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After the attack on an Iranian military parade in Ahvaz, Iran on September 22nd 2018, Barry Donadio is warning his clients that Iran will strike U.S. interests soon.

Barry Donadio is an Anti-Terrorist Security Consultant and President of Public Security LLC. He is also a former member of the U.S. Secret Service and has served in Middle Eastern war zones during his career. He offers hypothesis on national security issues and military strategy.


Through his firm, Donadio is warning his clients that Iran will strike back at the United States because of their perception of U.S. involvement in the attack on an Iranian military parade. When asked when, he stated “Within six months”.

Public Security LLC monitors open source intelligence sources in and around Iran. They have become concern by Iran’s belief that the United States allegedly collaborated with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to carry out this latest attack in Iran.


Less then a month prior to the attack on the military parade, it is believed that Iran’s consulate in Basra, Iraq was attacked. There are also reports that the shrine of the Ayatollah was attacked. With the exception of the military parade attack, the other attacks went unnoticed or simply not covered by most news agencies.


For the Iranian regime, suspicions against the U.S. are running high and it’s all about timing. The U.S. Administration may be looking to soon cut the Nuke deal with Iran that was made from the previous American Administration.

Donadio’s assessment is one of concern. He believes Iran will strike back at all parties that they believe to be involved in the recent parade attack. Donadio says that Iran will strike in the same fashion as the military parade attack and attempt to enforce an eye for an eye punishment. This means that they may attempt to take an equal amount of lives from those believed to be responsible. The most recent count of lives lost in Iran is 25.


Donadio believes it is more likely that Iran will first retaliate against it’s old time enemy Saudi Arabia and also the UAE prior to engaging U.S. targets. If given a U.S. target of opportunity, Iran will most likely hit back.

Even though the Iranian President has allegedly stated that there will be a “Crushing Response”, Iran is not brazen and they will most likey use their alleged proxy “Hezbollah” to launch a reply.

Donadio says Iran’s response will most likely come in the form of terrorism and focus on mimicking the attack on their military parade.


Donadio stated that a naval showdown is due between the United States and Iran.

Due to the overall tensions and recent saber-rattling between the U.S. and Iran, it is my belief that there will be a naval show down within one year. It will lead to a U.S. Naval vessel being attacked by Iranian Forces.”

“A naval conflict with Iran will get messy.” “We will take casualties” he said.

Donadio went on to explain that Iran has many small fast patrol boats with surface to air and surface to surface missiles, that may give any Air Force and Navy a hard time. Although they lack sophistication in many areas, Iran is not a complete pushover when it comes to their navy. Their large number of vessels will attempt swarm attacks on enemy vessels in order to quickly overwhelm and sink them. However, Iran’s Air Force would be no match for the USAF and would be severely outmatched by U.S. fighter jets.

Staff | Public Security LLC


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Persistent Presidential Policies Provoke Potential Business Paroxysm

Repeatedly saying, “I am the job’s president,” “I’m a true friend of small business,” “I have the best interests of America’s Business at heart,” “My administration is fully-committed to fostering a climate supporting the business community,” etc., etc., ad nauseum . . . repeatedly spewing words, Mr. President, that are belied by vicious and repeated haranguing from the other side of your mouth . . . and belied more importantly, by a host of anti-business actions since Inauguration Day -- it just doesn’t wash . . . .
Item: If President Obama’s “six-month” moratorium on offshore drilling goes into effect, the eventual economic effect of his moratorium, will in all probability utterly dwarf the economic effect of the spill itself. All the Gulf state governor’s have called the moratorium hasty, ill-conceived and likely to seriously undercut their states’ recovery.
ITEM: Mr. Obama frankly told the San Francisco Chronicle his “energies policies will bankrupt the coal industry.” He has also repeatedly declared his cap and trade plan will “necessarily make the price of electricity skyrocket.” Threatening to bankrupt essential industries? Threatening to make the price of the most fundamental aspect of any business “skyrocket”? This is no way to create business confidence or a supportive business atmosphere.
ITEM: Obama has promised to reinstitute on January 1, 2011, all the tax cuts and tax amnesties instituted by the Bush administration. Spending by this administration has dwarfed that of all previous administrations. Rising taxes and snowballing government spending has always been a recipe for economic shutdown.
ITEM: consider the financial overhaul “Reform” bill just signed into law, Obama said, “Would stop all bailout’s forever.” Actually, the concept of “too big to fail” is written ingloriously right into that law and guarantees that such bailouts will become a way of life. Thus all big (too big to fail) businesses are free to take the most unwise risks imaginable and thus maximize their chances of huge profits while always having that government safety net below them that he just signed into law. Small business can fail while big business canNOT; Big business can gun for huge profits at no risk which would bankrupt small businesses.
ITEM: consider again the financial overhaul “Reform” bill just signed into law, the original problem besetting the country was actually a sub-prime lending crisis brought about largely by ACORN abuse (Barack Obama was an ACORN lawyer shaking down lending companies) and its effect upon agencies like Freddy Mac and Frannie Mae and HUD (housing urban development agency). HUD in 1995 under weaker versions of the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act granted 44% of all their housing loans to people who objectively could NOT afford to repay the mortgage. (Carter’s CRA ’77 was expanded to include Freddie and Fanny in ’92; twice expanded in 1995 and finally expanded on steroids in 1998 -- these last three moves all under Bill Clinton). By 2005 52% of all HUD loans were made to people who objectively were not fiscally eligible for the loans given to them including illegal aliens, people without jobs, and some people without even a rental history. So how were these fundamental problems addressed by the “reform” bill? These problems were NOT addressed at all. Not one single change to HUD, Fanny Mae nor Freddy Mac is found in the 2,300 page bill. In fact, the laws that did us in, all five of them, are still on the books.
ITEM: consider again the financial overhaul “Reform” bill just signed into law, hundreds of “directives” are required by the new law . . . directives not yet written; directives not yet written by regulators not yet hired. Once again a monstrous bill (2,300 pages) has been passed and no one actually knows what’s in it, or what it does, or how it does it. This is gross uncertainty, Mr. Obama. Legitimate business never thrives under uncertain conditions.
ITEM: consider again the financial overhaul “Reform” bill just signed into law, the bill itself is self-contradictory in numerous places implying that execution and control could be under this federal agency or that one or this other one or perhaps under a couple of them or even all three of them. More uncertainty for businesses.
ITEM: consider again the financial overhaul “Reform” bill just signed into law, one thing is certain, the bill is going to be a nightmare for business offices to deal with . . . tons of paperwork, tons of bureaucracy . . . all at huge costs to businesses in time, salaries, repeated efforts, etc. A nasty certainty for business.
ITEM: consider Obamacare’s so-called health care “reform,” more directives not written by more bureaucrats not all hired yet. 3,300 pages worth of newness, including almost 390 brand new government agencies created (FDR’s entire presidency spawned only 40 new government agencies). Uncertainty for the next eight years (when the final shoe drops as Obamacare is phased in) is horrible for business.
ITEM: again consider Obamacare’s so-called health care “reform,” 390 new government agencies means a horrific and an incredible ultra-bureaucratic bombing of businesses . . . the likely paperwork snowstorm is sure to be very expensive of time and money and trouble.
ITEM: again consider Obamacare’s so-called health care “reform,” ooops, it’s going to increase the deficits, the national debt and the problems for the country, not a good atmosphere for business to operate under.
ITEM: again consider Obamacare’s so-called health care“reform,”
health care insurance, as we now know it, is effectively wiped out by 2018 . . . in other words, government interference has consumed and by overbearing bureaucracy, utterly and negatively transformed an entire American business industry. That is certain to invoke the notion, "Are we next? More threat and more uncertainty for business.
Item: again consider Obamacare’s so-called health care “reform,” it is now 100% certain that “elective” abortion is covered by Obamacare as shown by the first two Obamacare offices opened up in New Mexico and in Pennsylvania. Based upon President Obama’s signed paper for Michigan Representative Bart Stupak swearing that the longtime federal policy of NOT funding abortions would continue with Obamacare, then since it clearly appears abortions are among the very first conditions covered by Obamacare, somebody lied and businesses don’t operate well under despotic, lying governments . . . ever.
ITEM: again consider Obamacare’s so-called health care “reform,” it does nothing for improving health. It does nothing to lower health care costs. It merely sticks 390 new government agencies between doctor and patient. It is, in short, a nightmare supposedly designed to help American citizens and American business . . . but actually just a way to grab control of the pulse of America . . . business doesn’t operate well under devious government control . . . ever.
ITEM: returning to the matter of the Obama six-month offshore drilling moratorium, Mr. Obama has had two of his six-month moratoriums set aside by federal judges and is now involved in a third such moratorium he’s issued . . . what Rajjpuut would call ‘sleazy lawyer slow-down shenanigans,’ (even putting the horrible effect on the Gulf economy as each of the now operating well goes out of business and drillers eventually return in five or ten years) get a clue Mr. Obama, businesses don’t operate well under that kind of Washington arrogance and sleaze.
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
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B.P = “Beyond Perverted?” or “Bad People?”

The further from the political center you are and the further from the Constitution and common sense you get, the more likely that the political system is going to exploit you. There are countless foolish Democrats, feminists, Black and Hispanic and Jewish organizations who have clearly and dearly sold their souls to Barack Obama. Along the same lines, there are numerous idiotic conservatives who will basically never say a word against a particular corporation or against some of the atrocities that go around under the guise of corporate climate, etc. When it comes to exploitation, we are already seeing many of the Left’s progressive toadies starting to feel political repercussions for their loyalty to the Annointed One Barack Obama and the legions (54% of voters backed him in November, 2008) are paying the price for not doing their homework and not casting informed votes and will do so far into the future if the toadies have their way. Similarly, let us look at the case of British Petroleum. Does B.P. = “Beyond Perverted?” Can any self-respecting conservative give lip service to B.P. as a responsible corporate entity?

Before going forward, in the interest of fairness before searing B.P., let’s say a few very obvious things about the Gulf Oil Spill . . . MMS under Ken Salazar had the responsibility to ensure safety at the Macondo drilling site where Deepwater Horizon was located. They gave B.P. several write-offs on safety requirements required by the 1990 and 1994 beefed up drilling safety regulations. Their inspections failed to detect an inadequate failsafe device (a deadman-shut off switch) which ultimately in concert with other problems caused the explosion. They failed to force B.P. to have the ten fire booms necessary at the site (there were exactly zero fire booms on site). MMS officials and inspectors, in the booze, drugs, sex and offshore drilling revelations scandal was shown to be repeatedly in bed with B.P., Obama promised that and the whole climate at MMS would change immediately when he got into office . . . apparently the MMS inspectors were still NOT doing their jobs. More recently, MMS and Salazar and Obama knew on February 13, (ten days after problems arose) about ten weeks before the fire, explosion and sinking of Deepwater Horizon that there were serious problems at the Macondo site when (as one California University engineer put it) “the whole damned place got within a hair of exploding” . . . so if there were ever a great time for a Moratorium on drilling at that site and that site only . . . that was the moment.

Now let’s look more closely at British Petroleum . . . . If Obama’s cap and trade bill becomes law, B.P. may make more money by doing nothing than it ever did by drilling for oil. They are in bed with Al Gore’s London-based Generation Investment Management and they own about 8% of ICE (Intercontinental Exchange) which in turn recently bought CCX (Chicago Climate eXchange) when the heat from Glen Beck’s probes into this massive conflict of interest scandal began ratcheting upwards. In effect, B.P. is investing its profits to the utter detriment of the oil industry . . . .

B.P. is the single largest Obama-contributing corporation. Since backing Obama in 2008 (this is a no-brainer) was sure to tighten the screws on the oil industry and on loosey- goosey B.P. in particular, this was a highly cynical and corrupt attempt to win a “get out of jail-free pass” from the Annointed One.

British Petroleum, it was recently revealed, has for years been violating the internation sanctions on Iran and been freely dealing with that rogue government.

Just because MMS had the ultimate responsibility to the American people for the safe operation of Deepwater Horizon, B.P. is clearly running a close second in ultimate responsibility. B.P. chose which safety rules to ignore and ignored a batch of them. B.P. had been warned by its own inspectors about not just the one dead-man kill switch but several related problems. B.P. chose to operate with not even one of the required ten fire booms on site. B.P.’s negligence killed eleven men, hurt their stockholders and destroyed the Gulf environmentally and economically.

Shady seat-of-the-pants operations seems to be the B.P. norm. Just type the words “British Petroleum MMS scandal” into your search engine and you’ll get about 72,000 hits and 90% of these hits will be over two years old . . . for which the Bush administration and in a few rare cases the MMS under the Clinton and Bush administrations are at fault.

Right here in Colorado B.P. has been fined $5.2 million for false, inaccurate or misleading production and reports . . . in effect cheating the Ute Indian nation out of royalty money they’d earned. Because of B.P.’s scandalous relationships with MMS auditors it took over three years for the case to come to decision. California Republican Darrell Issa has been pushing for some time to re-open investigations into the scandals involving primarily B.P. and MMS but “something always seems to get in the way.”

Finally, there’s the freeing of Abdul Al Megrahi, the Lockerbie Bomber. BP admitted to pressuring the British Government in 2007 to speed up a prisoner release so that they might gain Libyan area drilling permits. Blood money is all over the hands of B.P. executives and for the 189 Americans who died in Al Megrahi’s terrorist attack, Rajjpuut can only say, this is why blanket protection of corporations like Enron and B.P. without first getting all the facts is a foolish, foolish thing for conservatives to do -- by the way, some men live up to 25 years with prostate cancer.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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After a week in which the White House achieved a $20 Billion Gulf reparations fund and in which Obama blamed Republicans for the joblessness in America, the pollsters at Gallup show a firm majority of Americans right now oppose the 2012 re-election of Barack Obama. 51% of Americans think Mr. Obama should NOT be re-elected while only 46% say he should. Among Democrats 77% want to re-elect while 87% of Republicans oppose. Independents show 53% in opposition to re-election and 43% in favor. Today’s Rasmussen polls showed that among “probable voters” 45% strongly DISapprove of Mr. Obama’s job performance while only 25% strongly approve giving the president a -20 overall Presidential Index rating (Mr. Obama began with a +30 Presidential Index rating in January, 2009).

Overall in the Rasmussen poll, 42% of likely voters at least somewhat approve of Mr. Obama’s efforts and 57% at least somewhat DISapprove. The recent oval office speech by Obama about the Gulf oil debacle helped him slightly with Democrats. President Obama’s numbers have typically bounced following a national television event usually “up a little” (on only one occasion before they dropped slightly). 48% of Democrats now Strongly Approve. That’s up two points since the speech. 77% of Republicans Strongly DISapprove, also up two points since the speech. Among those NOT affiliated with either major party, 49% now Strongly DISapprove. That’s up five points since Tuesday’s speech. Here are some of the issues preying upon voters’ minds:
Most are pleased that $20 Billion has been set aside for Gulf damage claims but a slim majority are worried about a federal government takeover of the claims process; and to a lesser extent of the oil industry. The six-month moratorium on all offshore drilling is heavily criticized. So much involvement in the past nineteen months by the federal government taking over the car industry, banks and insurance companies, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, the health care industry, the student loan industry, etc. has three-fifths of the nation up in arms. Given the administration’s open revelation that the cap and trade legislation would “bankrupt the coal industry” and “necessarily skyrocket the price of electricity;” and the realization that major tax increases are coming on January 1, 2011 when the Bush era tax breaks are rescinded; and the huge tax increases tied to Obamacare which 62% of voters want repealed . . . voters are outraged by taxes and spending and debt and apparent big government incompetence (MMS was about to give BP a safety award when the explosion occurred and signing off on several safety$$ issues; and the lack of competent response to cleaning up the mess).
Raising taxes, dramatically raising spending and deficits and national debt, and endless government takeovers of the private sector are very unpopular. Virtually no voters believe that the almost $1 TRillion stimulus money spent has created or saved any jobs; most disagree that the White House was “engaged from Day One” of the Gulf disaster.
Recent revelations that federal government employees receive on average DOUBLE what their private sector counterparts earn ($120,000 when both wages and benefits are considered vs. $62,000) has also angered some. The only sector of the economy that’s grown under Barack Obama has been government jobs.
In Rajjpuut’s none-too humble opinion. There are only two hopes for Mr. Obama and his out-of-touch progressives: A) somehow achieving citizenship for 20 million illegal aliens and getting 80% of their votes, which is becoming more unlikely by the day, or . . . B) dictatorial takeover, so guess which one Mr. Obama will attempt to pull off in order to "fundamentally transform America?"
Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,**
$$ The 1990 and 1994 safety requirements were both ignored. In particular ten (10) firebooms were required at the site and NONE were there.

** in answer to questions recently raised about Rajjpuut’s “sign-off” . . . saying that “long” life was totally understandable; “strong” life was a bit unique; but “ornery” was downright weird . . . . Look at it this way: it’s a hope for a re-balancing and a return to American virtues. Rajjpuut honestly believes that the big shift to the ultra-left by the media which has refused to cover stories contrary to that viewpoint for almost forty years now was begun first by the “hippie” movement and the environmental movement being commandeered by people who thought that living in communes (root word of “communism”) was a good thing. Rajjpuut earnestly hopes that his readers will indeed live long; and stay strong in body, mind and spirit and vote along those lines as well; and show an ornery, feisty streak to help win the country back for the traditional constitutional, fiscal and libertarian^^ values including respectful discourse in the public arena.
^^ Libertarian values are constitutionalism; strong national defense including of our borders; fiscal-conservatism; and a largely live-and-let-live social outlook (for example, protect gays and all Americans from violence and injustice; let the gays have their unions legitimized with all the rights accorded married couples EXCEPT adoption and palimony). Most important to Libertarians is the 10th Amendment which allows Americans to “vote with their feet” and move from states with onerous tax burdens and ridiculous spending legislatures to states more in line with the original U.S. Constitution such as Texas (which still has a part-time legislature) rather than having all states become homogenized “departments” of a runaway federal government.
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According to the highly accurate Rasmussen Reports polls, 66% of American voters are angry at the media and 33% call themselves “very angry” at the media. The question did not differentiate which media sources were causing this anger. This is not necessarily a new perception, voters for years have insisted that the American media have a strong “liberal bias.” Back in the final months of the 2008 election, 51% of voters said that most reporters were trying to help Obama win the presidency while only 7% said the media was trying to help John McCain and 31% thought media coverage was neutral.

68% of voters say that when covering political campaigns and news, reporters try to help politicians they favor. 48% today believe that most reporters when they write or talk about President Obama are trying to help the president pass his agenda and only 18% of voters believe that reporters are interested in blocking Obama’s agenda. The media fairness issue is big in most voters’ eyes as 54% of voters think most reporters would hide any information they uncovered that might hurt a candidate they wanted to win, up seven points from November 2008 when voters already thought media bias was a problem.

In all 51% of voters today label reporters as more liberal than they are; while only 15% say reporters are more conservative than they are and 55% of voters say media bias is a bigger problem in America than campaign contributions from big donors.

Another area of anger is the Gulf oil spill. The vast majority of Americans are blaming British Petroleum (BP) for the explosion and leak. However, 67% of Americans believe the U.S. government does not inspect offshore oil rigs properly and 33% say it’s very likely that the problem could have been avoided IF government inspectors had done a better job. Certainly, since the ’90 and ’94 safety laws were “signed off on;” BP was one week away from getting a safety award from the government’s MMS; and since ten fire booms were required at the Deepwater Horizon site and zero were there . . . the public perception seems grounded in fact. Since these facts have NOT been widely disseminated by the media, perhaps this too is part of the anger Americans feel toward the media?
An area of doubt for Americans is that of Global Warming, many more Americans are expressing doubt and say that scientists are "not in accord" about global warming. 59% of Americans say they are not willing to pay more in taxes and utility costs to generate cleaner energy and fight global warming. Since the American mainstream media have chosen to give zero% coverage to the Climategate scandal that even the liberal London Times showed up as fraudulent "science," perhaps this too is part of the anger Americans feel toward the media?

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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According to the highly accurate Rasmussen Reports polls, 66% of American voters are angry at the media and 33% call themselves “very angry” at the media. The question did not differentiate which media sources were causing this anger. This is not necessarily a new perception, voters for years have insisted that the American media have a strong “liberal bias.” Back in the final months of the 2008 election, 51% of voters said that most reporters were trying to help Obama win the presidency while only 7% said the media was trying to help John McCain and 31% thought media coverage was neutral.

68% of voters say that when covering political campaigns and news, reporters try to help politicians they favor. 48% today believe that most reporters when they write or talk about President Obama are trying to help the president pass his agenda and only 18% of voters believe that reporters are interested in blocking Obama’s agenda. The media fairness issue is big in most voters’ eyes as 54% of voters think most reporters would hide any information they uncovered that might hurt a candidate they wanted to win, up seven points from November 2008 when voters already thought media bias was a problem.

In all 51% of voters today label reporters as more liberal than they are; while only 15% say reporters are more conservative than they are and 55% of voters say media bias is a bigger problem in America than campaign contributions from big donors.

Another area of anger is the Gulf oil spill. The vast majority of Americans are blaming British Petroleum (BP) for the explosion and leak. However, 67% of Americans believe the U.S. government does not inspect offshore oil rigs properly and 33% say it’s very likely that the problem could have been avoided IF government inspectors had done a better job. Certainly, since the ’90 and ’94 safety laws were “signed off on;” BP was one week away from getting a safety award from the government’s MMS; and since ten fire booms were required at the Deepwater Horizon site and zero were there . . . the public perception seems grounded in fact. Since these facts have NOT been widely disseminated by the media, perhaps this too is part of the anger Americans feel toward the media?

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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According to Margaret Thatcher, “The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.” According to Barack Obama’s words and actions, there has NEVER been a single problem with socialism or with “scientific socialism inter alia ‘communism.’” Why else would he continue to use Spain as the poster-boy for all the great things he wants to bring us courtesy of his “Great Economy” and violate standing laws to deny real creditors the money due them and instead divert that money into stock ownership to his auto workers union** friends? However, while Barack Obama was putting on his make-up prior to his Oval Office oil spill speech, the Spanish government was telling Spaniards “Oooops, we made a mistake and now we have to undo it.” The brief history is this:

Candidate Obama promised to create five million green jobs in his first term and move the United States “boldly toward” a booming new economy. President Obama has since repeatedly mentioned that goal and repeatedly put Spain out there as his model for America.

Spain, in 1997 was indeed the poster-child for European economic soundness with a booming economy and a miniscule 3% joblessness.

Spain along with Denmark and a few other governments began a shift to a “green economy” by instituting subsidies for environmentally-friendly businesses. They originally expected that roughly $125, 000 could fund the creation of any typical green job. There was an expectancy that these green jobs would be permanent and create a more environmentally-friendly and sustainable economy.

Spain today is almost as bad off as bankrupt Greece is. Last year unemployment reached 17.8%, today it sits at nearly 21%. A Spanish economist finished his study of the green disaster last year and released the results to the world . . . more on this later . . . but in the face of a further collapse in the Euro and a worsening overall Spanish national economy initiating even higher interest rates necessary to sell Spanish bonds and (most Greece like of all) as Spanish unions are calling for a general strike, of the seven endangered European economies, Spain is only marginally better off than the bankrupt Greeks.

Last night, during his speech, Barack Obama again praised Spanish efforts and brought up his promise to create green jobs (as well as the America-killing cap and trade legislation he’s pushing). You’d think that Spain’s green efforts were an unmitigated success, eh?

Yesterday, the Spanish government let it be known that now after a dozen years, they'd begin looking at de-subsidizing green jobs. What that means isn't exactly clear. Removing 10% of the taxpayer backing? Removing 50%? Removing 90%. Let's see what percentage of the new green jobs subsidized every year will now be funded . . . and, under these new circumstances what percentage of green jobs will actually prove permanent. Less than 5%? Less than 2%?

All Obama's words came despite the forenamed Spanish economic study which shows that a) each green job in Spain required a $675,000 subsidy b) the taxes required to create each new green job cost the loss of 2.2 real jobs in the real Spanish economy c) the average green job lasted less than 18 months d) only 10% of the green jobs proved permanent e) the average pay amounted to $10-$14 per hour only, and most importantly f) based upon the very Spanish model Obama’s praising, it’s probable his promised five-million new green-tech jobs would cost eleven-million real jobs and only 500,000 of these green jobs would prove permanent . . . a 22/1 ratio of lost real jobs compared to permanent green jobs created.

For any half-way thinking American, the president’s logic, or lack thereof, amounts to a whole lot to swallow . . . It remains to be seen if so many Americans will once again allow themselves to be taken in by our president. At least 60 lies issued from his facile lips during his first Oval Office staging, but five of these lies are so serious and so obvious that it’s a wonder that a huge collective “Bull-shi-!” did not roar across the nation when those false words escaped his lips, to wit:

1. “We’re running out of places to drill for oil."

2. “We’ve been on top of this since Day One."

3. The unspoken lie: “Bush is responsible for this problem too,” was hinted at in a slightly veiled manner as he talked about the failures of MMS.

4. Mr. Obama talked about converting to “a profitable new green industry” leading the way to future American prosperity.

5. And the illogical conclusion, “This proves we must institute ‘cap and trade’ legislation and green jobs at a cost of TRillions” (that’s right Cap and Trade is a $10 TRillion tax applied to the economy according to Obama associate Richard Sandor president of the Chicago Climate Exchange,CCX, a monstrous conflict of interest that he and Gore and Obama are part of); and the earlier mentioned Spanish green-economy disaster.

Let us now take on the five greatest of Obama’s sixty lies . . . first of all we are NOT running out of oil or lacking places to drill for oil. The environmental fringe has prevented us from building any new refineries here since 1974. The environmental fringe has made it difficult if not impossible to drill on land in this country or for safer shallower offshore wells. And most importantly we now have discovered the largest oil reserve in the world far bigger than the entire Middle East: the Baaken Field . . .

unfortunately, only the Indian tribes owning land above the Baaken oil reserves are allowed to drill there.

Secondly, Obama and his administration have actually been dithering since Day One and have NOT been “on top of it.” If they had been, the easily predictable effect offshore, on the beaches, in the marshes and on the fishing and tourist industry would presumably have been met by an incisive federal effort to combat the spill’s effect starting about Day Ten and Mr. Obama would have made last night’s speech about Day Seven.

Thirdly, Mr. Bush has been out of office for almost seventeen months now. Mr. Obama promised to clean up the mess in D. C. as well as the mess in our economy and has not done either, but instead has resorted to blaming Bush for his own failures since Inauguration Day. This economy and this administration are Mr. Obama’s NOW and it's time for the buck to actually stop with him.

Fourth, his monstrous lie, he called green-tech jobs “profitable.” If they were profitable, we would have a major green industry in this country and we do not. If these green jobs were profitable, there would be no problem with oil and it’s emissions. Mr. Obama believes that an edict by him from Washington is all it takes and then POOF! the scientific breakthrough needed will appear overnight magically and then . . . yes, then green jobs will be profitable.

And lastly, Cap and Trade is a conflict of interest that will enrich Mr. Obama, Mr. Gore, about twenty of their key cronies and ten well-known progressive foundations while crippling the American economy to the tune of $10 TRillion each and every year. And both Cap and Trade and “green jobs” are based on the fringe environmental lie that man-caused greenhouse gasses are creating dangerous global warming. That lie was shown by the ultra-liberal London Times to be an absolute fraud:

Clearly, Obama has a lot of blue-sky in mind for all Americans. For a supposedly intelligent fellow, Mr. Obama (and his progressives) do an awful lot of “thinking” with their emotions. “If I want it, it must happen – let there be light!” is not the basis for a logical energy policy.

Mr. Obama, either really does NOT care about Americans and the American economy; or he believes in word-magic . . . the certainty that his merely saying something is so, makes it so. He owns an administration of lawyers and left-wing radicals and neither he nor any single member of his administration has ever produced a useful good or service in their combined lifetime, but he is cocksure that throwing money down the green rat-hole will produce a viable alternative energy economy capable of sustaining 140 million jobs and adding at least 3 million new jobs every year. Our president is delusional. If George Washington marveling at the antics and electrical discoveries of Benjamin Franklin had insisted upon gambling the economy of 1791 America on creating an “electric power grid” he would have been at least as sane as Barack Obama because if green jobs don’t kill 21st Century America; his Cap and Trade and Green Jobs initiatives surely will.

Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,

**in the case of Chrysler's bankruptcy personally orchestrated by Mr. Obama against 220 years of legal precedent
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It’s never a good sign when the leader of the free world seemingly starts substituting crack-cocaine for his two and a half-pack a day cigarette habit. Too harsh a judgment? Listen up, then judge for yourself.

Item One:
As you know, President Obama and his administration have lately bad-mouthed the recently created Arizona immigration law in a cynical attempt to activate the Democratic Party base for this November’s mid-term elections. Well, now the stakes have been raised by the president who seems intent upon showing the world how little he respects the opinion of the common American citizens and common-sense itself. Mr. Obama has turned the White House legal-beagles upon Arizona again. This time the target is Arizona’s anti-illegal alien employer sanctions. Mr. Obama again says Arizona is acting beyond its jurisdiction, illegal immigration in every aspect is 100% a federal responsibility, and ONLY a federal responsibility, according to him and he says his White House attorneys will issue a legal challenge to Arizona. What’s wrong with all that?

Item A: The federal law concerning employers of illegals does say that states CAN control the licensing of such companies. In fact, the applicable law from 1986 forbids the federal government from doing anything at all to employers and puts all possibility of dealing with these companies under state control.

Item B: The Arizona anti-alien employer laws in Arizona are 100% in line with federal laws. To wit: for any firm found guilty of KNOWINGLY hiring undocumented workers a violation in Arizona would result in suspension of the business’s privilege of operating for an unspecified time possibly as little as ten days. A second violation of this law by an employer within three years of the first violation would forbid the company from doing business in Arizona.

Item C: Most surprisingly, the Arizona law has already been challenged and upheld by the single most liberal court in the country. In effect Mr. Obama is calling the Federal Court in San Francisco’s 9th District “too conservative.” Wow!

Item D: Ex- Arizona Governor Napolitano now, the Obama Homeland Security Secretary, was behind the passage of this law which Obama is now calling illegal and ill-advised.

Item Two: Mr. Obama (who himself refuses to respect the Pledge of Allegiance and stand at attention with his hand over his heart during its recital or to recite it himself) and his enthusiastic and violently active followers are sneakily trying to change the wording of the pledge in American minds.

You’ll recall the words in question are “one nation, under God with liberty and justice for all.” Leaving their attack on the word “God” out of things for now . . . the word popping up everywhere that socialists march in the street is “FAIRNESS” and the mantra that is heard in every such demonstration is “fairness and justice.” Apparently Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama’s mother** never told baby Barack that “life isn’t fair.” Rajjpuut would add that inflicting one-person’s or one group’s idea of fairness upon the rest of the people by forced equality, for one example re-distribution of wealth as a policy, is the ultimate threat to LIBERTY. Fairness and equality are the key words in communist and socialist dogma. Only one type of fairness and one type of equality matter: equal justice before the law and due process.

Item Three: Your ears are not deceiving you. President Obama is now choosing to use the oil spill for politics, of course. As part of his renewed attack on the oil industry, he’s talking about stopping or suspending all offshore oil drilling. That will really help the gulf jobs situation, won’t it? More importantly, he’s started heating up for his evil^^ cap and tax bill all over again; and praising Spain and its green-industry and talking about “weaning ourselves of oil-dependence.” Unmentioned by Mr. Obama is that Spain, once the economic poster child for the European Union, had a vibrant economy with only 3% unemployment a few years back. Then Spain instituted a green jobs program and now has 21% unemployment. Each green job cost $677,000. Each green jobs cost taxes that eliminated 2.2 jobs in the real free market economy. The average green job lasted less than six months and only 10% of green jobs proved permanent with an average salary of $13-$14 per hour. So, if Mr. Obama creates the five million green jobs he’s boasting about . . . expect a loss of eleven million real jobs. Expect the average 90% of the green jobs to be temporary only and only 500,000 permanent green jobs to be created . . . in short, expect the ultimate financial Armageddon.

Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,


** How come Americans were NOT told by mainstream media fully investigating his background that Barack Obama was raised in a communist household, by a communist mother and grandfather and his birth-father (subject of Obama’s first autobiography “Dreams from My Father”) was extolling the virtues of 100% taxation and “scientific socialism” a.k.a. communism in Kenya when his son was three years old ( and about his Marxist associates?

^^Cap and trade will turn a $15 TRillion economy into a $25 TRillion economy without one new manufactured good or without one new service provided. How? by raising costs 67% for virtually every single item or service in the country. That extra $10 TRillion is aimed right at progressive pockets. Mr. Gore, Mr. Obama, Richard Sandor, Franklin Raines, Joel Rogers, Goldman Sachs, and a good 10-12 progressive foundations and at least a score of other progressive politicians will all be monstrously enriched if and when cap and trade legislation becomes law and their Chicago Climate Exchange becomes obscenely profitable. And, of course, it’s all based upon saying that the carbon dioxide we exhale is dangerous to the planet . . . a proven LIE, as reported by the London Times when they exposed the Climate-Gate data falsification.

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To honor the memory of the Last Great American Statesman, William Proxmire (Wisconsin Senator for 32 years) whose “Golden Fleece Awards” uncovered shameless pork barrel projects and focused media attention on all manner of self-serving, waste, and corruption in the United States government: Rajjpuut has since June, 2009, been awarding the “Platinum Fleecer” to the elected or appointed official or private citizen most deserving of the illustrious title.

The May, 2010 Platinum Fleecer WINNER is:
President Barack Obama
Does the country get its money’s worth from their president? He certainly seems disposed to keeping those dollars in Washington, D.C., doesn’t he? A monstrous “Thousand Year Flood” hit Tennessee, Kentucky and Mississippi but Obama has not yet even mentioned these people’s plight nor used the words “disaster area.” Oklahoma and surrounding states have been hit three times by savage and deadly tornadoes, but again no mention of their sad situation and no federal assistance mentioned. The Gulf oil leak went on for five weeks before he seemed to realize it was happening . . . now, in fairness British Petroleum has the technology and Obama can do nothing along those lines, but . . . certainly the problems near and onshore created by the mess were easily predictable. Let’s say he had four full weeks to come up with a federal response to prepare a defense for them, to soften the blow for Louisiana and the other Gulf States and he did? Nothing?
Actually worse than nothing, he had the power to eliminate red tape so that Louisiana could have built some artificial barrier island constructs . . . but Obama insisted that the EPA do an environmental-impact study before that could begin (and it hasn't yet!). Let's see, you have some potential, presumably modest or absolutely minor future impact versus a monstrous absolutely certain impact NOW and we need to study that?????? Nice work, Mr. Prez!
Meanwhile he is putting every effort into passing “America’s Power Act” a Democratic euphemism for “cap and trade” legislation. Remember in his own words, “Under my policies, electricity costs would necessarily skyrocket!” Skyrocketing costs based upon a proven** fraudulent lie called global warming? Meanwhile he’s seeking to pass “comprehensive immigration reform” which means making 13-20 million illegal aliens American citizens within ten months (expecting to win 80% of their votes and lock in his re-election and the supremacy of the Democratic Party progressives for the next 50 years). Meanwhile he refuses to protect our borders and rants and raves about Arizona's attempts to protect theirs. Yeah, that’s a statesman for you. Congratulations, to Barack Obama the only four-time winner and May, 2010 Platinum Fleecer of the Month.
Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,
** here's the truth from the ultra-LIBERAL London Times which had been banging the drum for global warming for almost a dozen years . . . they ate crow and released the truth which no American mainstream media source has done (still protecting our president and Al Gore!) . . . . here's the London Times story:

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Five weeks in, Still No Federal Response
to Prevent or Lessen Oil-Spill Damage to Gulf Shoreline
It must be nice to have a free pass from the liberal-leaning media on everything up to and including shafting a Billy goat on prime-time television . . . but this time, Obama’s carte blanche may not be enough to save his presidency. Obama who earned the epithet “Dithering Barack” for his snail-like, half-hearted responses to requests for an Afghanistan troop surge . . . is up to slow-no-good again, this time on the domestic front in the face of a massive oil spill and a series of crippling tornadoes and ultra-destructive flooding in Tennessee and the Cumberland River Valley.
Item: unable to criticize the ghost of George W. Bush on the oil spill; tornadoes; and Tennessee flooding . . . Barack Obama who had been pouting and sucking his thumb for five weeks now . . . has today finally mobilized the Obama family dog to handle these matters. Relieved environmentalists have declared today’s response a “vast improvement over what we’ve seen these last 36 days.”
Item: 36 days into the tragic Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Barack Obama has shown himself to be a dithering incompetent. He still has NOT called the situation a national emergency and he still has NOT mobilized any federal response to prevent or ameliorate the ecological and economic damage to the Gulf states' coastlines. He has also pointedly NOT shared the truth about federal inspectors and federal agencies giving British Petroleum pass after pass on safety issues.
These same inspectors and agencies had actually been on the verge of awarding BP a top safety award three weeks ago. These same inspectors and agencies deliberately overlooked requiring that ten (10, count ‘em, oops you can’t) mandated fire booms be onsite at the BP disaster site nor at the even deeper, even more prolific Atlantis well (the deepest oil production platform in the world) much further offshore in the Gulf that is still operating unsafely and where it appears BP and the federal Minerals and Management Service again did shoddy work^^. Returning to the present crisis, to be precise, BP had zero, zilch, nada, NONE of the required ten fire booms onsite when the Deepwater Horizon explosion occurred.
The epitome of “maximum statesmanship” from the Obama administration is found in their constant use of the “blame game” and the “race card” in virtually every situation which arises. Perhaps now the mainstream media will stop treating the Obama adminstration as “God walking among us?" The totally unenlightened responses from Salazar, Napolitano and Obama are only 2/3 as shocking as the vile negligence of MMS. Only the U.S. Coast Guard and Louisiana Governor Jindal have shown the requisite calm, competence and clear-headed call for action . . . which of course, Salazar and Obama have ignored.
Item: A series of deadly tornadoes has struck Oklahoma and nearby states in the last two weeks. Obama has NOT mentioned them, nor prepared any federal responses.
Item: If a tree falls in a forest and kills thirty-one people and wipes out all power-sewer-fuel and transportation, destroys viturally all the homes and livelihoods of everybody in an area the size of Pennsylvania . . . but neither the president nor the national mainstream media mention it . . . did it actually happen? Many are wondering why perhaps the largest non-hurricane flood disaster in American history and the worst destruction to hit Tennessee since the Civil War has been essentially ignored by the national media.Nashville is just one small part of the wide-spread flooding that hit the east-central United States. The May 2010 Tennessee floods resulting from torrential rainfal on May 1st and 2nd this year have been labeled "1000-year floods" for Middle and West Tennessee, South Central and Western Kentucky and Northern Mississippi. Two-day rain totals in some areas were greater than 19 inches.
The Cumberland River crested at 51.86 feet in Nashville, so high that the flood control measures instituted by the U.S. Army Corps of engineers to counter future tragedies akin to a 1937 flood which devastated the area that year . . . were virtually worthless. All-time record crests were observed on the Cumberland River Floods from these rains affected the area for several days afterwards, resulting in a number of deaths and widespread property damage. All-time record crests in the affected areas resulted in at least five dozen reporting stations. Perhaps one day the President will comment on this and even, GASP! Respond?
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
^^ It isn’t often that Rajjpuut finds the Huffington Post worth quoting:
but this link reveals a deplorable situation. If the Atlantis platform were to suffer a similar fate, the damage from the Deepwater Horizon (already the worst oil spill in America’s history) would be like popping a zit compared to a pressurized and uncontrolled fire hose.
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Twenty Key Issues for America

as the Merry Month of May Gets Rolling

Item: The Phoenix Suns now sport an ultra-ugly jersey with “Los Suns” on it, to join in the protest against the Arizona immigration law . . . low class, stupid and a PR disaster for them. May they be eliminated from the playoffs A.S.A.P.; why do celebrities think their voice means any more than a trash-collector’?

Item: The spill/leak at the British Petroleum oil derrick in the Gulf of Mexico was abetted because A) The U.S. government ignored its legal responsibility to have eight fire booms on the BP site . . . and had none -- and you thought the Titanic life boat problem was gross B) Both the Bush administration and the Obama administration signed off on safety violations at the BP site . . . why in hell would anyone with half a brain ever do such a thing? C) BP made a huge campaign contribution to Barack Obama and was purportedly “happy in bed with” the extreme left wingers of the administration D) The explosion was immediately pooh-poohed by Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and despite their revisionism, the Obama folks were not “on the case from Day One” E) Obama said he didn’t want to go to New Orleans early because he might get in the way . . . exactly what Bush said after Katrina for which he was excoriated, but the liberal media is understanding and supportive of the Anointed One, of course. There’s no “getting in the way,” Mr. President, the problem is in the Gulf, your motorcade doesn’t float.

Item: C-SPAN cameras are not allowed in the room where the Obama Debt Commission meets.

Item: The new Arizona Immigration Law has been deliberately misrepresented as racial profile by 78% of news coverage even as 61% of Americans and 70% of Americans think the law is a good idea. And the big cheerleading, Barack Obama is inciting UNinformed Hispanics to RIOT. The bill specifically forbids racial profiling . . . specifically . . . Obama is inflaming the situation by distorting the truth. The Arizona law is written to respect entirely the federal law which Obama is not enforcing. By the way, Mr. Obama why are you repaying the everyday cop for their crucial work with accusations of unmitigated racial bigotry . . . just like you did last year at your "beer summit." For a supposedly intelligent man you don't learn very quickly. Cops are not boogy men, Sir!

Item: The major plunge on Wall Street was aggravated by “automatic trading programs” kicking in. The problem is always stated when such events occur that the “little guys got scared” and caused a panic. Bull feces, October of 1987, and every panic since then has been triggered and abetted by the big guys and their automatic sell programs. This was a luck example of a potentially devastating juxtaposition of problems: A) the so-called fat finger response? So If I want to make a quick killing, I get my brother to sell short a given stock and then I fat-finger it and the markets be damned we make a small fortune . . . there’s some actual financial reform that needs to be done B) automatic sell programs creating a potentially out-of-control situation that the floor specialists can abuse to skin everybody selling stock. And the result, sooner or later? During a real panicked sell off someone with several real large short position will just get a “fat finger” and trigger a financial Armageddon. That’s financial reform that’s actually needed.

Item: Greece, the perfect nanny state is going down the tubes. Unions riled up by the Greek Communists are getting violently ugly. The cost to American taxpayers of our involvement in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is somewhere between $7-8 Billion and there’s no guarantee that the problem is so-easily solved. Take notice: trying to live with unsustainable debt, doesn’t work. Now we’re bailing out Greece.

Item: The NYC would-be car bomb disappointed a gal reporter on MSNBC who admitted she wasn’t happy that a Muslim was associated with this because stupid prejudiced people would use it for bigotry. Well EXCUSE me, some Muslim extremist tries to kill Americans in Time Square and she’s pointing the finger at Americans who want to call a Muslim Extremist a Muslim extremist instead of being politically correct. Where are your priorities? Where is your integrity? Where is your patriotism, Lady?

Item: The NYC car-bomber wanna be, actually got on an airplane attempting escape . . . without luggage . . . paying in cash . . . though he was on a no-fly listing . . . and headed for Dubai . . . and yes, he certainly looked middle-eastern.

Item: Al Gore’s purchase of another palace, this time a $9 million mansion along side the supposedly rising ocean near Montecito, California went unreported in the mainstream media. They first ignore the November 17th Climate Gate revelations that even the ultra-liberal London Times researches the story and buries global-warming alarmism . . . they’ve ignored the biggest financial and scientific fraud in history (Cap and trade admitted by a member of CCX to be a “Ten TRillion industry) now for almost six months . . . this is journalism? Now the ultimate hypocrite, Gore, who tends to make a huge part of that $10 TRillion from the hoax of global warming buys yet another mansion (he’s not selling any, folks) with a carbon footprint probably fifty thousand times as great as old Rajjpuut’s and the media won’t cover this scandal.

Item: Joe Biden called General Motor’s so-called payoff of their bailout loan “a wondrous achievement. No, Joe, it’s no achievement at all. GM’s Obama-appointed CEO Whiteacre merely took money from a bailout slush fund to “pay off the loan” and Rajjpuut is wondering, how can the Federal Trade Commision allow this kind of fraudulent advertising without stepping in? By the way talking of bailouts, Chrysler and Freddie Mac both need another sip of the bailout brew.

Item: Besides their deliberate refusal to run the Climate-Gate Scandal about the falsified global warming records at East Anglia University’s Climate Research Unit (CRU); the media has now ignored for two weeks the story of President Obama and ex Vice-President Gore’s conflict of interest as part of the Chicago Climate eXchange. The story is not complicated. Look it up for yourself and connect the dots: The Tides Foundation receives funding from the Joyce Foundation and several other Progressive Foundations (very much like money-laundering). If Cap and Trade is passed the next hundred millionaires will include Gore, Obama, Sandor, Joel Rogers (the man behind the curtain); the AFLCIO, SEIU, Bill Ayers’ brother John Ayers, four or five Goldman Sachs bigwigs; Goldman Sachs the company itself and about twenty other semi-prominent individuals. Even Fannie Mae, holding a patent for the program that would sell the blue sky that Cap and Trade is based upon stands to benefit. Why no story?

Item: The flooding in Tennessee and the Cumberland region is a real disaster. No it’s not as environmentally interesting to the BP spill in the gulf, but this is a genuine crisis about the scale of forty tornadoes hitting one region in one day and the president of the United States and his administration have totally ignored it. Sorry, Barack, floods may not be “sexy” but they are an emergency.

Item: One of Rajjpuut’s favorite reader-blog commenters Phil DiJoseph, said this about a recent blog “Greecey Debt Sends Europe Sliding a Super Slippery Slope” as the situation in Greece worsens and the U.S. financial scenario comes more and more to resemble Greece’s: I think you will see a lot of what is happening in Greece courtesy of the labor unions here in the U.S. Keep your eye on New Jersey where the governor just cut a billion dollars in education aid. The teachers unions are pulling out all the stops to convince tax payers to keep funding their salaries, pensions and benefits at current levels (actually, they are making their pitch that the Governor is hurting education and the children) but that is just not going to happen. Voters chose to force school boards to make deep cuts rather than agreeing to have their property taxes raised to make up for the shortfall. This is perhaps the first time in American history that voters have effectively put the breaks on out of control government spending. The crapola would have certainly hit the United Auto Workers fan much sooner had Obama not bailed out the automakers and enriched the unions. Expect to see all hell break loose, as it has in Greece, when the pink slips start arriving to union members and other give-backs are mandated to balance state budgets.”

Rajjpuut comments . . . Thanks Phil, remember this, for the first time in history a U.S. President got involved in a public corporation’s bankruptcy . . . indeed he outright orchestrated every step of the Chrysler and GM bankruptcies and took the money owed by law to the Chrysler creditors and handed it to unions that supported his presidency. And who is ultimately responsible? The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the Chrysler creditors’ case.

Item: We’re finally seeing a resurgence of the importance of the 10th Amendment of the Bill of Rights, the most little known and appreciated of our Bill of Rights’ Amendments. It is the 10th Amendment which makes our particular experiment in Republican government with Democratic powers allotted to the individual such a marvelous success. Even more states are filing suit against Obamacare based upon the 10th Amendment. About six states recently have also said they’re in the process of re-creating their version of the Arizona immigration law. And several states are seeking to oppose the federal government’s forcibly making them pay for various other federally mandated programs that are bankrupting those states.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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