) …adhering to (Constitution) Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort…” ARE SUPREME NON-NEGOTIABLE LAWS!


Congressional speakers ARE BETRAYING their solemn oath of allegiance and duty to maintain order beginning with supporting and defending the Constitution!  If they can’t reach a 100% majority to defend the Constitution, their duty mandates identifying congresspersons unwilling to defend, and remove them from office according to Amendment 14-3&4, WITHOUT ANY RESERVATION!   They won’t even demand a 2/3 majority to defend!


Because any official’s Constitutional violation affects ALL CITIZENS, any acting against it “…shall nevertheless be liable… and subject to Indictment, Trial, Judgment and Punishment, according to Law” Article 1-3) (…in every court in the land BY JURY, Article 6 & Article 3-2).”    None are exempt from arrest for “treason or felony” during session or recess (Article 1-6).   It’s time for the people to lay their wrath upon the lawless and traitors.    Affordable local courts are bound by Supreme Law that is as simple and blunt as “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens… (14-1)”, etc.!   THINK, no lesser law or ruling has ANY standing against it!!!


The quoted law is SUPREME LAW directly from the Constitution, not my or anyone else’s opinion!

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It’s way past time to end sanctuary city insurrection and rebellion along with removing oath betraying traitors within government who are engaged in adhering to constitutional enemies, giving aid, and comfort to overthrowing the Constitution and law thereunder!   STOP THE LOOTING AND PLUNDER!


Congress is 7 years past due on bringing Obama, his Justice department (Holder/Lynch), and the Homeland security weasel (Johnson) to answer for insurrection, rebellion, betrayal of oath, and treason!!    They have ignored all financial checks, balances, and accountability!!   USE A LAWFUL CPA FIRM, not the criminal puppets Obama appointed within government accounting.!   Use them to audit like the IRS does unto conservatives!!!!   

Article. II. -

Section 1 The president   “…will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

Section 3 –…he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed…

Section 4 – The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high

Crimes and Misdemeanors…

Article III. - The Judicial Branch

Section 2 -   “ Instead of impeachment , charge them with the crimes BY JURY!!   Ref “...The Trial of all Crimes, (except in Cases of Impeachment), shall be by Jury; and such Trial shall be held in the State where the said Crimes shall have been committed;”    

Section 3 – Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort… The Congress shall have power to declare the Punishment of Treason…”

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It’s way past time to end sanctuary city insurrection and rebellion along with removing oath betraying traitors within government who are engaged in adhering to constitutional enemies, giving aid, and comfort to overthrowing the Constitution and law thereunder!   STOP THE LOOTING AND PLUNDER!


Congress is 7 years past due on bringing Obama, his Justice department (Holder/Lynch), and the Homeland security weasel (Johnson) to answer for insurrection, rebellion, betrayal of oath, and treason!!    They have ignored all financial checks, balances, and accountability!!   USE A LAWFUL CPA FIRM, not the criminal puppets Obama appointed within government accounting.!   Use them to audit like the IRS does unto conservatives!!!!   

Article. II. -

Section 1 The president   “…will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

Section 3 –…he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed…

Section 4 – The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors…

Article III. - The Judicial Branch

Section 2 -   “ Instead of impeachment , charge them with the crimes BY JURY!!   Ref “...The Trial of all Crimes, (except in Cases of Impeachment), shall be by Jury; and such Trial shall be held in the State where the said Crimes shall have been committed;”    

Section 3 – Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort… The Congress shall have power to declare the Punishment of Treason…”

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I received a tea party e-mail notice regarding the Lerner contempt & jail action by the Blaze.    THAT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT – the first domino that can bring them all down!!!


Problem is… when finished reading it, members can’t comment under their name or DISCUS etc. pseudonym!   They must submit to facebook, “maybe” find fragmented secondary tea party spaces, or in this case go elsewhere!    Every time I do this I swear I won’t come back to this tea party site again.    Divided communications are a frustrating destructive waste of time.


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One of the best articles in a long time!!!   Palin has it TOGETHER!   Her & her bear gets to the bare facts of a mentally barren liberal who will forever be in a corner with his dunce hat slipped over his face.

Why facebook has a monopoly on the tea party that doesn't include members is a mystery.    I was a facebook member until they sent me an email that I would have to prove to them that  I was me... think about it... "personal ID stuff... secrets like family tree, age, etc., that "they could verify".   If it's secret, how could they verify... & why???    They're a data bank, like NSA, who have access to their files.    The reality check is the fact that "personal data" is ubiquitous within government, healthcare, public records, commerce, & etc's forevermore!    It's a very profitable process for facebook & often very costly to people who think compromising ones privacy is fun... until lives are ruined when information is used against them... today, tomorrow, or 50 years later.   I'm simply not playing  their game.

The T-party problem is half communicating on face book & the other half on t-party & the result is a divided entity that  needs absolute unity!    I look at the blog column where member write stuff, & nobody reads or comments on it.    The stuff coming in on email directs members to a facebook only page & you either comply it delete it.    I go directly to home page once a day if then & delete everything else.   Don't play the personal ID game or the ID theft game & life will be infinitely better.

I really don't care if my posts are shared with facebook in context with the tea party or who passes it on.

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Open message for Alexander and Corker.   Tennessee is still a place where your “word” is still important – a place where God, Country, and Constitution still matter, be it democrat or republican.

I recall a very nice straight talking man in a plaid shirt stumping from county to county in areas where you had to hunt hard to find a republican.    I remember a wife gathering people together to hear this man speak, and later with many others to elect a republican.   No one believed it would happen!  These are many of the same old people who founded the Tea Party that your current senate leader Reed regularly slanders.  The plaid shirt symbolized opportunity and freedom with as little government tax and intrusion as possible.   Those are old Tennessee traits common to democrats and republicans alike, years ago and today..   Well the plaid shirt is gone; and freedom, wealth, morality, and hope disappeared with it.

Then Corker came along with the same messages, and we elected him, and many others with the same message.   We now find both of you and your republican establishment in control and on a mission of destroying The US… a war on God, country, and Constitution!   I’m sure both of you are aware that Tennessee has had its share of corruption, and equally aware that unlike Chicago we aggressively prosecute and jail corrupt politicians, be it governors, legislators, judges, or anyone with sticky fingers and lying ways.  They’re people you knew at one time or another.     Spending money without a budget, without AICPA levels of internal control with checks and balances is a crime in Tennessee that regularly results in heavy fines and jail, as can be verified by many who didn’t believe it.    Both of you have approved near unlimited executive spending without budget or semblance of internal control.   Effects on this country over the past five years are catastrophic!

Now, you’re maligning and mocking the few patriots willing to say no to more of the same and worse corruption.   We have more acts of treason being condoned and backpedaled than any time in history!    You say you are against the most corrupt and cost killing bill ever conceived, yet you will act to fund it, as you vote to approve another perhaps trillion dollars of zero controlled executive spending that openly funds weapons of war for terrorists that are avowed enemies of the state (TREASON).   Who do you owe your allegiance to?    It certainly isn’t the citizens of Tennessee or the USA.

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Best news presentation I've ever seen.    Worried about a rodeo clown's mask???   Kerry is what he is & always has been - clip by clip!     I think he may have set the good ship "Lollypop" afire.    Watch out for scurrying rats.

Sitting and listening to liar after liar telling us we must go to war and stop the bloodshed BY destroying Syria so the Muslim Brotherhood and Osama's angels can take it over!!!    Remember Benghazi??? IRS??? Voter registration obstruction inc., Fast & furious, $17 trillion down the crapper, hoards of aliens subsidized by taxpayer funds, Solyndra, The pipe-line, data mining Inc.

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How many legislators voted to pass Obama care based on false pretenses!     All officers are oath and duty bound to the highest standards of honesty, truth, and integrity.    Are there any who had read and understood the legislation when they voted for it?    How many yes voters have completely read the bill, understand it and can explain the laws and recite a firm cost per year with truthful disclosure of who is going to pay for it.    Is there an accounting and consensus on the legality of stripping hundreds of billions from MEDICARE Funds that are required for retiree SSI-MED benefits... as part and parcel of SSI trust fund covenants?

If any of the naked ignorance and deception discussed in the media over the past several years is remotely true, we are following the Pied Piper of fraud over the cliff and into a sea of destruction.    It isn't enough to defund Obamacare, we have fraud in treasonous proportions to prosecute, and no one seems to have the guts to file charges!

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THERE ARE REASONS "The Affordable Health Care Act" is the most destructive and unaffordable piece of legislation ever passed by US executive-legislative-judicial officers! It begins with fraud, theft, and extreme malice.

The bill was written in unending volumes of entangled complexities by "appointed" progressives and communists who openly hate and live to destroy our heritage, Constitution, wealth, and the patriotic citizens who made it work. The bill was withheld until the last minute before vote, then passed by lemmings who neither read nor understood the content of law... solely on Obama, Reed, and Pelosi assurances that the uninformed would have to pass the bill to find out what it contained!    That bill was designed to destroy America!

Instead of cradle to grave utopian health care, it begins with massive prenatal abortion and ends at the hemlock clinic for those not worth saving. Unmistakably, costs were grossly understated to the point where existing MEDICARE for retirees had to be looted and individual insurance premiums skyrocketed. The spoof includes eliminating full time work for citizens.

When resultant costs are up so high you'll lose everything while real income and purchasing power plummets, it's called "upside down" - in the toilet. The stench is unbearable.   It's past time to flush!    Call in a new plumber if the old one is too worthless to do what they're paid to do!

My plumbers (Corker & Alexander) along with the other progressives are telling us to open the windows & let the flies clean it up. They're too busy driving wages down to meet global Chinese communist competition by flooding the workforce with aliens!   Send the progressives a wake up message wherever and whenever you can!    Our legislators are there to protect the Constitution, , and it's citizens, not throw them to the wolves.

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The amnesty gang of 8, the president, Mr. Holder, and their bipartisan progressive soldiers owe citizens some real answers!

What part of income tax evasion, Social Security tax evasion, workman’s’ compensation evasion, unemployment compensation tax evasion, wage and hour laws, OSHA, EPA, identity theft, etc, is not a felony crime that is aggressively prosecuted to the fullest extent of law within the US, relative to both employees and employers?

What about border security and VISA laws?   We have an army designed to protect our borders, don’t say we can’t! 

Have any of you not taken the oath of office?   Surely you’re familiar with Article VI of the Constitution! Surely you understand the written covenants of the Constitution, including the Amendment and state ratification process required to change any word or corrupt the meaning of any word or passage!

Is there not a high covenant of character, integrity, and honesty required to possess such high offices of government?

If you will not call a criminal “a criminal”, how can you arrest a criminal?

If you don’t arrest a criminal how will you prosecute a criminal?

Failure to prosecute criminals clearly violates oath of office and predictably creates chaotic lawlessness!

Calling criminals “undocumented workers” adds collusion and complicity to the crime. Protecting criminals from the law and justice aids and abets the crime! Democrat and republican citizens better throw the corrupt trash out or both lose!

Are you saying you’re not going to enforce the Constitution and laws of the land??? Please explain

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An average $64,300 annual worker output cost originates from Dec, 2012 BLS $42,537 wage @34.4/hr work week - adjusted to $49,462 (40/hr) - plus (30%) employer paid tax (FICA, workman’s & unemployment comp, fringes, etc.).    It’s the raw average employee cost paid by lawful employers.  (employee pay deductions are about 25% income & FICA)


1) Legitimate law abiding employers pay $27,204 tax, employer paid30%/employee paid (25%) and employees get $37,096 of the $64,300 total @ 40hr/week.   2)  Criminal tax evading alien employers pay criminal aliens $12,480 for the $64,300 output and pocket the $51,820 balance (415% clear profit).    3) Criminal employers can lower prices from zero to $51,820 to eliminate law abiding competition and employees.    Competition will End!   Next, globalists will move “production” to China and pay perhaps $0.60/hr because “America can’t compete”!     It’s a cycle of bloating labor supply, poverty wages, joblessness, bankruptcy, and insanity where citizens turn everything into smoke and ash.   (Marxist revolution)

$51,820 x 100= $5,182,000

GET STRONG, DETERMINED and UNBENDING - make your legislator explain what's happening, why there are no prosecutions, and what fingers do they have in the pie!    If they need prosecuting, demand it at a state or local level.    Holder will lose his grip when the masses turn on his blatant lawlessness!

When you lift the rock, it's not a single snake, it's an unending bed of vipers, such as who pays for it, will the nation collapse, and what are the consequences.       Criminals can be held accountable in a court of law!

19 million (12.1%) were unemployed and looking for work in June and another potential 23 million equivalent jobs were lost due to working a questionable 34.5 hours instead of 40

PASS IT ON - MAKE THIS SUMMER HOTTER THAN HELL FOR THOSE WHO DESERVE IT, and bless those who endlessly sacrifice to preserve this great country!

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AMNESTY SHOULD HAVE ENDED with the FACT that hundreds of millions of HONEST hard working aliens with every conceivable talent and background WANT TO BECOME US CITIZENS and the fact that 12.5 to 26.8 million citizens were jobless (December, 2012)!   We don't need ANY "guest workers!   We're in a depression!

Amnesty for 11 to 30 million felony criminal* aliens is about more than sacking our treasury $1.5 to $2.7 trillion every year, it’s treason!   Amnesty should have ended with the first realization that we don’t have enough resources or infrastructure for our own citizens… that we import 2/3 of our life-blood crude oil supply at outrageous monopolist prices, while coal is being prohibited because our president and senate forbid citizens from using their God given resources!

Amnesty is a perverse distraction to justify voiding oath of office, the Constitution, and law in order to overthrow Constitutional government! Undeniably the head of this snake is an absolute lawless government begging alien invasion while incinerating trillions in financial catastrophes they create.

Government loses $100,295 for every $37,096 40/hr. net pay citizen job destroyed! Criminal tax evading employers windfall profit per alien mercenary is $51,820 at government’s expense ($64,300 legitimate 40hr BLS wage (adjusted to 40 hr/week with 30% fringe & tax) vs. $12,480 no tax)!

ref: *Criminal means illegal entry and presence, wholesale worker-employer-government felony tax fraud-evasion and ID theft, endless theft of government funds by aliens, and governmental officials and employees, plus aiding and abetting, refusal to enforce Constitution and law, sacking the treasury, etc.  (That includes the president, senate democrats, 14 RINOs, and an endless supply of others!)

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Government loses $100,295 for every $37,096 citizen net paying job they destroy! (Citizen job tax & subsidy plus the invader subsidy) A bankrupt country can’t survive allowing its elected officials to literally throw away $1.5 to $2.7 trillion per year! It’s a perverse hatred beyond reasoning!

The only acknowledged amnesty motive is buying progressive votes. Low wage subservient workers at Chinese levels are global monopolist goals. Demonic executive branch progressive Marxist hatred seeks collapse and revolution. Bottom line, reasons don’t matter when under siege in all areas from within!

Like the senate, the house is awash in fraud, extortion, threats, compromised “government grant” money, and the endless “bipartisan” global PAC money! Officials are openly threatened into heeling like dogs on a leash! Sedition openly festers within the belly of government corruption! Oath bound elected government officers hide this from citizens. When “unknown” domestic and foreign interests dictate official decisions that overrules Constitution and law we have treason!   Does Amendment 14 Clause 3 sound familiar?   We need legislatures that will prosecute to restore our constitution and independence.

An amnesty vote will end freedom!

Data references:

Data begins with adjusting the 2012 BLS $42,537 wage @ 34.4/hr/wk to $49,462 @ full-time 40/hr/wk with 25% employee tax & 30% employer tax, regulations, & fringes (Wikipedia). Government subsidy is their $402 billion illegal alien cost/11 million illegal aliens. Individual calculated costs are $12,365 employee tax, $14,839 employer tax & fringes, $36,545 citizen subsidies, and $37,096 lost net pay ($49,462 less 25% fica, withholding, etc). 

BLS workforce was 154.975 million, employed 142.469M, unemployment 12.506M, and want job 6.437M. 2) 1997-2008 workforce to population ratios (66.54%) instead of 2012 (63.70%) says 6.896M jobless disappeared in the recession. 3) If 142,469M working 34.4 hours instead of 40, (142,469*(40-34.4)/34.4=23,194M) full time jobs lost to part time work!  Total potential unemployment is 49.033M (43 million).

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An average Dec. 2012 BLS wage adjusted from 34.4 hours to 40/hr with 30% employer taxes etc, is $64,300.   It’s the average employer’s annual employee productivity cost.   If jobless citizens receive $36,546 subsidies equal to illegal aliens ($402 billion/11 million), individual unemployment costs $100,845!


Government’s $36,546 alien invader subsidy increases jobless costs to $137,391 when citizens lose jobs to subsidized aliens! (Government numbers & basic math!)

BLS 12-2012 shows 12.5 million unemployed, 6.4 million looking for work, plus another 6.9 million who “disappeared” from the work force based on 1997-2008 12/yr average “population/workforce” ratios.   That totals 25.8 million jobless citizens!   The BLS 34.4 hour week vs. 40/hrs @ 155.0 million workers says part time joblessness equals 25.2 million jobs lost to part time work trends (16.28%)!     Potential joblessness is 51 million (33%)!   A government that pays and protects 11(?) million alien invaders and begs for more during extreme recession is defying and mocking Constitution, law, and citizens!


Simultaneously we have 11 to 30 million tax evading criminal aliens working for tax evading criminals who pay $12,480/yr tax free cash ($8 taxable is $6 cash).    Because criminal tax evading employers pay $12,480 for $64,300 worth of productivity, they take $51,820 windfall criminal profits!   A very slight amount of that windfall is more than enough to drive competitors and legitimate workers out of business!    Government protects criminal employers who flood the free labor market with workers, destroy wage competition, bankrupt business competition, drive wages below minimum wage, loot tax revenue, loot taxpayer benefit funds, and keep $51,820 per invader spoils!    That’s evil, not patriotism!


Because lawless executive-legislative officers protect and give alien invaders $36,546 in subsidies, invaders take home tax free $49,025 @40hr/wk ($47,278 @BLS 34.4hr/wk)!   Law abiding citizens take home $37,096 @ 40hr/wk ($31,903 @BLS 34.4hr/wk) after 25% tax!   Lawful citizen's $31,903 take-home is $15,375 less than government subsidized criminal invaders and $4,642 less than government’s tax-free $36,545 criminal alien subsidies!   Government is clearly creating severe productivity penalties simultaneously with extreme subsidy dependency!     Because increasing geometric demand for subsidies will be opposite the decreasing geometric productivity ability to pay for it, financial collapse is near!


Read it again – you can’t find a more demonic cancer that has divided, demonized, and desecrated every tradition and foundation of our once highly productive free Constitutional society!   Destruction to citizen productivity and independence is incalculable!  Government subsidized criminal aliens taking citizen jobs costs $137,391 each!  It’s $1.5 trillion/yr @11 million to $2.7 trillion/yr @ 20 million displaced citizens!    This doesn't include highly significant costs of aliens legally permitted to displace cirizens!


The amnesty-border issue is about lawless subversive control of government by defiance and mocking of oath and duty of office by executive-legislative officials.   Officials like Rubio, who adamantly state they can’t enforce the law and constitution, must either resign or be prosecuted for obstructing justice.    Citizens must elect officials who take their 24/7 oath and duty seriously… and recall and prosecute those who mock it!

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Our legislators are neither stupid nor misguided. Our issue is recognizing deception, theft, and seditious destruction of free Constitutional government! It’s not why demonic people do what they do, we must stop it to protect our country! Cowering and compromising is criminal aiding and abetting!

Our demonic administration already has the money to build a wall to the moon plus an army that could seal the border with tanks, jets, battleships, drones, Gatling guns, and soldier’s in locked arms! Those forces are in the mid-east arming and training maniacal blood enemies who are mutually sworn to kill us when they get done killing each other! Here comes Corker, parking a train load of borrowed cash in Obama’s vault, to build what Obama refuses to build or deploy. If Obama, Holder, and Napolitano have been mocking and openly defying the Constitution and law since their day one in office, and no one in the legislature has stopped it or restrained the looting of the treasury… why would anyone believe in any of them, including Corker, Alexander, etc? Amnesty is all about swallowing their poison pill.

Is Amnesty about 30 million taxpayer subsidized alien invader progressive votes, or criminals skimming $51,820 out of an average$64,300 wage productivity by evading taxes and free wage competition with $6/hr cash worker wages and a “government subsidy” that can boost take home pay by $12,000/yr at taxpayer expense? It’s called collapsing the economy.

The Heritage & media $6 trillion lifetime Amnesty cost excludes citizens permanently displaced by taxpayer subsidized criminal aliens who take home $12,000 more per year than average working citizens ($12,480 cash + $36,982 subsidy = $49025 take home, vs. $37,096)! Current 46 year working lifetime amnesty cost is $69 to $189 trillion. Mortal enemies are winning!!! Corker, Alexander, and the rest of the “yes” amnesty voters are voting for the enemy not citizens!

Again, Dec, 2012 BLS $42,537 avg. wage @ 34.4/hrs, is $49,462 @ 40/hrs, and becomes $64,300 with employer tax, etc. added! Joblessness erases $37,096 citizen take home pay and $27,204 tax revenue ($64,300 worker productivity). Government’s $36,545 jobless subsidy increases totals to$100,846 per jobless citizen. (Their data, simple math)

However, our criminal government subsidizes (pays) criminal invaders $36,545 to take citizen jobs (to drive citizen wages down to compete with Chinese communist slaves!)! Therefore, jobless citizens displaced by criminal invaders cost $137,391 EACH! That's $1.5 trillion @ 11million to $4.1 trillion per year for 30 million - and $15 trillion to $41 trillion over 10 years – AND $69 trillion to$188.6 trillion over a 46 year working lifetime!


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NOTE 7-18-13     XXXX   If we don't know, understand by challenging the data, and force our executive-legislative officials to respond, disclose, and judiciously consider pertinent cost information... WE WILL LOSE THE AMNESTY WAR AND OUR FREEDOM!

The costs are adjusted from  2012 BLS 34.4 hour current short work weeks (Bureau of Labor Statistics).   The subsidy is government's $402 billion alien cost divided by their 11 million illegal aliens.    Individual average costs are reasonable.   This same criminal government claims no true knowledge of quantity or activity, which should be cause for impeachment!   We do know the parameter costs and they are catastrophic!    Government failure to disclose those costs is a sure sign of irreversible corruption!    The worker loses $37096 in take home pay, government loses $100,294 ($27,204 employee/employer taxes plus two $36,545 subsidies alien and citizen ), and the criminal employer pockets $51,820, which is used as windfall profit and advantage to run competitors out of business  ($64,300 - $12,480 no tax)!!!

Trust must be based on open honesty.... there is none!   XXXXXXXXX

The amnesty bill is a choice between upholding and defending the Constitution vs rewarding alien criminals and criminal citizen employers for theft and wantonly violating the Constitution and law!

A BLS average citizen 40/hr job with employer taxes is $64,300/yr!   $27,204 in government taxes, $37,096 in take home pay, and $36,545 in jobless subsidies are undeniable $100,846 of average lost job cost elements!  That costs $1.1/yr to $2.0 trillion/yr @ 11 to 20 million jobs if aliens receive no subsidy.   When government subsidizes illegal aliens to take citizen jobs, economic costs are $137,391 each - $1.5/yr trillion @11 million and $2.7/yr trillion @ 20 million per year right now, in activity that is unquestionably illegal and facilitated by our legislative-executive officers.    Mr. Bernanke counterfeits $85 billion/mo (over $1 trillion/yr) to pay for it!    According to Rubio and Schumer, 12 to 25 million jobless government subsidized citizens cost nothing; and subsidizing 11 to 30 million criminal alien invaders more than citizens are paid, to throw those citizens out of work… is good for the economy!   They’re torching our Constitution and economy!    Stop these traitors!  

Schumer and Rubio go to great lengths to deceive citizens into believing, legalizing illegal activity and imbedding those costs and crimes into citizen debt bondage and taxation is financially and morally beneficial to citizens.   An apparent footnote in today’s financial spin that unemployment and wages will remain constant, confirms there is no intent to return US jobs to citizens.    Instead laborers lose everything as dollar wages and work conditions plummet when competing in a labor supply flooded with criminal aliens in criminal workplaces!    Additionally the dollars they get will progressively become useless as Bernanke’s counterfeit money floods the economy and devalues all currency based wealth! 

Government accountants must refute false claims of officials using their reports!   Any professional accountant knows this!   The duty is truth and setting the record straight, regardless!    In the private and state-local sectors, accountant silence is culpability!    Any way it’s cut, it’s subversive activity designed to buy votes, undermine constitutional government, and fundamentally overthrow government!    Schumer and Rubio are the mouthpieces of perhaps the biggest Trojan horse of all times.    They are both top of the mound oath bound officials with the power and influence to devastate the US population in ways Hitler couldn’t.    It’s treason!   Hold the legislatures accountable for their actions – by recall if necessary, NOW!

Pass it on!   Make something good happen!


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Criminal employers pay on-the-run criminal aliens no tax cash $6/hr (same as $8 taxable minimum wage). These criminals violate tax and countless other laws, protect each other, and freely operate because the lawless US officials refuse to enforce the Constitution and law!   Instead of paying $64,300* for “same productivity”, criminal employers pay invaders $12,480 and keep the $51,820 balance.    This works for invaders and elected officials!    Officials tax working citizens $36,545**, gives it to criminal invaders, and the invader rewards criminal politicians with votes – legal or otherwise!

US citizens who take home $37,096* discovered criminal aliens take home $49,025, which is $11,929 more than citizens, for the same work!!   That discovery leads to learning they get $36,545** in subsidies to not work, and the $551/yr disposable spending lost is offset by $3,900 savings for not having to drive to work (30/mi/day @260/days @ $.50/mi)!   Bottom line citizens gain $3,349 by NOT WORKING!

This is an elaborate subversive crime within government that is designed to financially and socially collapse and overthrow government.   Criminally not paying taxes eliminates $27,204 tax revenue.   Illegally subsidizing criminal aliens adds $36,545.50** spending, which triggers a $36,545** jobless citizen subsidy.   It’s $100,295/each of self inflicted theft within government.    Adding the citizen net pay loss of $37,096 drives the total to $137,391 for each citizen displaced by a criminal alien!    It’s Armageddon!

Because base market output value ($64,300) is fixed without processing or profits within productivity exchange, changes in one element has reverse effects on the other (more pay = less criminal profit)!    The extreme $51,820 criminal profit begs minor price cutting that will drive legitimate competition into bankruptcy and create predatory monopolies!   Government corruption created a $6/hr cash tax free wage bases, wholesale lawlessness, a collapse of skilled trade & construction jobs, and incredible disincentives for working citizens!

It’s a heinous criminal enterprise run by corrupt government officials.   The imbedded current economic cost of $1.5 trillion @ 11 million to $2.7 trillion @ 20 million alien workers will collapse our economy if not stopped!     That cost will disappear when executive-legislative officers start enforcing the Constitution and “laws there-under!”    The crime is high treason.    It couldn’t be more serious!

The Obama-Rubio-Schumer-Graham “gang” says Americans are fat lazy racists victimizing hard working patriotic alien invaders!

*BLS avg.34.4/hr week $42,537 wages are $49,462 @ 40 hours full time.   “Average” employer cost is $64,300 after 30% separate employer taxes!   Employees take home $37,096 after 25% income-FICA tax.   **Hospitals can't refuse free medical care ($20,000+)   ref $402 billion/11million alien subsidy.

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Rubio & Schumer have a plan! Rubio-Schumer’s gang of 8 is going to make criminal alien invaders build a fence down the middle of the Rio Grande with a foundation to bedrock and razor wire soaring all the way up to heaven, all the way around the USA oceans, mountains & clouds! Imagine a criminal getting to the top, leaping through God’s door that says “free stuff” & down he goes, like a flaming streak of spit as he reenters the atmosphere... “Poof”! Rubio & Schumer are going to tax their $6/hr invaders to pay for it! If they don’t pay they’ll drown them in more free stuff and raise your taxes! The whole 8 gang is shouting, “Trust us - it won’t cost us anything!” Their “us” is them, not “us” citizens!

What do you think happens when legitimate employers pay $64,300/yr wage & taxes for average citizen workers when criminal employers pay $12,480 tax free for the same productivity to criminal aliens? Because the alien subsidy is more than enough for subsistence, the alien can send more than the cash tax free wage to their “homeland” completely outside our economy! Crime does pay… more than enough to buy favors that eliminate legitimate supply competition simultaneously with flooding the labor market to drive wages into a slave labor pool that guts citizen “worker” earnings potential!

“Average" jobless citizens lose $37,096 take home pay! Government loses $27,204 taxes (employer paid tax/regs. ($14,839 @30%) and employee tax ($12,365 @25%) – (Dec, 2012 BLS wage adjusted to 40 hours is $49,462)! Our maniac “oppressive” government subsidizes the jobless worker and the criminal aliens who take their jobs costs $73,091 ($36,545.50 each)! The existing cost today is $137,391 for every citizen replaced by a criminal invader! BECAUSE OUR EXECUTIVE-LEGISLATIVE OFFICERS WILL NOT ENFORCE CURRENT LAWS OR THE CONSTITUTION! IT'S $1.5 TRILLION EACH YEAR @ 11 MILLION AND $2.7 TRILLION @ 20 MILLION! Amnesty makes those costs permanent!

If there are no invader jobs, it all GOES AWAY! If laws were enforced the criminal employers and half of DC would be on a chain gang building their damned fence for beans & water rations; and there would be no one left to obstruct the laws to destroy this once wonderful nation!

Note, if you adjust the December, 2012 BLS to the 12 year 1997 through 2008 workforce population, the jobless rate is 25.8 million (16.7%) – over double 12.5 (8.1%) touted by progressives. Further, if 34.4 BLS reported work week hours are adjusted to full time 40 hours there is another 25.2 million jobs buried in part time employment, which puts the outer fringes at 51 million lost jobs and 33%.

The simple fact that 11 to 30 million criminal aliens @ $137,394 plus no one knows how many non-subsidized legal aliens @ $100,846 are displacing 20 + million citizen workers is undeniably high treason, especially when the only factual based claim is an overwhelming surge of mercenary “progressive votes” that will overthrow Constitutional government, by granting amnesty!

Check the numbers & references out – pass it on – Enforce truth and consequences on those sworn to uphold truth!   Rubio & Schumer's motives are immaterial - what they are doing is demonic - a poison pill to all US citizens of all color and origins alike!   Look at the national debt, SSI with $2 trillion instead of $100+ trillion, and all of the "unfunded" time bomb pension plans in the US collecting 0 interest in a time of double digit inflation spending!

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If we lived in a time where we had a free unbiased government, press, and news media, it wouldn't matter, would it?    Well, we are neck deep in overwhelming tyranny, and any word or sentence posted by anybody about a citizen, can and will be mined by progressives, our out of control government, government's media, or any other pervert to take it in or out of context to destroy anyone they want to destroy!     Facebook tries like no other to know EVERYTHING about you and everything anybody says about you.   So, if you or someone else enters t-party "anywhere" and mentions blowing up a balloon at a birthday party & you miss the "L" key, don't be surprised if the FBI, SWAT teams, & NBC surround your house & machine gun the dog if it barks!

Please fix it so members can post without inviting the Obamanation into the bedroom!

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Once again, the amnesty bill doesn’t even mention the 12.506 million “unemployed”, 6.437 million wanting jobs, or the 6.896 million who have been scrubbed from the workforce!    Nothing is said about another 25.228 million lost between 40 hour full time work and the BLS average 34.4 hours!   Be it 12.5 million, 25 million, or 50 million, IT’S A CATASTROPHIC HARDSHIP ON ALL CITIZENS!


The highly educated and experienced senate body is more than qualified to multiply $100,845 times 12 million and then 20 million to determine the economic productive value of an average working citizen is $1.1 trillion per year @ 11 million and $2.0 trillion @ 20 million workers.


With equal certainty they and the GAO should already know their BLS average wage $42,537 @ 34.4 hours is $49,462 @ full time 40 hours, plus the reality of 30% ($14,838) employer taxes brings the average worker economic productivity value to $64,300!    Because they are needlessly unemployed, government taxes citizen workers $36,545 to provide jobless food, shelter, etc, the total becomes around $100,845 per jobless citizen.


We also know government is illegally subsidizing alien invaders $36,545, ($402 billion @ 11mmm would be $731 billion @ 20mm???)!   That is part of the economic cost.   The total becomes $137,391 EACH, and $1.5 trillion @ 11 million to $2.7 trillion @ 20 million, PER YEAR.   We're paying that cost today because our legislative-executive officers REFUSE TO ENFORCE OUR CONSTITUTION AND LAW!   ENFORCE THE LAW AND IT WILL GO AWAY!!!

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