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Amnesty Traitors

I will be donating to their competitor.

Please Join me

I just sent this via fax.

Please join me in fighting corruption in Wash.

Please join me to fight against amnesty RINOS


Eventually, they all went thru

**= Confirmed Sent

X = Failed

 **Alexander (R-TN)
**Ayotte (R-NH)
**Chiesa (R-NJ) X X X  Three strikes But made it on try #4

**Collins (R-ME)
**Corker (R-TN)
**Flake (R-AZ)
**Graham (R-SC)
**Hatch (R-UT)
**Heller (R-NV)
**Hoeven (R-ND)
**Kirk (R-IL)
**McCain (R-AZ)
**Murkowski (R-AK)
**Rubio (R-FL) x


Re S.744


Please let me know when you are up for re-election; and who you opponent is

I desperately want to support them.








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Rubio- Listen UP

I just posted this comment

Check it out!

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Rubio..... hear this.............

Fool me once, damn you
Fool me twice, damn me.

For You and Ryan and all the others pushing instant forgiveness, wrapped any way you want (after sinking a 12 foot putt for a 7 on a par 3,in golf we called it "Whipped Cream on Cowpie")...... listen up

We do not hate immigrants, certainly NOT LEGAL immigrants.

But you tell me about the criminal gangs who fly a foreign flag above OUR Flag.
You tell me about the felons who are "kissed" with a free ride thru our "ILLEGAL System".
You tell me about CRIMINAL employers who hire CRIMINALS instead of American citizens.
B A R F .......B A R F .......B A R F .......B A R F .......

We may even, somehow, accept the criminals who have invaded our country....did you read that....CRIMINALS WHO HAVE INVADED OUR COUNTRY!

BUT WE absolutely do NOT trust you and others , collectively the Government, to do what you promise....

WE absolutely do NOT trust you and others , collectively the Government,
to do what you promise....
Either you will get bought off or voted out or ....1000 other reasons
Our Supreme Court has even made matters worse!

IF you really want to connect with TRUE Americans, STOP the charade and doble cara!
IF you REALLY want to reach America, slice the pork loaded, bribe filled monstrosity you now support into at least two parts.
Part #1 - Secure Border
* At least 90% of attempted illegal entries are thwarted.
* This thru a combo of Fences, More Border Agents, Instant/temporary
   reinforcement of State National Guard, Drones, IR, TV, Etc
* Ingress < Egress + 25%
* Ingress controlled and measured as above
* Egress measured by Border Crossing ID Checks
* Results must be confirmed by an INDEPENDENT, Non-Governmental
  US Company such as AMEX, VISA or BIG Accounting Firm
* Results must be above prescribed thresholds AND stable for 3+
  years BEFORE any other laws or Parts can be triggered.

Part #2 - Amnesty ( Purchased Citizenship)
* Regardless of any other necessary requirements, ALL/ANY candidates
go to the END of existing lines for application for citizenship
* To be a candidate you must
* Properly Identify yourself
* Pay back taxes
* Learn English ( 8th grade proficiency in Reading, Writing, Speaking)
* Pledge Allegiance to America
* Quit whatever job you now have as an ILLEGAL
* Apply for a new job under stiffly administered e-Verify with a properly
issued Green Card
* What Greta said... READ IT .... much easier than 1200+ pages of legalese.

Lo entiende?


Get it?


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An average Dec. 2012 BLS wage adjusted from 34.4 hours to 40/hr with 30% employer taxes etc, is $64,300.   It’s the average employer’s annual employee productivity cost.   If jobless citizens receive $36,546 subsidies equal to illegal aliens ($402 billion/11 million), individual unemployment costs $100,845!


Government’s $36,546 alien invader subsidy increases jobless costs to $137,391 when citizens lose jobs to subsidized aliens! (Government numbers & basic math!)

BLS 12-2012 shows 12.5 million unemployed, 6.4 million looking for work, plus another 6.9 million who “disappeared” from the work force based on 1997-2008 12/yr average “population/workforce” ratios.   That totals 25.8 million jobless citizens!   The BLS 34.4 hour week vs. 40/hrs @ 155.0 million workers says part time joblessness equals 25.2 million jobs lost to part time work trends (16.28%)!     Potential joblessness is 51 million (33%)!   A government that pays and protects 11(?) million alien invaders and begs for more during extreme recession is defying and mocking Constitution, law, and citizens!


Simultaneously we have 11 to 30 million tax evading criminal aliens working for tax evading criminals who pay $12,480/yr tax free cash ($8 taxable is $6 cash).    Because criminal tax evading employers pay $12,480 for $64,300 worth of productivity, they take $51,820 windfall criminal profits!   A very slight amount of that windfall is more than enough to drive competitors and legitimate workers out of business!    Government protects criminal employers who flood the free labor market with workers, destroy wage competition, bankrupt business competition, drive wages below minimum wage, loot tax revenue, loot taxpayer benefit funds, and keep $51,820 per invader spoils!    That’s evil, not patriotism!


Because lawless executive-legislative officers protect and give alien invaders $36,546 in subsidies, invaders take home tax free $49,025 @40hr/wk ($47,278 @BLS 34.4hr/wk)!   Law abiding citizens take home $37,096 @ 40hr/wk ($31,903 @BLS 34.4hr/wk) after 25% tax!   Lawful citizen's $31,903 take-home is $15,375 less than government subsidized criminal invaders and $4,642 less than government’s tax-free $36,545 criminal alien subsidies!   Government is clearly creating severe productivity penalties simultaneously with extreme subsidy dependency!     Because increasing geometric demand for subsidies will be opposite the decreasing geometric productivity ability to pay for it, financial collapse is near!


Read it again – you can’t find a more demonic cancer that has divided, demonized, and desecrated every tradition and foundation of our once highly productive free Constitutional society!   Destruction to citizen productivity and independence is incalculable!  Government subsidized criminal aliens taking citizen jobs costs $137,391 each!  It’s $1.5 trillion/yr @11 million to $2.7 trillion/yr @ 20 million displaced citizens!    This doesn't include highly significant costs of aliens legally permitted to displace cirizens!


The amnesty-border issue is about lawless subversive control of government by defiance and mocking of oath and duty of office by executive-legislative officials.   Officials like Rubio, who adamantly state they can’t enforce the law and constitution, must either resign or be prosecuted for obstructing justice.    Citizens must elect officials who take their 24/7 oath and duty seriously… and recall and prosecute those who mock it!

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Our legislators are neither stupid nor misguided. Our issue is recognizing deception, theft, and seditious destruction of free Constitutional government! It’s not why demonic people do what they do, we must stop it to protect our country! Cowering and compromising is criminal aiding and abetting!

Our demonic administration already has the money to build a wall to the moon plus an army that could seal the border with tanks, jets, battleships, drones, Gatling guns, and soldier’s in locked arms! Those forces are in the mid-east arming and training maniacal blood enemies who are mutually sworn to kill us when they get done killing each other! Here comes Corker, parking a train load of borrowed cash in Obama’s vault, to build what Obama refuses to build or deploy. If Obama, Holder, and Napolitano have been mocking and openly defying the Constitution and law since their day one in office, and no one in the legislature has stopped it or restrained the looting of the treasury… why would anyone believe in any of them, including Corker, Alexander, etc? Amnesty is all about swallowing their poison pill.

Is Amnesty about 30 million taxpayer subsidized alien invader progressive votes, or criminals skimming $51,820 out of an average$64,300 wage productivity by evading taxes and free wage competition with $6/hr cash worker wages and a “government subsidy” that can boost take home pay by $12,000/yr at taxpayer expense? It’s called collapsing the economy.

The Heritage & media $6 trillion lifetime Amnesty cost excludes citizens permanently displaced by taxpayer subsidized criminal aliens who take home $12,000 more per year than average working citizens ($12,480 cash + $36,982 subsidy = $49025 take home, vs. $37,096)! Current 46 year working lifetime amnesty cost is $69 to $189 trillion. Mortal enemies are winning!!! Corker, Alexander, and the rest of the “yes” amnesty voters are voting for the enemy not citizens!

Again, Dec, 2012 BLS $42,537 avg. wage @ 34.4/hrs, is $49,462 @ 40/hrs, and becomes $64,300 with employer tax, etc. added! Joblessness erases $37,096 citizen take home pay and $27,204 tax revenue ($64,300 worker productivity). Government’s $36,545 jobless subsidy increases totals to$100,846 per jobless citizen. (Their data, simple math)

However, our criminal government subsidizes (pays) criminal invaders $36,545 to take citizen jobs (to drive citizen wages down to compete with Chinese communist slaves!)! Therefore, jobless citizens displaced by criminal invaders cost $137,391 EACH! That's $1.5 trillion @ 11million to $4.1 trillion per year for 30 million - and $15 trillion to $41 trillion over 10 years – AND $69 trillion to$188.6 trillion over a 46 year working lifetime!


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NOTE 7-18-13     XXXX   If we don't know, understand by challenging the data, and force our executive-legislative officials to respond, disclose, and judiciously consider pertinent cost information... WE WILL LOSE THE AMNESTY WAR AND OUR FREEDOM!

The costs are adjusted from  2012 BLS 34.4 hour current short work weeks (Bureau of Labor Statistics).   The subsidy is government's $402 billion alien cost divided by their 11 million illegal aliens.    Individual average costs are reasonable.   This same criminal government claims no true knowledge of quantity or activity, which should be cause for impeachment!   We do know the parameter costs and they are catastrophic!    Government failure to disclose those costs is a sure sign of irreversible corruption!    The worker loses $37096 in take home pay, government loses $100,294 ($27,204 employee/employer taxes plus two $36,545 subsidies alien and citizen ), and the criminal employer pockets $51,820, which is used as windfall profit and advantage to run competitors out of business  ($64,300 - $12,480 no tax)!!!

Trust must be based on open honesty.... there is none!   XXXXXXXXX

The amnesty bill is a choice between upholding and defending the Constitution vs rewarding alien criminals and criminal citizen employers for theft and wantonly violating the Constitution and law!

A BLS average citizen 40/hr job with employer taxes is $64,300/yr!   $27,204 in government taxes, $37,096 in take home pay, and $36,545 in jobless subsidies are undeniable $100,846 of average lost job cost elements!  That costs $1.1/yr to $2.0 trillion/yr @ 11 to 20 million jobs if aliens receive no subsidy.   When government subsidizes illegal aliens to take citizen jobs, economic costs are $137,391 each - $1.5/yr trillion @11 million and $2.7/yr trillion @ 20 million per year right now, in activity that is unquestionably illegal and facilitated by our legislative-executive officers.    Mr. Bernanke counterfeits $85 billion/mo (over $1 trillion/yr) to pay for it!    According to Rubio and Schumer, 12 to 25 million jobless government subsidized citizens cost nothing; and subsidizing 11 to 30 million criminal alien invaders more than citizens are paid, to throw those citizens out of work… is good for the economy!   They’re torching our Constitution and economy!    Stop these traitors!  

Schumer and Rubio go to great lengths to deceive citizens into believing, legalizing illegal activity and imbedding those costs and crimes into citizen debt bondage and taxation is financially and morally beneficial to citizens.   An apparent footnote in today’s financial spin that unemployment and wages will remain constant, confirms there is no intent to return US jobs to citizens.    Instead laborers lose everything as dollar wages and work conditions plummet when competing in a labor supply flooded with criminal aliens in criminal workplaces!    Additionally the dollars they get will progressively become useless as Bernanke’s counterfeit money floods the economy and devalues all currency based wealth! 

Government accountants must refute false claims of officials using their reports!   Any professional accountant knows this!   The duty is truth and setting the record straight, regardless!    In the private and state-local sectors, accountant silence is culpability!    Any way it’s cut, it’s subversive activity designed to buy votes, undermine constitutional government, and fundamentally overthrow government!    Schumer and Rubio are the mouthpieces of perhaps the biggest Trojan horse of all times.    They are both top of the mound oath bound officials with the power and influence to devastate the US population in ways Hitler couldn’t.    It’s treason!   Hold the legislatures accountable for their actions – by recall if necessary, NOW!

Pass it on!   Make something good happen!


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Criminal employers pay on-the-run criminal aliens no tax cash $6/hr (same as $8 taxable minimum wage). These criminals violate tax and countless other laws, protect each other, and freely operate because the lawless US officials refuse to enforce the Constitution and law!   Instead of paying $64,300* for “same productivity”, criminal employers pay invaders $12,480 and keep the $51,820 balance.    This works for invaders and elected officials!    Officials tax working citizens $36,545**, gives it to criminal invaders, and the invader rewards criminal politicians with votes – legal or otherwise!

US citizens who take home $37,096* discovered criminal aliens take home $49,025, which is $11,929 more than citizens, for the same work!!   That discovery leads to learning they get $36,545** in subsidies to not work, and the $551/yr disposable spending lost is offset by $3,900 savings for not having to drive to work (30/mi/day @260/days @ $.50/mi)!   Bottom line citizens gain $3,349 by NOT WORKING!

This is an elaborate subversive crime within government that is designed to financially and socially collapse and overthrow government.   Criminally not paying taxes eliminates $27,204 tax revenue.   Illegally subsidizing criminal aliens adds $36,545.50** spending, which triggers a $36,545** jobless citizen subsidy.   It’s $100,295/each of self inflicted theft within government.    Adding the citizen net pay loss of $37,096 drives the total to $137,391 for each citizen displaced by a criminal alien!    It’s Armageddon!

Because base market output value ($64,300) is fixed without processing or profits within productivity exchange, changes in one element has reverse effects on the other (more pay = less criminal profit)!    The extreme $51,820 criminal profit begs minor price cutting that will drive legitimate competition into bankruptcy and create predatory monopolies!   Government corruption created a $6/hr cash tax free wage bases, wholesale lawlessness, a collapse of skilled trade & construction jobs, and incredible disincentives for working citizens!

It’s a heinous criminal enterprise run by corrupt government officials.   The imbedded current economic cost of $1.5 trillion @ 11 million to $2.7 trillion @ 20 million alien workers will collapse our economy if not stopped!     That cost will disappear when executive-legislative officers start enforcing the Constitution and “laws there-under!”    The crime is high treason.    It couldn’t be more serious!

The Obama-Rubio-Schumer-Graham “gang” says Americans are fat lazy racists victimizing hard working patriotic alien invaders!

*BLS avg.34.4/hr week $42,537 wages are $49,462 @ 40 hours full time.   “Average” employer cost is $64,300 after 30% separate employer taxes!   Employees take home $37,096 after 25% income-FICA tax.   **Hospitals can't refuse free medical care ($20,000+)   ref $402 billion/11million alien subsidy.

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Rubio & Schumer have a plan! Rubio-Schumer’s gang of 8 is going to make criminal alien invaders build a fence down the middle of the Rio Grande with a foundation to bedrock and razor wire soaring all the way up to heaven, all the way around the USA oceans, mountains & clouds! Imagine a criminal getting to the top, leaping through God’s door that says “free stuff” & down he goes, like a flaming streak of spit as he reenters the atmosphere... “Poof”! Rubio & Schumer are going to tax their $6/hr invaders to pay for it! If they don’t pay they’ll drown them in more free stuff and raise your taxes! The whole 8 gang is shouting, “Trust us - it won’t cost us anything!” Their “us” is them, not “us” citizens!

What do you think happens when legitimate employers pay $64,300/yr wage & taxes for average citizen workers when criminal employers pay $12,480 tax free for the same productivity to criminal aliens? Because the alien subsidy is more than enough for subsistence, the alien can send more than the cash tax free wage to their “homeland” completely outside our economy! Crime does pay… more than enough to buy favors that eliminate legitimate supply competition simultaneously with flooding the labor market to drive wages into a slave labor pool that guts citizen “worker” earnings potential!

“Average" jobless citizens lose $37,096 take home pay! Government loses $27,204 taxes (employer paid tax/regs. ($14,839 @30%) and employee tax ($12,365 @25%) – (Dec, 2012 BLS wage adjusted to 40 hours is $49,462)! Our maniac “oppressive” government subsidizes the jobless worker and the criminal aliens who take their jobs costs $73,091 ($36,545.50 each)! The existing cost today is $137,391 for every citizen replaced by a criminal invader! BECAUSE OUR EXECUTIVE-LEGISLATIVE OFFICERS WILL NOT ENFORCE CURRENT LAWS OR THE CONSTITUTION! IT'S $1.5 TRILLION EACH YEAR @ 11 MILLION AND $2.7 TRILLION @ 20 MILLION! Amnesty makes those costs permanent!

If there are no invader jobs, it all GOES AWAY! If laws were enforced the criminal employers and half of DC would be on a chain gang building their damned fence for beans & water rations; and there would be no one left to obstruct the laws to destroy this once wonderful nation!

Note, if you adjust the December, 2012 BLS to the 12 year 1997 through 2008 workforce population, the jobless rate is 25.8 million (16.7%) – over double 12.5 (8.1%) touted by progressives. Further, if 34.4 BLS reported work week hours are adjusted to full time 40 hours there is another 25.2 million jobs buried in part time employment, which puts the outer fringes at 51 million lost jobs and 33%.

The simple fact that 11 to 30 million criminal aliens @ $137,394 plus no one knows how many non-subsidized legal aliens @ $100,846 are displacing 20 + million citizen workers is undeniably high treason, especially when the only factual based claim is an overwhelming surge of mercenary “progressive votes” that will overthrow Constitutional government, by granting amnesty!

Check the numbers & references out – pass it on – Enforce truth and consequences on those sworn to uphold truth!   Rubio & Schumer's motives are immaterial - what they are doing is demonic - a poison pill to all US citizens of all color and origins alike!   Look at the national debt, SSI with $2 trillion instead of $100+ trillion, and all of the "unfunded" time bomb pension plans in the US collecting 0 interest in a time of double digit inflation spending!

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Once again, the amnesty bill doesn’t even mention the 12.506 million “unemployed”, 6.437 million wanting jobs, or the 6.896 million who have been scrubbed from the workforce!    Nothing is said about another 25.228 million lost between 40 hour full time work and the BLS average 34.4 hours!   Be it 12.5 million, 25 million, or 50 million, IT’S A CATASTROPHIC HARDSHIP ON ALL CITIZENS!


The highly educated and experienced senate body is more than qualified to multiply $100,845 times 12 million and then 20 million to determine the economic productive value of an average working citizen is $1.1 trillion per year @ 11 million and $2.0 trillion @ 20 million workers.


With equal certainty they and the GAO should already know their BLS average wage $42,537 @ 34.4 hours is $49,462 @ full time 40 hours, plus the reality of 30% ($14,838) employer taxes brings the average worker economic productivity value to $64,300!    Because they are needlessly unemployed, government taxes citizen workers $36,545 to provide jobless food, shelter, etc, the total becomes around $100,845 per jobless citizen.


We also know government is illegally subsidizing alien invaders $36,545, ($402 billion @ 11mmm would be $731 billion @ 20mm???)!   That is part of the economic cost.   The total becomes $137,391 EACH, and $1.5 trillion @ 11 million to $2.7 trillion @ 20 million, PER YEAR.   We're paying that cost today because our legislative-executive officers REFUSE TO ENFORCE OUR CONSTITUTION AND LAW!   ENFORCE THE LAW AND IT WILL GO AWAY!!!

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The gang of 8 & cohorts are ready to give 11 million criminal invaders amnesty at a cost of $1.5 to $2.7 trillion per year to citizens!   That’s roughly what is already embedded in our economy right now!   The gang doesn’t know how many are here, where they are, lie about the cost, and refuse to mention around 25.8 million citizens who might want to be employed.   Calling criminal invaders “undocumented workers” doesn’t change the facts that they criminally entered the country, criminally remain every day, are criminally employed in criminal jobs (no tax etc.), criminally pay no taxes, criminally take citizens’ public resources… simply saying it’s serial crime!   The executive-legislative-DOJ areas of government invite, aid, and abet this corruption by violating oath of office, Constitution, and law!     The issue is CRIME, NOT RACE!    We borrow roughly $1.5 trillion/yr that we can’t repay, while countless millions of every race citizen live in progressive hell holes worse than Afghanistan, TODAY.

Bottom line "jobless American" loses $37,096 cash pay, government loses $100,294 (tax revenue plus 2 subsidies), & the US economy takes a $137,391 hit for every illegal… assuming there is only 11 million.     That's up to $1.5 trillion @ 11 million to $2.7 trillion if 20 million!   That’s $69 to $124 Trillion over a 46 year work life!

Remember!!!   Illegals take home $12,480 (40 hr @ $6 cash (same as $8 pre tax)) plus $36,545 from various government & other related government subsidies ($402 BILLION/11 MILLION) for a total $49,025.     An average BLS citizen takes home $37,096 after $12,365 employee taxes & regulations – That’s $11,929 less than the alien takes home!      The criminal alien’s criminal employer doesn't pay employer wage taxes.     Government pays the $36,545  illegal alien subsidy plus subsidies for jobless citizens at the same $36,545 (?).

Don't understand the jobless numbers???  December 2012 was 12.506 million "unemployed", 6.434 wanting a job, 6.896 disappearing workforce (1997 through 2008 workforce to population 66.54% vs 2012 @ 63.70%), sets maximum unemployed @ 25.839 million (16.7%)!

If 154.975 "working" 40 hours full time instead of 34.4 (BLS) adds 25.228 million (16.3%) more jobs lost, then joblessness potential is 51,067 (33%).    Obamacare scare is throwing millions into the part-time unemployment.

This country is being divided and conquered from within by deception and sedition.    The Constitution as written and its core law will heal and reunite if enforced!    That won’t happen until a good dose of truth and consequences is injected into the legislature.    Let them be known by  what they are!

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Bottom line illegal aliens are currently costing citizens well over $! trillion per year.    The 2012 BLS wage @ 40hr is $49,462.    Employer taxes etc, @30% is $14,839 and employee paid @ 25% is$12,365.    Governments (LOCAL, STATE & FEDERAL + UNPAID BILLS, ETC.) are collectively subsidizing 11 million illegal aliens $402 billion or $36,545+ each.    Wouldn’t jobless citizens get the same $36,545?    Bottom line government loses $100,294 and the laid off worker loses $39,096 take-home pay... total $137,391!   That @ 11 million is $1.5 trillion per year and $2.7 trillion @ 20 millions illegal TODAY!   



2012 jobless data in millions was 12,506 unemployed, 6,437 want jobs, 6,896  lost by lowering work force numbers relative to population, and that totals 25,839 (16.7%)!    If the 34.4 BLS work week hour is adjusted we find 25,228 (16.3%) more jobs falling through the cracks.  check it out!  That makes the maximum number 51,067 (33%).    The 40 hour average individual total productivity is $64,300 with employer taxes!

The 40 hour average individual total productivity VALUE is $64,300 with employer tax.

Does anyone believe this lying corrupt to the core government will enforce any law or the Constitution!    The problem would go away instantly if government actually enforced current laws on the books!

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4 Rubio & SSI

A 2012 BLS avg. $42,537 wage @12.4% ($449.50/mo) annuity @5% compounded monthly over 46 years (18 to 65) with a 13 yr payback is ($8,221/mo)  from 65 to 78.    SSI was originally set up as an “earned right” based on secure investments (It’s in writing per FDR)!    Today, wage earners are paying in enough for 6.7 average $1235/mo SSI pensions.     Unfortunately, today it takes 2.8 current worker contributions to pay one average benefit because a “SSI trust” fund that should have over $100 trillion in it has roughly $2 trillion in bonds that are progressively devalued into pennies on the dollar over the 59 years from 18 to 65 & death at 78!   

Simply stated our current government is in the business of counterfeiting currency and bonds which creates runaway inflation that devalues the currency basis!    That disaster is compounded by linking benefit payments to inflation!   Current conditions are far more volatile than the double digit inflation in the late 1970s.

Madoff’s Ponzi scam was a grain of sand compared to what our executive-legislative officials have and continue doing to us!      Madoff is in jail for the rest of his life.    Any “official” who continues this scam deserves the same or more punishment for literally stealing the nest egg of every citizen.

Annuities aren’t rocket science!   Check out the SSI fund – it pretends to earn 5% & you might not know the difference if you don’t know how badly government is screwing citizens they’re sworn to protect!   When one can counterfeit a bond, they can make it yield anything they want & if you want to cash it – they’ll be happy print some cash for you!   IT"S A HEINOUS CRIME!

To Rubio & the gang of 8 - Are you going to explain to the amnesty hoard that their SSI deposits aren't going into a real trust fund & they, like all citizens will find the piggy bank empty when they get too old to work!  

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The prized ILLEGAL ALIEN magnet is the $402 billion “illegal alien cost” that pro amnesty advocates fraudulently used to claim $35 billion economic gains because of $437 criminal illegal alien wage “savings”!    $402 billion divided by 11 million says average illegal aliens receive $36,545 government and other subsidies on top of their non tax illegal cash wage of $12,365 ($6/hr)!   Citizens are taxed to boost illegal alien take home pay to $49025!   That’s $11,929 more than citizens take home for a same “average” 40/hr job!  


The sick part of this is the BLS average citizen’s $42,537 wage is for 34.4 hours (short hours), which is $49,462 at 40 hours; and that provides $37,096 take home pay AFTER 25% tax!   Not only does the citizen take home $11,929 less that the criminal alien, government officials tax all working citizens to punish citizens and reward criminal aliens!


That leads to the executive-legislative majority, quid-pro-quo, and their progressive fundamental change of government by corruption instead of Constitutional Amendment.   They couldn’t restrain bragging about the success of tipping the scales of election justice with money taxed from loyal citizens.    Rubio thinks it’s a profitable race issue – it isn’t – it’s about $36,545.   This doesn’t begin to cover the abomination or cost to citizens behind “amnesty”.


Follow the money and you’ll find $1.3 trillion @ 11 million to $2.4 trillion @20 million of imbedded yearly costs plundered TODAY relative to 11 to 30 million illegal aliens and 12 to 25 million jobless citizens.   Anger is a rational earned response to sedition and treason, when controlled and applied within the letter of Constitution and law.     Let no honor dignify dishonor!

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US free worker produces $64,905  - gov. TAKES $14,978 (30% of wage FICA, COMP, etc. OVER & ABOVE worker wage (Wikipedia) - worker sees $49,927 wage (USBLS@40hr) - gov takes another $12,482 ( 25% income & FICA, etc.)   (Citizen got $37,445 - Gov $27,460).


Chicago mob illegal alien worker produces same goods $64,905 – Mob gives criminal worker $12,480 cash ($6/hr no tax = $8 less tax) & mob keeps $52,425 – gov. gets nothing     (criminal worker got $12,482 – mob $52,425 – GOV. $0)

Because criminal workers claim no wages, gov. gives them $36,545 ($402 billion/11 million) because they want “the vote”!

Gov. sells worthless $36,545 IOU’s to remaining productive citizens, or Counterfeits $36,545 funny money (both absolutely devalue productive citizens’ savings & wealth)

End game: (criminal alien worker gets $49,025, criminal employer $52,425 – gov is upside-down spending money they don’t have by counterfeiting cash & printing “COUNTERFEIT BONDS that represent THINGS ALREADY CONSUMED –  legitimate US businesses are bankrupt and gone because they “can’t compete with CHICAGO STYLE GOVERNMENT TAXPAYER SUBSIDIZED TAX FREE CRIMINAL LABOR!”    Jobless citizen workers can’t compete without becoming criminals –

Taxpaying Citizens – they’re trapped in a Chicago Bloggo blizzard of global monopolist-government run economy with a $1 to $3 trillion pipe line from the treasury to international tyrants & pirates!!   Ever wonder how the most productive society in history is now $16 trillion in unpayable debt, with SSI bankrupt, record business failures, record unemployment etc., etc....


Made in China?   “TAX-FREE-GE’s” model ant hill economy – transferred the productive infrastructure, technology, and capital from America to China, build the ant hills, filled them with live-in state owned slave workers, then “trade” consumption familiar brand goods to USA for USA accumulated wealth, when wealth runs out & chaos moves in, weed out independent ants, and make new ant hills in for the remaining obedient US  workers – a Soros wet dream… right out of a James Bond movie.


The gang of 8 will institutionalize this catastrophe into a permanent lawless tyranny, just like the old plantation, except with equal opportunity for extermination!    Fraud is still a felony and sedition is still treason… only if enforced!   The only weapons we have are truth and consequences & if we can’t quantify that in terms of survival dollars… The enemy wins!   Listen to what the slick tongue of Rubio says & tie to the facts of what he and other progressives will do to YOU and future generations!


PASS IT ON.   The base data can be used to evaluate any quantity - 11, 12, 20, 30 million - whatever.

Dollars work!    It's our sweat  blood!   Hold their nose to the fire, especially when get into racism, Christian compassion, duty.   Our duty is to God, Country, family, certainly not crime & perversion!

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 We have 20 million PLUS jobless citizens at all income levels plus millions more working below their qualification, part timers, etc.   Simultaneously, we have 11 to 30 million criminal illegal aliens working for and harbored by criminal employers who might pay $6/hr cash ($12,480/yr - same as $8 minus taxes, etc.).     The US BLS avg. wage January, 2013 was $42,537 for 34.4 hours!    That’s $49,927/yr @ 40 hour week and $64,905 with 30% employer paid tax & regulation costs added!  Are average jobless welfare subsidies $20,000(?), individual poverty levels $23,000 (?), or the average given to illegal workers $36,545/yr?   The sole cost of joblessness with subsidies is in the area of $84,905 to $99,451 each!   The math is simple!   Joblessness costs of at least $84,905, @ 11 million is $934 billion, @ 20mm =$1.70 trillion, and @ 30mm =$2.55 trillion.  

Underground criminal employment profit potential is, @ 11 million is $577 billion, @20mm = $1.05 trillion, and $1.57 trillion @ 30mm, which isn’t factored in jobless costs herein.    Criminals paying $12,480 ($6/hr) instead of $64,905 can profit $52,425/ea.!    The pro amnesty $402 billion cost @ their 11 million is a $36,545/yr subsidy each- some claim it’s over $800 billion (??).   Illegal alien pay plus subsidy is $49,025 take home which is $11,580 more than average citizen’s 40hr $37,445 after 25% taxes!   Those unending subsidy programs have near zero accountability!  Illegal alien subsidies are in addition to the joblessness costs!    All of those costs are imbedded in our current very sick debt and bankruptcy ridden economy!  With illegal alien subsidies $84,905 becomes $121,450 and economic numbers jump to $1.3 trillion @ 11mm, $2.4 trillion @ 20 million, and to $3.6 trillion @ 30mm.   Cost illustrations to define parameters are valid and reasonable. 

Average wages and joblessness data are facts.   Amazingly officials admit they don’t know alien headcount, location, or activity!   Average wages represent working for someone, not investment & other income!    Supposedly, the Boston bomber received $100,000 in welfare subsidies!   It’s a chaotic totally lawless environment designed to destroy the US!

Officials sworn to protect citizens and country are flooding the labor market with legal and illegal workers, by open invitation & taxpayer subsidy to destroy free market competitive labor wage forces of the poorest citizens!   It’s an unrestrained criminal vote buying frenzy!   Those imbedded costs are overthrowing our Constitutional free government!    Solving issues and eliminating those trillions of “criminal costs” is as simple as enforcing current Constitution and law!   It’s treason!   Not prosecuting is inconceivable!

How can anyone discuss immigration, especially giving amnesty to lawless unrepentant invaders who came and remain illegally to steal citizen benefits and work for criminal employers who criminally pay cash to avoid wage taxes and regulations?   It’s an incredible web of public and private crimes plus flesh pedaling!    The answer bellows from “majority” executive-legislative officials who mock Constitution and law with “we can’t stop it!”    We have an army that can protect our borders and homeland!   They’re assigned to helping enemies!    They defile their oaths of office with contempt, sedition, and treason in terms of trillions


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AMNESTY 5-10-13

Would you vote for amnesty if it generates an economic loss of $1.67 TRILLION per year, $16.7 trillion in 10 years, and $100.2 trillion in a 60 year adult lifetime (18-78)??   That loss will stop the moment we stop corruption and lawlessness in the executive, legislative and judicial offices of government.   Constitution, statutes, oaths of office, and truth are literally mocked and openly violated without restraint or fear.    Immediate top down enforcement, prosecution, fines, & jail is the only solution.


According to Fox News, 20 million citizens are unemployed and millions more work part time!  Government says average wage is $43,500.    We have 11 to 30 million illegal aliens working!


When wages are lost, citizens receive unemployment and SNAP cards that trigger many other interlocking webs of local, state, and federal taxpayer funded welfare!     With dependents,” benefits” are significantly above individual $23,000 poverty levels!   Benefits” represent saved productive wealth taxed from someone else by government to give to those without wealth enough to buy-consume food, etc.    Consumption doesn’t generate productivity or wealth.   Wealth generated by productivity provides the capability to demand products and productivity.


ECONOMIC LOSSES OF UNEMPLOYMENT BEGINS AT $1.27 TRILLION!   Citizens lose $870 billion of self sustaining productive salary based revenue when their job is lost (20 million @ $43,500) plus government will tax $400 billion from producing workers to subsidize the unemployed (20 million @ $20,000 consumption)!.   Average unemployed citizen loss is $63,500 each.   The real cost is considerably higher than this example!   That doesn’t include SSI and criminal damages!


Criminal invaders cost ANOTHER $400 billion beyond unemployed citizen economic losses ($36,365 each @ 11 million).      Simultaneously, 11 to 30 million criminal alien invaders work in criminal workplaces.   Because illegal aliens are confined to low wage wage criminal employment our corrupt lawless government gives aliens SNAP debit cards and all other triggered federal, state, and local benefits, without citizenship proof, plus free healthcare, education, etc.!    A recent pro-amnesty study quoted illegal alien cost at $402 billion ($400 rounded), in a bizarre claim that criminal invaders contributed $35 billion to the economy because they saved $437 billion in wage costs!    Inflation and prices are increasing, not falling!


Because illegal aliens are criminals with no rights, they work for pennies on the dollar, and enable their criminal employers to make windfall profits while driving lawful competition out of business!    A $20 citizen wage with taxes & other regulations roughly costs legitimate employers $26+/-.   A minimum $8 wage worker might take home $6.00/hr after 25% FICA & income taxes, etc.   A 10 hour day legitimate worker cost $286 compared to $60 cash with no overtime, taxes, etc., says criminal employers have an illegal $226 advantage that will and has destroyed free competitive wages plus law abiding employees and employers, especially in construction trades!


The Heritage Foundation “study” fails to account for 20 million citizens chronically unemployed on government assistance plus the fact that the US productive infrastructure has been sacked over the past 20+ years by US “global” monopolies such as GE!   Heritage’s assumption that government officials who profitably and  criminally mock Constitution and statute will suddenly stop and serve citizens instead of themselves, is preposterous!    Heritage notes aliens are already (illegally) on government welfare, but fails to account for the cost and effects!   Nothing in the amnesty bill or anything else on the horizon addresses the 20 million citizens who are cast into poverty by criminal alien invaders!  The only thing that will stop lawlessness at the top is prosecutions, fines, and serious jail time!    I don’t quarrel with their assumptions or conclusions, other than, they are immaterial when compared the glaring issues missed – no put down implied!


People like Steve Moore need to be in the tomato patch, buttocks high in the sun, dawn to dusk, trying to keep up with a young person who’s afraid of being arrested if the boss-man decides he’s a few tomatoes shy of his quota!   Add the $6.3 to the $100.2 trillion, and the resulting $106.5 trillion might make sense.   Reiterating mindless talking points aimed at driving the lemmings into the sea are evil


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Immigration - Gang of 8 - America -02

This is the 2nd in a series of blogs about Immigration

Here is a link to the first one

This blog addresses ONLY the element of Border Protection from "the Bill" ( check links below to access the Bill 113 S.744))

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About the 2013 Immigration Act

The Gang of 8 has released their proposed “Comprehensive” Immigration Act

Firstly, who are the Gang of 8?

  • Michael Bennet  (D-CO)
  • Chuck Schumer (D- NY)
  • Dick Durbin ( D – IL)
  • Bob Menendez ( D – NJ
  • John McCain ( R- AZ)
  • Jeff Flake ( R- AZ)
  • Marco Rubio ( R- FL)
  • Lindsay Graham ( R- SC)



Here are some reference links

National Law Review Summary

Thomas LOC


Sen DeMint Comments



And some correspondence from an unnamed Senator to a Constitutent.

This excerpt is limited to Border Protection.

It demonstrates the ambiguous language Senators use to “try to slide by”

My comments illustrate the ambiguities.

Hopefully my suggestions make more sense…………let me know

 = = = =

 Dear Mr. xxxyyy

     Thank you for sharing your concerns about immigration reform.  No matter how anyone feels about this issue, we all can agree the system we have is broken--and it needs to be fixed.


     But if we try to deport the 11 million people who are working in this country with undocumented status, it would devastate our economy.

[[ME...]]] Says WHO?...... What about the TRILLIONS we will save in ILLEGAL Federal Benefits?......... That statement is typical Wash BS ---- pure UNSUPPORTED  bull feces!


     Their plan for immigration reform has a number of key elements, the first of which is that there is going to have to be real border security.  It's hard to patrol a border of thousands of miles, particularly where people can merely walk across.  But it has to be done in the context of overall immigration reform.

[[ME...]]] Context of overall immigration reform is more forked-tongue Wash double speak.

The Senator does NOT reveal that the Bill treats Border Security as a “Ho-Hum” 5 year experiment with provision for an “After-Study” IF it is declared a failure.

The Bill creates a “ GOAL”…. A GOAL that has to run for 5 years before being evaluated. THEN, if the GOAL has not been met, a Commission to Study the problem is created.

How about this Mr. Politician……

  • Put all benefits on hold immediately ( benefits and the Bill is another whole story)….
  •  a diversion ….about Benefits
    • An individual who has been granted RPI status is not eligible for any Federal means-tested public benefit (as such term is defined in section 403 of the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 (8 U.S.C. 1613)).
    • …. Should also include “ALL OTHER PUBLIC BENEFIT” too
    • Better …………Do the study first…. 9 months should be plenty
      • Define the resources needed …. At least for the GOAL, but more for ADEQUATE Border Protection
      • I defined ADEQUATE for Ms. Napolitano as :                                          
      • When INFLUX of illegals is LESS  than EFFLUX….. or simply                              

                              When MORE are LEAVING than are Coming IN

[[ME...]]] Then…. Get it implemented within the next 12 months, with weekly “effectiveness” reports


     We also need to have an effective way for employers to verify whether the people they hire are eligible to work here.  This also has to be part of any immigration reform.

 …………..separate issue……….more later…………

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It is time to impeach the Democrat President


The Democrat President has destroyed the economy and eliminated jobs for the Poor, The Black and the Hispanic worker.

At the same time, he is proposing to bring in 11 million more Illegal Immigrant workers to drive down Wages. Since the election of this President, the average wage in the United States has decreased and is on target to continue to decrease with added illegal immigrants.

He will also let you pay for the medical care, schooling, welfare, and other government benefits for the illegal immigrant who has broken into the United States. In many countries they would be sent to prison for that crime.

The Democrat President will reward the illegal with your job and let you pay for his needs. It is time to Impeach the Democrat President.

Write your senator and representative today and tell them you have had enough. You want him impeached now.


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Boehner Caving?

Since the results of the 2012 election came in, Speaker of the House John Boehner has shown signs of abdicating his role as a Conservative American leader.

On taxes he has said “For purposes of forging a bipartisan agreement that begins to solve the problem, we’re willing to accept new revenue, under the right conditions.”

Where repealing Obamacare is concerned: "Well, I think the election changes that. It's pretty clear that the president was reelected, Obamacare is the law of the land."4063627096?profile=original

What were Boehner’s remarks regarding amnesty for illegal aliens? "A comprehensive approach is long overdue, and I'm confident that the president, myself, others can find the common ground to take care of this issue once and for all."

This is not the kind of leadership Conservative Americans deserve.

Boehner appears to be falling into the same trap Republicans have repeatedly fallen in to when dealing with “progressive” Democrats.  Time after time, Republicans have agreed to “compromise”; essentially capitulating to “progressive” Democratic demands in exchange for meaningless, empty promises.

Abandoning American principles by caving in to “progressive” demands has never led to success for Republicans. Republicans have tried the surrender approach before and it has never worked.  The only way Republicans ever make gains is by standing by the principles of liberty and freedom that made America great.

Passage of amnesty legislation will not help the GOP win Hispanic voters. Passing amnesty in 1986 did nothing to help Ronald Reagan and his fellow Republicans in the 1988 midterm elections. The Republicans still lost. Hispanic voters kept voting for Democrats, as they continue to do to this day.

The facts show, Republicans like Boehner who support amnesty are helping “progressive” Democrats import more Democrats.

Since becoming Speaker, Boehner has blocked voting on immigration enforcement in Congress.  This includes a bill that would have freed up seven million jobs currently held by illegal aliens.  Not only is Boehner apparently willing to help “progressives” import more Democrats he also holds the morally reprehensible position of allowing unemployed American workers to suffer.

Less than a week after losing a fairly close election it is understandable that the losing side feels under siege.  Nevertheless, feeling under siege does not justify surrender.

The only real solution for Republicans is to employ the considerable talents of young Hispanic leaders within the Republican Party to reach out to Americans of Hispanic descent and explain to them why America’s founding principles are more in line with their values and beliefs than are “progressive” ideas.

If Republicans wish to remain a vibrant Party that seriously contends in future elections, this is the path.  The sooner Republicans begin the process the better.

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Yes, it’s true, society has changed dramatically since the beginning of the end of the last half of the 20th Century. Fifty years ago, in 1960 when the Donna Reed Show and

Father Knows Best broadcast their visions of the ideal American family, 88% of all American children were raised living with both of their biological parents until they reached adulthood. While that statistic is hugely altered for all Americans, it’s become unrecognizable for Black Americans.

Today, like Obama himself, 80% of all Black children in America are conceived out of wedlock. The president has hidden his birth information fairly effectively so we can’t say for sure about him, but 70% of today’s Black children are born to unmarried women. Whatever happened to the Black family? More importantly, how does this occurrence impact today’s Black child? And how, does this disintegration of the once proud Black family impact today’s political climate, and what does it portend based upon Mr. Obama’s actions? Before answering the first and third question, let’s deal with the second.

In the aggregate, statistics tell a depressing story for all American families, once the bastion of our nation. However, the Black statistics tell a tale of utter ruination. If White society has trouble understanding the Black experience, it is more than anything else a result of the massive changes that have occurred since 1965 to the Black community. Today, less than half of all children – all races examined together -- are raised entirely by their birth parents and 33% of all children are born to unwed mothers. Another 33% of all those children born to married couples will find their parents divorced well before the child reaches adulthood, for Blacks these statistics are much worse.

Looking briefly at just the White children . . . the educational, economic and family stability advantages of being White drop totally away for White kids raised in a family without a father. The high school drop-out numbers for White kids are roughly 3.5 times higher if raised in a family without a father. Such children are between four and five times more likely to live in families with incomes below the poverty line and about three times more likely to divorce or never get married and raise their own children in one-parent families and thus perpetuate the cycle so intimately linked to poverty.

Not too surprisingly, the huge number of fatherless families in the Black community has a slightly less debilitating effect. This situation is the norm among Black families now and almost 90% of Black families exhibit one-parent status. The Black community as groups and individuals have institutionalized some fairly effective responses, often based upon multi-generational families which have tended to be matriarchal. However, that “norm” is certainly not beneficial for mother or children. Living without a father increases the school dropout likelihood for Black children to 175% compared to intact families (and, by the way, for Hispanic children to 196%) compared to 250% for Whites. The impact of living in a fatherless home, however, is definitely even bigger economically for all races.

As a whole for Blacks, as well as Whites and Hispanics, the single biggest social disadvantages seem to align with fatherless families. Since Black families are much more likely than White families to begin below the poverty line and 2.8 times more likely to begin with an unmarried woman at the helm – the economic challenges are much, much greater and the consequences for the Black children are generally negative.

The one-parent household, typically headed by a divorced- or never-married mother, has significantly fewer financial resources than intact families do. Poverty statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau, show approximately half of households headed by single mothers in 1995 were below the poverty line, in contrast with the 10 percent figure for two-parent households. Yes, many of these families were poor before divorce, and a significant proportion were headed by mothers who never married. Nevertheless, the lack of a father's income has dire consequences for household finances. Even in well-off families, the fatherless home can suffer disproportionately. The newly established home headed in the vast majority of cases by the principal bread-winner holds typically far fewer members and receives the lion’s share of the divided resources . . . so the economic status of the mother often plummets dramatically.

The most obvious thing is that most children raised in a one-parent family, regardless of race, face a far greater chance of economic hardship. For Black mothers raising children without a father, this situation is much more common and much more devastating. How did the once-proud Black family get to this point?

Lyndon B. Johnson’s “Great Society” programs begun in 1965, hold some of the answers. The Civil Rights Bill, Kennedy had sought was signed by LBJ, an unmitigated boon to all of society and the Black community especially. But Johnson didn’t stop there. He launched his “War on Poverty.” The goals of the Great Society were twofold and entirely laudable on their face: elimination of poverty and elimination of social injustice. Truly the greatest of LBJ’s actual accomplishments was the Voting Rights Bill.
The hallmark of all the Great Society effort, from misguided liberal point of view was, however, “Affirmative Action launched by an LBJ speech** on June 4, 1965.” Its ghost haunts the Black citizen still today. Like most government spending and government interference boondoggles (GSBs and GIBs), however, much of the GS programming produced entirely the opposite effect at enormous expense. The cost of the Welfare State and the $74 Trillion in unfunded obligations arising from LBJ’s Medicare and the federal portion of his Medicaid today has been enormous and largely negative . . . and that’s just the dollar and cents cost.
In fairness to Johnson and liberal Democrats, the Johnson programs expanded greatly under Republican presidents Nixon and Ford before dramatically taking off under Carter, a Democrat. Under Carter the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA of 1977), the first mortgage-guarantee boondoggle (to be followed later by three more expansions in 1992, ’95 and ‘98) ultimately set us on the path that led to the sub-prime lending crisis and didn’t that turn out well? But mostly, they were “great notions – good intentions” that, like most government programs just weren’t thought out in accord with human nature. Humans need incentives not handouts.

And then there was . . . the juxtaposition of the War on Poverty and Affirmative Action with the undeniable fact that in 1964, after sixteen years the disaffected mostly-southern Democrats known as the Dixiecrats finally found a new home and voted as a bloc for the Republican presidential candidate. Barry Goldwater, who authored “The Conscience of a Conservative,” attracted the Dixiecrats and that was not lost upon the nation’s Blacks. The G.O.P., the party of Lincoln, now in the eyes of Blacks had become the party of Strom Thurmond. In 1968, 72% of Black voters went Democratic . . . in 2008, 95. 8% of Black votes went for Barack Obama. The Dixiecrats found their home and the Black’s found a new political home. The unfortunate result of that fissure was that the Democratic party has become greatly tied up with the notion of advancing Black well-being. Their electoral survival has depended upon it and the Democrats are seeking to add Hispanics as 90% loyal Democrats as well.

The “government dependency” syndrome for the Black community that’s grown out of that situation has had a horrendous effect upon Blacks. It is no exaggeration to say that the Black community is far worse off today than it was before the Democrats started helping them. Black Republicans like Clarence Thomas, Michael Steele, Thomas Sowell, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, and Claude Allen are without exception such an anomaly in the Black community that all of them have encountered Black backlash for their “betrayal” and “Uncle Tomness.” Democratic Black leaders, for example, excoriated Clarence Thomas during his confirmation hearings. Black people who succeeded without relying upon Democratic largesse are uniformly held is disdain, a sad state of affairs that says more about Black problems today than just about anything else you might think of. The most successful of Blacks outside of the athletic field and show biz are disdained by the Black populace as a whole.

All of this is bad enough, but now we are dealing with a president who, though he promised to unite us, is clearly the most divisive influence in race relations since the Ku Klux Klan. The American Dream is disappearing from our shores with each utterance of Barack, the Divisive, now committed to a policy of creating race war for political benefit. On the one hand, for the first time in history it appears one generation of America will not leave their children better off than they themselves were – the point at which all political discussion should begin.

Barack Obama has decided that the battle will NOT be fought upon that ground, however, but on one of his choosing. Deplorably, the mainstream media has abetted him in this ugly switch of emphasis. Deplorably, too large a percentage of Americans don’t choose to understand the issues, but only to listen to the mainstream media rhetoric seldom sung with evidential accompaniment. He is playing to the weakest part of our natures. Only those locked into self-doubt so deep as to believe they cannot make it without huge amounts of help from the government favor socialisms and dependency, but many do and the media perpetuates that self-limiting stereotype at every opportunity. Instead of really helping poor people by teaching them the skills and attitudes needed to transform themselves, Blacks are almost always portrayed as helpless victims of the system, the only Black success stories routinely shown lie in two fields of endeavor: show business and sports.

Obama, unable to win on the factual basis of his promised job-creation ability has played the “race” card like a master of cacophony. His latest target is one of the most cynical and hateful ploys ever played upon the American public. His sneaking attempt to make Puerto Rico^^ a state; his lying attacks upon the Arizona immigration law, while doing nothing federally to attack the problems that spawned that law; and his hoped for coup de gras Amnesty and overnight citizenship for 14 million illegal aliens is all designed to make the “dependency class” permanent and much, much bigger; and permanently enshrine a whole host of Democratic-favoring welfare-dependents into the voting rolls. Never mind the devastation to the country as a whole. “Hispanicos, que siempre vivan fuertes e independientes y nunca como esclavos del dictador Obama, jamas!” (“Hispanics, may you stand strong and independent and never become slaves to Obama’s oppression!”).

Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,


** LBJ paid brief lip service to the fact that Black (he called them “the NE-gro”) economic status had risen dramatically since the end of World War II, but all the other statistics he cited in the speech were about differences between Black and White earning power and how government must intervene in the interest of fairness. Mandated social justice has never worked. Like the American Revolution, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s marches and sit-ins and Gandhi’s non-violent opposition that eventually gained India her freedom, social justice is largely earned or it does not occur. Just imagine . . . what kind of shift would occur in Black consciousness if Clarence Thomas was suddenly considered a prime role model for black youth rather than Rangel, Jesse Jackson, and Sharpe. Unfortunately, the easy way doesn’t work well or frequently, but it’s always more popular than the way of character. Black Americans hearing MLK’s inspiring “I Have a Dream” speech must truly take to heart the sentence about “the content of their characters?” That is the sentence that defines the American Dream.

^^ Obama knows little about the proud people of Puerto Rico. The “51st State” issue is not a hot-button Puerto Rican issue. Puerto Rican people, when they consider “la situation Puertoriquen~a” think independently. This issue comes up routinely for vote about once every decade and is a frequent visitor at kitchen table discussions. Roughly 34% of the islanders called “Independistas” think Puerto Rico needs to become an independent nation. Roughly 32% (the “Estadistas”) hope for big advantages if they were to become an official part of the United States. Meanwhile 33-34% of the populace like things just the way they are. They like the upside of being U.S. citizens without a lot of the downside, they represent the “Estatus Quo” and they always win whenever “la situation” is voted upon. The size of the voting base for each group changes only slightly over time. Two thirds of Puerto Ricans are NOT interested in statehood, period. No act of congress can change that. All said, the racism of Obama is clear and evident and unbelievably, the mainstream media can't see it.

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