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By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

coll-1.jpg?width=211Okay…now let me just see if I have this all straight…

Deputy Attorney General, Rod J. Rosenstein penned a memo to President Trump outlining why James Comey should be dismissed from his position as the Director of the FBI.

President Trump acted upon that memo from Rosenstein and fired Comey.

Liberals came unhinged and demanded that Rosenstein appoint a Special Prosecutor to handle the whole “Russian meddling” thing.

Rosenstein, under pressure from the MINORITY members of congress appointed Robert Mueller as that Special Prosecutor.

Mueller and Comey are more than acquaintances…they are old friends.

Mueller has enlisted the assistance of several high dollar attorneys for the purposes of his investigation…and many of those attorneys are directly attached to Hillary Clinton.

Interesting, but it gets better…


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Obama’s Treasonous Shadow Exposed

By: Craig Andresen and Diane Sori / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

ot-1.jpg?width=196Article III, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution states, “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.”

Treason…’aiding and abetting’ the enemy…’aiding and comforting the enemy’…treason…a powerful charge to bring against anyone, a charge not to be taken lightly, yet not to bring this charge against someone known to have committed treason is just as bad if not worse for treason unpunished defiles and defames all that is our nation…all that is our Constitution.

And treason no matter how one twists it is the hallmark of Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s presidency…he knows it…he knows we know it…and yet he seems not care for this most vile of men knows no one will bring such a charge against him…at least they have not to date.

But that hopefully will soon change.


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Buh Bye Boehner!!

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on cprworldwidemedia.net

BUH-1.jpg?width=265So, John Boehner finally did something right. He announced he will be stepping down as Speaker of the House and retiring from Congress altogether at the end of October.

Buh bye Boehner and don’t let the door hit you in the Obama on your way out.

Boehner rose to the Speaker’s chair in 2011 after the shellacking Obama and liberals took in the 2010 midterm election. We had hopes that he would represent the Conservatives on whose coattails Boehner rode into the position but that soon proved not to be the case.

Boehner was a RINO and far, FAR too often ended up either siding with or simply caving in to Obama’s agenda. As the leader of the republican majority in the House, John Boehner was a crying, slobbering failure.

It was revealed last month that Boehner didn’t have enough votes to retain his Speakership and, as losers often do, Boehner moved the goal posts, by cancelling the vote and hoping to somehow salvage his position for a later attempt.

It was never to be.

As Boehner put it to reporters, after dropping the bombshell behind closed doors Friday morning…


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 Happy New Year 2011,

We DO Live in Interesting Times

The Freedomworks.org “2010 Year in Review,” at:  



records the highlights of a mixed but, on balance, quite positive year 2010 for those of us who value and are willing to speak up and act to maintain America’s freedoms. Among the seven negative events mentioned, the three biggest lowlights of the year are clearly the signing into law of Obamacare; the one-year anniversary of the Obama stimulus with negative results on the jobs front at a cost to the taxpayers of $787 Billion; and the passage of the Dodd-Frank financial overhaul which, like Obamacare has the potential to prove itself one of the least principled government boondoggles in history.

            Among the thirteen positive events FreedomWorks listed, the top five arguably were these:

A.     The one year anniversary of the Tea Party protest movement championing fiscal- and Constitutional-conservativism and smaller, more competent government was celebrated.

B.    The Defeat of the Disclose Act (which even the ACLU was against) was a huge step for freedom of expression.

C.    The Election Day shift in paradigm from government-as-usual to government by the people.

D.   The Sound Money Panel was held on Capitol Hill.

E.    A Virginia judge has declared the mandated requirement of taxpayers to buy health insurance “Unconstitutional.”

Other lowlights listed by Freedomworks included Elena Kagan’s nomination and confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court; Ben Bernanke’s Quantitative easing which threatens to exacerbate inflation concerns; the “mini-TARP” Small Business and Credit Act became law; and the International Monetary Fund (The IMF largely financed by America) agreed to bail out Greece. The FreedomWorks site also ran . . .


their top ten ways Obama’s been wasting taxpayer money. Rajjpuut strongly agrees with the first four items on this FreedomWorks list; generally sees the strength of their position on items #5-9 and thinks they missed the boat altogether on item #10 which he’d regard as vital for technological breakthrough and national defense. The reader is advised to visit the site and make up his/her own mind.

Enjoy a wonderful 2011, Happy New Year!

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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Look at what we've done! A hearty congratulations goes out to all conservatives and tea partiers for a job well done. It was historic, and a devastating blow against communism, socialism, marxism and all the other unsuccessful big government ism's out there. Through all the tears, aches and pains suffered over the last two years -- we have been triumphant.


...and congratulations to the "Country Class" http://bit.ly/cHz9Z6

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We heard him say it with our own ears -- My name is not on the ballot, but my agenda is. In all his speeches, across the fruited plain, for over two years, before a cherry-picked adoring audience, it's always about him. "My name may not be on the ballot, but our agenda for moving forward is on the ballot, and I need everybody to turn out," Obama said Tuesday afternoon during an appearance on the Rev. Al Sharpton's radio show. Is he saying this election is a referendum on him? Sounds like.


This one is actually a referendum on the direction of the USA http://bit.ly/aZmBBX

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As the Nov 2nd elections are finally within reach, we are witnessing the onslaught of a herd of wolves in sheep's clothing. Suddenly the Democrats are talking like conservatives, but their voting records show these people are lying.


We look forward to the 2010 elections in the hope that we can decisively reject Barack Obama's plans to "fundamentally transform the United States." http://bit.ly/9NlrzD

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We are going to start hearing all about a Democrat surge in the weeks and days before our November 2nd historic elections -- especially in light of the highly successful Communist/Socialist gathering of Oct 2nd at our nation's capitol. And you can believe that, as much as a Democrat surge.


...saying of the GOP’s insurgency, “The corks were popped a little early.” http://bit.ly/d9SCHC

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It's a shame when any community loses a good volunteer, and Eve Schiff seems to be a very good volunteer indeed. She appears on 4 different committees on the PTA roster in her local neighborhood in Maryland. Obviously a hard worker.

Carpetbaggers: Democrat Adam Schiff does not live in his district, carpetbagging from Maryland to California. His wife Eve seems to be a member of a Maryland PTA. Guess that's where they are raising their kids.

So it's a darn shame that Burbank/Glendale/Pasadena in California has lost her volunteer services. Because her husband is Congressman Adam Schiff representing the 29th District in California.

I guess this means they are sending their kids to school in Maryland. I guess this means they actually live in Maryland. I'd provide a link, however her personal phone seems to appear on the roster.

John Colbert has a better vision for his constituents in California's CD 29. For starters, he actually lives in California. Heck, he actually lives right in the district he wants to serve. And he's a real businessman. Endorsed by TEAPAC.net

Matter of fact, you know when you're watching those CSI shows and the evidence techs are doing those computer/internet forensics? That's John Colbert's enCase software. Developed at the end of his 13 year career with the LA County Sheriff as their lead cyber investigator. John's team (both at LASD and Guidance software) developed the the gold standard for cyber-forensics that can withstand judicial scrutiny.

There's a lot more to learn about John Colbert and his journey to Congress, but in this post I wanted to let you know how easily we expect him to replace Schiff - because of who Schiff really is.

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How, Why the Republican Party has Failed both America
and Conservatives and What's to Be Done about It

Liberal Yahoo and the ultra- liberal Associated Press have both shown great insight and generated greater incitement (stimulus to action) for the opposing parties in the November elections and outlined how they’ll probably play out . . . .


In the excellent article linked just above, Charles Babington of the AP says that “Democrats and Republicans are framing the elections in starkly different terms, with GOP strategists painting it as a national referendum on President Barack Obama and the party in power, and Democrats working feverishly to make all politics local.” Rajjpuut who, in his school teaching days could boast of coaching several Colorado State Chess Team Champions, agrees whole-heartedly because the art of politics should be successfully conducted as a strategic magic act for the have nots; and a strategic trench warfare for the haves. Just as the Democrats were in most people’s eyes, the haves in 2006 and 2008 (they were perceived as having the issues on their side); in 2010, clearly conservatives have the issues favoring them. In a larger sense, however, this strategic view clearly underlines the failings of the Republican Party to represent the needs of the nation and of its conservatives over the last 109 years as Progressivism^^ has progressively brought the country more and more evil and closer and closer to utter ruin.

When good men fail to act effectively, evil gains a toe-hold. When good men fail to understand their cause, evil makes its case. When good men fail to act, evil comes to power. When good men fail to act and to understand, evil comes to dominate. When good men act wrongly either by failing to act or failing to understand or both evil WINS. This short paragraph outlines why and how the Republican Party has failed conservatives and the country in the past, is failing them now, and will (unless serious change occurs) continue to fail conservatives and America in the future. More on this later

. . . .

When coaching his scholastic champion chess teams, Rajjpuut made a point of hammering away at tactics as a blended-subsidiary to strategy so that whether elementary, middle school or high schoolers were involved . . . the big picture always stood out stark and clear: own the center, develop and coordinate your pieces, before you touch a piece or pawn (touch-move rule in championship events) prefer attack to defense; then stop, ask yourself the question “What could go wrong?” If nothing could go wrong, you’ve selected your move and except for finding a better one which also has no downside . . . you’re moving toward victory. Throw in good tactics and knowing how to crush in the endgame and victory was virtually assured.

This approach was gained from studying management principles at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas via the Kepner-Tregoe Management System . . . clearly the Republican Party could benefit from understanding and complying with good management principles, the basic economic and constitutional imperatives of Republicanism, and the underlying common sense fundamentals of free market economics.

Our neighborhood was recently plagued by a Democratic campaign worker for the more liberal of that party’s senate candidates (Ex-speaker of the state house Romanoff who was running against semi-moderate Bennett. Romanoff had been considering running for governor but didn’t wish to contest the seat against popular ex-Denver mayor and the whole nation is, thanks to Obama’s efforts to influence Romanoff to drop the race against Bennett as well as the Sestak issue in Pennsylvania, aware of this particular race). The fellow was a polite and curious sort and discussed politics with Rajjpuut for roughly 25 minutes. Here’s what impressed him – our progresive opposition -- the most:

1. That our $13 TRillion national debt was the least of our problems.

2. That the $110 TRillion in unfounded liabilities (Social Security, Medicare and the federal side of Medicaid) were not being addressed by either party.

3. That congress had recently done a great thing with its Pay-Go law requiring that before any new spending measure can be passed a way to pay for it either by instituting a new tax or by cutting spending be found . . . . but that congress had since passing that law refused to use Pay-go even once since, just as it had failed to honor the set-asides for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and thus since 1934 has built up that $110 TRillion in unfunded liabilities.

4. That Obama has told the nation his energy policies will “necessarily make the price of electricity skyrocket” and that he’s told the San Francisco Chronicle his policies will “bankrupt the coal industry.”

5. That Obama has promised (threatened?) to create five million new green jobs when green technology is NOT yet viable. That Spain in 1997 led Europe with a booming economy and only 3% unemployment before they turned to green jobs and today Spain has 21% unemployment and is, next to Greece, the weakest economy in Europe. That according to a Spanish study each green job required $667,000 in subsidies which cost the real economy 2.2 jobs. And because only 10% of the green jobs proved permanent (the vast majority lasted from three months to eighteen months) that meant that IF Obama instituted his five million green jobs it was likely that only 500,000 of them would prove permanent at the cost of eleven million jobs in the real (unsubsidized) economy a 22/1 ratio that perfectly explains why Spain’s economy went south.

6. Yes, green tech would be ideal, but green tech is not yet viable. So it would make much more sense instead of subsidizing $677,000 for one green job . . . to subidize instead $6.77 Billion for research for the top hundred winners in green-tech viability from a national contest judged by the best scientists available and seeing if that stimulus can get us a green-tech Edison and a highly desirable green-tech future based on independent American innovation.

7. And tah-dah! more than anything else the following information impressed the Democrat and he took down the particulars to research later on his home computer:

A. This crucial website (the most famous brief essay in ecomics and the simple and utter refutation of Keynesian approaches such as Obama’s stimulus-stimulus and more stimulus approaches) explains what free markets are and what their strengths are:


B. Information about this site:


and after hearing the “one lesson” (from “Economics in One Lesson” by Henry Hazlitt, linked just above) he too realized that: when you look at economic situations which present themselves you must get the whole picture not just the supposedly desirable government spending stimulus plan. And then illustrating the one lesson with the briefest of fables: “The Broken Window Parable,” which utterly and totally caught him by surprise and clearly delighted him (both linked right here) . . .



Thus we now come to the logical question, how has the Republican Party failed the nation and its conservatives for 109 years? Remembering that Rajjpuut is a Libertarian and NOT a Republican and that the Republican Party is the minority party in this country . . . .

A. Republicans have failed to understand who and what the enemy is. That enemy is and has been Progressivism and Progressives since Teddy Roosevelt, a Republican, became the first notable Progressive. Not saying that Teddy Roosevelt didn’t do any good . . . just that he was the first president to champion Progressive causes which later in the hands of Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter and to a lesser extent Bill Clinton and George W. Bush led us to our present disastrous economic collapse. Republicans haven’t been able to effectively oppose progressivism and get support against progressivism from would-be conservatives because they don’t understand it themselves.

B. Most Republicans do NOT understand Republicanism (the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution is the most Republican document in the history of the world; and the 10th Amendment of the Bill of Rights taken in conjunction with the doctrine of Separation of Church and State are by far the most important parts of the Bill of Rights the spark plug for all the other Amendments) and . . . because they do NOT understand Republicanism, they cannot and do not explain Republicanism well and thus educate liberal, Democratic-conservative and independent-conservative voters.

C. Many Republicans continuously and deliberately violate Republicanism by opposing Separation of Church and state in Public Schools. The Founding Fathers (virtually all of them Christian) did NOT set up a Christian nation, they deliberately set up a nation where ALL religions would be welcome but in which no one particular religion could dominate (remembering the problems with England's state supported church) and endanger our freedoms. If you want one reason why Independent and Democratic conservatives are more likely to abstain or to vote Democtat, this is the one.

D. Two isues here, Republican corruption as shown in sexual and business scandals on the one hand and the simple fact that most Republicans have ceaselessly been UNTRUE to fundamental Republican principles such as fiscal conservativism; limited federal government; adherence to the Constitution; protection of our borders; and balanced budgets. Most Americans are conservative on these issues and have been routinely disappointed by Republican candidates promising to adhere to these principles and then abandoning them once in office. ALL Americans are conservative on political integrity.

E. Anti-abortion and even Anti-contraception are linked in much of the public’s collective mindset as Republican values. History has linked the Republican Party to this stance and it is why many women vote for Democrats. If Republicans had a stance that the Independent voter could buy into that would be one thing, and it would probably NEVER cost even one vote. However, Republicans have adopted a losing argument and paraded it before the public as the most visible aspect of Republicanism.

That losing argument is that abortion should be denied to victims of incest; victims of rape; mothers whose health is endangered; very young girls; and other victims in extraordinary cases.

Americans pride themselves on rooting for the underdog and the victim and consider old Republican opposition to contraception and family planning as totally unjustified state interference (10th Amendment again) into their personal lives.

Because that old Republican stance is so unwieldy, progressive opponents have made the Republican Party look outdated and uncaring. Abortion (unfortunately abortion virtually on demand), has been the law of the land for thirty-eight years now. One could argue that abortion (freedom over one’s body in exigent circumstances like those named above) and contraception and the resulting freedom to plan one’s family size and spacing are actually Republican causes, but in any case, because the Republican Party deliberately adopted the losing argument outlined in italics above . . . for most voters abortion on demand by contrast to the obdurate Republican stand seemed preferable. For women, in particular, this hardened Republican anti-victim stand has made the Republican Party a political destination to avoid.

To sum it up: politics is a game of strategy and tactics. The United States Constitution is the greates winning political game plan ever created. The U.S. Constitution is a decidedly conservative document designed to protect state, county, and local freedoms as well as individual freedoms against the ever-present tendency of centralized governments to expand and become more expensive and more intrusive. We are now in big trouble because for roughly 109 years, the Republican Party, the standard-bearer for conservativism has not stood strong against progressivism. In all strategic encounters, the basic rule of victory is this: find a strategic and tactical path that makes your own strengths the single most important consideration at issue and your opponent’s strengths of negligible import, while effectively managing your own weaknesses and exposing your opponent’s weaknesses and making them them of paramount importance. So let it be written, so let it be done . . . .

Right now and for all the foreseeable future, only overt and honorable conservativism (fiscally and Constitutionally) can save us. The Republican Party needs to re-invent itself in light of and in line with the party’s original conservative, Libertarian values (fiscal and Constitutional conservativism, strong borders and strong national defense, and largely a live-and-let- live social** agenda). No single election has been more crucial in the history of our country and the Republican Party must deliver or the nation is quite likely LOST!

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


** for example, gay unions are fine and allow them all the rights of cohabiting common-law people, but don’t call it marriage and NEVER allow gay adoption
^^ It's important for ALL thinking Americans to carefully consider this definition of Progressivism: "The perceived need to 'progress' beyond our 'out-dated' and 'ill-conceived' United States Constitution." Rajjpuut believes this is NOT only the most accurate definition of progressivism but also the most telling of the evil inherent in that movement. Progressivism in practice becomes a creeping (Fabian) socialism and moves the nation toward utter statism and communism.

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"Fasten your seatbelts; it's going to be a bumpy night" (ALL ABOUT EVE 1950)

And so, each election Tuesday will be one bumpy night after another, until November 3, 2010. Holy cow! Counting the days.

The complete 2010 calendar, so we all can participate in one way or another. All elections are critical, and we can all make a difference. Schedule your vacations around them, as we have painfully learned -- elections have consequences:


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Andrew MalcolmL.A. Times

Judging by President Obama's remarks and media coverage,

the No. 1 topic on Americans' minds nowadays is the awful

oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Not!

Gallup finds terrorism remains the top concern.

But it has now been joined by -- Hello, big Democratic spenders

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid -- the exploding enormity of the

federal deficits. And here's the midterm election year political

problem for both of these Democrats: Republicans are viewed

as better at handling both of those concerns.

ABC News finds voter frustration at the boiling point.

The number of Americans approving of ...

... their local House member has dropped below 50%

for the first time since Bill Clinton's first midterm elections in 1994.

Anybody remember which party named Republican seized control

of both houses of Congress that year for the first time in four decades?

Voter approval of Congress is now at 26%, down 18 points since the

same Democrats took majority control of both houses in 2007.

As a Public Opinion Strategies memo notes here, Americans' perception

of the economy has actually weakened in the last two months.

And predictably they are turning to the federal government's top talker for

the blame; 44% of the country approves of Obama's handling of the economy

while 53% disapprove.

The even better news for Republicans is that the GOP has increased its

lead on the so-called generic congressional ballot this month.

That is, which party's candidate are you most likely to vote for on Nov. 2?

Republicans now lead Democrats by nine points, 44-35,

Rasmussen Reports reports.

The Harris Poll has an interesting new survey out on how 2,503 Americans

rate 16 elements of life in their country. Large majorities give positive ratings

to America's science and technology (75%), its Constitution (70%),

quality of life (66%) and even its overpriced colleges and universities (65%).

The more education you have, the higher you rate these categories.

However, the healthcare system (33%), public schools (32%) and the

economic system (28%) don't get rated very well.

Incumbent Alert: You'll never guess which sector gets the worst rating

from Americans: Political (23%).

Some interesting wrinkles within, though. There's not much difference

among Republicans, Democrats and independents on many segments.

However, America's civil rights get better ratings from Republicans (70%)

than Democrats (53%); equality of opportunity (65% GOP, 47% Democrat)

and the environment (61% GOP, 37% Democrat). Only 19% of Republicans,

however, rate the system of government highly, while 33% of Democrats do.

The good polling news for Obama is that after 17 months of hope and change,

less than half of all Americans (47%) approve of his overall job performance in

the White House.

The bad news for Obama is, despite his nationally televised professed readiness

to consult experts on whose "ass" to kick over the slick mess, way less (40%)

approve of his handling of the nation's worst environmental disaster ever,

Gallup finds.

One other piece of good news for the ex-state senator.

It is true that a significant majority of Americans disagree with him and approve

of Arizona's tough new illegal immigrant legislation and wish their state would

do the same and blame Obama's federal government for porous border security

with Mexico. All that's true.

However, the good news for the Democrat is that if the 2012 presidential election

was held today, Obama could defeat Arizona's Republican Gov. Jan Brewer.

No one's never talked about her running. And he wouldn't beat her by much (44%-39%).

But Obama would still win. So that's gotta make him feel good these days.

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In honor of the memories of Harry S Truman (just a letter no middle name), Ronald Wilson Reagan and John Fitzgerald Kennedy, three of the most diligent and competent statesmen in world history, Rajjpuut will be awarding a monthly Truman-Reagan-Kennedy Award for statesmanship. Whole encyclopedias could be written about these three men.
Truman, a hero in World War I made the courageous decision to drop the atom bomb ending World War II and saving an estimated one million American fighting men from death or wounding. He also inspired the Dixiecrats to leave the Democratic Party at great political risk to himself, Truman who was raised a segregationist, integrated the armed forces. And unlike his successor Eisenhower, Truman was an immediate and powerful vocal opponent of Joe McCarthy and his communist witch hunts.
Reagan personally intervened to get the final funding and stinger missiles that spelled the defeat of the Big Red Soviet Military Machine in Afghanistan. His confrontational style (“Tear Down This Wall, Mr. Gorbachev!”) but willingness to talk face-to-face helped bring about the fall of communism and the Warsaw Pact, the end of the Soviet Union and Cold War and yes, the smashing of the Berlin Wall: not a bad legacy for “the Great Communicator!”
Kennedy inspired warm hope among jaded American voters. He, like Reagan, made a courageous speech in the shadow of the Berlin Wall. Most importantly, Kennedy stood tough upon discovering that the Soviet Union had moved missiles to Cuba just 90 miles off America’s shores and put the whole world on a nuclear disaster watch by blockading the island and demanding removal of the missiles. Like his book “Profiles in Courage,” Kennedy, a World War II hero, practiced what he preached.
The May, 2010, Truman-Reagan-Kennedy Statesmanship Award WINNER is:
Arizona Governor Jan Brewer
As the chief executive of the state of Arizona, Jan Brewer has done what the chief executive of the nation, Barack Obama, will NOT do. She has put in motion steps to help protect her state from the endless swarm of undocumented aliens illegally crossing into her state. The impact in Arizona just on law enforcement these illegals have brought into the state has been horrendous. Drugs and drug dealers, other felons and petty criminals now overload the Arizona system and some of their crimes include murder and kidnapping. Next to world drug capital Bogota, Colombia, Phoenix, the Arizona capital city is now the #2 hotspot for world kidnapping. The cost to the state in overloaded health care, welfare and school resources is bringing her closer to bankruptcy like her neighbor state California every day. Brewer oversaw creation of a state immigration law based upon the federal immigration statutes and had the courage to stand up to the immense pressure brought by Obama and his minions.
Let us congratulate the May, 2010, Winner of the Truman-Reagan-Kennedy Statesmanship Award: Arizona Governor Jan Brewer
Ya'all live long, strong and ornery,
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To honor the memory of the Last Great American Statesman, William Proxmire (Wisconsin Senator for 32 years) whose “Golden Fleece Awards” uncovered shameless pork barrel projects and focused media attention on all manner of self-serving, waste, and corruption in the United States government: Rajjpuut has since June, 2009, been awarding the “Platinum Fleecer” to the elected or appointed official or private citizen most deserving of the illustrious title.

The May, 2010 Platinum Fleecer WINNER is:
President Barack Obama
Does the country get its money’s worth from their president? He certainly seems disposed to keeping those dollars in Washington, D.C., doesn’t he? A monstrous “Thousand Year Flood” hit Tennessee, Kentucky and Mississippi but Obama has not yet even mentioned these people’s plight nor used the words “disaster area.” Oklahoma and surrounding states have been hit three times by savage and deadly tornadoes, but again no mention of their sad situation and no federal assistance mentioned. The Gulf oil leak went on for five weeks before he seemed to realize it was happening . . . now, in fairness British Petroleum has the technology and Obama can do nothing along those lines, but . . . certainly the problems near and onshore created by the mess were easily predictable. Let’s say he had four full weeks to come up with a federal response to prepare a defense for them, to soften the blow for Louisiana and the other Gulf States and he did? Nothing?
Actually worse than nothing, he had the power to eliminate red tape so that Louisiana could have built some artificial barrier island constructs . . . but Obama insisted that the EPA do an environmental-impact study before that could begin (and it hasn't yet!). Let's see, you have some potential, presumably modest or absolutely minor future impact versus a monstrous absolutely certain impact NOW and we need to study that?????? Nice work, Mr. Prez!
Meanwhile he is putting every effort into passing “America’s Power Act” a Democratic euphemism for “cap and trade” legislation. Remember in his own words, “Under my policies, electricity costs would necessarily skyrocket!” Skyrocketing costs based upon a proven** fraudulent lie called global warming? Meanwhile he’s seeking to pass “comprehensive immigration reform” which means making 13-20 million illegal aliens American citizens within ten months (expecting to win 80% of their votes and lock in his re-election and the supremacy of the Democratic Party progressives for the next 50 years). Meanwhile he refuses to protect our borders and rants and raves about Arizona's attempts to protect theirs. Yeah, that’s a statesman for you. Congratulations, to Barack Obama the only four-time winner and May, 2010 Platinum Fleecer of the Month.
Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,
** here's the truth from the ultra-LIBERAL London Times which had been banging the drum for global warming for almost a dozen years . . . they ate crow and released the truth which no American mainstream media source has done (still protecting our president and Al Gore!) . . . . here's the London Times story:

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The recent primaries have unleashed a miriad of emotions, which must be paralleled to a sign of our time. Never in our short history has there been such turmoil, and that is not to diminish the very difficult times America has fought herself through.

You have to admit that what we witnessed this past week is a first, and has infuriated the majority of American citizens. It's almost as though this was planned by a cunning and crafty president.

Your job is to repeal the Obama agenda: http://bit.ly/bunnjr

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The best way to catch a fox is to understand their lay of the land. Obama is one crafty dude, not that intelligent, but very cunning. By now, we know how well he sets the stage: race baiting; strawmen à la the big bad banks, the awful insurance companies, those thieving pharmaceuticals, and let's not forget Goldman Sachs, who single-handedly caused the economic downfall of 2008. Strawmen.


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April, 2010 Platinum Fleecer Award

To honor the memory of the Last Great American Statesman, William Proxmire (Wisconsin Senator for 32 years) whose “Golden Fleece Awards” uncovered shameless pork barrel projects and focused media attention on all manner of self-serving, waste, and corruption in the United States government: Rajjpuut has since June, 2009, been awarding the “Platinum Fleecer” to the elected or appointed official or private citizen most deserving of the illustrious title.

The April 2010 Platinum Fleecer WINNER is:

California Representative Henry Waxman

Waxman hasn’t been as visible as he might have been, but whenever socialistic boondoggles are being contemplated, Waxman has been one of the main “enablers” for House Speaker Pelosi. Waxman, who has been feeding at the public trough in Washington D.C. for over thirty-five years, has since 2006, been Chairman of the House Oversight and Government "Reform" Committee which is supposed to be the principle agency looking out for the citizens’ well-being vis a vis government abuses . . . our single most helpful friend in D.C. Under Waxman’s “leadership,” however, the Reform Committee is just another boot on the public’s neck.

A few weeks ago, all the liberal media made a huge deal out of Henry Waxman saying he would force the CEOs of several large corporations to “come clean” about their recent financial reports (required by law) about how that fiscal disaster known as Obamacare would rape their companies’ solvency. Waxman, the media let us know, planned to punish the corporate leaders for their “irresponsible, politically-motivated statements saying that Obamacare was putting their businesses in financial jeopardy by dragging these CEOs into a hearing “where the truth will come out.” The CEO’s, of course, let it be known that their “revelations” were required by law. Yesterday, Waxman, weaseled out of the confrontation by cancelling the hearings which would have been, by his own design, extremely high profile. The CEOs are disappointed and the liberal leaning mainstream media is either choosing NOT to run the story of Waxman's cancellation, or burying it in a tiny paragraph on page 23.

Waxman is a weasel. He paraded before the photographers and TV cameramen implying he was going to expose these CEOs for their conspiracy to play politics on the American people by making it seem like his beloved Obamacare would set many of them on the road to bankruptcy . . . he would compel them to testify before the American people and bring the fat cats down in shame and defend Obamacare. Waxman, of course, never mentioned that these CEOs were required by laws created by the U.S. Congress to reveal this information on legal forms created by the congressional laws and that this information was uniformly bleak: Obamacare would devastate their companies. Now, not with such a grandiloquent bang, but rather a whisper, he announces the hearings will not take place. His motive, not to be embarrassed in public when his hearings could have been publicized to all Americans . . . and reveal the truth . . . which is exactly opposite to thestated purpose of the Committee that Waxman chairs, a committee designed about the new Obamacare law and to expose the fraud, waste, incompetence and self-serving nature of government programs.

The mainstream media, naturally, did NOT deem the follow-up story worthy of their time or newsprint (you know them, the same group that never fails to run unfounded allegations by Democrats of the TEA Party’s racism, hate-mongering and stupidity). If Waxman was a huge enabler of Obamacare, the mainstream media is a huge enabler of the Henry Waxmans running this country.

Throwing dirt onto corporate America and others who create the jobs and opportunity responsible for greatness is a common Waxman ploy. Apparently the fellow has never seen honest work he doesn’t despise. This compulsory hearing (lots of talk about subpoenas being served in the original story) was to be just another of Waxman’s crusades against evil capitalists . . . but it bit him in the butt and the weasel didn’t have the grace to announce that he was wrong, the CEOs were right and Obamacare would bankrupt the nation as well as its companies – that would have been way too forthright for our public servant Henry Waxman.

Congratulations, April, 2010 Platinum-Fleecer Award winner, California Democratic Representative Henry Waxman , you've certainly weaseled your way into this award!

Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,


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April, 2010 Truman-Reagan-Kennedy Statesmanship Award

In honor of the memories of Harry S Truman (just a letter no middle name), Ronald Wilson Reagan and John Fitzgerald Kennedy, three of the most diligent and competent statesmen in world history, Rajjpuut will be awarding a monthly Truman-Reagan-Kennedy Award for statesmanship. Whole encyclopedias could be written about these three men.

Truman, a hero in World War I made the courageous decision to drop the atom bomb ending World War II and saving an estimated one million American fighting men from death or wounding. He also inspired the Dixiecrats to leave the Democratic Party at great political risk to himself, Truman who was raised a segregationist, integrated the armed forces. And unlike his successor Eisenhower, Truman was an immediate and powerful vocal opponent of Joe McCarthy and his communist witch hunts.

Reagan personally intervened to get the final funding and stinger missiles that spelled the defeat of the Big Red Soviet Military Machine in Afghanistan. His confrontational style (“Tear Down This Wall, Mr. Gorbachev!”) but willingness to talk face-to-face helped bring about the fall of communism and the Warsaw Pact, the end of the Soviet Union and Cold War and yes, the smashing of the Berlin Wall: not a bad legacy for “the Great Communicator!”

Kennedy inspired warm hope among jaded American voters. He, like Reagan, made a courageous speech in the shadow of the Berlin Wall. Most importantly, Kennedy stood tough upon discovering that the Soviet Union had moved missiles to Cuba just 90 miles off America’s shores and put the whole world on a nuclear disaster watch by blockading the island and demanding removal of the missiles. Like his book “Profiles in Courage,” Kennedy, a World War II hero, practiced what he preached.

The April, 2010, Truman-Reagan-Kennedy Statesmanship Award WINNER is:

Tennessee Representative Marsha Blackburn

For the second consecutive month Tennessee Representative Marsha Blackburn has earned the coveted statesmanship award after sharing the award last time out with James Inhofe. Blackburn has repeatedly demonstrated that she not only has perhaps the most level head in the House of Representatives, but she also has the guts to use it and the faith in our Constitution to ennoble America and her fellow countrymen at every turn in the discussion. Sheis probably the most consistent and one of the most eloquent voices in opposition to the widespread Big Guv expansions engineered by the Obama Administration.

Within a year of her election to congress, Marsha had already been named a “Taxpayer Hero” by the Americans for Tax Reform and is serving her second session as Deputy Whip and is most famous for being the questioner who put Al Gore on the spot about his conflicted connections in the energy industry with the simple, “"The legislation that we are discussing here today, is that something that you are going to personally *** benefit from?”

Recently, Representative Blackburn was one of the Republicans in the room challenging the assertions of Barak Obama about all the good that his Obamacare initiatives would bring to the country. She has long championed tort reform to lower doctors’ malpractice costs and cut down on unnecessary defensive medical actions; across state border health insurance options; and removing abortion and other elective surgery payments by the federal government. Along with Inhofe, Blackburn has probably been the single biggest voice against Cap and Trade. Recently when Obama tried to over-ride the lack of senate votes by making Cap and Trade a de facto law in the form of an Environmental Protective Agency directive, Blackburn was immediately on her feet attacking the EPA for violating its own laws in making the directive; and it now appears that opposition has forced the EPA to delay implementation of its recent directive from this April to sometime next year. Inspired by Blackburn’s tough stance Texas and Virginia have sued the EPA for, using the refuted and disputed IPCC and CRU findings as the basis for their directive when the law says the studies involved must be done by the EPA itself.

Let us once again congratulate the April, 2010, Winner of the Truman-Reagan-Kennedy Statesmanship Award: Tennessee Representative Marsha Blackburn

Ya'all live long, strong and ornery,


*** Rajjpuut’s recent revelation that both Gore and Obama are guilty of conflict of interest in pressing for Cap and Trade legislation and aim to profit Billion$$ via CCX clearly justifies Blackburn’s audacious attack.

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Not enough can be said about this coming November, and the closer it gets the more excited I get. Every once in awhile, something good this way comes, and sharing is what it's all about.

One interesting facet of these elections -- notice how some in our fickle congress have changed their profile? All of a sudden McCain is tough on immigration, Lindsey Graham-nesty is re-thinking Cap & Trade, Collins is still trying to decide whether she is conservative to not, but puts up a front nonetheless, and just today, Ben Nelson votes with the Republicans on Financial (NON)Reform. How spineless can you get, guys? Too late. Your true profiles were revealed in the crunch, when it counted, and we were desperately calling out for your support!

My N-Word is November


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An awful lot of Republican incumbents as well as Democrats are feeling a bit nervous these days. Attribute that situation to the existence of the recently created TEA (taxed enough already) Party. From the git-go, Democrats have reacted with undisguised hostility and sought to besmirch and marginalize the TEA Partiers and dismiss their concerns with constitutionality and fiscal responsibility as the ravings of racist extremists. That policy is not only ignorant and loathsome, it also hasn’t worked and has only served to highlight just how out of touch the Obama administration and Democratic leadership as a whole has become.

Republicans are also “edgy” about the future created by this new activist force. Blogs are springing up all over conservative websites saying some version of this . . . “The tea party seems to be thinking they can pick our candidates for us, and they openly prefer candidates that are not incubents or not already “part of the establishment . . . of course, they’ll want us to fund the campaigns for these newcomers. This doesn’t make any sense to me . . . “ Republicans are treating this situation as a quagmire when they should be embracing it as raw opportunity. If Rajjpuut were named Head #1 Republican Honcho tomorrow here’s how he’d approach the “problem.” It’s been said, there is none so blind as he who will not see. It seems that Republicans canNOT see the future clearly because they don’t know their own history? Allow Rajjpuut to refresh some memories . . . .

Sixteen years after the Dixiecrats walked out (at the Democratic National Convention that nominated Harry Truman) during Hubert Humphrey’s speech in favor of civil rights legislation, they found a home in 1964 favoring Republican conservative Barry Goldwater. To be blunt, they were about the only truly enthusiastic voters for Barry. Four years later, Nixon courted them as the “Silent Majority” and the Republican Party stopped being the “Party of Lincoln” in the eyes of many minorities and that condition still exists today. Times have changed, but perceptions haven't. For example, Obama received more White votes and a higher percentage of White votes (almost 48%) than either Kerry or Gore, but McCain only received 4.3% of the Black votes . . . so the Democrats could fairly be excused of having the most racist party. In any case, politically there was an enormous plus for Nixon and many Republicans . . . the G.O.P. was now a much more conservative party and since in any given year, 65-70% of the voters describe themselves as “fiscal-conservatives” Republicans since Nixon’s days have had a natural advantage that has led them to winning seven of the last eleven presidential elections.

With those numbers in their favor, Republicans are a natural “slam-dunk.” Frankly, however, the G.O.P., from the standpoint of Conservative Democrats and Independents (a good percentage of the 65% fiscal-conservatives in America) especially, has gone so far out of the way to make itself UN-attractive that in local, state and national elections they have largely squandered their birthright and continually snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Four key perceptions in many voters’ eyes have cemented inside them the picture of numerous Republicans as Racists, Old-Fashioned, generally intolerant and an even “ugly” group because . . . .

• They believe that the party is “wagged” by its tail, that is, they believe that former Dixiecrats control the party to this day and they are still racists.

• They disagree with the party’s UNcompromising Stand on abortion even when the woman’s life is in danger, or in cases of rape and incest or for retarded mothers.

• They abhor demands for teaching Creationism in public school science classes and teaching Christian songs in public schools. This is why God created private schools . . . and the founding fathers created Separation of Church and State! This is the TEA Party’s only constitutional beef with Republicans but it is a big one. However, they believe that the Democrats are trying to destroy the Constitution.

• Their perception is that the Republican Party is a sectional (southern) party and not really involved in national issues . . . even for people who don’t regard the G.O.P. as “racists” this view is widely-held.

(Setting aside the detractions mentioned above perceived as “Republican” weaknesses,) here’s what observation and common sense tell us about the TEA Party movement. It is a fiscally-conservative movement. It is a constitutionally-conservative movement. The members of the TEA Party are somewhat older, somewhat wealthier, and somewhat better educated than the average Republican and much moreso than the average Democrat. In short, the TEA Partiers are naturally aligned with the Republican Party, but oooops -- there is that “Republican ugliness” to contend with. So they are definitely an anti-Obama group; anti-progressive group; anti-socialist group and much, much more likely to vote against a Democrat than for one. The problem Republicans are really worried about, however, is that many Republicans feel as threatened by the TEA Party as the Democrats do. They could split the conservative vote for many years to come and ensure a long continuation of Democrats in power nationally and on the state and local levels as well.

Let’s bring our history lesson up closer in time: three potentially great things have happened relatively recently:

1) the TEA Party came into existence and is threatening to hold ALL incumbent politicians’ feet to the fire . . . and isn’t that about time? Big spending irresponsible Republicans should face the same ignominious fate as big spending irresponsible Democrats. Our nation is in a constitutional and fiscal crisis and the voters must solve the problem.

2) The Republican Party finally wised up. They abandoned their old ugly-right “litmus testing.” Instead they took to heart Ronald Reagan’s words, “If a fellow votes with me eight times out of ten, I regard him as a friend.” They created the “Republican Purity Test”:


You’ll remember that the need for such a test arose when the Republican Party chose a candidate to run for a seat in Upper New York and funded her with over a million dollars. It was a conservative region and the locals had not wanted her and were hopping mad. Their ire increased when it came to light that this was a candidate possibly to the left of Barak Obama and that the Democrat running against her was far more conservative. A real conservative entered the race as an Independent Conservative against them both and almost won after the TEA Party money and fury; and national contributions forced the FAKE Republican to withdraw with only about 7% of the voters committed to her. Her parting shot was to ask her supporters to support the Democrat who won by roughly 2.5%. Unfortunately, the G.O.P. as a whole has not acknowledged the purity test and as far as I know has not enforced the purity test before the primaries. So it appears that this very good idea is just lying dormant.

3) The TEA Party released its “Contract From America” as part of their rambunctious “Tax Day” protests on April 15th:


Looking closely at the two documets with Reagan’s jelly beans over his eyes, Rajjpuut suggests that if the G.O.P. Purity Test rates an 8.2 on a scale of ten, then the TEA Party document deserves an 11.0!

So, in answer to the worries about the TEA Party. How exactly does the Republican Party respond to their presence and even exploit the common ground between the two political entities?

Rajjpuut (as #1 Head Honcho Republican would suggest the following ACTION PLAN for exploiting the common ground existing between the TEA Party and the Republican Party. What should the nominees and candidates do?

1. Ignore the TEA Party. Don’t kowtow to them; don’t treat them as special. Don’t go out of your way to welcome them as likely-Republican-voters or to exaggerate the commonalities. In other words, don’t be political at all. Treat all voters and all campaign contributors the same (with respect but without debasing yourself).

2. Look over their “Contract From America” and see if 8, 9 or 10 of these items can be adopted/adapted for the G.O.P.

3. Look over the “Republican Purity Test” and seriously consider leaving items #9 and #10 out of the picture. 9 is redundant and 10, while important, is about 30th on any sensible list of crucial items for dealing with the crisis year 2010.

4. Using the phraseology of the “Republican Purity Test” modify and combine the two lists and with big drumming and fanfare announce the “Finalized Republican Purity Test” of about fifteen items. Then see which Republican primary candidates meet the purity test and which do not and let the party faithful know who had 15/15; who had 14/15/; who scored 13/15; who had 12/15 and who did NOT pass the test.

5. Ignore the TEA Party and set about fielding a slate of true statesmen and true stateswomen who meet the new Republican standards at least 12/15 and emphasize the key fifteen points at every step of the campaign.

6. Impress the TEA Party and all voters by seeking NOT to impress anyone, but steadfastly and seriously approaching the challenge ahead without pause until voted into office (Then take a break for about three weeks to refresh body, mind and spirit. Read the Constitution and start planning for your swearing in and beyond).

7. Defeat every possible Obama sycophant across the board and start repealing all his garbage. Consider impeaching the communist SOB for not upholding his oath of office and constantly attacking the U.S. Constitution.

Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,

ps: the strategy outlined here was what Bill Clinton did in response to the Republican sweep (in 1994 aligned with their "Contract With America") that derailed all his leftist initiatives. Republicans might not be able to pass a bill or might even pass a bill which Clinton would veto. Then he'd take basically the same bill and move it five or ten degrees to the left with a few deft changes and this time have his Democrats initiate it or bi-partisan sponsors. Wonder of wonders the bills would all pass with large majorities. If the Republican Party co-opts the wisdom of the TEA Party and makes it part of the Republican "planking" for 2010 . . . similar results will occur.

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