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Amnesty – A Dictator’s Criminal Enterprise

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on

AMN-1.jpg?width=217We now have Uber Gruber on tape, not once, not twice but THREE times questioning the mental acuity of liberal/socialist voters…both the street variety and elected ilk, regarding Obamacare and one now has to wonder if the Lame Ducktator is also counting on liberal/socialist voter stupidity to sell his latest turd to the gullible.


Just as these willfully knot-headed smarter-then-their-voter-base elitists have changed the name of “global warming” to “climate change” counting on liberals and socialists to be too stupid to realize all they’re talking about is THE WEATHER…they have also decided to call ILLEGAL ALIENS…”undocumented workers” and AMNESTY…”immigration reform.”

What should we expect from regressives who call THEMSELVES…”PROgressives?”


After the red tide rolled in on election night and blue became the decided MINORITY in both houses of our governmental body, the Lame Ducktator has had to ramp up his efforts regarding the rewarding of ILLEGALS for the breaking of our laws.

Yesterday, Obama’s insipid 10 point plan to bolster his voting base of stupid sheeple was made public and the rush by both elected and anointed lame brains to support the Executive Orders was amusing…amusing if one such as a Conservative, smart enough to employ the liberal bullcrap decoder ring came along to translate.

Please allow me…


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It is proven that amnesty will hurt not only the black community but the middle class and lower income community throughout the country. The President knows this, and the Democrats know this. Do you think they care? 

I will answer that question for you with a resounding; Hell no! And I can prove it. It is being reported today that the President's staff has drafted an amnesty bill that will be executed under an executive order. In the bill, he is ordering 500,000 technical jobs to be awarded to immigrants through the State Departments visa program. 

Unemployment for Americans is around nine percent. Unemployment for the black community is around 18 percent, yet the President wants to award jobs to people who enter this country illegally. 

People, wake up! There is a reason this administration believes, " the American people are stupid" 4064005893?profile=original

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Weekend Edition: A Letter to the new Congress

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on

tnp-eagle.jpg?width=221Dear Republican Members of the United States 114th Congress,

You were elected by this nation’s largest and most influential entity…We the People…on November 4th, 2014. Please substitute the word “HIRED” for the word…”ELECTED.”

WE want YOU to know that YOU work for US…not the other way around and if you fail to do what WE have HIRED you to do…WE…will fire…YOIU.

Let’s start with our borders.

SEAL THEM UP. This is the United States of America and our laws do NOT allow trespassing by those who are not on the guest list so shut those borders down. Enforce the existing laws regarding deportation of ILLEGAL ALIENS and build a damn fence…guard it…electrify it if need be to keep those whom you deport as well as those trying to take from us what is ours, from sneaking into our country.

There ARE legal ways of coming to this country and all who respect those means are more than welcome to be here. That system needs work…streamlining…do that but not until after you have shut the border down.

Got it?



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By Craig G. Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots

v-1.jpg?width=199It’s election day in America.

Today, we determine the direction of our nation. Will we continue down the socialist path to ruin or will we begin to steer the ship of state back to a more Constitutional Republic as our founders and framers envisioned?

The choice is ours to make.

To be clear, for Conservatives, Republicans, Tea Party Faithful and Teapublicans…this midterm election is ours to win or…to lose.

By voting a straight Republican ticket…by setting our personal, emotional connections to the various social issues aside along with our individual beliefs in faith and voting the straight Republican ticket on our ballots without write-in votes or third party votes…we will WIN this election.

We will WIN the senate and we will KEEP the house.



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4064000017?profile=originalWell, a little over a week ago, in an article here in The National Patriot, I brought up voter fraud as one of two ways we Conservatives could lose this midterm election.
One liberal friend of mine was frothing over the article.

Joe Fortenberry claims that “in person” voter fraud, the type that could well be stemmed with voter ID laws simply doesn’t exist and he went ballistic over it…typing his comments on social media in ALL CAPS…and being vile in the process.

His reasoning, the typical liberal response when confronted with voter fraud and voter ID laws was that it doesn’t exist because virtually nobody is being prosecuted for it.

If nobody gets prosecuted…it doesn’t exist.


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After the midterm election, President Obama plans to grant amnesty and provide work permits to millions of illegal aliens despite the fact that over 18 million Americans are unemployed.  He is unilaterally going to do this through executive order--not through Congress, thus bypassing the people's representatives.

 The recent invasion of illegal aliens across our southern border which has turned our border patrol into "baby sitters" instead of border agents will get exponentially worse if our president goes through with this action.  Hundreds of thousands more will stream across the border looking for amnesty as well.  What is worse is that more terrorists will be joining them.  They already have.

 We as American citizens must speak out against this atrocious act.  Time is running out.  Stand up and speak up!

 The Tea Party Immigration Coalition has a plan and we desperately need everyone who cares about this situation to join us.

 First, we have a petition up on  Warning—this is a very liberal leaning site but it can be effective.  The petition’s title is: No Unilateral Amnesty Through Executive Order.  The surest way to find it is when you get on the website, there is a search box on the right side of the web page next to Rewards and below Join Us and Log In.  Just type in: “No unilateral amnesty”.  The page with the petition will appear, then just select the petition and sign.  You also have the opportunity to add your opinion as well.  We are shooting for 100,000 signatures.  It will be sent to the President.

 Also, there is a website,  You can send emails to your congressman, all Republican congressmen and all Democrat congressmen.  I have written two emails, one for Democrats and one for Republicans which are attached.  You can go to the website and just cut and paste the emails in and send them to every congressman.

 Sen Ted Cruz has a petition up on www.StopObamaAmnesty.  It is mostly to raise money but that is optional and we need to get everyone to sign.

 Finally, We need everyone to visit  They have canned faxes to the Whitehouse and to your congressmen on the same subject that you can send for free.  These need to be sent now as well.

 I ask you to please take the time to do these actions and tell your friends and relatives to do the same.  By the grace of God, it just may work.  There is strength in numbers.

 Thank you,

Art Bedford, Member, Tea Party Immigration Coalition


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The root cause of the border crisis is directly attributable to President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty created under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) plan. DACA created the incentive for illegal aliens to break our laws as Obama deliberately undermined our nation’s sovereignty by simply creating his own. American’s must realize that this administration is solely responsible for the breakdown of our southern border. The factual evidence cannot be refuted.

This map is provided by NumbersUSA and it outlines how systematically widespread the relocation of unaccompanied minors has become throughout our country. Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, California, Oregon, Washington, Illinois, Michigan, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, and Oklahoma have literally been invaded. As of today, 16 states have confirmed “relocation centers” that are currently responsible for housing illegal immigrants.

The map below outlines the states who have implemented these centers (red triangles), proposed centers (yellow), and rejected centers (blue pins).

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 11.16.10 AM

These states were not chosen at random either. The evidence proves this in the form of grants awarded by the Department of Health and Human Services to Non-Profit Private Non-Government Organizations. The grants were specifically awarded to organizations under the Office of Refugee Resettlement. While there are hundred’s of organizations who were awarded grants, they pale in comparison to the amount awarded to the Baptist Child and Family Services organization and the Southwest Key Programs.

The Baptist Child and Family Services (BCFS) is labeled as “a global system of non-profit health and human service organization’s operating programs throughout the U.S., Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa”. In the United States their principle offices are located in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, New York, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington, D.C.

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 12.46.32 PM

To say that this organization is massive would be an understatement given that HHS has awarded them $280 million this year alone. When you combine that with the $61 million in 2013, $64 million in 2012, $18.9 million in 2011, and $11.7 million in 2010, the total equals $457 million. In short, BCFS has been awarded more money this year then all of the previous years combined, but why?

The answer comes in the form of an official BCFS announcement given after they had been awarded $190 million on July 7, 2014. According to the announcement, “BCFS will be expanding with 6 new regional hubs for BCFS’ new family support and evaluation programs“. The new hubs will be located in, “New York, N.Y., Miami, FL., Houston, TX., Dallas, TX., Sacramento-area, CA., Los Angeles area, CA.”

The President and CEO of the company is Kevin C. Dinnin. According to the San Antonio Business Journal, “Dinnin concluded FY 2012 with more than $100 million in revenue”. Meaning, his nonprofit organization made $36 million that year.

BCFS actually has its own Emergency Management Department (BCFS-EMD) which, according to the official BCFS-EMD website “is a nonprofit partner of federal, state, and local government and private industry”. These are the so called “Brown Shirts” who have been tasked to convert military bases throughout the country into shelters.

They have been tasked to Joint Base Lackland, SA.Fort Still, OK.Joint Base Lewis – McChord in Dupont, Wash., and Naval Base Ventura County, in Port Hueneme, Calif.

The second organization, Southwest Key Programs, is just as concerning as BCFS. According to their official website, Southwest Key is “the largest provider of services to unaccompanied alien children in the United States”. Similar to BCFS, they are connected to the Office of Refugee Resettlement of Health and Human Services.

Southwest Key currently has over 65 operating programs throughout the country. They have 4 in California, 3 in Arizona, 18 in Texas, 15 in Georgia, 1 in Wisconsin, 1 in Delaware, and 2 in New York.



Health and Human Services awarded Southwest Key its largest grant with $122 million this year, following a pattern similar to BCFS. When you combine that with $86 million in 2013, $50 million in 2012, $35 million in 2011, and $30 million in 2010, the total equals $324 million.

The $122 million awarded to Southwest Key this year suggests that they will continue to expand and their ideology is driven by something much more sinister than the “pursuit of happiness”.

The President and founder of Southwest Key is Dr. Juan Sanchez. Mr. Sanchez founded the program in 1987 and today it has become the 4th largest hispanic-led nonprofit organization in the country. Juan Sanchez also serves on the board of the National Council of La Raza.

Read the Rest by Clicking Here

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Robert William "Bob" Goodlatte is a member of the United States House of Representatives for Virginia's 6th congressional district, serving since 1993. A member of the Republican Party. 

Rep Bob Goodlatte is a RINO for Amnesty and Not Impeaching Obama!!  This Republican sides with the Democrats!! Eric Holder is in this Video and he downright is LYING again!!

We the People of the United States of America Must Say No Amnesty for our Nation Now!! Please Call Everyday all your Senators and Congress people, because out Nations Government is supposed to Work for WE THE PEOPLE and NOT the other way around!!

The Video above is Disgusting and painful to watch as this RINO stands with the Democrats!!


Virginia Please Remove this RINO from your District Now!! Demand Removal / Arrest / Jail this RINO Robert William "Bob" Goodlatte!!

We The People want our NATION back from the Treason / Tyranny that is happening in our Corrupt Big government that is out of Control!! 


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Big Business and Immigration Reform/Amnesty


I am writing to as many tea party leaders, activists and conservative leaders as I can find.  We need to find out why big business is fighting for amnesty and immigration reform.

As conservatives, we are working toward deregulation and free enterprise, and the businesses that will benefit the most from our efforts are opposing us.  It is illogical.  We need to engage big business directly to find out what is going on and to let them know what we are doing and can do to help them and to let them know what we need from them.

  1. What makes foreigners, and illegal aliens more attractive than Americans as employees? 
    1. It is government control of our education that has reduced the competence of American citizens and college grads.
    2. Once “illegals” are legalized, they will be subject to the same requirements that make Americans expensive, minimum wage, able to sue for discrimination, etc.
    3. The illegal alien community is only about 12 million people.
    4. Agriculture workers comprise less than 10% of the workforce and that is the hew and cry:


  1. Why does big business support big government when it cripples free enterprise, which the US Chamber of Commerce says it supports?
    1. How much and what types of corporate welfare do they receive?
    2. Is the elimination of competition by government overregulation more valuable to big business that free enterprise?


  1. Why aren’t deregulation and elimination of the EPA their highest priorities.  They should be full on-board with the tea parties.
  2. Is big government, the Republican Party, promising big business something in exchange for their assistance in defeating the Tea Parties and conservatism?


We need to engage the US Chamber of Commerce, our local Chambers of Commerce and Big Business.  Message me if you would like an Excel spreadsheet of the CEO’s of the Fortune 500 as of June of 2013.  While some of these people may have changed position most of them will still be accurate.

I recommend a two-pronged approach:


  1. Tea Party and Conservative leaders need to reach out to these businesses to engage them and work with them to find solutions to the problems.
  2. Phone calls, letters and emails directly to big businesses opposing amnesty and immigration reform from as many citizens as possible.  We need to flood their phone lines with opposition to this legislation.

If we can find out what businesses met with John Boehner in Tuesday’s close door meeting, we need to contact them asap.


Following are more links on big business and amnesty/immigration reform:


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John Boehner the crumpler, the gutless wonder who’s always waving his white flag and crumpling under the Obama Regime, the US Chamber of Commerce and his Old Republican reprobates.  He’s the guy who pretends to be a Patriot and an avid Constitutionalist. 

October of 2013 John Boehner said, “The House has fought with everything it has to convince the President of the United States to engage in bipartisan negotiations aimed at addressing our country's debt and providing fairness for the American people under ObamaCare.  That fight will continue.

He continues with this false statement that the Republicans are on a drive to stop the train wreck (Obamacare.)  Wrong – Ted Cruz and Mike Lee tried to stop the Obamacare train wreck, not Boehner and his Republican buddies.

House Speaker John Boehner was cobbling together support for a measure to fund the government, Ted Cruz advised Tea Party conservatives not to support him and they took his advice.  What are the real reasons that Republicans attacked the junior senator from Texas.

(1) Republicans were irate because he exposed their scheme about Obamacare - Republicans were having a hay day lying to the public and not exposing the real truth about Obamacare.  (2) If Republicans were really worried about Obamacare as they’ve been stating for years – they would have joined Ted Cruz.  (3) They trashed Cruz to the Press and on National TV, because Senator Cruz unveiled the real dangers that Obamacare poses for the Nation.

Senator Cruz explained why the dangerous healthcare bill would harm American citizens and businesses creating additional debt for taxpayers and hidden tax increases. Ted said Obamacare would be the reason that businesses lay off employees or reduce some full time employees to part time work.

Senator Cruz knew that Americans wouldn’t be able to keep their insurers, their primary care physicians or specialist nor would Obamacare actually save consumers 2500 dollars a year.  The Old Republicans, DEMS, US Chamber of Commerce hate him, because he exposed them with their pants down. 

John Boehner and his cohorts are on the brink of deliberately and with reckless intent creating plans to drive our economy over a cliff.  They met with lobbyists this week on their retreat to discuss immigration, amnesty or whatever you want to call it, because the US Chamber of Commerce wants an amnesty bill passed in 2014.

In plain English "Amnesty" would lower American worker’s wages and thrill the Chamber’s big business allies.  Cheap labor equates into a huge profit margin for the Chamber’s un-American friends (big business allies) and the Chamber.  

Yes, we’ll have to go through the agony of another “Debt Ceiling” increase – it’s inevitable with the pansy’s we have running our Government.

So Boehner will make sure the debt ceiling is raised, because as the story goes we wouldn’t be able to pay the obligations that our Government has incurred.  We all know the debt ceiling fiasco – Boehner and a few Republicans will put on their usual reality show by stating that whatever is spent on the debt ceiling must in fact come out of the budget.

How many times are Republicans going to be able to sell this lie to Americans?  If we had a real budget, which we don’t there wouldn’t be any reason to keep raising the debt ceiling.  So, be prepared Boehner will have his white flag out, his knees will be shaking, crocodile tears will flow and Americans will get “duped” one more time. 

Congressman Boehner on Passage of Omnibus Appropriations Bill

Jan 15, 2014 - Congressman John Boehner (R-West Chester) today issued the following statement regarding House passage of the FY 2014 omnibus appropriations bill: “Today the House came together to keep the government open while further reining in its out-of-control spending. I am particularly pleased that this meas...

The statement above isn’t only poor messaging it’s a blatant lie.  Can anyone tell me how the House has stopped the Government out of control spending?  Furthermore the Republicans along with the Democrats have been on a “bloody” spending spree like a bunch of drunken sailors going on 6 years now. 

It’s shameful to realize that the Republicans on their retreat last week included lobbyists with the sole purpose of jamming amnesty down our throats.  Boehner has known for over a year now that Americans don’t want amnesty and yet he’s more than willing to ignore the people. 

Judson Phillips and Erick Erickson have both asked the Conservatives to “Unite” and take back their Government and their Country.  “Unite” is the keyword here…

Read Judson’s blog “An open letter to the Conservative blogosphere on TPN and catch Erick’s blog “Time to change, time to choose,”

We have the power to expose John Boehner (Speaker of the House) for what he really is “A Politician’s Politician,” meaning he is a delight to the DEMS and Liberals because he has no scruples or allegiance to his Nation or Americans. 

Fill out this form every day until the Republicans get the message that there will be no amnesty in 2014 or any other time.

Subscribe to his YouTube channel and post daily in fact several times a day.  Write articles, blogs call your Senators and tell them “no amnesty.”  Use Twitter and tweet daily to Boehner, make him feel the heat!

We can do this friends - it takes hard work, extra time out of our busy day, but in the end we can win.  It’s all about learning to use the Internet to our advantage and becoming experts in our messaging on the Social Media.

There’s so much more information on J. Boehner but for now let’s stop amnesty and remember that John Boehner isn’t a Patriot and doesn’t give a damn about Americans.  In his 2014 agenda his priorities are stopping tea party candidates in the November 2014 Elections, pushing amnesty through, raising the debt ceiling, and continuing the out – of – control spending.

As Always,

Little Tboca

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Joe vs Jose'

You have two families: "joe Legal" and "Jose Illegal". Both families have two parents, two children and, live in California.

Joe Legal works in construction, has a Socials Security number and makes $25.00 per hour with taxes deducted.

Jose' Illegal works in construction, has no Social Security number and,  gets $15.00 per hour in cash "under the table".

Here is where it gets interesting.   Joe:  $25 per hour x 40 hours = $1000.00 a week or, $52,000 per year. Deduct @ 30% for state and federal taxes. Joe now has $31,231.00

Jose': $15 per hour x 40 hours = $600.00 a week or $31,200.00. Jose pays no taxes so, he still has $31,200.00

Joe pays medical and dental insurance with limited coverage for his family at $600.00 per month or, $7,200.00 per year (pre-ObamaCare), Joe now has $24,031.00.

Jose' has full medical and dental coverage through the state, local clinics and, emergency hospitals at a cost of $0.00. Jose still has $31,200.

Joe makes too much money so, is not eligible for food stamps or welfare. Joe pays $500.00 per month on groceries or, $6000.00 per year. Joe now has $18,031.00.

Jose' has no documented income so, is eligible for food stamps, WIC and welfare. Jose still has $31,200.00.

Joe pays $1200.00 per month in rent or, $14,400.00 per year. Joe now has $9,631.00.

Jose' receives a $500.00 per month Federal Rent Subsidy. Jose pays out that $500.00 per month or, $600.00 per year. Jose' still has $31,200.00.

Joe pays $200.00 per month or, $2400.00 for car insurance, some of which is to cover uninsured motorists. Joe now has $7231.00.

Jose' "Insurance! We don't need no stinkin' insurance!" Jose still has $31,200.00.

Joe has to make his $7231.00 stretch to cover utilities, gas etc..

Jose' has to somehow make his $31,200.00 stretch to cover utilities, gas and what he sends back home each month.

Joe now works overtime and gets odd side jobs. His family life suffers.

Jose' has nights and wekends to spend with his family.

Both Joe and Jose's children attend the same elementary school.

Joe sends the kids to school with Ramen Noodles.

Jose' qualifies for government sponsered lunches.

Joe's children go home after school.

Jose's anchor babies have an after school ESL program.

Fast forward to college: Joe has been paying state school taxes all these years but, his children may still not qualify for scolarships, grants or other tuition for college.

Jose's kids "go to the head of the class" because they are a minority.

Both Joe and Jose' enjoy the same police and fire services. Only differnece is Joe payed for those services and Jose' did not.

If you support politicians that supports illegal aliens, you are a part of the problem.

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Dirty Little Secrets: Amnesty for dummies.

     Lots of dirty little secrets out there.  Amnesty for illegal aliens has it's own.  

     Call them border crashers, Illegals, an invasion force, or whatever you will.  Illegal immigration is a big problem, and a huge burden on an already overloaded system of giveaways.  One of the problems with waving the magic wand and calling them U.S. citizens is a little bit of elfin magic.  You see, some employers out there are telling us that they are doing the jobs that Americans won't do.  This is, really, a misnomer.  Americans WOULD do these jobs if they paid at least the minimum wage.  

     The dirty little secret is, that, if the illegals are made citizens, you now have to pay these new citizens minimum wage, and they become a NEW group of Americans that won't (and legally can't) do these jobs for sub minimum salary.  Now we have to get a whole new group of illegals to do the work the old ones will no longer do for 2 bucks an hour.

     Should we still wish to make our un-documented fellow citizens legally citizens, we would find ourselves with a new crop in short order.

     I think the government should; first, start enforcing the laws that we have (not ignore the pleas of states like Arizona) and secondly, ensure the borders are secure.  We seem to have a catch and release policy, these days, with a minimum of deportations.  I would have thought we would have built the border fence first.  It is federal law, after all, that they build it.  All the bricks that were mailed to the house and senate, a few years ago, should have been a clue.

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By John W. Lillpop

Recent reports suggest that the reported death of amnesty in the US House may have been a bit premature.

Indeed, it appears that some Republicans, all of whom should know better, are favorably disposed toward a sweeping “Get out of Jail” card for tens of millions of invading criminals who have ignored US borders and immigration laws, and who all too often avail themselves of public services to which they are not entitled. 

American sovereignty, the rule of law, and fundamental fairness seem to be out of vogue in the scrambled minds of some otherwise good Republicans.

There is a word of caution that must be delivered to any and all wobbly Republicans considering the unseemly surrender of superior American values and culture to third-world parasites from south of our borders:

Namely, the insidious disaster known as ObamaCare cannot survive without enrolling tens of millions of uneducated peasants currently known as illegal aliens!

Which is why Marxist pin heads like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have pushed amnesty so vigorously. Progressives must import impoverished, non- English speaking criminals in order to make a go of the newly minted entitlement needed to put the finishing touches on the demise of the greatest society in human history.

Thus, to good Republicans who oppose ObamaCare, remember: A vote for amnesty is a vote for ObamaCare!

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The amnesty gang of 8, the president, Mr. Holder, and their bipartisan progressive soldiers owe citizens some real answers!

What part of income tax evasion, Social Security tax evasion, workman’s’ compensation evasion, unemployment compensation tax evasion, wage and hour laws, OSHA, EPA, identity theft, etc, is not a felony crime that is aggressively prosecuted to the fullest extent of law within the US, relative to both employees and employers?

What about border security and VISA laws?   We have an army designed to protect our borders, don’t say we can’t! 

Have any of you not taken the oath of office?   Surely you’re familiar with Article VI of the Constitution! Surely you understand the written covenants of the Constitution, including the Amendment and state ratification process required to change any word or corrupt the meaning of any word or passage!

Is there not a high covenant of character, integrity, and honesty required to possess such high offices of government?

If you will not call a criminal “a criminal”, how can you arrest a criminal?

If you don’t arrest a criminal how will you prosecute a criminal?

Failure to prosecute criminals clearly violates oath of office and predictably creates chaotic lawlessness!

Calling criminals “undocumented workers” adds collusion and complicity to the crime. Protecting criminals from the law and justice aids and abets the crime! Democrat and republican citizens better throw the corrupt trash out or both lose!

Are you saying you’re not going to enforce the Constitution and laws of the land??? Please explain

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An average $64,300 annual worker output cost originates from Dec, 2012 BLS $42,537 wage @34.4/hr work week - adjusted to $49,462 (40/hr) - plus (30%) employer paid tax (FICA, workman’s & unemployment comp, fringes, etc.).    It’s the raw average employee cost paid by lawful employers.  (employee pay deductions are about 25% income & FICA)


1) Legitimate law abiding employers pay $27,204 tax, employer paid30%/employee paid (25%) and employees get $37,096 of the $64,300 total @ 40hr/week.   2)  Criminal tax evading alien employers pay criminal aliens $12,480 for the $64,300 output and pocket the $51,820 balance (415% clear profit).    3) Criminal employers can lower prices from zero to $51,820 to eliminate law abiding competition and employees.    Competition will End!   Next, globalists will move “production” to China and pay perhaps $0.60/hr because “America can’t compete”!     It’s a cycle of bloating labor supply, poverty wages, joblessness, bankruptcy, and insanity where citizens turn everything into smoke and ash.   (Marxist revolution)

$51,820 x 100= $5,182,000

GET STRONG, DETERMINED and UNBENDING - make your legislator explain what's happening, why there are no prosecutions, and what fingers do they have in the pie!    If they need prosecuting, demand it at a state or local level.    Holder will lose his grip when the masses turn on his blatant lawlessness!

When you lift the rock, it's not a single snake, it's an unending bed of vipers, such as who pays for it, will the nation collapse, and what are the consequences.       Criminals can be held accountable in a court of law!

19 million (12.1%) were unemployed and looking for work in June and another potential 23 million equivalent jobs were lost due to working a questionable 34.5 hours instead of 40

PASS IT ON - MAKE THIS SUMMER HOTTER THAN HELL FOR THOSE WHO DESERVE IT, and bless those who endlessly sacrifice to preserve this great country!

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AMNESTY SHOULD HAVE ENDED with the FACT that hundreds of millions of HONEST hard working aliens with every conceivable talent and background WANT TO BECOME US CITIZENS and the fact that 12.5 to 26.8 million citizens were jobless (December, 2012)!   We don't need ANY "guest workers!   We're in a depression!

Amnesty for 11 to 30 million felony criminal* aliens is about more than sacking our treasury $1.5 to $2.7 trillion every year, it’s treason!   Amnesty should have ended with the first realization that we don’t have enough resources or infrastructure for our own citizens… that we import 2/3 of our life-blood crude oil supply at outrageous monopolist prices, while coal is being prohibited because our president and senate forbid citizens from using their God given resources!

Amnesty is a perverse distraction to justify voiding oath of office, the Constitution, and law in order to overthrow Constitutional government! Undeniably the head of this snake is an absolute lawless government begging alien invasion while incinerating trillions in financial catastrophes they create.

Government loses $100,295 for every $37,096 40/hr. net pay citizen job destroyed! Criminal tax evading employers windfall profit per alien mercenary is $51,820 at government’s expense ($64,300 legitimate 40hr BLS wage (adjusted to 40 hr/week with 30% fringe & tax) vs. $12,480 no tax)!

ref: *Criminal means illegal entry and presence, wholesale worker-employer-government felony tax fraud-evasion and ID theft, endless theft of government funds by aliens, and governmental officials and employees, plus aiding and abetting, refusal to enforce Constitution and law, sacking the treasury, etc.  (That includes the president, senate democrats, 14 RINOs, and an endless supply of others!)

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Government loses $100,295 for every $37,096 citizen net paying job they destroy! (Citizen job tax & subsidy plus the invader subsidy) A bankrupt country can’t survive allowing its elected officials to literally throw away $1.5 to $2.7 trillion per year! It’s a perverse hatred beyond reasoning!

The only acknowledged amnesty motive is buying progressive votes. Low wage subservient workers at Chinese levels are global monopolist goals. Demonic executive branch progressive Marxist hatred seeks collapse and revolution. Bottom line, reasons don’t matter when under siege in all areas from within!

Like the senate, the house is awash in fraud, extortion, threats, compromised “government grant” money, and the endless “bipartisan” global PAC money! Officials are openly threatened into heeling like dogs on a leash! Sedition openly festers within the belly of government corruption! Oath bound elected government officers hide this from citizens. When “unknown” domestic and foreign interests dictate official decisions that overrules Constitution and law we have treason!   Does Amendment 14 Clause 3 sound familiar?   We need legislatures that will prosecute to restore our constitution and independence.

An amnesty vote will end freedom!

Data references:

Data begins with adjusting the 2012 BLS $42,537 wage @ 34.4/hr/wk to $49,462 @ full-time 40/hr/wk with 25% employee tax & 30% employer tax, regulations, & fringes (Wikipedia). Government subsidy is their $402 billion illegal alien cost/11 million illegal aliens. Individual calculated costs are $12,365 employee tax, $14,839 employer tax & fringes, $36,545 citizen subsidies, and $37,096 lost net pay ($49,462 less 25% fica, withholding, etc). 

BLS workforce was 154.975 million, employed 142.469M, unemployment 12.506M, and want job 6.437M. 2) 1997-2008 workforce to population ratios (66.54%) instead of 2012 (63.70%) says 6.896M jobless disappeared in the recession. 3) If 142,469M working 34.4 hours instead of 40, (142,469*(40-34.4)/34.4=23,194M) full time jobs lost to part time work!  Total potential unemployment is 49.033M (43 million).

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McCain and Schumer -All smiles -WSJ Friday 6/28

Who would have thought that immigration would bring these two together smiling. When Schumer is smiling with you something is wrong. As Schumer adds 11 million new democratic voters McCain smiles, really?

The permissible numbers of future immigrates along with the original 11 million plus will push the new group into a new majority in a few years. Good or bad that is the future along with the rest of our PC rules and laws. WE need legal immigrates and should be selective, as all other countries are in the western world. I have friends that are Hispanic, although some are mixed races, black and white. There is no race called Hispanic, but our modern PC government acts like it is. I like the Constitution and references that say all men are created equal and that is how we should look at each person, not divide ourselves into groups. If you come to America legally and want to be an American that is great, if not, you should leave and go back to your own country. Mexico is smart, as they provide little welfare and people seek American support and then send billions back to Mexico.

We should protect our borders, but our weak politicians will not do it. They will not reign in Obama or his shadow government and that worries me. They will smile and legalize illegals and give them a path to citizen and voting. Many if not most democrats want control and 11 million plus new voters is a potential lock on permanent power. People may not be happy when that happens and they get the government they deserve, dragging the rest of us along with them.

How about compromise, legal documentation for illegals that come forward and with no criminal records, pay taxes, no citizen ship with following current laws. Guest worker programs and fair treatment and pay for all. Also, seal the borders.


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