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On January 12th, 2019, Republican Politician Barry Donadio released a powerful pro-American statement on his official Facebook page.

“I support our democratically elected President Donald Trump. I support the construction of the wall along the entire border of Mexico. I support this for the protection of the people of the United States. My 1st priority is the people of the United States before anyone else. I support the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) and the performance of their duties. I support all United States Law Enforcement Agencies. I support our Armed Forces members and their families that have sacrificed so much. I support the United States flag and the displaying of it. I support, protect and defend the United States Constitution and all of its amendments. I support that all men and women are created equal under the auspices of our constitution. I support, protect and defend the great people of a great nation, the United States of America.”

Barry Donadio
Jan 12th, 2019

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4063979740?profile=originalIndeed, How Dare We Leave Andrew Tahmooressi Behind?

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Today's Comments on our Ruling Elite

Comments on our Elite Rulers


Obama promised Mexico he will investigate NSA spying on Mexico

  • Mexico should check out Obama promises

Graham is holding up $60 million to Egypt

  • Why?... he didn’t get a big enough cut?
    • Where was he when McConnell & Reid porked $3BILLION

McCain is gonna run again when he is 80

  • Proof positive he is senile…... hasn’t he heard the screams to resign?
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Yes, while there is not enough money for White house tours or our border security Obama is spending TWO billion US tax dollars for Mexico's SOUTHERN border security. Yes, their southern border, which might make sense if our border with Mexico was secure too.

While Obama wants the DREAM act for millions and bypasses Congress to do it he needs to help protect Mexico.

Where are our Senators and Congressman? Could we use that 2 billion for anything else?  



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Foreign Deaths Syria, Egypt and Mexico?

Yes, it is terrible about all of the foreign violence and deaths. But, what about the 45,000 plus people murdered in MEXICO in the last few years. Yes, more than all of those other places far away and our troop losses in two wars! I care about all of them and especially Muslim terrorists killing everyone everywhere. What should we do about the country south of our border and the literal bleed over our border into various cities in America?

We should stop foreign aid, strengthen our military and put troops on our border helping to actually seal it ASAP. WE have bad guys coming over with criminals mixed in with people who just want to work.  Now, over 15% of Mexico's population is in the US illegally. Billions were given to illegals in just earned income credit, not to mention other benefits. I know our government tells people that, if you do not have a social security number you can still apply for food stamps and other assistance. I am sure there is no abuse of these programs, Yeah right. Regardless, we need to address the violence and illegals issue. How many illegals and related gang members are in our jails? Google it and you might be surprised. What does that cost? We are so PC that we will not place troops on the border like we did in the 1800's, but we should do so and reduce troops over seas. WE need a fence to keep people out not in the US. The border fence is not the Berlin wall , as we will let anyone leave that wants to leave.

Obama has stated he want to weaken the US military cutting 12 brigades and greatly reduce spending. If allowed he will gut the military to levels not seen since before WWII. As then, enemies will think we are so weak and unable to respond that  world wide violence and attacks will increase. We know Hitler thought it would take us 20 years to respond to him and that encouraged him to attack other countries. He was wrong then, as we had a great manufacturing base. Now, as we have allowed our manufacturing to exit, incurred high electricity costs and have one of the highest in the world corporate tax while we allow credits for foreign tax and business relocation we can not react as quickly.

We sit on more oil reserves than all of the rest known oil reserves in the world and yet we have no energy policy and import half of our oil. This money spent on oil imports empowers our enemies and fuels the world wide terrorists organizations.  WE do not use our tremendous natural gas and coal reserves. In fact drilling on federal land is down  and oil production is only up because of private land production. the EPA and other agencies. My point is that if we used our domestic energy resources, become energy independent ASAP in a Manhattan type effort, cut foreign oil imports to zero, maintained a strong military, bring down electricity costs and fuel costs, used energy to decrease unemployment it would be better for America. Peace through strength is better than Obama's weak, lead from behind and a watered down federally feed education system. Anything that weakens the US and weakens State control, is bad for America and in turn is bad for the world.  

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Immigration Perspectives

Immigration Perspectives


  • The current estimated net cost of illegal immigrants ( excluding Border protection which is part of National Security is ~ $10.4 B per year
  • If S.744 becomes law it will balloon to $28.8 B per year
  • The approximate cost of Border Protection is $9 B per year.. we could pay all of it
  • Greta put forth a one page Immigration bill. Here is my one sentence Bill
    • Since Illegals are largely Citizens of Mexico, we should honor their heritage by applying their Home Country Immigration to them…..
    •  scan below for just summary Headings from that Law
    • If you need details scan down and read……….
    • Any comments?



  • we will feed, clothe, educate, house, and provide benefits of every kind for them. This is an unlawful invasion by a foreign country.
  • What if ALL (most)of those $$$ went to enforcing existing law. Including Border Protection? As reported below that is more than $25 B per year.
  • The cost of Border Protection = ~ $9B per Year
    • The price tag, until now, has not been public. But AP, using White House budgets, reports obtained through Freedom of Information Act requests and congressional transcripts, tallied it all up: $90 billion in 10 years.
    • Read more:
    • From The High Cost of Cheap Labor , Stephen Camerota – 2004
      • If the estimated net fiscal drain of $2,736 a year that each illegal household imposes on the federal treasury is multiplied by the nearly three million illegal households, the total cost comes to $10.4 billion a year. (before any amnesty/legalization)
      • Both simulations show that legalization would increase the net fiscal costs dramatically. Simulation 1 shows that the net fiscal costs to the federal government would increase from $2,736 to $6,022 per household. Simulation 2 shows the net fiscal cost would be even larger, increasing to $7,668 per household.
      • If illegals were given green cards and began to pay taxes and use services like legal immigrants with the same education levels, the net annual fiscal deficit at the federal level would likely increase from $2,736 to $7,668 per household under the most likely scenario. Total costs could grow from $10.4 billion a year to $28.8 billion.
      • Mexican Immigration Law
        •  Mexico welcomes only foreigners who will be useful to Mexican society:
        • Mexican authorities must keep track of every single person in the country:
        • Foreigners with fake papers, or who enter the country under false pretenses, may be imprisoned:
        • Foreigners who fail to obey the rules will be fined, deported, and/or imprisoned as felons:
        • Under Mexican law, illegal immigration is a felony.
        • Mexicans who help illegal aliens enter the country are themselves considered criminals under the law:
        • The Mexican constitution expressly forbids non-citizens to participate in the country’s political life.
        • The Mexican constitution denies fundamental property rights to foreigners.
        • The Mexican constitution denies equal employment rights to immigrants, even legal ones, in the public sector.
        • The Mexican constitution guarantees that immigrants will never be treated as real Mexican citizens, even if they are legally naturalized.
        • An immigrant who becomes a naturalized Mexican citizen can be stripped of his Mexican citizenship if he lives again in the country of his origin for more than five years
        • Foreign-born, naturalized Mexican citizens may not become federal lawmakers (Article 55), cabinet secretaries (Article 91) or supreme court justices (Article 95).
        • The president of Mexico must be a Mexican citizen by birth AND his parents must also be Mexican-born citizens (Article 82), thus giving secondary status to Mexican-born citizens born of immigrants.
        • The Mexican constitution singles out “undesirable aliens.
        • The Mexican constitution provides the right of private individuals to make citizen’s arrests.
        • The Mexican constitution states that foreigners may be expelled for any reason and without due process.
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What’s disturbing about this picture?

Posted on The Blaze-By Buck Sexton-On February 7, 2012: 

Editor’s note: This story has now been updated with information from Glenn Beck’s Tuesday night broadcast. The text report below has been updated with some of the pictures from GBTV broadcast.  The most graphic of the photos we are including only in the video for GBTV subscribers in the on-demand version of the full broadcast that can be seen here.

This video clip is Beck’s introduction — it does not contain graphic images:


As America prepares to draw down from wars abroad, it faces a new conflict as a vicious drug war spills across our southern border with Mexico.


Former Border Patrol Agent Zachary Taylor told The Blaze just how grave the threat really is.

Taylor broke down the imminent dangers and expanded upon the case that the U.S.-Mexico border has become the soft underbelly of U.S. homeland defense.

It’s not just an immigration problem, Taylor insisted, but also a major national security vulnerability.

A former US Border Patrol Agent himself, Taylor says all these threats have been exacerbated by current Obama administration policies and deliberate distortions by much of the media.


To understand the scope of the problem, Taylor first wants the public to recognize that the dominant media narrative is intentionally false. As a former and longtime Border Patrol Agent, Taylor balked at the notion that illegal immigration is simply a function of people seeking a better life.


He feels there is a lot of nefarious activity that goes unaddressed, and said: “The main problem is that the American press is working in conjunction with the administration to keep the facts about what is happening in Mexico and Central America a secret. They are hiding it in plain sight, deception I would call it.”

Taylor continued: “Our institutions have been corrupted, the 4th estate has been corrupted. It is a tool of disinformation… A psychological warfare operation being waged against the American people using things to deflect their attention.”


According to Taylor, many of the people coming across the border are entering America illegally with the intention of doing real harm. They are coming with drugs, guns and inflicting violence, or are part of elaborate human smuggling networks with direct ties to the vast criminal cartels. The appeals to human compassion and “America is a nation of immigrants” meme ignores this very real and growing threat to the United States.


Which brought our discussion to the vicious and powerful Mexican drug cartels.

Taylor made it clear that there is no level of violent depravity or government corruption outside the ability of the cartels. The Sinaloa, the Zetas, and others narco-insurgents are engaged in beheadings, mutilations, sexual assaults, as well as videotaped torture campaigns similar to what most people associate with Al Qaeda.


Which brought our discussion to the vicious and powerful Mexican drug cartels.

Taylor made it clear that there is no level of violent depravity or government corruption outside the ability of the cartels. The Sinaloa, the Zetas, and others narco-insurgents are engaged in beheadings, mutilations, sexual assaults, as well as videotaped torture campaigns similar to what most people associate with Al Qaeda.


Taylor believes the cartel campaigns are not limited to the nuts and bolts of the drug trade. He told The Blaze that he feels the cartels want to have a hand in Mexican national elections and hope to help bring a sympathetic leftist government to power.

The approximately 45,000 casualties of the drug war so far have been largely a response to Mexican President Calderon’s attempts to crack down on the cartels. If the drug barons were able to help install a leftist, anti-American government that would turn a blind eye to the drug trade, it would be a huge victory for the narco-traffickers. And a huge problem for the United States.

“Mexico has an insurgency on its hands — that is exactly what the problem is — and America will have the same problem as it makes it easier to get across the border,” Taylor said.

But Taylor brought some outside elements into his analysis. He stated that drug cartel activity and terrorist activity are both transnational in nature, which means groups from around the world have become involved.

In this case, that means the Shia militant group Hezbollah.

Taylor said that Hezbollah is allying with the drug and alien smuggling operations at the border to help finance their operations in the Middle East. And in the event of hostilities with Hezbollah’s benefactor — Iran — Taylor is concerned that the cartel smuggling networks could help make America’s WMD nightmare come true.

“Get them close enough and effective enough, they [Hezbollah] could smuggle a Weapon of Mass Destruction into the United States.”

For those who would say the threat of a WMD smuggled into the U.S. is hyped or remote, Taylor points to a YouTube video from 2009 in which Muslim cleric Abdullah al-Nafisi talked about bringing 4 lbs of anthrax into the U.S., which he gleefully claimed would kill 330,000 people. It’s still available for anyone to see on YouTube, as shown below courtesy of MEMRI.TV:

Faced with all these threats, the federal government has refused to devote enough resources to the problem in Taylor’s view. On the contrary, Taylor believes the Obama administration is engaged in efforts to bureaucratically subvert border security for political gain.

When the subject turned to the brave efforts of our border agents, Taylor painted a picture of an undermanned, outgunned, and bureaucratically hobbled federal Border Patrol force. He shared a number of disheartening anecdotes and cases that showed U.S. border efforts are not only insufficient — decisions are being made at the top of the federal government to make border enforcement more difficult.


Those policy decisions can and do have lethal consequences. In the infamous killing of former Marine and Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, operational guidelines ordered that non-lethal force was the preferred first option of defense for Terry. This ignored the fact that there had already been several attempts to shoot Border Patrol agents in the same area with high-powered rifles.

In 2009, almost exactly one year before Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed by border bandits, another group of BP officers were on ATVs near Ramanote canyon in Arizona. Armed smugglers opened fire on the agents, wounding one in the ankle/foot area, but the other agent was able to withdraw.

The smugglers, however, did not retreat, despite the fact that other border patrol agents came into the area to assist. Taylor said “not only will they [bandits] open fire on Border Patrol, they will advance on them in an attack.”

A helicopter arrived on the scene, according to Taylor, but shockingly, the helo crews were prohibited from exfiltrating the wounded agent. Instead, the Border Patrol brought in a horse to carry the agent out of the area to a waiting helicopter because of DHS protocol.

It took 4 1/2 hours from the time of the engagement until the medical evacuation was completed. This was all due, as Taylor put it, to DHS policy with no basis in anything other than slowing down enforcement efforts, endangering Border agents in the process.


Taylor added that the Department of Homeland Security did away with CAS (Close Air Support) helicopters in December 2011 even though with a FLIR-mounted surveillance system, the choppers “almost guarantee you will catch your quarry.”

Taylor doesn’t mince words about this. He believes the removal of the choppers is an attempt to intentionally hamper the effectiveness of border operations.

The federal government is ”killing the operation through policy and how they deploy assets… it’s about spending money and making the show, not about effectiveness.”

Currently, there are even federal agency turf wars making border enforcement more difficult. Border Patrol Agents are not allowed to enter or pursue on federal wildlife refuges without permission. As some of these preserves — which fall under the Department of the Interior — can stretch for nearly a hundred miles from the border, they are basically a smuggler’s paradise.

House of Representative Bill 1505 would give agents unfettered access to anywhere within 100 miles of the border, but the mere fact that this legislation is needed speaks volumes about the present state of border security, as Taylor put it.

There can also be clear politics at play in how Border Patrol cases are handled. Agent Jesus Diaz was found not guilty of excessive force by two different internal review boards, but the US Attorney’s Office interceded and successfully prosecuted the agent for excessive force.

Taylor said that the federal court did not allow any background info at the trial of Agent Diaz, and the words of four inexperienced agents were used against him in court.


For this offense, Diaz was charged and spent time in prison. In addition, Taylor said it has come to light that all four of the rookie border patrol agents who testified against Diaz have since washed out of the agency.

As if the southern border were not enough, there are problems at the northern U.S. border, as well. Taylor claims that the Obama Administration is intentionally making it easier to illegally cross the northern border through bureaucratic obstacles. The National Forest Service does not allow unfettered access to Border Agents, and DHS is ceasing many transportation checkpoints along the border with Canada.

For Taylor, all of this adds up to a situation that gravely threatens U.S. national security and endangers Americans.

Asked how this state of affairs could continue, or even be allowed to worsen, Taylor summarized his case bluntly.

“This administration is trying to facilitate the entry of illegal aliens into the United States.”


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Note: The following eye opening article and/or blog post reveals a George Soros funded unincorporated association by the name of “Peace and Security Funders Group (PSFG)”, which was established in 1999 and consists of more than 50 private and public foundations that give a portion of their $27 billion in combined assets to leftist organizations that undermine the war on terror in several interrelated ways: (a) by characterizing the United States as an evil, militaristic, oppressive nation that exploits vulnerable populations all over the globe; (b) by accusing the U.S. of having provoked, through its unjust policies and actions, the terror attacks against it, and consequently casting those attacks as self-defensive measures taken in response to American transgressions; (c) by eradicating America's national borders and institute a system of mass, unregulated migration into and out of the United States -- thereby rendering all distinctions between legal and illegal immigrants anachronistic, and making it much easier for aspiring terrorists to enter our country; and (d) by depicting America's military and legislative actions against terror as unjustified, extreme, and immoral -You Decide: 

Funding the War Against the War on Terror!-Posted on John Perazzo –On October 6, 2006:

Note:  The following web site reveals several George Soros’ Open Society Institute funded organizations that litigate on behalf of illegal aliens against the U.S. government and lobby in Congress for open-borders legislation-You Decide:

American Immigration Council (AIC)-Posted on

Note: This is the 2010 U.S. Department of Justice-National Drug Intelligence Center
-National Drug Threat Assessment that relates to this issue-You Decide:

U.S. Southwest Border Smuggling and Violence!-Posted on February 2010:

Note:  The following articles and/or blog posts reveal how the Main Stream Media is a state run propaganda machine of the neo-fascist Left that is funded by anti-American Geroge Soros and its main agenda is to assist President Obama and his minions to bring down capitalist America-You Decide:

State-Controlled Mainstream Media?-Posted on Western Journalism-By KRIS ZANE-On February 8, 2012:

The Judas Media-Posted on Floyd Reports-Guest Writer-On April 27, 2011:

Note:  My following blog posts contain numerous articles and/or blog posts and videos that relate to this disturbing issue-You Decide:

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Veterans and members of our Armed Forces under attack!

Who owns our supposedly fair and balanced airwaves and news outlets?

Godfather of The Islamic Revolution!

New World Order By Executive Order!

Is it important to understand the Marxist assault on the foundations of our system?

Note:  If you have a problem viewing any of the listed blog posts please copy web site and paste it on your browser. Be aware that some of the articles and/or blog posts or videos listed within the contents of the above blog post(s) may have been removed by this administration because they may have considered them to be too controversial.  Sure seems like any subject matter that may shed some negative light on this administration is being censored-What happened to free speech?-You Decide:

“Food For Thought”

God Bless the U.S.A.!

Semper Fi!


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Ace CBS Reporter Attkisson Nails OF&F and

Obama/ATF Corruption Assailing 2nd Amendment


     Just when all appeared lost and it seemed like the mainstream media (MSM) was eternally in the tank committed to supporting an ultra-corrupt Obama administration come hell or highest seas, CBS News shocked us with some actual journalistic backbone!  CBS News, which apparently has a White House informer blowing the whistle on the goings on at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, has acquired documents showing that the original intent of Fast and Furious was to crack down on gun ownership and erode honest ordinary patriotic Americans’ Second Amendment rights.  For the third time now the breakthrough in the “Gun Walking Scandal” has come courtesy of one CBS reporter, Sharyl Attkisson . . . .

     While the rest of the MSM has gone out of its way to enshrine every Obama White House lie, red herring and false accusation as Gospel TRUTH, Ms. Attkisson has repeatedly attacked the beast in its lair.   The latest E-mail and other earlier documents obtained by CBS News shows that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) discussed using Operation Fast and Furious (whose weapons have already killed at least one U.S. Border Patrol agent and at least 200 Mexican citizens) as a lever to gain tighter gun regulations in the United States.  

     The chronology begins in April of 2009, three months into the new Obama administration.   Claiming that guns sold north of the border in America accounted for 90% of the weapons and 90% of the deaths from drug cartel violence**, Obama made a speech in Mexico alongside Mexican President Felipe Calderon.  The President said, “This war is being waged with guns purchased not here, but in the United States. More than 90% of the guns recovered in Mexico come from the United States, many from gun shops that line our shared border. So we have responsibilities as well.”   It was about that time that the administration brushed off an old Bush administration program, Operation Gun Runner, which conducted ongoing gun stings to crackdown on illegal arms sales and re-named it “Operation Fast and Furious,”  (OF&F).  And how exactly did OF&F differ from Gun Runner?   Four great differences emerge . . . .

            1)     CBS’s Sharyl Attkinsson put it like this on the Early Show on CBS, “New e-mails that we now have . . . add to some documentation that we already had that show government officials NEVER planned to reveal publicly their role in letting those guns fall into the hands of Mexican drug cartels but planned to use the end result to argue for new gun regulations that they wanted, and you can read more about that story on our website,”   In other words, where Gun Runner was a real sting that netted illegal arms traffickers virtually immediately . . . OF&F deliberately adopted a “hands-off approach” that allowed its guns to cross the border UNIMPEDED with the goal of using later discoveries of these weapons as compelling reasons to crack down on the rights of legal gun ownership in America.

            2)      Whereas, Gun Runner had targeted all illegal gun sales, OF&F aimed directly at getting its guns into the hands of the Mexican Drug Cartels, the so-called “Big Fish” and did so very quickly instead of carefully building up actionable arrest justification, OF&F was aimed at getting the weapons into illegal hands as quickly as possible period.  The ATF agents on the ground who were shocked by all this, christened the practice “Gun Walking”

            3)    With its emphasis on getting weapons to the cartels, OF&F put much heavier weaponry in these criminals hands.  The never-shrinking violet, Rush Limbaugh, commented upon Attkisson’s revelations this way, “. . . We arranged for thousands of guns, long guns, automatic, semiautomatic, AK-47s, machine guns, bazookas, whatever, to end up in the hands of drug lords, right out of gun stores, gun shops in Phoenix, just walked outta there right across the border into Mexico, into the hands of the drug cartel and the cartel was supposed to do with those guns what drug cartel people do, start using them, bam, bam, you’re dead. They did. Hundreds of people died as a result of these guns being walked out of Phoenix gun shops and others along the border. And in this period of time our border agent got killed.”  Two OF&F weapons were found at the agent’s death site; and later one of the heavier weapons Limbaugh refers to even brought down a helicopter carrying high-ranking Mexican drug officials killing everyone on board.

            4)    Unlike Gun Runner, the folks on the ground quickly became alarmed by what was going on.   Criminals got weapons but then were NOT arrested, what the hell!  Immediately this set off a chain of complaints and whistle-blowing that reverberated all the way to the Administration’s upper echelons, where the Attkinsson E-mails also came from.  Somehow the Obama upper-level muckety-mucks never ever could imagine that the people working for them would be decent, honest folk shocked by such abuse of power and its results, thousands of ultra violent criminals being abetted by the U.S.A.

     What’s the upshot of all this?  Someone in the Obama administration engineered a program where some of the worst criminals in the world get hold of American guns that we just give them, but they (Obama, Holder, etc.) don’t tell anybody any of that. It’s made to look like either the drug cartel could just cross the border walk in anywhere in America and buy all the heavy arms in the world and walk back across the border or  some really rotten Americans could walk into the gun stores, buy those guns, cross the southern border and sell them to the drug cartel. Then everybody would be surprised with the revelation that the guns were sold in America, lots of people would die, and the conclusion according to Limbaugh is, “See, we have got to have more control over guns. Look at what happened here.”  Ms. Attkisson and some heroic whistle-blowers changed all that. 

     Yes, yes, FOXNews has been covering this story like a poodle with a slipper in its mouth for over fifteen months now.  But everyone who understands real journalism expects that from FOX and then despite the facts that like so many other stories this one would be totally ignored by all the MSM.  Real journalism, heroic journalism by CBS . . . that’s something new and wonderful.    Attkisson didn’t just follow FOX’s lead, she dug deep and got her own leads and those leads have been devastating in their effect on the Obama circle-the-wagons efforts.

     Oh, by the way, President Obama’s speech, in that joint press conference with Felipe Calderon in April, 2009, referred to “Gun Runner” by name and said we could “expect some good results.”  This was when the first E-mails with the new name “Operation Fast and Furious” began to show up.  The fact that Attorney General Eric Holder’s Department of Justice, the ATF and Janet Napolitano’s Homeland Security have all been stonewalling the Congressional Investigation into Fast and Furious tells you everything you need to know about how widespread this Obama corruption goes.  The fact that AG Holder’s second in command, wrote a response to the investigators ten months ago that deliberately misled the investigators tells you where the probable heads will eventually roll from.    After responding to congressional subpoenas with tens of thousands of pages of 100% blacked-out documents expect Holder to be impeached for obstruction of justice.


Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,



**  Even counting the thousands of Fast and Furious weapons, current official U.S. government statistics put the actual number at 17% of the drug cartels' weapons originating in America.

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                “The path to a clean energy economy starts here, in places like SunPower’s research and development facility . . . .” Ken Salazar Interior Secretary
“How exactly did SunPower qualify to receive a $1.28 Billion loan when it was operating $820 million in the red; announcing three weeks before the loan that it was moving a huge amount of its jobs south of the border to Mexicali, Mexico; its stock has lost 94% of its value in the last four years; and it was being attacked by numerous shareholder lawsuits? How did such an obvious lemon receive more than twice the government handouts that Solyndra received?”
SunPower Stock Plummets 94%
Green Co. Gets $1.2 Billion Loan
Each SunPower Permanent Job
Costs$80 Million
            As you might remember, the Obama administration’s green-tech jobs initiative was supposed to create five million brand new jobs. As you also might know, for almost three years Rajjpuut has been comparing Obama’s idea for America to the green jobs program in Spain that took that country’s economy from #1 in Europe at 4% unemployment to Europe’s second worst in 2010 with a whopping 22% unemployment after a dozen years. In that Spanish study each subsidized green job cost 2.2 real jobs lost from the real economy (five million Obama green jobs would translate to losing eleven million real jobs) and only one Spanish green job in ten proved permanent (translating to only half a million permanent green jobs created in America).  
You’ve also recently heard about Solyndra Corp. getting $535 million in loan guarantees before going bankrupt last month putting 1,100 workers out on the streets; as well as hearing about a grand total of 3,500 green jobs created in almost three years at an average cost of almost $11 million per job.   Well, the embarrassment for Obama’s green tech initiative is growing worse by the day: the new Obamanation and corruption, like Solyndra, also originates in California with another solar panel company SunPower Corp. (SPWR-NASDAQ). 
How exactly did SunPower qualify to receive a $1.28 Billion loan when it was operating $820 million in the red; announcing three weeks before the loan that it was moving a huge amount of its jobs south of the border to Mexicali, Mexico; its stock has lost 94% of its value in the last four years; and it was being attacked by numerous shareholder lawsuits? How did such an obvious lemon receive more than twice the government handouts that Solyndra received?
SunPower’s planned photovoltaic “electricity ranch” project was so deep in the hole that it had announced it was already building its new panel manufacturing plant in Mexicali when the loan came through. Creating jobs in Mexico? When did that become worth nearly $1.3 Billion in government help? Three key voices put SunPower into the “winner” category for Obama’s energy department and got them the loan: Interior Secretary Ken Salazar; California Democratic Representative George R. Miller III; and SunPower lobbyist George Miller IV, the Representative’s son. 
SunPower, operating in a refitted Ford plant in Richmond, CA, was the scene of an October 14, 2010 tour of the plant choreographed by Rep. Miller (the elder) in which its CEO, Thomas H. Werner and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar saluted SunPower’s future. “The path to a clean energy economy starts here, in places like SunPower’s research and development facility,” said Salazar during the tour. Miller (the younger) is accused of drumming up campaign contributions for his father from SunPower. Salazar continued, “The work that comes from these facilities transforms renewable energy ideas into a reality.  When renewable energy companies continue to invest in places like California, the realization of a new energy future is within our reach.”
Rep. Miller the Elder added his own smoke . . . “We’ve worked hard to make renewable energy a priority because it represents America’s future economic growth.  Today, businesses like SunPower are moving forward, hiring 200 people for good clean energy jobs in the East Bay.” According to the SunPower PAC filings in the 2010 midterm election campaign cycle, SunPower donated $15,650 donated to House and Senate candidates, $14,650 went to Democrats, with the top recipient: $4,000 to Sen. Harry Reid, the Democrats Senate Majority Leader. Sunpower also gave Miller, the Elder, $500 and gave his son a job.
            The loan guarantee was earmarked to create 350 temporary and 15 permanent jobs at the California Valley Solar Ranch (CVSR) in San Luis Obispo County. One wonders if the 15 permanent jobs are for panel-dusting janitors. The math works out to $80 million for each SunPower job, about seven times higher than the $10.88 million average cost per Obama green job. How bad an investment is SunPower? The tiny company was listed as the “ninth-most-shorted solar stock in either the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ markets.  Short sellers are betting that a stock price will go down, as opposed to those who buy long, who expect a stock price to up. 
In early December, 2007, SunPower sold for $133 per share. Earlier this month the company was selling for $6.60 per share; it is now selling in a range between $8-$9 per share. The company has been accused of numerous accounting irregularities purportedly to deceive its stockholders; and at present several lawsuits have been filed in California courts relating to allege gross mismanagement, breach of fiduciary responsibility, unjust enrichment and abuse of control.  The first of these lawsuits was in November, 2009, and so far no suit has yet been resolved.
Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,
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The whole of government consists of the art of being honest.”
Thomas Jefferson
Obama Lies 26 Times in Friday’s,
Saturday’s Speeches on Debt-Ceiling Debate
Holder’s Lies May Bring Administration Down
                As the pressure mounts on the economic front and in the debt-ceiling debate with the loyal opposition, President Obama is becoming more and more comfortable unabashedly piling up “Frequent Liar Miles.” Mr. Obama is now well set to fly non-stop around the globe for the next 84 years. Allow us to present some of the low-lights of our mendacious Liar-in-Chief’s recent utterances: the big picture about the Debt-Ceiling argument according to Mr. Obama is that he says he believes “in a balanced approach.” That single lie should, in all honesty, be worth about a three hundred normal, old fashioned cross-my-heart-hope-to-die-lies while crossing all ten fingers behind your back . . . but propriety demands we only count it as one puny lie, alas! 
Of course, Mr. Obama when a senator told us that the attempt by then President Bush to raise the debt-limit indicated an ineptness in government . . . so Mr. Obama talks to the American people out of both sides of his mouth . . . often at the same time . . . but that’s not surprising anyone anymore . . . just par for the course. President Obama most definitely does NOT believe in a balanced approach. Mr. Obama is the most radical occupant ever to sit in the Oval Office. He has displayed tunnel-vision and one-track loyalty toward rapid expansion of government at any cost. Where is Mr. Obama’s ballyhooed “balance” with regard to energy policy?    As you can verify in the links below: he has sworn in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle that his energy policies will “bankrupt the coal industry”; and will “necessarily cause electricity prices to skyrocket” . . . is that balance? 
And make no bones about it, energy costs and the cost of DEpendence upon foreign oil is a big part of our economic woes and our debt and spending woes.
            He has taken $787 Billion from the taxpayers to create a stimulus program that produced one job for every $678, 000 in subsidies but refuses to consider leaving the taxpayers holding their own money and allowing the free market to create jobs for, oh say, $180,000. Is that the balance he’s talking about? He has given us the most swollen bureaucracy in the history of the country producing one new government job for every 2.3 jobs lost because of the subsidies’ negative effect on the economy . . . surely he’s not calling that “balance.” Rajjpuut is feeling so UNbalanced by all the president’s lying that in this blog he’s only been able to deal with one among all the recent false Obama output . . . Ouch!   Mr. Obama believes we can spend, borrow, and tax our way to prosperity . . . that is surely the product of an UNbalanced mind, eh? Speaking of UNbalanced minds    . . . .
            By the way as the link above shows, President Obama seems to have no monopoly upon lies within his administration.   According to charges raised by Black freshman Florida Representative Alan West, Obama’s attorney general and incompetent-in-chief, Eric Holder, on April 2, 2009 (was he writing this speech on April Fool’s Day?) in Cuernavava, Mexico, told a Mexican audience about a "major new effort” to deal with the violent Mexican drug cartels.
 I would like to thank the Mexican and U.S. experts who have worked so hard on this issue.  On our side, Secretary Napolitano and I are committed to putting the resources in place to increase our attack on arms trafficking into Mexico.

            Last week, our administration launched a major new effort to break the backs of the cartels.  My department is committing 100 new ATF personnel to the Southwest border in the next 100 days to supplement our ongoing Project Gunrunner, DEA is adding 16 new positions on the border, as well as mobile enforcement teams, and the FBI is creating a new intelligence group focusing on kidnapping and extortion.  DHS is making similar commitments, as Secretary Napolitano will detail.
          Holder, of course, recently lied to House Chairman of the Oversight Committee Dan Issa and said he had no knowledge of the badly bungled “Operation Fast and Furious” which altered the Bush game plan in “Project Gun Runner.”  Holder admitted to only learning about Operation Fast and Furious seven weeks after its role in the deaths of two Americans (one Immigration agent and one Homeland Security officer) was going viral on the internet.
Project Gun Runner, which was in effect when Obama and Holder took office, was an ongoing sting operation which caught Mexican and Americans in the middle of transacting arms deals and arrested them. The ill-conceived and badly botched Operation Fast and Furious (OFF) actually allowed the purchases of tens of thousands of weapons to take place and attempted to follow the guns into Mexico. Of course with almost no variance, once the guns crossed the border, all trace of them was lost unless they wound up at the scene of a crime . . . as they did in the deaths of the two American officers. Mexican officials are enraged, as they suspect that the sharp recent rise in deaths on their side of the border was exacerbated by OFF weapons. They claim that thousands of Mexican citizens may have died from bullets sprayed from OFF weaponry.  If you’ll re-read the Holder quote above from April, 2009, you’ll notice that it appears that Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and President Obama were aware and complicit in the creation of OFF as well. 
Besides its obvious stupidity, OFF featured Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Holder’s Justice Department deliberately withholding information from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF or just ATF) which had been conducting Bush’s Project Gun Runner so that the ATF spent huge amounts of time trying to piece together information already in the hands of the other three federal departments (such as the identity of the arms traffic ringleaders in Mexico and the U.S. Was this by design? It appears to be so, because it took ATF a long time to figure out that OFF was dramatically different (and flawed) from Gun Runner. Once ATF discovered this the agents in the field began to howl like stuck pigs about the foolish operation. Of course, right now the ATF is turning tons of documents proving all this to Chairman Issa’s Oversight Committee even while Holder and the Obama administration is trying to push the blame upon the ATF and stonewalling Issa’s committee.  Notice:  not only does it appears that OFF began not later than early April, 2009, notice that in the link above on the second video clip which is President Obama meeting with Mexican President Felipe Caldero`n and answering a reporter’s questions by referring to “gun tracing” initiatives. It appears that President Obama was in on this from the start. Ah, lying, it gets contagious doesn’t it? 
Rep. Allen West has revealed all this and added:
"Eric Holder has to be brought before an investigative committee and if those charges are warranted he needs to be held accountable but at least the President needs to realize that Eric Holder needs to be removed from the Department of Justice or else I believe President Obama is complicit and in approval of the actions of his Attorney General."
 The $64,000 Question is, of course, WHY?  Why was Operation Fast and Furious created?  Why was the temporary head of ATF never replaced by the Obama administration?  Why was temporary ATF Director Ken Melson and the entire ATF deliberately kept in the dark about what exactly OFF was and what was going on in OFF?  Why was Holder referring to "Project Gun Runner" in his speech; why would he publicly alert anyone about a sting project created by the Bush administration?  Why was OFF designed to allow weapons to get all the way into Mexico where we have no jurisdiction?  Is there a logical answer to these questions?
The problem solving principle known as "Occam's Razor" (lex parsimoniae -- "the simplest explanation requiring the least assumptions is most likely the correct one") holds the likely answer to all these questions.  Melson was left in charge of the ATF and he and the ATF were not kept current on exactly what OFF was because they were being set up as scape goats.  Even as late as last week, the ATF whistle-blowers who'd been complaining loud and long about what was going on in OFF and about the change in emphasis and tactics were still referring to OFF by its name under the Bush administration (back in the days when it worked and made logical sense) "Project Gun Runner."  The purpose of all this:  to give Obama data backing up the left's claim that 90% of the guns owned by the Mexican Drug cartels came from American gun sales.  Obama has long been promising the anti-gun fringe of his supporters that he would outlaw automatic weapons . . . apparently thinking that the best way to do this was by helping the Mexican drug cartels get their hands on thousands of automatic weapons -- your tax dollars at work corrupting the world!
Let's see how long it is before the mainstream/lame-stream media begins to cover this boondoggle and the cover-up!
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
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AG Eric Holder lies to Congress’
Oversight Chairman Issa in
Covering-up DOJ Gun Gaffes
          Whether you’re talking about the debt-ceiling “debate” or Eric Holder’s refusal to cooperate with the House Oversight Committee investigation, we’re beginning to detect a pattern here . . .  the Obama administration believes that obfuscation and spin will win!  We'll soon find out if that's true for the economy and for deliberately seeking to undermine the 2nd Amendment . . . .
According to Rajjpuut’s unofficial count:  42 times in the last two weeks, President Barack Obama, Vice-President Joe Biden, and various other progressive Democrats resorted to the phrase “shared sacrifice” in discussing their attempts to raise the ceiling on the national debt, increase government spending, and expand the size of government. In all 42 out of those 42 occasions the very next words next escaping from the other side of the orators’ mouths were condemnations of the Republicans in Congress, especially those controlling the House of Representatives, for seeking to get fat “on the backs of the middle class.” In addition, Obama also said that it was the public’s worry that the debt-ceiling would NOT be increased that was causing uncertainty in the business community thus hampering hiring and contributing to last month’s rise from 9.1% to 9.2% unemployment in the nation which occurred despite 250,000 job applicants quitting the hunt for work and no longer being counted as “unemployed.” Meanwhile only 18,000 new jobs were created in June while the job numbers from April and May were revised downward 44,000 jobs.
The last claim by the President is absolutely shocking in its disregard for the truth. YES, the business community as a whole and small business owners (the segment of society most commonly attributed for creating new jobs) in particular have certainly spoken repeatedly about uncertainty . . . but it is their uncertainty with regard to Obamacare; new government regulations; energy cost; and more than anything else government spending and government interference in the businessman’s life that has caused them to keep their investment funds on the sidelines. In other words, it is Obama’s policies which are creating the uncertainty (and certainly NOT the Republicans’ attempts to slash government spending, reduce the national debt and dramatically shrink the size and scope of the federal government. The President’s fast-and-loose treatment of the truth, however, only earns second place in the BS Sweepstakes for early July.
By far the most shameless spinning going on right now is that of Attorney General Eric Holder and other spokesmen within his “Justice” Department. First of all, it is now a certainty that Eric Holder has lied under oath when discussing “Operation Fast and Furious” as to when he first learned of and how much he knew about this seemingly rogue operation that deliberately put American weapons in the hands of Mexican drug-cartel operatives and cost at least two American immigration officers their lives as well as potentially the lives of hundreds of Mexican citizens as thousands of American weapons were deliberately sold to drug cartel operatives and then allowed to flow across the southern border into Mexico. Ordinary internet viewers were already reading of the DOJ’s improprieties at least a full seven weeks prior to the time which Holder has stated in sworn testimony to Darryl Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee that he first learned of problems with Fast and Furious.
While pledging openness and cooperation with the Oversight Committee, Holder and his department have submitted countless filings of obstructions to the scope of the investigation. Even when a DOJ paper is turned over to Issa’s committee it is virtually completely blacked out except for the DOJ heading and words like “the,” “and,” “a,” “of” and “an.”  While otherwise claiming privileged communications within the DOJ could not be examined. The seriousness of this matter can be calculated by this simple fact: instead of only the stalwart FOXNEWS organization and New York Post reporting on the issue, just this week (after two months!) even CNN has also begun to cover the story.
This much is certain: Both the DOJ and the Federal Bureau of Investigation deliberately left the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) in the dark as to virtually every aspect of Operation Fast and Furious which was known within the ATF as “Project Gunrunner.” Throughout the life of the ill-conceived sting operation, ATF was spinning its wheels investigating people and events that the DOJ and FBI already knew everything about. Meanwhile the DOJ saw to it that American weapons were put into the hands of the Mexican drug cartels and then allowed those weapons to drop off the information grid. Two of those weapons are implicated in the deaths of the two Immigration officers.
While Holder and other bigwigs in the FBI, DOJ, Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Attorney’s Office (who conducted all sorts of wire taps that the ATF was never allowed to know about) and even the Drug Enforcement Agency have been zipping lips and pointing shaking fingers at ATF acting director, Kenneth Melson as their hoped for scapegoat; truth has nevertheless begun to pour out. Melson and virtually the entire ATF have been forthrightly providing Issa’s committee with truckloads of information including documents that reveal the ATF’s initial and ongoing reservation for the wisdom of the DOJ initiated operation. Obama and Holder are pressuring Melson to resign and take the fall for the botched operation which Holder appears to have created.
The skeleton of what is now conclusively known points at Holder’s DOJ as plotting to create an embarrassment for the nation’s 2nd Amendment enthusiasts by creating scenarios implying that their shortfalls and enthusiasm for selling and buying weapons were behind much of the Mexican drug cartel armaments. However, rather than legal and normal gun sales leading to better armed drug lords, it is up to now only certain that the DOJ’s interference (while using the ATF as an unknowing stooge) has put guns into the hands of these lawless criminals. Holder is meanwhile doing everything he can to point at Melson and even DOJ underlings as the root cause of the fiasco.
In a letter to Holder released yesterday, Oversight Chairman Rep. Daryl Issa and Sen. Chuck Grassley accused the Justice Department of blocking their investigation into the burgeoning scandal (which has resulted in the deaths of at least two American agents and countless Mexican civilians), muzzling the ATF and involving other federal agencies, including the FBI and the DEA, in funding the crackpot scheme.
"The evidence we have gathered raises the disturbing possibility that the Justice Department not only allowed criminals to smuggle weapons, but that taxpayer dollars from other agencies may have financed those engaging in such activities," said Issa and Grassley in the letter.   
"It is one thing to argue that the ends justify the means in an attempt to defend a policy that puts building a big case ahead of stopping known criminals from getting guns. Yet it is a much more serious matter to conceal from Congressthe possible involvement of other agencies in identifying and maybe even working with the same criminals that Operation Fast and Furious was trying to identify."  The following five paragraphs are courtesy of the New York Post article linked above:
Issa and Grassley note in their letter, that had the other agencies shared information with the ATF, "then ATF might have known that gun trafficking 'higher-ups' had already been identified."   Since the identities of the Mexican criminals were known to the feds, precisely what was the point of Project Gunrunner -- and why is Holder so desperately trying to stonewall by withholding hundreds of documents from Congress?
Law-abiding gun owners and dealers think they already know. With the Obama administration wedded to the fiction that 90 percent of the guns Mexican cartels use originate here in the United States -- which they do not -- many suspect that "Fast and Furious" was a backdoor attempt to smear domestic gun aficionados as part of its stealth efforts on gun controlby executive (Presidential) fiat.  "I just want you to know that we're working on it," Obama was quoted as saying to gun-control advocate Sarah Brady in a March speech. "We have to go through a few processes, but under the radar."  Unfortunately for the administration, this one's out in the open now.
Melson testified behind closed doors on July 4, but the country needs to hear him speak -- loudly and publicly. "Let me be clear," Issa wrote to Melson in April, "we are not conducting a concurrent investigation with the Department of Justice, but rather an independent investigation of the Department of Justice."  Exactly. Because this one's not just a domestic issue. A Mexican senator, Rene Arce Islas, told Fox News that he believes whoever is responsible for the monumental, lethal screw-up should be tried not only in America but in Mexico, too.
That's not going to happen, of course. Even if any prominent American officials are implicated, there is zero chance they'd have to face Mexican justice.  But Issa's charge that Holder & Co. are obstructing a congressional investigation is serious. Not even the Justice Department is above the law.
The best way to disinfect the putrid mess that is Operation Fast and Furious is to expose it to sunlight. Let's hear what the attorney general and others have to say in open hearings.  Because somebody's got some "splainin' " to do -- fast, before the American people get furious.
Eric Holder’s involvement is no longer in doubt, if he wasn’t aware of “Fast and Furious” he’s an incompetent and should lose his job; if he was aware (which all signs clearly point to now), he’s stepped way over the line from malfeasance into deep, deep corruption by now unabashedly heading up the cover-up . . . the real questions, given the quote from Obama’s speeches to anti-gun functions are these: How much does Barack know? When did he first learn it? Did he authorize “Fast and Furious” himself?
            It now appears that Obama himself spearheaded this operation. We say that because the Obama administration is choosing to spin the screwed-up “Fast and Furious” results as indications of the need to institute anti-2nd Amendment measures immediately by Presidential fiat. This latest power-grab by the administration is being euphemistically called “new gun safety measures” and will be implemented by Eric Holder’s Justice Department without Congressional input. Presidential press secretary Jay Carney announced today that the “new steps will be made public in the near future.” 
Looking for a sweeping net of proposed benefit, Carney said the purpose of the new laws will be to “prevent another Tucson.” Anti-gun zealots are refusing to notice that incompetent law enforcement by the Tucson Sheriff Dupnik (the one calling within minutes of the shooting for condemnation of the “haters” and implying that the haters included talk radio and FOXNews). Of course, the leftist enthusiast perpetrator Jared Loughner is criminally insane and had dozens of contact situations with the congresswoman he shot (as well as 18 other people including the six who were killed. Dupnik ignored several prior complaints about Loughner including at Loughner’s university.
Carney and others are tying “Project Gunrunner” to the Bush administration. This is false. Gunrunner was a Bush sting on illegal gun purchases wherein the guns were sold and the illegal recipients were immediately arrested in the United States.  Holder deliberately allowed the ATF to believe that Project Gunrunner was just being continued with a new emphasis. As soon as savvy ATF agents on the ground figured out what was going on (no arrests but just following the guns into Mexico?) they were alarmed and protested loud and long . . . several of these whistle-blowers have lost their jobs already. The brilliance of the Obama administration’s “Fast and Furious” is that the guns are now forever lost unless they are found later at crime scenes. Told you it was brilliant!
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
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The Calgary Herald | August 23, 2010

aacimages The Eyes have it for Techno Fascists

Every once in a while you come across a story that

will make the hair on the back of your neck stand

on end as soon as you read the first couple of
paragraphs. Sadly, this is one of those stories.

Last week, business and technology journal

Fast Company reported that a U.S. company

named Global Rainmakers Inc. is embarking

on a grand techno-fascist project in Leon,

Mexico, where it will roll out iris-scanning

technology to create what it calls “the
most secure city in the world.”

When the million-plus residents of Leon go to

the bank, get on a bus or walk into a medical

clinic, their eyes will be scanned by machines

that can handle up to 50 people per minute in

motion, automatically entering the information

into a central database monitored by the

Jeff Carter, the CDO of GRI, is enthusiastic.

“In the future, whether it’s entering your home,

opening your car, entering your workspace,

getting a pharmacy prescription refilled, or having

your medical records pulled up, everything will

come off that unique key that is your iris,” he told

Fast Company.

“Every person, place, and thing on this planet will

be connected (to the iris system) within the next

10 years,” he added.

To begin, GRI’s scanners are scheduled to be

installed in law enforcement facilities, security

check-points, police stations, and prisons.

The authorities in Leon are set to automatically

“enrol” convicted criminals, scanning their irises

and entering them into the
database for future use.

The next phase will see scanners placed in

mass transit, medical centres and banks with

the expectation that they will be used by everyone

else. The technology is meant to have both

governmental and commercial uses (for example,

personalized advertising or billboards that actively

track who looks at them), so if residents of Leon want a
glimpse into the future, they can rent Minority

Report DVDs. Carter seems undisturbed by all this.

“If you’ve been convicted of a crime, in essence,

this will act as a digital scarlet letter,” he said.

“If you’re a known shoplifter, for example, you

won’t be able to go into a store without being

flagged. Forothers, boarding a plane will be impossible.”

Law-abiding citizens will have the option to opt-in,

although Carter hopes that they will be incentivized

to do so by the government and by private companies.

“When you get masses of people opting-in, opting

out does not help,” he said.

“Opting out actually puts more of a flag on you than

just being part of the system. We believe everyone

will opt-in.”

Lest anyone think that Carter and his colleagues

are just misguided scientists who do not understand

the implications of what they are selling, the CEO of

Global Rainmakers Hector Hoyos dispels that myth
rather nicely.

“September 11 had a huge impact on my life — it

made me move to New York and do what I’m doing

today,” he told the Hispanic Engineer & Information

Technology magazine in an interview just days before

GRI’s project in Leon was announced. “This is one thing

I’ve based my life’s work on: identifying the needle in the

haystack. I’ve been working to develop the technology,

product, and solutions to enable the identification of the

bad guys and hopefully rid the world of them. My
purpose is to be able to weed out anyone who wants

to harm us or our way
of life.”

Who is a criminal or a threat? What would “ridding

the world of them” entail? That’s up to the Mexican

authorities and the good people at GRI, for now.

But, if GRI and the authorities in Leon are successful,

then they will create the authoritarian’s wet dream, a

system that will track individuals from the moment

that they enter the public square and follow
and monitor them all day long, with Big Brother

looking for patterns and transgressions while

marketing companies assault the senses with
personalized ads.

No matter what our politicians and newspaper

columnists say, our way of life or how we enjoy

our freedoms are not threatened by bad census

forms, boatfuls of Tamil refugees, or by an Islamic

cultural centre within a few blocks of the former

World Trade Center in New York.

Instead, the meaningful threats come from

the nexus of paranoia and centralized control,

and truly Orwellian technologies, always put

in place in the name of the public good.

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Satelite Border Patrol?

Well, there is more violence on the border with the U.S. and Mexico this time its on lake Falcon, never heard of it till now.Evidently this lake is another crossing point for drugs and, more than likely, illegals.

I don't understand why we cannot secure our borders.I have a cell phone and with it I can google any part of the world and zoom in on roads and even houses.If I can do that how hard would it be to patrol the border with satelites?-I don't get it!, can somebody please explain this to me!

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Five weeks in, Still No Federal Response
to Prevent or Lessen Oil-Spill Damage to Gulf Shoreline
It must be nice to have a free pass from the liberal-leaning media on everything up to and including shafting a Billy goat on prime-time television . . . but this time, Obama’s carte blanche may not be enough to save his presidency. Obama who earned the epithet “Dithering Barack” for his snail-like, half-hearted responses to requests for an Afghanistan troop surge . . . is up to slow-no-good again, this time on the domestic front in the face of a massive oil spill and a series of crippling tornadoes and ultra-destructive flooding in Tennessee and the Cumberland River Valley.
Item: unable to criticize the ghost of George W. Bush on the oil spill; tornadoes; and Tennessee flooding . . . Barack Obama who had been pouting and sucking his thumb for five weeks now . . . has today finally mobilized the Obama family dog to handle these matters. Relieved environmentalists have declared today’s response a “vast improvement over what we’ve seen these last 36 days.”
Item: 36 days into the tragic Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Barack Obama has shown himself to be a dithering incompetent. He still has NOT called the situation a national emergency and he still has NOT mobilized any federal response to prevent or ameliorate the ecological and economic damage to the Gulf states' coastlines. He has also pointedly NOT shared the truth about federal inspectors and federal agencies giving British Petroleum pass after pass on safety issues.
These same inspectors and agencies had actually been on the verge of awarding BP a top safety award three weeks ago. These same inspectors and agencies deliberately overlooked requiring that ten (10, count ‘em, oops you can’t) mandated fire booms be onsite at the BP disaster site nor at the even deeper, even more prolific Atlantis well (the deepest oil production platform in the world) much further offshore in the Gulf that is still operating unsafely and where it appears BP and the federal Minerals and Management Service again did shoddy work^^. Returning to the present crisis, to be precise, BP had zero, zilch, nada, NONE of the required ten fire booms onsite when the Deepwater Horizon explosion occurred.
The epitome of “maximum statesmanship” from the Obama administration is found in their constant use of the “blame game” and the “race card” in virtually every situation which arises. Perhaps now the mainstream media will stop treating the Obama adminstration as “God walking among us?" The totally unenlightened responses from Salazar, Napolitano and Obama are only 2/3 as shocking as the vile negligence of MMS. Only the U.S. Coast Guard and Louisiana Governor Jindal have shown the requisite calm, competence and clear-headed call for action . . . which of course, Salazar and Obama have ignored.
Item: A series of deadly tornadoes has struck Oklahoma and nearby states in the last two weeks. Obama has NOT mentioned them, nor prepared any federal responses.
Item: If a tree falls in a forest and kills thirty-one people and wipes out all power-sewer-fuel and transportation, destroys viturally all the homes and livelihoods of everybody in an area the size of Pennsylvania . . . but neither the president nor the national mainstream media mention it . . . did it actually happen? Many are wondering why perhaps the largest non-hurricane flood disaster in American history and the worst destruction to hit Tennessee since the Civil War has been essentially ignored by the national media.Nashville is just one small part of the wide-spread flooding that hit the east-central United States. The May 2010 Tennessee floods resulting from torrential rainfal on May 1st and 2nd this year have been labeled "1000-year floods" for Middle and West Tennessee, South Central and Western Kentucky and Northern Mississippi. Two-day rain totals in some areas were greater than 19 inches.
The Cumberland River crested at 51.86 feet in Nashville, so high that the flood control measures instituted by the U.S. Army Corps of engineers to counter future tragedies akin to a 1937 flood which devastated the area that year . . . were virtually worthless. All-time record crests were observed on the Cumberland River Floods from these rains affected the area for several days afterwards, resulting in a number of deaths and widespread property damage. All-time record crests in the affected areas resulted in at least five dozen reporting stations. Perhaps one day the President will comment on this and even, GASP! Respond?
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
^^ It isn’t often that Rajjpuut finds the Huffington Post worth quoting:
but this link reveals a deplorable situation. If the Atlantis platform were to suffer a similar fate, the damage from the Deepwater Horizon (already the worst oil spill in America’s history) would be like popping a zit compared to a pressurized and uncontrolled fire hose.
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Since Arizona's just illegal immigrationlaw states in large part what federal law already states, why arepro-illegal groups and persons not protesting out in front of the WhiteHouse and threatening D.C. with silly boycotts?

Since 1986,federal law (Title 8 US Code, 1304 & 1324)has held that: it is acrime for aliens to refuse to register and be fingerprinted;

aliens 18 years and older must carry an alien registration card or proof of registration;

employers are prohibited from hiring illegal aliens;

employersmust verify identify and eligibility of all new hires through thepresentation of specified documents - if they do not have the correctdocuments that cannot be employed.

News reports on Arizona's newlaw love to mis-use the word "now" when telling listeners/readers thatimmigrants must "now" carry documents to prove their legal status inArizona.

This has been the case since 1986 throughout the wholecountry, thus the word "now" is used to inflame the controversy andoverstate the significance of the new law.

But that's expected,many reporting the news, like Katie Couric, have never really proventhemselves to be professional newspersons.

obama hasn'tinvalidated these laws so shouldn't he be included in the criticismfrom those who favor illegals making themselves at home?

Similarly,obama's Homeland Security chief, Janet Napolitano, as democrat governorof Arizona in 2007 signed the Legal Arizona Workers Act which gavecourts the right to revoke the business license of any business thatemploys illegals...why are they not protesting Janet?

Now thatshe is in obama's government however, Janet is questioning theconstitutionality of the current illegal immigration law signed by thecurrent republican governor.

That's being sort of Kerry-esque: "I was actually tough on immigration before I was weak on it."

In2007 there were at least 35 local ordinances passed along the samelines as the Arizona law, so Arizona's law is not nearly as historicaland earth shattering as CNN would leave you to believe, yet it isgetting played as such.

Some twit with a crayon included aneditorial cartoon in USA Today on Thursday which showed a sheriffconfronting a group of people holding the constitution and demanding tosee their "papers."

This has been ok under federal law since 1986, has he used this cartoon before? Probably not.

Federallaw illegal immigration law since 1986 has not been carried out -enforced, there in lies the source of today;s discontent.

Aphoto caption in April 28 edition of USA Today said that demonstratorsin Illinois were recently arrested as they attempted to interfere withthe scheduled transportation of immigrants ordered to be deported.

They are protesting the carrying out of the law...incredible.

These people ought to be put on hold when they next call 911.

Anotherphoto caption showed protesters of Arizona's law in NY City anddescribed these twits as "supporters of illegal immigrants..."

Supporting illegal activity?

What other laws would you like us to ignore?

Can I choose one?

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